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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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pecos. that's where she is right now, she just finished speaking with the little girl's mom. gina? police say the little girl was in street when she was hit. you can see spray paint showing where it happened right there. the girl was just two years old. her name was evelyn green i talked with her mom 15 minues ago. she was an emotional wreck -- as you could imagine. crying and pleading to the media that the driver who did this is found. the mom said the driver did actually stick around for about 15 minutes and that he smelled like booze and kept saying he was sorry. the mom says he ended up leaving before police got on scene. no cc witnesses say the driver was a hispanic man in his 40s driving
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panel van with no windows. the mom actually told me shes seen him before. reporting live gina lazara 13 action news and more breaking news. a motocyclist is dead.. hit by a vehicle on bradley near the 215. this happened just before eight tonight. this is a live picture of the scene right now. all lanes of bradley are closed while police are out there investigating. right now police are out in full force.. looking for drunk drivers after super bowl parties. d-u-i check points are set up all over the valley. officers will keep those check points up until early tomorrow morning. super bowl 50 final play
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the last touch down of super bowl 50. the denver broncos beat the carolina panthers.. 24-10. this is peyton manning's 200th career.. second super bowl championship.. and he is now the first q-b to win an nfl title with two teams! in consumer news from contact 13. chipotle says it will close every locations for four hours tomorrow to hold a food safety meeting. you may remember, the company had an e-coli outbreak last year. about 500 people got sick... including several basketball players at boston college. at the meeting, employees will go over an updated food safety program. all chipotle restaurants will be closed tomorrow afternoon, from around eleven to three. right now, north las vegas police need your help finding this man. richard boisy junior may be in danger! he left his home
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tropical and never came back. his family says he may have early on-set dementia. if you see him, call north las vegas police right away. one person is dead after an accident at red rock. search rescue brought back the body.. as well as the person hiking with the victim. metro says it was likely a medical condition that killed the hiker.. not a fall. a horrific crash in san francisco. officers saw a car doing donuts in the road... they started chasing it. the driver took off.....sped through multiple red lights...and then crashed into a taxi cab and burst into flames. all three people in the car died. the driver of the taxi was taken to a hospital with minor injuries. an update now to the crane collapse in crews removed the pieces today. the 565-foot long boom came crashing down on north street in tribeca on friday.
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hauled away on a flatbed truck. crews are still on the scene working to repair a water main and a gas line. they are hoping to reopen the street in time for the drivers tomorrow 13 action news is staying on top of new developments in the race for the white house. florida senator marco rubio is picking up a key endorsement here in nevada. the las vegas review-journal is endorsing him for the states republican caucus. that takes place february 23. the review-journal says they chose to back rubio because he is concerned about key nevada issues, including federal land use policies and immigration. it's two days until new hampshire voters make their decision... ....and until then - it is a fight to the finish. today democrats hit the campaign trail hard. hillary clinton is in flint, michigan.. standing with voters in the middle of a water crisis. and senator bernie sanders is in new hampshire.. packing in the crowds and the punches. the most important foreign policy issue in the modern history of this country was the war in iraq. i was right on that issue.
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cheers clinton is trailing by double digits in most polls in new hampshire. but while she was in flint.. her other half stayed in new hampshire.. to make the case for her. now to the water crisis in flint, michigan. lawmakers are meeting with families affected by the lead- contaminated water. people are saying state officials did nothing to fix the situation. now, many lawmakers are criticizing governor rick snyder and how he handled the situation. " he should be here tomorrow. he should be here the days thereafter. he should take charge." rep. brenda lawrence/(d) michigan "and some people are saying this is politics. no, this is moral. this is a human rights issue." the governor's spokesman says flint is a failure of all levels of government. governor snyder hopes politicians will do their part in washington to get the federal assistance passed and put to work. new tonight..
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new education savings account program.. is upset because they're being asked to foot the bill to store applications while the program is on hold. according to the motion filed last week.. treasurer dan schwartz requested a 239-thousand dollar bond . that would cover costs to store applications in the cloud and ensure that families would not need to reapply if the injunction is listed. right now.. new england's bracing for another big storm. a blizzard warning is in effect for parts of southeast massachusetts. forecasters are predicting 18 inches of snow tomorrow. cars on thin ice. wisconsin drivers who parked near a lake over the weekend returned to this..their cars slowing sinking! local police had to be called in to tow each car out. coming up later this hour.. we'll hear from some of the drivers. it's hard to image temperatures cold enough to freeze a lake with it's this gorgeous in las vegas. temperatures today reached the 70's! 3 action news meteorologist
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center tonight. karla, is weather like this here to stay? new tonight.. an update on a mid-air plane
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divers found two bodies and one plane about two miles from los angeles harbor. authorities launched a massive search friday after the crash. officers say at least three people were in those planes but they are not releasing their names. 13 action news is learning new information in the case of the fraternity president at the elite ivy league schoolwho is now facing some shocking charges a student at cornell university is accused of attempted rape. in the felony complaint obtained by abc news- cornell police report the psi upsilon president - wolfgang ballinger - brought his alleged victim to his bedroom late last month. then "shut and locked his room door." according to the document, the woman told investigators she "verbally protested" sexual advances "several times." sot - alex spiro - the speed in which the case was taken from the university and brought to
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prosecution believes they believe they have a strong case in a statement to abc news, ballinger's attorney is denying the accusations- meanwhile. cornell's president is releasing this statement - "sexual violence has no place at cornell. we will be considering what additional steps should be taken to ensure the greek community at cornell is living up to our institutional standard of excellence and respect for others." a developing story tonight a robbery near eastern and tropicana. police are still piecing together the details...but this all started around 11 last night. the robbery victim was shot and is in the hospital right now, but is expected to be okay. the shooter is still on the run right now some important lane closures to tell you about before your morning commute tomorrow. the airport connector project will reduce the number of travel lanes on the 215 between sunset road and warm springs
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the entire project is expected to be finished in the fall of 2017 coming up from contact 13. scammers are going after seniors.... lying their way into hundreds of dollars. they're very smooth.//said they were the granddaughter of one of my other residents, so she let them in. tonight experts are sharing the most important question to ask before handing over your money. plus.. the competition between the touchdowns. we're talking super bowl 50 ads. daddy can you put the bow (pause) the most memorable ads from the big game. here's a live look at the empire state buidling..
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tt2wlr=[hk po j# /ml tt2wlr=[hk p!!*n _m$ tt2wlr=[hk p4!j# )[p tt2wlr=[hk px#*&`:.u$ tt2wlr=[hk pt#j'`::u@ tt2wlr=[hk pt#j)`:15$ tt2wlr=[hk pp#j*`:&.8 tt2wlr=[hk pp#j,`:gtx tt2wlr=[hk pl#*.`:n]t tt2wlr=[hk pl#*0`:uk< it happened on one of london's most famous bridges....and sent debris flying into the air.... ....but don't worry. it was just a stunt for action star jackie chan's new film - "the foreigner." a new warning tonight from contact 13. two young women are posing as bubbly teens.. and allegeldy targeting retirement homes to make some quick cash. now they've been caught on camera. abc's aditi roy police are hoping to catch them before they scam even more vulnerable seniors. script: tonight, the hunt is on for the two young women in this surveillance video?who police
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at least three retirement homes around houston. with the shake of a hand and a bounce in their step, watch as the women appear to sweet-talk their way into this apartment at the hallmark retirement community. sot: rachel stevens executive director, the hallmark they're very smooth.//said they were the granddaughter of one of my them in. the retirement home says the women claimed to be from a nearby high school, collecting money for a band trip. minutes later?they come out of the apartment, with a $250 dollar check, and a victory dance. the pair has stolen hundreds of dollars from seniors. police.. reminding the public.. always ask for an i-d.. before giving money to solicitors. sot: rachel stevens executive director, the hallmark our goal is to get this stopped. we want to protect our residents. photos of the pair?now splashed across the walls of the hallmark, where officials hope the alleged thieves who were caught on camera?will soon be caught for real. a missing child is found safe
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the child's mother is still missing after a shooting that left a man dead this is veronica brown. police say she could be in danger. investigators believe victim, child and brown all were in car together when a suspect approached, grabbed the child, opened fire...and left a white sedan. the shooting victim was declared dead at the scene. tragedy in alabama. police say a 3-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his 9- year-old sister. they say the boy found a loaded weapon on a nightstand in his great-grandparents' home yesterday afternoon...and accidentally fired the gun. the girl was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. the shooting is now under investigation. right now, the rescue and recovery efforts continue in taiwan after friday's powerful earthquake. crews are working around the clock to help people that are still trapped in the debris. meanwhile. the death toll continues to rise. 35 people have died so far, and
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unaccounted for. the 6-point-4 magnitude earthquake caused several high-rise buildings to fall, injuring nearly 500 people. growing outrage tonight after north korea claims it satellite into orbit. right now - many think it is a cover for a long-range missile test. this is said to be video of the launch just last month north korea claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. the reaction from the u-s, japan and south korea has been swift and unanimous. all three are strongly condemning the move. "we will be looking to all council members to unite around a swift and aggressive response to the dprk's repeated violations that constitute this very direct threat to global peace and security." china says it regrets that north korea went ahead with the launch and is urging "all sides to exercise calm." russia and the u-k have also condemned the launch. the u-s, japan and south korea
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u-n security council meeting. new information tonight in the investigation into last week's explosion... ...onboard a somali jetliner. somali intelligence officials are now sharing this video.. of possible suspects. take a look at the lower right corner of your screen. two airport workers are handling what looks like a laptop computer. moments later, one of them gives the laptop to someone who boarded the somali jetliner. investigators say the laptop was rigged to explode mid-flight. the plane had to make an emergency landing when it lost pressure from that explosion. spanish police arrested seven people suspected of sending guns and bomb-making materials to terrorists in syria and iraq. it was all disguised as humanitarian aid. authorities say the leader of the cell was in constant contact with an isis member, who asked him to recruit women to travel to syria to marry isis fighters. thin ice created a serious hazard for wisconsin drivers. people were parking near a lake
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while visiting a winter festival.... ....but turns out.. it wasn't a parking lot.. they were actually parking on the lake itself! as abc's gloria reviera reports.. when they returned.. some of their cars were beyond rescue. script: broll aerials cars submerged on lake? v/o: it was an alarming scene?over a dozen vehicles sinking into the frigid waters of wisconsin's lake geneva. those drivers --sure they had left them in a good spot. sot laurie oberhelman car went through ice "we saw that people were parked on the ice so we said, 'heck yeah! let's park on the ice.' v/o: they did?heading off to a local winter festival. conor long snapped this photo showing car after car in the background tightly packed together. within hours - this -- [nats up it. we need manpower. v/o: emergency crews?crawling out on thin ice to save cars. al least 10 are a total loss. sot juan gomez wisconsin dept. of natural resources "they were all parked within arm's reach of one another, that's a lot of weight for 10 inches of ice."
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must be 8-12 inches thick to hold a car or small pickup. 12-15 inches for a mid-size truck. but who is measuring? sot lt. ed gritzner lake geneva police dept the minute you decide to drive a vehicle onto a lake you are basically rolling the dice v/o: no ice is 100% safe. luckily no one was hurt. gloria riviera, abc news, washington ad-lib high pressure dominates
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continue to control the forecast. we've already broken into the 70s this afternoon and high temps are expected to continue in the low 70s through at least next weekend. expect breezy winds through tomorrow night here in the valley with gusts peaking to about 25 mph. a wind advisory is in effect for the colorado river valley and lake mead through monday night. gusts could peak to 40 mph in these areas. sunny to mainly sunny skies are expected each day through next weekend as well.
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next weekend as well. coming up.. the super bowl commercials not leaked before the big game. whatta man whatta man what a mighty good man." from hollywood big shots.. to aliens.. a look at the best of the best
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coldplay headlined the super bowl half-time show... but they were not alone. super bowl vets' beyonce and bruno mars helped them put on a show that brought the people in the stadium to their feet. this years superbowl ads that just may have stole the show. abc's clayton sandell is showing us the new tone advertisers are taking. script: let's face it? a lot of last year's super bowl commercials were downers. nats - boy: i couldn't grow up, because i died from an accident. the super bowl was more of a bummer bowl. but this year? nats - "puppy monkey baby. puppy monkey baby." ?advertisers are bringing back happy. singing sheep? nats - honda /
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yourself in the mirror?" aliens? nats - avocados from mexixo / guide: this is the cube of rubik. this simple puzzle was considered unsolvable. kid alien: did they not have brains? guide: simple ones. weiner dogs in costumes. hollywood hotties. nats - hyundai / ryan reynolds / song / cops & construction workers / "whatta man whatta man what a mighty good man." kids are back? but this time it's girls getting hairstyle help from their nfl dads. nats - pantene / daddy can you put the bow inside the braid. (pause) yeah? there's politics? nats - budlight ad / amy schumer / "we're forming the bud light party." ?but a lot more fun. sot - rogen: "this is our independence day! the kung fu panda even spoofs the old spice guy. nats - panda: look your panda, now look at me. i'm on a tiger. even the serious stuff? like dame helen mirren saying "don't drink and drive"... is funny. nats - helen mirren / "if your brain was donated to science? science would return it." so this year? even if your team gets you down? nats - snickers / director: you get a little cranky when you're hungry. clayton sandell abc news
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the big game 10k race took place this morning in downtown las vegas. runners came from 9 different countries and 23 different states. it all kicked off with a costume contest followed by a kids fun run. people could also compete in a 5k run or the big game 10k. afterwards there was a big viewing party at the bunkhouse saloon. coming up.. las vegas gas prices take another dip. plus.. who's hiring in our city. the best industry to get a job
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the 20-16 summer olympics in rio de janeiro, brazil.. ..the ministry of sports has released new video showing the status of its olympic venues. they say the olympic park is nearly completed, and the other venues are already finished. great news at the pump to start off your work week. las vegas gas prices are now averaging about $2.21 for a gallon of regular... two cents less than yesterday! that's according to triple-a. the national average is still a bit less. it's about $1.74 for a gallon of regular. now for a look at who's hiring around the valley. a career fair is being held this wednesday at the suncoast hotel and casino from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. a variety of full and part-time jobs will be available. organizers say you should bring
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your best. nevada is offering more than half-a-million dollars in grants to prepare workers for high-paying science and technology jobs. the college of southern nevada will get about 150-thousand dollars to create a new associates degree program for cyber-security. western nevada college is getting 142-thousand dollars to update its welding programs. nevada state college will also receive about 55-thousand dollars to teach students techniques for farming in the desert. we are going to have another look at your work week forecast. but first, here's a live look outside in the valley. you're watching channel thirteen action news, where you ask.
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from all of us at channel 13.. have a great week.
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. a practical and successful legislator, bernie sanders passed more roll-call amendments in a republican congress than any other member, primary care access for millions of americans, protected social security, cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders -- a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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