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tv   Action News 330pm  ABC  February 25, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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if this man threatening to jump s the husband of the woman found dead just days ago. i was able to confirm with police these are two separate incidents-- they are not related. police say this man is suicidal. negotiators have been here for police let them underneath the also breaking right now-- a man and a child rushed to the hopsital, after they were hit by a car! it happened at lamb and charleston! they've been rushed to umc, but we don't yet know their conditions. they were struck by a small, black 4-dr automobile that remained at the scene. the car/driver remained at the scene. streets are being closed off in the area. the latest now on the severe weather that pounded the midwest and east coast. right now.. millions of americans are beginning a massive cleanup. virginia is still under a state of emergency. the national weather service says at least 27 tornadoes touched down. so far, at least 8 people are dead, and many more left homeless. abc's elizabeth hur has the latest. < ((waverly, va)) to help homeowners recover and rebuild.. ((nat)) the national guard is on the ground in waverly
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one of the hardest hit areas.. after a killer tornado with winds gusting over 100 mph.. destroyed homes and left at least three people dead.. ((sot)) this is something out of a movie. this is just destruction. ((lancaster, pa)) similar scenes across pennsylvania.. this is lancaster county.. where barns and buildings were ripped apart.. ((ny coastguard)) the winds.. so intense.. a coast guard boat overturned in new york.. on its way to rescue a disabled fishing boat. ((sot)) between the conditions and mechanical issues, they ended losing power and being pushed up onto shore. in the last two days.. more than 30 confirmed tornadoes touched down from texas to pennsylvania.. the severe outbreak.. reaching as far north as new england. ((sot)) mattapan, ma, damaged car owner sot: "everything shaking, wind crazy out there" in the midwest.. stuck in their cars.. stranded along the illinois-indiana border. back east.. the damage.. is so severe in some areas.. cleaning up means prioritizing.
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"we're going to start with the severity, if its the worse one we'll get out and address is right away, if it can wait, just get it safe, get sidewalks over.. but temperature-wise.. we're in for a bit of a roller coaster ride.. from 50s today.. to 30s tomorrow then back up to 50s on sunday. eh, abc news, ny. > a man is fighting for his life right now after a security guard opens fire.. as metro tries to figure out what led to the shooting. it happened last night near durango and elkhorn. all we know is there was a fight at some apartments that ended in the street. the security guard is telling police he was forced to shoot because he felt his life was in danger. metro has not said if the victim was armed. three stabbing suspects are on the run right now. police say a group of men got into a fight last night near las vegas boulevard and harmon..
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unclear. the suspects were last seen walking into the miracle mile shops. a memorial is growing for the young father shot and killed near nellis air force base. that memorial sits at durango and spring mountain..for who loved ones identify as tyler white. only on 13 action news, we're hearing from his loved ones. jasmine vance, mother of victim's child 6:51:16-6:51:26 it doesn't matter how long you haven't talked to tyler. you don't have to talk with tyler in two years and the minute you do its like nothing ever happened. police say the victim was gunned down in a parking lot tuesday, following a fight near las vegas boulevard and craig. right now, police are looking for two people of interest! a lot of viewers have been reaching out to 13 action news about one dangerous intersection. it's at craig and lamb. last month, someone died there in a crash. our crews went out to investigate, and 13 action news reporter parker collins reports on the clear signs of its tragic past. intersection-lkpkg < look live 10:39:2510:39:49 i've got
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saying this interscetion at craig and lamb is incredibly dangerous they're telling me it's all because of this left a fatal crash here. i reached out to clark county and they're telling me this place isn't on any list as a trouble spot. take sot leonard sanchez, driver 9:28:19-9:28:25 "there's so many accidents that happen at this intersection and some of them are very, very devastating." 10:41:02-10:41:12 just walking around this intersection you can see signs of its tragic past this memorial left over from the last fatal crash at craig and lamb parker collins 13 action news. > new information on that uber driver charged in a shooting spree. jason dalton's family is now breaking their silence through their attorney.. in an exclusive abc news interview. they say the married father of two began driving for uber just 2-weeks before the shooting. he's now in jail charged with 6 counts of murder. the family says they're in the
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what set him off. but dalton's wife says she did notice a change in his behavior a few days before the shooting. paul vlachos: "he's been acting different in the last couple of days and his wife asked him and he said he was tired. / just his demeanor, that he seemed to be depressed and down which was not his normal character." after the first shooting.. the attorney also revealed dalton went to his parents' house to change cars. the attorney also denied reports the family was having financial troubles ammon bundy and 15 of his supporters have pleaded not guilty to federal conspiracy charges in connection to that armed standoff at a wildlife refuge in oregon. protesters stood on the steps of the federal courthouse.. calling for the ranchers' release. the investigation at the refuge is complete. now.. defense attorney's are fighting to get access to all the evidence removed by fbi agents. the judge says the government has to turn it all over by the end of next week. new developments on the fight between apple and the f-b-i... apple has asked a federal judge
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federal investigators hack into the locked i- phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. apple says if the feds force them to do this, it'll just open the door for many other situations that would privacy. in an abc new exclusive, world news tonight anchor david muir sits down with the head of apple, tim cook. some of the shooting victims' families are lashing out at the c-e-o for refusing to follow that order. yes. this is-- we-- we have no more information about this phone. the only way to get information-- at least currently, the only way we know-- would be to write a piece of software that we view
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equivalent of cancer."> tim cook went on to say if the engineers at apple knew how to get more information that would not expose other phones...then the company would honestly do it.... ahead today, it's the last big debate for the republican presidential candidates, before super tuesday. they take the stage in houston in less than 2-hours. frontrunner donald trump could take fire from both sides. senators marco rubio and ted cruz... both questioning trump's conservative credentials at a fox news forum last night. (sot cruz) who the heck knows what he would do as president? butted to (sot rubio) we are not going to allow the conservative movement to be defined by a nominee who isn't a conservative. but trump is already facing another foe-- mitt romney, who wants trump to released his tax returns. meantime for the democrats, they're just 2-days away from their next contest in south carolina. right now, hillary clinton holds a double-digit lead! a cat is giving new meaning to the word "whiskers."
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but probably not for long. we'll explain why.. report.. next. high pressure continues to dominate the weather for the desert southwest which means that temperatures will be very warm and even hot to some through the weekend and into next week. you may not have known before president obama was running the
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house, he worked behind the counter at baskin-robbins. it's one of three trending headlines we are following today. the president put up a post on linked-in today about his first summer job.. and announced a new program to
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the summer opportunity project brings community leaders.. non- profits and private businesses together to increase summer programs. pope francis is putting his pen where his heart is by co-authoring a children's book. it's made-up of exchanges between the pope and kids from around the world. ruby: luca was a little bit luca: no, ruby, i was not scared. that's a lie! ==butted to == exceited. but then i thought, this is probably the only time i'm ever going to meet him. so i don't want to blow this. the pontiff met with his kid co-authors this week in rome where they gave him gifts from their homelands.. like maple syrup from canada.. a soccer ball from the u-s.. and a pair of uggs from australia. and one special cat has gone from stray to star! that's because...well look at him!
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that looks like a mustache! (beth caffrey, the cat house on the kings) "we think she's movie start potential here with that look, or at least, the next internet super sensation." the kitten was left in a salvation army donation box in california. the worker who found him brought her into a shelter... where they expect him to be adopted in no time! for more stories trending right now.. go to and to sound off on any story.. join us on twitter. our handle is @ktnv. use #nowtrending. anchors adlib and toss to bryan high pressure continues to dominate the weather for the desert southwest which means that temperatures will be very warm and even hot to some through the weekend and into next week. the best we'll see cloud cover wise in the las vegas
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clouds which will decorate the blue skies through saturday and sunday with tons of sunshine into next week. high temperatures will be about 2 short of 80 at its coolest on friday and could exceed 80 on saturday and sunday. temperatures will take a bit of a dip getting into next week but it won't be cold by any stretch of the imagination. current models push an upper level low through the northern edge of the state with the possibility of some slightly stronger winds on monday. that system will cool temperatures by about 2-5 for tuesday but that'll just keep temperatures in the mid and upper 70s. following that system another ridge of high pressure will push in from the west for wednesday, kicking temperatures back up into the upper 70s and even the low 80s possible by the end of next week. on camera swerving all over the
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you can see that driver seemed to have no control, and was about to crash! it's unclear what was going on with the fedex driver. but the person behind the camera wasn't going to let it keep going, and steps in! here's jeff patterson talks with that driver! < driving down busy erlich road just before noon, jonathan simkins noticed something that just wasn't right. there's cars stopping, there's cars veering off the road, they know something's wrong. simkins took out his cell phone next. the fed ex driver slowed to under five miles an hour. here you can't see him but his head is down and he's driving very slow, so i'm afraid he's going to keep veering over into the westbound lane.
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get his attention. nats the fed ex driver.. then speeds up.. and is totally out of control. i thought he was going to run head on into a car in the west bound lane. somehow simkins is able to talk the fed ex driver into pulling over. nats - come on pull over dude, it's all right, just pull over. and once into a parking lot.. he convinced the fed ex driver into giving up his keys.. for the safety of all. i think i saved lives that day. not only somebody else's life, but i think i saved this guy's life. hillsborough county sheriff's deputies arrived.. but incredibly.. because the fed ex driver had taken the keys out of his ignition, he wasn't charged with driving under the influence. fortunately we had some good citizens that were in the area and number one didn't get hurt but number two were able to take steps to get this guy stopped before he did hurt somebody. > fedex released a
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cooperating with the investigating. authorities are still trying to figure out what caused this incident. your happiness isn't just determined by your family.. friends or job. it's also affected by where you live. up next in today's health report.. see what a new study says about the happiest and healthies cities in the u-s. in today's health report..
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starting this week.. customers in san diego and l-a can choose from two low- carb breakfast bowls. one contains egg whites.. turkey sausage.. spinach and kale with only 250 calories. the other has scrambled eggs and.. sausage with hashbrowns.. salsa and pico de gallo at 460 calories. no word on when..
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available in other cities. as you know.. sugar can lead to serious health problems like diabetes and obesity. but believe it or not.. a new study could suggest change is on the way. abc's dr. look. < soda? fruit juice? sweet tea? and energy drinks. when it comes to refreshment, sugary drinks are a popular choice. but all those calories from sugar pose real health hazards? not the least of which is a higher risk for obesity, diabetes and heart disease. now, new data from the cdc show that the trend may be going down. in a 2013 survey, 1 in 3 americans reported drinking at least one sugar-containing drink per day. if true, a sign of a positive trend? since previous research suggests up to half of americans drink one of those sugary drinks daily. the new survey also found that men drink more sweet drinks than women. breaking it down by age, 43 percent of young adults have at
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their elders? only 19 percent. confirm this trend. but with national dietary guidelines recommending that only 10 percent of our total daily calories come from added sugars? it may be a good time to keep trading that soda for a sugar-free alternative. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. > your personal "well-being" might have something to do with where you live. healthways just released a new report on the happiest and healthiest cities in the u-s. here's the top five places to live-- naples, florida in first, followed by salinas, califoria... sarasota, florida fort collins, colorado and then barnstable town, massachusetts. those cities are said to have the lowest levels of stress and depression, among the people surveyed. still ahead...a final look at your forecast!
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a look at tonight's abc primetime lineup. 8:00 - grey's anatomy 9:00 - scandal 10:00 - how to get away with murder 11:00 - action news we'll be right back. before judge judy.. here's the breaking news
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breaking news stories we're following-- a man is on the ledge of the d hotel's parking garage, threatening to jump. he's been there since 10 this morning. and a man and child are at umc, after they were hit by a car. we're still waiting for an update on their conditons. it happened at lamb and charleston. the driver stayed on scene and is cooperating with police. also breaking right now-- an active shooter situation reported in hesston, kansas. two people are dead, and at least 3 others are hurt. and the reported shooter is in judge judy is up next.
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13 action news live at >> judge judy: you have a support order to pay 50% of dental expenses. >> announcer: exes battle over their son's braces. >> he said that he didn't need them as long as he could chew his food. >> announcer: now... >> judge judy: he may have to be nudged a little bit. that's my specialty. >> announcer: ...can dad be straightened out? >> judge judy: you pay $45 a week for your son's support. i have two small shih tzus that cost me more to feed than $45 a week. >> announcer: "judge judy" you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution stacy saccal is suing the father of her child, blake salzler, for his share of their son's orthodontist bills. blake claims their son didn't
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>> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, this is case number 406 on the calendar in the matter of saccal vs. salzler. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. gentlemen, have a seat. >> judge judy: mr. salzler, i >> yes. >> judge judy: and you and his mother haven't been together since he was very, very small. how often do you see him? >> i see him every weekend. sunday? >> usually, just one day a week. >> judge judy: and how long has that been going on? >> i haven't always lived in port saint lucie and fort pierce. i've also lived in ocala and orlando, so recently, it's just been for the last four or five months, but i've lived in all three areas since he was born. >> judge judy: so you have a pretty ongoing relationship with him. >> absolutely. >> judge judy: is that right? >> yes. i would say it's right. >> judge judy: terrific. tell me your first name. >> austin. >> judge judy: austin, the first thing i want you to do is, i want you to just come right up here to me, and i'll explain why later. i want you to give me a big smile. [ laughter ] perfect.


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