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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  August 11, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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. >> today on the morning blend, it's a triple threat of entertainment tony pace hits our stage. >> this gallon is up for adoption. >> be kind and give back. the crazy pita. [ music ] >> good thursday morning, everybody! >> what we like to call free friday. we're taking a live look outside right now. tlichl threat tony pace will hit the stage there this weekend, but jj, we have him first. >> we shower do >> new brittany this morning. >> follows private show and make
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in august. >> she is stepping up. >> it's one show you need to see, girl. >> i saw her in la but not here. i must. >> phenomenal. >> i'm jj snoweder with our pro diser. michael. he's in for mr. tempesta. >> shout out to him, because yesterday, shawn tempesta as many of you saw brought a stray kitten outside of 13 action news inside. >> it was adorable >> not only adorable, but in need of a now home. the people in the office rallied behind this cat. got the cat some milk, which i
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good thing. but this little creature so malnourished. but steve in our sales correspondent has adopted the kitten. >> he's taken him home and actually -- >> he will have to send in a pick. he may rename him. currently he is at the vet. so the kitten off of valley view boulevard and no a great home. this is good. >> let's move on because we have something exciting lionel richie has added three new dates. >> another show you need to see, jj. >> do you want to go? >> the new shows, new year's eve week. tickets on sale now. there's also shows happening in september and october that are also on show, lionel richie, all the hits place inside the axis theatre inside planet hollywood.
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the concert and i've heard over and over again it's amazing. >> you have brittany, j lo, lionel. it's the place to be. >> boy, they're doing well with the talent. >> make a sweet transition here, becausest our topic of the day, we have a lot of guest segments coming up. this morning when i got in, i was working on the show, >> earlier >> early. >> julie pile comes to my desk and says you have a treat bag. usually it's like little pamphlets, which i love getting so i can read more about what's out there in the valley. but instead it was a whole bunch of chocolates. stake take a look at this, it's from hershey world, over at new york-new york. >> your name is on there!
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michael. >> this statute of liberty is actually there. they have a full chocolate display there of that statute of liberty. >> no, that is -- how come i didn't get that package? >> it's because your brand brand brand -- >> tell me about the location. >> the location is new york-new york. hundreds and hundreds of sweet treats there. so kind of leading into our topic today. what exactly is your favorite sweet treat, jj? >> >> i have some of those as well. they sent some of those. >> in the freezer. i also like a snickers out of the frozer. >> i loved when i was growing up, the mcflurry's at mcdonald's. >> every day after school i would go over there and get a
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blizzard. >> frosty's as well. >> oriole is my thing, i love it. >> fro-yo. >> do you put anything on your fro-yo. >> there is something to having frozen yogurt just plain. after i eat, god knows what. >> we have so much fun hearing from you guys! >> and we would love to hear from you on this topic, what's i want to know where you go in las vegas for your favorite treat >> send them on our facebook page orr sweet them on twitter. you can also find links on our website. we will read your comments live on air if you let us. >> we're getting a lot of responses from the other topics, including we still want to hear about the vegas challenge for jj on which buffet she needs to experience. >> i need to know which buffet i
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i kind of feel i should go to one that's traditional, night new one. >> i've herd heard that's -- do they have free alcohol, is that what i heard? >> i'm going to employed the fifth. >> coming up next on the morning blend, it's an exciting collision of energy, music and comedy as special performance from entertainer tony pace. from entertainer tony pace. >> you're for over 300,000 nevadans, social security means a secure retirement. but in washington, congressman joe heck supports privatizing it... turning our savings over to wall street... and risking it on the stock market. heck's plan means billions more in fees for wall street. and they've donated over half a million dollars to his campaigns. those numbers speak for themselves. joe heck is a threat to a secure retirement, because he's part of the problem in washington. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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in washington, has congressman joe heck been standing up for you? heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and heck's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. joe heck. part of the problem in washington.
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>> he's called the man with the voice who just happens to be funny. entertainer tony pace will be performing this sunday at south point.
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more about this collision of talent. hey, tony, good morning. >> live is a relative term at this hour of the morning. >> it is a little early. >> it is. i'm an entertainer, so this is when we start to go to bed. >> it's true, isn't it. >> i want to know why i don't get a chocolate bar. >> i can scratch out my name and put this sheet of paper with your name on it, it's a hand me down. >> he's worked hard for that. >> i can >> you have been enter take for years. what is your regular show time? are you on at 8:00? >> you mean normally? >> yes. >> it really varies, sometimes 9:00, 10:00, sometimes 7:00. afternoons are great, you know, that's the -- >> you've been in vegas for a while. >> i've been here for ten years. >> what do you love about performing vegas. >> you know what, the audiences of vegas are the best in the
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i've traveled the world. they're here to have fun and you can't get away from it. it's great. >> one thing that's so neat about you tony, we have video up of you, you are multitalented. you do a lot of different things in your show. how do you describe what you do. >> that's been the biggest difficulty. in 40 years they don't have a label. it used to be, you know, we were entertainers. but the term sort of gone by the -- it's gone away. it's just been difficult. >> i think it's so live in vegas -- >> there are so many entertainers here, you know what i mean. >> you're right. but i think it's more for publicity reasons that they try to -- they need something to advertise. and one name. >> so sometimes they'll
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it's. okay, i do impressions, i'll sing, play piano, guitar, do beat boxing -- >> really? >> because of that you have the show, south point. what can we expect? we saw a preview from the video. >> well, it's going to be energy, it's going to be sort of a countdown of all ages and the band, the musicians that those guys are the cream of the crop here in vegas. and i am excited to have them. i always count on having them -- >> a live band takes it to a new level. >> without a doubt >> we want to let you perform. but quickly, i want to talk about all your good work you do in the community, specifically for veterans. >> yeah, i've been working with veterans and fundraising for them for 30 years.
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going to do here today, but help me make this place my home again. i've donated all the proceeds to the sale of the song to the easter sales and veterans. this veterans count gives 90 cents out of every dollar to aa vet. >> it's great that you're helping other people with your talents, which we're about to see. >> i appreciate that. [ music ] ? why must we say good-bye ? ? and each time we talk ?
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remember watching the ed sullivan show, one of my favorites, with louie armstrong ? i remember skies of blue ? ? and i say to myself ? ? what a wonderful world ? ? i say to myself ? ? what a wonderful world ? [ music ] >> the most difficult thing that happens in this day and age, you
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myself, and jimmy stewart doing rap? oh, well. i like -- [ music ] my favorite one is this one. ? you make me so very happy ? ? i'm so life he ? ? oh, you make me so very happy ? ? you make me so, so very happy, baby ? ? i'm so glad you came ?
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[ music ] ? what goes up ? ? must come down ? ? a spinning wheel ? ? got to be round ? ? talk about your troubles ? crying shame. ? ride a painted pony ? i'm sorry, i get carried away >> great job! >> jimmy stewart rapping! >> thank you so much for coming in. >> it was a pleasure. >> make shower to see him this sunday -- make sure to see hem, this sunday night, tony pace, tickets are $20. head to his website right there on his screen. >> are you on facebook or twitter? like or follow us.
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>> 70 years, pacemaker have helped people hearts. brand now technology and here to show it off is kr dr. laer chinitz. joining him is his patient, janet mer sell. >> hi, good morning. >> doc, let's get into this. can you tell exactly what happens when your heart slows down? >> so if the patient has an abnormally slow heart both, it's not meeting the demands of the
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blood. so the common symptoms are fatigue, exercise intolerance, light headness. but when it gets profound, patients can pass out, and pass out repeatedly. unfortunately we have no other types of treatments, there are no medications that can effectively treat these slow heart beats. so we rely on pacemakers. they've been around for a long time and been effective, but the new lead less pacemaker is a major >> this is one of the treatments that's available now to help deal with what could be a life-threatening situation. >> that's correct. very recently the fda approved the micro pacemaker. so it is the only approved lead less pacemaker in the country. it's also the smallest pacemaker in the world and it really does help many, many patients. >> we're looking at an image of it now and it is the size of a
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condition, brady card yeah. what have the symptoms been like. >> pretty much my whole life until i was a child and until i received the pacemaker. i was the one fainting all thes time. i didn't experience too many dizzy spells or fatigue, just straight up fainting. that was pretty debilitating for regular life. that sort of disappeared, it all disappeared when i got the pacemaker. >> you said it disappeared how last your life changed? are you able to do things you weren't used to? >> yes, it's changed a lot. the struggle to just sort of get through the day without passing out or leaving the room or, you know, i've crashed my car multiple times. that sort of thing, it was gone, it's gone. >> doctor, can you really discuss -- you mentioned it's fda-approved. can you discuss your involvement with the trial which led to in an approval.
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center but we were part of a global trial that involved over 50 centers around the world getting patients like janet, following very closely for the safety and efficacy of the lead less pacemaker and we were pleased that the results were so positive. the safety profile was excellent and that led to pretty rapid approval by the fda. it certainly did take a couple of years but it was well worth the >> /* waef /* /* w we've heard how its helped janet. what has been your involvement. >> it's been satisfying to treat patients and alleviate their symptoms in a safe and minimally invasive manner. we're excited about it to extend it to to a larger patient population. it's a safe intervention.
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watching at home who may be searching for a diagnosis for their condition or any condition that they may be facing, what is something you guys would like to share with them on how to get help. >> i think janet's story is very compelling. it took her a long time for physicians to understand what was going on with her, to make an appropriate diagnosis. you need to be with a physician who understand the types interventions that are available, especially the new technology. i think our major message is you need to talk to the doctors, not let anybody ignore your symptoms and if you want additional information, there are good website, such as the one at the nyu mel center. that website is great place for both physicians and patients.
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about this revolutionary technology. thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> like we mentioned, it's the world smallest pacemaker and fda approved. you herd heard the website, it's on your screen. jj, over to you. >> motorcycle micah -- micah, thank you. >> summer is the great time to complete a marathon. completed one, you know it is so previously warding in the end. our next guests say it's a lot like planning for retirement. antibiotic ashton and nick strobelt are with us today. they are retirement professionals and radio show hosts. >> first of all, we start with the retirement brother being on time, i got caught in traffic, i can't make it on time.
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>> what happened to nick today? you're usually on the couch together. >> we don't like to snuggle that close to him, so i said hang out on i215. it's just you and i, you're stuck with me. >> this is a tremendous advantage for you! >> it is. >> because now you get all the credit for explaining to me how this all works. >> please, i truly do need to be more active about planning my retirement. >> three or four minutes should retirement plan. >> help me. >> only 50% of americans right now have one penny saved for retirement >> 50% of americans -- >> 50% of americans have one penny or more saved. half of americans have nothing saved for retirement. that's why we talk about planning for a marathon, we were talking about before the segment about a marathon, my wife has got me training for a marathon right now. >> no kidding. >> awful. >> it's what she wanted for her
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run a marathon for me in october. >> i said can i buy you a villa in france, do something small for you? now we're getting up every morning 5:30, dark, miles and miles, 15 mile run on saturday. it's a joke. >> she is a smart woman. >> except that guy show married thing, except for that! >> with this training you're doing, like this 15-mile race, i know that when i've run a lot of 10-k's, when you're doing a lot of running you need to think about your pacing. is that how aplanning for retirement is like. >> yes, because you make a decision and sign u race. that's the first thing, go online and call the people, say i'm going to sign up. >> that's the same thing with retirement, you make a physical decision, i'm going to start contributing to a plan for retirement, i'm going to
9:26 am
a roth ira. you first make the choice to do it, the same way you would to start a race. then just like -- you start with something small, i'm going to cut out sugar this week or dairy or when you're running a marathon, you say this week i've got to start by running two miles. i've got to get up to training and run 15 miles saturday, like this saturday, but it didn't start that way, would i need the pacemaker from thear segment. this is the point, you have to start and start slow and what you realize is as you accelerate, as you get longer distances as you contribute more money, all of a sawed sudden the goal becomes attainable. you can actually retire. >> i love this analogy, because i understand it, that a lot of people think, i've got to work this all out, i should go in next week, get my whole retirement plan laid out, i should, i should, and i don't >> and that's why people just
9:27 am
but consider this, what happens if these half of americans never do plan for row toirment? >> what does happen. >> it monies they're stuck on the government, only having social security, over the next 20 years the cost of healthcare is scheduled to go up five and a half% per year. the typical cd is paying 1%. if you're only earning 1%, and the cost of healthcare is going quickly you're not earning enough to keep up with the most basic retirement needs like healthcare. if you're 65 years old over the next 20 years you'll spend $220,000 just in healthcare alone. where are you getting this money? and what is your plan if you're 50 years old or 45 years old, that's where we come in. don't get overwhelmed, don't troy to do this all in one visit. don't say you've got to have
9:28 am
let's sign up and start making some plan, even the smallest step towards it right now is a good step because you're making a choice to sign up for that race. >> you just demystified it for me. >> i understand. just make the first step. you mentioned healthcare. i know that's a huge, huge topic, something that becomes extremely important, if not the most important thing as we get older. what are some other bumps in the road or things that we can plan for. >> looking for income, two is taxes, understand what kind of tax situation we're going to have when we retire, will we have tax-free income, net benefit after the social security, hopefully pension, rent income. healthcare will be an issue and also estate planning. where do you want things to go
9:29 am
trusts. all of that deals with retirement planning, we deal with all of that at our office. >> so you can take a full look. >> and again, not in an overwhelming way, but take one piece at a time, see where you're at and how to get you from where you're at to where you want to be. >> one thing i love about you guys is you're so open. you actually allow people to email you with questions. >> yes, we can respond to most questions about -- if somebody is not ready sit down for a consultation -- of course we love to have people come in and sit down and show us what they've accomplished so far. even to answer a simple question, it's easy for us to do on email. >> thank you so much for joining us today! solo! it was great. >> if you'd like a coach in the race to retirement, give abe and
9:30 am
>> receive a complimentary retirement plan valued at $500. the number to call is on your screen. for more information about the retirement brothers, the information is on your screen. he's back! he's back! see, he made it! i tell you, there is traffic in vegas. a community event to tell you about before the break. live to give. and a mer group nevada are hosting a free back to event tomorrow. mobile health clinic and more. it's at do little community center near lake maid and mlk. head to the website on your screen.
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everyone wants better chicken. it's true! and that's what you get at subway with the new chicken caesar melt. rotisserie-style chicken that's raised without antibiotics. a savory caesar sauce, melted provolone and parmesan cheese.
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>> you he might not be returning to school this fall but you can return to a younger looking you. advanced aesthetics helps you take years off your appearance. >> in just a minute we're going to show you proof with bernie blanks and jeff with wen. >> good morning, guys, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us back. >> you've been educating us throughout the week about loss of volume in the face and it really shows that aging process. we saw some amazing afters from your added determine dermo filters to the cheek. >> so for your viewers who haven't seen me on tv yet i've brought my absolutely favorite graphic that perfectly illustrates this volume loss in the face. what it is -- there you go. on the left side of your screen,
9:34 am
over the face? those are fat pads. there are seven individual fat pads on the face and as we age they move south or -- the hollowness under the a, flattening of the cheek itself. jj, say you came into my office -- >> this is ter terribly unfair. >> so if you came in my jj, i would sit you down in my chair, hand you a mirror and say jj, tell me what's bugging you today. 95% of the people who sit down in our chairs tell us, you know, i just feel so tired. i look exhausted. some people tell me i look angry. that's not how i feel, that's not who i am. i don't look as well as i feel. and they just can't put their finger on it.
9:35 am
it, that's when i grab that fat pad graphic and show them this is what's happening to your face. with you've lost volume and we need to pump it back in. >> i'm curious, since you're very knowledgeable about this, what areas of the face lose fat first. >> great question. what we see is the one right under the eye, this fat pad that puffs up here. as soon as that starts to go, that's when people start saying, i look so tired, i exhausted. that's the first fat pad to go and that is what we're here to talk about today, treating that area. >> what treatment options are available? because i saw that graphic. my age is going up there, i'm going to need this, too. >> we're all going to need it. it's the most under diagnosed area in facial's thet i cans. i brought jeff ngyuen loop, he's a physician's assistant and he
9:36 am
at our -- he's like the master of this procedure at our business. i'm going to let him take it away, tell you what we use, what procedures. >> regarding the volume loss under the eyes. there's surgery, falt transfer, but obviously those are a lot more complicated. what we do is place a dermo under the ey it takes 15 minutes and relatively painless, you just look a lot more rejuv nated, more refreshed and like bernie said, 10 or 15 years younger. >> we have some video of one of the treatments. let's take a look at that video. if you do not like needles -- >> we should warm people, because i have a hard time watching needles. >> the cool thing is is this is not a needle.
9:37 am
a canula. it's flexible tube. as that goes into the eye area, it doesn't cut or tear any of the blood vessels. this is the safest, newest procedure on the market right now. make two incisions -- that's before, linda, our gorgeous model before we did the procedure. i think we ha too. >> oh, wow, she is in studio -- look at that! >> how was the procedure. >> it was so simple and so easy. like bernie said, i was talking to him one day and i'm a new owner of a restaurant and inside i feel excited and energetic but outside i look so tired and old. so immediately bernie said, let's go see jeff, i know what
9:38 am
it was over. >> linda, you truly look exceptional. >> isn't that beautiful. >> i want to know, i want you to be honest, was it painful? >> not at all. it was quick and easy and i felt so comfortable there with jeff and bernie and we actually were laughing throughout the procedure because -- >> we were having a ball. >> -- it was not at all painful. >> you take that fear away because it's not a needle. >> exactly. what we do is make injection sites right here on the cheek. we go into all those areas that you need filler and it doesn't cut or tear any of the blood vessels. the older procedure was a needle, multiple puncture into this eye area. we don't want to do that anymore because this canula method is so much safer. >> with that there's an amazing special for viewers at home.
9:39 am
linda is the owner of the fabulous grapevine restaurant on the corner of buffalo and lake mead, used to be called grape street, but she bought it. if you go into grapevine and tell linda that she looks fabulous, you get 20% off. >> you do look fabulous. where can people go for more information? our website, advancedaestheticslas >> call the number, visit the website right there on the screen. you herd it, if you go -- you heard it, if you go to grapevine, stop by and tell linda how george us she looks, because she does, fabulous and
9:40 am
juliet looking for a family. >> on you can find so many great stories on what makes this valley a special place to lift. from special reports to deals at restaurant and more, check out
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>> jj is in love! >> she doesn't need a romeo to love her as juliet would be happy with any loving family. >> here to tell us about her is kathy jung, president of nevada -- >> good morning.
9:43 am
>> isn't she beautiful! >> she is gorgeous. >> she was found running around the desert, which is unfortunate. in her short life, somebody opened the door and let her go. >> wow! >> yeah, nobody claimed her, she was very skinny, so dirty -- we cleaned her up, didn't shave all of her hair, but she is flourished into this great, happy puppy. do you want to hold her? >> i would love >> what would be the right home for her? >> a home with love energy. she would be good with kids as well. she would be a good family dog. she gets a little scared -- she is not aggressive but gets scared when bigger dogs come around her. >> she is awfully small. how many pounds? >> she does need to gain some weight. so she is probably only about five pounds, five, six pounds.
9:44 am
>> she had be great. >> she had be great with other dogs. she is a terror so she is a bit of a busybody. >> terriers love activity. >> if they don't have it they tend to get into stuff they're not supposed to. >> look at her, oh, my gosh! >> you had a special event last week. >> so much fun, you guys were there! >> it's a bowling development which turned out to be a great it's turned into an annual event because so many people have so much fun. we raise a lot of money, so much education, teach kids about pets. >> the best thing is if you adopt one of these -- >> she gets to go home with this bed that's bigger than she is, but would have so much fun on it.
9:45 am
i will go to, you know, retail stores and look for dog beds and this one is super cushy. >> better than my mattress. >> this is wonderful. so this little doggy, like the kitten, was rescued off the street and now we're looking for a loving home and comes with her own bed. >> the bed is washable, because shows a life is good for her. >> she is so cute, it doesn't matter if she shreds all over you. >> we send her home with a new lint roller! >> this is an incredible dog. this is the kind of dog that you can also travel with around town. >> oh, absolutely. >> this is a gorgeous, gorgeous dog! >> is she spayed?
9:46 am
>> yes, absolutely, any animal adopted is spayed, neutered, plus a free wellness check. >> thank you so much, kathy. >> i don't know if she is leaving? >> head down to nevada sp -- [ laughter ] >> for more information, visit the website or call the number on your screen. the best part is if she isn't the right fit for you, they have plenty of >> get this, the person who adopts juliet, you will get a complimentary dog bed from best mattress. they have partnered up. make sure to watch morning blepd each day to -- how a simple act of kindness can make a difference in the valley. >> you can recognize them with our give back award.
9:47 am
"morning blend".com, fill out the form, one lucky person will receive $500. the proud sponsor of this award with the "morning blend," you're
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blend." inspired to be more kind, the josh stevens foundation was created to remember a life cut too short. here is his picture now. next week spread his picture to be kind. >> here with more is executive director jennifer morss. also jay jackson, who is part of
9:50 am
>> it's for the josh stevens foundation. good morning, welcome to you both. >> jennifer, i am now to vegas, as you know. i know the josh stevens foundation has been on the show before, but for me and those who may not know, tell me about it >> it was born out of the heart of a young boy who died a month before his 13th birthday. he was a child who had an incredibly kind way about and his parents knew early on after losing josh that that was something that needed to be celebrated in the hearts of other children. it needed to be encouraged, celebrated. it was something that they wanted to see more kindness on school campuses. that's what we work to do. >> that's the mission like you mentioned. you see so much negativity in the world today. it's a special mission to kind of be kind to others. >> right. it's a simple message, something that kids can say, okay, i'm going to choose to be kind
9:51 am
be kind shirt, wear the message -- >> you have it on now. >> i do and i'm going to school and be caught being kind. >> next week crazy pita is celebrating their 10th anniversary. >> tell us about the event >> all day along, 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. so all day. half price pitas, all of challenged for everybody to come out. they're having an '80s, really fun, '80s arcade game competition. >> are you going to have pack man? >> pac man, miss pac man. >> we have some pictures of it, it's an innovative concept. >> we have a lot of games in the truck but for this event next week on tuesday, we're doing retro games! >> cool!
9:52 am
you have five minutes to get the high score in the game and whoever has the high score gets the prize. >> cool stuff. >> the best part, because it is a competition, but also a fundraiser for you guys. >> you buy tickets for the rounds, all the money goes to the josh stevens foundation. it will be a good time. it will be tuesday, half on beer and wine. you can bring the kids, have them play, you know, have a good time. >> what a great partnership! this sounds like so much fun. >> it is. we have so many people out there that are great supporters of the josh stevens foundation. we appreciate them all. the owner of the crazy pita was a special friend of josh, joshua doored meti. >> so meti has always played a
9:53 am
foundation. >> he brings in amazing pitas. >> speaking of treats, what is your most popular item at crazy pita? what's always on your order. >> josh's favorite was always the -- i love. the chicken pita is good and hummus. it is by far the best hummus in the world. you've got hummus there, pita bread, you've got all kinds of goodness going on there. >> this message that we'll see there, micah and i will go is be kind, you'll have t-shirts for sale and promoting this emanuel, yes. >> absolutely. we have shirts we brought for you as well. message. >> so yes, we would love to have you come out. >> i want to do this video game competition. >> i saw the truck and love the -- unfortunately, i have off wednesday, so it looks like i'll
9:54 am
>> thank you so much for coming in and sharing the message. >> thank you both very much >> thank you, guys. this is a great event. >> next tuesday, crazy pita is celebrating 10 years at the district at green valley ranch. there will be special discounts, including fun, '80s video game competition and fundraiser beginning at 7:00 that night. some local celebrities will be there. a portion of the event will go back to the josh stevens foundation. for more information, just check out your screen here. >> i'm ready to get my pac man on. >> remember to check out >> on our website -- [ laughter
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> help stop the bus to get southern nevada kids ready for school. we're asking you to please buy school supplies, pencils, pens, crayon, backpack or two, bring them here, 13 action news, open monday through friday until 3:00 p.m., walker furniture in the beasley broadcasting building before august 15th. once collected, they'll be distributed to the kids who need that you know to all who donate, to beasley broadcasting. before we go, we have a model we forgot to show off. this is mad maddie. she is modeling a be kind shirt, which you can get next tuesday. >> will you be at the event? >> yeah. >> what video game do you think
9:58 am
playing? >> pac man with me. i broke my mic, you're going to have to carry it! >> great to see you guys! tomorrow is friday!
9:59 am
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? hey ? ready for your morning of "hot topics"? here's a few of the things that have us fired up. why aren't more women bosses in the boardroom? the controversial claim that got one male exec put on leave. plus, funnyman craig robinson mans the table. then, he claims he connects the stars with the heavens. "the hollywood medium" tyler henry reads our co-hosts to see who's reaching out from the other side. get ready for "hot topics," because "the view" starts right now. with whoopi. joy behar. candace cameron-bure. raven-symone. and paula faris. now, let's get things started. [ cheers and applause ] ?


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