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tv   ABC World News  ABC  August 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news right now. a massive rescue operation under way. historic flooding destroying entire towns. more than 7,000 people pulled to safety, including this incredible underwater rescue. and tonight, many still stranded. robbed at gunpoint dangerous stickup near the olympic village. >> he packed it, put it to my forehead, said get down. >> rio's darker side revealed. the real danger at the games. boiling point. an american city erupts in violence after police shoot a black man they say was armed. tonight the governor calling in the national guard. trump's blame game. facing reports his campaign is in the middle of a meltdown, the gop nominee now pointing the
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and home takeover. a family returning from vacation to find squatters living in their place. the house trashed. so why wasn't anyone arrested? good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with breaking news in the south. an epic flood disaster now blamed for four deaths that have left thousands without a home. the national guard on the scene. incredible 7,000 reses already. that number expected to rise. drivers stranded by flood waters for 24 hours. the coast guard also busy at work. this helicopter hoisting three people trapped on their roof top amid rising waters. and the devastation from the sky. take a look. drone footage revealing the full extent of the state of emergency. some rivers still expected to rise. tonight, the flood threat on the move. the forecast in a moment but
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>> give me a knife, give me a knife.ter: tonight, thousands caught in the flood zone still trying to escape. this convertible sinking by the second, a woman and her dog trapped inside. nothing is working. finally, david phung jumps in, pulling her out by her arm. >> get my dog! get my dog! >> her dog. >> reporter: seconds later, fishing her dog out too. homes, cars, and routes to safety all under water. all day we have been seeing boat after boat filled with evacuees, and these rescues have been made not be emergency responders but by neighbors helping neighbors. many stranded in their cars on interstate 12, some for over 24 hours without food or water. >> day two, they're trying to evacuate the sick and elderly. >> as you can see behind me, a lot of the interstate is
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we've been here for about 30 hours now. >> reporter: and more forced to abandon their homes, taking no chances with possibility of rising waters. where are you going to go from here? >> where i'll go from here? just like i did for katrina. start all over again as long as i'm living. >> reporter: four losing their lives so far. 5,000 living in shelters. and this, our first look inside the flood zone. waist-deep water. this business, ruined. but amid the disaster -- >> we don't have service. >> we're happy to see you. oh, lord, we're happy you see you. >> reporter: stories of hope and reunion. >> phillip mena in baton rouge tonight. the water is still rising in the neighborhood where you are standing. and there is another problem for rescue teams and residents? >> reporter: yeah, tom, the streets are flooded in all directions and the water is rising fast. and adding to the problem, at&t cell phone service has not been working all day.
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problem. but like everything else, it's flooded out here. >> we can see the semi trying to navigate the waters. phillip, thank you. and while historic floods swamp the south, a deadly heat wave has millions under heat alerts tonight. the heat index pushing into triple digits from north carolina to massachusetts. three fatalities in philadelphia alone. abc's rob marciano is in a hot and humid new york city tonight. rob? >> reporter: tom, these cities are really baking, and the steel and the concrete is retaining and radiating all the heat. it's going to be another hot one tonight. and take a look what it felt like along the big cities, 107 in d.c. and 101 in boston. tomorrow, i wouldn't say we're cooling down but it won't be quite as hot. 95 in new york. 100 degrees in d.c. more significant cooling later in the week. the big story is still the devastating flooding in louisiana. a lot of rain there but the bulk of the moisture in the mid south and the midwest. 3 to 5 plus inches expected.
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least tuesday night. tom? >> we'll keep an eye on that rain. rob, thank you. next to rio where ryan lochte and three other team usa swimmers were robbed at gun point. the gold medalist recounting a frightening scene. suspects flashing police badges before ordering them to the ground. when lochte refused the situation, it took a more dangerous turn. matt gutman on rio's darker side. >> reporter: tonight, organizers are scrambling after lochte, the second most decorated swimmer in history, was held up at gun point earlier in morning. ryan lochte was in a taxi with teammates after an evening out and was stopped by a man in police uniform flashing badges. he told nbc news -- >> he pulled out a gun, he tapped it. and put it to my forehead. i put my hands up, said, whatever. >> reporter: they had been apparently partying at a
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but earlier today, confusion at a news conference with the ioc stating that lochte had not been held up at gun point. >> they spoke and said it wasn't true. >> reporter: later, they said the incident did indeed happen. that makes up for the latest black eye for the organizers who guaranteed the safety of athletes. >> to make rio the safest city in the world during the games. >> reporter: incidents occurring almost daily here. a belgium judo player attacked. two straitan athletes robbed and attacks. equestrian venue was twice hit with bullets. last week, we joined the s.w.a.t. team to see the city away from the tourist attractions. everybody wears this going out? >> everybody has to. they have to. >> reporter: they are constantly fired upon and always prepared to fire back. it feels like when you go out of this perimeter like you're going into war. everybody's ready to fight. >> yeah. >> reporter: and this is how it is every time you leave this
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>> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> reporter: we have learned the u.s. state department is assisting in the investigation. and the security situation unlikely to improve, the usoc is reiterating the security to remind them it's probably not a good idea to take a local taxi at 4:00 in the morning here. tom? >> not a good idea is right. all right, matt. thank you. we have more on the games later. next to milwaukee. the national guard called in after simmering tensions between police and residents boiled over. take a look at this. businesses and police cars set on fire. protesters hurling rocks at officers and at least one of the protesters opening fire after police shot and killed a 23-year-old black man they say was armed. tonight, authorities are revealing new details about the threat the officers are facing. abc's eva pilgrim tonight. >> reporter: cars are turned
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the angry from protest after a deadly police shooting of an allegedly armed black man. >> this is police, leave the area. >> reporter: as people ran for cover through smoke-filled mayhem, sounds of gun fire, targeting police. >> gun fire. injured officers here. >> reporter: this police car destroyed. another up in flames. a gas station, an auto parts store, and a bank, six businesses in all torched. it was 3:30 p.m., police making a traffic stop. and the 23-year-old suspect, now being identified as sylville smith, was armed, according to authorities, he set off on foot after being stopped. an officer ordered him to drop his weapon, and when he didn't comply, fired several rounds, killing smith. the officer was wearing a body camera. >> he had a gun in his hand. >> the gun at the scene that we are recovering was stolen in a
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500 rounds of ammunition. >> reporter: this man says he was smith's brother. >> i don't know when it's going to end. but it's for y'all to start. we're not the one's that's killing us, you're killing us. >> reporter: tonight, the shell of destruction visible. businesses destroyed, 17 arrested, four officers hurt. a 16-year-old girl hit by a bullet in the chaos. they have not released the body camera video. and tonight, they hoping it's not a repeat of last night's violence. tom? >> thank you. in georgia, there is a manhunt for suspect in the fatal shooting of a police officer. tim smith was responding to a call about a suspicious person when a suspect opened fire. smith was transported to the hospital where he later died.
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24-year-old rasheem deeds. he is considered armed and dangerous. next tonight, the race for the white house and donald trump feeling the heat on the campaign trail. the gop nominee campaigning in connecticut arguing he is not really running against hillary clinton. instead, trump focusing his attention on one of his favorite targets. here is abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump at war with the media. >> i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton. i'm running against the crooked media. that's what i'm >> reporter: trump blaming the press for his tumbling poll numbers, tweeting -- "if the disgusting and corrupt media covered me honestly and didn't put false meaning into the words i say, i would be beating hillary by 20%." and he's ripping into "the new york times" after it published this blistering report about turmoil in his campaign. >> the newspaper is going to hell. maybe we'll start thinking about taking their press credentials away from them. >> reporter: tonight, the trump
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running mate mike pence reaching out to top republicans like john mccain and jeb bush, hoping to calm party nerves. but many republicans worry he's already headed for defeat. even trump is raising the possibility. >> can you imagine how badly i'll feel if i spent all of that money, all of this energy, all of this time, and lost? >> reporter: in a bizarre move, trump promising a cancer patient that he will always tell him the truth and admitting to other voters -- >> i might lie to you like hillary does all the time. but i will never lie to jackamo. okay? all right, you hold me to it. >> reporter: tom, trump will try to get back to the issues tomorrow, delivering a detailed speech in ohio on his plan to tackle terrorism. as one campaign source tells us tonight trump just needs to focus on beating hillary clinton. tom. >> we will be there for that speech.
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murder investigation of a female jogger in massachusetts. authorities saying tonight they are getting hundreds of tips as they hunt down the person who killed vanessa marcotte. and there's a possible new lead tonight. here is abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: tonight investigators narrow their search for a killer, submitting dna samples of at least one potential person of interest in the case of 27-year-old vanessa marcotte. >> this could be a significant juncture in this case, and they're going to focus in on one particular individual. >> reporter: the google account executive and avid runner found murdered and badly burned last sunday, just hours after taking an afternoon jog in princeton, massachusetts, half a mile from her mother's home. authorities saying marcotte put up a fight. >> we believe that there was a struggle that may have resulted in her killer receiving injuries. >> reporter: it's the second high-profile case this month
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while jogging in broad daylight. karina vetrano was killed in queens, new york. >> we understand there are some similarities. nothing has been ruled out. >> reporter: in princeton tonight, loved ones and supporters gathering for a run in marcotte's honor. investigators in marcotte's case now following up on the nearly 600 tips they've received so far. tom? >> adrienne, thank you. back to rio now where the historymaking olympic run continues for the world's greatest gymnast. we have a spoiler alert for you. simone biles with a record third gold medal of the games today, the first american woman to win on the vault. and tonight all eyes on the track, where usain bolt will try to defend his crown as the world's fastest man. and take a look at the medal count. team usa continuing a dominant run in rio. here is abc's t.j. holmes. >> reporter: simone biles shattering records tonight. that gold in the vault makes her the first u.s. female gymnast to win three gold medals at a
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talked with biles and her teammates about the high expectations. >> that's a lot of pressure when people expect you to win gold and then you did it. did you know you were gonna do it? >> we were confident. >> yes, we were very confident once we went out there. if we had done the same thing in training, then we were very confident of the outcome. >> reporter: u.s. dominance doesn't end in the gym though. michael phelps, the world's greatest olympian, won his 23rd gold medal in saturday night's relay, the crowning moment in a career that he says is now over. the troues pool, nicknamed "the swamp," now clearing. one of the algae-infested green water pools drained and replaced with clean water. and tonight, the title of fastest man on the planet is up for grabs. usain bolt looking for an unprecedented third straight gold in the 100 meters. but his mom wants him to slow down. >> i would hope he'll settle down, get married and start his
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>> reporter: and tom, team usa is marking another milestone. after today, it's become the first team ever to earn over 1,000 medals at the summer olympics. and of course, we're still counting. >> thank you. there will be more of amy robach's interview with the gold medal winning five on "gma" tomorrow. still ahead. real life home wreckers. what one woman found returning from vacation. squatters trashing her home. how did they pull it off? why weren't they arrested. and later, a dangerous flare-up. how the swirling flames stop firefighters in their tracks. and will superstar adele perform at the super bowl halftime show next year? what she told fans at a sold-out concert. when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates
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neighborhood to find her house had been taken over. here is abc's lauren lyster. >> reporter: tonight this, house trashed by total strangers, the floors scratched, garbage everywhere and no one is in jail. >> it was awful. it looked like i was in some kind of homeless shelter with mattresses everywhere. >> reporter: alleged squatters moving into crystal taylor's oklahoma house, all while she and her fiance are on vacation in cabo. crystal rushing home when neighbors alerted her. >> they broke into my home, they crawled underneath the garage door, they have vandalized the home, and nothing is being done. it should be breaking and entering. >> reporter: police responding, but the alleged squatters providing a lease, claiming they were the victims of a craigslist scam. >> i know it reeks. it looks bad on us. when we go another place, we
5:49 pm
we even move in. >> reporter: authorities still investigating but making no arrests. >> once the police are called, they don't have the ability to make decisions on who is right or wrong. >> reporter: experts say the best strategy here is prevention -- make the house look occupied, have neighbors check on your home if you can't, and set up a google alert with your property address so you know if anyone is listing it online. and have a copy of documents available that prove you are the homeowner. experts say this encourages police to treat squatters as trespassers. tom. >> thank you. coming u on a massive apartment fire. the search for missing victims after that fiery blast. what authorities are saying tonight. and into the wild. the mama bear is nervously watching her cubs get washed away over a waterfall. what she does next coming up. what she does next coming up. eat more fiber. flax seeds. yogurt. get moving. keep moving. i know! try laxatives. been there, done that. my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know.
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5:53 pm
four other people are still missing. the cause is unknown. firefighters getting a surprise in oregon. check this out. a steady gust of winds whip this fire up in a firenado. about four acres were torched before it died down. now to a lesson in parenting from a wild family. the scene streaming across the world. a bear watching as her cubs plunge over a waterfall. a bear cam watching it all. and that moment when instinct to pull the cubs to safety. and sorry, adele fans. but the "hello" singer made it very clear she won't be performing in the super bowl halftime show. the always humble adele telling fans, that show is not able music and i can't dance or anything like that. still ahead. a family surprised. an unexpected gift from a teenager and what's in that
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teenagers can give their parents lots of grief but sometimes they surprise them. here is john donvan. >> reporter: when joe iosco began unwrapping a present at a family get tet watched his face more intently than the women on either side of him. sally to the right, lauren on the left. >> how's he going to react? am i going to make him cry? >> reporter: now, joe is sally's boyfriend, a relationship that began when lauren, who is sally's daughter, was a year old already. so joe's been in lauren's life since she can remember. >> i was only with my biological father every other weekend but i was with joe almost every day. >> reporter: and during that time, something like a real father-daughter bond formed.
5:58 pm
>> as the years went by, i not only fell in love with sally, but i fell in love with lauren as well. >> reporter: now the surprise inside the box was a framed poem of appreciation from lauren, and that got joe crying already. but then, he discovered the envelope with a set of legal documents inside. we'll let the video explain the rest. >> i am asking joe to adopt me. >> yes. >> reporter: people say joe's a man of few words. maybe. >> in the end she chose me, and there's no better gift than that. >> reporter: few words, but perfect for this picture. john donovan, abc news. >> perfect indeed. david muir back here tomorrow night. i'm tom llamas. have a great evening. good night. here tomorrow night. i'm tom llamas.
5:59 pm
severe weather -- caught on camera.. plus -- the race for the white house -- about to take over southern nevada. donald trump's running mate -- governor mike pence -- planning a campaign stop in the las vegas valley. but first-- a deadly weekend in las vegas. four people -- killed in less than 24 hours. an elderly man -- is hit and killed by a car -- near las vegas boulevard and lake mead. police say -- the man was trying to cross the street with a walker. he died at a local hospital. the driver -- is cooperating police say -- the victim was not using a cross walk at the time. and one man is dead -- after this horrific crash. another is behind bars. police say -- pedro regalado- cardenas -- slammed his car into the back of a flatbed truck. juan jiminez-lopez -- just 19 -- was in the passenger seat of the car. he died at the scene. the truck driver was not hurt. authorities arrested regaldo- cardenas and charged him with dui . a desperate manhunt is underway
6:00 pm
valley. two people -- gunned down this morning -- outside the silver nugget in north las vegas. 13 action news reporter gina lazara is live outside the casino now with the lastest. gina? christopher -- there's some left over crime scene tape attached to those handicap signs but that's really the only proof of any shooting or homicide from this morning. police say there was a big crowd in the parking lot and tensions were high beforesh witnesses told our early morning crew that the group was playing craps in parking lot here outside the silver nugget. police would not officially confirm that but said they were looking into if the group was playing a game and gambling outside the building. it was just afer 4 this morning when police say the two people were shot and killed. there is no suspect in custody right now and police have not released a suspect or vehicle description. reporting live gina lazara 13


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