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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 19, 2016 4:15am-4:31am PDT

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some comfort in knowing we're doing everything we know how to do to stop something from happening again to any other family." the ride, which translates to insane in german features multiperson rafts. it goes up to speeds of 70 miles per hour. [ screams ] each raft is supposed to carry between 400 and 550 pounds. police initially said one person weighed 140 pounds, another 170, and caleb would have had to weigh 90 pounds to make the 400-pound raft limit. police say weight taken at the hospital after the accident said one person weigh ed 275 pounds, another 197, and a third 73 pounds putting the combined weight at 545 pounds. abc news, new york. >> apparently there were issues with this ride when it first opened two years ago. the opening was delayed twice
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even in the weeks leading up to caleb's death, there were reports of the harnesses not working properly and rafts coming off the slides. lots that investigators are still looking into. >> and that investigation is in the early stages right now. we know while the park itself is reopened, that ride will be closed for at least the rest of this year. we have more news coming up.
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? many of us have been very into the olympics, of course. but they're now over and they only happen every four years. >> yes, but there's a new sport, extreme one, perfect for the summer that we may be seeing more of. >> reporter: this is fly boarding. the very latest in extreme sports with a twist of sci-fi. >> the best thing about fly boarding is you're up in the air
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>> reporter: those pushing the boundaries, women, the world over. flipping far above the water is jemma weston, fly boarding where no one has flown before. >> you feel a little bit like a super hero. >> reporter: attached to a hover board powered by the force of water. pumped through a hose by a jetsky. only invented in 2011 by a professional just skier. jemma couldn't resist it. i get the sense you were not sitting still as a child? >> i didn't as a child, and still now. those who know me are like calm down. >> reporter: she's a stunt woman. appearing in "the hobbit" trilogy, "spartacus," and "pete's dragon." only discovering fly boarding a few years ago. she entered the world cup in dubai as an unknown. she crushed it, taking first
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>> the most i can do before i hit the water is three. >> reporter: after the world cup win, she wanted to win big this year and bring fly boarding to the masses. on her own, 8,000 miles away from home, even a bad-ass fly boarder gets homesick. she called her little brother, also a fly boarder, to join her. >> we've always been jumping off roofs and onto trampolines, using sheets as parachutes. >> reporter: they're one of the only brother/sister duos in the sport today. they train in florida with a power fly team. this year two of them competed in france. jemma stuns in the opening rounds and semifinals. >> a great competition. the girls are good. >> reporter: little brother beau placed sixth overall in the men's division.
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to the top spot. the champ once again. proving what this brother sister duo have known all along. >> it's a national bird but flightless bird so they can't fly. we're proving that kiwis can fly. >> reporter: abc news, florida. >> awesome. during the early stages of it, one of my buddies, we were doing it on live tv in san diego. the guy get on board like -- he slammed into the water not as planned. they've come a long way since then. >> did you try it? >> no. it looks so cool, though. >> there's a part of me that wants to try it, and another part, probably my brain, tells me to stay away. >> the world cup for that is in naples, florida, next month.
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>> you can go 30 feet above the water. ter. that's high. nape naples, florida next month.
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it's friday. it's friday. "insomniac theater" time. two movies set in a very different time but with an underlying theme of war. >> let's start with "war dogs." directed by todd phillips. it stars jonah hill and miles entrepreneurs who land a $300 million government contract to arm american allies in afghanistan. the pair quickly find themselves in way over their heads, and dealing with some shady characters. >> wait. what? okay. how much for the ammo? >> ten cents a round. >> i'm sorry you're on a terrorist watch list? >> you work for homeland security. relax. >> you two should probably talk to sullivan.
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tomorrow morning at 10. i can't spend more than 48 hours in this dump. >> that's what i always say vegas is a two-day down. >> i was talking about america. >> critics giving "war dogs" mixed reviews. one saying, it raises questions about the economic imperatives of war while masquerading as a buddy comedy. and another calls it slickly and noisily entertaining in a cue the next montage way. >> an amazing true story. next up, a remake of the 1959 "ben-hur." a fictional jewish prince enslaved by the romans, the story of redemption and revenge giving way to stories of love and passion. there's plenty updated in the remake, including big-budget action scenes. >> you will see them fight for
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you will see them die for you. >> you should have stayed away. >> you should have killed me. >> i will. >> them be fighting words. critics are tough on the updated "ben-hur," pointing out various shortcomings. one saying what it lacks most of all is a convincing reason to exist. but it's not all bad. another saying, it doesn't eclipse the predecessor, but it doesn't crash and burn and that's something of a miracle. >> thank you, i think. >> the thing is they did have a big, big shoes to fill here. >> huge. 11 oscars for the predecessor. and charlton heston, although this one has god. >> morgan freeman. >> that's the news for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook at to foll
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i'll have more from the breaking news center.. 19:31/jeanie "i feel like-i feel like i died with my grandson." a grieving family is finally getting some answers. we'll tell you about investigators break in the case of their teenage grandson's murder... breaking overnight.... an aircraft crashes on the range... here's a look at the type of aircraft involved in the crash... this is an h-h-60. officials with nellis air force base tell us the crash happened around 10 last night. we're told four crew members were taken to a local medical facility and treated for minor injuries. it's still not clear what caused the crash. this crash comes after a civilian fighter jet pilot an open field near nellis air force base just yesterday. officials say the pilot was taking part in an exercise...


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