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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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$1.8 billion dollar stadium.. discussion is now turning to paying for it. tonight.. the committee trying to figure it out has just over a month to send a plan to the governor. 13 action news reporter..... bryan callahan is live one of the proposed stadium sites... to a look at some of the key points... that will be discussed.... as well as.... the back-up plan... if the raiders fall through... after months of looking at maps of potential sites for a 65,000 stadium... those tasked with figuring out how to pay for it... will start digging into the first draft of the plan the proposal says it could be used in any county with a out how to pay for it... will start digging into the first draft of the plan thursday. all this in hopes of getting
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the proposal says it could be used in any county with a population over 700,000... but at this point clark county is the only county in nevada that qualifies. 19.14 "i think there is a level of money." 18.30 "the stadium would be nice to have." the first draft calls for a small increase to the room tax in the strip corridor.... and an even smaller increase on rooms within 25 miles of the stadium. to put it in real terms... people staying in strip hotels would pay an extra $1.40 for a $200 room. those elsewhere in town would pay an extra dollar for a similarly priced room. million in public funding... over three decades. those developers that include las vegas sands and majestic realty... would cover the remainder of the proposed $1.8 billion dollar project. 03.45 "to have a modicum added to that little bit of room tax. it is not hurting us, and all it is going to do is give us a who live here or those that do business here a bigger bang for our buck." the proposal also includes a backup plan... that would allow unlv to build
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short of the goal line. that would require the university to raise $200 million in private funding beforfe getting access to the money collected through the proposed room tax. another note in the documents shows the developers were asking for a majority of votes on the stadium authority board. the draft being presented tomorrow... would give developers two of the seven seats on the proposed board. reporting live, bryan callah 13 action news. governor sandoval has the biggest role in deciding if the stadium project will move forward.. and he met with one of key supporters. 13 action news political analyst jon ralston takes a closer look at that part of the story. ralston pm 18:41:39:07- 18:42:17:22 more political intrigue today... 13 action news ----i've learned that gov. brian sandoval and sheldon gatekeeper for the taxpayers because he would have to call lawmakers into special session
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----adelson has been a huge financial backer of sandoval. he and his wife gave three hundred thousand dollars to the governor's political action committee -- and in 2012, they gave a hundred thousand to that same pac. they have also both given smaller amounts directly to the asking him for a huge infusion of public money and a special session to accomplish it before big changes are expected in the ----but imagine having to decide what to do a year after pushing through the largest tax mourning the loss of a man..... who helped to transform the into what it is today!!! joel bergman's family tells us.... he passed away this morning.... at the age of -80-. fellow architect.... paul steelman.... wrote this facebook post... saying.. "there will never be another architect.... that has had such a profound influence.... on entertainment architecture.... as joel. disney was created by walt disney las vegas was created... by joel". his biggest projects include.... paris las vegas.... las vegas hilton... and... the re-design of the m-g-m
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lawsuit a lawsuit is being filed nearly two years after an arizona shooting range instructor was accidentally killed by a young girl with an uzi. the family of charles vaca is suing the last stop shooting range in white hills for wrongful death. vaca was teaching the 9-year old how to handle the submachine gun when she lost control of the weapon.. and a bullet hit vaca in the head.. killing him. we're continuing to follow breaking news out of italy yesterday morning's 6.2 magnitude earthquake has surged to 247. the horrific scene is still unfolding at this hour as rescuers frantically try to reach those trapped under the rubble. tonight.. hundreds are still missing. but there have been miracles. this chilling video shows a rescuer speaking with an 80 year old woman pinned by debris in a collapsed building.. telling her to stay calm. she was eventually pulled out alive and rushed to the hospital.
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tonight... this man is behind bars.... accused of using "craigslist"..... to lure young girls into a life of prostitution. 13 action news anchor.... christopher king joins us live... from the neighborhood where the suspect lives... and christopher...... more and more human traffickers are turning to social media.... to drag kids.... into sex work... police say that man was trying to lure girls into sex trafficking behind these doors. tonight.. we speak with an advocate. is happening right under our noses..and the people who are doing it..are the ones you'd least expect. he may may seem like the unlikeliest of suspects. "he looked like a really nice guy." but..this nice guy..david coil..a 63-year-old behind bars..on sex- trafficking charges. "it makes me sick." police accuse him of using lure teenage committing acts of prostution. "it's actually one of the most common uses nowadays." shauntele the co-
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one of their jobs..fighting to stop human trafficking. "it's huge." she tells..pimps and traffickers..more and more..are turning to the lure in their targets..young girls..and boys. "online is very prominent-and it's social media-instagram-facebook- and that'sone of the biggest problems with human trafficking right now." harless tells 13 action news..the people exploiting those kids..don't a specific "there's men, women, there are yout trafficking other youth. it's not the typical what people think a pimp looks like-all the jewelry and thuggish-it's not." and harless says..they're doing it..right under our noses. "it's probably in-i would say-almost every junior high or high school at some point."
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connected through somebody or know somebody who's been affected by human trafficking and just not know it." a terrified mother says 3 teenagers broke into her home overnight. and only on 13-action news.. she confronts the neighbors who she believes did it. i will press charges, and they will be arrested, they could have killed me and my daughter it happ gowan and rancho. she says she recognized them right away because they live next door. according to police.. the burglars broke down her bedroom door.. nichole knoepfle 17:03:36:03 my daughter was crying, i was on the phone with 911, i had my taking my daughter and jumping out the window, i was so terrified i didn't know what to do while she says she knows who was responsible..
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school is just -5- days away... and... a big announcement was just made..... about how your child might be getting... to school! a new restriction this year.... magnet school students.... can't ride the c-c-s-d school busses!! so... city transportation it is!!! 13 action news reporter.... gina lazara has the story. gina intro: i met one student who lives in the northwest valley and his magnet school is 15 miles away. i'm standing at one of the 4 meet just to get to school in attended his engineer-based magnet school this year at rancho high. nats: "we are not doing this. theres now way" his 16-year old son daniel's trip would take at least an hour and 45 minutes. but daniel and his family have already decided to do away with the magnet but daniel and his family have already decided to do away with the magnet school this year.... due to transportation issues brought on by ccsd. "i always told him you work
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things are going to come to you, but i have to tell ya, the school district really let me down" new this year --due to more students....less money....and zoning changes.... magnet school students must live within the bussing boundaries if they wanna take a yellow school bus. as you can imagine.....most magnet school students don't fall in that category. "let me ask the school board this....would you ever put your child, grandson, or granddaughter who is 13 or 14 years old....on a bus....even 15....and have them travel miles on a public bus? you know you know you wouldn't. they woudln't! they wouldn't do it! they would never do it!" adam points out the safety concern of kids riding with strangers.... the long travel times.... and the dangerous places bus stops may fall. adam says he knows people might him for saying it....but.... "raise the taxes if you have to. if that's what you have to do....raise em!" gina tag: this announcement was just made yesterday and i've talked to a
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reconsidering their child to a magnet school. gina lazara 13 action news. c-c-s-d wants to remind everyone about bus safety.... with the big change... this school year. so... they are holding safety meetings for parents and students.... every day this week. he's spent more than half his life in prison for something he didn't do. 20-24 " god is good! god is good! god is good! how this philad became a free man and.... it's a squatter situation.... like you've never seen! people hiding out.... inside a commercial building. now... we're getting answers.... about what's being done to get them out brian
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e this message. four years ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer but early treatment saved my life. so i'm really outraged that joe heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood which thousands of nevada women depend on for cancer screenings. congressman heck even threatened to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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looking for a person.... who walked up to a woman and started punching her.... for no reason. the woman's nose was broken.... in several places.... on "youtube"... in the hopes.... someone would recognize... after spending nearly 25 years behind bars for a brutal crime he didn't commit.. a philadelphia man is free tonight. abc's linsey davis has more on what led to the release of tony wright. script: this is what freedom looks like for a man who spent more than half his life behind bars. sot - wright: "we did it! today is our day! today is our day! tony wright was convicted of the rape and murder of louise talley in philadelphia in 1993. a crime he always said he didn't commit.
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that was three and a half years ago, but wright, a father and now grandfather, still remained behind bars. the district attorney insisting on a retrial...the jury cleared him in just an hour. sot: davis: how are you not bitter?" wright: if you are all the time, it'll ruin you... especially behind those walls, man... the district attorney's office said they stand by their decision to retry wright. for now he's looking forward t family...and enjoying the taste of freedom. linsey davis, abc news, philadelphia from contact -13-... a new scam is circulating on facebook..... that appears to offer a promotion from delta.. but.... the deal really is: "too good to be true". it claims to offer.... a gift box..... with up to -10- first class tickets... and... -10- thousand dollars cash. but... when someone tries to claim it...
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website..... where they're asked for.... personal information... and... to sign up for an expensive reward offer.... that's difficult to cancel. some un-wanted tenants are moving into an old commercial building.... near sunset and whitney ranch. terry kniess says.... this used to be a business building.... housing a physical therapy office... and a "triple -a-". now he says.... it's home to squatters. 12.46.16 my thought is, just tear the doggone thing down and get it over with 18 and eliminate the squatter problem 20 tk well.. he may get his wish. the coma property says... the owner is out of the country.... but... that the building is slated to be demolished.... before the end of the year. parts of central indiana are in shambles tonight in the wake of 8 tornadoes.. but miraculously.. no one was killed or seriously injured. (kathleen marsh/ survived tornadoes): "i shut the door and it blew my window out. and then that was it. i just ran downstairs. i was so scared (crying)... indiana governor.. and gop vice- presidential candidate mike pence decided to return to his home state this
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disaster. pence was in north carolina when he decided to leave the campaign trail. people in louisiana continue to clean up the devastation.... left behind.... from last week's deadly floods. but tonight... they're getting help.... from an -8- year-old girl. (taylor henry/8-year-old helping flood victims) "i think they're feeling very hopeless and praying to god, what do i do? so that's why i think i should help them." and.... with her sewing machine.... she's doing just that. taylor henry has stitched dozens of tissue hol to sell and raise money.... for flood victims. (taylor henry/8-year-old helping flood victims) "i'm charging five dollars. i know that's a lot. but it comes with kleenexes." the response has been overwhelming.... with more than.... - 1- hundred orders... so far. right now.... her goal is to get to.... a thousand dollars. she's hoping to reach that goal.... by sunday. low pressure that brought the late night rain has moved on and drier conditions will not takes it's place. mainly sunny skies are expected with some residual humidity but
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high temperatures will shoot back up to normal values; ranging between 99 and 105 degrees valley wide. we will hold this pattern into thursday but pick up some winds tonight between 10 and 20 mph with gusts between 25 and 35 mph through friday afternoon. temperatures look to slip slightly moving into friday with highs between 97 and 102 degrees along with mainly sunny as we move into friday night and saturday, surge in moisture along with a weak disturbance from the north will allow for another small chance for rain to the valley. as it stands, numerical models as we move into friday night
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disturbance from the north will allow for another small chance for rain to the valley. as it stands, numerical models indicate a 15 to 20 percent chance for the wet stuff with the mountains closer to 50%. sunday yields another dry spell which will bring us back to mainly sunny skies and highs between 99 and 105 degrees clr with mild winds. sunday yields another dry spell which will bring us back to mainly sunny skies and highs between 99 and 105 degrees clear into tuesday of next week with mild winds.
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next week with mild winds. disturbing new details.... about the gunman who shot and killed.... disturbing new details.... about the gunman who shot and killed.... -5- dallas police officers. why the signs were always there and terror in afghanistan as students and teachers are forced to dodge bullets. tonight.. the death toll is rising at
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attack on the american university in afghanistan. the death toll now stands at 12.. including 7-students.. after two attackers.. possibly wearing suicide vests.. stormed the building. both militants were killed. it's unknown if any americans were actually inside during the attack. authorities say all security operations are now over..
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responsibility. the army reservist.... who shot and killed -5- dallas police officers last month.... showed signs of of post-traumatic stress disorder.... after returning home.... from afghanistan that's according.... to newly released documents.... from the v-a. however... doctors concluded..... that micah johnson posed no significant risk to himself or others..... after he sought treatment.... for anxiety.... depression.... and hallucinations. the man accused of trying to assasinate donald trump.... at a las vegas rally... is getting a welcomd while in federal custody. and.. details on a new report that shows where nevada's high school seniors rank against the rest of the country. and remember.... to watch "good morning las vegas".... for all you latest news... weather... and traffic. it all starts.... at 4- 30....
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police say 27 year old shane ross robbed at least 10
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the ross family released a statement last week saying shane had suffered from addiction problems. today in court.. his attorney said he plans to seek treatment for ross as part of sentencing. a 13 action news update.... on the british man.... accused of threatening to shoot donald trump.... at a las vegas rally. a judge says... it's okay.... for -20- year- old.... michael sanford's mother to visit. sanford has been on suicide watch.... while in federal custody... his trial starts.... in october. this is one list nevada... does not want to be on. average.... a-c-t score is the worst in the nation.... for the class of -2- thousand -16-. they scored just.... -17- point -7- out of -36-. that's less than.... -50- percent. for the past -2- years.... the results have shown..... that only about -10- percent of the nevada test takers are college-ready.... in -4- key subjects. we'll be right back.... with a final look.... at your wake-up weather forecast. first.. here's jimmy kimmel with a preview of tonight's show.. right after 13 action news.
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store.. in the area of pennwood and arville police say... there was a reported fight between a group of two men... in a nearby alleyway... prior to the shooting the woman was shot in the leg... and is expected to be okay a major discovery today....
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astronomers now say... a planet just like earth.... may be our next door neighbor. in space terms.. it's still almost 25-trillion miles away. the planet.. named "proxima b".. is orbiting the closest star to our sun. astronomers say it could sustain life because it's in a location where liquid water is possible. that does it for this edition of 13 action news live at 11. jimmy kimmel live is up next.. and remember.. we're always on at and our next reports begin.... at 4:30- am.... on "good morning las vegas": thank you for watching... and... from all of us at channel 13... good night. finally... you've heard that blood....
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight, bob odenkirk, kendall jenner, and music from kiefer sutherland with cleto and the cletones. and now, stay focused, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everyone. welcome. very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming.


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