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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 11, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PDT

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today you can do everything in just one click, even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introducing lysol click gel. click it in to enjoy clean freshness with every flush. lysol. start healthing. ? yeah, click ? you're looking at what appears to be a samsung galaxy note 7 phone smoking and smoldering in burger king in south korea. this is said to be the latest in a series of reported explosions and fires involving the original galaxy note 7 and the company's replacements as well. >> wow. samsung is joining the u.s. government telling customers to power down all galaxy note 7
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here is abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: shaun describing the frightening moment he woke to a smoke-filled room. >> smoke sizzling, burning. >> reporter: saw his brand new replacement note 7 unplugged in flames. >> thousands what if runs through my head, what if hi son played with it. >> reporter: warning to consumers, power down and stop using all note 7s including replacements after reports of at least five fires in the new replacements including t latest in a houston restaurant and one aboard a southwest flight. the new replacement note 7 meant to fix problems after nearly 100 fires involving the original, including one that reportedly set this suv ablaze. >> this is a black eye for the recall system and samsung needs to step up now and fix it. >> reporter: telling abc news if we determine a product safety issue exists, we'll take immediate steps to resolve the situation.
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down and stop using all galaxy note 7s, and carriers now will exchange the device for something different. abc news, new york. well, coming up, melting down that stubborn tummy fat. >> a new procedure involving lasers that takes 25 minutes. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues after
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? ? we've all heard of lyposuction. it's been around since the '70s. while some people boast its results, there's drawbacks. it can be painful, expensive, and it can be invasive. now there's something new. >> yeah. it involves lasers. it promises to change all of that. all of those complaints about it. abc's mara schiavocampo has more. >> reporter: it's the latest
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bulge. sculpture. a brand new nonsurgical procedure that melts away stubborn fat. >> something you can do on your lunch break, takes literally 25 minutes. >> reporter: this is the first ever to use laser, and supposed to be less painful than other alternatives. here's how it works. first, these plates to the patient. >> so far so good. >> reporter: next a laser penetrates the skin, heating up fat cells and destroying them so they can be eliminated by the body. >> once you remove that most outer part of the fatty layer, wait six weeks, go back in the same area to repeat the procedure. >> reporter: this 34-year-old said her tummy's always been a trouble spot and turned for help. >> did it to jump start the diet and wanted results right away. >> reporter: she said the treatment did not hurt and went again.
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>> 1 to 2 inches and i fit nicely in my jeans. >> reporter: she's recommending it to friends, takes 12 weeks, and ideal for patients with a healthy lifestyle but can't seem to get rid of certain areas of fat. one more alternative. >> one more alternatives, and for some patients, it's amazing way to remove localized area of fat that's been bothering them for a while. >> >> sign me up. >> that's not exactly inexpensive, costing $1500 a session. >> forget about that. >> approved only for abdomen fat right now. only if you have a tummy. >> that's exactly -- >> that's it? that's the problem area. maybe that's for you. >> there's plenty, but that is one problem area. coming up, america's newest social media sensation. ken bone, explains why he's
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? wait for them to ask you who you know ? ? things please don't make any sudden moves ? norah jones. norah jones is back. >> and wings was that show with the people who worked on the >> no. >> that's not the same? >> not quite. >> not the same wings? okay. >> i made fun of norah jones, but she's back. a voter who turned into an overnight sensation. >> against the backdrop of sunday's contentious debate. a man in a red sweater stood up and asked the candidates a question -- >> about energy, >> -- and just like that, an
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>> ladies and gentlemen, ken bone. >> joining us now from st. louis on the big screen, ken bone. hi, ken. >> how are you? >> do you have any idea how adorable you are, first, i wanted to say? >> that's a definitive yes. >> okay. did you know your fans call themselves bone heads? >> that's fantastic. i called my family that for years. >> okay, good. >> before you go, one question i'd like to go to the studio audience, someone in the audience has a question for ken. yes, go ahead, sir. >> yeah, last night, when you asked about energy policy, there was something i knew i needed to ask you. how did you get such a fresh and cool style? >> i think the short answer is that my wife dresses me, like all great americans. >> explain what happened with the red sweater. you originally were not supposed to wear that, right?
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it was going to be an olive colored suit that i like very much. my grandfather helped me pick it out a few years ago, and i thought, wow, grandpa would be proud if i wore this suit. but apparently i have gotten somewhat more fat since then. and when i got into my car, i split the seat out of my pants and destroyed my olive suit. and i had to do an emergency wardrobe change. >> if the smithsonian asks, will you give that sweater to them? >> give is a strong word, jimmy. but i guess -- >> i really appreciate your time, and thank you for chatting with us tonight. i want to get you a su f casual male xl and a digital camera. >> that's the best thing i've ever heard. thank you very much, jimmy. please get out and vote. >> ken bone, everybody. >> bravo to ken. >> his answers, so great. and a digital camera, of course, because he had one of those old school disposable cameras. >> he also has one at home where he has to go behind the hood and, like -- >> takes pictures in black and white. >> yes.
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and a woman reaches out to us after she says a teenager violently attacked her at a park! the warning about what could be a dangerous new game. and in politics today -- donald trump's past is haunting his present and maybe the future! but first we beging with a story a lot of people are talking about in las vegas! good morning i'm todd quinones and i'm beth fisher. this morning lawmakers will be back for carson city to decide on the las vegas nfl dream. 13 action news reporter bryan callahan is tracking all the action there. ((((ad-lib)))) some lawmakers met for 15 hours on the first day of the special session but left saying they know they've hear from opponents of that 1.9 billion dollar stadium. lawmakers did have a long first day of the session, but they have a shorter period to work with on the second day. that's because they've got to get everything done before sundown... before the start of yom kippur,


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