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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 4, 2016 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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a huge deal to her. >> see how long it takes after he sneaks in for it to sink in that's her daddy. a fire rages around a woman on a fifth floor balcony with the crowd below -- >> screaming don't jump, don't jump. >> the moment she's forced to make a terrible choice. [ screaming ] a woman sends out a swedish call -- >> and it appears to be working. >> find out what comes from across the lake. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini. and a baby stroller prank. >> why that is so not a cute bundle of joy. >> it's an evil demon baby. look at its face. 2-year-old lacy is going on a pretty epic road trip with her mama. it's going to be a bit of an adventure. instead of staying in the car to
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they're going to make it a little different by taking the train. >> are we under a tunnel? >> yeah. >> little lacy, she's not really asking many questions other than are we there yet, mom? but she's going to be so thrilled when they finally get to their destination because there's someone there that is a huge deal to her. he's wearing a red shirt. he sits down on the couch right next to her, puts his drink down and just smiles at her. going to wait and see how long it takes lacy to there. >> it's going to take a while. she's got a phone in her hand. >> it's actually not going to take very long. he called to her -- >> what are you watching? >> she looks up and realizes that's her daddy. >> oh, my gosh. >> they've just taken a trip to see dad, who is a service member. instead of waiting for him to come home, they decided to go
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you can see this moment where she just grabs his face. >> it's like she's saying, you're really here. >> she's only 2 years old. even if he's gone for like three months, that's still like a massive chunk of her life. >> yeah, and now they get to spend a lot of quality time together. >> can i have a kiss? all kind of drama going on in china. this first one basically the worst nightmare for anybody who lives in an apartment building. a gas fully engulf this apartment on the fifth floor. but it's even worse because look here. right there on the edge of that balcony is a woman. the resident of that apartment. she's got nowhere to go. the crowd around gathered as this drama unfolds in front of them, screaming don't jump, don't jump. she doesn't. but you may notice there's a sort of drainpipe here that goes all the way down to the ground.
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escape. >> well, yeah. when you're desperate like that, you're going to try whatever you can to save your life. >> she doesn't have the grip to survive. she goes tumbling down, clipping bits of the building on the way, eventually landing in the bushes at the bottom. the thing is, you saw how she kind of went on the way down. i think that may have saved her. it seemed to stop enough of the speed while she was falling and bottom that she survived without life-threatening injuries. in fact, she was taken to the hospital. a rescue is also involved in this next video. we have a small child stuck between two buildings. this child was apparently playing on their bike, lost a shoe into that gap. climbed in to get the shoe, but once in could not get out. >> kids have that tunnel vision. if i lose my shoe, mom and dad are going to be mad. >> the child, about 3 or 4 years old, was trapped there for 30
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arrive. in the end, they were able to kind of maneuver the child a little bit higher up in the gap to where there was enough space for them to eventually after 50 minutes pull the child out to safety. this is a crime writer. she's about to sing an all-time traditional swedish song. she sounds like she's calling elves or something. but no, she's people would traditionally do this to call cows, but she tried it with the swan. it appears to be working. >> wow, she's the mother of swans. >> as the swan gets closer -- >> oh, that's darn cute. >> a signet is right behind. >> it would be great and befitting as a swan as well because we know they are usually testy, if it just swam all the way up and pecked her and said,
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different. while it is a white bird, this is monty. his owner says this is a great memory exercise for this bird because he's got to figure out how to open it. it's got all kinds of screws and latches. >> oh, my gosh. no way. >> yeah, this is when he really remembers what he's supposed to do. he's got a to undo the nut, pull that whole screw out. he goes back to the other latch. finally, he's like, wait, i don't need that anymore. he gets the door open. that's when the owner is like, oh, wait, let and there he gets to sample his prize. our latest winner of the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> congratulations, and you could win too. all you need is thursday's buzz word, to be at least 21 years old, and to be a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> the "rtm" ipad buzz word
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lemonade. when something bad happens like here at this coffee shop in australia. you see a guy pull up to the front door and begin smashing away. the owner of the coffee shop has been robbed multiple times in the past. that silly voiceover and the "star wars" theme song playing in the background was added by theodore's son as part of a school >> nice. >> once the burglar doesn't find any money in the register, he begins to tear the shop apart, missing completely the tip jar on the counter. instead, he goes to the back of the shop, walking past even more money, according to the owners. the family says this burglar passed up multiple opportunities to score even a little bit of cash. instead, being faced with this choice. money or first-aid kit. they make a joke of it.
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the front door while tailing some sort of first-aid bandage. even drops that and takes off. >> the one thing he managed to actually grab he drops on his way out. >> there's one more comedic gem left. later in the day as they open up the shop, watch right here. somebody closes the front door. the woman right here carrying two cups of coffee is an employee of the coffee shop. she forgot that the door broken. >> oh, no. >> poor girl. >> oh, i'm so sorry for her. >> it's okay. you can laugh. she was not hurt. sad part is they are still looking for the burglar in this situation that got nothing but left behind a bruised bum. time to reveal the baby gender. >> you know the drill. inside there will be either pink or blue balloons. >> but this bouquet reveals nothing.
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one day closed captioning provided by -- minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. >> now days to reveal the gender of their babies. in this case, the party is all set. the parents are in place. they're here with their polka dotted box. you know the drill. inside there will be either pink or blue balloons. they give a little smooch and here they go. >> what the [ bleep ]. >> so they're adopting a bunch of multiculture children? nope, you heard the crowd kind of sigh and go, oh.
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there is in shock. the party store goofed. >> was there somebody color blind that works at the party store? >> no, they probably just mixed up the order. you see those aren't pink or blue. she is not happy. he is not happy. they're both just looking in disbelief. i don't know how a gender reveal could fail so hard. but the sex of the baby is still down in the bottom of the box. one of their friends jumped in, opened the envelope, resealed the box, having a boy. the party store is not to blame for this one. you've got a pinata and dad with the bat. batter, batter, batter, no. the pinata nails mommy on the head. you see at this point she stays back while he's swinging. picks up the pinata and it's a girl. it's a short video.
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we are watching history being made. you see this guy in the middle of a gym pull storm some sort of gymnastic move. he lands it and people go insane. >> all right. for those of us that are gymnastically impaired, what did he just do? >> clearly i missed something too. >> it happens like lightning. i'll back it up and stick it in slow motion so you can get an understanding of just what flips over on one hand, takes off into the air, and count them -- one, two, three, four -- that's four full rotations. that's a quadruple corkscrew. the best way to really think about it is almost a science experiment. you see just what is possible for the human body to do. in 2009, an australian fella did
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pretty epic. at the olympics, you'll see people maybe do 2 1/2. a couple months later, another video emerges of a young 16-year-old named michael doing the same thing. >> that happened so fast. you can't even tell what's going on. >> right. and this is the thing. this is where kind of a legend started. he spent another seven years training. nobody knew that it was possible for the human body to be able to do four full complete corkscrews. >> that's awesome, but i want to know what he can do it with. >> that's the thing. that's not really what tricking is about. it's just about pushing the boundaries of human ability. you never know. maybe in another seven years, i'll be showing you a video of
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human beings are responsible for tremendous feats of intelligence. so when you see videos like this that show the incredible depth of stupidity of the human being, you wonder how did we get this far. to sydney, australia, where you see a bicyclist in a tunnel. no bike lane. slowing and stopping traffic as he makes his way across. but he's not the only one. this video is a compilation of numb skulls on bicycles going through tnn >> this is called natural selection. >> these may be submissions for the darwin award. >> it's incredibly dangerous. and the reason, food delivery. in every case, these bicyclists are delivering food. what's happening is a lot of these guys are just plugging in the address on their cell phone and not realizing that it's taking them straight towards a tunnel. they are trying to crack down on this. in fact, even trying to deploy people to catch them as they come out of the tunnel. and there are heavy fines that
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dollars to a few thousand. so far, there haven't been any serious injuries, but they just believe it's a matter of time. now let's move over to what could be britain's dumbest driver. trying to make a three-point turn. back it up, back it up, crash into that suzuki, and then drive off. but look, the car pulls over. this woman pops out of her car, looks at her own car to check for damage. checked her damage and the guy with the dash cam put this on to a dvd, dropped it in the mailbox of the owner of that car. that got posted online. police traced the driver of the vehicle down and, quote, dealt with it. she's honoring day of the dead in style. >> and to celebrate, one of our favorites headed to mexico, south of the border, to really delve into that part of the culture. >> watch her in action as she incorporates her sport into this celebration.
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promotional considerations provided by -- desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icy hot lidocaine. ? ? new selsun blue full & thick shampoo. dandruff fighters with proteins and vitamins for fuller, thicker looking hair. new selsun blue full & thick. something is in the fireplace, and he's got his blow torch out to solve the problem. >> was it a fire? >> oh, you're about to see what it is. [ screaming ] >> what in the heck is that?
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she was trying to flame out a squirrel? >> that's right. if you notice that tail flashing by your screen -- >> that poor thing. [ screaming ] >> i don't know who's more scared, the squirrel of getting torched or the missus. >> now what are you going to do? you've got the house and a blow torch. [ screaming ] >> this is what happens when you bring a blow torch to a simple cage maneuver. the painted faces that represent day of the dead have become recognized worldwide. you see them adopted everywhere, but there's a really rich history to that culture of day of the dead.
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favorites, roberta mancino, and the awesome team at go pro headed south of the border to delve into the holiday. while she also incorporated her sport of free flying into it. i love this shot where she's in the makeup chair getting the makeup put on. then we cut to her in full makeup, but she's now flying in the sky. she's doing it upside down in this beautiful outfit while she's then joined by some of the other full makeup and dress. we also get some images at this market where we see all of the different things that people use to celebrate this holiday that goes on for several days and ends on november 2nd. >> looks like she's taken it and made it an art form. >> in case you're wondering, that's also one of the reasons why i'm wearing this today. >> so much more of a day of
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anything else. >> that's exactly correct. that's what they're doing in this video. this is a very significant encounter for her, if you will, because she has lost so many friends that are wing suit pilots and jumpers just in the last year. and this is an opportunity for her to honor their memory and their love for the sport. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> that's right. and to enter, all you n thursday's buzz word, be at least 21 years old, and a legal resident of u.s. or canada. >> head over to and click on ipad mini. let's reveal thursday's buzz word. it's oracle. >> get to and enter thursday's buzz word oracle. >> tomorrow we'll have a bonus giveaway where one lucky winner will win a flat screen tv. so good luck, everybody.
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i'll be nice to you guys. a simple question, really. how many legs does a chicken have? >> i mean, two? >> that's like a trick question because of the way you asked it. >> me with a trick question? no. this farmer in turkey may disagree with for the first time in the 25 years that he's been breeding chicks, chickens, never has he seen something quite like this. >> i see four. >> well counted there. this young chick was born with four legs. >> do they work? >> you can see they sort of twitch around. they sort of sit on the floor. while as the other legs, fully developed, seem to work as they are supposed to be. >> this is so weird. >> it's kind of interesting. the farmer says as long as this chick survives, he'll use it for
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happy little hen. >> doesn't seem to slow it down at all. >> adds a little character. [ crying ] julius dean, he's got too far. it's a giant baby. >> it's an evil demon baby. look at its face. >> it's huge. >> now, this is an odd place for a baby stroller to be. plus, the baby is a little too big for that stroller. >> exactly. >> it's got everything that charity is afraid of.
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>> shut up. who's actually in that costume? is it a little person or a small child? >> i have no idea. i don't want to know. >> they see the stroller and don't see him with his phone on selfie mode. >> oh, my god. >> i'm going to leave my baby here for one minute. cool. >> look at those hands. they're not small. >> this is very well set up. there's obviously a camera right in their face. i don't know if he told them, look, we're shooting something here, just hang out. i don't know. something is a little fishy. but it's still funny. >> i think their reactions are
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faces, like we see from her all the time. >> i got to get one of those baby masks. >> no, you don't. that's it for today. go check out
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captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company welcome to "dish nation," we got a huge show for you today. katy perry was the highest paid woman in music and she's been
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like who has took her place. plus beyonce. she had a country music performance last night. not everybody was feeling it but first, big congratulations on are in order for the chicago cubs. >> yeah, chicago! >> chantal, stand up, a big shout-out. woo woo! >> that definitely what's up. i do have to say y'all did bump us for the world series? >> we don't >> we waited for 108 years, girl. >> the world series over "dish nation"? i didn't get it. >> oh, my god, porscha. >> it was an absolute thrilling game. ending the longest drought in sports history. >> that's crazy. i wonder if someone was still alive if back then to like finally see it. >> at 108? >> uh-huh. gaus gary --


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