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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  November 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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tonight..... at "the paris hotel and casino".... on the las vegas strip.
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and.... thousands of people.... were forced to leave their rooms.... following a massive power outage! tonight.. the lights are back on. now.. caesars entertainment is dealing with a different kind of problem- hundreds of unhappy guests. our team coverage begins with 13 action news reporter tom george who's been talking with some of the people who are now trying to get their vacations straightened out. tom. when those lights went out - guests here say it was like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie ... some were lucky- they were get a room somewhere else. others, stuck spending all night stranded without their stuff ... today paris trying their best to make everyone happy.. everything went black... the nevilles from massachusetts getting a big shock staying at the paris lori neville /
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we were in rooms, they bounced us around we didn't get a hotel and he end result we didn't get a hotel... luckily friends staying at the venetian let them crash... others like jovita torok from vancouver canada in town for a conference not as lucky... she shot this facebook video while she was stranded in the dark... jovita torok / vancouver, canada honestly it was like zombies we looked outside all the lights were off all the hallways were completely dark she ended up having to spend the night in a club... and says elderly people also had to stay on couches nobody was helping them a l katherine st. paul from new orleans had better luck - katherine st. paul / new orleans, la all the security people were so nice they took us up in groups of about five or six in the service elevator with their flashlights staff helped her get her stuff and find another hotel it was nice to see they took what could've been a bad situation and did a good job of it paris is offering guests an extra two free nights or $200 for their trouble - some say that's not enough all they're offering us is a 200 dollar
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time some are making up for today... we're going drinking. tough day yesterday! tough day for sure. and if you are staying at paris again you can call their hotline at 866-635-6995 for help with flights or getting those free two rooms. reporting live tom george 13 action news so now.... the big question..... still remaining.... happen..... at a major casino.... on the las vegas strip? 13 action news anchor..... lesley marin is live... from "the paris"..... where she's digging into..... how the black out started.... in the first place. lesley... it was here at the paris... in the boiler room where contractors were hired to fix flooring...instead leaving the entire casino dark. i can say that the contractor wasn't supposed to cut the main power line and shut all the
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happened. the paris went dark-- after a hired contractor cut through the main power line...including the back up generator. contractors are authorized to be here doing work on the subfloor so they were authorized and they were doing work but that's not the work we expected. frustrations are high-- as caesars entertainment continues their investigation. terrible terrible worst vacation ever but how does this happen? wouldn't the contractor know what they were drilling. question to the nevada contractors association. they say these casinos are constantly undergoing construction and reengineering. electricians on this project and probably other looks like it probably some of the best trained electrician world the association deals with over 600 contractors-- this they say is a rare occasion-- but hitting a main power line like that could have been deadly. no one got hurt and that's a big what else is may be big-- is the price tag to this
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dollars a day, acorrding to a unlv study from 2015. a costly mistake. everyone of these incidences is a learning event for the company and we're gonna be sitting back and taking stock of that caesars entertainment spokesman says they have repaired the main power line... with a permanent fix. lesley marin, 13 action news. the mother of the -7- year-old boy.... after being brutally abused.... has been taken into police custody.... in connection with his death. roshaun malone now faces..... open murder charges... as the result of the continuing investigation. kenneth robinson has been charged with murder.... for the boy's death... and... is being held.... without bail. he'll be back in court... next month. rancher cliven bundy is suing democratic congressional candidate ruben kihuen. he's accusing him of defamation in a campaign mailer that bundy says blames him for the ambush deaths of two metro officers in
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anti-government extremists jared and amanda miller.. were kicked out of an encampment near the bundy-led standoff with federal agents that summer. let's bring-in 13 action news political analyst jon ralston with more on this. jon.. the kihuen campaign is calling this a political stunt by their opponent.. cresent hardy. ----if this is a political stunt by hardy, it's not a very smart one. that's because bundy is a very mention of him could energize swing voters and democratic base voters. ----but what about the substance? the mailer says that bundy's 2014 standoff with the blm "led to the deaths" of the two police officers. that is highly questionable. yes, the killer were at the standoff. but to say bundy caused them to kill the cops. no wonder the rancher is upset. ----but this will not be
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is much more likely to benefit kihuen than hardy at this point. an advertising slogan... for a new r-t-c program..... is raising a lot of eyebrows... tonight... we're digging deeper... how some people feel..... about..... "putting the fun.... between their legs." plus.. a disturbing trend around the valley- homes hit by random gunfire. but is there any way to protect yourself? and... count on chopper 13.... fast and first... and... only on 13 action news. we'll be... right back.
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me to vote no on joe heck. senate majority pac is responsible
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a provocative and racy slogan? some people aren't happy with it.. so 13 action news reporter david schuman tried to get some
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less walking...more riding. that's the goal -- and to achieve it...the rtc is promoting its new bike share program with the slogan "put the fun between your legs." 12:25:40 josh robinson "it's still so provocative. i told you i'm from a town of 500 people in tennessee and this is crazy. you come out here and see it's truly the city of sin." david schuman, stewart and las vegas blvd "the slogan's actually one of four being used in the ad campaign. they were selected in a survey of six different options, includ lights, bike city.'" 12:23:13 tino patino "it could be offensive to a lot of people but in general, i don't think it's any big deal." talking about it on the street...we got the mixed opinions you might expect. one man even did a 180 in the middle of answering the question. 12:33:41 "right on the spot i'm changing my mind." we put on our rtc hats and did our own informal survey. 12:23:36 david schuman "tell me which one you like the best okay? number one, bright number four, put the fun between your legs." 12:22:02
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"no question." 12:32:27 "that last one did jump out at me." 12:26:38 "they went with the most craziest one." 12:32:33 johnny flanagan "we are a society of husbands and wives so sex is involved with life so schuman..13 action news. a warning tonight..... from contact 13..... that you need to know... why two families were targeted by burglars... all because.... of what they posted on facebook! and.. a valley woman's ho :42 i'm just grateful to be alive.. see what our crime and safety expert says about it.. next.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
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about your vacation.... on facebook.... could make you a target. that just lets the bad people know also that they are gone and nobody is home at the house." this happened.... to two families.... living near milwaukee. police there say.... a man trolled facebook.... for people posting vacation photos..... and then.... authorities say.... even if you know..... who all of your friends are on facebook.... be aware.... that friends of friends..... can still see your posts. so... maybe wait until you get home.... to post... your beach photos. one person is recovering from minor burns after a backyard structure was engulfed in a 'flash fire'.. which started suddenly and got very big in seconds. in fact.. neighbors say they even heard explosions. firefighters say the power was turned off on the property and there were several structures
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them. all were using generators for power.. and investigators think some of the fuel got too close to a propane heater. tim szymanksi las vegas fire and rescue pio when you're using generators to power your home, a lot of safety concerns, one of them is you shouldn't refuel a generator near ignition sources fire officials are notifying the county know about the structures on the property so they can investigate further. new at six... metro.. an o around the valley.. are keeping a close eye on a frightening trend in recent months. we're seeing more random gunfire directed at homes. and unfortunately.. there's not much you can do as a homeowner to protect yourself or your family. :42 i'm just grateful to be grateful.. and lucky. bettina stanfield is ill and forced to spend a lot of time in bed.. and that's where she was when a bullet.. fired at her home at random.. sliced through a wall and her headboard.
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awoke 13-action news crime and safety expert.. retired metro lt. randy sutton.. says defending your home from this type of crime is next to impossible. 17:25 random shootings.. and random victims.. and unfortunately, you can't create a fortress out of your house. and while they may be random.. there could still be a reason. 18:00 (steve) are there instances where this is gang activity and they didn't do wrong house? (sutton) yes. (:07) (butt/sot) 18:39 sometimes there's also a steppin' in to a gang.. and it's almost like an initiation. randy sutton says something a lot of people don't think about.. especially the shooter is.. the instant a bullet leaves the barrel of a gun.. it has the potential to end someone's life.. or change it forever. this was the scene.... in philadelphia today... and that flooding.... isn't from rain...
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cars were submerged in water... and crews had to use rafts.... to get people to safety. investigators say... the break occurred.... on a - 48- inch water main... and... this is the third time.... in -2- years.... a break has happened.... at this same location. high temperatures will be near 80 degrees both days with lows near as we head into next week high pressure stays put and keeps our weather practically the same each day. we will not notice much of a change until possibly late next week or into next weekend as we might cool off some. but that is still over a week away. so enjoy 80 degrees and sun, because it will be around a
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because it will be around a while. (bryan back to desk) remember to turn your clocks back.... this weekend. 2 a- m.... on sunday. getting that extra hour of sleep..... may be nice... but... the time change could also impact your mood... and... not in a good way. the schedule change can throw off your body's...
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epidemiology finds... the extra hour of darkness.... in the evening.... can lead to depression. we have a breaking news update about that shooting near torrey pines and alta-- metro police say there was some sort of altercation that began near bourbon way and scholl...shots were fired. and the victim ran to the 64-hundred block of brittany way where he collapsed. police say he was shot once in the back.. he's at the hospital in live report from her at 6-30 a contact-13 consumer alert you need to hear.. involving the war on childhood obesity. why experts say... there's a -90- percent chance..... your kid is eating too much salt... and.... what foods.... you should cut out. al qaeda targeting the u-s election? the new terror threat.. and does the organization responsible for 9/11 have the capability to pull off an all new 13 action news app.. featuring live streaming..
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it's free in the app store and in google play.
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this month... there are -13- vehicles... that can be leased... for less than -2- hundred dollars a month... after a down payment. according to automotive site... "want-a-lease" dot com... the lowest payment comes...... with the nissan sentra s-v... at -1- hundred and -9- dollars a month. -9- out of -10- kids... are getting too much salt... in their diet. in a new study... researchers from the c-d-c found... nearly -90- percent of u.s. kids... than is recommended for their age. the biggest contributors... are foods like.... pizza... processed snacks... soups... and sandwiches. and... don't forget... contact 13's call for action is ready to help you with a consumer problem. just contact one of our volunteers.... any weekday... between 11 a-m and 1 p-m. our hotline number is.... 702- 368-2255. u-s counter-terrorism experts are warning al qaeda may be plotting an attack around election day.
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story. this threat is still being vetted.. but the fbi is now warning that al qaeda, a name we haven't heard in a long time.. could be targeting an attack around the election.. or even monday... for several states.. including new york.. virginia.. and texas.. --vo-- security is always high in new york city.. and armed police are making themselves visible in new york.. one terrorism and national security expert i spoke to said elections are a common target.. whether we hear about the threat or not.. but she says she questions al qaeda's abili pull off an attack in the u-s.. --sot-- tricia bacon: 2:12 it wouldn't be a surprising target for al qaeda having said that al qaeda has demonstrated very little capability in the united states :21 in the years since 2001 :22 todd on cam= bottom line, she says people should not be afraid to go vote on monday or tuesday.. federal investigators are still looking into these threats.. we'll keep you posted if we hear any more. for the now, i'm todd walker. we're just 4-days away from an election that will decide the next president of the united
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we'll put some more claims by both in our politifact truth-o-meter. and.... it's a party..... the city of chicago.... has never seen before... just how many turned out.... to "the world series parade"... we'll also... tell you about... one man who took a big risk on his prediction.... more than... -6- months ago.
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let's head right out to contact 13 investigative reporter stephanie zepelin with the latest... stephanie? several males near bourbon way and scholl gun fire erupted the victim ran to the 6400 block of brittany way where he collapsed. he was shot once in the back and is in surgery with serious but non-life- threatening wounds
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voting in clark county before election day next tuesday. there were a lot of people at the boca park location this afternoon but the line was many were hoping to beat what they think will be even longer lines on election day. there are polling places open until 9pm.. so you still have some time to cast a ballot before tuesday. now the biggest question is... who are these early voters.... casting their ballot for? let's head over to.... 13 action news political analyst.... jon ralston.... breaking it down for us. jon... ----it ends tonight, and it looks as if there will be record turnout on the last day, maybe as many as 50,000.


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