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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 5, 2016 12:37am-1:07am PDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight breaking news. a trump accuser stepping out of the shadows. >> that's why i'm here today, to show we shouldn't be afraid. >> the "people" magazine reporter alleging donald trump assaulted her now in the spotlight with just four days till the election. plus inside the final 30. tarnished trump? are his businesses in decline? >> women are turning their backs on him, women of color are turning their backs on him. >> he's playing a dangerous game. and political "family feud."
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>> what is that? >> father/daughter style. >> hello, my left-wing, radical daughter. >> divided houses. will the strong women you raised come back to debate you? >> but first "the ntl5." >> they can dry practically frizz-free. strong is beautiful. >> we experience our first northeast winter. >> it was freezing. >> we went to burlington. there's so many brands to choose from. >> we found something for everybody. and the prices are great. >> number one in just 60 seconds.
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thanks for joining us. we have breaking developments tonight. one donald trump accuser stepping out of the shadows for an on-camera interview. the "people" magazine writer says she's no longer afraid. >> i wanted to talk to the women of this country and of this world. >> natasha stoyov said she hid her face out of here but she's stepping out to talk about her alleged sexual assault by donald trump. >> why did you decide to sit down today? >> i wanted to show all the women who wrote to me that i could be brave enough to do it. i feel like if i am brave if you have to do it here, maybe she'll be brave enough, too. >> she first penned a letter about the incident last month saying she stayed quiet for 11 years fearing backlash. >> why didn't you come forward at the time?
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sued. all the things happening now is what i worried about then. i'm older and wiser now and stronger so i can take it it it now. but back then was afraid. >> but she said she felt compelled when she finally came forward when she heard donald trump make this claim. >> are you saying you did not grope or kiss women without consent? >> i have great respect for women -- >> so you did not do those things? >> no, i have not. >> he has slammed stoynov's stories as lies. >> you take a look at her, you look at her words, i don't think so. i don't think so. >> i don't care whether he finds
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he apparently found me attractive enough 11 years ago. but i don't take a personal insult, but i do take that as an insult to other women. >> she's far from alone. 12 women have come forward alleging inappropriate sexual behavior by donald trump. >> trump has said he is going to sue all the women who have come forward. does that worry you? >> i look at that as an attempt to silence women, perhaps other women coming forward and also to strike fear in the hearts of the women who already have come forward. and unfortunately that tactic works. but that's why i'm here today. to show that we shouldn't be afraid. >> trump has denied the allegations against him. it's allegations like those
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may be doing long-term damage to his businesses. we've seen threats of boycotts to his buildings and his clothing line. can the master of reinvention make his brand great again? here's byron pitts in our election series, "inside the final 30." >> reporter: posh hotels, luxury condominiums, high-end fashion and one name in common -- trump. >> i'm really rich. >> reporter: but now the man that built the empire. >> they're bringing crime and rapists. i don't know what i said, i don't remember. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> reporter: but after allegations of sexual assault -- >> it was like he was an octopus, like he had six arms. >> reporter: and comments directed toward minority groups, veterans and the disabled, is
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liability? this is tim o'brien. executive editor of bloomberg news. has this campaign help or hurt donald trump the brand? >> he runs a hotel business that depends on people feeling good about being associated with a building with his name on it. women ar people of color are turning their box on him. it's going to have a seismic business. >> reporter: it's an impact already in force. there's an all-out battle to have the brand removed. when you moved in four years ago, were you bothered by it? >> i didn't think about it. now, i any it stands for the worst in america. >> reporter: linda has gathered 542 signatures, for the name removal commission.
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asset. what a great way to attack him. >> reporter: beth bernstein said she booked conferences and weddings at a conference in chicago for years. that was until news broke of this infamous recording. she wrote in her blog -- >> i simply cannot walk in the door any longer. >> reporter: and made a decision, to sever her business ties to trump's hotels. >> i will be following up to take my contacts off of their preferred vendor list. >>ep trump industry. >> i'd really like to buy you everything, if that were possible. >> reporter: the man and the brand, inseparable from each other. controversial, sure. but iconic, as well. >> the scale is what brings the people, the opulence, the size. >> reporter: casino. >> trump steaks are the best you've ever had. >> reporter: steaks. even a board game. not always successful but daring and different, constantly
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reinventing. >> you see why trump is trump. everything is luxury. best of everything. >> reporter: barreling into the presidential run. and rumors of trump tv. >> what we don't know is how it could impact his presidency. >> it's not clear what donald trump would do with his business if he became president of the united states. he's talked about into a blind trust. >> i would probably have my children run it with my executives. and i wouldn't ever be involved. >> the idea behind a blind trust is that a third party takes over your portfolio, so there are no issues and conflicts of interest. in this case, trump's portfolio is his business. it's his name. so, what happens there? it's unclear. >> reporter: also unclear, how all this impacts his net worth.
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$8,737,540,000. >> reporter: that number has been disputed, partly in his refusal to release his tax returns. there's some ideas that this campaign has damaged his brand in some way. >> he has made it personal. and that indicates things like ivanka's clothing line. >> reporter: that boycott, on twitter, called "#grabyourwallet. shannon colter says her hash tag has been used by over 125 million people. a movement large enough to gather ivanka trump's attention. >> what do you say to the women who started the "#grabyourwallet hash tag on twitter.
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who are inspired by the brand. >> reporter: ivanka has condemned her father's comments from an "access hollywood" video. what was the core audience for the brand, really? >> if you think about his assets, think about his portfolio, which is largely tied up with property, his target would really be to have a household income of $100,000 or mo the 1%. and he lives a very rarified lifestyle. he has products that are luxury brands. they aren't pitched to working class americans. but his core base is working class americans. >> reporter: tonight, the trump organization, telling abc news, that the brand, quote, remains incredibly strong. we're seeing tremendous success across businesses. adding, we can't to outperform
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enhas enthusiastic about our continued growth. is it what he is has done that he survived? >> i have no doubt he will survive this election. what he has done, is surfaced some very disturbing trends, issuing around race. shochauvi chauvinism, >> reporter: i'm byron pitts. young women going toe-to-toe with their dads this election. y forms of depression. latuda is fda approved to treat bipolar depression which is different from other types of depression.
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voting age daughter, it probably feels like just yesterday that you brought your little girl home from the hospital, you fed her, clothed her, gave her unconditional love. and now that little traitor is cancelling out your vote. here's a look at families caught up in the political crossfire in our series "inside the final 30." >> we are currently on the way to la guardia airport. >> reporter: maura is on her way to pick up her dad. >> we've been pretty close we're both physicians. now that my dad is in new york and i live in florida, we don't spend as much time together. >> reporter: this reunion may not be as sunny as most. >> i'm a little nervous. >> reporter: the presidential election is sparking a family feud. >> he's been posting on facebook about his support for trump. that's made me a little uncomfortable. when was the last time you came to new york without mom?
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years, caught up in the divisive -- >> basket of deplorables. >> reporter: sometimes nasty. >> nasty woman. >> reporter: -- fight for the white house. because he's with him and she's with her, it can be hard to see eye to eye. >> we can argue about that all day long. >> how is he going to direct that passion? >> reporter: can we talk? >> sure. >> reporter: think of this an intervention because mara has concern about your facebook page. >> when i was home in florida, my dad was giving the boys a bath. i go in and they're laughing hysterically but dad is teaching them to say "make america great again" and he posted it on facebook. >> reporter: so many dads and daughters having similar arguments. when kaitlin decided to write about it, she had trouble
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>> i had women wanting to talk and the joke was that we need a support group for this. >> me, my sister and brother were raised to believe we can do anything. my dad was our biggest cheerleader. for me, it's a disconnect about my dad. >> reporter: donald trump does that for ivanka. >> would i support someone who is criminally negligent? >> i had thought not. >> that's what i thought. >> but he is that. that's where we disa >> reporter: according to the data, there's a stark generational divide at play here. this is what it would look like if voters only under 29 voted a wash of blue. and if only people over 65 voted, a totally different story. >> i think the big divide is the gender. we know women are supporting hillary clinton in big numbers. that's already showed up at the polls in early voting.
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>> my dad is supporting trump. >> my daughter, katherine, has decided to support hillary clinton. >> reporter: kevin's a north carolinian. what some might call a roots republican. >> second only to my rifles and my pistols is my harley. >> reporter: originally a kasich guy, he's begrudgingly joined the trump train. kathy, who lives in maryland, leans to the left. >> hello my radical left-wing daughter. >> reporter: this doesn't confuse the political roles for this father and daughter. >> i want you to tell me how many jobs hillary clinton or any other democrat has created. the answer is zero. >> wrong! >> why don't we get some guy who has created jobs? >> if your car isn't working and you take it to a mechanic and they can't fix it, you don't take it to a plumber, you take it to a better mechanic.
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condemn trump's comments on the "access hollywood" bus. >> if someone said the things that donald trump said to me, i can quote my father in saying, he would knock them out and then shoot them. >> this was my birthday present to me. >> reporter: but they rationalize it differently. >> i don't want to be judged my whole life's work based on the stupid things i've said, nor do i think trump should be treated that way. >> locker room talk is more about check out her legs or that woman's beautiful but it's not advocating sexual assault. >> reporter: each agree the other is stuck in their ways. >> there is absolutely no way could i ever change his mind. >> reporter: but say it's not important. >> i love you. bye-bye, sweetie. >> bye. >> reporter: for mara and ed, blood is thicker than politics. what is thanksgiving dinner going to be like? >> it was my husband's thanksgiving -- >> i thought that was my holiday. >> reporter: after november 8th, they'll have plenty of other
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>> if you debate, it's healthy. >> we will agree to disagree. >> reporter: maybe we can as a nation, as well. >> i hope so. when we come back, a tarot card reader laying her cards on the table. telling us who the sun, moon and stars are endorsing for president.
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with all of the shenanigans danny tarkanian's pulled in nevada -- helping set up fake charities used to scam nevada seniors, failing to pay thousands in property taxes, losing $17 million in a failed development scheme, then sticking taxpayers with the bill -- imagine the shenanigans tarkanian would pull in washington.
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and finally tonight, some presidential answers from a woman who has all three of her eyes on the election. nick watt is asking "what's up"? >> reporter: i want to know if donald trump will win the election. here in heavily hispanic east l.a., some are seeking supernatural help. >> what's this? the woman has the power. so that's hillary? >> it is hillary. >> reporter: trump's talk of building walls and deport illegals, have some people worried.
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sylvia says her clients are also obsessing about the election. he has a chance? >> yeah. >> reporter: how can we tell this? >> reporter: she says her clients are obsessing over the election. >> translator: she's saying they want to do rituals and certain things like that. the major problem is they don't know where to go. ? >> reporter: and around another corner, trump pinatas are outselling clintons. he's in prison garb and cuffs. i bought both. i'm impartial. >> she has bad news for you. that someone is going to betray you in love. >> reporter: someone is going to betray me in love? moving on. right now clinton has a narrow lead. will that last?
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a card up his sleeve. according to her cards, there could be time for one more twist. i'm nick watt for "nightline" in east los angeles. >> maybe we should all be a little skeptical of tarot cards. thanks for watching abc news. as always, we're online at and or facebook page. good night, america. have a great weekend. now on "celebrity page" tv, kendall jenner turns 21. tell you who is tended the model's bash and who didn't. >> bryan cranston back into the lab. channels froerl dramatic reading of a song and miranda kerr gives
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bloom. discusses depression. and kris pine shows what it would be like to work alongside the united states congress with disastrous results. teaming up with avengers dreshlgt joss whedon to encourage everyone to perform civic duty. >> we all got together and we voted. >> big stars, big hollywood, "celebrity page" tv s welcome to "celebrity page." i'm sonia isabelle coming to you from the "celebrity page" studio and jane is out on the west coast. james what do you have? >> talking the new usa series "shooter" coming up. >> and kick off with the hollywood wrap. kendall jenner turns 21. model celebrating with the


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