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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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bus vs 7 year old juvenile transported to umc non-life threatening injuries stephanie zepelin, 13 action news. breaking now... you're looking at a 6-vehicle crash on you can see the right lanes are blocked... causing delays as people try to make their way home.. two people have been rushedto the hospital with injuries, a historic meeting today at the white house.. as president-elect donald trump and president barack obama meet for the first time to begin the transition of power. despite their civility... these chaotic scenes once again....
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with the latest ... let's send it over to carla wade... in the breaking news center. these protests are happening from coast to coast many of them involving students.... hundreds of phoenix high school students staged walkouts and marched to the capitol in protest for the second day in a row. in san manys as thousand students leading the charge. students from several schools walking out of class and into the streets. and in new york city...protesters clapped, chanted and sang as they from union square to mahattan. exrta security has been placed near trump's new york properties. we're expecting to see more demonstrations outside the trump international hotel in las vegas tonight. last night.. a number of protesters told 13-action news they planned to return tonight after sunset.. and they say there will be more demonstrators than last night. president-elect trump and president obama met today at the white house to begin the
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was only scheduled to last 15 minutes.. but ended up lasting an hour-and-a half. trump later said it could have lasted even longer. they reportedly talked about a wide range of topics.. including cabinet appointments and foreign policy. "we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds." "mr. president, it was a great honor being with you i, and i look forward to being with you many many more times in the future." trump later went to capitol hill for meetings with house speaker paul ryan and other gop leaders to begin the process of setting down an agenda for the nation.. after trump is sworn-in on january 20th. the president-elect wasn't the only member of the trump family..... who had a meeting in the white house... today... first lady michelle obama..... hosted future first lady.... melania trump..... in her private residence for tea...
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josh earnest says.... the two women spoke about what it's like..... to raise children.... at -16- hundred.... pennsylvania avenue. southern nevada is now home to 23 new u-s citizens. they took their oath of citizenship today at lake mead at a time of uncertainty about what might happen to undocumented immigrants in the coming months. 13 action news reporter david schuman is live at the trump international hotel.. where we've seen some protests since the election. david. steve -- one of the hot button issues throughout the campaign -- im but today's naturalization ceremony wasn't all about trump -- far from it. it was about people who took the long path to become citizens of the united states of america. 00:17:04 "very happy." they filed off the desert princess paddleboat with certificates and flags in hand...and smiles on their faces. 00:17:47 "it feels awesome. it feels great." dj is one of 23 new citizens.
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00:19:25 "you don't want to take everything for granted. you have to stay hopeful. you have to stay optimistic." that's an attitude he plans to carry into a post-obama america. and one shared by other immigrants to this country. 00:23:16 "it's a privilege to god that loves us, bless us with." amis calito appreciates her father julio making it official. 00:23:14 "i am very happy thank god. finally. it took us a long time to convince him." 1985 -- that's when he arrived from guatemala. him... he believe now is the time to become a citizen. 00:22:47 with the rumors going around they're going to deport a lot of people that are not citizens, that's the reason why he did it." he says he feels safe and secure now. and hopeful about the future. a universal feeling among everyone who was on this boat. 00:18:49 "i'm the kind of guy who believes...i'm optimistic."
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stocks surged again today in reaction to the pending trump administration. stocks surged again today in reaction to the pending trump administration. many analysts predicted the markets would tumble if trump won.. but the dow was up big again today to close at an all-time high of 18,808. investors usually hate uncertainty.. and stocks typically fall the but.. analysts say investors might be looking for trump to roll back regulations on banks and energy companies. bank stocks rose by almost 4-percent today. the tech stocks.. however.. slipped by about 1-percent. here are the closing numbers- dow up 218 (tech heavy) nasdaq down 42 sp500 up 4 parents dealing with a lot of controversy tonight..... over a state plan..... to turn some of clark county's underperforming schools.....
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action news reporter.... tom george.... joins us here in studio... with more... tom? tricia... eventually a long list of targeted schools will be down to just a handful of clark county schools that as soon as next school year could become charter schools through a new achievement district... today, more a hundred parents and teachers went to the state board to make sure their school isn't on that list... many parents came to the board meeting today from tom williams elementary and monaco middle schools... just two of the dozens of schools targeted for low achievement... par are making progress and are happy with their teachers... while some say charters are a better way... sot guadalupe gonzalez / parent my son is progressing in writing, math, and reading. and i wouldn't change a thing about it, so i'm satisfied. i know all these parents are worried about change. change is a good thing. especially when what we're doing right now isn't working. the superintendent from the proposed achievement district that would handle the change... says those schools could keep some of their same teachers if theyre doing a good job. now the next step will be
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present to board by next tuesday... from there... they'll have a final list of up to six schools by february... coming up at 6, you'll hear from both county and charter a tragic shooting is unfolding tonight on canonsburg, pennsylvania. two officers were responding to a domestic dispute when a man opened fire on them.. killing one officer and wounding another. the suspect later killed himself. police say they later found the body of a pregnant woman inside the a bold.... gun-toting man..... wasn't about to stand by... and... let someone..... break the law. 13 action news reporter.... gina lazara spoke with people.... about the quick decision.... that stopped a crime. its not a choice everybody would make-- i have 2 daughters to look after so i don't think that would be smart for me to do but police say a vendor inside this store-- stopped a potential robbery-- taking matters into his own hands. that armed citizen took action
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morning-- a man walked into this convenience store-- and tried to rob it. but there were several customers inside-- police say the armed vendor decided to step in. shooting and killing the suspect. i feel like every citizen should carry their own weapon just to be safe about everything police say there are life and death situations-- but they prefer that people reach out to them immediately for help. we want people to call police, we want to handle the situation, however if there is ne life, then that's a decision someone will have to make in the heat of a moment gl 13 an the armed citizen is cooperating... with police. they'll now look into his background..... to make sure.... he was legally.... carrying that weapon. a new agreement..... could help.... slow the declining water levels.... at lake mead. will be stored.... in the tucson area....
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about..... -20- percent of its share.... of the central arizona project water supply..... in lake mead. the cities hope.... the arrangement will push back..... impending water shortages. we're just days away from one of the valley's biggest events. an estimated 40-thousand people from around the world are expected to take part in the las vegas rock n roll marathon on sunday. that also means a number of road closures on the strip.. and in downtown las vegas that will have an impact on motorists and bus riders. you can find a complete list of website.. this is a huge problem. and.. it's a problem that has the fbi concerned. find out what crooks are doing right now in las vegas.. to steal your money. but.... people will be more cautious while shopping.... this holiday season. and... we now.... the best black friday deals..... to help you..... plan your spending. plus.. a cheaper ridesharing option is
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an hour east of los angeles the president-elect is getting is about to be honored at madame tussaud's in london. sculptors are carefully adding details to what is curently just a bust of donald trump. a hair inserter will also need hair and eyebrows before the entire wax figure is finished 3-months from now. the figure will be on display in london before it's moved to madame tussaud's in new york.. washington, d-c and orlando. the las vegas f-b-i says... your wallet at risk! the upcoming holiday season means... you may be using your credit card.... more than usual. and... it only takes a moment.... for the bad guys... to steal your information. contact 13..... looks at this very real
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< tiffany/shopper: i always use my card. i very rarely carry cash. lottie/shopper: i'm always careful. i'm kind of paranoid actually. shoppers we spoke with agree. you can't be too careful these days. tiffany/shopper: i'm definitely cautious of those things, make sure no one's looking at my pin number when i swipe my card. today the las vegas f-b-i is issuing a warning. theives are using more and more skimming devices... to steal your credit card information. fred bradford/special agent, fbi: it is a major problem here. and we have a joint task force involving all law-enforcement agencies here ins nevada. skimming is when thieves plant a device on a card reader. when you insert or swipe your card... the device captures your account information. fred bradford/special agent, fbi: these things are undetectable. it all happens in just seconds... and it can happen anywhere. your favorite store. a restaurant. a-t-m machines. or at the gas pump. fred bradford/special agent, fbi: it just seems that as the years go by the technology for picking up masses of information has really enhanced has really increased. last month alone... metro's financial crimes unit
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capable of collecting 500 credit card numbers... helping bad guys steal about -2-million dollars from just one device. and don't think you're safe... just because you have a new chip card. fred bradford/special agent, fbi: chip protection technology was compromised years ago. the f-b-i's warning... be vigilant... when it comes to monitoring your financial accounts. fred bradford/special agent, fbi: this holiday season, it's almost a daily exercise and going online, talking to your happening in those accounts.> so... here's the contact 13 bottomline... on how to protect yourself... never let your card.... out of your sight. if you're going to a fast food restaurant... go inside.... to pay. and... monitor your credit card statements. if there are any bogus charges... report them.... as soon as possible. the ronald mcdonald care 'mobile unit' made its first stop in las vegas to provide dental care for children in need. the mobile unit is fully staffed and offers service to
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fillings and cleanings. if you missed today's stop.. the next will happen november 16th. they accept most insurance plans.. but they'll also treat patients without insurance. there's a new way for you... to get around las vegas... and save money. starting today... "lyft line".... is in the valley. it allows... passengers going the same heading into the holiday season..... 'line' is touted to be a safe, convenient way.... to get around town. for the next -2- weeks.... 'line' riders will get a discount up to half off. the n-f-l players association is trying to decide if players should be allowed to smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes. the proposal comes as a growing number of states legalize medical marijuana. the players' union is creating a pain management committee to study the idea. the n-f-l currently bans the use of marijuana.. and players who get caught can be fined or suspended. a school in baltimore is turning to meditation to deal with disciplinary problems. along with reading..
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classes woven into their school instead.. they're sent to what's called the mindful moment room where the get a chance to recenter. "every time i get mad i just breathe." "95% of my class who goes out for the mindful room they come back and they'll be at peace and at work." the holistic life foundation says it wants to expand the success they've had in baltir the country. heavy rain..... over the past -3- days...... has caused major floods.... across albania... a country northeast of greece..... leaving thousands stranded and damaging crops and properties. dozens of families had to be evacuated..... after water entered their homes. many roads and bridges have been damaged.... and... power has temporarily been cut.... in parts of the country. adlib let's go to chief
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we are still holding to a dry and sunny trend which allows for high temperatures to remain 5 to 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year. high pressure continues to hang onto the southwest allowing for highs to remain between 75 and 80 degrees valley wide along east/northeast. we will slowly see high mostly sunny to partly sunny skies and high in the mid 70s through the weekend. by the next work week though, a strong trough is forming off the coast and looks to pull moisture, clouds and wind. it will also carry cold air from the pacific northwest. rain chances are holding off for the valley and spring mountain range for now but clouds look to develop along
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winds between 10 and 20 mph with gusts around 30 mph. but temperatures will drop dramatically! expect to whip out the sweaters; we are heading back into we're about two weeks from one of the biggest shopping days in the entire holiday season. up next.. we'll tell you where you can get some of the biggest deals.. and save big money. and... a new move..... will have you paying more.... at the pump. we're looking out for your wallet... so at 6... we're breaking down.... how much extra... you can expect to pay.
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walmart.... target..... and best buy are rolling out.... their "black friday ads". here's the best of the best deals: at target... you can save big..... on an x-box one bundle.... for the kids... that deal includes.... a gift card. shopping at best buy... you could save about.... -5- hundred..... on a d-s-l-r camera. and... at walmart...
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for a -55- inch... 4-k-t-v. southern nevada is gearing up to honor the men and women who have served our nation. there are a number of veterans day events around the valley tomorrow including the big veterans day parade.. hosted by good morning las vegas anchors beth fisher and dayna roselli. that starts at 10am in downtown las vegas. you can find the complete list of veterans day events on our website.. next wednesday is beginning to shape up to feel like fall. trough is forming off the coast and looks to pull moisture, clouds and wind. it will also carry cold air from the pacific northwest. rain chances are holding off for the valley and spring mountain range for now but dramatically! expect to whip out the sweaters; we are heading back into the upper 60s! coming up all new on 13-action news live at six.. car break-ins are on the rise in one part of the valley.. and they're not going after
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targeting.. and how to protect yourself.. tonight on 13-action news live at 6. in tonight's prime-time line-up.... right here on abc... at -8-... it's "grey's anatomy"... at -9-... "notorious"... at -10-... "how to get away with that's our news for now.. but... stay with us.... for abc's world news tonight.. up next. remember.. we're always on at and on our free ktnv mobile app.
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tonight, face to face. president-elect trump and president obama in the oval office. they had never met. you will hear from both of them and the comment picked up on mike. melania trump meets michelle obama. preparing the next first lady. then, mr. trump taken to the capitol and is shown where he will be sworn in. and hillary clinton. 24 hours after conceding, the mom who was hiking discovering clinton walking her dogs. also tonight, a divided america. the new messages of hate now emerging in schools. the chants of "build that wall" in a cafeteria. >> build that wall! build that wall! >> and this message in a high school hallway. >> white power! >> and the new protests after the election. also tonight, the deadly police ambush. one officer killed, another shot. what authorities then discover in the suspect's car. and the major fire still burning tonight. hundreds evacuated.


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