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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  November 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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same part of town....say... the crime is getting worse....specifically car break-ins! 13 action news reporter..... gina lazara learned... what these thieves are after... and... how often.... the break-ins are happening. piper forgione says she and her neighbors are on edge more than ever as of late.... piper forgione "extremely. extremely....cause then you start to worry about your home and your family.....are they gonna come in?" it was just last week....piper and her husband both.... fell victim to thieves! piper forgione "they took everything out of the glove compartments....they rifled all over the seats" and get this -- the thieves were after nothing more than some loose change. piper forgione "they didn't take any technology like the gps or the chargers.....none of it" the same thing happened to janie wheeler in a nearby neighborhood. janie wheeler "nothing stolen like stereos or anything like that. basically looking for like money" both ladies say.... they think the thieves are teens or young adults..... looking for a little extra cash for one reason or another.
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and think....they're not gonna go to the poor neighborhoods and break into the cars....they're gonna come to the neighborhoods that are a little more wealthier" i pulled the numbers for theft and picture. in a month to month comparison --- peccole ranch has seen a 71-percent increase in property crime. 24 reported this last month. 14 the month before. a 75-percent increase in the area near village green park. and according to police.... a 100- percent decrease in the w janie wheeler "they're hitting i think all the neighborhoods....even some of the gated communities have been hit" it's important to note....not everyone reports these petty thefts to the numbers could actually be much higher..... also explaining why the numbers showed a 100-percent decrease in the willows. police also note --- nearly every car break-in involves an unlocked car. gina lazara 13 action news. we are staying on top of
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the country for the second night in a row. protesters gathered in dealey plaza began marching in downtown dallas a terrifying murder has police looking for a killer... right now. chest..... while lying against a fence.... in what police are calling.... a random attack. chopper 13 fast and first.... over the scene early this morning..... near las vegas boulevard and owens avenue.... at "the woodlawn cemetery". the man was taken to u-m-c trauma... but... later died... at the hospital. three brothers in mohave county have been arrested on charges of posessing child pornography. police say jason.. james.. and nicholas emory all had felony warrants out of
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their parents' home in ft. mohave. a family is waiting for answers tonight while a loved one struggles to survive.. after being shot this morning. 13 action news reporter parker family talked with the family about what happened. virginia roman, victim's sister 18:42:15-18:42:22 "he's such a good- hearted person he has three kids two little ones. they need him." tearful family members walked to and from the crime scene all morning... police say two men were fighting this morning when one shot the other. 18:42:29-18:42:34 "he does so many nice things for people around the neighborhood. everybody likes him." the victim's sister says her brother was shot twice... one of the bullets punctured one of his lungs... meaning he needed life-saving surgery right away -- but help wasn't immediate.. standup 21:10:38-21:10:46 this man was shot and just left for dead right out here in this street inches away from people's homes and just feet away from a school. no super, witness 20:54:14-20:54:21 "we woke up
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out the window i heard screaming and i seen a guy laying on the floor bleeding out." a lot of people heard those gunshots and called 9-1-1... as the shooter took off. paramedics took the victim straight to the hospital. 18:39:59 he's really really good hearted person you know some girls that stay here love him near nellis and owens parker collins thirteen action news. some parents and teachers took to move from.... clark cot to a charter system!!! 13 action news reporter.... tom george joins us live.... in studio to explain... tom... this is all part of a plan to create a new achievement district that would move up to and many parents arent happy about it... a yellow army.... sot all the people wearing the yellow t-shirts, the room full of people over here, in the hallways, you can't even see all of them. this is just a few of them... parents... teachers...
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students' education... sot to go to school and to learn something sot kids need monaco middle...and desert rose high school just to name a few... several schools labeled as "underperforming" fighting to stay in clark county... instead of moving to a charter system some worry could change the way things are done... sot students who are academically behind socially and emotionally and as a result i feel there would not be an opportunity for them to receive services next year. up to 6 ch eventually make the list for the new achievement district...the district argues charters would give kids the attention they need to succeed. sot because its small, it can be very nimble and respond to students' needs. it has the opportunity to move quickly which is different from a large district. the schools were targeted based on performance... but parents and teachers say... they should be given a chance to build on their progress... sot we're tom williams. we're heading down the field,
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change teams you guys arent doing well. we're ready to score a touchdown! now the new achievement district says if a school does become a charter school, all impacted will be presented on tuesday... then, a final list of up to 6 schools will be ready in february. tom george, 13 action news. nearly two dozen immigrants are now celebrating their first night as u-s citizens. find out what they think o as we move forward with a new president. and.... a measure passed on tuesday how much more.... you can expect to pay at the pump. we are still holding to a dry and sunny trend which allows for high temperatures to remain 5 to 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year. and count on chopper 13 to bring you breaking news fast and first and only on 13 action
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since donald trump won tuesday night's presidential race. 13 action news reporter..... david schuman is live.... at "the trump hotel"...... to show us how while some people are fearful..... of what's to come... at the same time. david.... i got to see the fundamental spirit of what america is all about today. a ceremony at lake mead gave full citizenship to 23 immigrants. 00:19:55 "it's sad because a lot of americans don't appreciate what they have. the freedom." it was a celebration of freedom..and the opportunity granted every person on this boat.
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sot it's not a coincidence that julio calito finally decided to become a citizen. sot dj from ethiopia also thinks now is the right time to do this...but he feels the idea of an "emperor trump" is overblown. sot about trump but this was a day to put the politics aside. julio couldn't speak to us in english. it didn't matter. transcended any communication barriers. start setting aside a little extra cash..... for the next time.... you head to the pump...
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how the rise in cost is linked to thousands of new jobs... in our valley. and.. a mom tries some homemade medication to treat her 3-year old's seizures. find out what she added to a smoothie that now has her facing criminal charges.
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remember whenchristmas was m? let's get back there. celebrate the arrival of santaay
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cohen has died at the age of 82. cohen was popular in the sixties and seventies...but released music well into the 80's and 90's anda final album earlier this year. his record label sony canada confirms his death and says plans are already underway for a memorial in los angeles.
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scare of a lifetime for a south florida politician when she's targeted by thieves. take a look at your screen. that's the mayor of miami shores being knocked to the ground. police say she was approached by some men with what looks like a gun. they grabbed her purse.. but she decides to chase them. it was dangerous but i had the sense that he was a very young person..and that he wasn't expecting to be chased...and if i hadn't chased...after..i would not have been able to get the tag on the car. as it turns out.. one of the suspects was armed police took three people in custody. one suspect is still on the run. a former airport employee has been sentenced to 30-months probation for stealing mail being loaded on airplanes at mccarran international. prosecutors say martin lio, jr. admitted to taking hundreds of pieces of mail as he searched for envelopes containing cash or gift cards. a mother is facing criminal charges tonight.... after giving her -3- year-old daughter marijuana. now..
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she did what she thought was right... and... is even advocating.... for medicinal marijuana reform. osborne: "it tore me apart. i didn't ever think that it would come down to this but it did." kelsey osborne says last month... her daughter was suffering from seizures and hallucinations..... after taking a prescription medication. osborne made her a smoothie.... with marijuana butter..... to help with her symptoms. osborne's daughter did not have a prescription.... she has since been charged.... with a misdemeanor count.... of injury to a child. new at -6-... we are in..... for another -10- years of fuel taxing..... after voters approved.... measure -5- on the clark county ballot... this week... we have -13- action news anchor.... yasmeen hassan here to break down... what it means... and... where that tax money... is going. if you drive in clark county - this is going to affect you. taxes on gas are going to increase.
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extending the program means 2 cents more per gallon... next july, that will be adjusted to 64 cents. this is a 10 year program - so that number is going to keep increasing until 20-26, based on inflation... ....but can't exceed 4 cents per year. in total - the program is expected to generate about $3 billion dollars. that's going to give the r-t-c the funding to complete nearly 200 projects. that includes road improvements, construction, and maintenance. you have already seen some the improvements to maryland parkway, stephanie street, and flamingo road - just to name a few - all used funding from the program,. when we are talking about hundreds of new projects - that also means new thousands of new jobs. the last 3 years of the program have created more than 9-thousand jobs - according to r-t-c... ....and the comission is anticipating more of the same over the next decade. for 13 action news, i'm yasmeen hassan.
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for high temperatures to remain 5 to 10 degrees above normal for this time of the temperatures to remain 5 to 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year. high pressure continues to hang onto the southwest allowing for highs to remain between 75 and 80 degrees valley wide along with a light wind out of the east/northeast. we will slowly see high pressure transition out of the west and weaken throughout southern nevada through the weekend which will allow for mostly sunny to partly sunny skies and high in the mid 70s through the weekend. by the next work week though, things start to feel more like fall! next wednesday is
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up to feel like fall. a strong trough is forming off the coast and looks to pull moisture, clouds and wind. it will also carry cold air from the pacific northwest. rain chances are holding off for the valley and spring mountain range for now but clouds look to develop along with winds between 10 and 20 mph with gusts around 30 mph. but temperatures will drop dramatically! expect to whip out the sweaters; we are heading back into the upper 60s! (bryan back to desk) we're continuing to follow
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we're continuing to follow anti-trump demonstrations around the u-s right we'll also explain how social media is being used to fuel the protests. and... let "the black friday games" begin. the deals are one thing. but... we're finding out how soon.... you'll have to get there.... to even get in the door. and.. don't forget to download the all new 13 action news app.. featuring live streaming.. video on demand and incredible weather radar. it's free in the app store and in google play.
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walmart... target.... and best buy.... are rolling out... their plans. walmart and target will open their doors.... at 6 p.m... on "thanksgiving day". and... best buy stores will open.... an hour earlier.... at 5 p.m. "best buy" will also close..... at 1 a.m.... early friday and re-open.... at 8 a.m. all -3- major retailers are also announcing.... expanded plans.... for digital and in-store deals. and... after last year's controversy... "starbucks" is putting christmas images.... back on their holiday cups. the coffee giant released..... cups... today. starbucks says.... they feature designs created by customers.... that incluce snow flakes... reindeer... christmas lights... and ornaments. last year.... the not-so-festive simple red design of the cups drew criticism from some who said.... the chain was part of a so-called... "war on christmas". and... don't forget... contact 13's "call for action" is ready to help you.... with a consumer problem. just contact.... one of our volunteers.... any weekday... between 11 a-m and 1 p-m. our hotline number is....
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tonight in several cities around the u-s over the results of tuesday night's presidential race.. and many are being fueled by social media. kumasi aaron takes a look at how it's having an impact on social movements. --pkg full=-- fire in the streets and in the hearts of many americans after donald trump's presidential win. --((shot of burning paper mache trump head))-- --take nat:-- "hey, ho ho, donald trump has got to go!" this is oakland california, but it's not just here. --((people marching fire in country. --((four boxes of protests))-- from philadelphia, to oregon, and down through the west coast to los angeles. thousands protested, blocked highways, --((video from package))-- and staged sit ins. --((sit in video from san francisco))-- --take nat:-- "no trump, no kkk, no racist usa." in the nation's capital anti-trump chants echoed through the streets, while in new york, as many as 5,000 people gathered outside trump tower. --take nat:-- "not my president" the protests represent words being put into action. online, the hashtag not my president started trending in the hours after the election. --take nat:-- 19:19:58-20:03
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think social media has? 20:00 sam jay is an expert in digital rhetoric. he says hashtags like notmypresident serve to unify people across a digital space. dr. samuel jay / metropolitan state university of denver 19:16:39-49 it's a brand i guess in a lot of ways you're creating a movement the blm movement or occupy it gives a # and that # gives a brand and therefore they're kind of forms and identity. still, jay says real social change happens in person, not online. but social media serves as a catalyst. dr. university of denver 19:17:07-18 social media is great for organizing people and getting people to church right or to the civic center but it is there and it's in person that's where you figure out the now what it's hard to do translating words to action, from the internet to the streets. for the now, i'm kumasi aaron. we are staying on top of breaking news...anti-trump protests breaking out around the country for the second
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minneapolis, shutting down i-94 started at universtiy of minnesota. we heard a lot of sharp exchanges between donald trump and president obama during the presidential campaign. but today.. they sat down face to face for the first time. next on 13 action news live at see why their meeting didn't unfold like you might think. plus... crooks targeting your bank accounts.... this holiday season... what you need to know.... before you swipe your credit card.
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president obama and donald trump said some very unflattering things about each other during the election
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they sat together..... in the oval office .... talking about the presidential transition. abc's..... lana zak has more on.... today's historic meeting. package script: the peaceful transition of power... sot obama: "we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds." this is what makes american democracy extraordinary... sot trump: "i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel." after an extremely contentious election campaign, presi president- elect donald trump met together in the oval office for an hour and a half....their bitter wounds apparently healing, sot trump: "so mr. president, it was a great honor being with you." as they sign-post to the nation the ideal of country over party. trump: "very good man, very good man." but it is an ideal that is often difficult to achieve...president elect donald trump pledged to his supporters to roll-back much of the work of the obama administration, just like obama did to his predecessor.


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