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tv   Action News 330pm  ABC  November 15, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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all flight in and out of the airport are suspended at this time. . we now know the victim was a southwest airlines employee michael winchester and a son of kansas city chiefs long snapper. at one point oklahoma city police said there were possibly searching for a second victim. right now airports officials believe the shooting was an no threat to the public. they have shut down the airport and the surrounding streets we are staying on top of this and will keep you updated on air and online. to our political coverage now -- donald trump's white house is shaping up - and his decisions over who will stand beside him on his team are under fire. this as president obama's final trip overseas is overshadowed by questions about the new president elect. abc's maggie rulli has more
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beefing up his white house? and rumors are flying nats - rudy giuliani: all eyes are on rudy giuliani - the former new york city mayor and longtime trump loyalist - as possible secretary of state. another contender for the post - former u-n ambassador john bolton, giuliani telling the wall street journal... sot - rudy giuliani: "john would be a very good choice," "is there anybody better?" "maybe me, i don't know" but one of trump's first decisions is already coming under intense scrutiny... stephen bannon as chief counselor bannon recently led the charge to turn the conservative site breitbart into a platform for the alt right... a movement many have accused of being racist and anti-semitic. house minority speaker nancy pelosi saying: "there must be no sugarcoating the reality that a white nationalist has been named chief strategist for the trump administration." trump's advisors slam those descriptions as incomplete nats - kellyanne conway: "frankly people should look at the full resume. many republicans who expect to work closely with the new
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themselves in a delicate balance? like recently re-elected speaker of the house paul ryan... (he offers a restrained opinion on bannon.) sot - paul ryan: trump's election overshadowing president obama's final trip overseas. when asked about the outcome of november 8th while in greece - obama was quick to calm the waters sot - president obama: "it's important to recognize though that those things have always been there and it's the job of leaders and it's the job today? it'll be the same a registered sex offender is now behind bars... a woman's home... attacked... and robbed her. we were the first to break this story 24 hours ago. and now only 13 action news is taking you incide the crime scene. metro tells us last monday morning, phillip white snuck in through a bathroom window at the apartment near 10th street and stewart-- waking up the victim. she ran to the bathroom, and that's when her friends say the suspect tried to sexually assault her...
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finally left when he was spooked by the woman's cell phone going off. neighbors tell us white used to live in the apartment right across from the victim. he's now charged with attempted sex assault, robbery, battery and burlgary. v new developments on the del sol high school employee accused of having sex with a minor. we're now learning it was a parent who tipped off officers. according to ati poni's arrest report-- a father called police... telling them his daughter confessed she of her coaches-- who was also a family friend. detectives say during his interrogation-- poni admitted to the inappropriate relationship. he's now been suspended without pay while he's under investigation. our state is making history with the first-ever native american honor flight.. 45 servicemen and women from reno were honored during veteran's day memorial in washington... they were greeted by a big celebration when they returned
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i want nevada to be the most military friendly state in the country. to be able to be the first in the nation to host something like this really is something special butted with :45-:51 we have a strong family grandfather was in wwii in the army...i'm a fireman i'm not supposed to cry the veterans from this trip ranged from world war two all the way to the iraq war. new at 3-30 -- if you've been holding out, hoping mortgage rates would go even lower, you may have lost your in the last week we've seen 30-year fixed-rate mortgages nationally spike more than half a percent.. and in some hot markets jumping from historic lows.. to almost 4 and a half percent. on top of that, the fed is expected to officially raise rates next year. experts say -- these rate hikes are perhaps the biggest financial reaction to donald trump's win. a warning now about the toys child safety advocates say you need to watch out for this holiday season. the boston-based group "world
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released its annual list of most hazardous toys number one is this peppa pig set. the group is worried about it because not all packaging warns about the chocking hazard for young kids. number two is this elephant pillow the group is concerned is being marketed to infants. and number three is the "slimeball slinger" the group says could cause eye injuries. we have a link to the rest of the list on our website ktnv dot com. happening today....uber-pool is now available in las vegas. the service allows you to carpool with a rider who is headed in the same direction as you. uber says this will make rides cheaper....and hopefully cut down on congestion... uber says there is a maximum of two people per ride and it only adds a few minutes to your ride. lyft just started a similar service in the valley last week
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fly. but starting today, the reason one airline says you'll always know where your bag is. and -- we're continuing our series on kids and technology and this time we're looking into whether you should spy on their phones or not! one mom shares her story. and.. don't forget to download the all new 13 action news app.. featuring live streaming.. video on demand and incredible weather radar. it's free in the app store and in google play. 0-:7 pause for nats
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attackers says "you idiot" e down.. the attacker was quickly taken away by campus police...and protesters started chanting "shame" as he was taken away... check out this new video of the u-s capitol dome after a little rebuild. more than 13-hundred cracks and other wear and tear issues have been repaired. the 60-million dollar project began in 2014, with a goal of inauguration. it's the first major exterior renovation of the capitol since 1960. work done on the capitol dome is expected to keep it protected for the next 50 years. now to a 13 action news exclusive. we'retaking you behind the bench with america's favorite judge. judge judy is opening up her chambers to us for an exclusive interview. 13 action news anchor lesley marin traveled to los angeles
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things that i go whoa> nats: what you did for them with her gut wrenching stare... judge judy schiendlin lays down the law... on another case! i will say this your honor.. i didn't ask you to say anything those quick witted remarks -- it's what captivates millions for 21 seasons, now everything that comes out of her mouth surprises me judy now has one of the largest running shows in television history and for good reason -- very few can pull a fast one on her tha bus, you know you're going to get hit many in her courtroom are often left stone faced and stunned but the 30-year judge says those aren't insults - but words of encouragement the message is one that resonates the responsibility you know you have to be a good person, good citizen, you make children you have to be able to take care of them judy says her courtroom is about teaching others to be accountable...
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after all these are real-life lawsuits -- researchers sent across the country spending days in small claims court to find her next case i want to see you doing 4350 dollars worth of work, okay but you would think people would get the message by now not everyone does, which is what mkaes judy so successful i think some people learn, but fortunately for the program, because we still have to continue to have cases, a lot of people don't learn (laughs) lesley marin... 13 action news and coming up tonight at 5 -- we're getting deeper with judge pulling back the layers of her tough exterior. her secret to success and her inspiring message to young girls. let's go to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. a large, strong storm system will push through the region and bring strong winds and a big cool-down to the area. while temps will still run warm tomorrow in the mid 70s, we
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also, expect windy conditions by the afternoon with peak gusts between 40-45 mph. the cold front will push in overnight and drop high temps to the 60 degree mark on thursday. the start to the day on thursday will be quite blustery and diminish as the day progresses. while the system will be to our east by friday, temps will stay to mid 60s. expect sunny skies in friday. high pressure will warm the area back up to the upper 60s and low 70s for the weekend and the start to next workweek. however, another system will start to approach the area sunday night. we will see a push of clouds on sunday and monday, and at this
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monday. the system moves east by tuesday. from contact 13 -- just in time for the busy holiday today delta airlines started using new technology that lets
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before - it uses luggage tags that have radio frequency identification chips - or "r-f-i-d" technology. your bag is scanned... and now you can track where it is in real-time using an app on your phone... so if it gets misrouted you'll know exactly where it ended up. people magazine named dwayne "the rock" johnson the sexiest man alive. on the cover, people calls the 44- year-old quote, "sweet, smart, and sculpted." johnson tweeted his thanks he tells "people" it took him a while to become comfortable in his own skin.. and thinks having a sense of humor is what helps make him attractive. a virginia woman battling cancer wins a meet and greet with country stars garth brooks and trisha yearwood. and the music legends invite her to join them during their sound check! :14-:18 nats of woman singing (butted with) :25-:32 she wasn't feeling well, she had a little bit of a cold and she's like how would you like to sing
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tonight?!?" then.. garth brooks himself asked if she would sing a carrie underwood song with him... since he knew she was a huge fan. 1:17-1:30 nats of woman singing (butted with) 1:46-1:53 "if this little thing is going to bring me down, i can sit on my butt and do nothing, or i can get out there and make something of myself, and that's what i've decided to do is make something of myself." invited the woman to fly to nashville to meet with their manager. still to come --- is it ok to secretly spy on your kids? we go inside the debate and one family's decision, the surprising result.
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phone use. they track location, texts, other apps and social media accounts - and some can even do so without your child knowing. should you use them - abc's tj holmes sat down with a mother who says yes preteens and teens. what are they doing on their phones? many adults will never know. but there's one who does. christine presti: 12:46:42 you can't hide from me. year old isabella and 11 year old michael, was so anxious to know what her kids were doing on their phones, she secretly installed spyware to watch them. she can see anything -- it's legal to monitor your kids but a controversy lurks ? do teens deserve privacy? or is secretly monitoring for safety sake more important? 12:22:31 at 11 and 13 we should know what's going on in your life. t.j. holmes: 13:22:26;13 what's the problem with letting your parents (laugh) see your phone when they ask? isabella: 13:22:31;04 well, i just like some privacy.
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isabella suddenly became more secretive 12:20:38 christine: i immediately think that something is going on so christine downloads spy software on both kids phones they are my kids and i need to protect them. experts say secret montoring may hurt your children and your relationship with them in the long run. julie lythcott-haims is the author of "how to raise an adult" julie lythcott-haims / how to raise an adult author 01:21:19;07 // a 24- 7 surveillance of your kid's every whereabouts, every decision, every moment is effectively saying, "i do not trust yu tj holmes 12:23:49 : how do you tell them you trust them when you spy on them? christine : wow 2:24:31 i hope they know i do trust them, but i am doing this to protect them. using the app, christine discovers isabella is texting someone she thinks is a teenager. but when christine calls the number, she gets a surprise. it's an adult christine: 122706 she thought she was talking to a friend. and it turned out it wasn't. christine blocked the caller. still it was a scary moment.
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12:37:38 i went through every scenario. meeting somebody. kidnapping. christine knew she had to confront her daughter which meant confessing about the spyware ... but isabella came clean first christine: 12:46:48;14 she came down the stairs and was like, "i need to talk to you." tj holmes: 12:47:10;04 she beat you to it. christine: 12:47:11;12 she beat me to it. she beat me to it-- isabella told her mom about the stranger she was texting - and while like, why is she doing this? like, but i was also happy because then i knew she was, like, protecti that was tj holmes reporting. we're continuing to stay on top of breaking news out of oklahoma city. we've now learned a man who was shot to death at will rogers airport was a southwest airlines worker. the latest when we return. .
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airport in oklahoma city. while authorities investigate all flight in and out of the airport are suspended at this time.
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southwest airlines employee michael winchester and the dad of kansas city chiefs long snapper. at one point oklahoma city police said there were possibly searching for a second victim. right now airports officials believe the shooting was an isolated incident and there's no threat to the public. we are staying on top of this and will keep you updated on air and online. coming up on 13 action news.. live at 5... some people have a tough time hitting a target a from the ground... we'll show you the duo who tried to do it from 5-hundred feet in the air. it's a video you have to see to believe. that story and more in 60 minutes. and.. here's.. a look at tonight's abc primetime lineup. that does it for 13 action news live at 3:30.. but stay with us for judge judy up next. don't forget..
3:57 pm and on our mobile app. we'll see you back here in 60-minutes for 13-action news live at 5. until then.. thanks for watching and have a great evening.
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>> judge judy: you rented a room to the defendant in your home. >> announcer: this family man heard her cry for help. >> i knew things were tough for her, so i showed compassion. >> announcer: then, he heard her allegations. >> he was getting vulgar, trying to get sex out of me. he would walk around all the time without no clothes on, pretty much, and i just got tired of it. >> judge judy: at some point, you left your home. >> we -- we felt unsafe. >> judge judy: i'm listening. >> [ sighing ] okay. what do you want to hear first? [ chuckles ]
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the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution robert diller is suing his former housemate tarara wilson for rent and stolen property. >> byrd: order! all rise! this is case number 218 on the calendar in the matter of diller vs. wilson. >> byrd: you're welcome, judge. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. folks, have a seat. >> judge judy: mr. diller, you rented a room to the defendant in your home. >> yes, i did, your honor. >> judge judy: and your complaint alleges that she left owing you back rent... >> yes. >> judge judy: ...and also took some property of yours when she moved out. >> yes, she did. >> judge judy: miss wilson says she was forced to move because of your, what she perceives to be, creepy behavior, and she wants her security deposit back. now, when did you move miss wilson?


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