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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  November 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the patrol officers turning off their lights ... tracking the car from the distance..... before that confrontation in the culdesac. now police say ... that video clearly shows how the 18-yearold tried to run the officers over. but we spoke exclusively with his father... showed him that video for the first time. he was in tears. at six, we'll tell you why. developing right now... temperatures are dropping here in southern nevada!!! we're already hoveri 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield is tracking the cooldown. breaking right now-- president
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elect donald trump had made another crucial staff decision. the associated press reports trump is offering the job of national security advisor to michael flynn. flynn was the head of the defense intelligence agency from 20-12 to 20-14. n parents at a valley school are relieved tonight.... after students were put on lockdown. police were looking for someone.... who may have stolen a car.... in the area of culley elementary. 13 action news reporter..... marissa kynaston picks up the story... from there.
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officers tried to pull over a stolen vehicle-- but the people inside took off-- eventually ditching their car-- and scattering. it had police put an elementary school on lockdown-- several of those officers-- right outside strombrotnes home. take standup strombotne says when he walked out his front door-- he noticed two of those suspects right here on his driveway. steven strombotne 15:32:39 i was surprised, hoping they weren't in my backyard, i saw the officer here with the 2 kids 15:32:51 take say they took four suspect into custody-- all four of them-- under 18. mk-- 13an. > 13an. > students at u-n-l-v receiving a crime alert..... in their e-mail today.... to keep an eye out for someone..... who may have attacked a girl.... on campus. police say... last tuesday... someone grabbed her....and punched her in the back.... while she was walking..... to a parking lot.
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police are sending out a warning.... for other students on campus. jessica hernandez/unlv student: i kind of stay with a group, i'm always with somebody, or i stay inside, i don't like being scattered.... around the u-n-l-v campus. metro is trying to find out who's responsible for firing several shots into an apartment.. forcing a family to duck for cover. it looks like.... the bullets were meant for someone else. 13 action news reporter.... parker collins has the story of a family.... caught in t
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"i'm scared. the only thing i think about is my kids. any one of my kids could've been in that pantry." mom was woken up by the gunfire... hours later... the close call has her dazed... that. i'm not finna subject my kids to that." family rushed to the scene once they heard what happened. charlie jackson, family of victims 20:30:53-20:31:00 "i thank god that they're all safe. they're all okay, but i realize it could've been worse and that's what really worries me." but no one was home w shots went off. near owens and sandhill parker collins thirteen action news.> the stalled faraday electric car plant is also having ripple effects on students.... across the valley.... gearing up..... for high tech jobs! 13 action news reporter..... tom george joins us in studio... with the details... tom? steve and tricia, this year... clark county schools started
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studying everything from robots getting college credit for electrical and manufacturing... the goal was to prepare them for college... and ultimately to take the kind of jobs that companies like faraday were bringing to southern nevada... although that particular project seems to be on hold... theyre hoping to have future high-tech workers trained and ready to go for other companies that may want to relocate. i mean we have good relationships with a lot of other local manufacturing business and industry partners and they have assured us tyhat theyll have continual job and job openings. coming up tonight at 6... we'll dig deeper into how ecomomic experts feel about the future of manufacturing in nevada... and whether the faraday project will have an impact.. tom george 13 action news. thousands of new jobs are on the way to nevada after a state meeting today. the jobs will come with the arrival of a new amazon facility.. in conjunction with a warehouse for "the honest company." final details are still being worked out.
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joined..... the clark county d- a..... in deciding.... not to prosecute minor cases of marijuana posession. the clark county d-a's office took the action.... earlier this week..... after nevadans voted.... in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana. authorities in washoe county.. however.. say.... they will continue to enforce the current law.... until it changes... on january -1-st. president elect donald trump continues to hold high powered meetings today at trump tower.. while vice-president elect , mike pence make washington. among those meeting with trump today.. south carolina governor nikki haley.. florida governor rick scott and texas congressman jeb hensarling. senator tom cotton of arkansas is said to be a contender for defense secretary. but there are also reports that trump's son-in-law.. jared kushner.. may also have a role at the white house. trump advisor kellyanne conway says that's not true. kellyanne conway: "jared was incredibly important to our campaign effort and to the election and he's a trusted adviser of his father-in-law.
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with the progress being made.. tweeting that his transition team is doing a "fantastic" gen. michael flynn was named as trump's national security adviser. former presidential nominee..... hillary clinton gives her first public speech..... since losing the election.... and... it was an emotional one.... for her. clinton was honored..... at the children's defense fund's gala.... in washington d-c... the former secretary of state talke what the last few days have been like.... for her. (hillary clinton, (d) former presidential nominee) there have been a few times this week when all i wanted to do was just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never believe in our country, fight for our values and never ever give up. clinton agreed..... to make an appearance at this
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she said.... she wanted to honor that committment to show..... how important "the children's defense fund" is to her. a man in reno...... could spend a long time in prison..... after a federal jury convicted him.... of threatening the president. the man told a white house operator..... that he hated president obama..... and wanted to kill him. he now faces up to -5- years in prison... and... a quarter million dollar fine... sentencing is set for.... february -7-th. a man featured in the netflix series "making a murderer" may this week. a judge ordered brendan dassey to be released by 8pm tomorrow night.. but that's now being blocked by a federal appeals court. dassey was convicted in the rape and murder of teresa halbach in 2007. heisman trophy winner johnny manziel reached an agreement in an assault case today. the 23-year-old ex-nfl quarterback is accused of hitting and threatening a former girlfriend. conditions of the agreement weren't released.. but a judge set his next hearing for december 1st.
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fines. it's been warm.... the mountains are still looking... pretty brown. and... the opening day at "lee canyon" is coming up quick. in hopes of a powder day.... there will be a "pray for snow" party..... at "skye center".... on saturday. you can pick up season passes... and... you can donate to help local airmen..... get a nice thanksgiving dinner. this just in--las vegas native and chicago cubs slugger kris bryant is now the national league m-v-p. bryant graduated from bonanza high school where students cheered him on i series earlier this month. he helped lead the cubs to its first world series win in 108 years. . 13-action news chief investigator darcy spears has done a lot of reporting on squatters around the valley. and now.. one case is hitting close to home. find out what she found in her own neighborhood.. next. and... wildfires..... leaving a smokey haze.... over the southeastern united states. tonight... we're digging into...
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aarp medicarecomplete plan is right for you. ?? at it again.. and it's proof that no neighborhood in the valley is immuned to the problem. in fact... contact 13..... chief investigator darcy spears learned that first hand.... when some squatters moved onto her street! /nat sequence with drilling boards and spray painting no trespassing/ the boarded up
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warnings will hopefully be the straw that breaks the squatters backs at this summerlin home. /nat pop/ but for nearly a year... 5:27 sue: i felt like a prisoner in my own home a lot of the time. i wasn't even comfortable going in my own backyard because of them being so close. neighbors sue and georgia are among a group who kept watch over the strange goings on. 3:28 georgia: a big concern to me was there's a school very nearby. sue lives right next door. she called police one night after hearing a woman screaming from inside the home. 3:59 sue: it sounded like s harmed in some way. just a blood-curdling scream. metro got its first call for service in september, 2015 for burglary and vandalism. in april neighbors reported gunshots and vehicles speeding from neighborhood. police have been here seven times in the last seven months--towing illegal cars, investigating fraud involving nv energy, and looking for suspicious vehicles and people. police say whenever someone was home, they refused to answer
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squatter homes are used as drug houses, some are turned into chop shops, but this one was a porn palace! check out what was inside! contact 13 obtained photos showing the home appeared to be an amateur pornography studio--maybe even a brothel. there were whips, thigh cuffs and boxes of stilettos. the sparse furniture included a curtained four-post bed, stripper pole and some mirrors. locks were busted out of doors, there was a drawer of drug paraphernalia, and boxes labeled with g 8:00 jeremy aguero/applied analysis: your story is an awful one and i wish it was isolated, but it's not at all. jeremy aguero with applied analysis has been examining the valley's squatter problem... 1:31 jeremy: which has become a pretty significant challenge for us in southern nevada. 15:08 darcy stand-up (will need to b- roll some of this) banks may be partly to blame for our squatter problem because of something called "shadow inventory." homes that are bank-controlled but maybe were left in a long-gone owners' name or simply languishing in limbo because the bank has
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homes easy prey for squatters. 4:23 jeremy: sometimes when you see homes not being transferred in interest, whether it's for a bank or another purpose, it's because folks don't want to have to bear the property taxes or don't want to have to maintain that particular property. sometimes it's just easier to leave it in limbo. he says that's more the exception than it used to be, but homes that get lost in the shuffle are particularly problematic. this home in my neighborhood went into default in 2005, but gmac didn't take action to foreclose until this involved. 3:00 darcy: we're all dealing with it. this is our home and our neighborhood. but to them, it's a bottom line of a piece of paper? sue: absolutely. yes. it's all about the money. there are 1,390 bank-owned homes in southern nevada and as you can see on this map, they're everywhere. fannie mae owns more than any other bank. 7:46 jeremy: whether it's a high end neighborhood or a low-end neighborhood, no one wants to be living next to someone that doesn't care at
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and of itself is the biggest problem that we have. darcy tag: state laws passed in reaction to the recession made it much harder for banks to foreclose, leaving a greater share of homes floating along. now legislators are looking at more new laws to combat the unforeseen consequence of squatting. darcy spears, 13 action news. firefighters are out on the lines tonight in six states across the southeast.. battling major wildfires. that includes georgia.. alabama.. kentucky.. tennessee.. and the carolinas. it's visible from space. officials say the fires are being fuled by unusually dry conditions. despite the danger.. some people under evacuation orders are refusing to leave their homes. adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan scofield and '13 first alert weather.' friday will be off to a cold start across all locations of southern nevada and northern arizona. in las vegas the overnight low, or morning and northern
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will allow the sun to warm up the temperature to 64 in the afternoon, still a few degrees shy of the normal. winds will be light. a freeze warning is in place for western clark and southern nye county (including pahrump). also for central mojave county (including because morning lows will be so chilly, checking your 4 ps is a good idea! pipes, pets, plants and people! any exposed outdoor pipes should be wrapped and insulated.
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exposed outdoor pipes should be wrapped and insulated. outdoor potted plants and pets should be brought inside for warmth. in las vegas we are not going to freeze but elevations above 3,500 feet could and the outlying typical cold areas by the weekend, high pressure will take over again and mainly sunny skies and light winds will be common. high temperatures look to rise but only to the upper 60s and low 70s.
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approach of a new disturbance but models are not all on the same page just yet. but this system will help keep our temperatures in the mid 60s. a legendary restaurant built around rock and roll memorabilia is closing it's doors in las vegas.. but all is not lost. we'll explain why.. next. at -6- the growing trend of fake news being posted on facebook -- did it have an effect on the presidential election? a new study with some interesting numbers, tonight at six. the feds are slapping.... j-p- morgan chase...
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for bribery. the company is agreeing to pay the fine... family... of chinese officials. the practice was to help the bank... get lucrative deals.... in china. the settlement ends..... a -3- year investigation. the bank says... it took "action" against the individuals involved... and... has since improved.... its hiring procedures. it's the end of an era... for "the hard rock cafe". we're talking about the restaurant..... on paradise... right next to "the hard rock hotel and casino". the cafe... first opened in -2- thousand -9-. but... most business has shifted... to the new location called... "hard rock live"...
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strip. the last day of business... for the paradise location... is "new years eve". new on 13-action news live at six - an assignment given to one third grade because of some of the language. what the book says that now has the school district involved. and... here's a look..... at what's coming up in tonight's primetime line-up.... right here on abc... at 8:00... it's "grey's anatomy".... at 9:00... "notorious".... at 10:00... it's "how to get away with murder".... and... we will see you tonight... for action news... live at 11... for abc's world news... up next.
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on our free ktnv mobile app. we'll see you back here in 30-minutes for action news.. live at 6.
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tonight, breaking news. will it be a team of rivals? president-elect donald trump, now set to meet with mitt romney after both traded bitter words during the campaign. is romney now being considered for secretary of state? we're at trump tower. also breaking, the deadly snowstorm, bracing for the blizzard. nine states now under a winter alert. and this system moving east. in some day, 20 the next. the two explosions. the deadly gas blast in a town center. investigators on the scene tonight, after another explosion, this home incinerated. and tonight, authorities with a $30 fix. the confrontation on camera. the police officer trying to arrest a woman, then seen punching her in the face. tonight, police defending their officer. and america strong. we showed you that 9-year-old boy catching his baby brother.


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