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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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latest. you can see crews are still out here working to make repairs after a transformer sparked a fire knocking out power to around nine thousand people. you can see how intense those flames were in this viewer video. nv energy says those flames damaged 7 distribution lines. that left thousands here in the dark as they sat down to thanksgiving dinner. everyone we spoke with said they were trying to make the best of the situation with their friends and famil hours "you get all the candles out and you can't sit around. kind of wind down and everybody wanted to leave because the parties over." firefighters say the had to wait to go into the substation when they arrived to make sure all power was shut off before they could put any water on the fire. reporting live, bryan callahan, 13 action news. evie stefansky thought she was coming to las vegas to spend
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birthday with her oldest daughter.. and thousands of other tourists.... what she didn't know is that as she was waiting for her bag... her two youngest children were racing through mccarran to find her. let reaction breathe... -- for so many families around the valley-- shopping -- for those coveted holiday gifts -- on thanksgiving. 13-action news reporter -- mahsa saeidi has been in the thick of it all day long. she's live --at the north-premium outlets tonight. mahsa? reporter adlib package) (sot) loving tommy
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(sot) my gorgeous bag i bought from kate spade (track) a fourteen hour flight from sydney. these besties in town ... just for our sales! (sot) we do an annual shopping trip once a year (track) with the hours it has its limits, and i think we're getting close to that limit right now. (track) ... . (sot) pickichu (butted) (sot) lollipop (track) cuteness overload at the north las vegas ... toys r us! things that fly! bark and walk! (nat sot) dog walking (butted) (sot) jeep thing i saw like over there. sister. (sot) you're not even shopping for yourself? nooooooo. (track) a little sad ... but they say ..this holiday ... isn't about getting or taking. (sot) be with family and friends. (butted) (sot) wish on a wishbone. (track) inspired...we decided to stop talking about shopping. (sot) this is jack and this is
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(sot) without ivf i wouldn't be a mom, so i'm very thankful that i'm able to be a mom this year. (track) whether they were shopping or not ... for so many ... today wtasnt about sales or deals it was about gratitue and family. (sot) lots of thanksgiving, lots of wonderful times. (butted) (sot) happy thanksgiving!!!! ####the end we all know the saying.... so amongst all those hundreds of shoppers out there tonight --- we knew we would find some good ones. 13 action news reporter gina lazara has the story of one mom and daughter duo ---- whose
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the good deals. heather & cheryll nats: "do you want like stripes or flowers? no i want polka dots! do you wanna get the pink polka dots! yaa!" heather slaughter and cheryll nauss...... cheryll nauss, mom "where's the 5 dollar shirts" have a mother/daughter bond.... heather & cheryll nats: "gasp...they have a sparkly cardigan! what size! um my size!" ....more special than most. heather & cheryll nats: "or do you want the teal polka dots....i want the teal polka dots heather moved to shanghai four years ago..... away from her family. including her mother.... who is battling a disease that makes her progressively more blind every day. cheryll nauss, mom "she's wonderful i'm tellin ya" with just one family get together a year ---- they sure make the most of each one. this time.... cheryll nauss, mom "we did thanksmas!" thanksmas....since heather won't be around for
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you have like the turkey but then you have christmas on it" this morning was spent opening casual" heather's trip is nearing its end.... but not before one last hoorah. cheryll nauss, mom "i get to go not worry about me. i'll be fine" making their first thanksmas..... one to remember. cheryll nauss, mom "she and i shanghai on tuesday so the next time the mom and daughter will get to see each other will be next holiday season. reporting from kohls gina lazara 13 action news we were there -- a henderson -- opened their doors -- to hundreds of thanksgiving shoppers. we spoke to one man -- who camped out -- in front of the store --for 36 hours -- so he could be the first in line. 03:09:52:21- 03:09:56:20 after all this wait... and finished with so -- what was he dying -- to get his hands on? a 450-dollar -- cannon camera for his brother for christmas-- and a 4-k -- h-d tv for himself.
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being cooked... j-c penney was already opening their doors for shoppers who couldn't wait. they opened at 3 -p-m to a long line of people looking for a deal-- but there were no stampedes to be found 16:48:03:14-16:48:10:14 excellent deals, people courtesous... it's too early for that some of this year's most wanted items included... a keeurig 2-point-oh brewer for only 89 dollars and women's boots for only 20 bucks. . if you think fighting traffic t --try flying thousands of miles. more and more international tourists -- are making their way to las vegas -- to jump on the black-friday bandwagon. people we're talking with say -- there are brands here -- they can't get at home. and -- prices are cheaper -- since items are not imported. mainly they tell us -- they're fascinated -- by the whole experience. they plan to stay up all night -- get in line -- and make the rush for doorbusters.
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very interestin g event butt 22:16:54:10 i want to buy something because it's cheaper than other days las vegas north premium outlets say -- international tourists -- are big part of their customer base. an update to a story that so many of you are talking about.... and a moment we've all been waiting for. the arizona grandmother who accidentally invited a stranger to thanksgiving by text message.. family... and had dinner with them. so here's what happened. wanda dench thought she was inviting her grandson to dinner. but accidentally texted another young man. they realized the mix-up...but since the offer was there... the young man asked if he could still have a plate..and she graciously said... of course. 52-58 she welcomed me into her house so that showed me how great of a person she is. i'm thankful for people like that they call it a lesson in
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friendship. there was an empty seat -- at the thanksgiving table -- for one valley family -- after a deadly crash ripped them . 6 months ago -- faith hubbard's grandfather -- was driving her to college -- when another driver ran a red light -- slamming into them. faith made it out alive. but her grandfather -- wasn't so lucky. the ortega- hubbard family says -- they have so much to be thankful for -- even though he isn't there this holiday 50530 she can walk , she can tact to be really thankful for the family recommends taking because those mememories last forever. we're following developments on some big holiday storms --that could make it difficult getting back home. this is crazy in the pacific northwest, the first of several systems is now moving through...
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and in utah--white out conditions are creating treacherous roads and snarling traffic. a time-lapse shows the powerful cold front moving through-winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour. and get this--- on sunday so many people will be trying to get back home at once. experts predict a 240-percent increase in traffic jams across the country. today -- both president obama -- and president-elect trump -- are sending thanksgiving messages -- of unity. president bara "thanksgiving reminds us that no matter our differences, we're still one people, part of something bigger than ourselves. we are always simply americans." donald trump / president-elect: ""it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving, we begin toheal our divisions an move forward as one country, strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve." trump says -- it's time restore the bond of trust -- after a divisive election. he says -- when america is unified -- there is nothing -- beyond our reach. a mother simply vanishes and
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jog.... but -3- weeks later... she's found on the side of the road on thanksgiving morning. new details about where she's been and -- if you're still planning -- to hit up the stores -- for black friday-- do not head out the door -- before seeing our report. we're breaking down -- the best deals -- and where you can find
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plumbing says -- business is up 50- percent -- this time of
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to put -- too much in their garbage disposal. we're talking grease -- and even bones. plumbing technician -- fernando garcia -- showed us -- how to use a garbage-disposal key -- if you run into any problems. fernando garcia: it sits right on the middle of the disposal here and it's able to rotate if click that little red button down here, and it will unjam it. every disposal unit -- comes with a key. but the best thing to do is -- empty as mh you can -- in your trash. remember -- even if it's a simple repair -- a plumber is going to charge you -- just for coming out to your home. are you braving the crowds for the best holiday shopping deals this year? americans are expected to spend nearly 656 billion dollars this holiday season. and a lot of that spending will be done the day after thanksgiving. tonight, contact 13 tells you where to find the best black friday bargains.
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gerri/shopper: i don't go shopping in all the craziness. i just don't do it. holidays and going out there and finding great deals. but before you head out the door this year, we're trying to help you figure out where to go. wallethub surveyed 8-thousand deals, from 35 of the biggest stores in the country. we're looking at the top 3 spots in the valley: number one on the list... is macy's. where the average discount will be more than 63-percent for black friday. two with an average savings of almost 63- percent. and in the third spot is harbor freight also saving you nearly 63- percent. the stores to avoid if you're actually looking for big discounts... are costco, averaging only 25- percent off. amazon at 24-percent. and at the bottom of the list... big lots with an average savings of 23- percent. jason: we may try to get out there and fight the crowds. now let's look at the most
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most of the black friday discounts this year are concentrated on toys. and if you're shopping for the kids, sam's club is offering the biggest savings, with an average 43-percent off.. clothing and accessories are the other major category. if that's what you're looking for, you can expect to find more than 60- percent off when you head to jc penney. but the biggest discounts will actually be found in the jewelry section. and if you're on the hunt for something that sparkles, then kohl's is where you'll find an average savings of more than for contact 13, i'm tricia kean. we have more details on the best black friday deals on our website. just go to and search the keyword "links." an update tonight -- on that hiker -- who felll 80- feet at red- rock canyon. this happened -- around 5 this afternoon.. and we're told -- the hiker -- is still on the mountain. metro thinks -- it may take several more hours-- before
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it happened -- at the black-velvet canyon section. authorities haven't released any other details -- on the hiker's condition. she portrayed one of the most iconic t-v moms in history--and tonight we're sad to report florence henderson has died. henderson was best known for her role as carol brady on the "brady bunch". according to her manager she died surrounded by family and friends. just monday henderson had attended a taping of a-b-c's dancing with the stars to cheer on maureen mc- cormick who played her t-v daughter. she was 82-yearsol tonight-- a new york man isthankful -- his brother survived -- a terrible explosion. the video is startling. the man's e-cigarette -- blows up in his pocket -- while he's working at a wine store, he suffered severe burns -- on his leg and hand. the family -- planned to spend thanksgiving -- at their mom's home. instead -- they went to the hospital -- to comfort him. (joshua barker/victim's brother) "it's really nerve- wrecking for me because of the pain he's going thru. i'm wondering what i can do to help him." most e-cigarette explosions --
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overcharging -- manufacturing defects -- and punctures -- can cause e-cigarettes to overheat -- and explode. it's a holiday miracle for a california family. a mother who vanished three weeks ago while jogging...has been found alive! police say sherri papini was abducted--but today her captors released her. she was found on the side of the road--150 miles from her home---in restraints she was taken to a hospital where she was treated for her injuries sot shi are very ecstatic to report she has be located and has been reunited with her husband and family on thanksgiving." her husband keith reported her missing after she failed to pick their children from day care. he then used the find my i-phone app...and discovered her phone abandoned on the side of the road with her hair tangled in her earbuds. tonight--there's a manhunt for whoever took her. holiday travelers on eastbound 50 near rancho cordova,
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he's got an a-r-15 rifle. it's an ad for black friday deals at a nearby gun store. the owner says he's aware some people find the billboard offensive. but he says he plans to keep it up. 18-22 screaming nats you may be wondering -- what they're cheering for. well -- here it is. a basketball shot for the ages! a trio -- of australian you-tube personalities -- set for greatest highest shot ever. and they nailed it -- from 594 feet in the air. take that -- lebron james. black friday shoppers prepare for some chilly temperatures early in the morning as lows bottom out near 45 in las vegas. afternoon highs will be near 65 with sunny skies. as we move into the end of the weekend, it gets interesting. a front is prepping to interact
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are split in an odd way. drop in temperatures is going to happen; temperatures will go from the 60s to the 50s saturday into sunday. winds will also be common between 10 and 20 mph with gusts between 30 and 35 on sunday. rain chances are split though. half of the models have a 25% chance for rain to the valley where the other half is sporting a 70% chance. as for the higher elevations, snow and rain will be likely sunday into monday at around 7000ft and above but if the moisture an to the southern end of the front, snow levels may drop as far down as 5000ft which would put it very close to the red week. high temperatures though hold in the upper 50s. it gets interesting. a front is prepping to interact with the valley but the models
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also be common between 10 and 20 mph with gusts between 30 and 35 on sunday. rain chances are split though. half of the models have a 25% chance for rain to the valley where the other half is sporting a 70% chance. as for the higher elevations, snow and rain will be likely sunday into monday at around 7000ft and above but if the moisture and force lift shifts to the southern end of the front, snow levels may drop as far down as 5000ft put it very close to the red week. high temperatures though hold in the upper 50s. police are calling new technology..a game changer when it comes to burglars. how one man -- was able to -- virtually confront a man --
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anniversary of freddie
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greatest showman and helped compose international hits like... "bohemian rhapsody," and "we are the champions" he died one day after announcing he had aids. a missouri man -- cataches a would- be burglar -- red handed. and scares the crook off -- just by using his smartphone. michael lopez, stopped break-in attempt: "bro get the outta there! there's someone in my backyard." a homeowner says -- his ring app -- alerted him -- to someone messing with his door. man in his backyard -- and confronted him -- virtually. police arrested the guy within the hour. authorities say -- technology like this -- is becoming a game changer. they say everything is bigger in texas-- and -- that also includes a meal -- cooked for thousands. and you won't believe -- what they used -- to prepare it all. and remember to watch good morning las vegas for all your
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to chow down on their thanksgiving meal -- at afghanistan's bagram airfield.
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and 8-thousand pies -- were delivered organizers say -- there is nothing more comforting -- when you are far from home -- than to sit in front of a hot meal -- and share a few moments of joy. they say everything is bigger in texas--and that apparently includes smokers the world's largest bar-b-cue pit was brought in to feed 1-thousand needy folks in galveston. it's 76 feet... with 24 doors. and for those who couldn't make it out to the feast...volunteers took hundreds of meals to their we'll be right back.... with a final look at your wake-up weather forecast. first -- here's jimmy kimmel -- with a preview of tonight's show -- right after 13-action news. ((verbatim)) finally tonight.
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finally tonight. a decorative set -- is putting
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a decorative set -- is putting a modern spin -- on the traditional nativity scene. and it's sure to raise some eyebrows it's called the "hipster nativity set" it comes complete with wise men on segways, bearing gifts from amazon prime.. as well as a latte-drinking mary and a man-bun- sporting joseph..taking a selfie with baby jesus. orders are reportedly t that does it -- for this edition of 13-action news-- live at 11. jimmy kimmel live is up next. and remember -- we're always on -- at -- and on the ktnv
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- lin-manuel miranda. from "dr. ken," ken jeong and albert tsai. plus music from banks. and now, stay put -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. welcome. thank you. very nice, thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you really for everything. for those of you who served in our armed forces, happy veterans day.


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