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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 30, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. deadly devastation. 23 reported tornadoes tear through the south. >> there's a tornado right there. >> destroying homes and demolishing a day-care center. as those massive wildfires rip through tennessee. >> go, go, go, go. >> the largest there in a century. forcing thousands to flee through a terrifying path of flames. >> my house is on fire >> leaving a trail of destruction. now more severe weather is on the way. breaking news, president-elect trump with a major announcement about his new cabinet this morning and that dinner with former rival mitt romney overnight. >> president-elect trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future. >> speculation now growing over the race to be secretary of state. and the major news this morning about what he plans to do with his businesses. caught on camera, terrifying road rage.
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then backing into his truck and attacking with a shovel. what sparked the rampage? the search right now for the suspect. and jackpot. meet the tennessee 20. the co-workers at the auto parts company who hit it big winning that massive $420 million powerball lottery. one of the biggest ever. wait until you hear their secret office pool strategy. the winners are joining us live only on "gma." ? forget about the we do say good morning, america. we're very happy for that lucky group of co-workers. you can say it's the ultimate office pool. >> it is the ultimate office pool and it was funny. our -- everybody here said, if that happened here there would be no one here to do the show. but i wonder how many will be former co-workers. >> we'll see. >> we do know a lot are giving back to the victim of those wildfires in tennessee. their home state.
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deadly one-two punch. those major wildfires sparking thousands of evacuations and tornadoes as robin said tearing through the south. the system is on the move. rob marciano tracking it all. good morning, rob. >> good morning. we thought it would happen and did. just a frightening night across the south. dozens of structures damaged. nearly a dozen tornadoes across four states. powerful storms that made for a frightening night, no doubt. >> there's the tornado right there. >> let's go. >> reporter: overnight, 23 tornadoes reported from louisiana this is what it looked like in northeast alabama after a twister slammed into homes damaging businesses as animals roamed the roads. at least five people killed in two states. three people killed all in the same trailer. four children in critical condition after a day-care center was completely destroyed. thousands without power this morning. in mississippi, strong wunds over 60 miles per hour, flipping
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>> trees and some 18-wheeler beds and things that were tilted over or near tilted over and we're really lucky nobody was hurt here tonight. you know, it could be the other way. >> reporter: police out in force make sure everyone's okay. >> we had deputies stationed from the north end of the county to the south end. >> reporter: this is not unusual in this area this time of year. we call it dixie alley but heartbreak it moves east. atlanta back through mobile, new orleans, you're under a tornado watch right now and they stretch up through chattanooga where the severe line is getting into the fire zone. there's gatlinburg, some rain heading there, and we expect heavy rain there, but unfortunately, the damage is done. >> yes, it is and, rob, we have linzie janis standing by there in gatlinburg, the heart of the fire zone. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, robin. there are hot spots all over this area. you can see this restaurant is still smoldering. the metal tables and chairs, melted.
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battling the blaze, even going door to door searching for the missing. >> go, go, go, go. >> reporter: the governor is calling it the largest forest fire in tennessee in 100 years. responsible for at least three deaths. >> completely gone. >> reporter: scorching hundreds of homes and businesses. >> we're not going to make it across the road. >> reporter: more than 14,000 forced to flee the resort towns of gatlinburg and pigeon forge, dollywood theme park narrowly escaping after desperate attemp snuff out the flames. several cabins there destroyed but the main park safe. in a statement, parton saying she is praying for all the families affected by the fire. this time lapse shows how quickly the flames spread. sweeping across the nearby mountainside. these aerial shots show homes flattened. buildings reduced to rubble. cars burned out. the only thing standing here, a charred washer and dryer.
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fires like this one in this burned down motel. this man, searching frantically for his mother. >> she called me at 8:30, and said that the house was on fire. i told her to get out immediately, and we got disconnected, and have not been able to get back in touch ever since, and she is not anywhere to be found as far as we know right now. >> reporter: the rain falling here. it's expected to continue throughout the day. officials say they hope it will help put an end to a very dangerous situation. george. >> we certainly hope they are right. linzie, thanks very much. the latest on the trump cabinet. the president-elect making key appointments to his economic team as speculation swirls around mitt romney as secretary of state after that intimate dinner last night. our chief white house correspondent jon karl is on the story. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. it must have been quite a dinner. after a gourmet meal at one of the restaurants in one of trump's buildings here in new
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called trump a dangerous fraud and a phony, emerged to praise the president-elect as someone with an inclusive message who will lead america to a brighter future. the longtime rivals were greeted with applause as they entered the pricey french restaurant inside the trump international hotel and tower. trump's new chief of staff reince priebus in tow. the menu, garlic soup with sauteed frog legs. prime chops for romney. on the side, conversation about romney, who called trump a fraud during the campaign as a potential secretary of state. >> i happen to think that america's best days are ahead of us. president-elect trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future. >> reporter: but there is serious opposition to romney from some of trump's top aides. the former massachusetts governor isn't the only option on trump's radar. another contender, tennessee
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tuesday. >> he needs to choose someone he's very comfortable with that he knows there's going to be no daylight between him and them. >> reporter: trump is quickly filling up other cabinet posts including his first major economic appointment. treasury secretary trump is expected to tap his campaign finance chairman, steven mnuchin who spent 17 years working for goldman sachs. former bush administration labor secretary, elaine chao is expect transportation department. chao is well known on capitol hill as the wife of senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, but as his cabinet comes together, one trump advocate is chiding the president-elect's continued use of twitter. newt gingrich criticized him for pushing allegations of voter fraud. >> the president of the united states can't randomly tweet without having somebody check it out. it makes you wonder about whatever else he's doing. >> reporter: tomorrow
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indiana to begin what his team is calling a thank you tour. he'll start with a big announcement, a deal to keep a factory operated by the air conditioner company carrier in indiana. the company had planned to move the facility and its 1,400 jobs to mexico, but george, details of what carrier has offered in the way of incentives to keep that factory in end have not been revealed. >> governor mike pence working on that. more with matt dowd about that we don't know all the details but likely to save 1,000 jobs. pretty big win for president-elect trump. >> it'll be a win. people in the midwest think nobody has advocated for them. if donald trump gets the win it's a big deal for him. the question as jon says, what did he have to give away and what other companies are going to show up saying, give us something? >> the public courtship of mitt romney and donald trump right now. pretty remarkable given what romney said during the campaign. but it's not a done deal yet. >> no, it's not done and i don't
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announced. especially this kind of deal. i think the reversal on this is stunning. the degree of difficulty on this dive for mitt romney is more than a 4 1/2 reverse somersault with a tuck position. it's greater than that and i would actually think it would make more sense for jim harbaugh to go to work for urban meyer of the ohio state buckeyes as assistant coach than this move mitt romney is making. >> a reversal for both. trump called romney entirely unimpressive. >> and a loser and romney called him a fake, a phony, a fraud and con man. >> what romney did not do is apologize.the question, is that in trump's mind? we don't know the answer to that yet president-elect on twitter early this morning. several different tweets including one that could be very significant saying that on december 15th he and his children will have a press conference announcing how they'll handle the business going forward. >> he says it will be a big press conference. the kids will be there. he says it will be him removing
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this was interesting. actually, several tweets on this, george. one says, i feel it is visually important as president to in no way, have a conflict of interest with my various businesses. if he turns the company over to his children, as he has said before, ivanka trump is a big part of that. ivanka trump's husband jared kushner is i am told going to be going to washington, in the west wing with the president-elect. >> devil in the details on this. we'll watch that press conference. >> the fascinating thing we're getting morin donald trump on twitter than we are from press conferences. >> the way he's communicating right now. over to robin. now to charleston, south carolina, where police officer michael slager is on trial for a fatal shooting. he took the stand on tuesday breaking down during his testimony. abc's steve osunsami is there in charleston with the details and reaction. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. this case could go to the jury today. we could hear closing arguments this afternoon. michael slager didn't have to testify. but he clearly wanted to tell
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at times, he was tearful. >> my family has been destroyed by this. scott's family has been destroyed by this. it's horrible. >> reporter: former north charleston police officer, michael slager, trying to convince jurors least not a murderer, walter scott in 2015 because at the time, he says he felt threatened. >> and at that point i made the decision to use lethal force because mr. scott never stopped, he's always dangerous. >> reporter: but prosecutors asked how dangerous could scott have been as he was running away from the officer unarmed. they even made slager stand up and hold a tape ruler to show how far scott ran before slager started firing. it was 18 feet. >> i didn't know what was going on with all that so i fired my firearm until the threat was stopped. >> reporter: shortly after the shooting slager told investigators he thought scott
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on the witness stand, he said he now knows that's not true. that it fell to the ground. slager says the two fought over the taser in a struggle that happened before the cell phone recording. but he had trouble explaining what he's seen doing here. picking up the taser from one location and moving it closer to scott's body. >> i don't know why i dropped it on the ground, but i did pick it up seconds later. was it because i was policing my gear? i can't even answer to that. >> reporter: lawyers for scott's family says it looks to them like slager was planting evidence. >> you always wonder why exactly did he run back and pick and then actually drop it by mr. scott's dead body. >> reporter: it is possible the court could take a field trip to the crime scene today. slager is pleading not guilty. if he is convicted he could get up to life in prison. robin. >> keeping a close eye on this. michael. >> to that devastating plane crash with the brazilian soccer team on board.
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loss. six people miraculously made it out. and david kerley has more. they've recovered the black boxes. >> reporter: that's right, michael. yes, they have the black boxes but the question this morning is, the true reported an electrical problem. so do those boxes stop recording information that could solve this mystery? having pulled six survivors from this crash scene, teams recovered 71 bodies of those who did not survive. and the black boxes which could answer why the commuter jet crashed, taking a soccer team. stunned fans overnight, holding a vigil. the shock seen on the face of one of the youngest fans and two injured players who didn't make the trip to the team's first ever finals. the jet was headed to the medellin airport which is surrounded by mountains. abc's steve ganyard has flown into that airport with the colombian military. >> even in the daytime, it's a very sporty place, because not only do you have this very rugr
7:14 am
oftentimes weather, and very high altitude. >> reporter: the pilots reported an electrical failure and an emergency before the aircraft tail hit a mountain and the rest of the jet slid down the other side. but how did those six people survive? the wreckage will help provide the answer. increasing the odds of survival, those sitting within five rows of an exit, and passengers in the aisle fair better than those in window seats. >> there's no way to game it and say if i sit in the front the back will hit first. it depends on the mishap. every mishap is a little unique. >> reporter: and the odds are already on the flier's side. more than 95% of plane crash victims survive. in fact, a professor who studies this says you have a better chance of becoming president of the united states or winning an olympic gold medal or a nobel prize, michael, than ever dying in a plane crash. >> wow. i have one question for you. why is it better to sit in an aisle than a window seat?
7:15 am
something does happen, and you do go down, you can move quicker to that exit and get out, rather than somebody who has to move two seats, get to the aisle and then get to the exit. >> all right, david, makes a lot of sense. to amy with the morning's other stop stories starting with the big development in that escape from the california jail. >> that's right. as you might imagine people have been on edge around san jose for a week now but overnight we learned one of the inmates who escaped last wednesday has been captured nearby. laron campbell was one of four men who sawed their way out of a second floor window in the jail and then used bed sheets to repel to the ground. one escapee is still on the run. well, isis now claims the somali refugee who went on that rampage at ohio state university was one of its soldiers. students held a vigil for the 11 people injured overnight. the attacker's family says he gave no lint that he was planning anything. police say he bought the knife used in the attack just one day earlier. well, hundreds of thousands of cubans gathered in havana to say good-bye to fidel castro
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to the eastern part of the island where the revolution started. president obama is sending a white house aide and a diplomat to sunday's funeral. well, a fender bender sparked a dramatic case of road rage in england. the guy in the green there you see, started wrestling the other driver, and then he got back behind the wheel and crashed -- look at that. into the other truck. moments later he returned with a shovel and went on the attack smashing the guy's window. police are now trying to find that man. and took riding his bike to new heights. he rode across -- look at that. this is the top of a 650-foot-high dam balancing on it. that's a railing barly as wide as his tire. he had a rope and guide and said it wasn't a safe way to do it as you might imagine. it was all for a gopro camera contest and took him seven tries to get across. he backed up because of the high winds. he said it was the biggest adrenaline rush he ever had.
7:17 am
>> what did he win? another gopro? >> i don't know. >> all for a camera, guys. >> more power to him. >> what do you got, rob? george, we have some rain that will be moving across much of the eastern third of the country. check it out. time it out, new orleans is getting some of atlanta will get it. d.c. will get it, as well and 95 around rush hour, and even some wintry mix across parts of maine by 20 still looking at heavy rain in the northeast including new england under extreme drought conditions, so we'll take it as miserable as it is. locally 3 inches possible and right there into the fire zone, we aring looing at the potential for seeing more than 3 inches. that will certainly help put the
7:18 am
>> mentioned the winter weather across parts of maine. this is mt. washington in new hampshire. about 6,000 feet if you like the winter weather. i know all of you do. just feast your eyes on that. it's coming at some point. >> it will get here.
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and you know what? it is the final christmas with the obamas in the white house. first lady michelle obama got choked up as she unveiled the amazing decorations surrounded by military families and the theme for this year is the gift of holidays. and take a look at the beautiful tree in the blue room, and these giant replicas of the obamas' dogs, sunny and bo. those are made out of yarn so very skillfully well done ander gingerbread house made with 150 pounds of gingerbread. 100 pounds of dough and 20 pounds of icing. >> whoo. >> who is brave enough to break off the first piece? >> i like a gingerbread house. i got to say. >> almost looks too good to eat. almost. going to dive in i'm sure. coming up, the mystery growing over those terrifying new details in that california supermom's abduction. what was the message branded on her body? we have those powerball
7:20 am
20ple thut outstanding -- they will join us live and talk about how they're splitting the $420 million windfall and we'll get their advice for anyone thinking about jumping in the office pool. plus, leah remini's bitter battle with scientology. it is escalating. why the actress is at war again with the church. it's cyber week at toys"r"us and you know what that means! we overthrow humanity? no, dude. save big storewide and online. rats. it's cyber week at toys"r"us! save big on thousands of toys kids want, online and in store!
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today's top stories.. a custody dispute leads to a homicide just south of summerlin. metro briefed us early this morning about the incident that took place late last night near durango and flamingo. we were told two people were arguing about the custody of their child--- when an unknown man intervened and shot and killed the woman's ex- boyfriend. police say the suspect took off in a black sports car... and still hasn't been found. we have new information about a of the valley that happened about an hour earlier. police tell us a father shot and killed his son. officers were actually on another call near rainbow and windmill when they heard three shots... around 8-30 last night. police believe it began as a domestic dispute. the father is now in police custody. join us for good morning las vegas tomorrow beginning at
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? ? look at that devastation from those deadly tornadoes tearing through the south overnight. 23 twisters reported from louisiana to tennessee. leaving thousands without power. destroying a day-care center. we also have those wildfires burning in tennessee forcing thousands of evacuations. and we're following all the latest this morning. >> we certainly a growing over who will be donald trump's secretary of state after he dined with former rival, mitt romney, overnight. trump is also making more cabinet appointments and revealing new details about what he plans to do with his businesses. take a look at this gas pipeline explosion in missouri. just miles from the kansas city airport. flames shooting into the sky. the fire eventually burned itself out. no word yet on what sparked that fire. and you guys know what? we're going rogue this morning. yes, we are.
7:31 am
in the galaxy, diego luna, a captain in the new "star wars" movie. he is going to join us live today. excited about that. and speaking of excitement, this is how excited everyone is about seeing this film. it had one of the biggest days ever for ticket presales in box office history. >> like $20 million worth. >> really incredible. good luck getting tickets on december 16th. >> that's true, amy. >> a lot more on that coming up. we're going to get to the new details now about that california mom, sherri papini. found alive three weeks after she went missing. the search for her new captors is intensifying as her husband shares disturbing details saying she was battered, bruised and even branded. abc's kayna whitworth is in redding, california, with the latest. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: yeah, george, good morning. sherri papini's husband keith is speaking out saying she experienced physical pain and severe mental forture, during
7:32 am
adding that, ultimately, it was sherri's will to survive that brought her home. this morning, the terrifying details of sherri papini's alleged kidnapping coming to light. among her injuries, police now say she was branded, a message burned into her skin. >> i would think that that was some sort of either an exertion of power or control and/or maybe some type of message that the brand contained. >> did they say something or was it a symbol? >> it is not a symbol, but it was a message. >> reporter: her husband, keith, described an agonizing three weeks in which his wife was tormented physically and mentally. telling "gma," she weighed just 87 pounds, and was covered in multicolored bruises, severe burns, red rashes and chain marks. her signature long blonde hair had been chopped off. >> obviously a very sick person who may have wanted to not only cut it off to change her physical appearance, but also to humiliate them, wear her down. >> reporter: authorities say the
7:33 am
abducted while jogging near her home in redding. a small town in northern california where she lived with her husband, keith, an electronics salesman and their two kids. 22 days later, she was recovered in restraints on the side of a highway 150 miles away. >> releasing this victim after holding her for a pretty extended period of time does not make sense to me. it just doesn't. because it's -- it really does increase the risk level of the offender exponentially. >> reporter: according to the fbi, in 2015, there were nearly 85,000 missing persons in the u.s. over 18,000 of them involuntary abductions. only about half of those victims ever returning home alive. investigators interviewing sherri papini for a third time yesterday. so we're hoping to hear today what they learned, and it's
7:34 am
enough, they could release a composite sketch of her captors. >> that would be a big advance, okay, let's get more from former fbi special agent brad garrett, our abc news consultant. so many disturbing details, the weight loss, the hair cut off. the branding. >> this is about to destroy her identity, george. the branding is so she will become part of their group. they want to eliminate her past. they cut her hair, they basically starved her. they beat her, maybe torture, et cetera and it's to make her part of whatever they are. >> whi l question, why let her go? >> well, we don't know the circumstances. did these two women -- are they part of this group organization, whatever it might be decide this is too much? they pick her up and place her along the side of the road so the context of those two women is unclear. >> that's all we know now from her, the two women seemed to have taken her. is it likely though that other people were involved with something like this? >> i think so, because there's too many steps, george.
7:35 am
the branding, the cutting of the hair. it's, like, i'm trying to make you part of whatever we are. whatever the group -- whatever their extremist thinking might be. and the longer you do that, the person then becomes more dependent on you to survive, and that's what they want. >> we have seen this. a lot of internet traffic, oh, was this some kind of hoax. the sheriff saying he ruled that out. knowing from what you know from the outside do you rule that out as well? >> absolutely. if you're going to disappear are you going to go to this much trouble and have somebody bral you? not likely. >> the final question, random or targeted? any clues there? >> i'm going to guess random and random because she's a woman out jogging. maybe she does it the same time each day. perhaps this group were looking for a particular size person, shape, et cetera. and they just grabbed her. it could be an opportunity grab is what i'm trying to say. >> okay, brad garrett, thanks very much. over to michael. >> all right, george. coming up on our big board,
7:36 am
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we welcome you back. we welcome you back. time for the big board breaking down more of this morning's top stories. dan abrams here at the table and we'll ge a moment. first let's start with kanye west. the rapper canceling his tour and hospitalized last week for exhaustion. now, "people" magazine is reporting west is under, quote, constant watch for his safety. "people's" executive editor kate coyne joins us now with details on this. always good too see you, kate. a lot of concern here. what can you tell us? >> you know, i think it's right for people to be concerned. we're entering into a full week now that kanye west has been hospitalized.
7:39 am
foremost this is more than exhaustion. sources are telling us he's grappling with paranoia. that they are trying to figure out a course of medication that may help. but that there's still very many unanswered questions at this time and it's an ongoing struggle. >> and his wife, kim kardashian, she already has two young kids at home she needs to worry about and now she has to worry about this with kanye. how is she handling all this? >> you know, she's also, of course, still dealing with the trauma of what happened to her in paris, so in the wake of all this, she is not bringing the kids to see kanye in the hospital which i think is actually kind of understandable. you know, it could be very traumatic especially for their daughter, north, to see their dad in a hospital room, in a hospital bed. so she's keeping them away for now. but it remains to be seen how much longer he's even going to be in the hospital. saint's birthday is coming up on december 5th. >> that's true. >> we're thinking of both. all right, kate.
7:40 am
>> we'll keep our eye on that, and the latest issue of "people" magazine is out this friday if you want to read more on that story. up next, a heated debate about random drug testing. an indiana school board is facing backlash for a measure that was approved that requires certain high school students to consent to surprise screening. and dan, we sat down and you said, boy, we have a debate going on here. a lot of parents, this is dividing the community. a lot of them feel like this is invasion of privacy. others think it's fair. >> it was a 3-2 vote and the board -- it's definitely legal, right? the reason it's legal is because you're talking about extracurricular activities and students who park on campus. those are the ones who are subject to the random drug screenings. the supreme court weighed in on this in 1995 and said it's okay to test kids playing sports in 2002. they said it's okay to test kids more broadly involved in extracurricular activities. now whether it's a good idea is a separate issue from whether it's legal. and it actually exists in about half of the public schools in indiana right now. >> almost -- so if you want to
7:41 am
but if i don't play sports, i don't have to get tested. >> if you don't engage in extracurricular activities. that's one of my arguments for why this is such a bad idea. i think if you say to people if you engage in extracurricular activities you're suddenly subject to drug testing. what does that mean? that means that some kids are going to say, i just won't do extracurricular activities. there's also the ability to cheat on these tests, and there's also the fact that these testing isn't effective. the american academy of pediatrics is strongly coming out against it. >> that's one side. we got two dads here. we got two moms on the board a >> dan is fired up. >> becky wants to weigh in. >> i'll jump in here because at the high school in our town, they breathalyze at the school dances, and that makes sense to me, when they are breathalyzing for alcohol. now, as a parent my philosophy is a lot like u.s. foreign policy, trust but verify. but that's my responsibility as a parent. i don't want an organization necessarily doing that for my
7:42 am
>> that's true. how about you, kate? >> i'm coming down somewhere in the middle on this one. i have two boys who are approaching adolescence in just a few years, and for me, at this point, anything that serves as a potential deterrent if this testing proves to have that impact to deter people as opposed to just punish them after the fact, has a sort of appeal to me. i can see the allure to something that would scare my kids off of maybe going a little too far on the weekends. >> i'm with kate on that one. i like that. i just -- i was the subject of random drug testing as an athlet and you would go in, and be, like, come over here right now, and if you do the right things, you have nothing to worry about, but i don't want they want punished for something, a mistake they make that stays with them for the rest of their lives, but i do agree with kate if there's something that deters them. >> the remedy is surprised to be counseling. in this kind of case. and also, they can cheat, and there's also the argument that marijuana is much more
7:43 am
it could actually encourage kids -- anyway. a lot of stuff. >> you know how we feel here so at home, so we'd love the hear you weigh in as well. now to what could be one of the hottest gifts of the holiday season, drones and cue the drone. >> yeah. >> but there is a new report out this morning in that is a tiny drone. sounding the alarm bells about the rise of drone jackings where hackers literally take over the device. becky, you are our expert on this. i know this was a gift for your twins last holiday season, so tell us more about this. what do you think? what ash the jackings? >> we've heard stories of drones taken out by annoyed neighbors with a shotgun, but this report predicts we'll see a drone taken over hackers. they can use simple stuff, a laptop, software, directional antenna. you have a drone in the studio. it's basically a flying computer. but i think before parents freak out that the kid's holiday toy will be poached out of thin air
7:44 am
the security report anticipates this will start with high-end stuff, maybe aerial photography or law enforcement, but i have an image of it carrying a package and a hacker hacks it down. it's like a pinata for a sophisticated thief. >> forget about walking into somebody's door and taking a package. they literally hijack your drone. >> no drone zone i say. in terms of -- >> so -- >> easier to grab it off the porch. >> does anybody here have a drone on the christmas list? >> no. i'm actually really thrilled by this report, because i had crossed it off my list already, and now i feel fully vindicated. i wasn't getting one because i was convinced my boys would smash it within the first 48 hours which they would have, and now it's like, great, hacking. another reason not to do it. >> as a mom you're always justified, kate. you're a mom. >> exactly. they really would have destroyed it in about 48 hours. >> how do the twins like the drones from last christmas, becky? >> kate's hit the nail on the head except half as much.
7:45 am
christmas day. >> wow. not long. >> going to be under your christmas tree? >> absolutely not. particularly, i don't want my neighbors to have them. yeah, i mean i don't want it but that's the more important to me than not on my -- >> i had a neighbor who had one. it wasn't a very good neighborly thing to have. >> that's quiet. >> it's tiny. >> waiting to see how close he can get to strahan. >> there, i caught it. all right, everybody. coming up in two minutes, the luckiest co-workers ever. the tennessee 20 powerball winners are joining us live to talk about that $420.9 million jackpot. ? la vie est belle
7:46 am
available at macy's, your fragrance destination. look at this... a silicon valley server farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders... selfies, cat videos and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app digital id cards... or even file a claim. do that.. yeah, yeah that should work. it's not happening... just try again. uh, i think i found your problem. thanks. hmm... the award-winning geico app. download it today.
7:47 am
? ? ? not about the money ? there they are. the tennessee 20. lucky co-workers won a massive powerball jackpot. more than $420 million. >> oh. >> let's talk to some the winners including amy o'neal who bought the ticket joining us from lafayette, tennessee. and amy, congratulations.
7:48 am
the making so, how does it feel? >> oh, my gosh, it's still surreal. i'm in shock. it's wonderful. >> good to see you hold that big check like that. you know, amy, a lot of us joke and say, oh, if i hit it big i'm not coming to work the next day. you all really enjoy the work that you are doing, but was your boss a little concerned he would have 20 people walking out on the job all of a sudden? >> yes. and we're in the sales and the engineering and quality, so it's more technical, and he can't just bring somebody in off the street, so he was really nervous. and he was, like, i'm happy for y'all, but please, please don't walk out on me. and we told him, no, we're not going to walk out on you. for the ones that's going to quit, we'll give you time to get a replacement. >> good of you guys. >> the ones that are going to quit so there are some that are going to after you trained your
7:49 am
going to stay put? >> there are a couple that are going to stay. >> that's great. >> and i have a question. >> i'd say 50/50. >> amy, i have a question. i'm sure a lot of people are wondering. what are you going to do with the money? any plans? what are your plans? >> oh, well, at first it was just a shock to know so you have to think about it, but one of the things, of course, is take care of me and my family and kids and pay off the bills. get ready for retirement. the next thing is, you know, i'm -- we were going to the smoky mountains come sunday on a vacation and so now it's to help them. that's one of the biggest things and help macon county, the community. >> some of the money going to charity and i know another big question a lot of people have who are watching is, any advice for other office pools? how do you win? >> well, you never expect you're ever going to and, you know, so don't go in just expecting and get depressed that you don't
7:50 am
do it for fun like we have and we have enjoyed it, and we pick on each other, but don't give up, because as you can see, miracles do happen. >> yeah. >> you guys did not give up. no question about that. >> congratulations. we're just so happy for each and every one of you. >> yes, we are. >> enjoy the rest of your day at work. >> take care. >> thank you guys very much. coming up in our next hour, so much excitement for the next "star wars." we have got "rogue luna here live. coming up "gma's" fall concert series presented by carmax. drive what's possible. concert series presented by carmax. drive what's possible. to do something nice back. maybe your aunt sent you a crocheted scarf, you sent a thank you note... and the crochet just kept on coming. well, at carmax, you don't have to return the favor. they'll buy your car even if you don't buy a car from them. because feeling obligated is uncomfortable. and tight. in places it shouldn't be.
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welcome back to "gma welcome back to "gma." it is november 30th which means it's the end of hurricane season which is supposed to begin on june 1st, but this year, we had alex, which developed in the bahamas in january, so this is the longest hurricane season on record and it was above average about where we thought it would, from hurricane season to ski season, kirkwood. a couple of days ago, fresh powder where i'm told the stoke level is high. it's in the red. it's in the red and freeze warnings and watches across parts of southern california and the desert southwest. feels like 43 in burbank and 34 in las vegas.
7:55 am
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7:56 am
the incident that took place late last night near durango and flamingo. we were told two people were arguing about the custody of their child--- when an unknown man intervened and shot and killed the woman's ex- boyfriend. police say the suspect took off in a black sports car... and still hasn't been found. we're told the child and woman were not hurt. this morning-- the former ccsd junior high teacher
7:57 am
a student is set to be sentenced. nicole wilfinger is due in court at 8-30 a-m. in august, she pleaded guilty to statutory sexual seduction and sexual conduct between a school employee and a student. the former molasky junior high math teacher was arrested in april. according to the police report the victim was a family friend. caesars will start charging people to park at eight of its properties. the linq and harrah's will b properties to make the change next month. you can see from the pricing sheets--- the price for valet services will range from eight to 18 dollars. eventually, there will also be a fee for self-parking. "they make enough money off gambling and everything else, why do i have to pay for parking." (cut out at least validate it if i am staying there." so here's the good news... self parking for locals and platinum loyalty members will be free for the time being. good morning las vegas is live
7:58 am
news... join us-- four-30 to seven.. we'll be back in a half hour with more local news and weather. < >
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. path of destruction. those terrifying wildfires in tennessee, 14,000 people evacuated. hundreds of homes and businesses burned. >> my house is on fire. >> as so many now start returning home to the disaster zone. at war with scientology. leah remini's new battle with her former church. >> what you're about to see what's really going on with this church. >> now scientology leaders firing back. why remini is demanding more than a million dollars from the church. ? welcome to my house ? one-on-one with jeff gordon. the nascar champ on racing, whether he's the real-life ricky bobby and his secret talent. >> cue it. ? call me jeff gordon with the black ss and the navigation ? ? and the force is with us.
8:01 am
>> if you're really doing this, i want to help. >> the captain of the brand-new "star wars" movie, diego luna here live. >> are you with me? >> all the way. >> as we say -- >> good morning, america. ? rudolph the red-nosed reindeer ? ? had a very shiny nose ? >> he surprised him. >> we surprised each other. >> it is great to be here this morning. we have kacey musgraves ahead with her version of "rudolph the red-nosed reindeer." we cannot wait for that. >> celebrating 25 days until -- >> christmas. >> getting close. >> yep. >> and that guy we just were laughing with, the huge excitement for the new "star wars" movie and the start of it all, diego luna and there's so many excited fans out there, but the most excited of all may be diego's son, so we're going to talk to him about that in a little bit. >> he's been a lifelong "star wars" fan, so what a dream. you know we asked all of you to start sending in your best christmas cookie recipes. your videos, pictures, how you
8:02 am
the story behind them. we got this picture already from one of our viewers, sally reece there in front of a christmas tree in new york, and accompanied by a story about her grandma's recipe. they're joining us this morning with norwegian christmas cookies. i want to say, i was wondering, i was curious, i had never seen anything like this. i have already decimated -- >> they're good. >> butter cookies with meringue and coconut on top. you will, viewers, want this recipe. >> really >> and very moist. >> really, really good. we'll finish while amy does the morning rundown. good morning. the big story this morning, the deadly storms in the south. nearly two dozen tornadoes have been reported from louisiana to tennessee. at least three people were killed in alabama and among the injured, four children in critical condition after their day-care center in northeast alabama was destroyed. strong winds damaged hundreds of buildings there. meanwhile, people are just beginning to survey the damage after those raging wildfires swept through a resort area in
8:03 am
three people are confirmed dead. 14,000 people had to evacuate the area, and abc's linzie janis is there with all the latest. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the rain has started to come down here. it's expected to last for much of the day, and officials hope it will help put an end to what has been a very dangerous situation. more than 14,000 people forced to flee their homes in gatlinburg and pigeon forge. two very popular tourist towns. what has been so incred their stories of how they got to safety. some people running from burning homes. others describing it as driving out of hell. this fire simply so unpredictable, people didn't have much time as all to react. you can see this restaurant behind me is still smoldering. it is one of hundreds of buildings, businesses, homes that have been almost completely destroyed. you can see the melted tables
8:04 am
>> what a horrible situation there. linzie, thank you. well, a new announcement this morning from president-elect donald trump. he says he will remove himself from his companies so he can, quote, fully focus on running the country. trump says he will discuss the details in a press conference on december 15th. today he is heading to indianapolis after reaching a deal with carrier to keep nearly 1,000 jobs from moving to mexico and last night, he had dinner with mitt romney, who later praised trump and expressed confidence in his loif, eadersh and that's a from earlier this year when romney slammed him as a fraud. trump has yet to say if he will choose romney for secretary of state. meanwhile, trump has picked former goldman sachs executive steve mnuchin for treasury secretary. and a deadly accident at cirque du soleil in san francisco. officials say a technician died after being struck by a piece of lifting equipment. it happened during rehearsal. police and safety regulators are investigating. and a brazen theft in new york city. take a look at this man. he walked up to an armored truck and then stole a bucket full of
8:05 am
that bucket weighed about 90 pounds, and the man is still on the run this morning. and finally, a mystery that's truly for the birds. construction workers in new zealand baffled by their orange traffic cones which were moving on their own. well, they went to videotape to check it out. and look what they found. birds flying under the cones to move them. the workers think the birds were doing tricks to get some human attention and hopefully some human food. i was going to sparrow you from call fowl play. >> i love when you pause. it's like wait for it, wait for it. bring it on home. >> well done as always, amy. thank you. >> how about "pop news." >> thank you. hey, robin. welcome back. "pop news" time. oscar winner matthew mcconaughey raised some eyebrows when he starred in that series of lincoln commercials. now he's trading luxury for safety. check out the golf cart
8:06 am
hitting the streets monday night. for a great cause. it's the sure walk program, that program giving students free rides or providing someone to walk home with them on campus any time needed between 7:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. to ensure a safe return to their dorm in case they're perhaps a little dazed and confused. the program is not new, but it has become so important in the aftermath of that young female student killed on campus last year. so matthew, we thank you for bringing that. and, george, i know it's a friend of yours. >> paul begala, the student body presid in the 1980s. you said it was a walk program for the longest time, but after this killing, he and his wife bought the golf cart and it's really making a difference out there. >> yep. and thank you for bringing that to us. also in "pop news," this morning, happy to report wedding vows for a favorite "dancing with the stars" pro. mark ballas tying the knot with his girlfriend. >> when did this happen? >> of four years. this past weekend. singer/songwriter, bc jean and if you didn't know this, she wrote "if i was a boy" for beyonce. but, boy, she looked anything but. >> not a boy.
8:07 am
out there in a santa monica wedding. she wore -- >> notice george says that under his breath. so we hear it. >> look at these pictures. go ahead, just roll them slowly and enjoy. she really is one of the most beautiful brides i've ever seen. i'm not sure what those pictures -- oh, there's some of the guests. she had had this incredible bejeweled headpiece and ballas who is currently starring in broadway "jersey boys" on broadway, i should say, he wore a custom three-piece suit and his best man derek hough and th was a 2-year-old rescue dog hendricks. and guests included dancing pros, val, julianne, cheryl burke and guess what they did at the reception? dancing. everybody catch mark in "jersey boys" until january 15th. we want to thank "people" and "entertainment weekly." you can see more from the wedding on "people's" website. congratulations. they're waiting until mark is done with broadway and then they're going to go -- they are the cutest couple.
8:08 am
finally, i'm happy to report this, the exercise industry can be quite a racket as we know but no game when it comes to determining what sport can actually increase your life expectancy. a new study by the british journal "sports medicine" analyzed 80,000 adults for nearly a decade, so this is legit. and they found one sport that was game, set and match above the rest. >> oh, your sport. >> tennis, badminton or squash, your choices are 56% less likely, people who play them a lot are 56% less likely to die of cardiovascular disease than those who swim, cycle or do aerobics. no wonder they call tennis the game of life. i would just like to say, george, not getting rid of me for a long time. >> good thing. good thing. kind of surprising, though. >> yeah, agreed. especially swimming and especially if you saw me on the tennis court, you would think i could die at any moment. >> how often do you get a chance to play tennis? >> not a lot right now because i'm still recovering from hip surgery. when i was playing, the reason i needed hip surgery is because i was playing a lot, three to four
8:09 am
>> good for you. >> so hopefully many years the come. that's "pop news," everybody. >> all right, lara, coming up actress leah remini's new and very public battle with her former religion. what the church of scientology has to say about it. and as millions look for love online, there's a new warning. how you could become a target and what to do if it happens to you. happens to you. th capital one, my dad called them up and asked for "the jennifer garner card" which is such a dad thing to do. after he gave his name the woman from capital one said "mr. garner, are you related to jennifer?" kind of joking with him. and my dad was so proud to tell her, "as a matter of fact, she is my middle daughter". so now dad has the venture card, he's earning his double miles, and he made a friend at the company. can i say it? go ahead! what's in your wallet? nice job dad. give your home the gift of huge holiday deals right now at lowe's. like this dewalt 20-volt max cordless combo kit for only $199.
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we are back with a bitter battle between leah remini and the church of scientology. critic of the church. she left three years ago and now she's fronting a new docu-series for a&e, the church firing back and "nightline" anchor dan harris has the story. >> what you're about to see sheds light on the truth of what's really going on with this church. a church that i promoted, defended and believed in most of my life. >> reporter: leah remini's battle against the church of scientology reached a whole new
8:14 am
docu-series "leah remini: scientology and the aftermath." >> i hope that this project at least validates your pain is real. >> reporter: a&e's eight-part series follows former members of the church and tells their stories. remini's fight against the church in which she was raised began when she quit three years ago, and then escalated last year with the release of her book described her life within scientology. >> i really did believe that i had one-up on everybody because i had this scientology thing. >> reporter: the church said her book was a pathetic quest to get publicity. as for her new show, the church insists it is full of lies and said it is doomed to be a cheap reality tv show. >> she needs to move on with her life instead of pathetically exploiting her former religion, her former friends and other celebrities for money. >> reporter: remini tells "the hollywood reporter," quote, they
8:15 am
they were trying to disparage my name. >> when you stop [ bleep ] up people's lives and families i'll stop too. >> reporter: remini is now demanding $1.5 million from the church. she tells "the hollywood reporter" it's a response to the horrific and libelous letters they sent me. also in that "hollywood reporter" interview, remini claims that back when she was starring in the cbs sitcom "the king of queens," tom cruise and the church urged her to call her then boss, les moonves, the corporation. she says, i got pressured to call les moonves at cbs to try and get a "60 minutes" report squashed. she says she made the call but moonves refused to intervene. we reached out to cruise and cbs for a statement, and they did not respond to our inquiries. i sat down for an interview with leah remini just last year in which she described the power and allure of the church for her when she joined as a child. so for a kid who was always
8:16 am
to other people, to be part of a faith where you had a mission to save -- >> the planet. save the planet. >> that must have been a big deal. >> yes, and because scientologists view children as spiritual beings, you're not treated as a kid. so you're given a lot of responsibility. your ego becomes extremely inflated. >> reporter: remini says her new show is about families that the church has torn apart, something she says she knows all too well after losing a best friend to the religion. the church o in a statement to abc news, it is sad that leah remini wishes to exploit for money those who tirelessly worked to help her when no one else was willing to tolerate her behavior. adding that remini needs to stop blaming the church. for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, new york. >> and we are back with our chief legal analyst dan abrams and, dan, given her history remini must have known and a&e must have known this was coming from the church. >> absolutely.
8:17 am
litigious and they will protect what they view as their reputation to great length. so as a result, you can count on the fact that a&e went through everything she said line by line and separating out opinion from fact, right. as a legal matter, she can give her opinion about things. the dangers as a legal matter are stating something as a fact and so a&e clearly believed that they had enough support for the various factual claims that she's making here. >> what is the standard there for a church as opposed to a public figure on the factual claims? is it enough for it just to be wrong? >> look, it would be the same because the church isn't an individual, but basically, the same legal standards apply as would apply to any other church. and as a result, it's a hard lawsuit to take, so we're seeing a lot of back and forth here between leah remini's lawyer and scientology, a lot of threats going back and forth.
8:18 am
>> she's not going to get $1.5 million. >> she is not going to get $1.5 million. can you imagine a lawyer just reading a letter? they want a million dollars. that sounds like a fair amount. this isn't a lawsuit yet. these are just threats back and forth and i don't expect it's ever going to end up in court. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. we'll be right back. about making movies. i'm victoria alonso and i'm an executive producer... marvel studios. we are very much hands-on producers. if my office... fast and portable but also light. you don't do this 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for... ...decades if you don't feel it in your heart. listen, i know my super power is to not ever sleep. that's it. that's the only super power i have. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate enough to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit... even the smallest things became difficult.
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8:22 am
a great crowd out here. people from all over the country. this is emily from atlanta. you have something to say, emily. >> good morning, america. >> that's right. good morning, america. [ cheers and we got some fog and rain coming in later. we are standing by for "star wars" actor diego luna coming up
8:23 am
all right. now to those dating dangers you can face online. millions are using apps to find love, but many women are becoming targets of sexual harassment, and abc's rebecca jarvis is here with more on our new series, "crossing the and good morning, rebecca. >> good morning, michael. well, more than 91 million people are using dating apps for companionship, but many of them say they've been sexually harassed. even the ceo of tinder recently admitted there is a bad behavior problem on his site, and the company is working on tools to fix it. here's how some women are fighting back. >> reporter: online dating apps have changed the way we date, but these apps have also transformed the world of sexual
8:24 am
people are too sensitive. i think people aren't sensitive enough. >> reporter: take a look at some of these real images sent to women online. vulgar messages ranging from you look doable to the more aggressive, i want to get you accidentally pregnant and others too obscene to repeat. and when guys are rejected, the vulgarity continues. slut, says one, and you could be a model if you lost a little weight, sweetheart. do you think sexual harassment on dating apps has become the norm? >> i think it's become an unhealthy part of the dating app world. >> reporter: 29-year-old alexandra tweeten says she received dozens of harassing messages while using dating apps. >> sexist and hateful and, yeah, that really surprised me. >> reporter: so she decided to fight back, creating this instagram page, bye felipe. publicly shaming harassing
8:25 am
petition on to stop harassing messages and pictures on social media. >> not every man harasses women but every woman you know has been harassed at some point. >> reporter: in august, this post on twitter went viral after a young woman publicly showed how even a picture of her headphones sparked lewd sexual advances, with one man's response, you wearing those and nothing else, that would be heaven. >> this is an assault of the person who is getting the comments. this is really the fault of the person who is sending the comments. >> reporter: according to the pew research center, 42% of women who online date have been harassed and while online, 26% of young women say they experience stalking, and 25% are targets of online sexual harassment. >> what's the spillover effect of this kind of behavior in these types of interactions in real life? >> you feel afraid. you feel that you can't go out into the cyberworld without being harmed.
8:26 am
people just posting whatever they want to post but what should someone do if they get these ugly comments? >> you can obviously speak out to the offender. tell them to stop in no uncertain terms and block them. but i think as these websites are businesses, you have to think of yourself as a customer, a consumer. you tell the website what's going on. you speak out. you talk about the fact that this is going on or you even consider stop using the website because ultimately that's going to hit them at their bottom line. that's going to have the biggest impact for the business. >> the bottom line has the biggest impact every time. thank you, rebecca. with you appreciate that. and now let's go upstairs to lara. all right. thank you so much. we are with diego luna, one of the stars of the holiday's hottest movie, "star wars: rogue one," no secrets yet.
8:27 am
homicide in the southwest part of the valley. police tell us a father shot and killed his son. officers were actually on another call near rainbow and windmill when they heard three shots... around 8-30 last night. police believe it began as a domestic dispute. the father is now in police custody. this morning we're getting a break down of the one-point-three billion dollar
8:28 am
the raiders in oakland. according to the san francisco gate-- the deal includes 200 million in public funding.. 600 million from an investment group.. and 500 million from the raiders and nfl.. that's the same amount the team would have to contribute to the stadium here. raiders owner mark davis insists he's committed to las vegas. an update this morning on this terrifying home break-in... a woman watched live while she was vacationing in thailand. police have now recovered the taken from her near flamingo and durango during the ransacking. metro is still looking for the thieves, who got away with thousands of dollars worth of clothes and jewelry. join us for good morning las vegas tomorrow beginning at 430am... for the latest weather, traffic and breaking news... we'll have more local news headlines coming up in one half hour < > here's a look at today's top stories from good morning las
8:29 am
8:30 am
? and the trumpets they go ? [ applause ] ? and the trumpets they go ? we welcome you back. what a wonderful audience that we have here. i'm telling you. [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah, i love it. >> love that. why don't you kick things off for us, >> it is the holiday season. we are very festive here at "gma" in the holiday mood. a lot of holiday parties. george and i were at a party last night. but all of us, we go to these parties and it comes to the point you're done dancing, ready to go home. >> is that like 6:30? >> yeah, 6:30. george, we were out until 8:45 last night. that was a late night. we put in our time last night. but do you say good-bye to the host? that is the new debate that's out there right now. >> sure. >> well, there is a study. there are different ways to look
8:31 am
they said, okay, if you're at a party, there are more than a dozen people in attendance, you should say good-bye to the host. that's one way to look at it. >> if there's more or less. >> if there are fewer than a dozen you have to say good-bye. >> but otherwise you can do the -- >> right. >> they call it ghosting, and if there's more than a dozen, you don't necessarily have to say good-bye to the host. >> here's the caveat i have. because we have to -- i have to leave things early a lot because of this and if it's like a dinner party, you don't you don't want to do this whole thing, oh, i'm leaving now but you kind of want to slip out and maybe tell the host ahead of time but you don't want -- >> you don't want to get yelled at by the host. >> right. >> lara, we know this especially and maybe you have -- he is masterful. this man right here at getting out of dinners. >> oh, yeah. >> you do it so well. >> we have actually had george lead the charge and all hid behind george. >> in his wake. yeah. i think it all depends on the circumstances.
8:32 am
know the people, but they say a lot of times, if you are going to the host -- this is a good one. make sure you're thanking them. thank them and that gives them the hint that i'm thanking you because i got to go. >> but real simple now, if there are more than 12 people there, you can sneak out and then just send a little thank you e-mail and you are not being rude? >> and you're not being rude. but if there's less, you should probably take the time to say good-bye to your host. >> all right, great. >> and it's always great to send a little thank you note. >> a little thank you note. [ applause ] well done. >> all right. i'm going to bring a little football to the table here. >> football? >> over the weekend you know a lot of rivalries and jets and patriots and patriots won that game. >> yes. >> i know it pains you. all right. patriots fans. [ cheers and applause ] tom brady like a lot of players has a radio show so tom brady goes on his radio show, and it gets hijacked by his 6-year-old son. listen. >> did you watch your daddy play
8:33 am
he was playing against the green guys. i don't know what they're called, but they are very good. >> how did you think your dad did yesterday? >> great. he flipped his chest. >> he flipped his chest. >> and he tripped too. >> he sure did. he got tripped a few times, didn't he? >> and he got even more hurt. >> more hurt? well, maybe you'll tell us what's wrong with him. >> i don't know. he's like a donkey. [ laughter ] >> in what way? >> in a crazy way. next fight with the broncos, it's gonna be crazy. he's gonna be like a horse next time. >> oh, wow, you're already looking ahead, aren't you, benny? >> yeah, he can look ahead. i can't. >> his son can look ahead to the next game. he can't. >> i love that. i absolutely love that. i do. because you know you get to play a game for a living, and here's
8:34 am
play that game and just his understanding of the game as a 6-year-old to say my dad is a donkey. >> exactly. >> flipped his chest. >> what does that mean? >> i don't know what that means. i have no idea. i'm not able to decipher the 6-year-old mind. >> you usually am but not this time. >> do your kids watch in the morning and critique you? >> yeah, i try to not have that happen too much anymore. they are preteen and teen so, the critiques are rough. >> yeah. >> yeah, right? >> they get out of the house a little earlier now so that's okay. >> your girls always weigh in. they're so sweet. >> they weigh in on everything. yeah, that's the truth, all the >> it gets less sweet as they get older. >> oh, does it? it's been wonderful to see your kids grow up. >> oh, thank you. you can have them. >> we're at the age where we can do nothing right. >> did your kids really pay attention to what you do or know you go to work? >> they don't pay attention. >> it comes and goes. >> yeah. >> mostly i think that they're -- they just want us to be regular parents, and it's sort of when we're out in public, it's, like, uncomfortable.
8:35 am
when one of their heroes comes on the show. >> oh, yeah. >> all of a sudden, hey, we want to watch kylie jenner coming on, okay. [ applause ] >> great show, dad. great show. >> i love what you do, dad. >> totally. >> you got a special guest. >> i do have a special guest. let's bring in diego luna. coming in. [ cheers and applause ] [ playing the theme to "star wars" ] ? [ applause ] >> good to see you, man. >> hey. hi. >> always good to see you. >> same. >> very good. good to see you. >> so we're talking about kids. you have a little boy, a little girl, right? >> i have both, yeah. i have the most beautiful boy and girl. they're 8 and 6. >> 8. and your little boy got -- >> i'm sorry to tell you that. you might be the second most beautiful, yeah. >> so your little boy got to see a piece of you. >> yeah. >> in "star wars." >> my boy is -- i mean, our whole relation has changed since
8:36 am
>> wow. >> oh. >> i mean -- >> because -- >> hero. >> coolest dad ever. >> he's a huge fan of "star wars" and when i told him, he just went crazy. you know, it's like work normally used to separate us, you know, he hated my job. he was like, where are you going? why for a month? yeah, you crazy. you're going to leave me here? and then he was, like, yeah, dad, you got to go, right? 6:00 a.m. in the morning, what are you doing here? i mean, and please behave. you know that kind of thing, that talk you have when they're going to go to school, it was the other way around. make sure you do what the director says. come in on time. >> he wants you coming back. >> did he get a chance to go on set or -- >> yeah, they both went to set and it was beautiful because they came to the rebel station and it's an amazing set where you have all the ships and the people running around and droids and -- everything.
8:37 am
>> my son was just looking at that like going this is paradise. finally, i mean, we're never going to go back home, right, dad? >> diego, i know your son is not alone. you grew up a giant fan and i love the story. your first day on the set. >> yeah, of course. [ applause ] >> thank you. your first day on the set. you were probably as excited as your son, it sounds like. >> i arrived to london, and the producer goes like, oh, gareth, garethdw director and he's like, go meet him. he's on the set. he's doing a camera test and i arrive and he's like, welcome. we're going to have so much fun and he's in front of a monitor and then i started listening, [ darth vader breathing sounds ] and i just went, like, oh, no. and i could see gareth's face and he had the same expression like we suddenly went to 6-year-old kids, and i turn and there he is.
8:38 am
like he's taller than you, my friend. you would feel terrible next to him, and he's like there just -- [ darth vader breathing sounds ] and then he says,, like, should i come in through the left or the right? >> oh. >> you're doing a movie. this is fantastic. >> so, we had felicity jones the other day. she said she did kung fu martial arts. you did military training for this? >> yeah, my character is a captain, an intelligence officer so, yeah, i had to do a lot of military training to understand like how the mind of someone in because i'm supposed to keep this team together through the mission, and i know nothing about war, you know. >> thankfully. >> it's a good thing, right. >> so i had to do a lot of research, and it was a lot of fun. also just the physical training to be able to do the stuff we made on this film because there was in, like, the double will do that. the double will do that. this was awesome. >> you got some injuries, right?
8:39 am
i mean, it's a "star wars" film. you don't want to look like -- you want to go for it, right? [ applause ] >> do you get a lightsaber? >> no, i can't -- the trailer -- we're rebels. i cannot say that one. the trailers, make it very clear. it's about the people. it's about heroes like you and i and, you know, like regular people doing extraordinary things. what it's saying is we can all be part of change and we could all make great things happen. >> that's a beautiful message. >> we work as a team and we're very powerful, differences aside. >> so but since you're such a big fan and you've already shot this movie, did you take anything with you as a reminder? if you did, maybe you don't want to tell us. >> a confession moment. you know what? i am mexican. i want to be able to come back to this country.
8:40 am
[ applause ] >> oh, that's good. >> thank you for coming in. >> come back any time. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> "rogue one" hits theaters december 16th. oh, tell everybody. >> wait, wait, i have something to tell you. i have something to tell you. everybody in the audience is going home with imax tickets to "rogue one." [ cheers and applause ] big deal. get to see diego. coming up, michael's big interview with jeff gordon. stay with us. [ cheers and applause ] h
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
all right. look, the ohio contingent is here. sandusky. virginia. connecticut. tennessee. all right. our hearts go out to you from tennessee for sure. want to show you video from northern colorado. it is ski season. take a look. they are cutting tracks in steamboat. oh, the champagne powder is there. we will take it. a foot of it and they are way. all right. nascar fans, jeff gordon just a few minutes away but, matt, happy birthday. we're getting it done with jeff this weathercast brought to you by state farm. can we get security on the
8:44 am
so nice to have you. michael, back inside. >> all right, rob, thank you, man. nascar legend jeff gordon has 93 wins and 4 championships under his belt, so it's no surprise that his new biography is a winner as well. "jeff gordon: his dream, drive & destiny" is out now, and i had a chance to sit down with jeff to talk about his life, career and whether or not he's really retired. take a look. so happy to have you here with us. >> thank you so much. great to be on the show. >> and okay. we got to get to the bottom of this. because i've been wondering about this. you retired but then you drove for dale earnhardt jr., so are you retired or not? i'm a little confused. >> i'm confused too. i thought i was. i was in the south of france on vacation, and all of a sudden i get this call, and it's, we may need you in indianapolis. and i hate to hear the situation
8:45 am
gyre, but man, i'm a team player so i came back. >> why did you decide to write this book now? >> well, because i was -- i thought i was wrapping up my career as a driver, but, no, seriously, you know, to go all the way back to the beginning. >> probably a little bit of therapy for yourself. >> oh, my gosh. >> probably some things you look back and say, man, i did that. i accomplished it. >> you know how when you are in it, you're not thinking about how it's affecting you or what the impact it has on your life. my parents had to work hard, sacrifice a lot. i mean, i've been at a racetrack probably every weekend j about since i was maybe 6 or 7 years old. >> speaking of family, john bickford your stepfather. >> he's the hero in this book. >> you gave him a lot of credit. >> luckily my mom met him when i was very young, and he presented the race car to me, and my sister. she wasn't interested. now she's like i could have been danica patrick. [ applause ] but, yeah, no, absolutely. he is the one and not just -- but he guided me along the way. >> and i tell you. the book is very candid, and one thing you're very candid about
8:46 am
and in reading it, i couldn't, you know, help but think about ricky bobby, and "talladega nights." >> i wasn't -- i wasn't thinking of that when we wrote the book. but i've had a lot of people comment about that but honestly like i go back to that time of my life and i go, who was i? it was crazy. i mean life was good on one hand because of all the wins and the success and my lifestyle was just booming and blowing up and all that, but on t o it was like, this is not me. this is not who i am and so, yeah, there was definitely some ricky bobby moments during that time. >> one thing i love, man, i'm a connoisseur of rap music. i love rap music, and there's this song that nelly did called "e.i." >> it put me on the map.
8:47 am
>> i know. ? call me jeff gordon in a black ss with the navigation ? [ cheers and applause ] that was terrible. by the way. that was horrible. >> rap career next. >> no. i don't think so. i don't think so. >> rap career is next for you. i feel it in my bones. >> maybe we can do a little -- >> collabo. >> yes. i like that. >> i'm feeling it. i tell you what. your career is a history within itself. it's incredible. trust me. >> thank you. >> appreciate you being here. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was a lot of fun with jeff gordon. we're going to have some
8:48 am
8:49 am
? rudolph the red-nosed reindeer ? oh, how i love this woman, kacey musgraves. the country star is going christmas. it's her new album out now, "a very kacey christmas." i love that. it features four original tracks
8:50 am
and she's about to sing "rudolph the red-nosed reindeer." okay, kacey. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> here's one for all the little kids. ? you know dasher and dancer and prancer and vixen comet and cupid and donner and blitzen ? ? but do you recall the most famous reindeer of all? ? ? rudolph the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose and if you ever saw it, oh, you would even say it glows ?
8:51 am
? all of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names ? ? they never let poor rudolph join in any reindeer games? ? then one foggy christmas eve ole santa came to say ho ho ho ? ? "rudolph with your nose so bright won't you guide my sleigh tonight" ? ? well, then all the reindeer loved him as they shouted out with glee ? ? yippee ? ? rudolph the red-nosed reindeer you'll go down in history ? ? ? yeah ? ? >> fiddle gals.
8:52 am
>> a little steel. ? ? ? then one foggy christmas eve ole santa came to say ho ho ho ? ? rudolph, with your nose so bright won't you guide my sleigh tonight" ? ? well, then all the reindeer loved him as they shouted out with glee ? ? yippee ? ? rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer you'll go
8:53 am
? oh, yeah you'll go down go down in history ? [ cheers and applause ] "gma's" fall concert series is presented by carmax. drive what's possible.
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ke no other. can fill you with wonder. where a walk down main street, and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. where magic is spread with every touch, and always leaves you wanting even more. so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough.
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"gma" thursday means one thing. >> really great deals. >> so tomorrow get ready. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> because the only place you'll see these ultimate deals on the holiday must haves for the whole family. >> let's go. >> is "good morning america." ? rudolph the red-nosed reindeer ? our thanks again to kacey musgraves. "a very kacey christmas" is the name of the album. >> yes. >> and have you us in the mood. i got to say that. thanks for w
8:57 am
people to park at eight of its properties. the linq and harrah's will be among the first caesars properties to make the change next month. you can see from the pricing sheets--- the price for valet services will range from eight to 18 dollars. eventually, there will also b so here's the good news... self parking for locals and platinum loyalty members will be free for the time being. :05 seconds of chanting 6- people were arrested for blocking the street duirng the "fight for 15" protest near sahara and paradise last night. the group of about 100 people marched through the area as part of their fight to raise the minimum wage. metro was prepared with zip ties, and they even blocked
8:58 am
the demonstrators weren't hit. tonight-- more than 300 student musicians from dozens of clark county schools will get the chance to perform on a reynolds hall. students from elementary, middle and high schools will also have their art on display in the lobby. tickets start at 12 dollars. good morning las vegas is live every weekday with all of your weather, traffic and breaking news... join us-- four-30 to seven.. more local news headlines are coming up on action news live at midday. i'm beth fisher and here's a look at one of today's top
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> ? it's a great day to make it everything you want it to be ? ? yours and mine, it's a great day to shine ?? >> good wednesday morning, everybody. we're taking a live look outside right now towards the new york, new york jets, you might wonder why. >> go on. >> today, the rockefeller center, the other n lighting up their christmas tree. so exciting. >> yeah. for the first time on november 30th. >> they've never done this on november 30th before. >> we're officially here. >> we have a tree on set. >> we do. we've taken quite a few selfie in front of it. i love the holiday spirit. tomorrow we start december 1, now it's officially here. so exciting. not as stressful as the second


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