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tv   Channel 2 News 5PM  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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$110 million on a campaign, and he's nowhere." bush slammed the billionaire on twitter monday, calling trump a liar and a whiner. bush is in a tight race for second place with john kasich, marco rubio and ted cruz. today, rubio praised his fellow candidates. "from this republican field, i think there's presidents, a potential vice president, cabinet members, future presidents...." barbara gelnett was undecided, but says a kasich town hall changed her mind. "not republican- or democrat-centered, but people-centered. that's what i see him to be. that's the kind of president i want." while, tuesday's primary could make or break some republican campaigns, the democrats could be in for another close race. polls still show bernie sanders keeping a comfortable lead over hillary clinton. she's out today reminding voters of their differences. "i believe what i am putting forth in this campaign has a far better chance of actually producing the results that will
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can turn this around." both democrats have events scheduled into the evening. the first polls open at midnight. danielle nottingham, c-b-s news, new hampshire. thanks danielle. and with the nevada caucuses starting in less than two weeks, be sure to stay with channel two news on air, online, and on facebook and twitter for continuing coverage of campaign 20-16. "now here's mike alger's first look at the pinpoint 2 forecast" a large ridge of high pressure will settle in over the west coast for the next week, giving us very warm, though not record setting temperatures. sunny skies and high temperatures in
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way to a few clouds midweek, but temperatures will stay up in the 60s into the weekend, with lows near the freezing mark. winds will generally light throughout the week.
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sparks police are investigating an alleged armed robbery at a casino early this morning. police responded to reports of the robbery around 4 o-clock this morning - at the alamo casino at 19-50 greg street in sparks. police say one person walked into the store... and showed a large silver revolver... then gave the cashier a backpack and ordered her to fill it with money. the suspect left the store with an undisclosed amount of cash. sparks police say the suspect is described as a white man... five- foot-eight... wearing black face paint, black clothing and a black baseball cap. reno police are investigating a burglary they say happened at a liquor store early sunday morning. it happened at the total wine on south virginia street-- where officials say two suspects took a large amount of alcohol. take a look at some security photos of the two suspects, who police describe as two black men, about 6 foot 1 with heavy builds. they also have this photo of the
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four- door white ford f-150 pickup truck. total wine is offering a $1,000 reward for the arrest and prosecution of these two suspects. if you have any information that can help in either of these investigations, call secret witness at 3-2-2 49-hundred or text your tip to 8-4-7 4-1-1. a man was killed early this morning after being struck by a car while walking on the interstate. nevada highway patrol says they were called out here -- on i 580 northbound just south of bower's mansion -- shortly after one a-m. when they arrived, officers found an adult man lying in the roadway. 18 year old chile bartels of carson city... was pronounced dead on scene. n-h-p says 42 year old james dolan of sparks -- the driver of the red honda civic that struck bartels was on scene when they arrived. dolan was taken into custody... but on charges unrelated to the crash. officers tell us they found another car in a ditch nearby the incident. there was another vehicle that
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south of our location. as of right now we are still conducting investigation. it is unknown on the status of the driver of that vehicle right now. sergeant smith tells us they are still investigating whether that second vehicle was related to the crash. paul nelson: it was a huge day for nevada's sports books yesterday thanks to the super bowl. i'm paul nelson, coming up at 5:30 i'll show you how big it was. the threat of the zika virus has those in charge of our blood supply on the offensive. we'll tell you how that effects donors here in northern nevada...after the break. the zika virus is the focus of tonight's ask the doctor segment. the mosquito-born virus can be devastating for pregnant women - and their unborn babies. if you have questions, infectious disease expert - dr. trudy larson - who's also the director of nevada's school of community health sciences - is taking your
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"you're watching channel 2 news... with kristen remington, landon miller, and mike alger's pinpoint two forecast!" congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street.
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join the fight to take back our government. tonight in health watch... the zika virus doesn't seem to be dampening the mood at carnival celebrations in brazil. more than a million people partied in the streets of rio - plus, other
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bookings are up from last year. still, as john potter shows us, authorities are urging people to take precautions to avoid mosquito bites. welcome to perhaps most infectious place on earth. but biggest party that's contagious. nats: band music a million souls in hedonistic abandon - and zika - a disease terrifying most because we know so little about it - just isn't getting in the way of anything. at all.try telling this lot to wear long sleeves. mos: "in carnival brazillian people just forget their problems." and just not thinking about zika, at all mos: talking my family abroad is more worried about zika, she says. huge crowds, at the height of mosquito breeding season - and if it's in saliva - you're definitely not meant to do this. and there's fear it might transmit sexually. this man isn't a policeman, but is being cautious, he says.
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yes, we are worried and we're taking precautions because of the virus, he insists. but not mosquito repellent. mos: talking the band plays on - men who've seen other diseases flourish and the fade. but where you don't hear this music is on the other side of town where those who clean up the mess of the partying live. zika is very real, and it means a week of work for this maid. nats: talking, music the only people who really understand zika, she says, are those who already have had it. the attitude on the streets now is wrong. if the country ignores it, it makes it worse. i'm taking my attitude home with me, i've bought nets. i don't want the mosquito to beat me again, to beat my family again. hotel occupancy is up. even in the zika hotbed in the north. covering the story, john potter, channel 2 news. the potential of the zika virus has prompted a new restriction on donating blood...worldwide .
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our blood supply here in northern nevada. erin breen takes a look at the connection. ----pump ticking---- blood being cradled--- it was as busy as usual at united blood services in reno this morning... even though they've added one more restriction to their standard battery of questions you have to answer before you can donate. have you been to the carribbean...south or central america....or mexico where you might have come in contact with the zika virus. mary meeker:"at this point there is not a test specifically for we're just asking poeple to wait to keep it out of our blood supply." and so far that question is working. mary meeker:"at this point we've had a lot of people call in and ask for information prior to coming in. and we've had a few we've had to deferr but not a significant amount. erin:"so there aren't any huge impacts on the local blood far. but they do anticipate that the added restriction could cut our blood supply...nationally by about 2%."
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people regularly travel to mexico and the carribbean to escape winter. but northern nevadans seem to head to europe. mary:"we see travelors...but our donors seem to go overseas and to europe and that kind of thing. we don't see nearly the level of travelors to mexico as some of our sister center in central california and texas." which doesn't mean we're completely in the clear. they call this an evolving situation. one they'll keep on top of because there's always a need for blood. mary: "o-neg...o pos....platelettes....there 's always a need ..." and healthy donors are always welcome here. covering health watch...erin breen channel 2 news. to give blood you need to contact united blood services... for how to get in contact with them, just head to and click on the blue newslinks button and mike alger will have a look at your forecast, coming up
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and... zika is also the focus of tonight's ask the doctor segment. if you have questions about this devastating virus - indluding how it's transmitted - dr. trudy larson is answering our phone lines right now at 858-2222. still to come on channel 2 news... nasa is getting closer to sending a spacecraft to the red planet, mars. find out the details of an
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nasa has big plans for martian exploration on the red planet. so far they have spotted craters, icy polar dunes, and even the possible landing site for a future mission. amanda ketchledge joins us live in the newsroom with more on the "mars 2020" mission in pasadena, california. amanda, what's in store for nasa's plans? in just four years, nasa hopes to send a spacecraft for a unmanned mission to the red planet, which would be a crucial step toward nasa's goal of someday sending humans to mars. at the jet propulsion laboratory, this piece of metal will be a sophisticated landing system for mars 2020. this animation shows how it will slow down the spacecraft. and gently drop an suv-sized rover
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pov curiosity mars descent: "we are decelerating" nasa used the same technique in 2012 to land the "curiosity" rover. steven lee: 09:07:33;09 curiosity is the first rover to really confirm that mars was a habitable place. this is a replica of the curiosity project at the mars yard. "curiosity really is the parent of mars 2020." the next generation rover will be loaded with a lot more technology. like higher-resolution cameras and an advanced robotic arm and drill-which will help search for signs of martian life jeff srinivasan: 05:13:29;25 we're actually gonna drill cores and make small samples of martian rock that we will put in tubes, seal, and leave on the martian surface. and hope the future mission, potentially, will come get those samples, bring it back to earth so earth scientists can actually study those samples. and engineer jim lewis and his team are working on how to turn the martian atmosphere into oxygen for astronauts to breathe and use as fuel. jim lewis: 07:52:16; 08 so inside this chamber is at seven torr which is the martian pressure. this experiment is critical because astronauts couldn't
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to last for what will be a three-year mission. jim lewis: 07:36:17;15 .if you want to go to mars as a human or if you want to launch a rocket from mars to bring a sample back, you need oxidizer to do that. nasa says all of this work and effort for this upcoming mission, will be a giant leap for human travel into deep space. covering the story, amanda ketchledge ,channel 2 news. "channel 2 news continues with chief meteorologist mike alger's pinpoint 2 forecast, broadcast certified by the american meteorological society!" a large ridge of high pressure will settle in over the west coast for the next week, giving
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setting temperatures. sunny skies and high temperatures in the low 60s tuesday will give way to a few clouds midweek, but temperatures will stay up in the 60s into the weekend, with lows near the freezing mark. winds will
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a large ridge of high pressure will settle in over the west coast for the next week, giving us very warm, though not record setting temperatures. sunny skies and high temperatures in the low 60s tuesday will give way to a few clouds midweek, but temperatures will stay up in the 60s into the weekend, with lows near the freezing mark. winds will generally light throughout the
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let's check in on the roads with our traffic reporter chaison dean in the alice 96 point 5 traffic center. please be aware of the normal slow-downs and congestion in and around the spaghetti bowl, also at pyramid way and mccarran boulevard. make sure to use a hands-free device and no texting while driving! coming up... the debate over new rates for solar customers continue - today the p-u-c heard testimony from both sides. details at 5:30 plus, the zika virus is being linked to birth defects for babies... but experts cite reports of guillain-barre syndrome in adults, too. we'll sit down with dr. trudy larson for more on this devastating virus - and how to
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard...
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the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. when things look the bleakest, heroes find a way. one way bomb. or another i'm gonna getcha i'll getcha, i'll getcha, getcha... i knew you'd save the day. (laughs)
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the c-d-c released new guidelines aimed at preventing sexual transmission of the zika virus -- which is evolving rapidly. dr. trudy larson is here for tonight's ask the doctor. she's the director of nevada's schools of community health sciences. 1 what is the likelihood we could see the zika virus here? 2 it's largely transmitted through
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pregnant women aren't the only ones who should take precaution? 3 if someone contracts the virus, for how long can they transmit it? and what precautions must they take - to prevent from spreading it? 4 guillain-barre syndrome has also been linked to zika? the centers for disease control and prevention released new guidelines aimed at preventing sexual transmission of the zika virus which, experts say, is evolving rapidly. the cdc now says men exposed to the zika virus and who have a pregnant partner should use a condom or abstain from sex until the baby is born. cdc director dr. tom
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with zika is protecting pregnant women and their unborn babies from a neurological disorder known as microcephaly. microcephaly results it babies being born with abnormally small heads that can lead to severe developmental delays or even death. "the priority is protecting pregnant women," frieden said. "if you're pregnant, and you're thinking recommends pregnant women be tested two to 12 weeks after travel. symptoms include fever, rash, headache and red eye. still to come on channel 2 news at 5... big changes to burning man ticket prices this year... we'll tell you why some will cost as much as 12 hundred dollars. paul nelson: the super bowl is hte biggest sporting event of hte year when it comes to betting and today people are
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the controversy surrounding solar in our state continues to heat up.... another public utilities commission meeting was held
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it comes to betting and today people are collecting their winnings. i"m paul nelson, i'll
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after the break. "this is channel 2 news, coverage you can count on" andrew "i went off on a hunch and i won. haha " yesterday's super bowl match-up between the broncos and panthers was big for some fans -- and even bigger for sports books -- with a record amount of money changing hands. that is tonight's channel 2 news big story at 5:30 more than 132-million dollars were bet on the big game in nevada sports books -- the highest amount ever. good evening -- i'm landon miller. and i'm kristen remington -- thank you for staying with us. sports books won 10-point-1 percent of that -- adding up to 13.3 million dollars in winnings.
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in the last ten years.
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