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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  July 16, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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morning news. >> good morning to you, welcome to friday, july 16th. i am dave clark. >> i am claudine wong in for pam cook this morning. thanks for waking up with us. let's check weather and traffic. good morning, steve. >> claudine and dave, good morning. on this friday morning a little change here. the sea breeze has picked up a little bit towards fairfield. it is still going to be hot for some. antioch, brentwood 100. we will shave off a few degrees, about 3 to 5 for some of the other areas like fairfield, concord, santa rosa 86. by the costa lot of fog and even over oakland so 60s and 70s closer to the coast and bay. here is sal. >> steve, right now westbound 80 traffic moving well out to the macarthur maze. no major problems as you see there. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on 880. now back to the desk. >> an overnight police investigation in san francisco stopped muni trains in -- [ inaudible ] >> -- happened just before 11:00 in the city's castro
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district. police were chasing a suspect when they shut down the muni line due to safety concerns. it is believed officers were looking for two men who have been robbing passengers. >> in the gulf of mexico that new cap that bp just put on its broken oil well appears to be holding at least for now. take a look at the pictures, this is from below 5000 feet undermeet the sea. it is a temporary fix but now there is on ty mim this may will be the beginning of the end. bp continues to run tests to make sure the cap is handling all the pressure there. coming up a live report from our washington, d.c. bureau. there was a real shake up in the nation's capitol early this morning but it had nothing to do with politics. an earthquake, a small one, hit just outside of washington, d.c. they felt it as far away as west virginia and pennsylvania. it was a 3.6 quake centered in
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rockville, maryland. it started just after 5:00 washington, d.c. time. there is no word yet of any any juries or damages but this rare earthquake there rattles the nerves of residents. >> the fire started 3:00 yesterday afternoon in the 1400 block of goodyear road along interstate 680. fire officials believe it started when a tree fell and brushed against a power line causing a spark. that fire burned 7 acres and was out in an hour. no injuries or damages reported. oakland police are releasing photographs of some of the people who looted businesses in downtown oakland last week, after they johannes mehserle verdict. the police want your help in identifying the people you see in these photos. several businesses were looted, including the sears store, a footlocker store, and several small family owned businesses.
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business owners who were effected, they are also asking anyone who has photos from that night to give them to the police. >> whoever got the video, whoever got the pictures, you know what i am saying, you can identify the person who did it, you know what i am saying, thanks a lot, you can help us out a lot, you know what i am saying? >> there is a $1000 reward offered for information leading to a qisks. you can see all of the foes to at our website. we posted them on the oakland riot tab. >> walnut creek police are now preparing for what will likely be an emotional and controversial rally there. on monday supporters of former bart police officer johannes mehserle are expected to hold a rally in front of the courthouse. he is the former bart police officer convicted last week on a charge of involuntary manslaughter for the shooting death of oscar grant new year's day 2009. now there is word that supporter of grant's family
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also plan to attend monday's rally. >> if there are two conflicting sides in a very emotional issue, which this certainly ills, we understand the volatility that co-occur so we will make sure to have enough personal nets out there to keep the peace. >> the organizers of the rally in support of mehserle are getting the word out on facebook and other websites. this is the first rally of its kind since grant was killed 19 months ago. organizers say they want to show their support for iserly, his family and others involve in law enforcement but many supporters of grant's family are angry mehserle was not convicted of murder. >> 5:04. ac transit drivers say they are angry a new contract will be imposed on them. this morning a judge will hear arguments by the transit union to block ac transit's board of directors from enforcing the contract that takes effect on sunday. that contract was approved by june 30th without a vote by the union's 1700 members because negotiations had reached an
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impasse. ac transit is telling its employees to stay on the job until the court makes a ruling. >> all right. time now is 5:04. and on this friday morning it appears things might be off to a good start. right, sal? >> that's right, claudine and dave. good morning to you. good friday morning. we are doing pretty well, now as your are driving to work on 80 westbound it looks pretty good out to the macarthur maze and beyond to the bay bridge. once you get to the toll plaza it is light. there are no delays on the span into san francisco. this morning's drive is going to be okay on 280 northbound up to highway 17. here is steve. >> a little change here today. if you are watching us down towards maybe salinas, tropical moisture coming up. it will stay south and ease of us. for us, though, low clouds over oakland, so yesterday they were shallow, today they are still shallow but higher and making more of a push.
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it was on the coast at this time yesterday. it is today. so things a little change here. the fog starting to flex its muscle. so cool, coast, warm to hot away. 60, big spread, if you commute in say from antioch and work in the city you will go from night -- well on your way home you will go from 60s to 90s to near 100 degrees. 63 san jose. the city at 56. 67 on the high yesterday. tough tough. i was very happy with my highs yesterday except for the city. fog just knocked me right down. everywhere else was right in line. see some of that tropical moisture up, again it will stay south. high pressure starting to lose its grip. temperatures in the interior hot, for others 60s and 70s. a cool day for a few. 80s around the bay to 80s, 3 to 5 degrees cooler for inland areas today. still warm to hot. we will see a cooling trend
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kick in on saturday and continue sunday and monday, claudine and dave. >> officials are expected to address about the iphone 4. the phones are flying off the shelves but the complaints are piling up about the reception problems. jade has more. >> reporter: good morning. no one knows what we are going to hear at this press conference but we know it is unreasonable. we are live in cupertino this morning. apple is not a company which calls for media gatherings but no one has to speck for a reason. the iphone 4 and its antenna issues, despite huge sales and being ranked the top smart phone just this week consumer reports refused to recommend the iphone 4 to consumers. consumer reports did tell potential smart phone customers
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a bumper which wraps around the entire ipho 4 eliminates most of that antenna problem, so today will apple offer free bumpers to customers who have already purchased a phone? will apple apologize for what many were saying was a known problem and one apple ceo steve jobs ignored or both? and now an expert is reportedly coming forward saying he warned jobs phone users who experience dropped calls if antenna issues weren't addressed. >> we might actually end up throwing apple underneath the bus for this because people as a group are sick and tired of large corporations taking advantage of them and downplaying problems and covering things up. >> reporter: and to make matters worse, yesterday new york senator charles schumer sent an open letter to steve jobs calling for a free fix for consumers, and it is -- believe it is -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: -- transparent manner. we are live at apple
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headquarters this morning in cupertino. the press conference is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. and we will have more for you in just about 20 minutes. reporting live, jade hernandez ktvu channel 2news. >> 5:08. as we told you earlier san francisco police are investigating what they are calling a suspicious death in the city's marina district. craig debro is out there right now. we has paul the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, daylight. it is presidio -- rather lump barred street and scott street. that is the intersection. behind me is the presidio. when police arrived they found a woman and she was pronounced dead on the scene. as far as how she got there police aren't saying much. it is unclear if there are any witnesses. all the rooms are filled up.
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don't know if we have witnesses or how she got there. they classified it as a suspicious death but it is possible they are being careful about what they say. they may know more than what they are selling us. >> 5:09. now that a controversial scientist is back in iran will three american hikers being detained there also be headed home? we will tell you what the parents of those hikers are saying. >> and it was a site rarely seen in the peninsula a thousand nurses kong verging on the home of the republican candidate for governor. [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: -- reacting to the news -- [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ] >> -- traffic moving well out to the high rise. more traffic and weather coming up on the morning news. [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ]
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welcome back. 5:13. so far so good this morning in the gulf of mexico. that new cap on bp's broken oil well seems to be holing. ktvu's alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau. she has all the details. good morning, amy son. >> reporter: good morning, dave. president obama is calling it a positive sign. we will hear from him in just a few hours before he heads to maine. first let's look at this before and after picture. the image of oil from the gusher has been dogging the
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president and angering americans for nearly 3 months, look at it now. the oil flow has stopped at least for the time being. the newest dome appears to be a success but bp says it is not clear yet if it will stay on. >> clearly it is encouraging for the first time in jix days not to see oil gushing out of this well but i think we all need to be very cautious. until we have completed the tests and seen the right results. >> reporter: there are still fears about another explosion from too much pressure or a rupture in the seafloor. we will keep monitoring the test results and have that and the president's statement here for you on ktvu. any son burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the long awaited financial reform bill now goes to president obama for his signature. the senate passed it yesterday on a 60-39 vote, almost two years after a financial meltdown sent the economy into a recession. this bill puts new relations on lending practices and expands
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consumer protection. >> it provides certainty to everyone from bankers to farmers, to business owners, to consumers. and unless your business model depends on cutting corners or bilking your customers you have nothing to fear from this reform. >> president obama is expected to sign it as early as wednesday. >> the mothers of the three uc berkeley graduates imprisoned in iran are hoping their children may soon be set free now that a iranian scientist is back in iran. he arrived in tehran yesterday. he is a nuclear scientist who says the u.s. kidnapped him. the u.s. claims he was a willing defector, the mothers sent a letter pleading their children be set free before the first anniversary of their capture at the end of this month. >> hundreds of nurses marched threw the usually quiet town in
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a protest targeting meg whitman. the nurses protested outside her home yesterday. the nurse's union, which has endorsed democrat jerry brown says whitman's plans to layoff 40,000 state workers and streamline labor rules would end up effecting nurses as well but not all nurses agree. >> well, i mean this is a mean- spirited woman. there is no question about that, and the nurses, the nurses take care of the most vulnerable and what she is doing is going after the most vulnerable. >> i think it is very unfair to target meg white man because she says 40,000 jobs will be lost, she means the whole state. she is not saying nurses and our state needs to cut back spending. >> whitman wasn't home during the protest. she was campaigning in southern california. >> 5:16. the morning starting on a -- early on a friday sal. i know you are watching contra costa county, right? i am. i don't know if you caught me speaking to the people in the
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newsroom but they are helping me out -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- every stone, there is not a lot going on here. good. we want to be nice and quiet. let's start in contra costa, highway 4 westbound is moving well up to the willow pass grade. off to a nice start. san mateo bridge looks good. over to the high rise off to a nice start there. traffic moving well on the dumbarton bridge. this is a live look at northbound 280 at the 880 interchange and we are doing very well up into the valley so far. at 5:17 here is steve. >> all right, thank you very much. and we do have a little bit more of a sea breeze to the delta, travis airforce base west-southwest at 22. at this time yesterday it was west-southwest at nine. low clouds are spreading over oakland and berk e. yesterday they were clear. inland it is still hot. 90s and 100s. concord will come down, morgan hill two to four degrees cooler
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today. still come up in lake county and towards eastern so lana contra costa county. cool coast, mild hot and away. it is a summertime pattern. 55 santa rosa and napa. 63 livermore-concord. san jose 63. five tahoe, reno 71. 93 in las vegas. 62 in ukia, 66 sacramento. 101 for them today. 60s up and down the coast. eureka 52. the system is the leading edge of our cooling trend. highs 60 to 100.
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what? now, if you are visiting and from the midwest -- [ inaudible ] >> -- near 60, for some inland 100 degrees. we can get a 40 degree spread sometime and that -- [ inaudible ] >> -- 100, santa rosa though cloudy this morning, 86, san jose also 86, down three from yesterday. morgan hill 94 degrees. low clouds reforming and will pick up as we get to sunday, monday and tuesday. ♪ [ music ] >> european stocks started the day with a slight upswing but most asian markets closed down. the nikei was the biggest loser falling nearly 3%, its worst day in more than a month. taiwan, australia and singapore were down fractionally. the asian markets started their slide after weaker than expected u.s. economic reports.
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you can see the numbers down from yesterday just about seven points the dow is down. that was after that mixed economic news that we were talking about. this morning the earnings seasons does continue. good numbers from ge but one of the stocks to watch this morning will be google because it fell be low expectations with its quarterly numbers. goldman sachs will pay $550 million to settle civil fraud charges brought through the federal justice system. they are accused of misleading buyers. this is the largest penalty ever levied against a wall street firm but only takes goldman sacks to make that amount of money. >> starting today two new u.s. stamps become available after debuting last night at at&t park. the new stamps honoring the negro baseball league, there it is. the stamps pay tribute to the all black professional baseball league that existed between 1920 and the 1960s, those leagues challenged racist beliefs about white athletic sproutery and eventually helped integrate major league sports. >> 5:20. there is a whole lot of shaking
5:21 am
going on near the geysers. we are going to explain when we come back. >> also the warrior sale surprised almost everybody, that includes the bay area's tycoon who was longviewed as the front-runner to buy the team. >> good morning. westbound interstate 80 traffic moving along very well heading out to the macarthur maze. another look at the commute is coming up.
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good morning. low clouds and fog temperatures inland still not. 90s to 100. by the coast and around the bay cooler. >> high temperatures and lightning have sparked at least eight fires in riverside county. this one of the fires you are looking at right now. twof sheriff's deputies were actually injured while trying to rescue a woman from a burning trailer. in the san fernando valley temperatures reached 100 degrees. southern china is bracing for a typhoon this hour. the storm has left a trail of destruction. it was downgraded but meteorologists say it has strengthened again packing 75 mile an hour winds and is exhibited to hit landfall sometime tonight.
5:25 am
sonoma county is getting minor aftershocks after a pair of earthquakes rattled the area yesterday. one happened near the geyser where a quake hit before 5:00 last night. a quake shook the area near santa rosa yesterday morning. there are no reports of damage. >> 5:24. his company's name is on the home of the golden state warriors but oracle ceo larry elly son will not be the new owner of the franchise. instead peter giewber and joe lake ob surprised everybody by winning the bidding war. one of the people involved in brokering that deal says there is a simple ellison lost out. >> they waited until the last possible moment when we were literally hours away from signing a deal and put in a slightly higher bid. i believe morally and ethically
5:26 am
when you have a handshake with somebody it is not just not the right thing to renig on it. >> ellison issued this statement, although i was the highest bidder he decided to sell to someone else. in my experience this is a bit unusual. nonetheless i wish the warriors and their fans nothing but sec sees under their new ownership. >> 5:25. authorities near tracey make a terrifying discovery. there is now one big question involving a small bird -- [ inaudible ] >> -- creek where a first of its kind rally is planned for johannes mehserle, we will tell you why it promises to be a heated demonstration coming up. [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ] [ inaudible ] >> -- in cupertino. ♪ [ music ] [ inaudible ] >> -- 580. we will tell you more coming up. [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ]
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good morning to you, welcome back, this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news, i am dave clark. >> i am claudine wong, pam cook has the day off. high, steve. >> thank you very much. on this friday morning a little slant to the cooler pattern today. more low clouds and fog not only on the coast but also over the bay. so 60s and 70s by the beaches, 70s and 80s around 3 bay, over the hills and far far away it
5:30 am
is still hot, antioch and brentwood but west-southwest at fairfield to 22, so inland highs could come down 3 to 5 today. here is sal. >> good morning. right now northbound 280 traffic is moving well up to highway 17. no major problems there. also-- there goes cal train. northbound and southbound 680 good down to the grade. back to the desk. >> police are preparing for a tense situation. tara moriarty joins us live with that story. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. originally mehserle supporters were the only ones slated to show up at this rally set for monday but now we are learning that grant supporters also plan on attending. walnut police have reached out to them regarding the demonstration that is scheduled to take place on the courthouse from 2:00 until 5:00 in the afternoon. officers have been gathering
5:31 am
intelligence to make sure they are prepped for the event, launched soley on facebook. they have met with the rally's key organizers who have remained anonymous in order to set boundaries. >> if they are two convicting sides in an emotional issue, which this is, we are going to make sure we have enough personnel to keep the peace. >> reporter: organizers say they want to show support for johannes mehserle, his family and other officers. they say public support for him is long overdue and many people were simply too scared to speak up for him sooner. about 100 people plan on attending. they contend that oscar grant's death was an accident. he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for killing grant during an arrest on the bart platform on new
5:32 am
year's eve day of last year. critics of the verdict say it was too lenient. >> overnight two people were shot in brentwood at a party for teenagers. after midnight police were called to a home on virginia drive. witnesses say 20 teenagers were gathered at this house. three young men not invited to the party showed up. words were exchanged, shots were fired towards that house. two teens were hit. one in the leg, the other in the back. both were taken to the hospital. so far police have not made any arrests in connection with the shootings. >> police are investigating a series of breakins at several office buildings in pal 0 at top of the detectives say over the last five months burglars have broken the windows and stolen electronics, the first happened last february, the most recent occurred blocks away on embarcadero road.
5:33 am
police are trying to determine if the crimes are connected. police say all the suspects in a series of strong armed robberies are in custody. the police say the group targeted younger victims to steal mobile electronic devices. they recovered all of the stolen items earlier this week at the home of a 17-year-old clayton valley high school football player. two of those arrested are from clayton and the other two from concord. >> sheriff deputies want to know what happened to a small herd of horses found dead and dehydrated. a driver spotted those horses lying in a field along interstate 580 west. in all five horses were found dead. two alive but they are very weak. a veterinarian says their condition is fragile. the woman who found them says it is a site she will never forget. >> if people are aware of this they got to tell somebody
5:34 am
before it gets this bad. how can you have horse bodies laying around and nobody know about it. i don't understand. >> now the man caring for the horses refused to be interviewed by us. investigators say a trove on the property have been dry for three or four days. the vet says even though the horses appear to be well fed they probably died from dehydration. the sheriff's office is investigating. if the water to that trough was shut off and if it will file criminal neglect charges. >> we know the names of all four fisherman involved in the boating accident. they died after their boat capsized on wednesday. 62-year-old henry medrano's body was pulled from the water that day as was the body of melvin cox. the other body washed ashore yesterday morning and zach tile oris still missing and presumed dead. three men are from the city of
5:35 am
river bank. the other lives in arkansas. an update to a story we first brought to you yesterday morning but a incident at a san jose apartment complex. 61-year-old robert turner is now in police custody. witnesses say turner stabbed one woman and shot and killed another, 48-year-old vernea lisa hollins, her family members say she died because police took too long to come to her assistance but police say they encountered a chaotic scene when they arrived at the apartment complex and didn't know where the shooting suspect was and didn't want anyone else to get hurt. >> police voted to approve a contract they say will prevent layoffs and didn't give up as much as the city asked for. they greed for a reduction in officer pay of 4%, other unions have agreed to 10% cuts. this deal also calls for officers to increase their
5:36 am
retirement contribution, the contract runs through next june, the city council still has to approve it. officials at apple are planning to talk to reporters this morning and expected to address that problem with the new iphone 4. complaints have been filing up lately bought reception problems. jade hernandez is live in cupertino now. she has all the details. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we are live at apple headquarters this morning in cupertino and in hours the company is expected to hold a press conference. now this an unusual move but speculation has that this press conference has something to do with apple latest unveiling the iphone 4. apple has come under fire from experts customers and has even been sued since the iphone 4 was rested. it has had antenna issues. it wraps all the way around the phone and if the left hand corner is covered signal strength drops dramatically. new reports have an apple senior engineer, an expert claiming he warned steve jobs about the problem before the
5:37 am
release. this comes the very same week consumer reports refused to recommend the iphone 4 to customers. they did tell potential smart phone customers a bumper sold by apple and which wraps around the entire phone eliminates most of that problem. so today will apple offer free bumpers to customers who have already purchased a phone? will apple apologize? or both. >> the antenna problem is not that great and the other problems all are consistent with other problems that happened with early iphones, the issue that is driving this is apple's missouri handling of the problem, their attempts to cover it up and mislead and that is what is driving a certain amount of frengzy with apple at the wrong side of that frenzy. >> reporter: yesterday to make matters worse new york senator charles shumer sent an open letter to steve jobs calling for a free fix to consumers and, i believe it is incumbent for apple to address this flaw in a transparent manner. the press couches is scheduled
5:38 am
for 10:00 here in cupertino we will be dher and monitor this morning's buzz about the latest press conference. live from cupertino this morning, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 5:37. it is going to be a little more complicated and possibly more expensive to carpool across the golden gate bridge after today. beginning on monday carpoolers will no longer be allowed to pay cash to get the discounted carpool fair. instead carpoolers must have a -- [ inaudible ] >> -- tollbooth so the toll collector can check the car. >> is everybody behaving? >> in a word, yes. on this friday we are hoping for an easy commute. it is easy indeed coming into
5:39 am
san francisco. the freeways look good approaching the bridge and also on the other side in san francisco. this is a look at 880 north and southbound. we are doing very well. i keep checking in with chp, so far they are giving us the all clear. no major problems. and the morning drive on 237 continues to look good. now at 5:38. once again here is steve. >> all right, sal, thank you very much. and on this friday morning look at the tropical moisture coming up. a signature low there is spreading in thunderstorm activity. it is the monsoon season down in arizona so the low spinning up heading north will stay in southern california, it will -- [ inaudible ] >> -- for us low clouds and fog. some of it is making a push into the north bay, marin county, also sonoma county. santa rosa cloudy, yesterday clear. subtle signs of a cooler pattern, a west-southwest wind
5:40 am
at travis to 22. napa a west wind at five. yesterday there was hardly any breeze at all. so cool coast, mild to warm to hot away. 60s, 70s and 90s to near 100. 60s here also. 93 las vegas, 88 palm springs. partly cloudy skies down there. could be more thunderstorms today. don't think it will make it here. it will just -- it will get pushed off right there -- [ inaudible ] >> -- if you look south and also east. for us though, the big news -- [ inaudible ] >> -- cooling the pattern down. it is already beginning to show itself today so coastal fog. now it will take another day or two before it clears the coastal hills. so oakland has cloudy skies so cooler, 60s, 70s by the coast. 70s and 80s now around the bay.
5:41 am
inland still 90s. for many it will come down 2 to 4. fog, sun, warm, not as hot on saturday. here comes the -- [ inaudible ] >> -- fog sunday into monday. >> all right, time now is 5:40. and one of silicon valley's biggest companies make an announcement directly effecting to yous of employees. >> we will tell you about a new recall affecting salad lovers in california and 19 other states. &% f0
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5:43 am
good morning. low clouds and fog. more of a sea breeze today.
5:44 am
still 90s to near 100 inland but cooler, especially around the bay. 60s on the coast or low 70s. >> steve, thank you. welcome back. good morning to you. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 5:43. that temporary cap that bp put on its broken oil well appears to be holding this morning. bp engineers are running tests on it to make sure it can handle the pressure. there is now optimism this may finally be the beginning of the end. the oakland police department is resting photos like these of people suspected of looting downtown businesses during the protest after the mehserle verdict last week. police are asking you to help identify the people you see in these photos. and san francisco police are investigating what they are calling a suspicious death in the city's marina district. officers found the body of a woman in the parking lot of auto hotel on scott and lombard shortly after midnight. >> a mother faces felony child abuse charges this morning
5:45 am
after antioch police say she shook her nine-month-old baby. 27-year-old georgette dopper vol surrendered to police and is held on $150,000 bail. authorities say her baby daughter had bleeding in her brain and retina from being shaken and is in protective custody. police say they don't believe she suffered permanent damage. >> police in milpitas released photos they hope will help identify two suspects in a deadly shooting. the photos were taken last october. here they are. a man was shot and killed in the parking garage at the great mall. the suspects drove away in a full-size suv that had tinted windows. you see it there. it might also have been damaged by gunfire. now the victim was 34-year-old michael davis of richmond. he was found i the east parking garage. if you have any information about this case contact milpitas police. >> a state senate committee has approved a bill that would sale
5:46 am
the autopsy reports of murdered children. the family of murder victim sandra cantu testified before the committee supporting that legislation. the bill would let family members request that autopsies and other evidence be sealed if their child was killed during the commission of a crime. media organizations or opposing it and say it would restrict the public's right to know details of those crimes. >> in berkeley a group of disabled activists are entering the 4th week of protests against state budget cuts. they sent up a tent city calling it arnieville named after the governor. many of the protesters who are living in the tints have severe disabilities and rely on state funded attendants to help with their care. they are upset because the governor is going to slash millions from the program. a coalition called on the governor to stop cutting vital services for the sick and
5:47 am
disabled. [ cheers ] >> the protesters rallied outside the state building. she attended the protest in her wheelchair. she says the elderly and disabled are in danger of losing social services such as inhome care. >> they are talking about cutting it 50% or eliminating it at 1 time this year. if any one of them is cut it will put me in a position of having to go to a nursing home. >> knee demonstrators argued they should levy a fee against oil companies. a spokesperson told us that voters had rejected the idea of higher taxes and the governor would rather have the state, live within its means. >> thisser is a new pole that indicates californians are
5:48 am
divided about the new immigration law. 45% said they disapprove, with 34% strongly against it. when asked if they thought undocumented immigrants said they are taking jobs away californias 58% said the group is doing jobs others don't want, while 34% said they are taking away other's jobs. the law is scheduled to take effect july 29th. >> 5:48. sal is looking out for us trying to give us friday light traffic today. hello, sal. >> hello, include done and dave, yeah, it is friday light so far, we are hoping et stays this way, but usually it gets busy before 6, so we have a little bit of time before that happens. as you can see a nice picture of 237 in the southeast bay and 880 in both directions here traffic is moving well on northbound 880 up to the down down area. if you are driving on the bay bridge so far so good at the six dollar toll plaza into san
5:49 am
francisco. so again, if you need to go and you want to get ahead of every one else right now would be a good time. here is steve. >> sal, thank you. changes today. fairfield, weavings, southwest 22, gusting to 29. that is a screaming message for cooler. yesterday pat this time it was southwest at nine. even vacaville southwest at seven. napa west at five. concord northwest at five. there is a -- [ inaudible ] >> -- marin county and even into the east bay and also the peninsula a lot of the upper level stations have a west wind. that all spells cooler today. far enough away from the coast, because again my forecast area is like all of california, some areas still warm to hot. [ inaudible ] >> -- central california, actually san joaquin valley and the central sierra,
5:50 am
thunderstorm erupting there -- [ inaudible ] >> -- around the bay, still hot inland but not as hot as yesterday. 60s, 70s and 90s. 54 sonoma and others. 60s now. cupertino, gilroy, san martin, still in the 90s for santa clara valley and out to pleasanton as well. it is still not but it is not four degrees hotter. [ inaudible ] >> -- now pushing into the north bay. santa rosa says cloudy. it is cloudy over oakland and the bay and that was not the case yesterday. fog along the coast. it will burn off. the sea breeze and the advance of the fog means cooler for many. coastal fog, sunny inland, cool to hot though, 60s to near 100.
5:51 am
cooler tomorrow. the big drop on the temperatures takes us into sunday and also monday. >> there is a recall of some bad salad products sold in california and 19 other states. fresh express is warning consumers but lettuce that may be contaminated i.e., coloradoi. the bags are used from july 8th to july 12th. you should throw it away. there are no reports of anyone getting sick. bay area developers are worried new air quality guidelines could delay or stop affordable housing projects. the paper reports they are concerned about new requirements to conduct pollution control studies for projects near freeways, oil refineries and other high pollution sources. that new rule would apply to most transit oriented development in the inner bay area. hewlett-packard is
5:52 am
consolidating its operations in palo alto. it is moving out of its cupertino facility and closer to hod quarters. only 60% of the workspaces on both campuses are being used and the company says operations are going to be more efficient when the move is completed about two years from now. >> all right. our time is now 5:51. still ahead the bay area is prepareing to say farewell to a homegrown gospel music giant. we are going to tell you about plans for a star-studded tribute. >> also one of the bay area's best known museums will do something today that doesn't happen very often. [ inaudible ] ♪ [usic ]
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
lindsay lohan has checked herself into rehab and is hoping that will reduce her jail sentencech she was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating her probation -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- checked into -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- plod fie her sentence or let her serve it at the silver house. >> 5:55. a memorial is planned for this weekend for that stanford graduate student who died a week ago today while climbing in yosemite, 31-year-old christian, an experienced climber, fell 400 feet to her death while descending from the north face ovey corn peak without a rope. services will be hell at 1:00
5:56 am
p.m. sunday at stanford memorial cheryl. >> in oakland many will gather for a tribute to walter hawkins who passed away on sunday. next tuesday stars will perform at a gathering to pay their final respects. it does take place at the paramount theater on broadway at 7:00 p.m. tickets are free. a funeral is scheduled at the paramount the next day. the museum is opening its doors for free tonight. it is one of six fran sphran museums offering free admission over this coming weekend as part of the wonder free family event. >> 5:56. sal is free but his advice is priceless, sal. >> thank you, dave and clad dean, yeah, we are off to a nice start. we are looking at all the traffic cameras for you. northbound 280 looks good approaching the 880 interchange.
5:57 am
no major problems on 17 or on 101 or for that matter on 6y heading to the south bay out of pleasanton. that looks good. 580 traffic still off to a nice start. here at the bay bridge people are showing up for sure but there is not a big crowd just yet. so it is good driving in to the city. 5:56. back to dave and claudine. >> all right. the bay area is preparing to say farewell to a homegrown gospel music giant. we just talked about those plans for that tribute and we are going to continue to have -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- in san francisco, it is under investigation right now. a mystery surrounds the discovery of a body that was found in a parking lot. stay tuned for the details. >> we will be right back. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
5:58 am
5:59 am
i am tara moriarty live in walnut creek where police are prepping for dueling protests in the wake of the mehserle verdict. we will have that report coming up. >> the lower deck may have problems. more about that coming up. >> after a hot day inland temperatures today will start to come down a little bit. there is a little bit more fog and sea breeze. >> we will tell you what apple officials are expected to say today after several complaints about the new iphones. the morning news continues. ♪ [ music ]


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