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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 29, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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unsolved for more than 10 weeks, hayward police announce an arrest in a execution style murder. >> a young girl is in jail
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tonight for the murder of two men. lloyd lacuesta has the story. >> reporter: hayward's police announcement comes after two weeks of investigating what they call a double execution style murder. police say two 18-year-old men were forced to kneel down and shot several times with an assault rifle. a man who doesn't want to be identified told me what he heard on early mother's day. >> it sounded like an automatic gun. like i said, six shots first. and then another second, another four, and then another six. so it was around 20 shots probably all together. >> reporter: killed were rafael
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avila and carlos orozco. police say bonrostro told them before dying that they had been killed in a robbery. an aunt and a mother told to reporters. one relative speaking in spanish reacted to the arrest of the suspects. >> she said she would like them to suffer the way her ffered. she would like to get life in prison or even death if that's the case. >> reporter: one suspect is isaiah washington. he was picked up the night of the shooting and has been held since on a parol violation. arrested today was a 17-year- old freemont girl who's name and picture are not being released. she was in the car police chased, but released at the time for lack of evidence. the weapon used is yet to be recovered. >> we believe both of them
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handled a gun. we can put the gun in both of their hands. we believe the evidence is fairly strong that at least the young lady did, if not both of them. >> reporter: the two young men killed have been buried in graves next to each other. police say the male suspect could face the death penalty. lloyd lacuesta. fire season is heating up in southern california with at least three fires burning tonight in los angeles county. the biggest problem is the crown fire. it is destroyed at least one home near agua dulce and 1,500 homes and the area have been evacuated. l.a. county officials say the crown fired charred 5,050 acres so far and there is no sign it will be contained soon. so far there is no word on the cause of this fire or two other wile fires burning in los angeles county. we want to show you a live picture now of that fire burning in an area known as the
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leona valley. cal iso has issued a warning because the fire is burning near transmission lines. two of the three high power electric lines along path 86 are already out of service because of this fire. if we get more information, we will let you know. the ac transit labor dispute goes back to court tomorrow. the contract has led to scores of drivers calling in sick. the drivers are upset about the contract because it changed shifts and benefit costs. ac transit says it needs
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concessions to close its deficit. the oakland school board is meeting at this hour to consider whether to put a parcel tax on the november ballot. if passed the initiative would bring in millions of the dollars and help boost teacher salaries. the parcel tax would require property owners to pay an additional $550 a year for 10 years. it would need a 2/3 majority vote. arizona's governor went to court to appeal an injunction. we have both sides of the debate for you, starting in san francisco with ktvu's amber lee. amber-- >> reporter: julie, tonight's protest here in the heart of the mission was festive.
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but the message was somber as demonstrators are fighting what they call the legalization of racial profiling. these aztek dancers provided the background for the rally. >> it's a fear we have to confront every day. every day you wake up and you think, i'm here undocumented anything can happen. our families can be separated. >> reporter: demonstrators are protesting the arizona law and the program now in use in many u.s. cities including san francisco. it gives federal immigration agents access to a state data base of fingerprints taking at county jail. making it easy to find undocumented immigrants. >> we are here to protest those
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laws that target individuals. >> if we get notified of level two or three offenders that are in jail we're still going to do our job and check them out and if so put them in proceedings or remove them. >> reporter: many protesters told us illegal immigrants are hard workers who deserve the chance to live here legally. this man brought his sons so they can see their roots. >> when my mother came, she was like everybody else. she finally got her paper and
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luckily i was born here. >> reporter: the protest was large but peaceful. reporting live in san francisco's mission district, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. our coverage turns to mike mibach with the other side of this issue. >> reporter: the other side was quite clear, timeto put the politics to the side and secure the border. don't high above interstate 5 american flags were flapping in the wind. passionate about their country and those who enter it
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illegally. >> it's our country. if they're here illegally, they need to leave. >> california is leading into that direction. >> reporter: the majority of the two dozen people who stood tall over the interstate say immigration is not just an arizona issue, it is a national issue. >> hospitals are being bankrupt, the economy is where it is right now and illegal immigration is a big part of it. >> as taxpayers, i'm concern. what's going to be left for my kids. >> reporter: the core injunction has struck many nerves across the united states. some call the ruling a victory. this group calls it a big reminder. a reminder they say that the federal government is shying away from its responsibility of
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securing the border. >> i think it's a state's job to assist the government. and that's what arizona was trying to do, assist the federal government. >> if the government can't do it for us, the state's need to take action. >> reporter: with midterm elections just a few weeks away, it's not expected that congress will be tackling immigration reform any time soon. the legal battle surrounding arizona's controversial immigration law took a new turn today when jan brewer filed an appeal in federal court. she's asking the ninth circuit court to lift the temporary injunction that blocks the mayor provisions of the arizona law. governor brewer says she wants to see the court act quickly so the law can take full effect. >> i'm going to do what 2/3 of americans wants us to do. hopefully we will proceed through the court system and in the end we will be victorious.
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>> a watered down version of the law went into effect. the sheriff says he will continue to target illegal immigrants despite the injunction. our coverage continues on where you will find video as well as arrests in arizona. almost 100 people are in custody tonight following a sweep of the sierra. officials have been searching for grow operations. they say the raid so far has netted $1.7 billion of marijuana. the fresno sheriff's office says that most arrested were
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mexican residents and tied to the drug cartel. and there's - - >> i think that mr. narzigian thinks that they are anzels. and like a dog with a bone he is not going to give it up. he's created a website where people can buy prints made from the plates for thousands of dollars. dozens of bay area firefighters are facing lay offs tomorrow. why the major labor dispute doesn't end there. this is a live picture from southern california, we'll update you on this growing fire. and i'll be back here in
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about five minutes with tomorrow's forecast. and i can tell you this, it does include a warm up as we head into the weekend.
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san jose firefighters are braising tonight for dozens of lay offs set to begin just hours from now.
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and as ktvu's robert handa report, that isn't the only issue. >> reporter: 52 of the city's 720 firefighters are set to be laid off at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> we know it's going to put the community at risk, their property at risk then it's going put the firefighters at greater risk. >> every department had to take a hit. management, you name it everybody took some hits. >> reporter: the dispute seems likely to head to binding arbitration. a city charter process that allows an outside mediator to make a decision. that's tentatively scheduled to begin a day before election day when the mayor wants voters to limit the arbitrators authority. >> city of san jose has lost control over the city's cost.
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the average cost for a firefighter and police officer has doubled in the last ten years. >> reporter: angry union officials say a city charter change should follow months of city meetings. >> not come up with an idea at the last minute and educate the city through sound bites. it's not a safe way to do business. >> reporter: regardless, the talks will talk fast. the lay offs will begin tomorrow morning. and the city will decide whether to put arbitration in next tuesday's council meeting. palo alto police released a sketch of a man who accompanied a young boy in recent home burglaries. the homeowner says the man was waiting outside his house on liton drive when the homeowner surprised a boy trying to break
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in. the boy is described as 10 years old. a child matching that description has been involved in at least three recent home burglary attempts in palo alto. national parks rangers say they have caught a grizzly bear that has attacked two people. one victim was hospitalized with a serious face injury, the other was not hurt badly enough to require hospitalization. a park service spokesperson said the attacker had hyperthermia and suffered injuries to his head. a camping ban applied to county property. which means they can break up a protest outside of a city property. it bans sleeping on public
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property from 11:00 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. it was thought to be applied only to city land. but it also applies to county property, such as the courthouse. state lawmakers returning to sacramento from vacation will face a stark reality, a month after the fiscal year began there is no state budget and no deal to resolve california's $19 billion budget shortfall. but as ktvu's ken pritchett reports, at least one controversial proposal is now on the table. >> reporter: the hum of overhead lights, the chatter of tourists in the gallery, they were essentially the only sounds heard today in the assembly chamber, the members are on holiday. >> they don't even have a bill yet, they don't have a plan. >> reporter: a budget deal is several weeks away. the only visible movement is the ticking of the budget clock outside the governor's office.
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but talks are going on behind closed doors. >> what we're talking about is a tax decrease. a tax cut for california's across the income spector. >> reporter: daryl steinburg says he has a plan to solve the budget deficit without slashing education. he proposes to raise the income tax and increase the vehicle license fee. both of which can be deducted from federal taxes. then, cut the sales tax, initially by 1.5 cents. >> what we would do is raise some of the taxes where taxpayers get a federal deduction and lower the taxes, sales tax where a taxpayers do not get a deduction. >> reporter: steinburg says the end result is a tax decrease. >> by depending even more on income taxes, we're going to be looking at a more volatile system. we'll have that discussion with him but we don't think it's going to work. >> reporter: without a budget,
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state workers face more furloughs and vendors face the prospect of getting paid with ious. in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. and temperatures did warm up a few degrees today as we go into the next 24 hours. the fog moves back in tonight. it's into the avenues of san francisco, golden gate park. it'll most likely be in your district. the fog will make it as far inland as vacaville and fairfield. your forecast highs where city where is you live, 83 in fairfield, 84 antioch. these are tomorrow's forecast highs for friday. so slightly warmer. the bay area beak weekend is coming up. we have the travel forecast and
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the five day forecast coming up. escoviedo was honored today in the south bay. the san jose downtown association recognized escoviedo for his 17 performances at the annual music in the parks festival. the percussionist just celebrated his 75th birthday. in addition to playing with his own group azteca, escoviedo has performed with several groups. and a new pattern that has submerged in bay area bridges. and if you can't take the people to the vaccine, take the vaccine to people. how one bay area city is fighting whooping cough in a new way. since i've been doing roller derby for the last three years,
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i'm more brash, more confident and i love this. can i use my hands? is that alright? i take good care of my body and i do it so i can do this. [ male announcer to keep doing what you love, keep your heart healthy. cheerios can help. the whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. i, i want to be doing roller derby until i break a hip. and then i'll do it for a little bit longer. hahaha. [ male announcer it's simple, love your heart so you can do what you love. what do you love? see lp you do it. bay area bridge managers say drivers have changed their habits since recent increase in tolls and the end of free car
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pools. just released figures show almost 10,000 fewer cars each day have been using the bay area seven state owned bridges since the toll increases went into effect on july 5th. about 10,000 fewer cars are using car pool lanes. meantime bart ridership is up about 4,500 passengers a day. the weight of the morning commute has decreased significantly. >> it used to be a 25 minute commute, now it's 12 minutes. demolition of moneta san jose airport terminal c is set to begin tomorrow. crews will clear the site to enable the construction of a new parking lot next to the new terminal b. terminal c has been closed since the end of last month. construction on the new parking lot is scheduled to begin in
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october. the project is expected to be completed by next spring. state fair officials say police have nabbed four suspected counter fitters trying to pass bad cash at the fair. the phony bills are 20s and 100s and were spotted by fair workers. the secret service has been called in to investigate. there's no word yet on how much if any counter fit money police have confiscated. 59-year-old kevin fifell was arrested tuesday after he was seen dragging his sheep dog. it was found out the dog is
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suffering of cancer. fifell has been arrested and the dog is being treated. and rangel issued a statement saying he did not misuse his public office for public gain. he could face the congressional trial before the november elections. former u.s. da worker sherrod announced today she will sue the conservative blogger who posted and edited a video of her that wrongfully made her appear racist. sherrod made that announcement today during the national convention of journalists. it led to a rush to judgment by some news organizations and ultimately led to sherrod's forced resignation. >> he had to know that he was targeting me. at this point he hasn't apologized, i don't want it at
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thispoint. and he'll definitely hear from me. >> sherrod added that her experience led to reviewing racism. and later it has been called a national disgrace. the stunning admission today that thousands of war veterans graves may be mismarked.
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friday's target forecast is for walnut creek. tomorrow morning when you wake up. clouds, there's already fog
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coming up in lafayette. 73degrees at lunchtime. 82degrees for a daytime high for your friday. i'll see you back here in a bit with your five day forecast. we have an update now in southern california where a wildfire has forced 2,200 people from their homes tonight. these pictures of the crown fire came into the newsroom in the last hours. it started around 3:00 this afternoon and quickly erupted burning dry brush and grass. here's a look at the area. the fire is north's of santa clarita of highway 14 near the city of palm dale. high temperatures there tomorrow are forecast to be in the mid-90s. whooping cough has claimed another life. a 1-year-old baby boy. we're in concord with how one
10:31 pm
community is reaching out to get people vaccinated. debra villalon has the story. >> reporter: whooping cough is more rampant than last year. since families need to know about it. concord is coming to them. live music on a warm night brings crowds out. but tucked in with food, a booth doesn't seem to fit. >> five days a week. kin i have two teens, i don't want
10:32 pm
them to get sick. >> reporter: six--week-old rusty is too young to start onoculaiton. every child that has died was sickened by a relative. >> everybody got comfortable and stopped vaccinationing. >> reporter: called whooping cough because of the noise kids make gasping for air. it comes on as a cold and is highly contagious. >> i don't want them to get it, i don't want to get it. i work at a child care, so we're all getting it. >> sometimes i worry about being over inoculated and i want nature take its course. >> reporter: health officials say skipping the vaccine is risky, especially if babies are in the picture. six -month-old nila has three
10:33 pm
big sisters rolling up their sleeves. her mother already got the vaccine, after a coworker was diagnosed. >> i didn't have a doubt, i could have gotten it earlier. i should have gotten it sooner. >> reporter: protusis does run in cycles. this outdoor clinic, a big hit. 500 shots in five hours. debra villalon. we checked just how statewide whooping cough is. 1,500 cases with hundreds more being investigated locally. marin county is the state's largest city with cases. and has more information on whooping cough including symptoms and upcoming vaccination clinics.
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six people filed a lawsuit looking to block proposition 14. opponents argue it is unconstitutional because it disunfranchises voters. they say it sensors against small party representatives. jerry brown's attempt to stay competitive might be rekindling some painful memories for the brown family. what lessons might jerry brown learn from his younger sister? political editor randy shandobil reports. >> reporter: it was 16 years old, kathleen brown was running for governor. her opponent, incumbent pete wilson. kathleen brown just as jerry brown does now, had the early
10:35 pm
lead in the polls. but wilson's campaign just as meg whitman now had more money to buy ads. >> he was early in april with ads on tv attacking kathleen. >> reporter: he told us he knew that pete wilson's ads were working and that if brown didn't fight back with ads right away she risked being knocked out early. so even though brown was low on money -- >> i decided, let's spend our money during the summer and we'll raise money later. >> but the new money never came in. >> reporter: truthfully, very few people know this, we really ran out of money after labor day. >> reporter: in a california governor's race? >> yeah. >> reporter: now jerry brown faces the same dilemma.
10:36 pm
spend now or wait until september and risk being too far in the polls to catch up. >> neither choice is a good choice, he has to raise money more. >> reporter: raising money creates its own set of problem, especially if he's getting money from friendly labor unions. the more union money there is backing brown the more susceptible he is to whitman's charges. but riley say s if anyone can find a way to overcome whitman's money, it would be jerry brown. accusations of fraud and over charging; just ahead the federal government sues bay area based oracle. and new legislations for consumer. why it's now more difficult for a utility company to shut off your power. a few minutes later, a tower of survival. how a woman lived thud a bear attack.
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internet users in china have full access to google services once again tonight after what appears to have been a partial block out. google posts a table of availability for china. now google says the problem has been resolved although it's not clear how much access was actually blocked. china renewed google's license. the data based software giant overcharged the government hundreds of millions of the dollars.
10:40 pm
the allegations stem from a former oracle employee who filed a so called whistle blower action in 2007. oracle officials have not commented publicly on the lawsuit. the utilities commission made an announcement that they're making it more difficult to get utilities shut off. the number of customers gets their service cut off has increased in the last few years. toyota today announced it's recalling hundreds of thousands of vehicles due to steering issues. a problem with the casting of the steering lock bar has led to the recall of the toyota
10:41 pm
avalon. 373,000 vehicles are covered in the recall. a problem with the steering shaft has forced toyota to recall the lexus lx-270. disappointing numbers from the tech sector led to decreased numbers in the stocks. one person remains business after a tour boat burst into flames late yesterday. 18 tourists and five crew members jumped into the water when the boat caught fire. three people were injured but are expected to survive. there's no word on what caused the fire. in ukraine, at least one person died and eight others were injured in the bombing of a church in the southern part of the country. police say the bomb was
10:42 pm
homemade. the motive is not clear. the bombing happened on a day ukraine notes the conversion into christianity. and in kenya, government officials say almost two dozen people died after drinking an illegal alcoholic beverage possibly laced with meth. the drink is made in the slums of nairobi. so far police have arrested 51 people for illegally possessing the beverage. a new quarter is in circulation celebrating yosemite park. it was unveiled at a ceremony at the park and part of america
10:43 pm
is beautiful plan. thousands of arlington military graves might have been mismarked. tonight we investigate whether the same thing could happen here in the bay area. and chief meteorologist bill martin will be back with the five day forecast.
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disturbing news about the treatment of war heros. at a congressional hearing, it was announced thousands of military graves at arlington memorial cemetery are mismarked. >> reporter: stars and stripes fly over a field of green at arlington national cemetery. but today a shadow of doubt was cast over the gravestone of
10:46 pm
soldiers. >> at a conservative estimate. 4,900 to 6,600 graves may be unmarked. improperly marked or mislabeled on the cemetery's maps. >> reporter: the hearing was held after an army report revealed poor report keeping, missing documents and a lack of oversight by the cemetery staff. >> i accept full responsibility for all my actions and for the ages actions of my team. >> reporter: the actions have brought concern. >> it's disrespectful to the families that there's been so many mistakes. >> reporter: the bay area has two national cemeteries. but the cemeteries assistant director joe bacon says there is little chance of the same mix up happening here. >> it won't happen here. the v.a. has safeguards in place to ensure that we will not make the mistakes that apparently were made or alleged to
10:47 pm
have been made at arlington. >> reporter: beacon says arlington is run by the department of army. >> we have both computer checks that will prevent us if burying someone in the wrong grave. as well as manual processes in place. >> reporter: the arlington issue was brought to light by an iraq veteran. the army official said today that they plan to look into adopting the v.a.'s system for recordkeeping and continue investigating just why it took so long for this to come to light. reporting in san francisco, jana katsuyama. the survivor of a deadly grizzly bear attack said today she realized her only chance was to play dead. wildlife officials say they are
10:48 pm
testing the dna of the bear captured yesterday to see if it's the same animal which killed a michigan man and injured a woman. that woman said the bear bit her arm and started to shake her. she said she started screaming but realized she needed to do something or the bear would kill her too. grill said she went limp and played dead, a few second later, the bear dropped her and walked away. the fog is making its way back to the coast. that fog is impact you in the early hours. you can see we've got plenty of fog where you would expect it in san francisco and out toward the salsalito area. the fog is going to push inland tonight. highs today they were mostly in the 70s around the bay. mid- and upper. then you have the upper inland
10:49 pm
areas. fog at the coast and then clearing to the coast tomorrow afternoon with a minor warm up for the weekend. none of this is earth shattering stuff. a slight warm up right into the bay area weekend. no major changes, instead of low 80s we're going to see upper 80s. fog tomorrow morning. that's the fog footprint. a lot like yesterday morning or this morning too. then the afternoon it burns back to the coast. my friends at half-moon bay and bodega bay and santa cruz, you guys saw the sun today. you'll see the sun tomorrow, but it'll be in the presence of fog in the morning hours. there'll be upper 90s north valley. you can see the heat working its way to the coast. it's been a cool weekful today was the warmest day of the week. i think tomorrow might be the warmest day of the week but it'll be close. cool coast, mild bay, warm to hot inland. that's summertime in the bay area even though it's slightly cooler than you would expect.
10:50 pm
throughout the rest of the state if you're traveling. this is for your saturday and sunday: this weekend we're not expecting thundershowers. montery has a little fog . fog in the morning, your forecast highs tomorrow, warmer than yesterday by maybe a degree. not a big warm up. this is all subtle stuff. it's been an unusual year. we talked about it earlier in the 5:00 and 6:00 newscast. red flag warnings, all that is not happening because temperatures have been cooler than average and it's been a cool summer. i remember 1998 being sort of like this. this has been an unusual year and it's going to continue that way into the weekend. >> you have a good memory. >> yeah. >> you recalled that.
10:51 pm
>> thank you, bill. we have an update now on a story from earlier in this newscast. the oakland school board has voted six will have one to put a parcel tax. property owners would pay $195 a year for ten years. the money would help fund education and boost teacher's salaries. oakland's city council already put another parcel tax on the ballot to raise money to pay for police officers. two new studies published in the latest new england journal of medicine supports hands only cpr is an effective way to save lives. researchers in seattle and sweden found a slightly higher
10:52 pm
survival rate with the breathing method. forced breathing is only necessary for children, drowning victims and people who have respiratory problems. >> we'll be right back. [ female announcer get extra savings
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sports director mark ibanez
10:55 pm
joins us now. not the greatest hour for a's or giants. >> we don't have a stick of news for anybody. but you have to pay attention any way. fickle nature of the game. no runs today for the giants, even just one hit and it wasn't by buster posey. no the hitting streak did not continue for the rookie catcher. kind of a better way out there for seal watching than it was for hitting a baseball. giants have buster posey, giants have this guy, michael stanton the kid looked great. marvin stud with a shot out. pretty much the only ball sanchez was going to need. buster one of his 8ks and so ends the 21 game hit streak. the giants 3.5 back of the padres in the west. as if the giants hasn't had
10:56 pm
enough trouble. now san diego's up and picks up former oakland a miguel tejada who has had some pretty good days against san francisco pitching. all the padres had to do to pry him lose from baltimore, then the oriole's minor leaguer. phillies making a major move themselves as the trade deadline approaches saturday. they picked up roy oswald from the depleted roster of the houston astros. philly gets a couple of minor leaguers. oswald the all star with houston but has pitched in bad luck. the we are serious about catching you guys statement the a's were hoping to make that in texas this week, not happening. as texas stretched out their lead after beating them a couple of days in a row. ranger fans say we are for
10:57 pm
real. 8.5 games up. 4-3 rangers in the fifth. murphy not one of the bigger names but a big fly there. 5-3 off mozaro and teagard who had held one hit came in hitting 0-34. texas does win it. no, disruptive contract hold out shananagans with the raiders this year. everybody is signed. >> like i said, we've got it done at midnight. it hasn't hit me yet. i've gotten a lot of texts. i guess it's been on espn. personally, i don't feel it
10:58 pm
yet. i don't have the money yet. i think i'm able to affect guys in a certain way, and i think that's what coach saw in me. >> thank you , mark. and thank you for joining us tonight. >> good night. >> good night. you want some fiber one honey clusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber. no she didn't. this tastes way too good clusters with sweet honeyhy
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