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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 30, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a 51 man enters children's hospital early this morning. what bolls did to make sure the victim could identify him. >> getting busier in the morning commute. >> on this friday by the coast around the bay fog and drizzle but inland warm today. we will have those numbers talk about the weekend as well coming right up. >> and in just a few hours dozens of san jose firefighters are expected to be out of a job. why and how it could impact you. the morning news continues. >> complete bay area news coverage starts. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> and good morning. it is friday, july 30th. i am claudine wong in for pam cook today. >> and good morning. i am dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. here is steve. >> good morning, everybody.
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there is fog. not just low clouds but fog and drizzle. once that burns off, though, 60s -- [ inaudible ] >> -- those hills and far away, 80s to mid-80s and 90s. the fog there will burn off much much sooner. your weekend forecast in five minutes now my good friend sal. >> steve, westbound 80 traffic is a knife drive coming around to the bay bridge toll plaza from the macarthur maze. looks like a lot of room for you. also this morning looking at 880 near the coliseum and that traffic is moving well. 6:00, back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. we are starting with a horrifying security scare just a couple of hours ago. a gunman bursted into the emergency room at children's hospital in oakland. kraig debro is there right now with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. that was around 3:40 in the morning the gunman gave up just as soon as police arrived on the scene. the whole thing was over in just less than half an hour but police could make sure the victim could identify the suspect when it was over so
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what they did is inclined the suspect on this gurney and showed a light in his face so the victim could make a positive id. like a miniline up right on the street. a half-hour earlier he ran in and briefly held a staff member at gunpoint. >> officers were responded and were directed to this individual, where they contacted him and the individual surrendered fairly quickly and taken into custody. >> police say the staff member was not hurt and although the suspect gave up right away while he was on the gurney the suspect repeatedly shouted don't shoot me and i gave up. the unidentified man was taken to a hospital for evaluation. police say there are no clear signs the map was physically injured but in terms of his mental state that is what they are evaluating right now. live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> police are searching for two suspects in two shootings.
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both happened within a half- hour period eight miles apart. the first happened after 10:00. investigators say one man was wounded. he is expected to survive. police are still searches for suspects. the second happened 30 minutes later. police say a gunman fired several rounds at a young man now listed in critical condition. so far there have been no arrests in that case and they do not believe they are connected. >> this is a phloemy friday morning for dozens of bay area firefighters. they are expected to lose their jobs in just a couple of hours. paul chambers joining us live. >> reporter: good morning. we are outside the san jose fire training facility. the city has $118 million shortfall so to remedy that the mayor asked the firefighters to a 10% decrease in pay. that did not happen so dozens
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of firefighters will be let go today. >> we know it is going to put the community at risk. >> reporter: at 8:00 they will be laidoff. the fire station is slated to be closed on sunday as well as five trucks taken out of service. they are apart open a contract and no new talks are scheduled. >> every department had to take some hits. you name it. everybody took some hits -- >> th now appears the dispute may be headed to a binding arbitration. a city charter process that allows an outside mediator to make the final decision. on tuesday the city council will decide if that binding arbitration will go before
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voters in november something the mayor may want to happen to limit the arbitrator's authority. once again here this morning the first set of firefighters will be turning in their gear and their badges as they will be laid off. >> an investigation continues this morning after a body was found floating in the waters near alameda beach yesterday. police say the victim is described as an asian man who actually lived there was found early yesterday afternoon. if you have any information about this you are asked to contact the police. >> a 17-year-old girl is among two suspects arrested and accused now in the execution style shooting of two hayward men during a robbery. the victims, raffle abdula and car loss been rase from were forced to lay down on the street and shot several times.
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police arrested i say a washington the night of the shootings and yesterday a 17- year-old fremont girl was also arrested in this case. relatives of the victims talked about those arrests. >> -- would like them to suffer the way he did. her son suffered. she would like them to -- to either get life in prison or even death if that is the case. >> now the death penalty is possible for the man arrested if he is convicted. both are due back in court next week. >> the ac labor dispute heads to court today. a judge will decide whether or not to overthrn the contract. it changed work rules and shifted hours and angered bus drivers now accused of staging a sickout. ac transit says it needs concessions for reduce its deficit and they say if the
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judge reinstates the old contract all weekend service could be eliminated. >> how is the commute looking sal? >> it is not bad. certainly more people are getting on the road but for the most part we are doing nicely coming out throughout the bay area. as we look at 237 it looks nice. no major problems here. also we are looking at 880. we keep a close eye here. this is kind of a barometer of what we are looking to see around the bay and you can see it looks good. and this is the toll plaza of course, westbound traffic moving nicely into san francisco and once you get to the freeways there they are all reported to be be at the speed
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limit. [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- seems to be a lot more today from about the caldecott, the bay over the toe the and the coast -- [ inaudible ] >> -- sooner, foggy kind of drizzly then sunny. a little breezy but mid-60s. again there is always a vied watery of temperatures in the city depending on your location. sfo 68. 91 the record. oakland downtown 70. 95, 1977. santa rosa 77. that is the forecast for the fairgrounds. [ inaudible ] >> -- 82. our average though is 83. mountainview 73, that is be low average.
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and san jose 77,. [ inaudible ] >> -- coast is cool, inland gets hot, though, 90s to 100s on the desert but 60s to very very low 70s on the coast. they have had a cool july. low clouds will kind of get chewed up after this system goes through. high pressure looks like it wants to build in. today a summer pattern. inland sunny and warm after the fog. the coast is kind of -- [ inaudible ] >> -- not that warm. temperatures 60s or very low 70s. fog, drizzle, then sunny and warm for some but a very foggy morning coast and bay, watch
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out highway 1 -- [ inaudible ] >> -- around 3 bay, inland then you find 80s mid to a few upper. if you just -- if you just have to get over there to santa cruz and cap atalla 65 to 75, morning fog gives way to sunshine in the afternoon. >> 6:09. up next a somber milestone for three uc berkeley graduates who are detained still in iran. we will tell you how family and friends plan to show their support this weekend for the three -- [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: good morning. i am alison burns in washington, d.c. where the white house has just issued an urgent appeal to wicki leak. i will have details coming up. [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ]
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we are looking live at another out of control wild fire burning in southern california at this hour. this is near palmdale. now firefighters have been waiting for first light so you can see the sun is coming up. that is important because this is when the air attack on those flames are going to get underway. this fire has forced the evacuation of about 2000 homes near this area. at last word it was zero
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percent cointaned, officials say homes have been lost and flames are burning near a transmitter tower and that is certainly causing a lot of concern. this all started yesterday afternoon around 2:30 and it has charred about 4500 acres. you can see the burn area on your screen now. this is not the only fire that the firefighters are fighting, so certainly resources are being stretched. in nearby concern county firefighters are still there working to surround two wildfires that have already destroyed about 30 homes. >> your time 6:13. we are also following international breaking news this morning. the u.s. embassy in paris says two of its employees are having medical tests now after they handled a suspicious letter. investigators say they were employees in the mailroom who identified the letter and then french authorities were called in to examine it. paris people say the two people say they just don't feel well but it is not clear if they are seriously ill or not. in overnight news three u.s. troops died in explosions in afghanistan and that makes that the deadliest month for
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american forces in the nine year afghan war. at least 63 american service people died in the month of july. nato says the three latest casualties were killed in spray separate blasts in southern afghanistan. the commanders had previously warned the number of deaths could go up as the military increases its war on the taliban. in the meantime the fbi says it may know who was involved in leaking more than 90,000 pages of classified documents on the war in afghanistan. that showed up on the wikileaks
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websites -- [ inaudible ] >> -- the chairman of the joint chief of staffs is lashing out as the wikileaks founder and his source, expected to be a 22- year-old soldier, saying they have blood on their hands. >> disagree with the war al you want. take issue the policy. challenge me or our ground commanders on knee decisions we make to accomplish the mission we have been given, but don't put those who willingly go into harm's way even further in harm's way just to satisfy your need to make a point. >> reporter: and new this morning the white house is imploring wicky leaks not to past anymore more anymore of
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the afghanistan documents. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> an al qaeda flag was flying over a neighborhood following a deadly attack there. 16 security officers were killed and some of the bodies were burned in the street. police say the attacks were carried out by 20 insurgents who all escaped. this weekend there are rallies and marchs in san francisco and other cities around the world to mark a very sad anniversary. three uc berkeley graduates have spent a year locked up in they rabb and their mothers are s are making a new plea. [ inaudible ]
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>> -- ballot. now, if voters pass that measure property owners would pay $195 a year for ten years. that money would help boost the salaries of teachers. but it could be hard to win the 2/3 majority that is needed. that is because earlier this week oakland city council put another parcel tax on the ballot for raise money to pay for police officers. that parcel tax is seeking $360 a year from property owners. state school education officials are considering a crack down on failing charter schools. if it is approved california's board of education would vote to close struggling charter schools that have low test scores and operating at least five years a handful of bay area charter schools may be at risk. these new rules are expected to be adopted this coming fall. >> all right. time now is 6:18. let's go right back out to sal castaneda -- [overlapping speakers]
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[ inaudible ] >> -- checking in with all the freeways and also with public transit systems. westbound up to the bay bridge toll plaza, that traffic is moderate. actually i would call it light. there is a delay for the cash payers. this morning's drive is nice on southbound 101. marin county fog on the richmond bridge. here is steve. [ inaudible ] [overlapping speakers] >> -- down a little lower and boy, there are some areas are socked in. we also have drizzle, mist out there more closer to the coast and bay than inland. [ inaudible ]
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>> -- fog, drizzle, then sunny, 60s for some, 70s for others. [ inaudible ] >> -- palo alto, 57, i know stanford is also 57. oakland-berkeley 54. [ inaudible ] >> -- low spinning off pacific northwest will move in. that will kind of keep us from warming up too much but then by sunday av it goes through high pressure builds in -- [ inaudible ] >> -- sunshine, that fog burns off about noon for the bay, about 9:00 inland and then it is kind of hit and miss over by the coast. 60s some -- [ inaudible ] >> -- inland. more of the same saturday. maybe a slightly cool down then a little warmer sunday, but monday and tuesday are looking warmer, in fact maybe even hot as you get to the interior, claudine and dave. >> the u.s. justice department is suing oracle corporation for
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fraud and breach of contract. federal investigators say they overcharged the government hundreds of millions of dollars. those charges are based on information from a former oracle employee. oracle is not commenting on that lawsuit. some people are pushing for bp to change its name. they want it to return to the old am a could name. the station owners say there is a lot of good will left in the old symbol. in the west it is sold under the arcould brand name. >> meg whitman came pain may bring back painful memories for jerry brown. coming up we will tell you what he might learn from his sister. >> also, one bay area city has come up with a pot club plan.
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>> good morning. westbound interstate 80 traffic is getting more crowded on the way to the bridge. we will tell you more coming up. [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ] [ inaudible ]
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♪[ music ] >> bay area bridges right now
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looking pretty good, bay bridge, san mateo and golden gate. you can actually see the bridges. [ inaudible ] >> -- 6:24. in just a short while air tankers will be in the air. they will start attacking that out of control wildfire we have been telling you about. it has forced the evacuation of about 2 though homes right near palmdale. you are seeing some of the pictures right now. it is moving fast. it has burned up more than 4500 acres. it exploded yesterday about 3:00 in the afternoon. hundreds of evacuations were force and what they are calling a hey house was burned. [ inaudible ] >> -- at this moment
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containment is zero. they have got a major problem out there. now officials are saying some of the homes have been lost. flames are burning a transmitter tower in the area. now in nearby curen county, firefighters, they are still trying to surround two wildfires that at this point have destroyed about 30 homes. we will keep you posted on that. time now 6:25. sentencing is expected this afternoon for that man convicted of tampering with san francisco's computer system. terry childs was found guilty of with holding the passwords to san francisco's main computer system back in 2008. the city wants more than a million in restitution for the money it spent on testing that work security. he could get up to five years in prison but could get that reduced for time already served. >> jerry brown's efforts to stay competitive in the
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governor's race could be da shea view for the brown family. 16 years ago jerry brown's younger sister ran for governor against the republican pete wilson. back then kathleen brown had an early lead but wilson's campaign spent more on advertising. [ inaudible ] [overlapping speakers] >> -- early. >> i decided you know let's spend our money during the summer. we will raise money later. truthfully, very few people know this. we really ran out of money after labor day. >> kathleen brown lost that election and many analysts say jerry brown now faces the same dilemma. they agree he is going to have to raise more money but raising money comes with its own set of problems, especially if it comes from labor unions --
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[overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- 6:27. the clock is ticking on this very gloomy friday morning for dozens of bay area -- [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ] >> -- work in just a couple of hours. [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ] >> -- update on that terrifying incident that happened just a couple of hours ago inside of a bay area hospital emergency room [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ] >>
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[ bell rings ] >> there you hear it, the opening bell ringing on wall street right now. we are expecting a lower open this morning. [ inaudible ] >> -- report, that report came out just about an hour ago and confirms the economy is growing at a slower pace than expected. that report really significant because it is the broadest
6:31 am
measure of the economy. who can you blame? well, you can blame us for spending less money -- [ inaudible ] >> -- keep an eye on those numbers for you all morning long. >> and we will also smile and say good morning to you, thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news, friday, jump the 30th. i am dave clark. >> and i am claudine wong, pam cook has the day off. time now is 6:30. and we are following a terrifying security scare. just hours ago a gunman burst into the emergency room at children's hospital in oakland. just moments ago kraig debro was inside that hospital and he joins us live with this update. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i just spoke to the chief nursic supervisor and she tells me this whole thing started at 3:15 when this man walked into the hospital then a few minutes later pulled a gun on an employee pat the hospital. let's take a look at the video we shot around 3:30 this
6:32 am
morning. this real life situation ended when the gunman gave up without incident. the whole time he kept yelling don't shoot me and i gave up. he ran into the emergency room at children's hospital with a gun. >> the information we had is he did have somebody at gunpoint but upon contact with the police he surrendered. >> this was an employee at the hospital. they are not identifying what position that woman has. police say the gunman did not resist but the motive is not clear. the person held briefly at the hospital again is not hurt. the gunman was driven to a hospital where he will be evaluated and the captain says the suspect could go to jail or to the psychiatric hospital.
6:33 am
reporting live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. on mornings on 2 we will have an interview with the chief nursing supervisor pat the hospital so you will want to stick around for that. >> 6:32. police are searching for a man and a child who they believe are working together in a string of robberies. they released a sketch of the man. look at it right here. described as latino, 5'4," weighing 120. police believe that man waits outside while a 10-year-old breaks into properties. in one case a resident actually spotted the man waiting outside his house while the homeowner caught the boy trying to break in. the boy is described also as latino with long brown hair, 5, weighing 100 pounds. if you know anything about this contact palo alto police. >> in concord police are searching for two men who tried to kidnap a woman off the street. investigators say the woman was
6:34 am
walking along sunshine drive yesterday morning around 11:00 a.m. a car pulled alongside her and a passenger inside told her to get in. police say the woman refused put the man grabbed her. she said she punched the suspect and then ran away. one suspect is described as latino n his 20th 5 se between 150 and 160 pounds with medium length brown hair. the car is a white 4 door honda civic with a black rare bumper sticker and red tim prear registration sticker in the rear window. >> your time now 6:33. a heated labor dispute has now led to layoffs, dozens of san jose firefighters are expected to be out of a job in just about 90 minutes. paul chambers joining us live with the details. >> reporter: good morning, dave. now behind me is the fire training facility here in san jose. and this is the place where the first phase of firefighters will turn in their gear before being let go.
6:35 am
>> every department had to take some hits. the police department, fire department, parks and recreation, neighborhood services, management, you name it, everybody took some hits. >> reporter: now the city is battling a $118 million budget shortfall. the mayor asked the fire department union to cut pay by 10%, however, that agreement fell apart so now more than 50 of the city's 700 plus firefighters will be laidoff by sunday. also fire station 33 is slated to be closed as well as five trucks and engines taken out of service. yesterday the mayor met with the union who say the layoffs will put the community at risk. the city and the union are about $6 million apart on a labor contract and so far no new talks are scheduled so it appears a dispute is headed to binding arbitration. now on tuesday the city council will decide if the arbitration will go before voters in november. it appears the mayor may want
6:36 am
to that happen. union officials say if there is a change in the charter it should follow months of public hearings. >> not let's come up with an idea at the last minute and somehow we are going to educate the sit renne re, doesn't -- it is not a safeway to do business. >> it appears the mayor is still open to more negotiations which could hopefully bring back these people who are being laidoff. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 6:36, let's go back out to sal. >> not too bad on this friday. traffic and transit planners, that throw out monday and friday because they are kind of atypical days so when we look at patterns we look at tuesday, wednesday and thursday. bay bridge is light. it has been on fridays.
6:37 am
a lot of people just -- they don't go or they don't go during commute hours anyway and traffic is light. 880 traffic is moving well in both directions. if you are in the south bay right now there goes cal train. and cal train by the way so far seems to be starting the morning on time. we have not heard of any delays especially after yesterday's bad day. 280 on the freeway there below you can see it is the speed limit. here is steve. >> fog, a lot more fog than just low clouds. low clouds inland won't last long. drizzle reported this morning. coast and bay side. more so than yesterday. sunny by noon for most of the bay. some fog. some sun by the coast.
6:38 am
san francisco 53. a high of 64 today. fog, drizzle in the morning. temperatures still below average for this time of year. 74 santa rosa. 77 today. the airport will be 82. san francisco is 64. 84 walnut creek. 70 oakland. san jose 77. mt. tam 65. fort sun son 51, sonoma 53. gilroy five.
6:39 am
men low park 57. 91 las vegas. 50s, 60s sowbt earn california. long the coast they start off with 40s and 50s. cool weekend month for much of the southern california coast. sunday-mondo look warmer. sunny and warm there after any morning fog. a little breeze, not bad. a little breeze. takes the edge off. foggy morning then fog, drizzle, gives way to sunny and warm weather for some or hot. [ inaudible ] >> -- around the bay. [ inaudible ] >> -- warmer monday and tuesday, claudine and dave. >> 6:39. california state fair officials say four suspected counterfeiters have been
6:40 am
arrested for trying to pass fake cash. officials say the phoney bills are 20s and hundreds and were spotted by the fair workers. the secret service has been called in to investigate. >> 6:39. police are stepping up their battle against the world's oldest profession. undercover cops posing as prostitutes arrested at least a dozen men last night. the arrest happened during a sting operation along santa ro avenue. that street has become the main place of business for prostitutes there. today is sentencing for a couple whose son shot and killed their daughter. police say the girl's unsupervised brash was playing with a gun in the bedroom. the couple are facing up to two
6:41 am
years in prison for child endangerment and weapons charges. three people including two from walnut creek have been inthieted on charges of bribery and bid rigging in a scheme to defraud cal trains of $1.2 million. according to the fbi they are accused of bribing him in exchange for contracts. if they are convicted they face up to 35 years in prison and could be required to pay $2.4 million in fines. >> 6:41. there is good news from the gulf coast. a final fix to the oil spill could come sooner than anyone expected. >> good morning. golden gate bridge traffic looking good but there is a little bit of fog on the deck. we will be right back with more bay area when for the weekend coming up.
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♪[ music ] >> and you are taking a live look at a helicopter involved in that firefighting effort near palmdale. they were waiting for first light so they could begin their air assault out there and it looks like it is now getting underway. they are certainly concerned about this fire near palmdale. it is still burning out of
6:45 am
control. it is zero percent contained and threatens a couple of thousands homes out there and is also threatening a transmitter tower. they have been out there since yesterday afternoon around 2:30 when the flames began. it is kind of hard to tell from this picture but there is a lot of grassland out there but again some of the homes out there have burned as well as what they call hey buildings, and certainly that is the big concern and at this hour at this moment the air assault is getting underway, keep in mind there is a couple of other fires out there so resources are stretched. >> police say a gunman stormed into the emergency room at oakland's children's hospital a couple of hours ago this morning. they say he brief grabd a hospital employee before the police arrested him. that suspect, u see him there, was strapped on to a gurney and taken away by ambulance. luckily no one was hurt.
6:46 am
a 17-year-old fremont girl and a 21-year-old oakland man are both now facing charges in a double shooting in hayward. police say the victims you see them there were shot execution style on west park street during a robbery in may. the fbi says it may know who helped to leak thousands of classified documents about the afghan war on to the wiki leaks website. now the taliban is threatening to kill those people for cooperating. >> a final fix to the gulf oil leak could come this weekend. the l.a. times is reporting the operation to plug that well could happen on sunday. unlike other attempts experts say this one could have a 100% success rate. this fills it with cement. experts say even though no more
6:47 am
oil is seeping from the well cementing the well shut will close it off permanently. >> 6:46. the controversy over that antiimmigration law in arizona is not stopping the local sheriff from trying to control what he says is a steady stream of illegal immigrants. joe arpaio is known as the king of local imdpraition enforcement. yesterday protesters made a stop outside of his office but he says this new law won't stop him from conducting his crack downs, including one yesterday afternoon. he sent 200 deputies and trained volunteers in search of traffic violenters who may be in this country illegally. the crews continue to search this morning for a spanish tourist missing after this tour boat sank in the mediterranean. now the boat caught fire while at sea and 17 spanish and portuguese tourists, along with five crew members were taken to
6:48 am
shore for medical treatment. no word yet on what caused the fire. >> today the senate is expected to take up a bill that could beef up the safety of commuter airlines. if approved it would require commuter airlines to hire more experienced pilots, investigate their previous employment more thoroughly and train them better and require the faa to overhaul regulations governing work schedules. in a few hours crews will start demolition on the old terminal c at the airport. it is going to be replaced with a new parking lot. construction on the parking lot is going to start in october. it should all be opened by next spring. >> 6:48. here is a heads up for you driving in san francisco. tonight hundreds will gather for the critical mass bike
6:49 am
ride. this will start at 6:00 p.m. in justin herman plaza. the huge number of bicycles may cause some traffic delays so you drivers along that bike route so there is a heads up. >> yes, always good to know that is coming. let's head out to sal watching enterstate 80. >> good morning. interstate 80 does look good from richmond into el cerrito and ultimately to berkeley. traffic on the nimitz freeway looks nice in both directions in oakland. that is light traffic there. no problems on the bridge. 101 and 280 looking good. southbound 101 at 380 a minor crash not causing a big delay.
6:50 am
6:49. here is steve. >> all righty. sal, thank you, good morning. happy friday everybody. looking good away from the coast. by the coast fog and local drizzle this morning, more so than yesterday when we had numerous reports. [ inaudible ] >> -- drizzle. the same this morning and also around the bay oakland right by the caldecott maybe where you are. you can always e-mail me and let me know or tweet me. s p weather. s p weather. there you go -- [ inaudible ] >> -- yesterday, some warmer air -- [ inaudible ] >> -- usually does, burns the fog off sooner but it is still there, so foggy, cool, warm. [ inaudible ] >> -- cool, a good 20 degrees below average. [ inaudible ] >> -- on monday, i think livermore was about 68, now things have warmed up a little bit but still below average. sfo 68, should be 71, oakland
6:51 am
70, three be low, santa rosa 77. now that is downtown. the airport will be about 82. but 83 is average. san jose 77. should be 84. to, see, even though we are warming up we are so far below average we are just getting closer to average. mostly cloudy. hot in this desert but cool from eureka down to l.a. and san diego. it man a cool july. a lot of record low maximum temperatures and today won't be much warmer. the inland areas are getting hot. this system, once that goes through saturday then high pressure in the desert southwest says i am coming back, that means it will start to warm up sunday-monday. today after fog burns off sunny, warm. [ inaudible ] >> -- fog, drizzle gives what i to sunny and warm weather for some but still cool for others.
6:52 am
60s around the coast mostly. [ inaudible ] >> -- after 3 morning fog it will be sunny in the afternoon and temperatures tomorrow about the same or slightly cooler then we warm it up. [ inaudible ] >> -- look at your stocks because they are falling right now following that gdp report. you ansee there the dow is down about 70 points. you know it is not like the economy is not growing, it is growing at a slower pace than expected and it appeared the market wanted a little bit more. [ inaudible ] >> -- keep an eye on that for you this morning. women the walt disney company is selling its miramax -- [ inaudible ] [overlapping speakers] ♪ [ music ] [ inaudible ] >> -- left foot. the los angeles times reports -- [ inaudible ] [overlapping speakers] ♪ [ music ] [ inaudible ]
6:53 am
>> -- $40 million non- refundable deposit yesterday. wow. disney had been looking to sell miramax saying it no longer fit in with its other -- [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ] [ inaudible ] [overlapping speakers] >> -- 52, still ahead speaking of entertainment -- ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ inaudible ] >> -- one season. we are going to tell you what the big roomer is as to who is going to replace her -- [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ] [ inaudible ]
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[trumpet playing "reveille" throughou reviving the economy means reinventing the way we do business. here's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence
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well, welcome back. good morning to you, time now 6:55. here is a look at what is coming up on mornings on 2 for you. believe it or not it has been one year since three uc berkeley graduates were arrested and detained in iran. we will talk to one of their friends. the governor of california wants to post private information on line. this comes in response to a recent salary scandal in one city. a lot of people in california are struggling to pay their power bills. now new rules will make it harder for pg&e to shut off the service. >> this morning there is word that jennifer lopez may be taking seat open the american idol judge's panel. fox is not commenting but a person familiar said she is
6:57 am
going to replace ellen degeneris. she hates being critical and wanted out. an announcement is expected on monday. >> 6:56. let's see what sal is seeing in your commute. >> northbound 101 looks good. coming up on mornings on 2 we will look at the south bay and east bay commute. now here is steve. >> lots of low cloud and fog and mist and drizzle. once it burns off sunny, warm inland, still foggy, cool by the cost. cooler saturday, then warmer weather, especially inland, sunday, monday, and tuesday. >> all right, thanks, steve. >> all right. you bet. >> that is going to do it for us on the morning news. there is lots more news ahead on mornings on 2. we are going to check back in on a couple of
6:58 am
stories, one story being out of oakland where they are investigating an early morning scary situation with a hostage and we are also going out to san jose. >> there are reports san jose firefighters will be laidoff today. dozens. we will give you the details on that. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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