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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  September 2, 2010 7:37am-8:00am PST

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the commuter giants see a way -- computer giant see -- the computer giants see a way to ex1357bd -- to expand. 8:37. let's go to sal. we have a big problem now in milpitas. what happened? >> it's a head-on collision on milpitas city streets. let me put it on the maps for you. 237 at 880. it's a head-on crash and all of cal la vary res road at 680 is a big mess. just east of 880 on 237, a head- on collision. you can also see there is also a lot of slow traffic. let's go to 101 san jose.
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busy, busy traffic getting up to the sunnyvale area. chp and the ambulance are on the way. moving along and taking a look at the bay bridge westbound backed up for about a ten ten-minute delay. the 9ers play at candlestick at 7:00. >> the raiders play at the coliseum, also 7:00. here's steve. thank you, sal. it's already warm in hayward, 71. a little northeast breeze coming down from the hills. it's just a tiny breeze. where is the fog? for those of you who bat battled that west wind, i'm not speaking for tori but i know we're in the same camp. it is out there. hot today, 80s, 90s, 100s. it did not feel that bad to me
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yesterday. 70s 80s, 90s. sunny, warm to hot. 88 at noon. always a tricky, tough forecast in the city but then the sea breeze comes in late. you will hit that around noon and then the sea breeze will start to cool things down later. very warm air in the higher elevations of. you only have to go around 800 feet. it will be smokin' hot in the sierra nevada and the desert. it's pushing that fog. pushing that fog. it needs to release the fog which is the ridge. that will happen tomorrow. we go into a pronounced cooling trend in the next week. patchy fog on the coast at best. warm to hot, 60s, 70s and 80s
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and 90s by the beach. a lot of upper 90s. to 100 inland. a pretty good cooling 0 trend on the -- cooling trend on the weekend. this is just in. a hurricane warning has been issued for the southern coast of massachusetts as people all along the eastern seaboard are bracing for the arrival of earl. president obama ordered federal agencies to coordinate relief efforts. the governors of north carolina virginia and maryland have already declared states of emergency. the category 4 storm is expected to make landfall in north carolina tonight with winds nearing 140 miles an hour and then move north from there. continental, airtran and delta are allowing passengers booked in and out of airports affected by hurricane earl to change the
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travel plans without having to pay a penalty. del dah's weather advisory is encouraging customers, in fact, to consider postponing or rerouting the travel to avoid possible inconvenience at east coast airports. they warn some flights may be delayed or cancelled due to storm conditions. 8:41. we've been telling you about our breaking news. there's been another oil rig explosion off the coast of louisiana. we're hearing people are in the water. we have few details but we'll give you an update. and the candidates for the senate go on attack. and what effect foreclosures are having on your health. >> ...berber carpet. it was ahole bowl oftew. nooo. why? i could ha saved this one. i could have saved this e. ♪ cal
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we are following breaking news of an explosion at an oil rig in the gulf of mexico at the coast -- off the coast of louisiana. according to the coast guard, 13 people were on board the rig. they have all been accounted for. twelve are in the water and one is injured. the site of the explosion is 80 miles mouth of ver -- south of
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vermilian bay and this is west of the site where the oil spill occurred. the coast guard says the rig is on fire. helicopters and ships are on their way to the site. and there's no word yet if any oil is leaking as a result of this morning's explosion. time is 8:45. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. investigators are checking efren valdemoro's suspected connections to the deaths of two women in vallejo. police found their bodies in the home where one of them lived and where valdemoro often stayed. investigators say valdemoro also killed his girlfriend and a man in hercules. chp officers shot and killed hill after a chase tuesday night. thousands of hotel workers are walking picket lines outside hyatt hotels all over the country, including some in
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san francisco. workers say they are trying to lock them into a permanent recession and pay more health costs. a big rig has been righted now after it flipped over on highway 17 just south of summit road this morning. but chp officers say traffic is still blocking both lanes of southbound traffic. that big rig was carrying 43,000 pounds of beer. in her first debate aired live right here on ktvu, u.s. senate candidates barbara boxer and carly fiorina came out swinging. >> if you look at senator boxer's long track of 28 years in washington, washington, d.c., you will had see this -- she's for more taxes. she's for more spending. she's for more regulation and she's also for big government and elite, extreme environmental groups. >> people are gonna desid if they want to have me back or if
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they want to elect someone who made her name as a scoe in hewlett pack -- ceo in hewlett- packard laying thousands and thousands of workers off, shipping their jobs overseas. >> joining me now is carla marinucci, one of the panelists at the debate last night. very interesting. right now we have an experienced career politician. we have an experienced ceo businesswoman. some people say they have to prove they are the lesser of two evils. >> these two women went toe to toe and you heard barbara boxer do exactly what you said -- hammer carly fiorina being the head of hp and laying off 30,000 people and fiorina turning around and hammering boxer in being in elected office for 28 years. this is their line of attack. i thought we -- we saw a really good debate because you saw the clear differences between these two women on so many different
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issues on environment to jobs to the stimulus package because boxer is the incumbent senator and i think there was no knockout punch from fiorina. you may have to give her the edge on this one but this is a -- a real good debate, a real good look at how these women differ on so many different issues. i'm glad the voters got to see it. >> let's go down the wins and losses. let's talk about jobs. boxer says the stimulus plan is working. fiorina says unemployment is up and it's failing. >> that's right. this is the big difference between them, boxer says there's a couple of jobs bills in front of of the senate. fiorina is opposed to them saying the stimulation isn't working. it's a difference in philosophy. >> who do you think was the most convincing? >> on this one? i think it's a question of which side of the aisle that
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you lien. both of them made a really strong case. the stimulus package has worked. has it added to the deficit? yes. this is one of those debates you will be hearing more about. since there are such clear sides what do you think are gonna be the top deciding issues. we have pro-life, pro-choice. we have guns, we have afghanistan. >> that's right. this debate was really about talking to those undecided voters and the independents in the middle. that's why you heard boxer bring up the pro -- pro-life and pro-choice. fiorina is not pro-choice. the gun issue i thought from fiorina was a little bit dicey. she has suggested putting people -- on the no-fly list people should have the right to have gun. we had to talk about that.
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that could be one that -- where californians are there with her. are -- those are two issues, fiorina in the one stumble that she made in the debate, she did not discuss prop 23. that will ex-- that's another issue. that's the climate change bill. polls show californians are for that bill. chancecy. but fiorina went right to the nose with boxer all the way. >> we have to go. one clear winner? do you think either one? >> i think you have to give boxer the edge because there was no knock-out punch. >> thank you. >> carl law. let's go back to tori. republican candidate for governor meg whit man will find out if she will spend this month campaigning or if she will be sitting in a redwood city jury weeks. whitman reported to jury duty
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and was told to check back today. akrding to the san jose mercury news, if whitman is cnect -- is collected she will sit on a jury with an accused child mow tester on trial. studies show the foreclosures are really having an effect on people's health. in oakland it's-4 foreclosures. a report says 48% of those who are coping with coping with doishes -- foreclosures saying they have declining health over the last two years. 8:52. we're getting new information from the coast guard on this morning's oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico. also we'll have the bay area connection to a bench- clearing brawl. this one on aing big baseball field.
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according to the coast guard, 13 people were on the rig that exploded in the gulf of mexico. one was injured. 12 are in the water. the coast guard says the rig is on fire and there's still no word yet if any oil is leaking
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as a result of this explosion. we're also following more breaking news. this just in, the justice department has sued sheriff joe ash ash pie era pie yo saying his department discriminates against latinos. this is in response trying to block the immigration law and have police officers question status of being here in the country. niger morgan triggered a bench-brawling maul. brett hayes suffered a separateed shoulder in the
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melee. there have been bad blood going on for the two teams for a while -- between the two teams for a while. traffic has been rough a little bit. >> the traffic, tonight, let's -- speaking of sports. i'm gonna mention something that you might want to know even if you are not a sports fans, let's take a look at the commute on 24, westbound. it's moderate getting to oakland. let's go to oakland, tonight the raiders they play at 7:00 tonight at the coliseum. and the san francisco 49ers, yeah, that team, they are maying at -- playing at 7:00 at candlestick. that means 101 and 880 are gonna be a mess. plan accordingly and use transit. >> that means i'm not going west of the caldecott. >> that's right. >> warm, temperatures. that's it. but it will still be warm to hot inland on friday.
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the fog is getting close. cooler on the weekend. maybe even -- even next week. maybe even rain next week. >> we'll be wishing for this weather next week. >> i don't know. >> all right. >> that will do it for us. thanks for watch, everyone. >> bye now.
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