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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 3, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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i'm jade hernandez. the alameda county sheriff's office has two murder suspects. i'll have the details straight ahead. good morning. welcome to the end of the workweek. today is friday, september 3, 2010. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. let's see if the week is ending the way it began. steven. >> it started off cool and then warming up. it is starting to make a bit of a push around the areas around the bay. inland, it was hot. it will still be hot, but not as hot. the coast takes a tumble with 60s and 70s. the weekend forecast is coming up. sal. this is i-80. this is the main freeway out out of town. 80 and 580 for you getting out of town. we will watch that. starting early this morning,
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you may be on the road. this is 880. traffic here. back to you. thank you. topping our news this morning. we are learning more about the jealous rage that appears to have setoff the deadly rampage in the bay area. it now appears that the fuse was lit by a fist fight in hercules more than 10 days ago. police took these photos of 38- year-old efren valdemoro after they came to break up a fight. his eyes were red and swollen. investigators say efren valdemoro suffered the injuries at the hands of a father and son, ricardo salas and frederick salas. efren valdemoro told police that he and his girlfriend, cindy tran, were sleeping, when roommate ricardo salas came into the bedroom about a letter ricardo salas had written. frederick salas ran to back up
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his 73-year-old dad. the arriving officers found efren valdemoro face down and naked with the elder salas sitting on him. the father and son claim that they had to subdue efren valdemoro to keep him from attacking them. five days later, police found the body of ricardo salas in his home. he had been beaten to death. police are still searching for his 35-year-old son, frederick salas. 5:02. a decision today from prosecutors in solano county on whether to file charges in the key figure in the complex murder case. charles rittenhouse may have killed his wife and her friend, according to police. their bodies were found in charles rittenhouse's vallejo home at the same time the police found a large amount of explosives. charles rittenhouse is a
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chemical engineer. the killing spree suspect efren valdemoro, stayed at the same home. a memorial service at the vallejo shopping center at the hair and salon where cindy tran used to work. efren valdemoro strangled cindy tran while she was in his car as he was being chased by police. cindy tran called coworkers on her cell phone during the chase. they heard her begging for her life. the chase ended when police shot and killed efren valdemoro in richmond on tuesday night. a manhunt is under way for two men accused of kidnapping and killing an east east palo alto man. jade hernandez has details of where the suspects were last seen. >> reporter: good morning. we are live at the alameda county sheriff's office. sheriff's officers have new information in this case. look at these two men. they are now being considered suspects in the case. both are being considered suspects in the kidnapping and
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death of an east palo alto man. the sheriff's office has arrests warrants for the two men. investigators believe trujillo is in the sacramento area. both men are thought to be connect -- connected in the case of the death and disappearance of frankie lopez. authorities believe the 27-year- old father of two may have had a fight with the man at a marijuana grow house in hayward. that could have led to his death. investigators started searching for the body after a tip. coming up, we will have more on the cold case which has turned up two new spects. reporting live, jade hernandez. back to you. thank you. our time is 5:04. today is another special day. today is another spare the air
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day. >> yeah. >> the officials want you to take public transportation if you can or car pool. this is the third straight day that our air hasn't been that great. >> sal will check in with us. i have seen more cars around school. it is nice to be in the air conditioned car. i think so. maybe with the cooling off, we will see air quality get better. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. we are off to a nice start. today is the friday before labor day. we are going to have people trying to get out of town. the patterns will be slightly unusual. that means that you will not see people waiting until 3:00 to leave. they will start leaving at noon. let's see if they can get off work early. trust me, it is not an original idea to get on the road early. you have to get on the road now to beat everyone. westbound as you come up to the bay bridge toll plaza, that
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traffic is look going into san francisco. this morning in -- is looking good into san francisco. this morning is looking good at downtown. here is city of. thank you. -- here is steve. thank you. the coast did cool down a bit. the city made it to 83. here came the sea breeze. santa cruz dropped to 53 degrees. it is shallow. inland is on the warm side. temperatures will cool down. coastal fog and not as hot as yesterday. it may take another day for those of you who are far inland. temperatures are in the 60s. a lot of fog around the bay. inland will still see 90s. 53 in santa rosa napa. yesterday, the temperatures were in the low 70s. 62 right now. oakland at 57. they were 67 at this time yesterday. 50s and 60s in the valley. there will be upper 90s to near
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100 in parts of lake county. all signs point to a cooling trend. 67. a bit of a west breeze. i saw travis southwest at 14. that is a shot that the sea breeze is trying to get its act together. still hot, but not as hot as yesterday. fog begins and that takes us into the weekend. big time cooling next week. pam and dave. thank you. the mystery of what has been lurking at the airport has been solved. what airport officials uncovered when they looked underneath terminal a. and governor arnold schwarzenegger is thanking steve jobs. what he has to do with the next trip to the dmv. good morning. right now, your next trip to
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marin county is looking good. more on the commute coming up.
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welcome back. 5:10. this morning, an investigation is under way into the cause of the latest oil rig fire in the gulf of mexico. the mariner energy platform is
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west of the bp oil rig. all 13 workers jumped into the water and were rescued. ktv's allison burns has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. yesterday's oil rig fire was different than the bp disaster five months ago. it still raises a lot of questions about how oil rigs operate and the safety of their operation in the gulf. already some environment groups and members of congress say this is proof that off-shore drilling is too dangerous. they are urging president barack obama to expand the temporary ban on deep water drilling. officials in louisiana are rejecting the calls. >> what we continue to believe in this state is energy exploration should be done safely. we have always said that
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instead of a one-size-fits-all, we need to listen to the experts. >> reporter: the new york times reports that bp is warning congress if lawmakers pass legislation that bars the company from getting new off shore permits, it may not have the money to pay for the damages from the oil spill. i'll have more on the crackdowns that congress is considering during my next update in an hour. reporting live from washington d.c., alison burns, ktvu, ktvu -- alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. governor arnold schwarzenegger has a new bill on his desk over shipping companies. the bill requires ships to be surrounded by floating booms when they transfer water. the measure says the state can raise the fees on oil shipped into california. still no word on whether the
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governor will sign it. yesterday, the governor thanked steve jobs. the ceo of apple as he signed the organ donation bill. this bill requires the dmv to ask people if they want to be organ donors. steve jobs actually pushed for the change after getting a liver transplant last year. jobs says he was able to go to tennessee for his transplant because the waiting list here in california was so long. but, he understands a lot of people don't have the money to do that. this new bill also creates the first living donor registry for kidney transplants in the country. robert gates is getting a firsthand look at military operations in afghanistan. gates is in afghanistan to meet with the country's leaders and check on the progress of the troops against the taliban in southern afghanistan.
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gates said there are signs of progress after touring the area today. he says the operation is far from a down deal. 5:13. let's go to sal and see what is happening with the commute. it is early on friday. >> i'm putting it out to my twitter followers and to you. where are you going this weekend? are you leaving town? >> a lot of people are driving. >> yes. go ahead and let me know. we are trying to figure out what the most congested commute routes will be. it is quiet out there right now. let's go to highway 4 west. traffic is moving along okay. it will be interesting to see if we have a typical commute on highway 4 west from antioch. the bay bridge here. i'm not sure if we will have a big delay or not. if you are driving 880 north. it is off to a good start. now for the weather. hi, steve.
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sal, youraddresss on twitter? >> sal.castaneda. >> i'm looking at the fog and most locations on the coast do. it will be cooler. we need the fog to get up about 1,000 feet. it is tarting to work over the bay -- it is starting to work over the bay. still 90s inland. i know mt. tam is running 3 degrees cooler. they will cool down as the cool air filters in. 60s and 70s along the coast. 53 to 62. that is warm. yesterday at this time, san jose was 70. there was a big difference. most are running 5-7 degrees cooler. fog came pouring in. you can see the system right where it says fog on the coast.
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there are two on the way. one is moving in to the north of us. that will help enhance the fog bank. low clouds and fog. we see a westerly breeze. fairfield with southwest at 14. those were both calm the last couple of days. a sign that the sea breeze is getting close. 90s inland. cooling begins today. it kicks in warmer on monday and a big cooldown on tuesday and wednesday. the european markets are starting the day with gains. the triggers are on the sidelines ahead of an important report here in the u.s. that is after asian benchmarks showed climbs overnight. investors are waiting for the u.s. unemployment monthly report. let's check in on our
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numbers. we have a pretty quiet day until we get that monthly jobs report in. investors looking for some signs of growth in the job market there. we will get that in just about 15 minutes from now. the dow jones industrial average starts today at 10,321. that is supposed to be an up arrow. it was up 50 points at the close yesterday. kia is recalling 35,000 cars in the u.s. to fix wiring problems that could lead to fires. the recall includes 24,000 soul compact wagons from 2010 and 2011 years. sorento models as well. door trim panels may have been improperly installed and that could lead to an electrical
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short. owners of the affected cars will be noticed today. mystery solved about the bad odor at the international airport. the smell is now gone. a sewer line was broken beneath terminal a at the airport. that was probably the source of the smell that started last april. a video camera was sent through the pipes and found that broken line. the crews have fixed it and there have been no new reports of bad smelling air. 5:18 is the time right now. after 18 long and painful years, she has her kidnapped daughter back, but jaycee dugard's mom wants more. find out what she says she deserves. also, hurricanes in september are not surprising, but the timing of this one is particularly bad. we will tell you why and who will get hurt even if the storm dies down. we are watching the best routes out of town for you for your labor day escape. we will tell you more coming up.
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good morning. the fog has returned to the coast. 60s and 70s. a little cooler bay side. 80s there. inland is still not as hot. thank you. 5:21. there a wildfire in a rural part of san diego county. since yesterday, more than 700
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acres have burned between the communities of campo and patrero. yesterday, hundreds of students from campo were evacuated as a precaution. the mother of jaycee dugard has had a setback at her efforts to get compensation from the state. terry probyn suffered psychological and emotional trauma from her daughter's 18 years of captivity. she recently made a formal request to the state board that considers the compensation for crime victims. the board's staff that the courts handle her claim. we are pointing out that terry probyn's claim was not included in the state of california's $20 million settlement with jaycee dugard and her daughters. there are concerns about hurricane earl as it barrels down on north carolina just in time for the holiday weekend.
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we have sandra endo with the latest from kill devil hills, north carolina. >> reporter: good morning. i can tell you this is the starting point of hurricane earl's track along the east coast. earlier this morning, when it brushed along the north carolina coastline, it was a category two hurricane. the eye has passed from the area. we are experiencing the outer bands right now. it is wet and windy. this is a taste of what the entire east coast is going to experience later today. whipping winds and rain started socking the east coast on thursday. first in earl's sights is the shore of north carolina. all along the eastern seaboard, hurricane watches and warnings were in effect days before the storm. north carolina declared a state of emergency. >> there are 81 national guard troops activated. 150 more on stand by.
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>> reporter: local businesses on hatteras island are taking a beating from the storm economically. >> this could not have come at a worse time. >> labor day is our busiest weekend for the summer. it is hard. >> reporter: hours before earl's approach, surfers took advantage of the big waves which are expected to surge more as the storm rolls by. some made the best of mother nature's muscle. >> i got out of school. i get to surf all day. i'm not excited about the rain and wind. it is a bummer. >> reporter: the rain and all of this wind is traveling up the east coast at 18 miles per hour. the storm is supposed to weaken to a category one hurricane and make landfall in nova scotia on saturday. reporting live, sandra endo. dave, back to you. thank you. 5:24. back here at home, alameda
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county fire chief dave capler is on paid administrative leave. >> we have mike fisher who is running the department in his absence. >> it is not clear why the chief has been pulled off duty. he has been criticized when these photographs came out of him filling up his personal car at the city's gas pumps. we obtained a copy of his contract which doesn't state using free gasoline. he said it was part of a verbal agreement when he was hired. the brentwood police department may be small, but it is being outfitted with the latest technology. officers already have dash- mounted video cameras on the patrol cars. next, they will get tasers with video cameras built in. it will record the minute the taser is activated. video of the actions is helpful in defending themselves over allegations of abuse. three people are dead after
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a plane crash on the peninsula. what witnesses heard just before the plane plunged into the water. and what led several police agencies to a trash dump. and the crime these two men are accused of and where investigators say they may be hiding. police agencies will be looking for impaired drivers and something else this holiday weekend. all that coming up.
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good morning. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 news. today is friday, september 3, 2010. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. time is 5:30. let's check in with steve paulson. is it cooling down? >> it is. happy friday. we have some fog back to the coast. it is making a push inland. it is having a slight resistance. there is a west wind at sfo. it will still be in the 90s away from the coast. 60s and 70s and low 80s coast and bay. here is sal. there goes caltrans. traffic moving well on 280. not a typical morning on the friday before labor day weekend. a lot of people will get out of town. that traffic moves over on the
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traffic toll plaza. back to the desk. law enforcement teams will focus their search for clues in the deadly rampage at the pittsburg landfill. we have kraig debro with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning. the landfill is located close to the bart station. it is windy out here. i'm not sure what effect that will have on the search today. the investigators have a difficult job in front of them. if they don't find the body of frederick salas, they have a ton of garbage to look through. his brother has filed a missing persons report on frederick and his father days ago. the body was in a bedroom in a home in hercules. the home was co- owned by cindy
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tran. this morning, there are more details about a fight he had with efren valdemoro. the letter accused salas of being a back stabber and to stay out of his relationship with cindy tran. he and cindy tran were asleep in a bedroom and the two got into a fight. after receiving several facial injuries, he said ricardo salas threw the first punch. at some point during the fight, frederick salas jumped in to help his dad. right now, ricardo salas is dead. cindy tran is dead. efren valdemoro is connected with both of the homicides. frederick salas is still missing. police believe his body is here in the landfill in pittsburg because this is close to the homes that efren valdemoro
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could have gotten to. they have information that garbage collection from the hercules home that they shared was picked up after ricardo salas was reported missing. reporting live, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. investigators are expected to arrive at the scene of a redwood city plane crash today. the plane plunged into the lagoon at redwood shores yesterday afternoon. we have claudine wong with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. we are in a bit of a holding pattern at redwood shores lagoon as we wait for the ntsb to arrive. until they finish their investigation, this plane will stay in the water. there are two victims that are also still in the water. that is not going to change until the investigation is complete. this 1961 twin engine beechcraft twin air crashed before noon yesterday. witnesses say they heard sounds
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that sounded like engine problems and reported the plane banking to the right before going nose first into the water. on that plane, 92-year-old bob borrmann, the founder of an east palo alto steel company, bill heinke, a flight instructor and his girlfriend. the plane was taken out of the water and police realized two more bodies were in it. >> they are in the immediate area of the plane. i'm not sure where they are in relation to the plane. they have been located. they are in a position where they cannot be pulled up without disturbing the plane. >> reporter: now we know witnesses tried to get out on the water to try to help anyone that may be out there. there were no survivors. fish and game tried to deal with any possible fuel leaks. redwood city fire and police were out here. at this point, because this is
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a plane crash, this falls into ntsb territory. the investigators are expected out here some time today. then their investigation could take 24 hours while the plane is still in the water. once they are finished with that part of the investigation, that could be tomorrow. then this plane will be taken from the water and the two victims can be removed. reporting live, claudine wong, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> our web site has more video from the crash site. go to and click on the bay area news tab on the front page. 5:34. seven people are stranded right now a boat north of concord. the 17-foot motor boat became stuck in solano county last night. the boat is in shallow waters. there are four adults and three
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children. the rescue is expected later today during high tide. the suspected gang member charged with wounding a fremont police officer is back in the bay area this morning. the alameda county sheriff's office released a booking photo of andrew barrientos. he is awaiting arraignment on tuesday. on saturday, police in san diego arrested andrew barrientos a few feet from the mexican border. investigators say he has confessed to shooting officer todd young one week ago, but he did not know young was a police officer. doctors at oakland hospital will hold a news conference today to -- police officer. doctors at oakland hospital will hold a news conference to update us on officer todd young's condition. he suffered two bullet wounds in oakland on friday.
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caltrans budget problems could get worse next year. they are warning this year's $2 million budget deficit could grow to $32 million. for commuters, this could mean cuts to late-night service and the elimination of the gill roy line. ac transit is warning of reductions of the night owl and weekend service. the problem is the ongoing labor dispute with the drivers. that is costing the agency hundreds of thousands of dollars a week. the ac transit board of directors is expected to vote on the cuts in three weeks. if it is approved, they could go into effect in december. time is 5:36. let's check back in with sal with a look at the commute. >> you know, not a lot going on right now. we are off to a nice start. a lot of people may not be driving to the office, but somewhere else this weekend.
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80 west here at the bay bridge. that traffic is looking good into san francisco. also, the morning commute is good on 880 north and south past the coliseum as you drive north to downtown oakland. on the peninsula, highway 101 and 280 are looking nice. highway 92 showing slows. across the bay on 92, it looks good to the 880 freeway. slowing on highway 84. 5:36. here is steve. happy friday. change has started in the weather pattern. inland, it did not matter. it was still hot. i heard from a buddy of mine. mike delfino. he is a weather nut. he goes 280 and by the time he gets to daily city, it is 68. if you have a car thermometer, watch that plunge. definitely yesterday, but more likely today. all the inland areas will drop
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off tomorrow. they will be warm today. just not as hot as yesterday. 60s and 70s and upper 70s around the bay. 90s and still some upper 90s to low 100. 52 in santa rosa napa. 61 in san francisco. oakland is down 10 from yesterday. you can see coast and bay temperatures starting to take a drop. up and down the coast, a lot of fog. it has filled in. it is workingaroundd the bay here. there is the low swinging in right where it says fog on the coast. there is one. there will be two on the way. low clouds and fog. sunny and warm. a westerly breeze from sfo to travis. it was not there yesterday. 60s and 70s in the beaches.
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70s and 80s inland. it will be cooler on saturday and sunday. it looks like monday will be warmer in advance of a strong system for a significant cooling trend on tuesday and wednesday. thank you. 5:38. a warning from police this morning over three incidents involving suspicious men approaching teenage girls. the first two happened saturday within hours. in both cases, the men pulled up along the girls and tried to talk to them and drove off. the third incident happened tuesday when a man followed a girl home. there are different descriptions of the man, but investigators are looking into whether the cases may be connected. the son of a san francisco pornography mogul has a new defense attorney. his third in less than six months. prosecutors say 28-year-old james mitchell beat danielle keller to death last year with
5:40 am
a baseball bat and kidnapped their daughter. he is the son of jim mitchell and owned the mitchell brothers theater in san francisco. no word on why the latest attorney withdrew from the case. next month, the san mateo county police department will takeover a five-year contract. >> this is a bitter pill for the community to swallow. let's not sugar coat this. >> the city leaders say the change will save $2 million a year. all of the 26 police officers will become deputies. the county board of supervisors is expected to approve the plan. our time is 5:40. after a long legal battle, there is now official word about the route that proposed high-speed train in california. good morning. the san mateo bridge traffic is looking good. we will tell you the escape routes from town and where
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police are going to be.
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good morning. fog is coming back into the coast. it is trying to work into the bay. cooler 60s and 70s there. we will get some inland highs in the 90s. steve, thank you. welcome back. good morning. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 5:43. we have learned the investigation into the deadly rampage will shift to the pittsburg landfill today. investigators are looking for clues in the disappearance of frederick salas. murder suspect efren valdemoro killed his father last weekend. robert gates says he sees
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evidence that u.s. and nato troops in afghanistan are making progress against the taliban. gates is in afghanistan to meet with afghan leaders and visit american troops. now it is daylight, the emergency workers see hurricane earl and how it has flooded parts of north carolina's outer banks. so far no injuries have been reported. the storm's strongest winds are now 105 miles an hour. earl is expected to remain a large hurricane as it moves north toward new england. a conservative legal group plans to appeal to the state supreme court. it is part of an effort to gets governor arnold schwarzenegger and attorney general jerry brown to defend proposition 8. the move comes after the appeals court in sacramento rejected the lawsuit yesterday. the state has until september 11th to decide if it will defend the same sex marriage ban. there is a decision this
5:45 am
morning in a case involving ladies night at nightclubs. a new york city man sued a number of clubs claiming that promotions where they let women in for free or reduced prices is unconstitutional. the federal court disagreed. 5:44. it is official now. the proposed bullet train between san francisco and los angeles will run along the peninsula. the route will go through pacheco pass and san francisco. lawsuits were filed unsuccessfully to keep it off the peninsula. construction is expected to begin in two years. miami international airport is back open at this hour after an overnight evacuation. the closure was prompted by the discovery of the metal can in a check the bag that looked like a pipe bomb.
5:46 am
the bomb squad searched the airport and no devices were found. there is more activity this morning from a recently awakened volcano in indonesia. after two eruptions earlier this week, hot ash was shot 10 feet into the air today. this is the strongest he rulings so far. it could -- strongest eruption so far. it could be felt as far as five miles away. republican candidate for governor, meg whitman has been released from jury duty. she lives in atherton and was picked as a potential juror in a child molestation case. she said she would serve, but it would be a challenge because she is busy now running for governor. in the meantime, her opponent, jerry brown is expected to unveil his television ads next
5:47 am
week. meg whitman spent $20 million on her ads this summer. the attack ads have had little impact. some ads supporting jerry brown have appeared and labor groups paid for them. let's go over to sal. >> you know, we have been wondering if today will be a typical commute day or if it will be a get away day. it is labor day weekend. we will be watching that. out to the live pictures. this is highway 24 west. you can see traffic is moving along relatively well here. a lot of people already on the road on the way to oakland and beyond. by the way, another dead deer on 24 near college. just a reminder that the animals are out there moving around and sometimes they end up on the freeway. be careful. be aware they are out there. moving along and taking a look at the west bay bridge. it is looking good into san francisco.
5:48 am
no delays on the upper deck of the bay bridge into the city. san francisco is looking like a scene from a movie here. a bit of fog. it is going in in and out. traffic is looking good. perfect transition for me to bring in steve paulson. did you see that fog? yes. it came in yesterday late. temperatures were warming up. we had 90s and 100s. by the coast, they were warm in the morning and here came the breeze. that is what has happened. the fog is back. is is shallow. high pressure is reluctantly trying to give it up. inland will see 90s. not as hot as yesterday. lake county and sacramento valley, you will be hot. stockton, you are still hot. 60s and 70s and 80s for everybody else. 55 in san francisco. yesterday at this time, they were 68 degrees. that is a big difference.
5:49 am
58 at 9:00. 64. 68 for the high. once the fog is in, it is tough to get much warmer than the upper 60s. average high is 70s. the city went up to 84. you were above average. that is what happens in september. another sign we have a couple of low cases, sfo and travis with a west wind. still warm. 74. the warming has stopped now. you see this start to take a plunge. san carlosiss 58. pleasanton was 58 yesterday. the high will still give inland areas hot temperatures. the low spinning in the gulf of alaska. the first is giving us a cooldown. that will extend inland. a westerly breeze. that spells cooler weather.
5:50 am
60s to 90s. then tomorrow, the temperatures drop off the table. we will see 90s and carry that into sunday and monday. a strong system on tuesday and wednesday. dave and pam. thank you. a few minutes ago, the labor department reported the national unemployment numbers. markets were looking for the report. the u.s. employment fell for a third straight month in august. the decline was far less than expected. the growth in payroll surprised analysts. that will ease pressure on the federal reserve to prop up growth. on the news, it looks like that is going to be well received. we will get a better indication as we get closer to the opening bell in a half hour. the publisher of the grand theft auto video game series reports a profit.
5:51 am
that compares to expectation of an 8-cent loss. the san francisco business times reports a national chain of gyms will hire 300 people in the next year in the bay area. crunch fitness will expand to 16 gyms. they need sales and management and trainers in the locations. crunch emerged from bankruptcy last year and is offering franchises. >> why are you looking at my stomach? 5:51. still ahead, bay area electric bills could be effected by a new report card. we will tell you the results of the investigation over smart meters overcharging. you could be the judge. should jennifer lopez make a major career change? it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next
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with an hp netbook, samsung reality or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate. welcome back to the morning news. a 13-year-old boy arrested for repeatedly stabbing his stepfather will not face criminal charges. the da's office has uncovered evidence that he took violent action to stop his stepfather from attacking his mother. this happened in the small town of cavallia two weeks ago.
5:55 am
one of the youngest actresses in "gone with the wind" has died in mendicino county. she played the daughter of rhett butler and scarlett o'hara. she died of cancer at her home in fort bragg. she was 76 years old. a review of the smart meters for pacific gas and electric was found to be full of irregularities. there is a new study that suggests if you take drugs to
5:56 am
strengthen your bones, you could get throat cancer. that contradicts the database of 80,000 patients. the new study says 2 out of 1,000 patients who take the drugs develop throat cancer. the early study showed 1 out of 1,000 patients develop it. the same as the general population. there is new research out that mental exercise can postpone things like dementia and alzheimer's disease. researchers at rush university in chicago found out that seniors who kept mentally alive like doing puzzles were diagnosed with dementia later than the others. once dementia set in, there was a more rapid decline of mental
5:57 am
abilities. jennifer lopez reportedly is close to signing a deal to make her a judge on "american idol." tmz reports jennifer lopez is in the final stages of contract talks. barring any last-minute problems, it could be final next week. simon cowell left "american idol" this past season along with ellen degeneres who was a judge for one season. back over to sal who is collecting data this morning. >> if you are leaving town, let me know. tweet me. let me know where you are going. if you are driving or flying, we will pass it on to our viewers. not a lot of people out there heading up to 280 at the 880 interchange. looking at the grade here, that is looking well. we will have another report a few minutes away. dave and pam. thank you. 5:57. digging deep for answers. we will tell you where police
5:58 am
will be swarming today looking for valuable clues to the killings of several bay area people this week. and whytheyy are warning lawmakers over oil drilling along the gulf coast is hurting businesses. droiiiid.
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