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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 5, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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. they were high school friends but now their lives are cut short in an accident. we will bring you to the scene. many it's a day off from work but with double digit unemployment millions wish they had jobs this labor day. >> what jerry brown says the race is on as labor day marks do time in his push to be california's next governor. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2news at five. >> good evening everybody.
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i'm -- >> i'm heather holmes. tearful mourning has replaced celebrations this labor day weekend. two young men were killed in a horrible car crash on a stretch of road that's seen more than it's share of collisions. we are live with the tragic story. >> reporter: here reason lake mercez boulevard dozens have been gathers this afternoon and walks just a few yards down to where their friends died. 19-year-old robbie of hercules, left on this picture and 20- year-old nick of daley city. they were killed here around 10:30 last night. three others in another car had life threatening injuries. police haven't released their names. friends of the two young men are mourning. >> it's heart breaking for all of us. we were talking on the car how
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all of us work together. we have all graduated. >> reporter: the students were part avenue the high school class of 2008. still keeping in touch. >> two weeks ago i talked to them both and we with trying to get together and just didn't work out and now this happened. >> reporter: friends say one had signed up to join the air force and the other was a student at skyline college. they both worked as security guards. >> just seen them last night. >> saw him last night. >> yeah. >> reporter: what were you doing? >> hanging out. >> reporter: later they were in honda. a toyota with three cars hit the passenger side. the three were sent to san francisco general hospital critically injured. the two were pronounced dead at the scene. >> they were really nice guys. on top of their stuff.
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they worked hard for what they earned. >> reporter: police haven't determined what caused the accident or if alcohol was involved. a neighbor said he sees an accident here every couple months because people are tempted to speed on the straight away. >> i have seen it to many times. it's happened so many times that it gets to me. breaks my heart. >> reporter: this section of the boulevard was closed from 10:30 last night until 3:30 this morning. the conditions of the three survivorrors in the hospital isn't known. one of the young men who tied was supposed to take a trip overseas with his parents this next week. live in san francisco. ktvu channel 2news. >> the police are out making certain everybody behind the wheel is sober. so far this weekend dui arrests are up. according to the chp officers
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statewide have arrested 990 people for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. that is 67 more compared to the first two days of last year's labor day weekend. here in the bay area 167 drivers have been arrested for dui. highway patrol will continue it's maximum enforcement program through midnight tomorrow. >> thousands of people turned out this downtown oakland today for the city's first pride festival in seven years. the smell of good food and the sound music filled the street as organizers expressed hope it'll now be a yearly event. social issues also were on people's minds. one organizer said it's in part meant to demonstrate that gays are important parts of the community entitled to equal treatment. >> i think that in california we have gotten a lot closer than most places in america. of course we have a long way to
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go but right now we are taking one step at a time and we know that it is going to happen eventually. >> reporter: the festival also was a fundraiser to help establish a community center in the east bay. the fair was last held in 2003 and was replaced for years by the art and soul festival. it was a great day for a festival and anything else outside. mark is here now with a look at the warm temperatures. >> that's right. neighborhoods and right now up in to the upper 80s to lower 90s toward fairfield, concord and livermore. san francisco, last check 67 and san jose reporting mostly sunny skies and current temperature of 80 degrees. here is the plan the short term. mostly clear skies, especially around sfo with winds 15 to 20 miles an hour. temperatures upper 50s for the beaches, around the bay. 65 degrees in the inland spots. for labor day starting out the day most areas in the 50s.
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look in to the afternoon hours. nice recovery with the readings back up into the 70s, 80s and we can expect more low to mid90's into two or 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. for the art festival temperatures warming up as well. temperatures out there first thing tomorrow morning. by 12:00 72, 3:00 it's 80 degrees. nice tomorrow with you that will change coming up i will highlight the day. temperatures cooling off nearly 15 degrees. >> it's called the last blast of summer and on this weekend it took off. the 40th yearly labor day weekend event celebrating wine and of course food. the chamber of commerce -- credits city leaders and residents for its continued success. organizers say the festival attracts 100,000 people during the two day event and if you want to head out and enjoy an
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event tonight or tomorrow the website has a full list of activities. just click on that weekend extra tab near the top of the page. >> muni riders could be hit with interruptions because of a call for bus ride terse participate in a sick out. a flyer is being circulated directing them to call in sick september 14th through the 17th. it's not clear who is behind the ploy. the union says it has nothing to do with it but the wording suggest itself could have come from someone upset about the plans to change sick leave and overtime policies and to charge operators for work site parking. >> this is the third labor day weekend since president recession started. a recession that cost 8 million americans their jobs, two million right here in california. tom went out and explored whether this will be the last sad labor day for a while. >> reporter: former california
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edd director says he works every weekend morning. even labor day weekend but to him it's a quiet day. >> no big layoffs that we saw in the first part of 2009. >> reporter: what hurts california hiring even more, sacramento's failure to reach a budget. that not only directly affects hundreds of thousands of employees but private businesses as well. >> lack of confidence that taxes won't go up and the -- the economy won't get out of the current situation. >> reporter: the state lacks policies to encourage private sector growth. >> even health care. the one thing we could always count on in job training to create jobs seeing the same cut backs in terms of demand. >> reporter: we asked people here is this a crossroads? will next labor day be a more happy one? >> things are a little better in some respects than they were a year ago. >> reporter: this street fair
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was packed. >> i think what they are looking at look to the future and be strong stronger and this type of event encourages that. >> out of work for four years. i just did a informational interview, knocked on the door, called them and asked. he said he would do the interview. i got the job. >> we are gearing up for a more positive fall season and i'm ready for it and i believe my customers ready for it to. we are looking optimistic. >> there is anything optimistic on labor day 2010 that i see it's that -- strength of the culture among younger people to get out there and start businesses. new enterprises. >> reporter: that's how california's agricultural, entertainment and high technology industries came to be. ktvu channel 2news. >> the search continues today in pittsburgh as investigators
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try to solve a mystery ring of killings. police and volunteers spent a third day searching through tons of debris at the keller canyon landfill. they are looking for any possible sign of a 35-year-old frederick salas, a missing man. police believe he play have been killed last week by a man who is a suspect in the death of salas's father and as many as three others. >> west nile virus is back. two dead animals were picked up last month, both had west nile. a raven and a squirrel. vector control is telling people to report dead bird to officials. they also want people to take proper precautions, reporting neglected swimming pools or radio water sources where mosquito can breed.
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>> a major recall underway impacting wal-mart customers. also ahead fort first time we are getting a look at a key piece of equipment that could pope investigators determine what went wrong on that bp oil rig. >> and the president said he has a new plan and that he will reveal it in three days. the measures he says will stimulate the nation's economy.
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. we are gets our first look at the blow out preventer that failed and led to the world's largest accidental oil spill in the gulf of mention do. the coast guard released video of the device being pulled out of the water and put onto the ship. the justice department took custody and will start to inspect it. the blow out preventer is evidence in the investigation of the april 20th explosion that led to the oil spill. a new one is now in place.
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>> the president will be in the hard hit midwest this week to promote remedies for the ailing economy. julie has more on the president's latest reform. >> reporter: with the economy still in a slump and unemployment at 9.6%, the president traveled to the midwest this week to talk about the economy. first to milwaukee for labor day and then to cleveland on wednesday where he will lay out his new plan in more detail. he will propose a permanent extension of a popular tax credit. that's a break for business research done in the united states. it'll be paid for by closing other corporate tax breaks. also under consideration by the white house is an extension of liaring incentives and a payroll tax holiday. reaction to the latest proposal on fox news sunday. >> my reaction is we always like to see death bed conversions but the fact is if we had done this kind of thing
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nearly a couple years ago we would be in a lot better shape. >> it's not a death bed coninvestigation. there has been a series of tax cuts. we aren't falling, we are growing but the president will address more steps to get us growing again. >> the president had proposed making the tax credit permanent before. in his budget plan earlier this year. there is plenty of bi-partisan support for the idea, supporters say the credit creates high wage american jobs. the challenge is how to pay for it. aids say the president will ask congress to close tax breaks for multinational corporations and oil and gas companies. in washington fox news. >> many small businesses are struggling to stay going in this recession but one washington dc bike shop owner said she is back up and running again after being forced to close a year ago. what changed? kate baldwin. >> reporter: my second floor was a showroom for the high
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end. >> we met deni section nine months ago as she closed down capitol hill pike. after nine years a victim of the recession. >> lack of cash. couldn't support this real estate many. >> reporter: that was then. this is now. she has reopened what she described a lean, meaner operation in a smaller space. the good news, customers are starting to come back. she like other small businesses is still facing the same challenges that got her in a tough spot to start with. access to cash and credit. >> last time we said we need ready access. >> easy access to cash. to support some cash flow through the hard times. >> reporter: is your message the same today? >> absolutely. >> reporter: its something the president is trying to show he is tackling. urging congress friday to move forward on a bill designed to
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help small business including a 30 billion-dollar lending fund to help credit and $12 billion in tax breaks. >> one thing we have a responsibility to do right now is to lift up our small business, which accounted for over 60% of job losses in the final months of last year. >> economic policy analyst said the measure will help but it's no silver bullet. >> it won't bring a rush of people -- whatever these small business's have to offer but it'll help at the back end. >> perfect. >> you look like a cyclist. >> yes. >> reporter: in the meantime denise said she has adapted to tough times and is looking forward to making it through another bike season. remember we are heading in to election season here in washington. congress is set to return in just over a week and even if the small business bill passes quickly midterm elections fast approaching leaving little time
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for the measures impact to be felt before voters head to the polls. kate baldwin. >> 380,000 pounds of deli meat products recalled after wisteria found. it was made by zemco and distributed at wal-mart stores. here say list of the products affected by the recall. so nobody has gotten sick but it can cause fever, nausea if stomach pain. it can be deadly for some. anyone who brought the sandwhichs or meat can return it for a full refund. >> more violence in baghdad. straight ahead with united states combat mission in iraq, no more find out what target was hit for the second time in less than a month. >> as the anniversary of the september 11th attacks nears tony blair talks about what he
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said is the biggest threat facing the west. >> and jerry brown said the time is now. his push for the capitals start this is labor day weekend. what he has in store for his competition.
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. the combat mission may be over in iraq but united states troops were in a fire fight today in baghdad. civilians scattered when the
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shooting started at a military headquarters. suicide bombers and gun men hit the compound. united states troops provided cover fire for iraqi forces. at least a dozen people were killed. this is the same part that was targeted three weeks ago in an attack that left 61 army recruits dead. in afghanistan 28 people were wounded during an explosion at a mosque during evening prayers. some people said the blast was caused by a bomb dropped by a plane. today the taliban said it would attack polling stations when elections held on september 18th. >> ? other news of the world tonight in the congo at least 70 people are confirmed dead but two others are missing. one boat capsized after hitting iraq in one river while another
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burst into flames. river boats are often overcrowded and in poor repair. days of rains are being blamed for landslides that have buried mountain roadways killing at least 38 people and a second slide in one location killed would be rescuers. the landslides swallowed a bus filled with passengers, trucks and cars. workers say they have recovered several survivors but at least another 50 people are feared trapped in the mud and rocks. in china a rocket blasted off carrying a communications satellitet. took 26 minutes for the long march rocket to send in to orbitt. will take days to put it in it's final position. the satellite is designed to relay radio and television pictures and places. state department officials say the secretary of state
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hillary clinton will travel to jerusalem to resume peace talks. they are scheduled for september 15th. they are a continuation of negotiations that kicked off last week in washington between the prime minister and palestine president. the first crisis in the peace talk social security looming. israel today hinted it'll let up restrictions on building in west bank settlements but if they resume construction the palatine president warned he will pull out of the negotiations. in the middle east the palestine authority may be heading toward a financial crisis. the governments have contributed significantly less to keep things solvent in the west bank. some speculate it's an effort to kept hamas to reconsile. >> reporter: in the market
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sales are brisk. you can feel the energy on the packed streets. a modern police force does everything from keeping the growing traffic problem under control to providing law and order in this once lawless society. the authority has a huge challenge ahead. >> we have been talking about a financial crisis. from the fact that some of the donors happen to be fulfilling their obligations. >> reporter: donors are with holding hundreds of millions of dollars in aid. last year saud. >>announcer: arabia gave 240 million this year about 30 million. in 2009 they donated nearly 180 million. nothing, still under israeli occupation. it's money they need from buildings to police to education. the government building makes it look like something of a boom town but everything from the pavers to the concrete in
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the building cost a lot of cash and the financial crisis deepens. it threatening everything they are here to do. >> it's making difficult for the palestine authority to continue with its -- necessary services to the palestine. >> the crisis. part of this dealing and wheeling -- the negotiations or not. >> reporter: with less money the authority becomes reliant on the united states and european countries. the same country is pressuring for this round of talks. >> the palestine ans have their own red lines. they can't go below the red lines. >> reporter: with cash running tight the community has a powerful tool to keep palatine at the negotiating table. >> in the west bank.
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fox news. >> reporter: tony blair eyed in today on the september 11th attacks and threat he believes the world is still facing. on abc's this week he said he didn't get at the time how deep the radical thoughts of al- qaeda was but he said that's changed time. >> i personally felt and still feel the single biggest threat is the prospect of the terrorist groups getting nuclear abilities. >> reporter: he said he believes al-qaeda would have killed 30 or 300,000 people if it could have and on former united states president's he worked we said while george bush is smart bill clinton is the smartest politician he has ever come across. >> reporter: he has been fairly quiet until now. we will have details on the campaign glitch set to launch tomorrow for the race. >> also coming up what bay area high tech giant may be
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hiring. >> and a unique south bay -- featuring close to 200 -- not many people were expecting.
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. labor day usually a day of rest. not for jerry brown. the candidate for governor said his campaign is about to go into 5th gear and many democrats fighting to retain their seats are set to do just the same. we are live with the story. >> reporter: labor day often considered the end of summer
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and the unofficial start of the political campaign season. the event that happened here today provided a bit of both. picnicking and politicking. there were crowd around the barbecue and kids on the moon walk. many of the people at this labor day had grilled food and politics. it was hosted by the teamster union. it was a campaign stop for jerry brown. >> we start our battle tomorrow. you will see my adds, see me up and down the state. >> reporter: he acknowledges he will have to spend a lot of time over the next eight week its addressing the claims made by meg whittman. she was on the campaign trail yesterday in northern california talking to voters in columbia. many have seen her on the air waves. she reportedly spent more than $100 million in political adds. for his part brown said is he kicking his campaign into high gear. >> i will go up and down and
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tell people my message. it's no taxes without a vote of the people. bring the government closer to the local level and live with in our means. >> it's good to promote and get himself out and get close to the people. >> reporter: like many teamsters member considers himself a lifelong democrat. he said he will vote for brown but is upset with his party in washington. >> i don't know where they are putting their attention to because it's not out here where we need it. all the money don't seem to be going where it should be going. it's a --. >> reporter: it's a concern repeated by his wife. she lost her job a few months ago. she will still vote mostly democrat but with less excitement. >> i will probably vote the same. i'm not -- i certain things just a little disappointed. >> reporter: and polls show other voters nationwide may not be as forgiving. in a poll released this weekend
5:33 pm
38% of voters said they would favor a republican over someone already thereof either party. with the economy still in resuccess unemployment rate high many say that could spell trouble for the democrats. >> oracle's board expected to vote to mark heard. he reportedly be named chief executive hp's board forced him out last month after he was accused of submitting false expense reports. ellison who is close to heard calls it one of the worst decisions hp has ever made. >> this fall the city of confuse is set to launch a ground breaking program aimed
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at putting college with in reach for more children. the plan gets started soon despite problem that have prompted layoffs and service cuts in other programs. >> what would college be? is it a spark? it's a school. well done. >> reporter: san francisco's mayor doing a classroom show and tell with 5-year-old's. >> how much money is a -- ten dollars? and do you think if you go to college do you think it costs more than that? probably right? you need a lot of these. >> reporter: the mayor has come to sarah elementary because starting yearer kindergartener will get a college savings count courtesy of taxpayers. >> we have never heard of this. it's never been done to our knowledge and what a nice backdrop in the middle of talking about budget cuts. >> reporter: the program that will take a couple years to put in is fairly modest. children will get $50 to start,
5:35 pm
$100 for low erin come, one of the goals to get families to save. as a incentive a private foundation will contribute a hundred dollars for every family that saves $100. >> we know that 50 or $100 even after 12 years of interest and compounding. it's still not enough. we know what needs to happen is the families need to step in. they need to help the saves so they grow year after year. >> reporter: this latino father said he wants to send his two children to college but hasn't saved for it and is intimidated. >> you are unemployed. not working for five months >> one half of hispanic community in san francisco doesn't have access to a checking or savings account. now its being matched by the
5:36 pm
private sector and stanford. they will do independent analysis to see if it works and other members of the community will say i would love to contribute. this will take off. all the sudden it'll deal with the one limiting belief. >> reporter: the program would have to survive budget negotiations each year but at a cost of $200,000 this year out of a six billion dollar budget the dollars seem small. especially if it works. that of course -- many yearsal the children reach college age. dan simon. san francisco. >> vandals tried unsuccessfully to silence the sound of music around san jose. he is pretty good. 20 decorated pianoa have been place add round the city as part of the street piano project. you will find them, the mexican heritage plaza among other
5:37 pm
places. several have been defaced by taggers borager organizes say it'll continue through september 22nd and then they will all be donated to charity. >> action, suspense and george clooney a powerful combination at the box office. >> i'm good at. >> it's debut weekend the american was top in the box office. it took in nearly $13 million in ticket sales. last weekend number one film dropped, takers earned $11.5 million. the going the distance round out the top five films at the box office. >> general noters bidding on the new hybrid but it'll be up against stiff competition. >> mark is working on your neighborhood forecast. it may be even hotter than today.
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. iceberg almost twice the size of san francisco may soon pose a threat to atlantic ocean shipping. satellite images show the 18- mile long and nine mile wide iceberg is moving in to a stlait that leads to the north atlantic. huge piece of it broke off green land. it's the largest piece to detach from an arctic glacier in 1962 when is happened after the six warmest months on record. >> let's talk about the local weather. it was at the flea market today. very, very nice out there today. >> finally. we have been waiting toker this. finally the reward for today. especially for tomorrow. we have a clearing skies out
5:41 pm
there. moly clear skies. the fog bank isn't here. i can show you where it is. help of live storm tracker two. there is that patch to the south of point conception. we have mostly clear skies, this the the temperature contour. the key over the next 24 hours, more of the off shore flow and that will help transform the warmer air closer to the bay and the coast. as far as temperatures, live look outside. we will show you this. 72 degrees. not a cloud in sight. mostly clear skies, bit of a breeze with winds from 15 to 20 miles an hour. about four to eight degrees warmer than yesterday's highs. san francisco at 70. 72 san rafael. antioch and livermore and san jose in the lower 80s. weather story, this coming up for you. clear skies and a bit of a breeze for you. warming up for labor day and the day significant change as
5:42 pm
we head into tuesday. lue notice the cooldown for tuesday into wednesday. forecast highs for tomorrow. the range from the 70s near the coastline. 80s around the bay. back up in to the low to mid- 90s. 91 to 95 degrees by three or four tomorrow afternoon. high pressure settles in. there is that off shore flow keeping the fog away. tomorrow the warmest day. tuesday, wednesday heading toward wednesday. clouds, more clouds, temperatures cooling off as you can't see. the area of low pressure. by midweek the warmest locations only in the low it mid-70s. significant cooldown in the five-day forecast. tomorrow looking just perfect in mostly clear skies, 7:00. 48 to 55-degrees. warming up by lunchtime. 70 to 85 and there is the temperature range by 4:00. plenty of sunshine. that sea breeze will -- forecast highs for lay bartow.
5:43 pm
santa rosa 91. oakland tops out 83. antioch 95 degrees. san jose in the upper 08's. gilroy -- 80 degrees for afternoon high of 2 to 3:00. here is a look ahead. the five-day forecast and you will notice the change into tuesday. temperatures by tuesday back down to warmest locations near the 80-degree mark and the cooling will continue for wednesday with those readings only in the 60s and 70e. little bit of a bump in the numbers by thursday and friday. by wednesday the forecast models hinting at a slight chance of a few sprinkles. pause for dramatic impact. >> that was dramatic. >> 80 in san francisco to sprinkles. >> slight chance. at least enjoy tomorrow with the warm temperatures. >> will do. >> gm hoping to lure in new customers this fall with the revealing of its new hybrid. a lot is riding on the volt but will it stand up to the
5:44 pm
competition? we have more from detroit. >> reporter: gm promised an electric car that could charm it's own batter why i and keep driving. took a turn around the bankruptcy track and brought the volt. 10,000 in november. >> it was developed mostly before the bailout but if the government hadn't stepped in to get it through it wouldn't be happening. >> reporter: the government stepped in with your tax dollars. gm got $50 billion. 240million-dollar grant from the energy department, 14 billion-dollar loan to retool plants, even the korean company that supplied the battery got 50 pool from taxpayers. >> it's like the space shuttle, limited, expense. but it's done amaze things for other industries in terms of materials research and fostering interest in engineering. >> reporter: it's the first mass production electric powered hybrid. you can plug it into a simple
5:45 pm
outlet and drive 40 miles an the battery. then the engine kicks in creating power. that will get you another 300 miles. you can drive on limited disstance in the electric car but it costs at least $41,000 its powered by a huge six foot long 400-pound battery that runs here in a t shape through the center of the car. because of that you don't have the ability to have a ben of seat in the back or space for another passenger that other cars have. it's closest competition is $8,000 less. the leaf can drive 100 miles an a charge but doesn't have the engine to recharge. after that you have to stop and plug in. the gasoline powered -- the cruise costs $17,000. with all of the tax dollars that kept gm alive the giant is now banking on that i-phone effect.
5:46 pm
people lining up and spending extra just to be the first to get the latest technology and rap themselves in green at the same type time. >> it was their intent regardless of the government to be technology leaders again and this is just that. gm showing its ability. >> reporter: in detroit. fox news. >> coming up the push for play off is in. the race for the nl. >> and the a's have loaded the bases in the 5th but could they work with it? we have the answer next. south of laredo, there's a place...
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. good evening. welcome to sports wrap. the a's, we are trying to finish off the sweep of the angels. it would keep them on the fringes of the race. good representation for breast cancer awareness. plus taking someone in. the angels took issue with the silver's manufacturer's label. it was reflecting light. they asked us to label recovery. it was and the game went on. they got to him with a pair of big flies. first it was abrue. that's number 17 on the air for him. then later in the inning. with the runner on its mike -- that's number 22 for him. santana. 4-0 lead. he has one in the third and more noise on the 4th.
5:50 pm
jack cusp and ellis, goes the second -- suddenly it was 4-3 game. the angels made it more comfortable in the 5th. they roll through the gap in left center the a's don't get the sweep. the anxious else win it. they pull to nine and a half in the west. strange day for rangers, washington. he started in a twin's uniform playing in the old timers game. trailed 6-4. bases loaded. hitting one up the middle. keeping the ball from making to the out field. throws it third where young rushes to get back to the bay. young called out because of interference by the third base coach. coach isn't allowed to touch a run. the umpire spotted that touch. young called out.
5:51 pm
game over. minnesota winning 6-5. no another golden opportunity for the giants to him approach march standing in both the nl west and the wild card races tonight after that thrilling 5- 4 win last night in dodgers stadium. they are back at it tonight to wrap up the series. san francisco leading 1-0. >> giant was the chance to gain ground on san diego. the padres in the 7th inning of a 2-2 game. base hit to right. gonzalez scores and then so does troy when the throw get away at the plate. 4-2 colorado. san diego put a runner on in the 9th but street struck out will to preserve the 4-2 win. ten straight losses for the padres. san francisco win tonight would move the giants with in a game of first place. the giants also with a chance to pick up ground on the wild card leading phillies. prince fielder got them off to a good start in the first inning. launching one into the upper deck with two on.
5:52 pm
just like that the brewers have a three run cushion. the phillies had closed to with in a run. then hart hit one down the left field line. weeks coming from first. he will beat the throw. the brewers win 6-2 and the giant also be back to with in two games in the wild card race. two big names in the women's draw. advance past of the 4th round in the open round tennis championship. venus one of them. she struggled her serve and pulled at her cutting edge outfit but was able to last her opponent. in the near court winning this point with a strong shot down the line. venus won the first set 7-6 and was more dominant in the second. she is in the far court with great play at the net. then at match point she is back in the near court. she has no answer for this shot. venus wins the second set 6-3.
5:53 pm
second seeded. on the men's side, nadal continues to rome. in the near court taking on simone of france. he was over matched, nadal making it look easy at this point and now it's nadal at match point. he wins in straight sets. the highest additional men's seed was number eight. still more to come on sports wrap as we will show you how things stack up in the second weekend of golf fedex cup and hear from one of the niners most successful and maybe a little surprising player of the pre-season. we will be right back.
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5:55 pm
. the championship up for grabs. tiger woods had owned that for five-years now. with his third shot on the par five 7th hole today. he would get the easy birdie on
5:56 pm
the way to a 69 of the top 70 this week will move onto next weekend's championship. woods the defending champion movement mickelson the defending champion. this chip will work out pretty well. he shot 67. over the 207 spot -- with a win. the guy at the top of the heap right now is day. day makes birdie on the 12th hole on the way to a 66. he saw a three stroke lead but leads brent by a stroke. he stayed with in a stroke by doing this. chip actually saves parr. they will finish this tournament tomorrow. eight 49ers got reprieves. they didn't make the roster but were put in to the practice squad. anthony dixon led the league in
5:57 pm
rushing with 300 total yards and four touchdowns. with gore and westbrook in front of dixon he isn't in an ideal position but singletary figures you can always use someone with his talent. >> when you have a guy like that it's -- yes it'll be a roll. right now it'll define it's. i just -- when you have a guy that is a talent like that yes you will find a role for him. >> come back from my history of dance. i'm from the south and we like to dance. it's kind of in my game a bit. i just showed it. >> second. >> and college football on this nonnfl sunday. east carolina and tulsa. trailing -- 49-45. only time for this. davis, lobbing one to the end zone. jurors sin jones goes up like a basketball player and pulls down the rebound. the 33-yard play gives the pirates the win and also win
5:58 pm
for the coach in his debut. that's not him. that's the tulsa coach. that's it for this early night sports wrap. see you tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and also tonight on the 10:00 news police and volunteers resume their search of a landfill as they look for the missing man who could be linked to the puzzling case of east bay homicides. what's being done those victims tonight. that at ten. that is our report for now. >> for all of us here, thank you for joining us tonight. our next newscast is the 10:00 news. hope to see you then. have a good night. south of laredo, there's a place...
5:59 pm
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