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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  September 6, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's monday, september 6th,
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labor day. [ no audio ] >> will go back to a landfall in the east bay. they are looking for the body believed to be the fifth victim of last week's deadly rampage. ktvu's kraig debro joins us live from pittsburg with details. >> reporter: good morning. recovery and search teams will not be using the cadaverrer dogs that are used to find bodies so many times. they say there's too much of an area and too many smells. frederick sales has been missing and they believe he's in the keller canyon area since then. >> they may have had a piece of letterhead with a hercules letter on it. but that's it. >> reporter: search crews, three police officers and volunteers are looking for a body, and not a survivor. police say frederick sales was
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brought her unknowingly for bringing him -- unknowingly by trash garbage. it's believed valdamoro stole an escalade from one of the vallejo woman and used it to put frederick sales's body in a dumpster where he used to work. >> the business park is also in close proximity to the crepe myrtle residence where the older sales was found. >> reporter: police say the home's owned by the suspect's girlfriend. the saleses and another woman rented rooms from the owner. police say valdamoro was jealous of cindy tran, his
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girlfriend, living with other men. the suspect is also now dead. police shot him last monday night, following a high speed chase. police say he strangled tran during the chase. police believes he's responsible for segundia allen and marcarcia smart. their bodies were found at the home that the suspect stayed off, on and off for ten years. last friday, the -- one of the men was arraigned on chemical possession but not on the women's deaths. back to you. >> thank you. last night friends and family members gathered in hercules to remember the four victims of that deadly rampage. ♪ >> reporter: about 100 people gathered at market hall in hercules. the grieving family members of
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cindy tran were among those attending the memorial. there was a tribute written by her sons. >> "we truly love our mom and hope she's looking over us at this moment." >> there was some controversy. mourners lit one candle for the suspect. 7:04. just an hour ago, police found a wheel-chair bound woman who has been missing since yesterday. claudine wong was there when that search ended. she talked to the woman. claudine is now live in concord with all of the details. what happened? >> reporter: well, the mystery has been solved. this woman is safe, 21-year-old amanda sloan, is behind the
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fence still underneath the overpass there with some friends. police had been searching for her since yesterday afternoon since she called 911 complaining of chest pains saying she fell out of her wheelchair. police found her underneath the freeway. she told them she's fine and doesn't need help. >> my phone died. >> reporter: your phone died. >> how are you feeling now? >> i'm fine. >> reporter: you don't want to go to the hospital now? >> no. no. >> reporter: but you're okay? >> yes. >> reporter: were you surprised when they showed up here? >> yes. i'm just really stressed out. >> apparently a witness came out to you this morning and said he had seen her and checked her and she's fine. >> reporter: police said they did search this area extensively yesterday. sloan been says -- says she's been here the whole time. police say they looked and she
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wasn't here. police have offered her medical assistance and she refused, they said. she told us she didn't need any help. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. 7:05. a livermore father's in jail this morning suspected of stabbing his 14-year-old son 11 times. this happened yesterday, according to police, when 48- year-old gary gomez took his wife, his son and his son's friends fishing on the bethany reservoir. gomez allegedly became angry when one of the friends said he had to go home. investigators say when the son son -- the father stabbed him. last night on eastbound 80
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near fairfield, investigators think she may have been jumped out after an argument with her boyfriend as they drove down the freeway. the girl was treated for minor injuries, then released to her parents, her boyfriend is in jail this morning. facing charges of resisting arrest. this is the final day of the chp's annual labor day crackdown on drunk drivers. so far, drunk driving arrests are up from a year ago. statewide, the chp has arrested 990 people for driving under the influence since friday night. that's nearly 70 more arrests than the same period last year. here in the bay area, officers arrested 167 drivers for dui over the weekend. that's up slightly from last year. the chp crackdown continues until midnight tonight. 7:07. hey, sal, everyone behaving themselves so far on this labor day holiday? >> it depends.
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>> there have been 167 dui arrests in the bay area. those people have not been banking. but the arrest -- behaving. but it is still in the maximum enforcement period. just because the roads are wide open, i wouldn't be speeding if i were you. the traffic is doing well on highway 24 and there are a lot of police officers making sure you don't need. that's because they have more officers on the road this holiday weekend. moving along to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's light coming into san francisco. the traffic looks okay into the city. this morning's commute on northbound 101 that looks okay approaching the 80 split. here's mark tamayo, filling in for steve. beautiful shot here out towards the estuary. temperatures will be soaring up, warming up nice hi because we're expect -- nicely because we're expecting a cooling
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trend. so the headline today, it will be warmer, plenty of sunshine, temperatures ranging from the lower 70s to the immediate coastline. temperatures in the inland to leech the 9 -- to reach the 90s. current numbers just updated. san francisco 55. concord in the mid-50s. chilly up towards santa rosa and napa. san jose around 58 degrees. high pressure in full command of our weather. we still have the offshore flow. not much in the way of fog to report. a few patches around monterey bay. as we put this into motion, temperatures bottom out by wednesday. in fact, by wednesday, warmest locations in the lower 70s. that's just it with more clouds around and here is our rainfall model. we're totally dry today. look what happens, though, as we put this into motion for
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wednesday. a little bit of activity out there. i will say a fairly good bit of drizzle first thing wednesday morning. there's a chance for a few sprinkles around the bay. but the cooler and temperatures, a good bet for this week. a bit of a breeze out tear. temperatures hayne -- out there. temperatures mainly in the 70s. warming up to the 80s. the interior, around 94 by 3:00. here is a look at the numbers. everybody up a good 5 degrees. santa rosa, 91. here is a look ahead to your five-day forecast. temperatures cooling off a good 15 degrees for your tuesday. cooling will continue into wednesday. it's a little bit of a bump in the numbers by thursday and into friday. >> thank you. in tropical storm herm even is get -- hermine is getting
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stronger in the gulf of mexico. it's aiming at texas and mexico. it's expected to dump a foot of rain and may cause flash floods. a tropical storm warning was issued for texas. one in mexico was already in effect. in the meantime, north carolina's beaches are open today for the holiday after being closed because of hurricane earl. the beaches were off limits a couple of days because of hurricane earl. earl actually never made landfall in the u.s. and only brushed against new england as a tropical storm and finally hit land in canada's nova scotia. 7:11. moments ago, attorney general jerry brown made an announcement that's connected to his run for governor. also, how president obama hopes to spur job growth with a big investment in one particular industry.
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good monday morning. labor day. 7:13. temperatures are warming up. berkeley in the lower 80s it afternoon. jerry brown, the democratic candidate for governor, said he's shifting his campaign into high gear with the launch of a television ad. he begins today with an appearance in lanes. by lunchtime he will be in los angeles and then wind up his event at the shoreline park in alameda, scheduled for 4:00. republican meg whitman, has been endorsed by the chamber of
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commerce's board of directors. but in response the president of the university of california suspended his board membership and the chancellor of the state's community college system resigned from the board. the two men say they are against the chamber getting involved in a political election. a poll over the weekend shows that voters are increasingly unhappy with democrats, the party in power and the "usa today" gap lop poll -- gallup poll said -- your time 7:15. today, president obama makes a labor day speech in wisconsin. and the white house says he will be calling for $50 billion of new investments in the roads, railways and the airports. all to jump the start the economy. our reporter, sandra endo, is in washington now with more on all of this. >> reporter: good morning,
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dave, that propose is to try to create jobs. the president knows he has a tough fight to handle come november. that's why he's focusing on the -- the issues that matter the most to american voters. president obama's focus this labor day is on turning the economy around. this week he's laying down the problem and trying to offer solutions. >> for a decade, middle-class families felt the sting of declining incomes and companies were rewarded for creating tax cuts and jobs overseas. all of this came at the expense of working mesh -- americans. ultimately, that house of cards collapsed. >> reporter: the president is in wisconsin today and will later talk on economy in ohio the next day.
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republicans say congress should vote on a spending tax package immediately. >> stimulus spend, permanent bailouts, government take takeovers have all failed our nation. american investors are afraid to invest in an economy that's wracked. >> reporter: while congress is at a stalemate over which package of ideas would best jump start the economy. democratic supporters say the president was handed the problem. >> he inherited a banking industry or an economy that was about to fall off the end of the cliff. he inherited a recession. >> reporter: now, the economic news is troubling. just last week the unemployment rate rose from 9.5% to 9.6. so not exactly the president and democrats want to go in as they head towards the november laxes. sandra endo, back to you. >> we've been talking about the
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polls and reaction on the -- of the polls on the economy. any idea how wisconsin will be reacting today to the president's speech? >> reporter: well, interesting to know, wisconsin -- to note, wisconsin and ohio, the two states where the president will be launching major economic speeches this week, are really in a tough mid-term battle for numerous races. so it will be very much a jumping-off point to try to get voters interested in and convinced that they have a plan to turn this economy around. so those two states are certainly states that are struggling now, as is the rest of the country. >> all right. our reporter, sandra endo, thank you for the update. 7:18. well, this week the california supreme court will hear arguments on whether the governor has the power to make state employees take days off.
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now, they claim the constitution does not give the governor the power to order furloughs. the governor says it does over a fiscal emergency. some muni passengers could find themselves stranded at their bus stops. someone is circulating a flier among muni operators that directs them to call in sick between september 14th and the 17th. it's unclear who is behind this. but the muni's operator of the union says it has nothing to do with it. san francisco police are investigate -- are investigating the accident that killed two men and injured others. robbie macam and nick samiento
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died. mourners carried flowers near the site of the accident and shared memories of their friends who died. >> two weeks ago, i talked to them and we were trying to get together and it just didn't work out. and now this happens. >> police say macam and samiento were riding in a honda on saturday and for some reason, it turned perpendicular to traffic. that's when a a vehicle crashed into the side of -- crashed -- when a vehicle crashed into the side of their vehicle. police want to know if alcohol may have been a factor. honoring a fairfield city council gunned downed two years ago by taking guns off the street. we'll tell you the number of weapons turned in at an event this weekend. an amazing rescue. the quick action of sheriff deputies that helped save a
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stranded driver's life. driving concerns. we'll tell you why the holiday weekend presented several problems for first responders.
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vector control is advising
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residents to report any dead birds and squirrels to officials. west nile virus is normally spread through bites of infected mosquitoes. a gun buyback program held in honor of matt garcia is being called a success. 95 guns were turned in this saturday at the second annual event. those who turned in guns were given a gift card for $100. matt garcia was only 22 years old when he was shot to death two years ago in a case of mistaken identity. they organized the event to help keep guns out of the hands of criminals. three sheriff deputies are being hailed as her rows after -- heroes after pulling a man from a burning car. one deputy used a fish extine giver -- fire extinguisher to put the flames out while the other two grabbed the man out of the car. the victim was transported to
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the car where he's being treated. it's still unclear what caused the fire. say, sal, do you think people think the chp is really out there looking for bad drivers? >> i realized driving to truck, it was me, a couple of garbage trucks and chp. >> oh. >> i was driving the speed limit. >> of course you are. northbound and southbound 880 traffic moving well. the chp is doing their maximum enforcement period for the labor day weekend. they are out there looking for impaired vehicles or people driving fast. traffic coming from the bay bridge looks good. northbound 101 in san francisco looks good. just getting word of a crash, northbound 17 at los gatos. that one just came in but it
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sounds like a non-injury crash. here's mark. we have a very nice forecast for you today. warmest locations back up in the 90s. looking out to bay point, currently in the mid-50s. right around 55. the weather story is this -- make sure you enjoy today because look what's happening over the next two or three days. temperatures clear out by tuesday and then on wednesday, the temperatures barely make it to the 70s. today is definitely the warmest day of the period. for today, this morning, mostly clear skies. by lunchtime warming up and more sunshine. a bit of a breeze develops by mid to late afternoon. san francisco 82 degrees. concord, 94. antioch in the mid-90s. stay at 89 and half moon day tops out at 74 degrees. here is a look ahead, you can more evidence of the cooling
7:27 am
trend. i will go ahead and toss it back to the desk. 7:26. the search for a missing disabled -- disabled woman comes to an end. >> everything is okay. why? >> reporter: they were looking for you after you called 911. what happened? where did you go? >> hear what happened to the woman and how police find her. and is it just a stunt? the move by craigslist over the weekend that has stumped everything air has no prejudice...
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30 minutes, police officers and volunteers will return to a landfall. they are looking for the body of a man believed to be the vict -- fifth victim of a shooting rampage last week. frederick sales is feared to have met the same fate as his father, who was found beaten to death. the search is expected to take at least the next few days. kraig debro is in pittsburg. he will have a live update at 8:00 a.m. 90 minutes ago, police in concord found a wheelchair- bound woman who had been
7:31 am
missing since yesterday. ktvu's claudine wong played a crucial role in this story and has this report. >> reporter: yes, right now. amanda sloan is safe and sound. she's actually behind the gate and behind the corner with friends. she says she's okay and didn't know everybody was knowing -- looking for her. she's a pretty well-known transient in the area. we learned she might be underneath this overpass. she called 911 yesterday afternoon telling them she had fallen out of her wheelchair, had chest pains and needed help. but when authorities got out here they couldn't find her. someone we talked to was pretty sure they had seen her. we called concord police. they found her asleep with friends. this is what she said. are you okay? >> yeah. i'm fine. why? >> reporter: people were looking for you after you called 911? >> i was having really bad chest pains.
7:32 am
>> reporter: and you didn't wait for the firefighters to get there? >> i was right here. >> reporter: you were having chest pains down under here? >> i don't know why they didn't send the ambulance instead of these idiots. >> reporter: where did you tell them you were? >> right here. >> reporter: you said underneath the overpass? >> yeah, underneath the freeway. >> reporter: she told police that she did not want any medical help. police tell us they did search this area, specifically the area where they found her this morning. they say they searched it extensively yesterday. multiple agencies looking for amanda sloan. she insists she was right there the whole time. she said she never called back because her phone died. at but -- but at this point, the most important thing is that she's safe and sound. she's refusing help because she -- because she says she's just
7:33 am
fine. 7:32. police in vallejo are search everything to the gunman who shot and killed a man in the backyard yesterday in the home of -- in a home on 300 springs road. police describe the sufficient as a young african-american man in his 20th, wearing a light shirt and jeans seen getting into a white or silver car. this was the 7th homicide in vallejo. right now, a special ceremony is being held to honor the life of a fallen officer. officers will be celebrating the life of paul starsik. of he was a 12-year-old member of the force. he died two years ago.
7:34 am
7:3. in rhone other park a suspected drunk driver is in jail accused of crashing into a police vehicle. this happened yesterday when the driver, 27-year-old joshua hicks, skidded across the intersection of seapark drive and enterprise drive and crashed head on to a police suv. hick -- hicks tried to drive away du didn't get away. the officer was treated for injuries to his shoulder, arm and back. officials say the plane that crashed near a lagoon was taken to sacramento for further insections. the plane reached annal tutued of 650 feet before making a sharp right turn and crashed into the bay.
7:35 am
the crash killed all people on board including robert borman. a preliminary report is expected in about five or ten days. over the weekend, craigslist was censored and now people are try to figure out why. pam cook is in the newsroom with more. >> it appears the bay area website censored itself and it could be because of nationwide criticism over a certain part of the site. on saturday kraigs list shut down the adult services -- craigslist shut down the adult services covering it with "censored." other sites will learn from craigslist. the message is put people above profit.
7:36 am
>> now, the word "censored" was also taped over the gate at craigslist headquarters in san francisco. for years the adult services section has been fought to be shut down probably because those ads generate one-third of craigslist' revenues. it's not known if this is permanent. back to you. >> thank you, pam. 7:5. there are several reports that former ceo mark hurd is in talks to join the executive team of oracle. it's not known what role he will have. he could be behind his friend, larry ellison. ellison called hurd's dismacal from hp one of the worst personnel decisions hewlett- packard has made.
7:37 am
7:36. work has begun to fix a section of san francisco's great highway. now, the road and the cliffside was heavily damaged by winter storms earlier this year. that caused a lot of erosion. construction crews are now working to restabilize the road between skyline and sloat boulevard. now, this project should last until the end of october. 7:36 and we want to check in with sal castanedo and telling us it's still fairly quiet out there but you need to drive carefully. >> you do need to drive carefully. if you want to find me, look right under the tv. sal @sunday scorecastanedo. that's hoey you do it. that traffic is doing well. let's take a look at highway
7:38 am
92. traffic looks okay. this morning we're looking at the roads on the peninsula. looking pretty good if you are catching that flight at sfo or dropping someone off, it looks pretty good. dumbarton traffic bridge looks good. 7:37. here's mark. >> hi there, sal. taking a live look outside looking out over the sutro tower in the mid-50s with mostly clear skies. we do have some patchy fog near parts of monterey bay and bays -- areas together -- south. temperatures in the mid-90s in the inland. fire danger not extreme today but it will be elevated. what you can see for san francisco and the shoreline. pretty nice day with temperatures on track to reach the 90s. right around 56 degrees.
7:39 am
but just -- that will be the source of the cooldown as we head into tuesday. the offshore flow is still developing. the bigger change that sets up for tomorrow and also into wednesday with more clouds, temperatures cooling off and there's even a possibility we could have some drizzle first thing wednesday morning, possibly some wet roadways. there's even a slight chance of a few sprinkles. you can see with more sunshine for the coast. 74 degrees right around the bay. those readings on either side of 95 degrees. here is a look at the numbers with santa rosa 91. san francisco probably topping off in the mid-80s. the sea breeze kicks in by mid
7:40 am
afternoon. that will cool off the city. morgan hill, 94. here is rack -- here's a look ahead for tuesday. coming down about 15 degrees. cooling will continue into wednesday. a little bit of a bump in the numbers by thursday and also into friday. the largest chunk of ice in north america is on the move. the iceberg which is almost twice the twice of the city of san francisco broke off a glaciers in greenland. it's floating towards the arctic straits. if it makes it out, it could be a hazard to ships in the ocean. the last day, the iceberg hit an island. today is a special day here at ktvu to help find a cure for muscular dystrophy. channel 2 will participate in the nationwide jerry lewis telethon stating right after "mornings on 2."
7:41 am
you will see many of our tv personalities helping out and many colorful volunteers ready to take pledges from viewers. the event runs from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 this evening. we'll tell you what happened in oakland this weekend for the first time in six years that provided some much-needed medical help. >> reporter: at one specific mcing in in the bay area, getting food off the dollar menu is no longer -- longer possible. later, the jetblue flight attendant with the rude passenger is due back in court. when -- next. south of laredo, there's a place...
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look at this. this is gonna be happening every year until we hit our 40th like san francisco did across the bay. >> in addition to the food and entertainment, there was also free h.i.v. screenings at the event. in alameda county, about two- thirds people living with h.i.v. are in oakland. well, a record-breaking crowd showed up at this year's
7:45 am
burning manifest val in nevada. more than 50,000 people were at the annual event over the weekend. that's up 20% from last year. the festival celebrates art, music and performances. it ended last night with the burning of a 40-foot structure of the man that's the symbol of the festival. it's 7:44. some homeless people in san francisco say the move by a mcdonald's to get rid of its dollar menu is leaving them hungry and angry. jade hernandez joins us live from san francisco to explain. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. a buck can get you a lot at mcdonald's. it used to be able to get you a mini mcdouble right here but at this san francisco mcdonald's in the haight-ashbury, it's the only mcdonald's that's done away with the dollar menu. the sign at the front door says no trespassing, no loitering and it says a 30-minute time limit while consuming food,
7:46 am
while rules enforced by management to curb problems. the san francisco "chronicle" reports this morning, the chan fries owner of this store took away the dollar about a month ago. homeless people are upset saying the menu was pulled to get them to go elsewhere. the difference in price is only a couple of quarters. but there used to be a 390- mcdouble for a buck. now customers can only buy a small burger. the article says the owner does not offer the dollar anymore based on a number of factors, none of which have anything to do with the homeless. there's been a push for the no- sit lie that's up for battle in november being thrown about. >> are you upset they no longer have a dollar menu? >> i'm very upset. >> because they are not being
7:47 am
fair with the american people and the american people made them rich. >> reporter: just a note, whole foods is moving in across the street from this particular mcdonald's on haight. so there is an effort to bring in other stores despite the issue. customers don't have a choice. if they have a dollar -- want a dollar menu they will have to go somewhere else. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. 7:47. vendors at the san francisco ferry building are not working in harmony with street musicians. for the past two weeks, building managers have been cracking down on where musicians can play during saturday's farmers markets. some vendors have complained the musicians are too loud and drive away customers. building managers have been asking the musicians to relocate. the pearl formers say the crackdown is affecting the amount of money they make in
7:48 am
tips. a judge still has to approve it, but google says it's worked out in a settlement lawsuit. the company said google violated their privacy on the buzz network. most of the $8.5 million settlement, if this judge approves it, will go to internet privacy organizations. $2million will go to lawyers. despite the agreement, google says it did not violate any privacy laws. 7:48. george clooney is number one at the box office again. he stars in "the american." it sold almost $13 million in tickets. the numbers are through last night's showing and the numbers could change depending upon what moviegoers see today.
7:49 am
easting contest champ joey chestnut of san jose was defeated over the weekend in a chicken wing eating contest by a 105-pound woman. chestnut came in 2nd place. he was beat by the woman called "the black widow." she ate 181 wings in 12 minutes. just not -- chestnut ate 169 wings. the jetblue flight attendant who told off a plane full of passengers, grabbed a couple of beers and slid down the emergency slide. he's no longer with the airline. steven slater's attorney said he resigned. he had been suspended already by the airline. he's still facing charges of reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and trespassing. slater is expected to appear in a new york court tomorrow.
7:50 am
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that's right! i'm not thinking anything! [ male announcer fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. delicious yes. u.s. troops were called in to provide cover for iraqi soldiers when heavily-armed fighters surrounded the military base in the center of baghdad. the attackers set up a car, then fought their way inside the building before being
7:53 am
killed. at least 12 people were killed in the fighting. no u.s. troops were injured. in afghanistan, though, nato says that an american member of the international force there has been killed in fighting in the eastern part of that country. this parks the fifth death among u.s. troops in afghanistan in just the first few days of september. well, tony blair is reexamining the terrorist threat and the 9/11 attacks. yesterday, blair said he didn't grasp at the time how deep the radical ideology of al qaeda is but he says that has changed. >> i felt and i still do, the single most threat we take is these terrorist groups with some sort of biological or chemical capability. >> blair says he believes 300,000 people would have been killed if possible. blair said while george w. bush
7:54 am
is very strong. he said bill clinton is the smartest politician he's come across. theater members are thrilled that the antique bell is back after being stolen. a construction worker found it at a san leandro salvage yard last week and connected it through an inscription on the bell. ♪ >> the public art project in san jose will continue despite being the target of vandals. 20 decorated pianos will be on
7:55 am
display. the artist says he doesn't mind the tagging. people are ahued to express themselves -- allowed to express them selves. while president obama and his family were on vacation recentlyily, the oval office received a makeover, a very large other the beige bug with quotes all over it from famous people. the writing from dr. king is not his. >> the quote is -- it's "the ark of the moral universe is long but it tends towards justice." he -- i don't say it as well as he did, but he used that quite a bit in his speeches. let's check in with sal.
7:56 am
not much talking about traffic but the maximum enforcement is still on for people on the road. >> that's right. for one more day tori and dave. the chp is doing their maximum period to have more enforcement. on days like today, there tend to be more high-speed crashes when there's no traffic. that's why sometimes these holiday weekend crashes tend to be pretty severe. 880 north and southbound. wide open freeways. this morning's commute is okay at the bay bridge. it's a commute for some, not for many on this holiday weekend. westbound traffic looks good getting into san francisco. now, here's mark. good morning to you. we do have mostly clear skies over most of the bay area for your labor day. today will be the warmest day
7:57 am
of the entire week. there's san francisco out in the distance. it will be beautiful today. there's some pog mainly right around -- patchy fog mainly right around monterey bay and will be working its way across the coastline. one of the warmest days. look what happens, though, for tuesday. by wednesday, the warmest locations only barely making it in the lower 70s. we're warming um by lunchtime -- up by lunchtime. a bit of a breeze. look at all of the 80s for san francisco, oakland. san rafael tops out at 91. hayward, 84. your five-day forecast -- there's that cooling trend as we head into tuesday. we thicken up the clouds a little bit over the next couple of days. there's a slight chance for a few sprinkles or at least some drizzle wednesday morning. and we'll warm things up for
7:58 am
thursday and friday. dave and tori? all right. something spotted in the ocean could make this a very tense holiday for bare swimmers and surfers. a labor day fishing trip weekend goes terribly wrong. we'll tell you what -- actually, that's a different story. we'll tell you what they are looking for in the landfall. sals
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell.
8:01 am
>> i'm dave clark. police officers and volunteers in the east bay resumed their search through mounds of trash. they are out there look fork the body of the man believed to be the fifth victim of last week's deadly rampage. ktvu's kraig debro is live in pittsburg with all of the information. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, dave. and on schedule, recovery teams now enter the landfall here in pittsburg. just shot this video a couple of seconds ago. it's a hercules crime scene van that just drove through. moments ago they are expecting a full team out here again today. they won't have the cadaverrer dog again today. they said there's so many competing smells that the dog was not helping in the search. police search volunteers heading back in the keller canyon landfall looking for frederick sales. last night there was a vigil for sales but there was even some compassion for the man
8:02 am
police believe is responsible. >> my understanding is the folks from vallejo like us to include the suspect. our response to them is -- we're here to promote peace. >> a prayer candle was actually lit for efrain amaldomo. police searched the landfall in pittsburg. they are looking for the body of 35-year-old frederick sales. investigators theorize sales was dumped here unknowingly by trash dumpsters. the garbage from there is dumped from the site where sales used to work is dumped
8:03 am
here. >> right now they are looking for evidence that would lead them to frederick sales. >> reporter: the suspect is being blamed for the deaths of cindy tran, two men from vale, ricardo sales and frederick sales. police say the suspect and ricardo stayed together in a home along with frederick sales. police say the suspect was jealous of sales living with tran. the suspect is dead. police shot him monday night. police say he strangled tran during the chase. police believe the suspect is responsible for the death of seggundia allen and her friend, smart. the two men stayed at the home for on and off years.
8:04 am
one of the woman's husband is a suspect. he's not been charged with either deaths. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. well, police in pacifica are out there looking for three gunmen involved in a home invasion robbery. this happened at a home on mckinney avenue. investigators say those three men burst into the home while the terrified family was inside. they then escaped with unspecified valuables. luckily no one was hurt. police have found a missing disabled woman in concord. claudine wong talked to the woman after she was found to find out what happened. claudine joins us now from concord with this exclusive report. good morning, tori. amanda sloan has been found safe and sound. they had to go around that locked gate to find her. police had have been
8:05 am
searchinger since yesterday afternoon when she called 911 complaining of chest pains and that she fell out of the wheelchair. this morning, she said she's just find and didn't know people were -- fine and didn't know people were searching for her. she told police she's fine. we also talked to her and talked to her about where she was after she made that 911 call. >> no. my phone died. >> reporter: my phone died. how are you feeling now? >> i'm fine. >> reporter: you don't want to -- >> no. >> reporter: -- to the hospital now? >> no. >> reporter: but you're okay? >> yes. >> reporter: were you surprised when they showed up here? >> yes. i'm just really stressed out. >> apparently a witness came to you and said he had seen her. in coming down here and checking, we located her. she's fine. >> reporter: police say she's afine and searched the area extensively. there were about 30 vehicles and even a chopper.
8:06 am
police say they did look in this spot yesterday and say she was not here yesterday afternoon. police say what's important she's safe. she doesn't want any help so they will finish their report and officially this case is now over. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. 8:05. a livermore father is in jail this morning suspected of drabbing his 1-year-old son 11 -- 14-year-old son 11 times. it all happened when he and his friend and wife and two of his son's friends went fishing. gomez came angry when one of the friends said he had to go home. investigators say when his son interfered gomez stabbed the boy 11 times with the fishing knife. his wife was also stabbed. nonof the injuries are -- none of the injuries are life- threatening. police want to know why a teenager jumped out of a moving
8:07 am
car. she may have jumped out because she was having an argument with her boyfriend. her boyfriend remains in jails facing charges of resisting arrest. this is the final day of the chp's annual labor day holiday crackdown on doctors. so far arrest -- crackdown on drunk drives. the chp has arrested 990 people for driving under the influence since friday night that's almost 70 more than last year. here in the bay area, officers arrested 367 drivers. that's up a bit from last year. the chp crackdown will continue until midnight tonight. we've been warned to drive carefully and be smart. let's check in with sal. i assume the rest of the roads are all open? >> yes, they are.
8:08 am
and sometimes that leads to more serious accidents. so it's kind of an uneasy calm i would say in many cases over these holiday weekends. as we look at the bay bridge, westbound traffic looks good coming into san francisco. very small delay at the toll plaza. if any. the metering lights are not on and we don't expect them to be used. traffic is moving along pretty well on 880 north and southbound. this morning's commute is looking good on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. filling in for steve, it's mark. >> looking good for your labor day, we have mostly clear skies to look out towards the bay. currently san rafael checking in at 54 degrees. a bit of haze there. quality could be coming down with high pressure. today will be the warmest day of the entire week. temperatures this afternoon from the 70s right to the immediate shoreline. temperatures inland on track to
8:09 am
reach the mid-90s. whenever a pattern develops like this, fire danger elevated. we don't have any warnings in place. for the coast, we have mostly clear skies except for some patchy fog right around monterey bay. today should be fairly nice out toward the ocean beach with those reading mainly in the 70s. water temperature right around 56 degrees. here is the overall weather pattern. i will show you some of the current numbers. san francisco 57. oakland, 60. fairfield, mid-60s. san jose last check reporting mostly clear skies and 60 degrees. high pressure the source for the warmup today. it will be on the move tomorrow. we begin a big-time cooling trend for tomorrow. we could have roadways that are
8:10 am
wet in about 8 hours -- 48 hours. we're dry today. dry, tuesday. then into wednesday, a little bit of activity showing up. this is something we'll be watching for a slight chance of sprinkles or drizzl this morning we have the clear skies, warming up by lunchtime and sunshine and a bit of a breeze develops by mid to late afternoon. look at all of the 90s out towards novato and santa rosa. antioch, mid-90s. oakland tops out in the 80s and san jose, 89. los gatos, 91. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast get ready to bundle up. temperatures could warm a little bit by thursday and friday. but a beautiful labor day across the entire bay area. if you are planning ahead for the beach, just be careful, a shark has been spotted. following another shark sighting in bodega bay. thursday's sighting was the second in the bay area in a week. a great white was also seen
8:11 am
feeding 0en a sea lion -- on a sea lion on tuesday. nils say sightings of great whites have spiked this summer. tropical storm hermine is getting stronger. a hurricane warning has been posted for texas and mexico in the gulf. the winds have increased to 50 miles an hour. but it's expected to get much stronger before making landfall early tomorrow morning. it's kented to dump up a -- expected to dump up to a foot of rain. north carolina beaches are back open for today's holidays following closures due to hurricane -- hurricane earl. earl never made landfall. it did hit hand in nova scotia. the big headline. >> the biggest damage was for
8:12 am
the coastal areas, for the big weekend. they were counting on it. some fliers now making the rounds may be making some san francisco bus riders a little nervous. and the very generous gift given to the family of an oakland homicide victim. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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8:15 am
jerry brown makes an appearance in alameda shifting his campaign into high gear. brown's campaign will start airing tv commercials for the first time today. he also begins this morning by making an appearance in los angeles. by lunchtime, he'll be in sacramento. then he'll wrap up his event at mlk shoreline -- shoreline park. meg whitman has been endorsed by the chamber of commerce's board of directors. but in response to that, the university of the -- president of the university of california suspended his board membership. the chancellor resigned from the board. those two men say they are against the chamber becoming involved in a political election. a poll over the weekend shows voters are increasingly
8:16 am
unhappy with democrats, who are the party in power. 38% of voters said they would favor a republican challenger over an incumbent. 27% say they would favor a democratic incumbent over a alcohol. administration officials say president obama will call for new investments in the rails, roadways and airports. that would cost at least $50 billion. the president will talk about the proposal about a labor day event today in wisconsin. a new poll shows 80% of all americans asked think the u.s. economy is in poor shape. 37% of the people questioned, rate the country poor with even more calling it very poor. only 18% describe the economy as good. one in five predict things will get worst in the months ahead.
8:17 am
some muni passengers could find themselves stranded at their bus stops next week. somebody circulating a flier among muni operators. it directs them to call in sick between the 14th and the 17th. we don't know exactly who is behind this push for a sickout. but the operator of the union head says it has nothing do to do with it. they say it could have come from somebody who is angry over management's plan to change sick time and leave time. on wednesday, three lawsuits by state employees will be considered, claiming the constitution does not give the governor the power to order furloughs. however, the governor says it does give him the power during a fiscal emergency. san francisco police are investigating the cause of the deadly crash that killed two young men and injured three
8:18 am
others. the accident happened saturday night on lake merced boulevard and john muir drive. the victims 19-year-old robbie macam of hercules and nick samiento of daly city were both high school students. mourners brought flowers and shared memories of their friends who died. >> two weeks ago i talked to them both. we were trying to get together. it just didn't work out and now this happens. >> police say the two were riding in a honda saturday. for some unknown reason turned into oncoming traffic. that's when a toyota carrying three people crashed into the side of their car. the three victims in the toyota were transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police are trying to determine whether alcohol was a factor. 8:18. a gun buyback program held in memory of fairfield city
8:19 am
councilman, matt garcia, is being called a success. 95 guns were turned in saturday. people who turned in guns were given a gift card for $100. now, matt garcia was only 22 years old when he was shot to death two years ago in a case of mistaken identity. garcia's family says they organized the event to help keep guns out of the hands of criminals. the family of an oakland man savagely beaten to death received a huge gift over the weekend. the gold medal of christie yam ma -- gold medalist kristi yamaguchi was there. the man was fatally beaten in downtown oakland in april. >> he had great expectation for his son to be a doctor. we want to be able to contribute that and hope the $75,000 would help contribute
8:20 am
to his education fund to become a doctor some day. both of mr. yu's alleged attackers were identified from this surveillance video and help from the community. both are charged with murder. we're getting our first look at the device that led to the world's largest accidental oil spill in the gulf of mexico. also -- a bay area university is being sued by a former student. what she says the school failed to do after she reported being hazed by a sorrowty -- sorority. good morning. we'll tell you why police are not taking this as a holiday. ee
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
in new zealand thousands of people are still dealing with the effects of the powerful earthquake that struck the city of christ church on saturday. there have been more than 60 aftershocks since then. hundreds of buildings have been destroyed. a lot of people have been evacuated. sewa lines were damaged. the main waterline is contaminated. luckily, no one was been killed. we're also getting our first look at the blowout preventer that did not prevent the gulf of mexico in mexico. the coast guard just released 50 of the 50-ton device as it was halled out of the water and placed on the ship.
8:24 am
now the justice department will begin to inspect it. that preventer is evidence in the april explosion that killed workers. a new preventer is in place. san jose state university is being sued by a former student who said she was hazed by an on-campus so rowty. she said she endured a month of beatings when she pledged the sorority. the 20-year-old transferred to the university of california saying she did not feel safe. she says the university failed to investigate her claims of hazing. sigma gamma rojas been suspended from campus until 2016. some controversial ads by a gun rights group has the transportation agency reviewing the policy. the posters have been showing up on the city's trains, buses and bus shelters.
8:25 am
they show a woman showing "a violent criminal is breaking in. can you afraid to be unarmed"? let's check in with sal. anyone on the bridges? i know it's labor day morning. anyone using the bridge? >> dave in a word, no. let's go back to you. [ laughter ] >> i'll just -- you know me i'm sitting here and i'm traffic that the -- happy that the traffic is doing well. again, just to be very serious about this, don't let the light traffic fool you. chp is out in full force. now, let's go to mark. hi there, sal. good morning to you. plenty of sunshine across the bay area. the warmest day of the upcoming period. getting ready for a big-time cooldown by midweek.
8:26 am
right now, a live look outside looking out toward oakland, currently 61 degrees. that flag not getting much of a workout. that typical sea breeze is week and the temperatures will be soaring across a good portion of the bay area. if we show you the fog, it's down in central and northern california. here is a closer inspection -- sorry about that. closer to monterey bay right to the south of santa cruz. a few patches. we'll continue to track its developments later on tonight into tomorrow. as for as the overall trend, the warmest day of the week. look what happens tuesday and wednesday. by wasn't, the -- wednesday, the warmest locations struggle to make it into the os. look at the nice warmup we have for you in the short-term. the sea breeze will develop later in the afternoon with
8:27 am
winds around 20 miles an hour. antioch mid 90s. you will find 90s out in san jose and from mont. by -- fremont,. 8:26. we're fooling develops news -- following developing news. we'll go back to an -- a developing story we're following where a grim search has just continued at a landfall.
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honk our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
8:30 am
>> reporter: frederick sales has been missing since august 26th. they believe his body has been at the keller landfall since that time. this is video shot about a half
8:31 am
hour ago. it's the hercules crime van rolling through. the recovery team started to search the landfall on friday and worked over the weekend looking for the body. he was reported missing nine days ago, that same day police found 73-year-old ricardo sales beaten to death inside his bedroom at the home. two days later, police identified efren amorodo. as the suspect. police believe he used an suv from another friend, who is also dead, and used it to dump his body. >> right now they're looking for any evidence that would lead us to the whereabouts of frederick sales. >> reporter: because the business park is close to the hercules home, police believe at the home the bodies are taken here -- were taken here.
8:32 am
the police shot and killed efrain. after the shooting, police found the body of 46-year-old cindy tran inside the car. police say the suspect kidnapped her from her job and strangled here during the chase. tran and the saleses lived in a home owned by tran. police say the motive for the murders was jealousy. now, the search here at the landfall is expected to last at least three more days. reporting live in pittsburg, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, kraig. thank you. 8:32. and last night relatives and friends gathered in hercules to remember the four victims that deadly rampage. ♪ >> about a hundred people gathered at market hall in hercules, the grieving family members of cindy tran, efrain's
8:33 am
girlfriend were among those there at last night's memorial. a family friend read a very emional statement written by her four sons. >> we truly love our mom with all of our hearts. we know he's looking over us at this very moment. >> and last night's vigil included one controversial decision. the movers lit a candle for the -- mourners lit a candle for the killer. they say this was to promote peace and underring and not judge the action of others. vallejo police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a man in a backyard. the body of the 42-year-old victim was found yesterday at a home in the00 block of springs road -- 300 block of springs road. we don't know the name. he's described as african- american in his 20s, wearing a white shirt and jeans seen getting into a white silver or
8:34 am
gray compact car. right now, there is a ceremony honoring the officer killed in the line of duty. dozens of officers have gathered here right in front of city hall. they are celebrating the life of starzak. he was killed with responding to domestic violence call. the flag's lowered in his memory to half staff. >> it today it's a difficult time for the family of paul and the department. because paul was and is and will continue to be part of our family here a at martinez pd. >> he was a 12-year veteran of the police force. he leaves behind a wife and three children. there will be a silence of -- moment of violence at 11:39, the time he died.
8:35 am
on saturday, craigslist shut down its adult services link, covering it with the word "censored." but so far, no one with craigslist has explained the move. craigslist has been the target of a group of 17 state attorneys general say the adult services lifting allows prostitutes to advertise and it could encourage human trafficking. >> right now our focus really is on craigslist. we're taking it one step at a time. we want to verify and confirm that craigslist is, in fact, shutting down because our focus really is on law enforcement within our borders and victims within the reach of this country's law enforcement activities. >> craigslist has previously fought efforts to shut down the adult services section and it's not known if the closure is permanent. former hewlett pack ward ceo mark hurd could be moving
8:36 am
into the executive suite of oracle of redwood shores. it's reported that he could become the number two person to join his friend and former tennis partyer in sometimes, founder and ceo of oracle, larry ellison. ellison is close with hurd and called his dismissal from hewlett-packard, one of the worse personnel decisions hp has ever made. hp demanded his resignation last month after being accused of falsifying expense reports. some people say the mcdonald's in the haight- ashbury district is trying to get rid of the dollar menu. >> reporter: good morning. a buck in your pocket means dinner at mcdonald's. but not at this mcdonald's in haight-ashbury. the homeless out front say they
8:37 am
are being unfairly targeted and some residents believe. >> it pocketers me a lot. i -- bothers me a lot. having the homeless eat at mcdonald's doesn't bother me at all. if this is the only place they can afford to eat or they want to eat here, that's what the haight is all about. >> sign of on the -- the sign on the front door says no trespassing, no loitering and a 0-minute time -- 30-minute time limit while encouraging -- consuming food. the franchise owner this mcdonald's took away the dollar menu about a month, the chronicle says, it's the only one in the city that's eliminated the menu. the difference in prices is only a couple of quarters. but the dollar menu usedto a 309-calorie mcdouble for a month. now customers can only buy a
8:38 am
small burger for the the same price. the article says there's no dollar menu anymore based on a number of factors. but newman and other merchants in hate ashbury district -- in the haight ash bushry district are pushing for a no-sit or no- lie policy. >> are you upset they don't have the dollar menu anymore? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> because they are not being fair to the american people and the american people make them rich. >> reporter: the neighborhood landscape is shifting. whole foods is moving in. so there is an effort to brick new business -- bring new businesses to the area. now the owner of this mcdonald's won't be natalee holloway 10:00. so -- won't be in until 10:00.
8:39 am
so we weren't able to get comment from her. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. it is 8:38. we want to check in with sal castanedo. how about those giants? [ laughter ] >> you know, i'm telling you, san diego lost ten in a row. giants one game behind them vying for first place. there you go. see how my face got weird? weird, huh? 237 westbound, not much of a commute going on. if you know different, go ahead and send me a tweet. salunderscorecastanedo, on twitter. let's take a look at the commute on 880 northbound. it's a commute. not a lot of people have to work today. some do. the traffic on the bay bridge looks good gets into san francisco. here's mark filling in for steve. it's a great day to be outside. temperatures warming up a good 5 to 10 degrees with
8:40 am
yesterday's highs. with the high pressure strengthening we're talking about warmer temperatures with the 70s making a comeback for the coast side and the inland is on spot to reach the mid- 90s. plenty of sunshine. fire danger comes up a bit with the offshore winds in place. current numbers, san francisco, 5 degrees, santa rosa, 54. it is 65 in fairfield and san jose at last check reporting 60 degrees. this is the source of the warmup for today. the high pressure is strengthening. today, the warmest day this week. look what happens beginning tomorrow but especially by wednesday, the coolest day of the week. this weather system moves in. this will increase the onshore flow. there's a fairly good bet of drizzle tuesday, wednesday morning even the possibility of a few sprinkles. that's 48 hours from now. we'll be watching that potential development at least a couple of days from now. elevated fire danger for the
8:41 am
north bay hills and east bay hills, we don't have any warning warnings. here is the plan for your labor day, your beaches, beautiful out there. we do have patchy fog right around monterey bay right now. but mostly sunny skies. by:00, most areas about -- by 3:00 most areas will be in the 70s. you get the idea. most of the bay area this morning is starting out in the 50s to right around 60. but we'll call it hot inland. not the extreme heat. no triple-digit heat but the warmest locations, the hottest locations are in the mid-90s. >> you might be shivering on tuesday, but a bit more by wednesday. a little bit of a bump in the numbers by thursday and friday. tori? >> thank you, mark.
8:42 am
thousands of people are evacuating their homes in southern mexico due to heavy rain and flooding. several rivers flooded commune ities in -- communities in wa tall co, vera cruz. there's concern about those who don't want to evacuate to protect this homes and possessions. in guatemala hope is fading for dozens buried in a mudslide. there have been at least 15 landslides from heavy rain in the past few weeks. the death toll is 38. but there's fear it will go much higher as victims are recovered. a weekend fishing trip ended in tragedy. a teenaged boy was stabbed several times.
8:43 am
we will tell you who the police now have had custody for that crime.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
it's 8:45. a livermore man has been arrested. he's suspected of stabbing his 14-year-old son 11 times during a weekend fishing trip. police say this happened when 48-year-old gary gomez became angry with his son. now, gomez's wife was also stabbed. none of the injuries are said to be life-threatening. in concord, a paralyzed wheelchair-bound woman reported missing yesterday was found. a couple of hours ago, under a freeway overpass thanks to a tip from ktvu. now, we actually talked to 21- year-old amanda sloat after she was found. she told us she's fine and didn't know anyone was even looking for her. today president obama will make a labor day address in wisconsin. the white house says the president will call for long- term investments in the nation's roads, railways and airports in order to stimulate the economy.
8:47 am
8:46. in iraq, american troops were drawn into a gun battle just days after the u.s. combat mission there was supposed to have ended. u.s. troops were called in to provide cover for iraqi soldiers when heavily-armed fighters attacked a military base in the center of baghdad. the attackers set off a car bomb and fought their way inside the building before being killed. at least -- killed. at least 12 people were killed. an american member of the international force has been killed in fighting in the eastern part of that country. this marks the fifth death pong u.s. troops in -- among u.s. troops in afghanistan. toyota's prius held on to its title of the best-selling car in japan. that means the prius has held that top spot for 16 consecutive months. it sold 20,000 hybrids in
8:48 am
japan. that's the whoaest monthly -- lowest monthly total this year. experts predict the number will drop next month when the tax credit ends for green cars. many car lovers are getting charged up about a new cleaver that could put the beleaguered automaker in the forefront of auto motive technology. tom vacar joins us live with more on this. >> well, if successful, the chevy volt could be a bridge of technology to the low cost- electrics and fuel cells. chevy volt charges its own battery and then uses a gasoline engine to keep it going. 10,000 volts will finally hit the showrooms in november. >> it was developed mostly before the daylight hours. if the government hadn't stepped in, it wouldn't be happening now. >> gm got almost 65 million in
8:49 am
bailout money, to retool its plants and develop a break- through battery technology from korea. as well as other technologies that will be incorporated into a new generation of u.s. cars. >> it practically is the equivalent of the space shuttle. the space shuttle has done amazing things, materials research. >> how does it work? you plug it into a simple outlet. once charged the volt will 40 miles on the battery. only then does the gasoline engine kick in and only to create electricity. that buys you another 300 miles. now you can drive long range but volt costs at least 41,000. nissan alief is 8,000 left, goes 100 miles on the charge but doesn't have the engine to recharge. so after a hundred miles, you need to stop and plug in.
8:50 am
the gasoline-powered equivalent costs about half, around $17,000. but gm is betting on the iphone effect. people lining up to get the latest technology and wrap themselves in a blanket of green. it was -- >> it was general motors intent to be technology leaders again in the children -- and the chevy volt is just that. given its limited production the volt is going to be a classic collectors car from the outset. but for gm to sick seed enough people -- succeed enough people have to buy it so they can license it to others have with its hybrid technology. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. tori? >> thank you, tom. george clooney is number one at the box office again. he stars in the assassination drama "the american" which sold
8:51 am
almost $1 million worth -- $13 mountain worth of tickets -- million worth of tickets. these numbers are through last night's showing and the numbers could change depending upon what moviegoers see today. eating contest champ joey chest nat of san jose was defeated over the weekend in a chicken wing eating contest. he was beaten by a 105-pound woman. chestnut came in 2nd place. he was beat by sonya thomas who calls herself the black widow because she frequently beats competitors in these competition competitions. >> that's good. i think i can beat them both. >> yeah. probably have to have a lot of indigestion probably after that. 8:51. we're gonna she you the big mistake in that recent makeover of the oval office. also, a missing bell is
8:52 am
back six years after it disappeared from a bay area theater group but this mystery is far from over.
8:53 am
8:54 am
a error-breaking crowd at the man feival in nova. 50,000 people -- nevada. 50,000 people attended. the event ended with the
8:55 am
burning of a 0-foot structure of a man which is the symbol of the festival. two dead animals are raising concerns about west nile virus in san mateo county. a dead squirrel and raven tested positive for the virus. the raven was found in puerto low valley. the squirrel, redwood city. vector control is advising people to report dead birds and squirrels. the missing bell is back at foster city's hillbarn theater six years after it disappeared. theater members are thrilled but still want to know who took the bell and where it's been for so long. a construction worker found it and connected it to the theater with the inscription on the bell. this mystery may remain unsolved. ♪
8:56 am
a pub hick art project in san jose will continue despite being targeted by vandals. 20 decorative pianos are all over the city. even though taggers have vandal identified several of them, this exhibit will continue through september 22nd. he doesn't mind the tagging. he says it allows people to express themselves and makes the pianos part of the community. somebody made a mistake in a recent makeover of the oval office at the white house. one signature element of the makeover, a large oval beige rug with inspiring quotes from famous people. the problem is one quote thought to be from it dr. martin luther king, junior is not the quote. the quote is the ark toward the universe is long but it bends
8:57 am
for justice. that was back -- that came from a minister that dr. king frequently quoted. well, we here at ktvu are participating in the nationwide jerry lewis telethon. it starts in just a couple of minutes right after "mornings on 2." you will see tori, pam, sal, and me, many of our personalities here helping out. and a lot of wonderful volunteers ready to take your phone calls and pledges. this, by the way, is the 45th national telethon to help raise money for multiple sclerosis. it runs from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. we have about 90 seconds to get out of -- over -- get over there. sal will be joining us in a minute. hopefully not much traffic? >> okay. let's go out and take a look at what we have. traffic is moving along pretty well. if you are driving on 880 north and southbound, that traffic looks pretty good. bay bridge toll plaza is light,
8:58 am
of course, it's a holiday. remember, chp is out in full force. this is san francisco, nice and wide open. filling in for steve, it's mark tamayo. >> i'm happy to report a beautiful labor day across the entire bay area. temperatures warming up. mostly 70s for the beaches. look what happens for tuesday. a major cooling trend is gonna be pretty chilly. the readings in the, 60s and 70s. big change for everybody. >> all right. that will do it for us. stay tuned for the telethon. thanks for watching. >> bye now.
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