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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  September 8, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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a crucial vote to determine whether bart will stay on track. a new round of finger pointing as to who is to blame for the oil spill. could the world's fair return to the bay area? those stories and more next on ktvu channel 2 news at noon.
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good afternoon. topping our news this noon, a big issue for bay area transportation. the metro transportation commission is deciding whether or not to help fund a tram that would run between bart and the oakland airport. we have jade hernandez with the update. >> reporter: good afrnoon. we are one vote away from finding out if a tram is in riders future. in fact, inside the building right now, 37 people came before the commissioners. their opinions were split. the commissioners just wrapped up the public comment section of the meeting. they are still discussing. traveling frequently, alex hops bart often. >> it is easy to get on the bus at $3. it isnicee to not have -- it is nice to get to sfo. it is a nice option. >> reporter: convenience is outweighing the tram you see in the artist rendering.
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>> this is not the most convenient system. if they had something closer to the airport, i'm all for that. >> reporter: commissioners are deciding whether or not to set aside $20 million. state funds would offset $70 million of federal money lost this year. the railing public support is looking for cheaper options like bus travel lanes. >> it is the same mentality. we have to be forward thinking. 20 years from now, this is going to look like it was a bargain and it will feel priceless when you are trying to rush to that flight. >> reporter: one airport employee fearing an increase of $3 air bart fair says she will be forced to drive to work again. >> i work at the airport. i do this five times a week. it will go from $2 a trip to $8
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a trip is the projected fare. >> reporter: a dispute will hike the fare. they do guarantee a trip to the terminal. the commissioners wrapped up the public comment portion of the meeting today. they are still expected to vote on whether or not riders will see a tram in the future. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you. the search resumed this morning at the east bay landfill. police have been spending the last week looking for the body of the 35-year-old nursing aide from hercules who has been missing since august 26th. investigators fear he is the 5th victim of the deadly rampage. efren valdemoro is suspected of killing ricardo salas and frederick salas. a judge in solano county is reducing the bail for the man
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linked in the ricardo salas case from $35,000 to $25,000. that was after the prosecutors agreed to a written request to reduce charles rittenhouse bail. he is charged with producing explosives. bomb-making material was found at his home last week. charles rittenhouse has not been charged in the deaths. efren valdemoro was an acquaintance of the two women. investigators are trying to determine if he is linked to their deaths. in vallejo, school officials say a 17-year-old high school student believed responsible for stabbing another teen on campus is now in police custody. the stabbing happened early yesterday before classes at hogan high school on rosewood avenue in a dispute over $3. the principal said it happened over the security supervisor. one teen approached the other outside a classroom and demanded money. an argument over $3 followed
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and things got violent. the victim suffered cuts on his face and neck. >> there is nothing to note that the kids knew each other. >> family members told us the 17-year-old victim is now home with 22 stitches in his face and neck. a message explaining the incident went out to parents last night. no extra security measures are in place today. it is excellent news for richmond parents worried about school closures. the city council voted unanimously to keep three schools open for another year with $1.5 million in funding. linda and grant elementary schools were on the chopping block, but it was the potential closing of kennedy high that created the most concern. we spoke to one teacher moments after the council voted. >> it is a great way to start off the school year knowing we have continuing funding. it will keep the good things
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happening in our schools going. >> the funding was found after a utility tax for chevron was in place. at a time when many bay area police departments are cutting staff, one is hiring. richmond hired six new officers who were just sworn in. three had been with vallejo police before being laid off. richmond police will go through two additional weeks of training and/ and -- and orientation before they hit the streets. in the san francisco courtroom today, the state is hearing arguments if governor arnold schwarzenegger has the power to furlough state workers to save money. three lawsuits filed by state employees claim the state constitution does not give the governor the power to make workers take unpaid days off. the governor says it does during a fiscal emergency.
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if the court sides with workers, they stand to win retroactive pay for all furlough days since february 2009. the governor took a tour of a bay area company today before touring the facility in china. he is making a big push to help the local economy. we have kraig debro with more. -- >> reporter: good afternoon. you would be hard pressed to find anybody who would not think the governor would do well overseas. they cheered on his trade mission to asia. >> i promised the people of california that i am the salesman and chief. we will sell california products because i'm proud of california producers. >> reporter: if you are not a techie, marble may be the largest company you never heard
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of. the company told us they have 5,000 employees worldwide and 3,000 in california. last year shipped more than 1 billion chips. the governor is hoping to expand trade in asia. the founders of the company are hoping to continue relationships. the governor had a recent trade mission. >> they lifted the ban on spinach and our sales went up 800%. >> why is this important to silicon valley? as we expand, that increases and expands our competitiveness in silicon valley and in the state. >> reporter: he says 40% of all jobs in silicon valley are directly or indirectly the result of trade. since california represents 5% of the world's economy, that means 95% of the markets e outside of the state. as he talked about traveling to
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south korea and china, the lawyers were in court trying to convince state workers to live with state money. >> one single tax dollar is being used for the trade mission. >> as the silicon valley has silicon chips and we have chips in san joaquin valley, the movies are a key part of our economy in the los angeles area. >> reporter: about 100 business leaders throughout the state will be traveling with the governor on the trip. the governor is counting on this trip and an important trade agreement between the u.s. and korea to double the money now gets in foreign trade. the non-profit pays for all of his trade mission trips overseas. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. authorities are seizing marijuana plants today from a
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newly discovered plant grow near moraga. these are pictures from newschopper 2 of a truck filled with marijuana plants. details on the size of the pot bust are not clear. it was a long morning for thousands of pgand ecustomers in the area. they are released a -- and also bbhas released a -- bp has released a report on who is responsible for the oil spill. and it will get colder. steve will tell us how cold coming up. this is a pre-cancer polup. >> and i talk to dr. oz about something that may have saved his life. our real national pastime?
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or go online.
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this morning's drizzle is being blamed for power outages in san francisco. crews restored electricity to about 400 customers in the south market area about an hour ago. earlier, a two hour outage affected 5,000 customers in the
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western edition areas. pge says it is due to the build up of dust on the power poles that turned into a muddy mess with the drizzle. bp is taking some of the blame for the oil rig explosion in april that led to the gulf oil spill. it released an internal report on the web site, but blamed other companies for the spill. since the release of the report, bp stock is up 3%. investors say with bp spreading the blame for the spill, they believe the company may be trying to spread the financial burden as well. a washington state fugitive is in custody after a police standoff this morning. the man was in a stolen car outside a sacramento mcdonald's. officers used tear gas to get him out. they surrounded the car and shutdown the area. it is unclear if officers first
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noticed the man because he was driving a stolen car. he was transported by a sheriff's officer to a local jail. authorities in sunnyvale released a sketch that they hope them catch an arsonist. a man was seen running from a fire one week ago today. in the video, this man is bending over and you can see flames erupt. there have been 15 fires set since may. in last week's arson, firefighters describe the man as latino and 5' 8" with a slender build. if you watched "the dr. oz show" on ktvu yesterday, you saw him getting a colonoscopy and hearing some frightening news. the discovery of a pre-cancer polup. i talked to the doctor.
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>> i had my50th birthday this summer. i had my colonoscopy. i was just checking off a box. i had no idea. no one was more shocked than i was when halfway through they found the polup. it is a pre-cancer polup. they took it out and i'm fine. i probably should tell this story. cameras were there not to cover the polup, but the preparation and what happens when you go through the process. i realize that this season, i want to focus on not just what to do, but how to motivate you to do it. how to get the conversation going when the people you love are not doing the right things. i say if i tell the story with the raw emotion that i felt going through it, maybe it will connect to you. tori, people don't change on what they feel, they change on what they know. >> someone as healthy and fit as you are at 50, if you can get a pre-cancer polup, what about the rest of us? >> exactly. i don't want people thinking
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why bother. oz has a polup. i will do whatever i will do. part of doing the right thing is getting tested. if you are not smoking and keeping thin and exercising, you have not gotten a colonoscopy, you have not done all the right things. nothing drains your heart more than someone with metastatic cancer. they could have avoided it. colonoscopy doesn't just diagnose the problem, it cures the problem. you take out the polup before it can spread. >> you show clever ways to demonstrate health issues on your show. where do you get the ideas? >> crazy as it is, some people spend nights thinking about games to play. i think of demonstrations. i have a wonderful team of medical experts. we sit together and brain storm
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about how to tell a story. people get intimidated by the body. i want you to understand the body in a way that makes you feel cool and hip. if you can bring it alive with real live stories, people begin to resonate. >> you are not afraid to touch on some really embarrassing questions that people are reluctant to ask. >> we went to embarrass, minnesota, this week to find out the questions they have up there. we went to flushing, new york to get questions. i want to hear the questions because they are often life- saving. sometimes they are questions that are coming up in your life that you don't want to bring up because it is awkward for you. i can tell you as a doctor, i can still practice medicine. when someone is about to walk out of the room and someone asks an awkward question, that is the most important question to ask. >> what are some of the
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highlights for your show this season? >> we have the just 10 program that we will start off next week. on monday, we will talk about why it is only about just 10 pounds. if you can lose 10 pounds, you can reduce heart disease and diabetes and arthritis by 50% if you are under 200 pounds. we walk you through them. how to make a 500-calorie meal that tastes great. how to recognize it is about simple moves. keeping your snacks smaller than your fist. >> you can watch the dr. oz show weekdays at 9: 9:00 a.m. we will check in with steve paulson with the forecast. >> it is much cooler than we saw a couple of days ago. yesterday, temperatures came down and they continue to come
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down. we had light rain. mostly cloudy and partly sunny with temperatures in the 60s. we have a 70 in sacramento. there is a possibility of showers developing later today. especially up to lake county. maybe northern napa. we still have a lot of low clouds over us and 59 in the city. we hope these clear out. clouds and breezy. the cold front came through. this was more than fog. the second is up here that pinwheels into california. it may give us unstable air. there is the one system that produced light rain. we had reports in the sierra. look how evening is driving down. redding has had rain. windy at times. noticeably cooler. mid-60s and low 70s. 67 in santa rosa. 59 in the city. 68 in livermore.
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the warmest was san jose at 66. 60 in tahoe. we have 80s in southern california. the warm air is working south. it will march out of the area. we have to wait for this guy to come in and it may pop up a few showers toward the valley. a very cold and unstable carbon monoxide for this time of year. if it was march, we would not say it is amounting too -- amount to too much. sun and clouds and more clouds in the afternoon. the wind will continue to be with us. maybe a few showers later today. areas in the mid-90s a few hours ago and now 60s along the the coast. it will be cold tomorrow morning with clear skies and warmer as we head to the weekend. thank you. authorities in colorado say eight people are missing in the area of a 6,000-acre wildfire
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that is burning near boulder. they are not sure if the missing are in any of the 53 homes that were destroyed. the fire forced 3500 people to evacuate as it threatened about 1,000 homes. firefighters have been hampered by exploding propane tanks and rattlesnakes and poison ivy. friends, family and colleagues are saying good-bye to dave mackelhatten. >> i was so nervous and green and he was experienced when i started working with him. he was some kind. >> a service began about 11:00 this morning at the calvary presbyterian church in san francisco. his career started at kts radio in 1951 and moving to kpix in 1976 as an anchor. he retired 10 years ago and two
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weeks ago, he died from complications of a stroke. the family is asking for donations to the scholarship program at san francisco state university.
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we are finding out the deal that mark herd was offered. hp is now suing to block oracle from hiring herd. hp said he signed a confidentiality agreement. california courts usually allow employees to move freely. there will soon be a movie about ronald reagan. it will be the life from the california native. it will be a lot different from the 2003 mini series which was said to be biased. the movie will be released late next year. coming up at 5:00, governor arnold schwarzenegger is leaving the state and going to asia at the time when the state
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doesn't have a budget. the governor sits down with lawmakers before he goes. we will look at what the state is losing every day and what protesters are demanding and why he says his trip will bring more money. thank you for watching. have a great day.
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