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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  September 9, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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friends of three american hikers being detained in iran are holding their breath at this hour. word has come that one will be released. why friends say they know exactly which one should be set free first. a court appearance for man accused of travel reasonable degree from the midwest to molest a bay area girl. final touches for a freeway lane that lets solo drivers avoid traffic jams. that's next.
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good afternoon. some real hope about the three cal embraids held hostage in iran for more than a year. this morning we got word that iran will release one of the three to mark the end of ramadan. claudine wong is live in san francisco with some hopeful but cautious reaction. >> reporter: good afternoon. friends and family members that i have talked too to today are being very cautious with their emotions. this release would come at the end of ramadan. it's common on a holiday like this to have a release of prisoners and a talk of clemency. it's been a 405 days that has included a roller coaster of emotions. it seems everyone is holding their breath. iran's culture ministry did confirm today that one of three americans jailed for more than a year will be released on
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saturday. reporters were told by text message today that they could witness that release at the same hotel where the three americans met with their mothers in may. the information provided to reporters did not say which of the three, shane bauer, josh fattal, or sarah shourd would be released saturday. it's believed that it will be sarah shourd because of her health issues. they report she discover add lump in her breast. we talked to a friend of shane bauer in the last hour. he said while he want them all to come home, he believes shane and josh would want sarah home first. >> well, absolutely, i mean,ic that josh and shane would say the same thing. i know them. i know what people they are. when one person is facing a life threatening illness, the other two will do whatever they can to support that person's need to get health care and all sarah's friends, family, and the other families, too, they understand that this really could be a life and death
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situation right now if she does not get treatment right away. >> reporter: today the mothers of the three hikers issued this statement, we have seen the news reports and are seeking further information. we hope and pray that the reports are true and that this signals the end of all three of our children's long and difficult detention. shane, sarah and josh are all innocent and we continue to call for their immediate release so they can return home together and be reunited with our families. friends say there is little else to do but hope for this long awaited homecoming. >> obviously it seems like great news on the surface, but we have learned not to be too optimistic and i'm hoping that one of them or all three of them, especially sarah, will be released saturday, but i'm just -- i'll be holding my breath until she actually is on a plane out of iran. >> reporter: shane bauer's friend says he's holding out
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hope that even though reports say only one many be released, he's hoping all three will have a homecoming. he believes if it's only sarah shourd, he believes her release will inspire people to work even harder to bring shane and josh home, too. claudine wong, back to you. >> thank you. oakland police are investigating three shootings overnight. one of them deadly. one of the nonfatal shootings happened at 9:45 in the 1200 block of 87th avenue. it left a 40-year-old woman in critical but stable condition of the she was hit three times as she opened her front door. neighbors say there was a fight going on in front of her house and they heard 30 shots from an automatic weapon. also, police are looking for leads in two other shootings. they both happened about 9:45 last night not far apart. one of them was deadly. the fatal shooting happened during a gunfight near a taco
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truck at 459sdz and international. police say one man was killed, another was wounded in an exchange of gunfire. the wounded man drove to a hospital in tracy for treatment. the victim of that the second oakland shooting drove himself to highland hospital. police say he was wounded in a shooting on the 4200 block of food hill boulevard. he is expected to survive. these shootings happened about the same time. police do not think they're connected. a week lock search tied to the multiple killings case resumed this morning. crews returned to the pittsburg landfill to continue looking for the body of a missing hercules man. these are live pictures. 35-year-old frederick solas has been missing since his father was found dead august 27 inside their home. investigators say he may have killed both men and disposed of frederick's body in a dumpster.
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a nebraska man indicted on federal child pornography charges appeared in court today on local child molestation charges. 35-year-old todd tackwell was scheduled to enter a plea but his attorney asked for a postponement until september 30. prosecutors say he drove across state lines to meet with a 13- year-old california girl he met on the internet. she was living with her parents. he had sex liewl relations with her for seven months. he was arrested in pleasanton on july 24. governor arnold schwarzenegger this morning signed a measure that will send some convicted sex offenders to prison for life. chelsea's law is named for 17- year-old chelsea king. a convicted child molester abducted and murdered her this san diego in february. john gardener also murder add 14-year-old girl. he was sentenced to life. the california legislature unanimously passed chelsea's law.
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san francisco police are searching for a man that police saw shooting a firearm near the sunnydale public housing complex. this happened in the visitation valley neighborhood at about 8:10 a.m. today. officers saw the man shooting a gun in the 200 block of blythedale avenue. they tried to apprehend him but he ran off and has not been found. the man was not shooting at the officers and no one of injured. getting home faster may soon be as easy as paying to hit the stress lane. if you are a commuting through sunol to mill milpitas, the new express lane on southbound 680 opens september 20. it begins south of calaveras road, north of fremont and ends at calaveras boulevard in milpitas. carpoolers can still ride for free. solo drivers on 680 in sunol will -- can enter the express lane by paying a toll with
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fastrak. the goal is to keep traffic rolling along at 50 miles per hour. the toll pricing determined by commute times will cost drivers $4 to $6 during peak times. the lanes are free for everyone from 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. >> folks may be confused at first. we understand that. this is not the regular way in which they'll be traveling throughout the corridor. they'll get familiar with the configuration of the new lanes. we'll work with them. >> there's certain spots where you won't be able to exit those lanes to get to a particular exit. you will have to exit out of the sprays lane sooner prior to the exit that you want to take. >> the chp will soon be using these readers to spot violators without fastrak using the express lanes beginning september 20. the international controversy heats up over a minister's plan to burn korans. we have a federal court
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decision from late this morning in the debate over federal funding for stem cell research. mark has the forecast coming up. he'll tell us if the cooler temperatures will keep going in that direction. that's i didn't immediately came over to see if i could rescue anything that's left. >> a man who already knew that had been a fear in his apartment was surprised over the loss of property. our real national pastime?
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a federal appeals court in washington, d.c., this morning ordered the funding of stem cell research to resume temporarily while it considers a lower court judge's order to block the funding. the obama administration has asked the appeals court to set aside the lower court's order. the appeals judges who allowed the funding to continue said it's just temporary order while they consider the administration's appeal and should not be interpreted as a ruling on the merits of the case. f.b.i. agents today have visited with the florida pastor who is planning to burn the core be a on saturday. they spent a half-hour talking to pastor terry jones. an international outcry is growing. this is a picture of angry pakistani lawyers burning an american flag earlier today over plans for the koran
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burning protest. in afghanistan, protesters are promising death to christians and americans. despite warnings about violence from president barack obama and other top u.s. officials, pastor terry jones has vowed to go ahead with his koran bonfire. even a neighboring pastor is organizing an effort to stop jones. >> i've called him. i've not gotten any response. tomorrow a group of interfaith clergy, muslim, christian, jewish, will present a petition to him that will have over 6,000 sigalert tours, possibly more, asking him not to burn the koran. >> the florida governor says he will close low monitor pastor terry jones and what happens at the dove world outreach this weekend. a 7-year-old antioch girl is in critical condition after she was hit by a car when she ran into a street chasing a toy. police say at about 6:40 p.m. yesterday the girl darted into
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west sixth street near c street into the path of an on coming car. the driver tried to stop and swerved but still hit the girl and knocked her to the ground. the girl was flown to the hospital. fire investigators want to know why an oakland apartment complex went up in flames twice. it's a devastating loss for the people who live there. kraig debro reports. >> reporter: and al barfield returned to his apartment complex this morning he knew it had been in a fire yesterday. what he did not know was that there had been a second fire overnight. >> in the same apartment. >> reporter: the same apartment, different room. >> wow. i don't know what to say. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: the first fire started at 1:00 p.m. yesterday. it started on the second floor in a corner apartment. the tenant said he was cooking but stepped away from the kitchen. >> he put a roast inside the microwave to warm it up and went this the bathroom.
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three minutes later he came out to smoke. >>reporter: the apartment wasn't a total loss of the neither was the building. a second fire at the same residence finished the job and the rest of barfield's irreplaceables. >> everybody's ok, just a little -- when he pictures and stuff were still in there. pretty much it's all gone now. what we got on. >> reporter: tenants weren't the only people to make a second visit. the fire company that responded this morning is the same company that responded at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. they say the first fire was accidental. what caused the second? is it possible you did not put out the 1:00 fire and that's what start cd the 3:00 a.m.? >> tails possible of the we're are pretty sure. we had a lady come by saying she heard an explosion and saw a flash and there was heavy fire. >> the captainen the owner did not board up all of the entrances and left the building vulnerable to vandals. >> the windows are definitely
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open. unless you are spiderman, you can get up there. >> two other tenants say they had little damage and could stay here tonight if only the roof had not burned through. like al barfield, some of the tenants were surprised there was a second fire here and that the fire department had to make a second run. because of all the property loss the red cross also might have to make a second stop. kraig debro, back to you. authorities near boulder, colorado, are letting some residents evacuated by a wildfire back into their homes temporarily today to pick up pets and supplies. with strong gusty winds expected later this afternoon, they say it's too dangerous for people to remain there. the fire has destroyed 169 homes. it's now 30% contained. it's burned 6300 acres. there have been no deaths or injuries. yesterday officials said nine people were missing in the fire area. they say they have accounted
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for all of them. west valley college in saratoga has cancelled all of its classes today because of a power outage to the entire campus. pg&e says the problem is on the campus and not in the area. they're still trying to figure out what's wrong. they've cancelled day and night classes for today and hope to be back in session tomorrow. check the school's website for the latest information on when classes will resume. let's check in with mark now. temperatures over the next few days will be trending upward especially inland. remember the weather system that moved across the bay area yesterday now heading out to the north and east, that pocket of cool air. we still have some clouds toward the sacramento area, some around the delta and some lower clouds around point reyes. the fog will be on the increase again late tonight into early
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tomorrow morning. looking at the south bay in san jose, 70 degrees, some lingering instabilities, some clouds developing over the higher terrain. mostly sunny skies, a few partly sunny observations. this weekend temperatures will be heading upward inland especially saturday, 87 to 88 degrees. today not a big range, 60s right in the immediate coast, around the bay. temperatures inland upper 70s. right now current numbers san francisco 62. santa rosa 69, live eleven 67. this will be the source of our warm-up into the weekend. this is nothing major, no triple digits, no more 90s. that is high builds in, that layer of warm air sets up a nice environment for the fog to form. fog will be reforming late
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tonight into early tomorrow morning. this weekend temperatures trending up wereward. then next week we begin another cooling trend. it could be significant. this afternoon mostly sunny, temperatures low 60s, upper sez is he inland. we could have some fog around point reyes. this evening patchy fog, targeting the coast, and the bay late this evening. temperatures this evening in the mid-50s to mid-60s. san francisco in the upper 60s. napa 75. antioch 79. san jose 76. here is a look ahead. temperatures not much of a change with the coastal temperatures, up a few degrees with the fog. that will definitely be a factor friday morning, saturday and sunday morning. around the bay and the interior clearing skies, temperatures
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will be trending upward. saturday and sunday 87 to 88 degrees. a little cooler monday. that's pretty much an indicator that temperatures will be cooling off quite a bit into next week. there could be a few light showers next week. >> so do you think we may be done with 100 degree temperatures? >> yeah. that's a fairly good bet. it was extremely cool yesterday. >> it was. >> we typically have nicer days late september into october. fire danger, we'll have to watch that. >> thank you. investigators are inspecting a truck today to see what went wrong when it lost control on an oakland off ramp, wrecking 13 vehicles. it happened on the grand avenue off ramp from eastbound 580 around 5:00 yesterday evening. the truck driver who only identified himself acetoney says he was on his way home
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traveling about 45 miles per hour on the exit ramp when his brakes went out. he scrambled to avoid the vehicles in front of him. >> i just watched the -- i could see the people in the cars looking back at me. scared me. >> four victims were taken to the hospital. none suffered life threatening injuries. the truck driver was not cited. a popular oakland bakery that closed last july is back open under a new name. but with many of the same employees. what was once in the middleon's bakery on telegraph avenue is now called a taste of denmark. three former employees formed a cooperative and reopened the bakery this morning. they're giving away free samples to remind people about what they've been missing. >> we'd like to broaden our horizons and pick up some new customers by offering stuff that we did not do in the past
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that there is a calling for some new stuff, new product line, that we'll try to appeal to them, too, and retain as many of the old ones as possible. >> the new owners say several former employees are back on the payroll. a traffic accident and close call for a pro football superstar who is also a bay area native. it was like the old faithful geyser came to east oakland. what caused this scene, that's ahead.
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taking a lie look at the big board on wall street, stocks still higher, reclaiming a few points, but they're well off the levels they saw earlier this the session. stocks still on track for their sixth gain in seven sessions. with stocks reason up tick treasuries have dropped to fresh session lows. the dow is up 43. nasdaq is up ten. s&p up 7. the big reason for the increase in stocks this morning, u.s. labor department report employed news the labor front. first time claims for unemployment insurance dropped to 451,000. that's down 27,000 from the previous week. continuing claims were also down slightly. 4.48 million americans are now collecting jobless benefits. the job market is still week. pro football superstar tom
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brady was involved in a car accident early this morning. he was reportedly shaken up but not seriously hurt. police say he was driving a sedan that collided with a van in downtown boston. machine crews used the jaws of life to free the driver of the van who was taken to the hospital were with nonlife threatening injuries. brady is a attending practice today. he grew up in san mateo. he led the patriots to three soup are bowl championships. their home opener is this sunday against the bengals. an out of control car slammed into a fire hydrant early today in oakland unleashing a geyser of water 70 feet into the air. police say it appears the driver was speeding around 2:00 a.m. on 98th avenue at san leandro street. the car flew through the intersection and landed on some railroad tracks. the driver ran off. police are trying to find him.
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outrage is spreading across the globe about the florida minister who wants to burn the koran on september 11th. we'll talk to the bay area's link tv which broadcasts news from around the world. what they're saying about the message the florida minister is sending to the middle east and how we should be alarmed by it. that's coming up at 5:00. thank you for watching. have a great day. e ret ma oilwi totr wco l wcote
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