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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 10, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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explosion last night. the first pictures are shocking. a home entirely engulfed in flames. the fireball shooting hundreds of feet into the air. the fire spread quickly, destroying dozens of homes. we begin our team coverage this morning with claudine wong. where are you and what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: pam, we are as close to the fire line as they will allow us here on skyview. this is the command post, the staging area. there are two lines of police tape leading to that area. they don't want anyone getting closer. they are declaring this a crime scene and pushing everyone back. this has been an unbelievable scene for hours. it rocked this scene and created an inferno that destroyed dozens of homes in its wake. the priority is to get the fire
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out, which at last estimate was only 50% contained. -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: -- lieutenant- governor abel maldonado, the acting governor was on the scene from 1:30 to 4:00. he has declared a state of emergency and pland a briefing hours from now. and, of course you have everyone asking how this happened. everything points to this being a natural gas explosion. a full investigation was underway but aman said they were warn in signs. >> every day i could smell that smell from the gutter and sewer. a week and a half ago, pg&e telling me shut the garage, they are investigating a gas smell. out there for a little bit. load up. they won't let anybody know, took off and now the aftermath is this, which is ridiculous. >> and the aftermath could be
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seen n a huge crater that was created in the neighborhood. again at this hour, though, the priority remains on getting this fear out on accounting for all of the people who luffed inside the fire area and this is a constantly develop ig situation. i talked to police officers out here pushing this back and they are telling us, look, we are get in new information every 5 minutes. they are trying to keep us updated but again we are as close as they are letting us get to this fire line which we had to go through several road blocks and now behind two lines of police tape. they are calling this a crime scene because they want to make sure one they protect everything and two this is an area they can get more crews into. the fire line we can see the smoke kind of rising beyond there, now that they have this blocked off they want to make
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sure that it continues. >> of the people injured 15 were taken to the hospital. only two stayed overnight. the rest were treated and released or transferred to another facility. >> we are caring for people as best we can, people are calm and working hard. >> four of the people were transferred to st. practice sis for treatment. we do have an update on those four patients and one other person from sea ton hospital in daily city. three of the victims are in critical condition. two are suffering from burns, one super smoke inhalation, a 4th patient suffering from smoke inhalation is listed in serious condition. a 5th person was determined to be in good condition and was eventually treat and released. >> at 5:03 there is also concern about looting in the evacuated area. san mateo county sheriff's
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deputies are guarding some of the homes effected by the fire and ching id ds. officials say a man and woman have already been arrested, suspected of stealing from two homes. >> again the concern this morning is for people who may still be out there and those who have evacuated. jade hernandez is at a shelter in san bruno. >> reporter: i told you earlier i would give you information on how you can help and we have stepped inside one of the shelters this morn and i want to show you first off they have everything sectioned off. volunteers have the perishable items. people have brought in water and peaches and bagels and even got the clothes all separated and they are sorting this morning. joining us is colleen williams, she is a volunteer here this morning and i understand that you have been sorting for a couple of hours now. >> yeah, i think since about
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midnight, we started about maybe 12:30, 1:00. >> a lot of people have come down here to bring down items. i know the red cross is asking for monetary donations now, because obviously too many items in a building like this is not a good thing. >> uh-huh, i think that is probably true, although i think people will want to give what they want to give as well, so i think i noticed that when people arrived with their things it was very personal contributions, i think that there is some merit in that. >> very nice, upstairs there are 16 people evacuated. they will be sorting through these later on. what brought them on and what have you talked to anyone who went through the tragedy last night? >> no, i haven't. there was a gentleman who came
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in earlier and had to get an elderly father at a motion more suitable for him. he came to sleep and shower -- >> -- a place of refuge for a lot of people -- >> -- upstairs, i don't think theyed that anymore intake. >> i understand this is just one of the shelters. >> uh-huh. >> there is actually one at highland church where people can go. >> uh-huh. >> -- you mentioned there is six people -- >> -- center -- >> -- williams -- >> -- uh-huh -- >> -- volunteers here at the veterans memorial and as i mentioned earlier they are sorting tules clothing perishable foods and the american red cross at this point is asking anyone who would hike to help out evacuees to give monetary donations. we will have more on that coming up. reporting live from san bruno, jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 n us. >> residents who evacuated from the fire zone and who have not
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signed in are asked to check in. call the special hot line. 650-616-718or sign in at one of the evacuation centers. stay here with us all morning long for continuing coverage on t devastating explosion and fire in san bruno, live updates from the scene of the explosion, from the evacuation centers as you just saw and the hospitals where some of the fire victims are being treated. you can also get updates and see more video of what happened out there on our channel 2 website, >> all right. want to check in with sal on road closures this morning, what is open and what people should look for, sal. >> a lot of people are wondering if you can drive past the scene on 280, 101 and 380. and the answer is you can but
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that is closed -- skyline is closed between 280 and need, so skyline, which is highway 35 is closed between 280 and need. the others are open. let's take a look at the bay bridge, the regular commute of course continues, westbound bra bridge traffic is moving well into san francisco. this morning's commute on northbound 280 looks good in san jose. here is steve. >> very very quiet. the wind at sfo is calm. from 25 last night to 10, to three, now it is cam. no wind at all. a few patches of low clouds, temperature 57, humidity 75% so the wind is nonexistent. patchy fog on the san mateo coast. sunny and warmer today. patchy fog again around oh san francisco south and sunny and warmer, 70s inland, bay, 70s,
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to inland areas in the 80s, 54 in san francisco. high of 68. yesterday was 57, patchy fog, clear, 47 sfo, 49 santa rosa, napa, 52 palo alto and redwood city. 30s mountains, 40s in the valley, 47 ukia, and eureka a chill there. the system here kind of clipping us to the north will kind of prevent us from getting too warm too soon put the bulk of the system is moving out and the cooler air will start to move out. the fog is expecting wiped out, too, so patchy coastal fog at best, hold on. that is 5 to 10 degrees warmer, bay side inland so mainly about 5 degrees, things have called down, so 60s, 70s and low to mid 80s, the fog will regroup over the weekend and it does look cooler next week. >> 5:09 is the time right now. we are going to continue our
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team coverage of that deadly explosion in san bruno. the big blast created a huge crater as it destroyed dozens of homes. >> also one of the uc berkeley graduates imprisoned in iran will be on her way home soon. what may be be hind her release. >> good morning. northbound 101 traffic san francisco looking good. whatever the freeway closures are -- [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ]
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when it comes to veterans, no one fights harder than jerry mcnerney. when some vets were forced to travel hours for care, mcnerney fought for a new v.a. medical facility, and won. mcnerney took on washington gridlock, to improve care for vets with traumatic brain injuries. his plan became law. that's why vfw state commander dave norris endorsed mcnerney. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i'm honored to approve this message. thanks, dad.
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[ inaudible ] >> -- boom, boom, shook the whole house, i ran outside to -- my garage, when i looked to my backyard i could see the flames, incredible flames. i grabbed my video camera, ran down the street and i could feel the heat and i first thing i thought is there are a lot of people dead right now. >> we are following the gas explosion in san bruin 0, three people are confirmed dead, many forced out of their homes this morning and the fire still push. we want to show you video of the hardest hit area. the powerful gas line explosion created a huge crater. take a look at this terrifying scene. many people in that san bruno neighborhood are still looking for their loved ones. >> my uncle is down there and supposedly he lost his house, so we tried calling him. he is not answer in and everyone is saying he lost his
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house, he lives right on clairmont. >> again, three people confirmed dead. there are a few other people still in the hospital. we have a reporter out there as well as at the evacuation centers but several people remain unaccounted for and search and rescue teams are out there this morning. >> we will continue to keep you up to date on all of this. at 5:13 president obama will be trying to sell and also defend his new economic strategy n washington and he is also expected to announce one of the key people he has selected to help get that job done. ktvu washington, d.c. reporter carol han joining us now with a preview of what to expect. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. time is running out for president obama to convince a skeptical public he is being aggressive about the economy. this week he unveiled a trio of new proposals to jump start job growth that include a $50 billion plan for rebuilding america's roads. a tax break for businesses that
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make big upgrades but the idea that is bound to spark the biggest battle, whether to impose taxes on the wealthiest americans opponents say bad idea, especially with the economy stalling, but here is what the house had to say. >> i am saying that we cannot afford $700 million in tax cuts for million they ares, yes, for billionaires or multibillionaires absolutely. >> reporter: this morning we are expected to hear the president has chosen this man to be the chairman of his council of economic advisors. he is also on the council and at 41 would be one of the youngest chairman n history. he is also i hear an amateur comic and very well liked in the white house. live in washington, carol han, ktvu channel 2 news. >> time now 5:15. here is a quick look at some of the other top stories we are following for you right now.
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sarah shourd will be set free tomorrow. her mother, who 11s in oakland is on her way to meet her daughter now. some are speculating she is being released as a humanitarian gesture coinciding with the end of ramadan, considered a time of clemency with the islamic world. investigators have found another body inside the home where a 73-year-old man was found bludgeoned to death. authorities fear this may be the body of frederick salas, the son of homicide victim ricardo salas. the florida minister who had threatened to burn korans and then said he would not do it, now says he is reconsidering. the reverend terry jones says he only cancelled the burning because he was told the planned site for a mosque in new york would be moved. now he says he has learned that is not the case. >> we want to bring you the
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very latest information on the fire and explosion in san bruin o we are joined on the phone by jeff smith. a spokesperson for pg&e, jeff, good morning. can you hear me? jeff, are you there? [ inaudible ] >> okay. we are going to try -- we are trying to speak with jeff smith from pg&e. are you there, sir? okay. we are still trying to get ahold of again jeff smith has been the spokesperson for pg&e, of course last night pg&e crews were there. there were there overnight saying they were not sure what caused the explosion but of course, the reports are that it was a gas main that break. >> yeah. >> and the very latest information from pg&e because that seems like that is the heart of the -- of the information there, so we will bring that to you as soon as we
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can. >> we will re-establish that phone call and i will do traffic here and give you information about the closures. one of the things i want to mention is if you are a local resident of the area of course you belong there but if you are not police are asking you to stay away from this area. sky lipe boulevard is shut down between 280 and ?eed sneed lane. a lot of closures. the rest of the bay area commute looks good, northbound 101 looking good. bay bridge approach into the city also looks good. in the south bay on 280 that traffic is off to a nice start, so so far so good when it comes to the major bay area freeways here is steve. >> skies are mostly clear, fog on the san mateo coast.
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things are calming down, not only weather-wise, monday was the hot, remember we had 90s then a huge drop on wednesday, temperatures in the 60s, yesterday was transition day, today back to sunny mild to warmer a little bit. things are modifying, lows 40s and 50s, along the coast fog but a sunny day. 70s around the bay, 80s inland, san francisco 54, clear, patchy fog, then sunny and mild, 64 to 68, 68 on the high side. sfo, the wind last night, 2025 miles per hour, it is calm. gone from 10 to three to calm and that is a good sign. 57 degrees, humidity 75% and there is just a couple of patches of low clouds around 200 feet. 49 santa rosa-napa and 56 san jose, palo alto 52, 30s mountains, 47 ukia, tref eureka, a chill in southern
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california, the low is up into idaho and montana. the system will clip the northwest. a breeze is taking care of most old that fog so warmer side today after patchy coastal fog, 60s by the coast, 70s and 80s inland, sunny and warmer, no big deal but could be a northerly wind there, 60s, 70s by the beaches, 70s low 80s around the bay, low to mid 80s inland. overall sunny, fog starts to increase sunday, cooling begins next week and inland temperatures will start to come back down again. >> 5:20. again we want to try to speak with jeff smith, spokes person for pg&e this morning over the phone. jeff, are you there? >> yes, i am. how are you this morning? >> great, thank you, thank you for joining us. tell us because last night there was a lot of uncertainty but this morning we are -- we understand that it was in fact a ruptured pg&e gas line.
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what can you tell us about the cause of this? >> right, the cause has yet to be determined. first and foremost i have to say because this is such a terrible tragedy our thoughts and prayers are with the people losing their homes and lives and it is a terrible terrible tragedy and our thoughts are with those directly impacted by it. with respect to the cause as i mentioned it is yet to be determined. we do know that a gas traps mission line was ruptured, if it is ultimately determined we were responsible for the cause of the incident we will take accountability for it. >> and jeff, what can you-we -- we have heard reports that people living in the area had reported some smell, a embase smell, some kind of smell and reported that to pg and e. can yukon firm that or tell us more about those calls? >> there is a lot of speculation right now and a lot of questions that will need to be answered. we are still quite early in the
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investigation process. pg&e crews are surveying the gas transmission and distribution system to determine the extent of the damage and to ensure safety and begin rest store race and repairs and as the investigation goes forward questions like that will be part of the investigative process and you know, again, there will be questions and answers fort come especially but right now our focus is two fold, on those directly impacted by this tragedy and/or thoughts are with them and then also working with the first responders to make the situation safe. >> jeff, this is dave clark, just picking up on what you just said, we know that this is a fluid situation, how are you -- the pg&e people on the ground working directly to help the injured, what are you doing beyond fixing this horrible situation but in a human sense what is pg&e doing to help the residents? >> we are working with the red cross to help provide emergency
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shelter. that is a good question because our focus is on those that have been impacted. we want to work with the red cross to make sure they are -- those that have experienced this terrible tragedy that their immediate material needs are met and so working with the red cross on making sure that you know first and foremost shelter but also food and cloth in and the things the necessities of life that will be needed we are working closely with them because this is such a terrible tragedy we want to make sure those folks who have had just an unbelievably terrible experience that their material needs are obviously met and we will let the red cross do that. >> all right again just to let people know who are just joining us we are talking by jeff smith, a spokesperson for pg&e, jeff, i am sure your phone lines and website flooded, what can you tell people that near the area if
5:24 am
they did smell gas or what they saw and hear, where should they go with this information in this investigation? >> certainly the ntsb is the federal agency that is responsible for investigating natural gas pipeline incidents -- excuse me natural gas line pipeline incidents and they are expected to be on-site today and so they will be a comprehensive investigation and will be the principal source for those types of questions. >> any advisor safety precautions for people who are -- have not been evacuated from that area but then in the -- in the outskirts? should they turn off their gas? is there anything they should do to stay safe? >> if folks smell gas or think there should be an unsafe situation remove yourself from the situation and safely do so and certainly reach out to us to in irso we can investigate that situation and just i would want to add with respect to
5:25 am
your prior question that pg&e will corporate fully with the ntsb on their investigation and provide them with any information that they are requesting, so we will be actively working with them and you know and -- and just once again i -- you know on behalf of the 20,000 men and women of pg&e air thoughts and prars are with those who have experienced this terrible terrible -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- hear because there was some confusion and a lot of uncertainty last night so that is good to hear that from pg&e this morning. what can you tell us about the power outages in the area as well? >> naturally there were 5000 customers who experienced the power -- well, excuse me, whose power was sus spended in order to make sure that crews could safely respond to the situation. and the -- right now there is approximately 700 customers without power. >> okay. >> yeah. >> all right. 700 customers without power, again, we are -- >> approximately, yeah. >> approximately. all right.
5:26 am
thank you very much, jeff smith. spokesperson for pg&e. please let us know if you have any updates as well. we are joined on the phone. >> yes. >> and just to reiterate what he had said because there was concern last night pg&e was not saying much and this morning he said they will fully cooperate with the ntsb, the agency responsible and if it is in fact pg&e -- they are to blame they will take and accept responsibility, their crews are working out on the scene and -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- grab him again -- >> -- yeah -- >> -- wondering if they should go to school today. we will tell you what most schools in that city have decided already. ♪ [ music ] >> also we are going to continue our coverage of the nearh area, the neighborhood where all took place,h. we are getting new information.
5:27 am
stay with us. we will be right back. >> most of the roads are open. we will tell you the ones that are not. ♪ [ music ] todd add the guys who drive a heavy duty truck, have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready.
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good morning. we are live at the shopping center this morning, which has been turned into a command center. firefighters waiting for their assignments this morning. >> well, good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news, friday, september the 10th. i am dave clark.
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>> good morning. i am pam cook. time now is 5:30. >> we want to give you the very very latest on that disaster on the peninsula. at this hour the search goes on for more victims of that devastating fire and explosion in san briewp 0. at least three people are dead, dozens more are hurt. dozens of homes have been destroyed. that devastating blast and just look at these pictures rocked the san bruno neighborhood about 6:15 last night. now news chopper 2 was on the scene within minutes bringing these dramatic pictures that say it all. early reports indicate it may have been caused by a gas station explosion or a comerl jet crash but it wasn't until hours later it was determined that explosion was set off by a massive break in a gas main. now the first pictures from the ground showed this, the shocking impact of the explosion. just look. a fireball shooting hundreds of feet into the air.
5:31 am
a home neighborhood went up into flames. witnesses talked about the horrifying scene that they will never forget. >> it was just a huge explosion, not loud but we saw that more than that we felt the heat. it was like a huge heat wave coming our way and sucked the air out for a minute. >> firefighters are now out there battling the flames which at the last check was just 50% contained. claudine wong we have more on this at the top of the hour. >> we want to go to ktvu's allie rasmus at st.ñfrancis memorial hospital in san francisco with an update on the victims. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we know of at least 20 people who were sent to various san francisco and peninsula hospitals in the aftermath of that gas line splos and subsequent fire in san bruin 0, some of the most critical y injured were brought here to st.ñfrancis memorial hospital. now of the four people here three are in critical condition
5:32 am
with burn injuries one is in serious condition. they were transferred here early this morning because this hospital does have a specialized burn center. the patients were transferred early this mortgage. that seems to be one of the central locations where the injured were brought. altogether 15 patients were originally brought to kizer after the fire began. four again transferred to st.ñfrancis, nine others at kizer were treated and released and there are still two patients receiving treatment there. now several people were also taken to san francisco general hospital. three are in critical condition this morning with burn wounds, one is in serious condition suffering from smoke inhalation and one was treated and released. now at this point hospital spokespersons say they are not expecting any new patients related to this fire to come in this morning. they say most of the people who
5:33 am
suffered injuries and serious wounds have already start receiving treatment. we will continue to coop you update and hoping to speak with them later on this morning however as you can imagine it was a very busy night for them and at this point they are getting much needed rest. we will continue you to bring you information as it comes in. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. >> -- school district says most of its schools will be closed today. all seven elementary schools, alin, bell air, crest more,el crystal, john mure, portola, and rollingwood, will not hold classes today. but cap pu chino high school will start classes classes at the regular time.
5:34 am
, stay here with regular time. stay here with us for updates and see video on our website. >> we want to take a look at a -- some of our other top stories we are following right now. in afghanistan today thousands of people protested the florida church planning to burn the koran. yesterday the minister of the florida church said he called off plans to burn the koran tomorrow but later said he is reconsidering. firefighters in colorado now hope the worst of that wildfire that destroyed more than 160 homes near boulder is over, that they are still watching for hot spots and keeping an eye on the weather. it is now concerned that winds could fan the flames.
5:35 am
9000 people have been warned to be ready to evacuate as a precaution. >> let's go back to sal watching the commute. >> we are just find in out that skyline boulevard has re-opened in the area, however, there are a lot of local closures in san bruno because of this disaster, so the closures are in the local neighborhood but skyline boulevard is open, again, right through there. although it is a good area for you to avoid. this is not the time to be driving in this area if you don't have business there, if you are not doing something official, if you are not a resident. but they are open in case you are wondering, in case you drive up and down the peninsula, this will not effect you, just keep on driving. the more commute looks good. on 280, 101 and 85 it is nice. now let's go to steve.
5:36 am
>> the good news is the wind has tailed off to calm. overnight it has steadily decreased and temperatures 57, humid why 75%, patchy fog, the wind at sfo calm. we do have just a little hint of fog around the san mateo coast and that is about it. if any fog officials it is not going to last long. inland temperatures come up. 80s. a crazy week. monday hot, 90s. even on the coast we had 80s. then on wednesday we dropped off the table with 60s. so patchy fog, sunny, warmer, 68 in san francisco after fog. temperatures in the 50s. mt. tam is 10 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago so that is a sign, a, it is more fog, it is getting squashed a little bit but also means it is going to translate to warmer temperatures sonoma and stanford 49. vallejo and crockett at 55.
5:37 am
31 tahoe, 45 eureka, five monterrey and sole earn california and 60s in l.a. and san diego. our big system is up into the -- [ inaudible ] >> -- too warm too soon but we are going to see more sunshine and a little northerly breeze which will take care of that fog, so patchy at best and then little warmer, some locations could jump up 5 to 10. patchy fog, sunny and warmer with a late breeze, 60s, 70s, 80s. temperatures will maybe go ua couple of degrees on the weekend, maybe saturday and sunday, then another cooling trend kicks in next week. >> 5:37. lieutenant-governor abel maldonado is overseeing the state's response to that disaster in san bruin 0, we will be hearing from him later this morning as we continue our team coverage of the deadly explosion and fire. also some good news about the state budget for a change. why the state comp troller says at least one aspect of our finances is better than expected.
5:38 am
♪ [ music ] [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ] [ inaudible ] >> -- not doing so well -- [ inaudible ] ♪ [ music ]
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welcome back. an update on our top story this morning, that huge fire and explosion in san bruno. want to give you a look at what is happening. these are pictures from yesterday but that fire is still burning this morning. search and rescue teams are going door to door looking for more victim and people who may need help trying to aimownt for everyone in that neighborhood. we have a reporter claudine wong, out talking with reporters -- with firefighters right now. another crew outside the hospital and jade hernandez is at one of the evacuation
5:41 am
centers. we are going to bring you e the latest information. we also spoke with pg&e, a spokesperson this morning. we will have more on that story throughout the mortgages. now city officials say this top priority right now is to try to account for everyone in that fire zone. >> a terrible terrible tragedy has fallen on our city. our main concern as public officials here making sure our citizens are safe. >> again, many people have checked in at evacuation centers but others are staying with family and friends. the city is urging everyone in the area in that evacuation area to make sure you check in in person at one of those evacuation centers, even if you are staying with family and friends, or call a hot line so again they can ocount go everyone in the area, here is the telephone phone number 650-
5:42 am
616-7180. >> good advice. well, lieutenant-governor abel maldonado is overseeing the state's response to the explosion and fire. early this morning he declared a state of emergency for san bruno. now maldonado has the authority to do that because he is the acting governor. he also said, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the explosion that occurred last night in the county of san mateo. the state is doing everything to get recovery resources into their hands as quickly as possible. >> there is also help available for pet owners forced to leave their homes because of that fire. the peninsula humane society is offer in temporary shelter, food and supplies for any pets that had to be evacuated. people can bring their pets to the red cross trailer on city
5:43 am
parkway where humane society workers are standing by. stay with us for continuing coverage on that devastating explosion and fire in san bruno, we continue to follow it on our website as well,, we do expect several news conferences this morning and we are going to bring you those live as they happen. >> here is a quick look at some other stories we are following right now. there is good news boot the state eye cash crunch john chung said ious will not be needed until the middle of october. he says state revenues were 3.95% higher than anticipated. we have details about the
5:44 am
debate between meg whitman and jerry brown. it with be held there tuesday. we will bring it to you live. there is no word on who will moderate the debate. >> police have been contacted by the person who found a crime victim's wallet, four years after that victim was attacked. police say a woman contacted them, saying she found it while gardening and mailed it to the address on the wallet, along with a note saying she had found the wallet in berkeley, police say his wallet was stolen when he was attacked and stabbed moore than 25 times. he survived but suffered severe injuries. two suspects were arrested prosecutors needed to find out who sent the wallet so they can use it as evidence in court. san francisco police are warning people to keep their ipods and cell phones out of the sight while in public, after at least five people were robbed of them this week.
5:45 am
one victim was punched during that robbery and another thrown to the ground. suspects in three of the incidents have been arrested. >> 5:44. two people have been arrested suspected of operating several brothels between san jose and hayward, 47-year-old charlene 42 and 37-year-old so sun were arrested at their homes in san jose. now police don't believe either of the holes were used as brothelled but they ceased 10,000 in cash and for cartons of condoms, it employed mainly chinese women. >> 5:45 is the time. let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic. >> all right. this morning's commute on this friday doing pretty well around the bay area. all the freeways are open, traffic is moving along pretty well on westbound 24 as you drive to the tunnel and no major problems reported. also this morning if you are
5:46 am
drive ipse into san francisco, if this is your commute we are doing pretty well. no problems by the way on interstate 80 from the richmond area througher sear rite to, berkeley and eventually here a lot of people take the bay bridge. this morning's drive in san francisco along northbound and southbound 101 looking good. 101 is wide open for you on the way down to the airport. here is steve. >> sunny and warmer today. patchy fog out there. the week was i mean crazy. monday, remember monday? 90s, mid-90s, upper 90s, even 84 in san francisco. wednesday we had that strong system for this time of year come in, 60s. a little rebound yesterday and we will continue that today just slight but thisser is there is a system that will prevent us. san francisco will top you ought at 68. yesterday was 67. so patchy fog, clear, then sunny and mild.
5:47 am
mt. tam, though, which really dropped off the table on -- temperature-wise on wednesday when that cold air come in is now warming up. they are up 10, many of the higher elf elevations. 30s in the mountains, so if you are heading up tahoe, truckie or -- [ inaudible ] >> -- drops fast. 45 eureka, ukia at 50. they were down to 47. strong system is up in montana you see that spin there by portland and seattle? watch how that comes in as we get a northwest direction, that right there will kind of wipe out the fog here a little bit but the high pressure isnot that strong so any fog that is there just gets slight warming today but inland areas will -- [ inaudible ] >> -- a late breeze but no big deal, 60s, 70s and some low to mid 80s, slightly warmer on the weekend. the fog that will start to
5:48 am
increase on sunday then monday and tuesday looks like we go back in another cooling trend. >> all right, stove, time now 5:47. our coverage of the san bruno fire disaster continues. up next we are going to take a look at how traffic in the area is being effected and the alternate routes you probably need to take this morning.
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welcome back. we are still following that gas intlotion disaster in san bruno, look at these pictures, news chopper 2 shot this just a couple -- a short while ago and it speaks for itself. now, here is the latest. at least three people are known to be dead. dozens more are hurt. several people are still missing as we are talking to you. dozens of homes have been completely destroyed. that disaster began shortly after since last night. a natural gas line exploded with what they are saying was a thunderous roar sending up a giant wall of fire. now the wind whipped fire then leaped from home to home near skyline boulevard and need line. that huge fire raged out of
5:52 am
control for several hours. >> the red cross has set up shelters for people. buses were brought in to provide a place for people to get out of the cold. neighbors shareed their stories. >> it melted the windows -- melted -- cracked the windows, melted the blinds, and then i just grabbed the dog and we left. >> people have been so nice in donating their goods and even some food and starbuck's have been great enough to give us warm drinks and giving us water and things like that. >> people who live in the area not effected by the area directly brought supplies to the shopping center for their neighborssh the red cross says although they appreciate the outpouring of support they can't handle any more donations but they can always use cash donations. >> this morps the red cross is
5:53 am
running two shelters in san bruno for the evacuees, one at the veteran's memorial recreation center right here at 251 city parkway, that shelter is stocked with food and supplies for the evacuees. another shelter is right here operating at the church of the highlands. at both of the locations the evacuees, some of evacuees you see some of them right here, they will be given all the help they need to deal with any of the difficulties they are facing. >> anyone from the sire zone what has not signed in or checked in with 70 officials is asked to do so. they recommend calling the special hot line there. you can also chicken directly with one of those evacuation centers so they can make sure everyone is accounted for. stay with us here at ktvu and our website, for continuing coverage on the
5:54 am
explosion and fire in san bruno, we are expecting several news conferences this morning. we are going to bring those to you live. >> time now 5:53. in other news and employee at the golden gate bridge district has been arrested on chacials of embezzle. james brewer used its credit cards to make purchases of electronics and home appliances. he has also been fired. the amount the allegedly in baiselled is flai thousand dollars, his bail was the same. the bridge district says it has changed its accounting procedures to make sure this doesn't happen again. also the flef few of former oakland city administrator debra edger lee has been arrested once again. william lovan was taken into custody earlier this week after officers say they found drugs, cash and bullets at his home. he was already on probation and is under house arrest for a felony weapons conviction earlier this year.
5:55 am
>> sex offenders now face live in prison if they attack a child in california. governor schwarzenegger has signed chelsea's law, it is nameed for a 17-year-old chelsea king, who was raped and murdered in san diego by a what about who a man who admitted to doing it before. >> sal has the details. >> daf i want to update you and by the way you see underneath my name we have been getting information. of course, we get the information and before we put it out we confirm, sometimes people know things, they will tweet us and if we find it to
5:56 am
be true we report it. we appreciate your info. let's go out and take a look at the commute. they are open. you can drive right through. skyline boulevard is open. we don't recommend being there unless you have business there. still very much a crime scene in that area and in the crest more neighborhood you are ordered to just stay out unless you have official business there unless you are a resident. certainly the last thing the people need, the police need, the authorities need are people just showing up to take a look at the fire. that is discouraged and they will tell you to leave. they will tell you to scram, so just don't go there. northbound 101 up to the 80 split this traffic is moving along okay into san francisco. throughout the bay area conditions looking good. this is westbound 24 up to the tunnel. traffic is moving well. checking in with public transit systems things seem to be moving well on bart, cal train and muni at least so far.
5:57 am
5:56, back to dave and pam. >> all right. thank you, sal. we are working to get critical new information this morning about that san bruno disaster. up next we are going to have new information from the red cross for the survivors, their loved ones and go those who just want to help. stay with us. >> good morning. skies are mostly clear, temperatures, will they be warming up or cooling down? we will have the answer in two minutes. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc. [car horn honk our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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5:59 am
[ inaudible ] >> -- out of nowhere. [ inaudible ] >> -- devastation. a gas line ruptures sparks this deadly inferno. >> this morning all that remains at the point of explosion is a massive crater. new information is coming into the newsroom about the search efforts, the cause and the extent of the destruction just ahead here on the morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning to you, welcome to friday, september the 10th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. we want to get right to our top story this morning. it all began with


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