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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 10, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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8th grader. now the investigation. inspectors at the scene looking at the pipe that ruptured trying to figure out what triggered blast that destroyed dozens of homes. >> you don't want to go down the hill, just cross the street and see if the house is there. >> survivors are pleading police for the chance to find out if they still have a home. officers won't let them in at least not yet. also neighbors are helping neighbors. many say the worst of time brings out the best in people as the bay area rallies to help. we start our coverage with ken pritchett. he has the latest from anoas conference. >> reporter: that news conference was with the ntsb. we are talk about that. we are expecting another conference to happen any moment now. it looks lickety may be walking up to the microphone right now. that's jim allen with the office of emergency services. he is about to make an announcement but i'm not sure i see some of the participants of
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the press conference walking up. let's talk about what we heard earlier this morning in a press briefing. that's what they announced a four deaths and injuries to -- rather 52 patients in the hospital. that was according to the county. that number could change in this conference. i see the acting governor walking to the microphone. let's take this press conference now. >> as we wind down the day and its been a long day for us, i want to start by saying that 24 hours ago we had a major explosion and a fire here. we are still at 37 destroyed homes, 7minor and moderate homes damaged. as of now we still have four deaths. law is still looking at the missing person reports to help us if are anymore deaths.
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we have done our preliminary search, that's complete. we still have a lot of work to do. there are still a lot of hazards at the site. we still have a lot of hot areas. we just came back. is still a lot of smoldering and in those cases we can't get the dogs into check. i still want everybody to know that as much as we want to let folks go back to their homes the area is still a very dangerous area. we have had a lot of requests from folks that want to go home. they want to see their property, they want to see their houses, they want to go see their property. it's a dangerous area and we are asking them to please understand safety is first. the outpouring of support has been amazing. the community has stood together and all of us here have watched and seen it firsthand. i want to first say that if
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anyone who is listening, if they want to help the victims of san bruno please go to california it's a website that is there to help. california is cutting red tape victims and their families by the order i signed earlier today. i want everybody to know that about two hours ago the president called me. he is concerned. is he watching from afar. he sends his prayers to the victims. he said thank you so much for the first responders. he is with us all the way. i think what is important for me also to adjust in closing is that we need answers. we need answers to the incident. the community of san bruno needs answers, the people of california need answers. we need to know why this
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happened and we need to know how this happened. we need to make sure that this never happens again. i will repeat myself. i was just down there. it is still devastation and it must be fixed. we will continue to monitor this evening as the venge goes. we will be back tomorrow. there will be more search dog that will be specializing in these areas to see if we find fatalities. we must continue to pray for the families and for the victims. thank you. next we will have our secretary. >> thank you. good evening. thank you all for being patient. i want to give you the update on where we are in terms of the damage and destroyed homes. we have completed the inspections with building inspectors out there. tagged the homes. we were able to get it done as the lieutenant governor said
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this is still a dangerous area. safety is our number one priority. for our first responders, fire, law enforcement.utility folk that are there. we still haven't restored power in many areas and that's one of the reasons why the evacuation zones aren't going to narrow. i will release the list of the status of the homes. we have provided that out at our assistant center to the folk that are there. the only change, the only change in terms of the assessment and the numbers we, we have been talking about 38 destroyed homes and 7 with major or minor damage. it's 37 destroyed homes based on the inspections that we did with the fire and the city inspectors. 37 destroyed homes. eight, rather than seven homes with major or minor damage. we are moving in to the next
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operational period for the incident command. as the lieutenant governor said we were just up there. had our briefing with the incident command and also inspected the facilities. we are working hard, very hard on the reentry plan. that is the priority for is this next operational period. we have got to identity the hazardous material zone that exists. he with have to restore power and utilities. we had sewege problems because of the explosion. we have to make sure the area is safe. safety for first responders is different than safety for the possible residents returning to their home. we want to be able to allow entry but we don't believe that this is going to be able to be done tonight. they are working very hard onto plan. again, we will get the power restored, identity the hazard
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zones and we want to narrow the focus of the evacuation areas as soon as possible. we have to go through that. the search is continued. amazingly the -- the unfortunate tragic numbers of four confirmed deaths remains the same. despite extensive work as we told you at the last press conference we brought in two search and rescue teams we had 12 dog teams up there searching and so far we haven't found any additional deaths. law enforcement is working on matching to make sure that we are looking at missing person reports and matching that. we have made sure that we have got the phone number available for people to call in. we have added more operators and phone lines to make sure that phone can be used can be answered. we will continue the search with six more dog teams
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tomorrow. a difficulty in terms of doing dog search is this is still a warm and hot area which can affect the ability of the dogs to detect. we are going to have a more narrow focus tomorrow. we are also working in the next operational period as we identity the hazardous material areas in terms of the debris management to move onto recovery. we are in the recovery part as well. we like to say in emergency management as we are responding we are thinking about recovery and we are moving to it. the governor, the acting governor's executive order and has helped us to be able to move that forward, bring state agencies together. we have opened up the local assistance center. state agencies are responding. insurance companies are there. we will have more additional folks from state agencies as the week progresses.
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i have talked to fema. we are have assessors here on monday to start assessing the damage and the loss to individuals and the structures. as we move toward that process. we will have individuals the small business administration assessors here to so that hopefully we will be able to make low interest loops available to those homes damaged or destroyed. >> we are listenings in state officials bring us the latest. they say there are homes still smoldering. the area is not safe to let people return --. to the area to let people back in. they don't know what it'll happen but they say it won't happen tonight. >> many vacantes tried to make their way back to their homes today and many ran into roadblocks. law enforcement, rob roth is live with that. >> reporter: the road brock you see behind me here is one of
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several police are established throughout the burned perimeter. hundreds can't get into check on their homes. authorities worry about safety and looters. one family spent the day in limbo. they have no idea if their home survived. >> the hardest part is having nothing. having no clothes, no phone, no car, we left on foot. we have nothing. we have a mother-in-law here that took us in. >> reporter: still a lot of memories attached to their home of ten years but no way to find out, at least not today. >> it's hard not knowing. it's hard. i mean everything that we own is in that house. >> reporter: a few folks were allowed in under police escort to get medication or other emergencies. others begged and pleaded just to look. >> just want cross the street and look and see if the house is there. >> reporter: this woman was sure she lost her home of three
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decades. >> my home was the most happiest, just a beautiful neighborhood, my friends, my neighbors, everybody just a wonderful place to live. now all of the sudden it's all -- everything i worked for is gone. >> reporter: as we were wrapping our interview she got news through the insurance company about the home. >> great, great. great. thank you. >> reporter: we are back live and we have heard police tell residents that the earliest they may be allowed inside the burn area is some time tomorrow. reporting live in san bruno. ktvu channel 2news. >> taking another live look at the scene from news chopper two. when we come back more on the condition of the people who are injured in last night's explosion and fire and also the outpouring of help. what you can give as our continuing coverage returns. introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon.
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. a view from the air once again avenue the devastation in that neighborhood in san bruno and an investigation is obviously underway right now to try to figure out what triggered that explosion. that's the key question tonight. federal, state and local agencies all taking part as wells pg and e and tom caught up with them today looking for answers and tom is live now with details. >> reporter: frank, it'll be the biggest and closest look ever at pg and e's overall operations. here at the natural gas control center all eyes are looking at pressure changes closer than ever. pg and e said it's doing a top
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to bottom analysis. we will work hard to understand it so we can top stop from happening again. >> reporter: the ntsb, public utilities commissionpipeline safety agency and others are looking at everything here and throughout pg and e. ed ntsb said a finding may be 14 months away preliminary findings must come out soon. >> i'm not sure it was isolated. i'm worried. >> i can't believe they didn't know that there was a gas leak for that long that was able to do as much as that leak did. >> in light of the second oil rig explosion in the gulf i think that we have many regulation concerns and pg and e isn't exempt from them. >> reporter: folks worry about what is the right amount of safety. >> so many miles many pipeline, i don't want to pay
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enough money for them to go check all of them every single day of the week. >> it's a concern. a lot of people that -- you know, you smell something are you going to report it? >> we a huge and dedicated team that works all the time to make this system safe. >> reporter: in reality the most likely situation is a chain of events that led to the big event. we will be learning about that sooner than later we hope. reporting live. ktvu chan especially 2news. >> crews busy inspecting the precise spot where the explosion happened. as you can see here the force of the blast created a huge 30- foot crater. the mayor today said the city needs to start inspecting all of its gas lines to ensure that they are safe. he urged residents to call the police in they think they may smell gas leaks. >> donations of every day things went in as officials
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worked to make sure people get what they need. people cake to the veteran's memorial center. corporate and individual donors dropped off hundreds of bag of clothing, baby items, food and water. some said they saw the disaster firsthand and had to help. >> we live about four blocks from where it happened and yesterday was pretty scary because we have seen the fire. needed to come and help. >> san bruno officials urging people to make cash donations to the red cross or to the city in the name of the san bruno fire recovery. >> san francisco's arch bishop prayed for the victims of the explosion and fire. people filled the church for the mass led by the acrch bishop. >> let us keep everybody who
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has suffered any loss whatsoever in our prayers. the lord be with you. >> the lord be with you. >> he said people in all 90 of the parishes in the area will be praying for the victims. for some who have homes in the devastated neighborhood their reaction in thfirst few moments of the fire may have made the critical difference that helped most of them live. robert honda talked to some of them today and is live now with their stories. >> reporter: it has been emotional for vacantes. some of them still here recovering at this center set up near the city park. some were nice enough to talk about the first few movements of the fire when their only thought was survival. >> at first i thought th world was ending. >> reporter: they say they were just going through normal routines. some said they were dazed by
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what happened before realizing they were in danger. >> big, big, as far up as you can see flames. they told us to get out. myon said we have to get out. so we got out. with nothing. my purse and medication, still in my house. >> reporter: others had similar thoughts. >> i could see the flames just on the entire neighborhood. >> reporter: what did do you? >> i had everybody leave. just with our -- with the clothes we were wearing and no shoes and just left. >> i saw people running up the street and i could hear things hitting the house that i couldn't identity. then i went out and the fire ball was just coming at me up the street. i just ran. >> reporter: once out many said they felt relief and anguish because many had lived there for decades. >> it doesn't matter.
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our entire neighborhood is gone. our neighbors are gone. >> reporter: many of the people here are hoping to get word about their homes by tomorrow. if you try to go from surviving and resume living. >> weather, mark is in for phil martin. >> temperatures will be warming up into saturday. warmest locations could be around the 90-degree mark. overnight that's another story. cooling off especially up to the north bay. forecast low -- -- san jose and livermore. starting out saturday on the chilly side. mostly clear writhe now but the forecast model showing you some coastal fog developing late tonight into early tomorrow morning. off -- cool start in the upper 40s to lower to mid50s. in to the afternoon mostly sunny. we could have a patch or two of
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fog near the shoreline in to the afternoon. there is the temperature range about the same as today or maybe a little bit warmer. santa rosa 87, oakland 79, livermore at 88. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the weekend. we will increase the fog late saturday and sunday. we start a long term cooling trend. you can see that showing up on the five day. into monday we increase the fog. tuesday and wednesday. more low clouds, temperatures by wednesday only in the 60s and 70s and the forecast mols about a week from now suggesting or hinting at possibly rain across parts of the bay area. still a ways out but something we will watch. >> thank you. >> coming up a preview of the game of the week.
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. news chopper 2 live over the scene of the explosion here. you can see activity. that is the gas main that ruptured. it's 30-inch its around and blew a crater of 30 feet across into the neighborhood of san bruno in the area of clairmont drive and glenn view
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yesterday. they will look at the maintenance records, the history of the line. we will see what safe guards were in place. there was some activity and that is the pipeline that blew causing the huge fire that has so far resulted in 37 homes destroyed, damage to seven more. we know right now that four people are dead. we will continue the coverage of this story throughout the evening. >> the friday night high school game of the week this week is arch bishop. >> fred is live in danville with the preview. >> reporter: it's the south bay verses the east bay. it's a nonconference game but doesn't mean it doesn't mean anything. a victory already in the belt. san ramon with their season opener tonig. with me is the head coach of the monarchs. mat and matt you have to feel good about this situation that you already have one game in.
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>> we played pretty well last week but this week presents even a big challenge. >> reporter: you have a bit of the advantage because have you one game played? >> right. i think advantage might carry over to about the first quarter then after that it should be on about equal. >> reporter: so one and then after that everybody out for themselves. tell me about your quarterback. kyle bane. committed to cal. >> right. he is a great runner. accurate passer and heck of a com petter. >> reporter: you have been here four years at head coach. two years ago you lost nine games, last year you won nine. you went from cinderella to the target. how do you feel this year? >> presents quite a bit more challenges than we have had in the past. we are up for it.
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we had a very good summer. >> you will have a challenge with the east bay. thank you coach. of course we will have highlights tonight. reporting live in danville. ktvu. >> that's the report for now. >> for everybody here at ktvu thank you for joining us. the next newscast will be at ten. good night. get any phone free only at verizon
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