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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 13, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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a new clue as emergencied as the investigation into the kedly explosion in san bruno shifts to a new phase. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm gasia mikaelian in for julie haener. >> what may be a significant development regarding the cause of the deadly explosion and fire that obliterated dozens of homes in san bruno. we learned a key area of focus is a weld on a curved section of pipe at the point that
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exploded. more on that in a moment. also today came word from pg&e that it will spend up to $100 million to help victims of the fire with some money made available by the end of the week. we have team coverage tone, lloyd lacuesta was at the briefing. amber lee talked with residents about pg&e's offer to help but we begin with ken wayne. he was at the town hall meeting that just wrapped up within the hour. >> reporter: this town hall was supposed to end at 9:30. people are now just beginning to trickle out. a lot of questions here from very worried san bruno residents, including what is going to happen to that pg&e gas pipeline that exploded last week. >> we need to really understand what happens. we know our line rocky mount youred. we don't know hye. we need to make sure before that line anding fromly all of the rest of the lines in our service territory are safe. >> reporter: about 300 people filled the pews at the church of the highlands to submit written questions to state and
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federal officials as well as pg&e. some wanted to know why tell took pg&e an hour and 46 minutes to shut off the gas to the line last thursday. utility said it's because the flames were so intense workers couldn't get close enough. jackie spear who hosted the town hall said that needs to change. >> i am make sure there's some means to do automatic valve closings because in this case it was a manueloff that had to take place. that was easy almost an hour after the gas exploded. >> reporter: fema and ntsb officials were also on hand. fema says it finished its preliminary damage assessment this afternoon and federal aid could obtain way. state lawmakers say the pipe that rupture was more than 50 years old and assemblymannery hill is worried other california residents living near old gas line cobbs on a ticking time bomb. >> i'm very much bernard that, especially in light of the fact that a high-risk respect was
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already determined about two miles north of whereof we were today in south san francisco. >> reporter: state senator leland lee reminded the audience to be aware of the psychological trauma they've been through especially with children who may not be able verb lies their concern and should get professional help in needed. live in san bruno, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> ordered pg&e to reduce the pressure in the san bruno gas line 20% below it's operating pressure at the time of that explosion. the commission says the pressure must be maintained at that reduced level until the commission allows the return to normal operating pressure. the commission is also seeking all of the records dealing with maintenance over the past ten years. >> today small groups of people who's homes were red tagged were allowed back into the fire zone for their first chance to see the damage in person. they were taken into buses and vans, es catheterred by police
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through the neighborhood starting at about 5:00 morning. they were not allowed to get out and look around their property. we spoke with them after they returned from viewing the damage. >> everyone looking for the little bit they can identify. out of really nothing. it's gone. the last picture you have in your shed leaving your grandma's house, hugging and kissing her. seeing your family happy. >> sheppard said there were a lot of tears on the short trip and even some laughter. the kind that comes when things are so bad you have to make a joke. pg&e says it's is creating fund to help san bruno resident who's lost homes and property. president of the utility says up to $100 million will be set aside to help families stabilize their life. some money should be available this week. no strings attached. ktvu's amber lee has that part of the story. >> you have our word that we will see it through and help this town rebuild. >> reporter: this afternoon at a san bruno fire house, pg&e
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president chris johns pledged a $100 million fund to help victims. pg&e says over the next few day it's will be partnering with red cross, san bruno city leaders and other government officials to assess how much money each household will receive. >> with those funds, no strings attached. it's theirs to use in any way, shape or form that they want. we will not be asking them and had not ask them to sign any releases when they accept that. >> reporter: how much money each household will receive will be based in part on how severe the home was damaged. a red tag means $50,000. a yellow tag $25,000, and a green tag is $15,000. >> i lost the whole thing. i'm red tags. i have nothing. this is what i have. >> reporter: carol guernsey told us so far pg&e has held but debit cards for daily expense and the offer for up to $50,000 is much needed but that pg&e will have to do a whole
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lot more. >> we're living in a hotel and out of a bag. so, i think telecome through. so i think we can get all of the neighbors together and make them come through. >> reporter: this couple told us their hope is green tagged but say they're too shaken to move back in yet after seeing neighbors' homes reduced to ashes. >> lives that were lost. that's the hardest part. you can't put a price on it. >> reporter: do you applaud them for what they're doing or do you think more has to be done? >> you know, it's a start. >> that was our amber lee reporting. pg&e say it's plans to start giving out checks of up to $50,000 on friday but how much each household receives will also be determined by individual need. two new pieces of video came to light today showing the initial moments right after that pipeline exploded. san bruno resident walter mccardry just returned home when he heard the explosion and
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began shooting the video. he was on his balcony. you can see how close the flames were. his own ended up suffering only minor damage. the second video is from a surveillance video a couple of blocks from the pipeline explosion. you can see the flames to the left of the screen. take node of the different reaction of people in the video. some ran and some people ran towards the explosion perhaps to find their families or pets. >> the federal investigation is shifting into a new phase. the on site examination of the crater has concluded with a weld in the pipe one key area of focus. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta live with the latest from the ntsb. lloyd? >> reporter: federal investigators say they have finished their work at the crater of the san bruno disaster you see behind me.
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three segments of the 28-foot long, 30-inch wide natural gas pipeline that was blown out of the ground instant street last thursday were crated and put on a truck today. the pipe pieces are tonight headed for a lab in washington, d.c. where they will be thoroughly examined. >> was it fatigue? was it corrosion? was it physical damage? that's what we'll be able to determine. the national traffic safety board has turned the crater where the explosion occurred back to pg&e and the city of san bruno but the pipe remains a key piece of evidence. the ntsb says the break happened at a point where the pipe was curved and they fairground were several pieces of smaller pipe weld together to provide for the change in direction. >> one of those wells was the clean break end of the pipe -- you could see a very distinct clean break of the pipe at the weld and we'll be exploring to
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see whether that was a weld defect and the other end of the pipe was torn and shredded and much less clean. the ntsb says while it's finished with the explosion site, it will now be visiting the pipeline's monitoring control rooms in daily city and mullpeedas. so far alcohol and drug testings, given to all pg&e- involved workers have proven negative. investigators will also be pouring over the thousands of pages of documents from pg&e, work orders, memos, maintenance orders related to the pipeline. >> we're going to be looking at the seismic records to see if there could have been seismic activity related to the breach of the pipe. >> the ntsb say it's has yet to confirm reports of people spilling leaking gas days before the explosion. officials asking anyone who smelled gas, who saw dye degree vegetation in the area, which is a sign of a gas leak, or any other information to get in
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touch with them. live in san bruno, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. >> there's still no official word on the fate of a petition grandmother, her son and her grandson. the three members of the bullis family are the only people still listed as missing. they lived on clermont drive. neighbors say 50-year-old greg bullis moved into the the home of his 82-year-old moth, lavon two years ago. his wife sue and their 16-year- old son also moved. for many the disaster conjures up memories of the 1981 east bay hill fire. survivors of that storm know all too well what lies head for those in san bruno. we'll have their story at 10:30. last effort of opponents by same-sex to convince the governor to file a appeal to defend proposition 8 in court. being defined only as a man an
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woman. a federal judge recently ruled that violated the rights of gay people. schwarzenegger is on a trade tip to asia so acting governor technically has the power to file an appeal. the sacramento bee reports the acre up acting governor is concentrating on otherthings. four people, one motel room and hundreds of people's indentities at risk. exclusive information on the equipment and tactics used to rip off residents. the fog is rolling in. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking it right now. he'll join nurse less than ten minutes to let us know how far it will push tomorrow. plus the topic democrats aren't talking about publicly. we have house speaker nancy pelosi for a comment. the news continues in 90 seconds.
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investigators in the north bay tonight are warning that an indentity theft ring has put the finances of hundreds of people at risk. in addition to high-tech hijacking of personal details police say they also made money by printing it. ktvu's heather holmes live in nevada with a story you'll only see on two. >> reporter: not only were the four suspects caught with everything they needed to make fake credit cards and
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but counterfeit cash and checks too. you're looking at the equipment used to rip off hundreds of north bay residents. >> we have printers and multiple laptop computers. we have a laminator. individually the items posed no threat but together they created a sophisticated scheme that could wipe bank accounts clean and ruin a person's financial future. >> there was a hand written list of credit card information that has the credit card information of over 270 people. there was information from an investment company that had account information of over 100 people. >> reporter: not to mention all of the mail stolen from mailboxes in mill valley and that vado. richard gore can only hope none of it was. >> it's pretty dangerous. you get a lot of credit cards
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you don't want people seeing. >> reporter: the northern california computer crimes task force is now in charge of the case and today investigators showed us some of the $1,600 in counterfeit cash that was also seized. here are some of the fake bills that didn't make the cut found crumple in the the trash. >> they were taking 100 billions and washing them of any color and then reprinting them with the 50's did not $100. >> reporter: when it wasn't turning small bills into big ones they were cranking out thousands of counterfeit checks. at least then sonoma county. >> they certainly got a considerable amount of personal information and it is quite an impact on those victims. >> reporter: also victimized by the suspects, elementary school
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students. investigators say this mac computer was stolen from novato last year. reporting live here in novato, i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. >> they've made a pair of arrests and linked the items to an armed robbery. the suspects worked at six flags and were taken into custody after police pulled them over for a traffic violation. the driver was armed than was was a park employee. the other suspect worked for a park vendor. police say the items linked to the robbery were in the car and at the driver's home. with the november election only seven weeks away, there's one topic that democrats aren't talking about publicly. but they are talking about it behind closed doors. according to a respected website, the topic is nancy pelosi and what happens to her if democrats lose control of the house. political editor randy shandaville has the report. >> reporter: san francisco's
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nancy pelosi is the most powerful democrat in congress. speaker of the house for almost four years. but polls show there's a decent chance that on election day republicans will win enough seats to take control of the house. if that happens, pelosi would no longer be speaker. >> i'm not yielding one grain to stay and i don't even have a conversation based on democrats not winning the house. >> reporter: pelosi wouldn't acknowledge the possibility of losing but republicans smell blood and across the country they're using her image in ads to trash democrats. >> is our congress men a lab dog. ben chandler's not listening to kentucky but chandler is listening to nancy pelosi. >> reporter: if democrats lose the house, would pelosi remain
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in power as minority leader. >> we spend our time and energy on winning. >> if she wants to continue to be the head of the democrats in congress, that will be her choice. >> reporter: democratic strategist says he thinks democrats will hold onto power but if they don't he says only a few democrats will try to force pelosi to give up power. >> at the end of the day i think she's going to have enormous loyalty from her members. >> reporter: one reason many first quarter not most democrats, will continue to support pelosi as their party leader, regardless of the outcome in november is fund raisers. pelosi has built up a lot of loyalty by helping countless democrats raise money. another reason -- history, first female speaker and like her policies or not, she has gotten lots of bills passed.
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political editor randy shandobil, ktvu channel 2 news. >> democratic candidate for governor jerry brown apologized today about a comment bennigan former president clinton saying clinton had lied about him and wondering if anyone believed clinton always told the truth. brown was referring to clinton's denial about clinton's relationship with monica lewinsky. >> bill clinton was an excellent president and it was certainly wrong of me to make a joke about an incident from many years ago and i'm sorry about that. >> the comment rose from a political ad from meg whitman shows brown and clinton in a debate in the 1992 presidential campaign. brown says what clinton said then about brown's position on taxes was wrong and demanded that whitman correct the ad. outside oakland city hall in oakland today a small group of law enforcement officials took a stand in favor of
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legalizing marijuana. they were there to announce their support for proposition 19. oakland's city attorney is one of the most outspoken backers. >> regulate it, control it, take it away from the criminal who's control the market and then hold adults accountable for their actions the same way we do with alcohol. it's time to turn the page in this century and come up with a more rational approach to cannabis. >> but in washington federal drug enforcement officials joined with some religious leaders to deannounce proposition 19. they say they will push the u.s. attorney general to sue california if the initiative passes in november. in gilroy medical marijuana dispensary lost its bid to stay open while a legal issue is resolve. metaire wants to to appeal but a judge said no. it hoped last november without a business license.
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president obama made a point to visit to the home district of a virginia congressman today to make some points about the economy and the upcoming election. with that in mind, the president visited the fairfax, virginia home of a family hit home by the economicdown turn. the congressman there is in a tough reelection fight. mr.obama said the stimulus plan helped to stop the economic free fall but admitted there's more work to be done. wall street had global economic news and started a week with a rally. the stocks posted their eighth gain in nine trading days. investors responded to word that china says it's economy remains robust. the dow jones gained 81 points. the nasdaq picked up 43. a new survey of credit scores indicates californians have reduced their credit card debt but at the same time their credit ratings have gone down as well. san francisco base credit karma said today that credit card debt is down 6% for california consumers since the start of the year, but credit scores are down by an average of two
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points in that same time period. nationally, the average debt on credit card was more than $7,600 last month. right now that fog is returning to the coast. it's pushing inland. it's there tomorrow morning. minor warming this week. a couple of degrees into the mid-80s. as we go into the long range we've going to chance of a shower in your five-day forecast. it's going to be cool especially in the north bay and the fog is going to be in your neighborhood tomorrow morning when you wake up in napa, fairfield and concord. just like this morning plenty of fog, plenty of low clouds. let's look at the forecast model for fog tonight and tomorrow morning. it's way inland. you start off cloudy, temperatures in the upper 40s/low 50s. tomorrow afternoon it burns back mostly sunny and slightly warmer. in the five-day forecast i've guilt chance for rain. i'll see you back here in a couple of minutes. in southern california
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firefighters battle a wildfire in curran county. the fire is in the small town of bodyfish and the sequoia national forest. 3400acres have burned and crews have a containment line around 10% of the flames. is just burning vegetation now. no structures have been destroyed or damaged. most, if not all, water activities the curran river have been canceled s a chance of freedom. could she be released from a iranian prison. the request her family made today. the charges a mother face because of what happened to this little girl and why all of those charges were dropped today.
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i'm ahmed mady and i'm a homebuilder. my father brought me up to give back to society... felicia jackson promised her late sister that she would take care of her children. but she needed help. i used my american express open card to get half a million points to buy building materials to help build the jackson family a new home. well, i know if my dad was still around, he would have told me, with no doubt... he would have told me it's a no brainer and i knew that from the start. it was an honor. booming is moving forward by giving back. the family of sarah shourd asked iran to reduce or drop the demand for half a million
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dollars bail. the shourd family said they can't come up with $1 million and the u.s. government won't pay for it. there's a complex back and forth between iranian authorities and the family. sarah shourd along with shane bauer and josh fattal have been held on spying charges for more than a year. sonoma county prosecutors have announced they have dropped all charges get a petaluma woman who's bear foot 2-year-old daughter was found on a city street at night. her mother, 23-year-old anna laura renden originally faced child felony endangerment that was originally changed to a misdemeanor. prosecutors say their decision to drop charge was based on information from the preliminary hearing last month that indicated the mother was not at fault. rangers at yosemite national park say they have solved the disappearance of a man seven years ago.
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he vanished while hiking in the northeast corner of yosemite. a ranger found a back pack with his drivers license and bones in that area. in they're performing dna tests to confirm the identification. researchers said today they know where a lot of the oil from the bp spill has gone and it's not on the surface of the gulf of mexico. university of georgia scientists say they have discovered oil, at least two inches thick, on the sea floor and under it is a layer of dead shrimp and other small create yours. some of the oil was found 80- miles from the blown out well. about 200 million-gallons of oil spilled into the gulf and we're getting the first good look at the blowout preventer that failed. it's been moved to a nasa facility in new orleans. investigators will dismantle that 300-ton piece of equipment to try to figure out exactly what went wrong. that's expected to take about a month and a couple of weeks more to do some testing. the goal of the procedure is to
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prevent disasters in the future. names are being associated with numbers. the painful answers as to who died in the san bruno explosion and fire disaster. he's already been found not guilty by reason of insanity for deliberately driving into 18 people and today there was another key rule. (music playing)
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announcer: has the overpowering smell of scented garbage bags taken over your kitchen? (woman blows at scented tree) hefty bags with unscented odor block technology help neutralize odors with no added scent. hefty! hefty! hefty! in the search for victims painstaking recovery efforts
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have led to painful answers. an entire school and parish mourn for two confirmed victim. students at st. cecilea in san francisco held an emotional memorial mass there with prayers for the husband and father, james greg, and vanessa's older sister. >> we got an e-mail it was jackie and j anessa and their family had been torn apart in an instant. in an instant. it could have been any one of us. >> good morning, today is thursday, may 27th. >> reporter: school staff say she was a well liked bright eighth grader. janessa's grandfather also came to the school to thank students behalf of the family. >> i think this is a place of comfort for them. and a place where they -- they
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knew their children were loved. >> reporter: a half mile from the blast site at the church of the highlands family of a third victim met with pastors today to arrange the funeral for 24- year-old jessica morales who's boyfriend was badly burned in the fire. >> it's just heart breaking. >> reporter: the fourth victim is believed to be 81-year-old elizabeth torres who relatives say made it 20 heifer front porch. >> she sat down on the steps to take a breather because of the smoke and fire and everything and the fire just engulfed her. >> reporter: two of torres' daughter and a son-in-law who tried to rescue her remain in the hospital tonight. a funeral service has been set for janessa and jackie greg gregg this fire at st. cecilia church in san francisco. a service for jessica morales is set for saturday at church of the highland. in san bruno, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >> families effected by the
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pipeline explosion and fire tell many different stories about the ordeal. we spoke to one san bruno resident today who barely escaped the flames. gail mazunu and her family are still somewhat dusted. she dragged her mother out of the house next to the inferno but said her mother couldn't go any farther. >> i said don't let go of me. i know you're getting burned because i can feel it too. >> that's when a former berkeley firefighter drove up in his pickup truck and took muzuno's mother to a hospital. mazunu and her mother both suffered burns but are grateful to be alive. pg&e sent crs out today to start an inspection of all of its major gas lines. the california public securities commission ordered the inspection. it stretches some 1,000 miles around california and almost all of it is buried. inspectors will dig up some of the pipes and put robotic equipment inside others or use remote sensors to test is for
10:34 pm
leaks. >> these are not methods that have any less capability. these are proben methods that on a nationwide basis everybody is using. >> there is no word on how long it may take to perform those inspections. students at san jose university are pitching in to help the san bruno fire victims. members of the delta sigma fire fraternity pitched in donations today. they plan to send the money they collect to the red cross specifically for san bruno. some of the the fraternity brothers are from san bruno. they said they felt a special need to do something. the ruins left behind by the san bruno fire look eerily similar to the aftermath of the oakland hills' fire. in october of 1991 fire killed dozens of people and destroyed thousands of home. ktvu health editor john fowler spoke with in of the fire victims who say their memories
10:35 pm
have come flooding back. >> reporter: the nation's most costly urban fire, 3,000 homes destroyed, 25 deed. >> it was a life-changing experience. >> reporter: gordon piper stood on his front steps that sunday morning. he said his hiller highland streets turned into a volcano. some neighbors panicked and others ran for their lives. >> get out nowhere and virtually had no time to evacuate any possessions. >> reporter: patricia of montclair also lost everything. >> i was just sort of stunned. i didn't cry. >> reporter: cashman rebuilt. her neighbor did not. when she saw the san bruno fire thursday night, she says emotions came flooding back. >> i know what they're going to go through and i know how long it will take. >> there is an aftermath in terms of dealing with an
10:36 pm
insurance company that for many was worse than the fires. >> reporter: piper said he had to threaten his insurer with legal action. a steady two years ago fire storm survivors reveals remarkable resilience. among the most affected, among 80% exhibit no psychological symptoms. >> it made me much more of an activist to work on emergency preparedness. >> reporter: in fact piper led neighborhood efforts to prepare this pavilion one of several fire storm survivor project and this, a reminder, that whether it's fire or earthquake, many of us in the bay area live in harm's way. health and science editor, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. and stay with ktvu for latest developments about the san bruno fire and you can get updates anytime by clicking the tab on our home page, the fremont man accused of a deadly hit-and-run in that east bay city has been found incompetent to stand trial. an alameda county judge said he
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cannot help in his own defense because of his current mental illness. he was accused of killing pedestrian in fremont on august 29, 2006. he was also accused of hitting 18 people in san francisco later that day. nominee that incident merck was found not guilty by reason of insanity. alameda county plans to try popal if and when his competency is restored. oakland police are searching for the man who robbed three convenience stores in the east bay at gunpoint. police have released a surveillance photo of the man with a semi automatic weapon at an oakland 7/11 store on september 4th at 4:00 a.m. police say the same man proceed to rob a 7/11 in hayward and a store in mallpeteas friday night. a $2,500 reward is being offered. half a world aaway and they land in jail. what's next for members of an oakland church trying to help
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the people ofzimbabwe. i'm tracking a storm that could you have reaching for your umbrella this week.
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members of the aids ministry of the oakland baptist church were released from azimbabwe. the church hopes to resolve the situation quickly and bring the team home by the end of this week. the nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a u.s. air liner to christmas day with a bomb hid wren news underwear fired his attorneys today.
10:41 pm
he appeared in a detroit courtroom for the first time since january. u.s. district judge nancy edmonds advised him not to get rid of his attorneys but eventually granted the request. he asked what would happen if he pleaded guilty to some of the charges against him. the judge said she couldn't advise him and a so-called standby attorney be named. they can give advice but don't take an active role. in venezuela a plane crashed in a lot at a steel foundry today. of the 60 people on board 36 survives. it was on a flight from a popular tourist island to an airport about six miles from the crash site. some of the survivors said the plane seemed to be flying very low before it crashed. cuba's government, castro announced a radical change for cuban workers. it said it will cut at least half a million state workers by early next year.
10:42 pm
most jobs in cuba are government jobs and help people find work restricts private enterprise will be eased. mr.castro has long complained that cubans expect too much from the government. in thailand a major highway in the northeastern part of the country is falling apart after days of heavy rains and flash flooding. in addition a bridge was badly damaged. at least six vaginales are now cut off. thai officials warning the water levels are rising and for people to be on alert for more extensive flooding. just released numbers from the california department of education show less than half of the schools in california reach their target score on the state's academic performance index. the study shows only 46% of public schools scored 800 or better on the 1,000 point index. still, that's a 10 point improvement from last year. the achievement gap between race is still in evidence. the average score for asian was
10:43 pm
889. for whites 838. latinos 717 and african- american students scored an average of 685. a wildly popular san francisco sandwich joint is about to become a memory for thousands of fans. more than 100 people were lined up outside ike's place in the castro district. ike's is set to close at midnight. neighbor who's didn't like the noise and mess from ike's loyal customers won their campaign to get the restaurant to move. >> hopefully we'll be able to come back to san francisco one day and i really appreciate. hopefully i can repay san francisco for what they did to me and bring all of this back here. >> all is not loss though, ike's place is recently open to the sanford campus and there's another location. it's been more than 0 years since their last concert. which legendary band is planning reunion at a bay area venue. changes in the weather loom at the end of the week our chief meteorologist bill martin
10:44 pm
is working right now on the complete bay area forecast. ss u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't eyott? h.oht's t rei. itlswos thas al?doouha a o.. ss u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't eyott? a!'s ol al?doouha a o.. ss u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't l's . y,ai wr'my0?'s ol al?doouha a o.. ss aschki. lcetoanitche.n ern't y,h'updu . aswh mte
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i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honk our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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internet video giant youtube is trying to go live. started a test of its new live streaming in. there's no word on how well it went. if it work it's could make cable and satellite television obsolete. youtube is owned by google. the test is expected to continue tomorrow. >> it's a new industry that is sky skyrocketing it's gotten so big so fast some people are talking about a modern day gold rush. we're talking about apps there were 7 billion downloads rask year alone. now, for the first time there's an app convention that's being held in san francisco. ktvu's david stevenson has our report. >> reporter: bam tv hopes to become the next mtv but they're
10:47 pm
trying to break new bands through an app instead of on the television or the web. >> it's the only thing that gives emerging companies like us sort of on a level playing field with some of the established brands. >> today said the mania for new cell phone and pda applications has its roots in san francisco. >> developers are in all 50 states and if you see the top apps they're from all over the place. definitely a concentrati here but if you took it to the companies that are here in, the infrastructure of the business. the global app economy is headquartered in the san francisco bay area. >> an estimated $7 billion apps were downloaded last year. app organizers estimate it will be a $17 billion market by 2001. >> iphone users have the most apps per phone. that's about 40 apps average per individual. >> reporter: many of the products displayed today use gps to organize information or locate services. others are targeting medical markets but the flood of new apps means it's often hard to be heard. >> a lot of people are
10:48 pm
interested in that and a lot of people are interested in how do i make money in how do i break through the clutter and get my app discovered. it's only going to get harder when we go to 370 apps. we predict there will be 1 million apps by 2012. >> reporter: the app boom differences from the dot-com boom and bust because it can be developed with fetcher people at lower cost. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. welcome back. tracking some fog that's making its way into your neighborhood and the stronger weather system to the north of us. it could bring showers in your direction. let's take a look now at the winds out of the golden gate bridge. they're gusting to 11. e wind and water temperature about 57 degrees. that west wind blowing at a cool breeze. it cooled us off today. temperatures were cooler by a couple of degrees. temperatures tomorrow they're coming up a couple of degrees
10:49 pm
maybe two or four degrees higher. a slow warming trend. a gradual warming trend and we get a koon as we head into friday with a slight chance of a shower in the bay area and right now looks like a pretty good bet north of santa rosa on friday but as we move through time a couple of models are expecting rain friday night into saturday morning. so we'll watch it for you but right now the story will be the fog tonight. slightly warmer the next couple of days. here's the system i'm tracking. a chance of light showers from napa. in the meantime tomorrow through thursday minor warming with temperatures generally in the 70s but you'll see some low 80s. here comes the computer model. this time of year it's definitely hard to say this far out but thursday at 5:00 this thing t's up. right. of course, here we're. the main energy is going to be here. watch as it moves through time. here we go into friday. friday afternoon. i'll step out on of the way and you can see a bull's eye up
10:50 pm
around hillsburg in santa rosa. showers in marin county. friday at 4:00 p.m. certainly showers up in the western slope of nevada as well. the main impact will certainly be a lot of clouds and drizzle but this looks like it could be a rain producer. some models are suggesting northern california about half an inch of rain around humboldt county and arcadia. it's still summer. here's what we have for the forecast highs. the orange reminds your 80s. a little warmer. lots of 60s and 70s but the 80s will start to pop up inland. the fog it's inland tonight and then tomorrow afternoon it burns off pretty darn quickly and right back to the coast. you might even see the sun break. 75 in napa tomorrow. believe it or not these temperates are slightly warmer than they were today. it will be slightly warmer again. these are subtle changes wednesday and thursday and everything switches around and we get into kind of a late early mid fall kind of pattern
10:51 pm
and that's going to bring us that rain. >> this summer's been unusual. the spring is unusual. the winter was unusual. i'm not surprised if we get a shot of rain based on where the low pressure has been live forgot last six months. there's word tonight the founding members of the legendary band buffalo springfield plan to reunite to play their first concert since 1968. neil young, steven stills and ricky array are set to headline the bridge fund benefit. the band's biggest hit became a culture anthem. the concert is scheduled for november 24th. other performers include elton john, albert costello and merl haggard. >> the pennant chase is on. the padres and rockies battling in denver. could the giants find themselves in first place all by themselves?
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
soar the ninth circuit court of appeals ruled against federal prosecutors for baseball players who tested positive for steroids in 2003. the court ruled federal agents went too far in the balco investigation and searched computer records of what was
10:55 pm
supposed to be a anonymous testing program. it showed 77400 positive results. it's not clear whether this has any effect on the trial of barry bonds. here's sports. this is turning into a good pennant race but the padres are in first place. >> true the giants no longer do share first place with the padres but not necessarily a bad thing. someone this to put a little crimp in the rockies' style and it's san diego tonight ending colorado's ten game win streak in the mile high city where the rockies have just looked unstoppable. first inning it's former a miguel tejada. the jack. would run shot off jeff francis gets the padres up and running and in the fifth they'll add three more, again tejada in the middle of it with a cash in two run single four rbis on the night for him. 5-0 lead. colorado can't come all the way back. 6-4 final. san francisco to take on the
10:56 pm
dodgers tomorrow night. a half game back in the west. much has been made over the a's young pitching staff this year and they've got another rookie arm to talk about this evening. not your typical fuzzy face guy, however, it's 31 download bobby kramer, more on him in a second. offense for his first major league win provided by kansas city as jerry dyson error on the chad pennington fly ball. kramer started the season in the mexican league. he's been a subsidiary actual teacher. gave up only one run, four hits and the a's beat kansas city 3- 1. two hideous to spend anymore time thinking about or talking about both the niners and raiders lick wounds and hope for short-term memory loss. after yesterday's dual disasters is maybe sit around tonight and way some inspired football. that we saw. rain pelts new arrowhead stadium in kansas city. the chiefs explode anyway.
10:57 pm
on solid ground jamal charles. 56yards touchdown kansas city and more from the big play. chiefs all of a sudden in the afc west. it's dexter mccluster taking a punt and they won't take him. they'll get a look at his back side. 94yards and gone. kansas city builds a 27 lead and they old on to stun san diego in a game that went to the final play 21-14. exactly the kind of game you think the jet/ravens to turn into like running up a brig washington. willis mcgahee scores from a yard out. his line on the night six carries, minus two yard and you know ravens' linebacker ray lewis played a part drilling the jets' dustin keller. all night long from both teamand it is raphael nidal. finally winning the u.s. open. rain delayed it was and now he
10:58 pm
completes a career grand slam, only the seventh men's player to ever do that. that's the sporting life for a monday night. >> that's it for us in. thanks for watching good goodnight.
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