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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 20, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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major travel corridor as well. this was not even on the top 100 of pg&e's most risky pipeline segments but it proved fatal. and get this -- the almost mile and a half of the same pipeline running through south san francisco twice described to the public utilities commission is risky and unseptember -- unseptember billty -- unacceptable is not listed either. >> reporter: this does not sit well with jerry hill who is doubtful about the entire list. who is establishing the criteria? how could it go from high risk consequences area in 2007 to not that bad in 2008? something's wrong. >> what that means is if something moves down on the priority list something else will move up. >> reporter: consumers are
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paying for that south san francisco twice, to the tune of $10 million. >> so we need to have more evaluation, more oversight and i think better regular laces on the -- regulations on the part of the puc. >> reporter: now, the pipeline runs from east-northeast all the way into livermore. that's a stretch of more than 20 miles. at least 12 miles of that stretch are on this so-called 100 riskiest pipelines list. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. north san jose near the milpitas border has two pipelines running underneath. city officials are learning about the potential hazards just like the public and will be more involved to repair and maintain those natural gas lines. they say word is pretty scary. it's kind of scary, of course. you want to make sure that they are taking care of it. we don't want to see any more
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accidents. that's for sure. >> pg&e says there is a timetable for repairs. for example, work on the pipeline at north 1st and tazman avenue is scheduled for 2012. now, to see pg&e's complete list of the 100 high-risk natural gaslines, you can go to our website, we've posted the list under "right now." emotions ran high on a high school campus in the wake of a deadly car crash that left one student dead and three others injured. as studen try to cope with what happened the investigation into how it happened is widening. school officials are considering changing school policies. allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: there are 1400 students at novato high school. you can see it's a fairly large open campus with no fence or gates enclosing it. an administrator said it would be difficult to keep all of the students here during the lunch hour. that's why one of the reason
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all students are allowed to leave campus for lunch. that could change soon because of the fatal crash on friday. students left notes, flowers and baseballs here for 16-year- old isaac. >> he played a lot of sports. everybody liked him. he never have any problems with anybody. it's hard to see him go so fast. >> he was like a brother to me. i met him in the 6th grade. it's crazy. >> reporter: isaac was killed friday afternoon in this car crash on novato boulevard. three other novato school students were injured. the teens had slipped class before lunch. investigators found liquor bottles at the site. some students told grief counselors today that they saw the teen driver drunk in class just hours before the crash. >> that same day i didn't see
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him at all. or else i would have stopped and talked to him about it. >> reporter: grief counselors will remain on campus until wednesday. >> when it actually happens, it changes your whole perspective on things. >> we just lost somebody really close to us. >> students also know there will likely be changes to their offcampus lunch policy. >> we're so concerned when the student the leave campus. where are they -- students leave campus. where are they going? we have facilities. they can bring their lunch. >> reporter: the department of alcohol beverage control has bunched an investigation to find out how the teen got ahold of the alcohol in the first place. the novato school board has launched and investigation to find out why no one noticed he was drunk at school. petaluma police are looking for a driver who hit a pet in a crosswalk and then took off.
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cindy white suffered moderate injuries in the accident. it happened at d street and petaluma boulevard south. witnesses identified the hit and run driver's vehicle. it's white with a two-toned burgundy stripe. alameda prosecutors filed new charges that injured a police officer lat month in a shooting. police say officer todd young was serving the search warrant when he was shot by andrew barrientos. investigators say that the other suspect, sierra, picked up barrientos after the shooting and agreed to help him. police relatived him in a car driven by silva. barrientos and silva are due in court on wednesday. in a letter to thomas rig,
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superior court, the family said they don't want the trial moved. just four days after a dead whale was found stuck on the bow of a container ship entering the bay, another dead whale has washed up to a bay area beach. authorities are trying to figure out what to do with the carcass. david stevenson is near ocean beach with this story. >> reporter: even as marine biologists search for the cause of death, the u.s. national park service is now trying to figure out what to do with the body of that mammal. national park service officials say the calls came in at 7:00 a.m. with early-morning beachgoers reporting that a 50-foot dead whale had washed up on san
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francisco's ocean beach. >> we encourage visitors to not try to touch the whale. let the whale rest in peace until we can properly bury him. >> reporter: last thursday, a container ship drug the mammal in. park service officials believe this whale was the same creature, washed ashore in san francisco. but the size and signs of decomposition didn't match. >> it's really, really sad, a creature of that size to die like that. >> reporter: as the midday sunburned off the fog, a crowd came out to examine the carcass. >> we're kind of a surf crowd here. so it's gonna be bring predator predators. for now, it's unclear what species it is or the age, sex,
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cause of death. >> there is a natural dieoff of what's happening out there and i think we're seeing more of it because they are more at shore eating all of the delicious food nearby. >> reporter: park officials can't bury the carcass until daylight tomorrow when the work is less likely to disturb a habitat here. reporting live in san francisco, dab individual stevenson -- david steve be son, ktvu channel 2 news. planned budget talks were scrapped because the governor is sick. the big five met on friday but failed to reach an agreement on a spending plan. no new talks with been scheduled at this point. >> it's part of the constitution that 2003 have to have a budget by -- that we have to have a budget by june
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15th. >> the state is now 82 days without a budget. it's the longest impasse on record. next week, jerry brown and meg whitt man will face off at uc davis and ktvu will carry the debate live. it begins at 6:00 p.m. next tuesday, september 25 -- 28th. the first exbreslin opened along -- express lane opened. drivers will be charged electronically using fastrack, anywhere between 30 cents and $6 depending upon traffic levels. carpoolers ride for free. next year, part of eastbound 5 0 will be could be -- 580 will be converted. we'll have more on this at 7:00 on bay area news on tv36.
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there's no place like home. why are so many san francisco schoolteachers leaving the district and how does this dilapidateed property see the key to them staying? it's sunny at the coast. i'm tracking the return of the fog and how that fog will impact your temperatures for tuesday. in a world of layoffs and budget cuts there's something positive to celebrate today at a south bay school aimed at helping students build a bright future.
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proposed about keeping teachers from staying and living in the city they teach. >> reporter: frank, this is all that's left of a long, abandoned high school. but san francisco officials say this property could one day be a place teachers can call home. the teachers' union says about a third of all teachers live outside of san francisco. many just can't afford to live in the city. >> we want to be part of the community where we teach. i love coming to school and seeing the kids on san bruno and being part of the community where i teach. so i would love to live here as well. >> reporter: many teachers end up leaving the district after a few years to teach closer to where they live. >> we lose people because they can't afford to live in san francisco. they -- they will be doubled up, they will be tripled up with other people. >> reporter: the board of education tomorrow is expected to instruct the district to hammer out a plan to convert the mission street property and another abandoned school site into low-cost housing for
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teachers. >> we have the political will to want to do it. we have the property to do it and now we want to see if we can find partners to do it with us. >> reporter: the district says no classroom money would be used. one scenario, a builder. >> teachers can use the time with the school, related materials, instead of being stuck in traffic. >> reporter: school district officials say if all goes well, teachers could be move -- moving into low-cost housing in a few years. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the same commit to declared the start of the recession in 2007 now says it's over. the national bureau of economic research said the recession ended in june of 2009. at 18 months, that makes it the
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longest downturn since world war ii and while the worst might be behind us, many job seekers say they are still waiting for things to get better. >> we're not far from being on the street. that's a terrible place to be. >> if there is another major economic downturn, the panel of economists say that would technically be a new recession. a new report suggests women may have born the brunt of the recession "the wall street journal" broke down statistics and found that 148,000 women left the finance industry over the last decade. meanwhile 389,000 men joined the industry. the report finds most women left companies hit hard by the recession like investment banks, technology also replaced many jobs traditionally held by women. stocks surged today, partly on news that the recession has officially ended. investors were also encouraged by the upward trend of the s&p
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500. the interdecks most closely watched by professional traders. the dow jones gained 146 points, the nasdaq was up 40. california's public schools could soon be required to provide students with from, fresh water at lunchtime. the proposed measure does not include funding. some districts are worried about the potential costs. the governor until next thursday to sign it. >> san jose high school's facility includes an open, architectural design. it's meant to help students practice the principles they are learns in school. many are college prep courses. >> so in addition of getting the skills that a lot of the students need to work in silly can valley -- silicon valley.
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after more than a decade of planning and approval from nasa, a new stretch of trail opened behind moffett field. 29-point-mile field trail extension shun in sunnyvale had been offlimits to the public for years. the new extension now means cyclists have a direct connection between sunnyvale and mountain view. the next step will be to secure land. the state department of fish and game is going to try to determine the red substance and they took samples and determined it was from a decaying organic matter. experts say it's a fairly common event around this time of year. it happens. algae blooms are create -- when it happens, algae blooms are
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created by cool rich water that blends with warm water. that causes the algae to break down into a red, warm substance. a nice sunny day around the bay area. things might be changing again. for the latest on the forecast, let's check in with bill martin in the weather center. that's right. talk about the algae bloom we had a couple of those last year, what some people call a red tide. occasionally what we're not seeing is the fog. as we come in close, where there has been fog the last couple of days. there's no fog right now. 49ers are playing football. temperatures outside tonight are gonna be on the mild to cool side. santa rosa will be the cool spot, 37. the coast is fog-free. the fog and low clouds will have a pretty strong push inland. so from plant, san jose, morgan
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hill, i think we'll have low clouds and fog in the morning. but it had be short lived. that fog should burn off quickly and we'll see more sunshine. the forecast for fremont, 62 at noontime. clearing skies. 67 for a addai time high in fremont. this low is gone as we head into friday -- thursday and friday and temperatures come up dramatically. we'll talk about that and the five-day forecast tomorrow morning, the fog forecast, the cloud forecast if you will, we'll -- we've got it. by the afternoon, it's plenty of sunshine, a day tomorrow, a lot like today. but about five, six, seven degrees cooler in many
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locations. coastal sections, i think you might be warmer tomorrow. 72 in napa, 69 in vallejo. 66 in richmond. cities where you live or near where you live are gonna be a little below the average. 72 in livermore. 74 in antioch. tomorrow's cooler. wednesday's cooler still and then as we head into your thursday, friday, high pressure comes in and some weather concerns we'll have will be air quality. there will be an increase in fire danger as we go into an indian summer pattern in the meantime, a little bit of fog, no drizzle in the forecast. temperatures slightly cooler than they were today. there you go, frank. >> ty, bill. the fda began hearing arguments today on whether to approve the market of genetically engineered salmon. these are fish that have had their dna altered to produce a desirable characteristic. it's a process a company will use to make atlantic salmon twice as large, twice as fast. but food safety advocates say
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there hasn't been enough testing on humans. >> especially because they are using growth hormones. what is this impact on ourselves and our concern? we're very concerned about that. >> fda approval would open the door to other animals, such as cattle resistant to mad cow disease disease. if you don't think hotels take complaints seriously think again.
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a british couple says they were accused of writing a bad review on trip whether they were cooked out of their hotel in england. >> the couple told "the gazette" that the hotel manager stormed into their room, accused them of righting the -- writing the review. the police arrived. the couple had already left when the police arrived. fred's in for mark, he's here to talk about the raiders. they needed a win and pulled it out. >> yeah, they had to do some brave things along the way. raiders did win their season home opener yesterday, but it took a brave call at halftime
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from tome cable to -- coach tom cable to bring in bruce gradkowski. raiders acquired jason campbell to help us forget about jamarcus russell. bruce replaced campbell and brought in a sense of urgency to the ballclub, gabeed twice as many yards, scored 13 points. bruce wasn't perfect but the chants "bruce" was held all through the stadium. gradkowski threw one touchdown and campbell scrambled for 19. they will play the cardinals next sunday. tom cable says he will name a starting quarterback sooner or later. >> if you have two quarterbacks, we have a
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controversy. there isn't gonna be a controversy. i will make a good decision the right -- decision. the right decision. >> i want to be the starter. in my mind i am the starter. but that's how you have to approach it. we don't play this game to be backups. we play the game to be starters in the league. here is the new matchups for the high school game of the week, antioch versus napa. hayward, farmers against monte vista. belly montand piedmont hills. go to, vote often, vote early.
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the as host the white house tonight. 9ers are playing the they are down 9-0. and who knows there may an quarterback switch, too. >> thank you. that's our report for now. >> i'm julie haener. thank you for joining us. u owi stgoth n csechkint al?ye cckhiou
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