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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 21, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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this happened around 3:00 in the morning at the intersection here. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: take a look behind me. you can see how widespread this scene is. police have several streets blocked in the area. we need to take a look to the right. some emergency crews right -- emergency crews down to the right and they are looking at it looks like a pile of metal over there. it is hard for us to see from where we are right now but they are standing over it and have a flashlight on it. police say there were two kids and two adults and the driver survived but the passenger did not according to the story we are hearing from the wires the passenger was unable to get out of the car and the car burned essentially so the person was inside the car, pronounced dead at the scene.
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the identities of the people have not been released -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: -- police are telling us the car spun out of control, hit a light pole and possibly a tree before crashing and then starting on fire. not been determined if alcohol is a factor in this crash just yet. can't -- it is really dark out here but you are getting a look at that pile of metal right now. we are going to try to investigate what that is. i will be working on getting a lieutenant after here to talk to me. >> two attacks, two robberies al on one night. oakland police say distractions could lead to more incidents like these. jade hernandez has more on this story. >> reporter: good morning. these attacks and sexual assaults and robberies happened on sunday evening. police say one of these attacks happened while a woman was getting out of her car.
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police say both victims were women. both robbed and sexually assaulted, both on their way home. police are warning residents because they believe he may be the same man. police don't want to release where in the neighborhood these attacks took place but we are told they did happen in a relatively secluded residential area in the lake merritt area at night. detectives are expected to release more information sometime today. >> we just want to make the public awrair of these incidents. we do have investigators working diligently to solve this case. the suspect may be the same suspect. we are g thering information and interviewing witness is and attempting a sketch. >> the tacker is african american, in his 20s, 510 to 6'0" with a medium build and wearing dark clothing. police say he is armed and
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dangerous and want residents to be vigilant, report anything suspicious and be aware of your surroundings today. a police officer gave me a tip. she actually told me to put your keys in between your knuckles when you go to your car and make sure there is a sharp object in your hand as you get zoo into your vehicle and don't forget to lock it once you get inside. reporting live from the lake merritt area. jade hernandez. back to you. >> a vai layeoman is in jail accused of killing his girlfriend, this began at glen cove park where police say they believe the man may have killed his girlfriend. her body was later found in his car. he was also arrested there. claudine wong is following this very complicated case. she will be back with more on the investigation in a live report later this hour. vallejo police are investigating another homicide
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this morning. the victim, 21-year-old darrell brackston of vallejo, found shot to death in the driver's seat of a van on callier vista avenue sunday night. no arrests have been made. a motive is still under investigation. >> a warning for women in the south bay this morning after a jogger was attacked along a trail. that happened near the south end of ?el avenue outside san jose city limits around 7:45 sunday morning. investigators say the suspect grabbed the victim, pushed her into an oak we duct and tried to sexually assault her. she managed to fight him off and escape. we talked with people who live nearby. >> i hope the man is caught and -- and justice is served. i mean, there is no way that something like that should happen to anyone. >> the suspect is described as latino in his 20s, 5'6," 150 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. morgan hill police have also been searching for a man who
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raped a woman jogger last december, and say the descriptions are similar. sheriff's deputies in alameda county are looking for the man who tried kidnap a 12- year-old girl. that happened friday morning near the canyon middle school in castro valley. investigators say a man in a red or maroon 4 door sedan repeatedly asked the girl to get in his car. she refused and immediately ran off to tell her school principal. who then contacted the authorities. >> time now 6:04. pg&e released its list of the 100 highest risk gas pipelines, all of which need repairs. the rankings are based on several factors including the location, design, and whether there is a construction project in the area. san jose, navato and livermore are among the local cities listed as possible trouble spots. pg&e points out that any site considered an immediate danger will be taken care of right away. >> whenever we identify any
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potential threat to public safety we immediately go and address the situation. we don't put it on some list. it is not on some list of 100. >> now state regulators pressured pg&e to release this list following this month's pipeline days tear in san bruno but surprisingly the section of pipeline that exploded in san bruino is not on the list. it was prepared during -- using information put together in 2009. pg&e has set up a hot line that allows customers to call to see if their home is within 500 feet of a pipeline on this list. here is the number, 888-743- 7431. now we have the pg&e report and the entire pipeline list on our channel 2 website, just go to >> ac transit will soon discontinue the use of paper tickets. to help with the switch adult riders can exchange unused paper tickets for a free
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clipper card starting october 1st. the value of those unused tickets will be transferred on to the electronic card. ac transit will stop selling paper tickets on october 31st and after december 31st they will not be accepted. >> sal we have got things going on don't we? >> we do have that problem we talked about earlier in san jose the expressway is closed for one city block there as they investigate a crash. let's take a look at the rest of the morning commute. westbound bay bridge traffic is getting busier although right now you can still jump ahead of the crowd getting into san francisco. there are no major problems. looking at 880, that traffic looks good, northbound and southbound in frost of the coliseum. this morning if you are driving into the valley 280 a little bit of -- well it is crowded but not stop and go. around the corner approaching highway 17 seeing more crowding there. 6:07 here is steve.
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>> the headline today is cooler, take that into tomorrow as well. then, then it looks like high pressure wants to come backs for some additional sunshine and warmer weather as we get towards friday-saturday but until then the fog and wind on the increase, cooler today and tomorrow and all signs point towards high pressure coming back and giving us a warm first full weekend of fall. that is the way it works. we will cool down here the last couple of days of summer and then warm it up. 47 santa rosa, 46 san rafael, napa 49. fairfield a west-southwest wind at 15, 58 the city is 56, 50s for some, livermore 54, on land 59. the wind has picked up courtesy of that low, so this has to go right by us, that is why i show the satellite, the low will come in and go towards southern california and push in the fog ahead of it and usher in a cooler air mass. 60s, 70s and 70s coast, bay and
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inland, cooler earnd breezy. 56 san francisco, you hit your high by noon then start a cool down. 50s in the valley or 60s, ukia though eureka upper 40s so a little cool there. this low controls our weather today and tomorrow with the additional increase in the low clouds and a few high clouds as well as it diffs june and ejebs out of here temperatures take a little nosedive so the wind has begun to pick up and showing itself out of the west southwest that low comes in and kicks out. so fog and sun cooler and breezy, a few high clouds will spill in here but not before we settle in with cooler weather compared to yes. 60s and 70s across the board, low 80s well inland but for many 70s today. dealer today, tomorrow and then a fall officially starts tomorrow, 8:09 p.m. thursday, nice, then there is your warmer weather for friday and saturday, pam and dave. >> i didn't know there was a spesk time for fall. >> steve did. >> steve has it. >> yeah. >> bart is looking for new ways
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to raise some money, what that means for riders and the new sights and sounds you may soon see on your way to work. >> reporter: the senate takes a big vote today pitting john mccain against lady gaga, what they are both saying about don't ask-don't tell coming up as the morning news continues.
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welcome back, good morning to you, time now 6:12. getting word from afghanistan a nato helicopter has crashed in
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the southern part of the country and killed nine international troopsch the nationalities have not been announced yet. the taliban claims it shot down that helicopter but nato says there were no reports of enemy fire in the area. >> later today the senate will begin debate on whether to repeal the ban on gays openly severing in the military, the movement has attracted a celebrity supporter. alison burns joins us from our washington, d.c. newsroom with more. >> reporter: good morning to you, pam. i will have more on that celebrity supporter in just a moment but first the senate comes into session in just about 45 minutes. and arizona republican john mccain is vowing to filibuster a major defense bill that includes a repeal of don't ask- don't tell. >> we are in two wars. we are in two wars. shouldn't we assess the impact on the readiness, the morale
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and effectiveness of the men and women who are in harm's way, who are -- would be effected by the repeal? >> reporter: it is unclear if democrats have the 60 votes to overcome the opposition and they are facing pressure from way outside the capitol, pop star lady gaga held a rally in maine calling on maine's two republican senators to okay the repeal. >> i am here because don't ask- don't tell, is wrong. it is unjust. [ cheers ] >> and fundamentally it is against all that we stand for as americans. >> reporter: now lady gaga is not alone. recent polls show that most americans favor gays serving openly in the military. we will see if the senate makes that one step closer to happening later today. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> time now 6:14. still no progress to tell you
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about this morning on california's budget, which is now 83 days late. there were no new talks yesterday. governor schwarzenegger wasn't feeling well. the governor stayed behind in los angeles. hoe did not pete with legislative leaders in sacramento. the lawmakers decided they would not meet without him. budget talks last friday ended with no resolution. this by the way is the longest the lawmakers have ever gone without sending a budget for the governor's desk. we are also now learning that california's pension fund for state employees gave thousands of dollars in bonuses to its top executives at the same time that fund was losing billions of dollars. according to the associated press virtually all of the investment managers received bonuses of more than 10,000 dollars apiece during the 2008- 2009 fiscal year. all of this as the fund lost 59 billion dollars. the board member says that fund
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was under contract and it was obligateed to pay out those bonuses. >> world leaders met for the second day today at the united nations in new york. in opening remarks edu.n. sect stare general ban ki-moon urged them to stay committed to goals to help the world's poor. the challenge aimed to reduce poverty and hunger and improve health standards around the world. a new report on fbi activity following the september 11th attacks claims the fbi improperly spied on peace groups and animal rights activists over the next five years. thee fbi justifies the activity by saying that people for the ethic treatment of animals, greenpeace and other groups had ties to domestic terror cells but yesterday the inspector general released a report saying there was little or no basis for that link. and the surveillance was unreasonable and inconsistent
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with fbi policy. >> 6:16. bart will consider raising new revenue by way of advertising. one plan calls for installing tv monitors on trains and at stations that will provide transit information and also air commercials. bart is also considering corporate sponsorship of stations and allowing highway billboards on land that bart already owns. >> 6:16 is the time, let's go back over to sal to check in on the commute. how does it look? >> looking pretty good. i just want to mention this twitter is something that people send me things on. this morning there is some scoter of a security flaw going on and we will have more on that right now but if it is acting strange it is not just your computer they are having a major security thing. you can always tweet me about it using twitter at sal underscore casteneda. let's take a look at 880 north
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and southbound, traffic continues to look good. driving on westbound bay bridge this morning's commute is okay. still don't have critical mass here, still early enough for a nice drive into the city. on the peninsula traffic is moving well. the road censors are mostly green, getting slowing especially where 92 meets highway 1 in half moon bay. 6:17, here is steve. >> sal, thank you, sir. we do have a little change todaych in fact noticeably cooler, the wind has started to pick up. live storm tracker 2 show you the wind sfo west at 12. oakland airport west-southwest 9, concord buchanan south 13, fairfield west-southwest 13 and vacaville west-southwest 7. a see breeze in place no doubt about it. that atmosphere is going to dive in and increase the west wind and low clouds and high clouds look at that. it will thin out but still will give us -- will will go from
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some sun to mostly cloudy. cooler breezy, 60s and 70s, 62 later on in san francisco after a high of 64. 46 santa rosa napa right now. a chill in the morning air. pal at 051. i just saw 49 at stanford. there-- there -- there is the system right there is what i am trying to say. that will move in cool us down today and tomorrow so fog some sun but cooler around breezy to windy. higher clouds will spill in, 60s and 70s for many, upper 70s, take this cool down into wednesday. then a little rebound on thursday. we say goodbye to summer, fall starts tomorrow at 8:09 p.m. and then first weekend of fall will be sunny and warmer. pam and dave. >> all right. soundings great. thank you, steve. there is good news from the housing market this morning. in the last hour the commerce department announced new home construction surged 10.5% in august, to an annual rate of 598,000, much higher than the
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535,000 forecast. applications for new building permits also increased nearly 2%, another good sign for the housing industry. the san francisco business times reports the lawrence livermore national lab plans to hire 300 workers by the end of the year, engineers computer scientists, kickists and other works, that group is focused on creating useable fusion energy with lasers. >> we are following developing news, coming to us from sacramento. we just recently -- look at this video, a fast moving fire. this started just a short time ago. >> i think that it is an extremely large amount, given the size of san ramon. >> people in the bay area reacting to how much money some of their local government officials are being paid. >> good morning. right now traffic in moving along pretty well if you are driving south on interstate 680. some abouts aren't doing so
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well. more about those straight ahead. e ret ma oilwi totr wco l wcote
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bay area bridge check right now looking at the bridges getting a little bit more crowded around the bay area, bay bridge traffic westbound coming into san francisco still
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looks good. san mateo and the golding gate bridge traffic easy the richmond bridge nice in and out of marin county. back to dave and pam. >> a utah national guard general is apologizing and accepting responsibility for the wildfire that has destroyed at least three homes near salt lake city. this morning firefighters have the fire 25% contained but they are worried about today's forecast for strong winds, 1600 homes are evacuated in the community of herriman and some families have nowhere to go but testimony very shelt es, the fire was started by art tillary practice on a national guard base target range. following developing news from sacramento, crews are on the scene of a fast moving fire there that started a short time ago at a furniture store. there is no word of injuries but the flames are causing major damage. stay with us for updates on this story. san francisco park service
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workers are society to bury a whale today that washed ashore on a popular beach. the 50 foot whale was found on ocean beach close to lawton yesterday morning. marine biologists have collected tirk samples and are now trying to determine its species, sex and cause of death. this is the second time in less than a week a dead whale has turned up in the bay. last thursday a container ship dragged a smaller whale to the port of oakland. that mammal was towed out to sea for disposal. >> the navato school district wants to know why no adults noticed a student was drunk hours before he left the campus and got into a car crash that killed one of his classmates, four students were in the car when it crashed. they had skipped class before lunch. investigators found open beer cans and a liquor bottle at the crash scene. a 16-year-old driver was later arrested for dui. some of the students told grief counselors they saw the teen driver drunk in class hours
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before the crash. >> i hope everybody learns from this. >> when it actually happens it changes your whole perspective on things like we just lost somebody really close to us. >> 16-year-oldy sack brought died. the others injured. one of the students who was critical hurt is off life support now and is expected to survive. california alcohol control officials are veesing to find out how they got the alcohol. >> we are now getting reaction from people here in the bay area finding out exactly how much their local officials are being paid. a new survey by the league of california cities shows san ramon has the highest paid city manager in the bay area with a salary of $359,000 last year, more than the managers of oakland and pleasanton. >> i understand getting compensated for a job well done but you have to understand that people who live here probably
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have a reaction to that, he is getting overpaid. >> the san ramon city manager told us over the phone that his salary has never been a secret and the city has a pay for performance system that allows for raises. according to the survey the city managers of danville, livermore, santa clara, sunnyvale and mill valley were also paid more than $300,000 last year. well, police in oakland have an important warning, it directly affects anyone planning a morning jog around lake merritt. >> reporter: in san jose how a deadly single car crash might cause traffic headaches throughout the morning. >> and we are going to take you live to new york this morning. they are getting ready to ring the opening bell. find out what happens just hours ahead of
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welcome back to the morning
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news, getting ready to drink that opening bell live in new york this morning over there open the new york stock exchange. >> who was that? >> the u.n. meeting going on so many world leaders. she is the first female president of costa rica visiting the new york stock exchange, elected in may of this year and she get to ring the opening bell, so nice honor. it looks like a pretty good opening but a quiet morning until we hear from the federal reserve, which meets later today so we will keep watching the numbers for you. >> we will see and smile and say good morning now. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news, tuesday, september 21st. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. time now is 6:30. >> in the news for you this morning one teenager has died and another in the hospital following a firey crash in san jose at 3:00 this morning. kraig debro just talked with a witness, he is back now with
6:31 am
new information. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. investigators are busy doing their job trying to determine the cause of this crash. here is the shelled out hollowed shell of the vehicle over here. you can see it burned out. no indication how fast the two teenaged men were going, at the time type of impact -- at the time of impact but if you follow the debris field over here that is certainly an indicator of how fast it may have been going. now somebody called 911 around 3:00 a.m. this morning to report the crash. witness to the response says first responders were here within minutes. police shea the driver of a 2001 ford explorer lost control of the vehicle and it crashed into a light pole. the explorer then burst into flames. police say the 18-year-old passenger was trapped inside the vehicle while the driver ran. >> i did see that the police may have been looking for possible other person, you know that adonned the wreck. >> according to police they did find that 18-year-old driver of
6:32 am
the vehicle. another side effect of what is happening here is that the streets are closed obviously in this area. alma din expressway obviously a very heavily used thoroughfare so that is blocked for the foreseeable future, possibly a good part of the morning here. not clear right now, if alcohol was involved in the crash, police say at this point there is no indication of that but the investigate is still early. >> 6:31. oakland police have an important warning if you live around lake merritt. they say two women were sexually assaulted during separate robberies sunday night and the same man may be responsible for both. police are urging people to be aware of your surroundings, you should call the police if you see anything suspicious. >> what we have been seeing with a lot of these robberies
6:33 am
is people being distracted. >> police are expected to release a sketch of him later today. a third suspect faces charges in connection with last month's shooting of a police officer. francisco sierra is accused of being an accessory after the fact. he admitted he picked up andrew barrientos after he shot and wounded officer todd young. police later arrested barrientos along with gustavo silva near the border. officer young is still recovering at the hospital. >> the latest accident happened yesterday on north mcdowell boulevard. a five-year-old girl was hit in the crosswalk. the driver could not stop in time. she only sustained minor
6:34 am
injuries. cal trans is calling the bay area's first toll express lane a success but not everyone agrees. a thousand drivers tried out the 680 express lane during yesterday's debut but some drivers say their commute was slower. cal trans say there was a 15 min delay as drivers tried to merge into that new lane. >> sal can you help the folks trying to get across the bay bridge? >> yesterday's commute was also made slower by other things, there was a truck stall, some construction things going on, so today we are expecting it to be a little better. got a lot of e-mails and tweets. westbound bay bridge traffic is backed for a 15 minute wait into san francisco. not too bad. it could be worse and will probably grow in the next 15 to 20 minutes. also this morning we are looking at 880 getting to that bridge, northbound and southbound traffic moving along
6:35 am
nicely with no major issues. and this morning if you are driving down the peninsula highway 101 still looks good and so does 280 the road censors giving us the green light, south bay northbound 101 slow on the way to sunnyvale. here is steve. >> good morning. we have a cooler day today. today and tomorrow will be much below average. the fog bank is already -- wasn't much there but now filled in. pushed in by a weak low, that is going to enhance fog, pick up the cool and the breeze and the wind increases along with telephones coming down. so cooler today and tomorrow, but, but by thursday we start to see a rebound and by friday and saturday more sunshine and warmer weather. the source of our cooler pattern is right there, that low spinning, a piece of it will go along the coast maybe even right over us and dive into southern california. that is pushing that fog bank
6:36 am
ahead of it. with that in place that is making me a tad nervous but it is a weak system that will give us a cooler breezy to maybe even blustery day today. 60s and 70s, 56 san francisco, go to a high of 64. look at some of these lows, st. helena, kenwood 44, north napa oak knoll district, 47 petalooma 48, mill valley 48, along with stanford, atherton, menlo park, palo alto all 48 and 49, clayton and gilroy 49, 30 tahoe, cool there, 48 ukia, 50s and fog down to central california and southern california socked in if you have to travel down there. this system means cooler weather, today and tomorrow as that dives over us. it will eject out and high pressure will come in on its heels later. fog and sun but a lot of fog increasing, 60s and 70s, telephones much muff cooler today. we will carry that into wednesday, today is the last
6:37 am
full day of summer. fall officially starts at 8:09 p.m. tomorrow for us. then what we will do is we will just make it feel like summer on the first weekend of fall with warmer weather. >> thank you, steve. while it may not feel like it to many americans the national bureau of economic research says the recession is over. those economists say the ri correction started in desper of 2007 and ended in june of last year. that would still make it the longest since world war ii. they add the economy has been growing for the last 15 months. but the experts also say the effects or still being felt because an estimated 15 million americans are still out of work. they say unemployment usually keeps rising after a recession ends and the jobless rate doesn't drop until the recovery is well underway. the unemployment rate is currently holding steady at 9.6%. the one day meeting of the federal reserve is just getting underway in washington, d.c.
6:38 am
this morning. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke and his colleagues are considering what steps if any to strengthen the u.s. economy and boost employment across the country. most analysts don't expect major announcements but do hope for clues to possible policy changes. this is the fed's last meeting before the november election. >> there is a pro feeble team dealing with another team tragedy, the third deadly incident for them in the past couple of years. >> this morning vallejo police are investigating the brutal killing of a vallejo woman. we will tell you about at least two confessions made by her accused killer. >> good morning. if you are driving to the south bay so far so good, although there is a problem with a major expressway and slow traffic. more on that straight ahead.
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well, good morning to you, welcome back. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 6:41. warning signs are posted in a south bay trail after investigators say a female jogger was attacked on ?el avenue last sunday. investigators say the suspect push the victim into an aqueduct and tried to sexually assault her. she fought him off and got away. today the ?awd begins debate on repealing the ban on
6:42 am
gays serving openly in the u.s. military, republicans want to keep the law at least until the pentagon completes a report on how it might effect the troops. today california's budget is 83 days late. there were no negotiations yesterday. the governor was home ill. no word yet if those talks well resume today. >> a vallejo man is in jail in connection with a deadly case of domestic abuse spanning two cities claudine wong has this tory. >> reporter: good morning, pam, yough, police say the killing was brutal but they also say the man accuse of the killing confessed multiple times in the hours leading to his arrest. we are at the glen cove park parking lot. the man we talked to who was by here yesterday when the crime scene was active said the victim's truck was parked in the back end of this parking lot. we know that she lived just a few blocks from here. but her body wasn't found here. just her truck covered in a
6:43 am
large amount of blood. we don't know exactly what happened. police are still trying to figure that out this morning but what we do know is that the accused killer in all this confessed at least twice, the first time 1:20 yesterday when police say he called his estranged wife and confessed to killing his girlfriend. his wife called 911 and police went to check the home of the girlfriend. they found no sign of her. then at some point they got a call about a truck in the parking lot of glen coof park that belonged to her that was empty but covered with blood and that intensified the search for them. at 5:55 last night a co-worker called police and told police he had driven to his home and confessed to the killing of his girlfriend. police did get there, found the body of a woman who had been
6:44 am
beaten to death on the floorboard of the car. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow, where police hope to get positive identification. he was arrested at that american canyon home without incident. he has apparently been talkative with police. we don't have details so far of the we can tell you he has no criminal record. the times herald reporting there was a break up between them. he is booked in jail on charges of kidnapping and murder. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> word no north korea a new leader may be announced next week. the ruling party will hold its largest meeting in 10 years a week from today to choose new leadership. the choice is exhibitedded to by a son of current leader kim long ill, who had a stroke two years ago. the search is underway now
6:45 am
for more survivors in pakistan where a van carried about 30 school kids plunged 50 feet into a river. relief teams managed to save the driver and four of the children but 11 others are confirmed dead and authorities fear that number will only get higher. this happened when the driver was taking a turn and lost control and skidded down into the river. >> the latest tragedy for the broncos football team. kenny mckenly was found dead in his home near denver late yesterday in an apparent suicide. his death is the latest in a series of tragedies for the broncos. cornerback darrent williams was killed in a drive-by shooting and three months later damion nash collapsed and died after a basketball game. in washington state the woman at the center of an acid hoax may now face jail time.
6:46 am
they filed theft charges against her. they say she collected donation money given to her after she claimed a stranger threw acid into her face. she has since admitted to putting the chemicals on her face herself in an attempt to commit suicide. >> federal transportation officials will hold a second summit meeting today about distracted driving an will focus on ways to keep drives eyes on the road instead of on their cell phones. it will also highlight efforts by companies to prevent their employees from using their mobile devices as they drive. the federal government issued a proposal today banning truck drivers from sending text messages whitehalling hazardous materials. >> back over to sal. >> right now traffic is busy around the bay area, especially at the bay bridge, we are getting that big delay now about 20 minutes waiting at the end of the line before you make
6:47 am
it on to the bridge then on the span itself it looks okay as you can see here. also the morning commute driving on 880 north and southbound still looking good. this area does get more crowded later on but right now you can still get your chance to drive along relatively unimpeded right through here, 880 southbound at dakota a crash on the right shoulder caoing a slow down on the way the dumbarton bridge. here is steve. >> good morning, everyone, the last full day of summer, this is it, tomorrow night, 8:09 p.m. fall starts. today it is all summer. it will feel fall like. cooler, west-southwest winds in place, west sfo west 12. oakland airport southwest, concord buchanan south at 13, fairfield west-southwest, vacaville west-southwest at 7. when the sea breeze makes it to
6:48 am
vacaville it is a slam dunk cooler today. a low spinning right here. it will send in higher clouds. you can feel it. there is a noticeable drop in temperatures compared to yesterday. today and tomorrow much muff cooler. santa rosa #kwráed not only downtown but the airport both 82. kind of rare. usually the airport is warmer. today 74. the city 68 warm mild degrees. 62 today. walnut creek from 80 to 75. downtown oakland 75, dropping to 67, already low clouds in place and san jose from 80 to 75 today. look at some of these lows st. helena and kenwood both 44. north napa oak noel district 48, petalooma 48 -- [ inaudible ] >> -- clayton and gilroy both checking in at 49 so a little chill there. 30 tahoe, 40s up in eureka and
6:49 am
also ukia so a little cool there and a lot of low clouds and fog starting to fill in along the central and southern california coast. all courtesy of that low right there. it is going to settle in and drop our temperatures over the next 36-48 hours. so fog, some sun then clouds start to move in, too, but cooler, breezy, blustery at time, 50s, 60s, 70s, that is it, coast, bay and inland, temperatures take a plunge here today into tomorrow, slight rebound thursday then all signs point towards more sunshine and warmer weather as we head to friday and saturday. >> wal-mart has a new tactic to increase sales. the world's largest retailer will unveil plans for smaller stores and they are targeting san francisco. the stores would be bigger than the average drugstore but not as big as most grocery stores. executives say they need to have a presence in all kinds of neighborhoods including large cities rather than just in the suburbs. let's take you to wall street right now to check the latest numbers.
6:50 am
a live look at the boying board, dow joins down eight points to 10,745. the nasdaq and s&p posting slight gains ahead of the fed meeting and hints about economic stimulus, what the fed may do, despite good numbers on the housing market that came in this morning. the airline industry has rebounded but an international industry group ri directs a slow down next year. profits could jump to 8.9 billion dollars with asian markets leading the way. europe will continue losing money. >> they sent an emotional letter to the judge. the request made by the family of chauncey bailey. >> also it is the real estate deal that captured the attention of deadheads around the world. >> good morning, westbound 234 getting slowing now as you
6:51 am
cross into the valley. we will tell you more about the southeast bay commute and a new problem in the north bay. well, i love a deal on a designer bag
6:52 am
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all right. time now 6:53. let's go to tori to see what is coming up on mornings on 2. >> in minutes we are on the scene of a failts car crash this morning that claim the life of a young man.
6:54 am
we will hear from a witness about the police response and see how its impacting traffic. there has been a number of attacks in the lake merritt area of oakland recently. police are giving specific advice for women in order to keep safe. oprah winfrey and her angel network is giving 6 million dollars for a specific purpose and some of that money is going to a local non-profit. and sad news for the queen of soul, what happened to aretha franklin's son during a stop in detroit. those stories and more on morings on 2, now back to you on the morning news. >> 6:59. the fame of slain oakland journalist chauncey bailey is asking a judge not to move his murder trial. his family wrote to the judge expected to make a decision about a possible change of venue. lawyers for the two defendants have asked for that trial to be moved and say there has been too much publicity here. >> the department of fish and
6:55 am
game is offering an explanation for a reddish color in the waters off san francisco, it is part of a large algae bloom known as the red tide. it has noticeable since last week. it is the result of decaying organic matter mixed with warm water and it is common and not toxic. >> 6:54. you have got to see this, coming from brazil. more than 100 people hurt when spectator bleachers collapsed during a car race. take a look at this video. the bleachers fell in less than a second. 111 people were hurt in this, including 22 who were seriously hurt. there is an estimated 500 people sitting on that stand when it just fell down but you saw it. witnesses say there was chaos afterwards and some people rushed in trying to help. >> 6:55 is the time.
6:56 am
let's check in with sal again before the top of the hour. how is traffic? >> busy, pam. watching a crash on 880 southbound at da coto rode on the shoulder causing slow traffic. the tow truck on the scene with the lights. taking a look at 880 farther up in oakland both directions there not too bad just yet. you know this freeway does get crowded but usually later in the morning. when you get to the toll plaza a big crowd, 15 minutes now waiting before you pay the money. once you make it on to the bridge another 10 or so. it is 6:56. here is steve. >> a couple of hours ago mostly fog free but that is not the case now. low clouds starting to bank up and move inland in advance of a cooler pattern today. high and mid-level clouds later on. the wind has picked up, 50s, 60s and 70s, cooler today and tomorrow. pam and dave. >> all right, steve, thank you.
6:57 am
time now 6:56. lindsey lohan could be headed back to jail. a judge issued an arrest warrant after she admitted she failed a court ordered drug and alcohol screening test. she was released from rehab less than a month ago after serving time for dui charges. she has been told to appear in court this friday but she can remain free until then. also lindsey lohan has settled her $100 million lawsuit about this super bowl ad for etrade. the ad featured a baby named lindsey that was a milk a alcoholic, details weren't made public butt m z is reporting lindsey lohan did receive money from that stock trading company. >> bay area house hunters now have a chance to own a piece of rock and roll history. the house of jerry garcia is up for sale. the estate in rural marin county is on the market for
6:58 am
almost $4 million. the 7000 square foot house was the musicians' last home before he died. in recent years the owner renovated the house and sold fixtures to raise money for charity. >> we will give you an update on this morning's teenage tragedy on a south bay roadway. this happened just a couple of hours ago so stay with us. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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