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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 27, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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stay cool and seek shelter, not just from the heat but from the hazy air. instead of a usual haze of fog, many bikers made sure they got their bike ride in. >> a lot of people will go home with a headache on a day like this. >> it's too hot. >> reporter: this woman grabbed a drink at the bus stop. today was the third consecutive spare the air day and that prompted many to take mass transit. >> having to wait between buses and b.a.r.t. for, you know, anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour is pretty bad. >> reporter: crews painting this sound wall also tried to shield themselves from the sun. they covered their necks and shoulder and brought plenty of sunscreen. >> keep applying this every two hours so i don't get but. >> reporter: they also had gatorade and gallons of water. the baba talian chief from cal
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fair -- battalion chief says -- >> pretty much a quart an hour is what we need to take in to stay fully hydrated when we're in that environment. >> reporter: on a day like this, fire danger levels are very high but so is the risk of dehydration. em ts at this station were checking their spries to make tour they were ready for any calls. the bay area air quality management district has called for another spare the air day tomorrow, the fourth day in a row. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. this was definitely one of the hottest days of the year. our chief meteorologist, bill martin, is here with a look at which cities hit records. >> reporter: definitely one of the hottest days of the year. temperatures broke in parts of the bay area. santa rosa broke a record. 104 degrees. san francisco, 93. oakland, 96 at the airport. broke the old record there of 95 and then at sfo they tied the record at 96 degrees. take a look at some more of the temperatures. these were the highs for today.
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highs tomorrow, boy, they are gonna be hot again. i will let you know what you can expect. we'll see you back here in just a minute. on this one of the hottest days of the year, firefighters put a lot of sweat getting a handle on a fire in west marin county. air tankers and helicopters backed up firefighters on the ground. the fire was reported about 2:30 this afternoon at a ranch on hicks valley road near novato. firefighters contained the ten- acre fire by about 4:00. no one was hurt. no structures were damaged. investigators are still looking into what caused that fire. we are learning that a firefighter injured during a grass fire near bodega is not a paid firefighter but part of aville fire department. the st. francis hospital burn unit says the 37-year-old man is improving. he was up and talking today. that certainly is good news. that's only two days after he accidentally touched a downed power line during saturday's 89- acre fire near highway 1. a trust fund has been set up to help with his medical expenses. checks can be dropped off at
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the northern light surf shop in bodega or the volunteer fire department. more now on that developing news involving this week's scheduled execution at san quentin prison. late this afternoon, governor schwarzenegger stepped in and called for a delay. ktvu's rob roth is standing by. he's at san quentin with the latest developments. rob? >> reporter: julie, it has been a day of twists and turns here at san quentin prison, where officials are preparing for the execution of albert brown by lethal injection. i just speak with governor schwarzenegger's office. they are confirming that the governor is delaying the execution by almost two full days, they say, to give brown's attorneys a chance to exhaust all appeals. schwarzenegger says the delay will give the courts time to weigh in on the lethal injection protocol. also today, jerry brown announced a temporary halt of all executions in california beginning friday. that's because there's a shortage of a key drug used in
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executions, sodium thiapenthol. in a statement, the attorney general's office says -- >> reporter: the statement didn't say when that would be and the spokesperson declined to be interviewed. officials say the drug is available for the execution of albert brown, condemned for the rape and killing of a 15-year- old girl in riverside in 1982. uc berkeley law professor heads this -- >> i think we know know why the state was rushing. >> reporter: today brown received a legal setback in court today. attorneys seeking to halt the killing of albert brown asked a marin county superior court for a temporarily restraining order while the state can review the protocol. >> mr. brown cannot prove that
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-- [ inaudible ] >> the application for a temporary restraining order is defined. >> the department of california corrections did not follow the rules when they enacted these regulations. the court needs an opportunity to evaluate those very serious claims before we carry out executions. >> reporter: attorneys are appealing today's ruling to the state court of appeals. another appeal is pending in a federal 9th circuit court of appeals at san quentin prison, rob rocket, ktvu channel 2 news. peninsula congresswoman jackie speier is proposing new rules tonight to protect people who live near transmission pipelines like the one that failed in san bruno. if enacted, the law would require new pipelines to be fitted with remote or automatic shutoff valves along with technology that can detect a corrosion. operators also would have two years to install shutoff valves in existing pipelines located in seismically active areas. detailed pipeline location and
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shutoff information would be fully disclosed to all local governments and response agencies. residents would also be informed if they live within 2,000 feet of a pipeline. >> people want to know if they are living anywhere near one of these transmission lines and i believe they have a right to know. >> as far the -- as for the deadly explosion in san bruno on september 9th, pg&e says its workers are getting closer to a crucial section of that failed pipeline. the utility hopes it will provide more clues about what happened. congresswoman speier says she want that line removed permanently. police in alameda opportunity are investigating a report of a sexual assault on a teenaged girl. the girl told police she was kidnapped and attacked on her way to school this morning. christien kafton is live in alameda with more on what he's learned today. >> reporter: well, amendment police are telling me they are still questioning the teenaged girl in this -- girl in this case and investigating the claims she was sexually
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assaulted on her way to school. amendment police arrived at the school shortly before noon. a family member of the girl called kight telling us the teenager's story after that teen showed up late for school. a family member says the girl said she was walking to school when a masked man abducted her, took her to a nearby park and assaulted her. she says she was left in the park and was able to make her way to school. she waited an hour or two to report it to someone at the school and then contacted police. alameda investigators would not talk on camera today. this afternoon, i spoke with a member of the girl's family who told me the girl was being examined at an area hospital. now, at this point there's no word on when or if a more detailed description of the assailant will be released and no estimate on when police will offer more details about this case. we're live in alameda, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. governor schwarzenegger is blasting big oil for supporting a ballot initiative that would suspend the state's landmark
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climate change law. the governor made his remarks during a speech to the common law club of the silicon valley. opponents say it's hurting businesses and killing jobs. the governor said greed is motivating the supporters of proposition 23. >> they are creating a shell argument that this is about saving jobs. does anyone really believe that this company out of the goodness of their black oil hearts are spending millions and millions of dollars to protect jobs? [ applause ] >> proposition 23 would suspend the climate change law until the state's unemployment rate drops below 5.5%. an exclusive new ktvu field poll suggests most californians are disappointed with the governor's job performance. 23% of likely voters approved of the job that governor governor schwarzenegger is doing. 68% disapprove. the last time the field poll showed a majority approval was
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2007. it lookings like the governor and leaders will be working late into the night to get a final budget agreement. they began meeting in the capitol about an hour ago. the governor around the top four leaders announced a framework for a deal to fill a $19 billion budget gap. this comes as the state pressurer is lining up a -- treasurer is lining up a short- term loan of $5 billion from wall street banks to pay some of the bills. during the second quarter of the year corporations paid 4% less taxes compared to the same quarter last year. on the other hand, revenue from sales and personal income taxes was up 10%. altogether calfians paid $33.6 billion in taxes. tax hikes that went into effect last year are behind the sharp increases in sales and income tax revenue. still ahead on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 -- a white house
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proposal could make it easier for authorities to eavesdrop on your internet use. and we'll tell you why a firefighter is riding his bike 1700 miles. hear where he started and where he hopes to end his journey. and you are just a day away from getting a look at the two candidates for governor in one place. tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m., ktvu will broadcast the first debate between jerry brown and meg whitman. ktvu is the only bay area television station where you can watch it live. that's tomorrow night, right here, beginning at 6:00 p.m.
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things are back to normal today after a rough morning.
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muni says a signal cable went down between the civic center and montgomery stations. that forced outbound light rail vehicles to run in manual mode which is slower. muni offered shuttle bus service to relieve some of the congestion until the appropriate repairs were made. president obama said today that -- excuse me. >> that's okay. president obama said today he believes the u.s. education system could be improved by lengthening the school year. the president didn't say exactly how much longer the school year should be but he did say that students in the united states attend classes on average about a month less than children in most other advanced countries. the president went on to say that many students are losing much of what they learn during the summer break. bill gates gave an extremely generous gifts to san francisco schools. the foundation is giving $3 million to the school district. the money will be disbursed in $1 million increments during
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three years. the government will -- the grant will pep pay for programs to encourage students to get their degree for college. the foundation gave money to new york city, mesa, arizona and riverside, california. los angeles county is keeping mumm the identity of the highest-paid employees. the l.a. times is requesting in the wake of the scandal in the city of bell where eight employees are facing corruption charges. the county says some are concerned about their safety and it needs more time to. it says it will probably release the requested data last month but with some names redacted. government data shows one of every eight californians is out of work and the debate rages on about whether immigrants are taking precious jobs but it seems there are still some jobs americans are just not interested in. a new report shows most americans simply don't apply for farm jobs in california. california farmers posted over
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1100 ads this year for farm worker positions but only 233 american citizens and legal residents applied. the obama administration today proposed expanding government abilities to wiretap communication on the internet. the administration said that it would make it easier to track terrorism suspects but others say it could open the door for a host of other problems. ktvu's patty leigh is following the story -- patti lee is in san francisco tonight. >> reporter: i'm live at a technology conference where mean are concerned this plan could stifle innovation, among other things, requiring providers to have access to what their users are writing and saying. >> welcome to the testing service. >> reporter: skype call, facebook messaging and encrypted texts sent from blackberries are the types of communications the federal government wants to wire-tap more easily. the reasoning -- terror suspects are foregoing phones
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and communicating more online making them more difficult to track this man, vice president of the center for democracy and technology, says intentionally weakening security could be a recipe for disaster. it impacts everything from social networking to online banking. >> and the fbi is saying, we want trapped doors, back doors built in to some of the basic technology of the internet. it's gonna be a second before the bad guys figure out how to exploit that as well. >> reporter: entrepreneurs who provide such services say the government could stifle innovation and kill business in the name of security. >> if they were to start to wire-tap the e-mail that our customers were sending, that would devastate our reputation. >> reporter: the fbi says access to communication services helped plan the stopped -- helped stop the planned attack in times square in may. experts worry about the implication. >> it's hard to tell the impact, but it's probably gonna
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be far-reaching. >> it will be a battle. this is not gonna end. >> reporter: privacy advocates say they are waiting for more details about the plan. this bill should be submitted to lawmakers next year. reporting live in san francisco, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. jaycee dugard is writing a memoir about her 18 years in captivity. the book is expected out next year, according to the public eshs. the memoir will reveal details about the time dugard spent in captivity in a backyard compound near antioch. convicted sex offender, phillip garrido, and his wife, nancy, are accused of kidnapping dugard when jaycee was 11 years old. dugard is also expected to talk about her life is like now. she's been living in seclusion with her two daughters and her mother for just over a year. a canadian firefighter on a 1700-mile bike ride swung through san francisco today and a few of the city's police officers did a little pedaling of their own to support their support. rudy is riding from vancouver to mexico to raise money for
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breast, prostate and pancreatic cancer research. this afternoon, some local officers escorted him as he rode from the going bridge to a reception at the hotel. he talked about his three countries, three cancers mission and shared some touching stories about his encounters with supporters on the way during his ride. more now on the hot weather gripping the bay area. for the latest on the forecast let's go back to bill martin in the weather center. bill? >> it's definitely hot. record highs, as i showed you already. we're looking at more heat tomorrow, especially inland, and another spare the air day. let's go to live stormtracker2, i want to outline the area where the air quality in the morning is the least -- it's not good. 0 so in the east bay and here. so when the bay area quality management district throws this out, you get ozone at the surface. in those areas, the east bay
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and santa clara valley, that's where it will be the least in terms of air quality tomorrow. it's a spare the air day again. that's four in a row. it's hot again tomorrow, even hotter in some inland valleys. it's a gradual cooling trend. it's interesting because it has been very hot during the day. but the lows are dropping off. 52 in santa rosa. why is that? nights are getting longer. so the forecast high tomorrow, purples are the 100s. you got them all the way into napa, fairfield and concord. around here you are seeing the cool, bite of marin air morning into the bay and out to the peninsula and redwood city. so we're seeing cooling out there. the forecast high computer models for san francisco, san jose and concord, threw out the high, you see concord around 100. san jose around 96. another hot day. as you travel around the bay, you are in the 80s in san francisco. upper 80s, low 90s again and it really heats up out towards
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clayton, brentwood and fairfield. temperatures tomorrow could go 102, 103. that's hotter than it was today in many locations. it will be slightly cooler coast side. tomorrow, 99 in napa, 97 in vallejo. not good with the air quality. north bay is better and so is the peninsula. as i mentioned, those two areas east bay and the south bay, they get pretty hard. 99 in danville. 102 in livermore. forecast highs for a tuesday. they are hot. i don't know if we'll see any records tomorrow. we'll have to watch that closely. we had numerous records today. tomorrow, there might be a couple of spots that could break a record. 91 in san mateo. downtown san francisco, about 82. that's down from 93 today. there is your cooling. 10 degrees right there. five-day forecast, fire danger is high. it's interesting. we haven't seen a heat advisory we haven't had a fire weather advisory. even though it's really, really hot we're missing those two things. >> funny how fall seems a lot hotter than summer. >> it sure does. >> thanks, bill. you know the saying, a rose
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by any other name but that does that carry over to the tradition in pasadena? why the 122-year-old rose parade is changing its name. but first a look at the closing numbers on wall street. stocks went into negative torier to -- territory for the first time in several days amid worry about the tech sector.
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the tournament of roses parade is changing its name as part of a sponsorship deal with american honda, the precession through pasadena on january 1st will be known as the 122nd rose parade presented by honda. the parade will have a new logo as well incorporating the honda brand. the president notes the parade has worked with honda for five years. mark's here with supports. it didn't take long after the 9ers game yesterday to have something done. >> yeah, something had to be done. the 49ers are badly underperforming. something needed to be done. they were outplayed, outcoached, maybe more importantly in kansas city. although the dreadful 0-3 start
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has his own job in jeopardy, singletary claims it was his decision to fire jimmy ray replacing him with a man called a visionary, another assistant, mike johnson. >> sometimes you can look at it in a different way and you are looking for some thing specific and it's really something to put your finger on it but you see it. it's hard to describe but it's there. >> he seems like he's a creative guy. he seemed like he will take chances, a lot of chances and he's just -- he's young. he's hungry. so -- i mean, i think it's a great opportunity for him. >> of course, talking about the new guy, mike johnson. hey, let's time to vote for the high school game of the week. foothill versus da la salle, granada versus --
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>> go to and put in your -- in your vote and we will feature the game right here friday night. all of the 49er business kind of overshadowed what was going on with the golden state warriors. new man to replace don nelson, keith smart for 15 years. he's been aan assistant in the nba, talks about the man he replaces, don nelson. >> he is as happy for me as i am for myself. he really wanted me to be in this position. he's been our biggest supporters -- supporter. you couldn't have asked for a better situation. >> keith is more like a father to us. he's the one that -- he will get on you and then he will come back later on and say hey, you know what? i love you. but i had to do that. and you respect that. all right. of course, the entire raiders' organization and everybody in the bay area mourning the pass -- passing of george blanda,
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died at the age of 83. more on that story tonight at 10:00. that's the so sporting life for right now -- that's the sporting life for right now. >> thank you. >> great guy. earlier reviews of the bay area's first ever toll lane are a mix. it's been one week now since the 14-mile pay-as-you-go lane opened between milpitas and fremont. we'll take a look at that coming up on bay area news at 7:00. see you later, everyone. >> good night.
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