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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 28, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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i heard my mom screaming and i went to her room and i seen my little sister. a little girl hit by gunfire overnight while asleep in her own home. we'll tell you why family members believe it was a targeted attack. good morning. an accident in the north bay is blocking lanes. we'll tell you what it's doing to traffic. a little bit of fog out there. will that stop us from setting record highs again today? plus how a late night ruling in a scheduled execution at san quentin effects the case as the morning news continues. good morning. [ audio problems ] september
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28th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. check your weather and traffic. here's steve. >> thank you. skies are clear. very mild. just a little whisp or two of fog on the san mateo coast. that's about all i can find. 70s, 80s, 90s by the beaches. few steps inland, 90s and 100s record setting territory possible again today. now an update on traffic with sal. steve, right now traffic is moving well on 80 as you head out to the macarthur maze. no major problems. getting busier as you drive around the bay area. an accident on the shoulder where the car hit a pole. san francisco northbound 101 traffic looks good. coming up in a few minutes give you a complete traffic report including mention of an accident in the north bay. 6:01. back to the desk. sal, thank you. details about a terrifying attack that happened early this morning. a 6-year-old girl shot while sleeping inside of her home in oakland. this happened on seminary
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avenue. ktvu is out there right now with more information from the little girl's family and who they think may have been targeted. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. it's an experience the girl won't likely forget. but she'll survive her ruins. it happened at the intersection of east 16th and seminary avenue. 6-year-old leslie was sound asleep with her parents and brother when a barrage of bullets pierced the bedroom wall. >> at this point we don't have any specifics regarding any subjects were involved. there does appear to be more than one weapon that was used in the incident. >> reporter: police got the call around 2:15 this morning when they arrived there were bullet holes in the wall of a back bedroom and shell casings scattered around. remarkably no other family members were hit. the victim was hit in the arm. the bullet traveled into her chest. her older sister told us the shooters are actually after her older brother. >> i don't feel bad for him because he's the one that could
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have been shot. but i don't know. i just want him to calm down a little. like stop being in the streets all day because that's all he's doing. >> reporter: she says her brother wasn't even at home at the time of the shooting. and take a look at this. these bullet holes are from a previous shooting at the same home about a month ago. police have confirmed the incident for us. the family says the graffiti on the doors back there you see is actually gang-related. the family says the older brother was also targeted in that shooting. coming up we have to call police and see if they have any suspects in either of these shootings. live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. your time now 6:03. there is a stunning new development in this week's scheduled execution at san quentin. late last night a federal appeals court ordered a trial judge to reconsider his ruling to pave the way for california's first execution in almost five years. appeals court says the judge made a mistake when he offered
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death row inmate albert greenwood brown the choice of being put to death with a one drug lethal injection or a three drug combination. the legal complications don't stop there though. california's supply of one of the drugs has an expiration date of friday. >> now what the state is saying we're going to use this drug a couple days before it expires. i think that does raise some questions about whether the drug has the efficacy needed to be used in a humane execution. >> still not clear whether the judge can thoroughly review the case before thursday night from the convicted rapist and killer is scheduled to die. late yesterday governor schwarzenegger delayed brown's execution by 45 hours to get the courts more time to consider all of the appeals. we'll keep following these major new developments in the execution story throughout the morning for you. you can get updates on this at any time by going to our channel 2 website at
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firefighters in the east bay are looking for the cause of a late night fire that sent three people to the hospital. it started at about 11:00 prolast night at a home on madison avenue in bay point. firefighters arrived within minutes and immediately rushed to help the victims needing medical attention. the grandson of one of the fire victim's also rushed to the burning home and witnessed a terrifying scene. >> it's heart stopping just to see the way the flames came out the front door to the windows. seeing the suv on fire. >> the three victims were taken to the hospital. at this point there's no word on their condition. the six other people living in the home were not hurt. the red cross is helping the family find a temporary place to live. well, witnesses to an overnight fire in west oakland say they heard several loud explosions right before they spotted the flames. the fire started about 12:30 at a home on dana and 65th. one woman -- one man suffered leg burns, one woman was
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treated for smoke inhalation. investigators are talking to witnesses as they search for the cause of this fire. time now 6:05. jerry brown and meg whitman will face off this evening in their first gubernatorial debate. that debate is being held at uc davis. that's where ktvu's claudine wong is standing by live with all the details. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we've moved to the law center this morning which is just a short disanswer away from where the debate will be held tonight. we came over here to talk to professor who is a law professor here, associate dean of academic affairs. we wanted to talk about this debate. first gubernatorial debate. a lot of people make up their minds sometimes after this debate. what does it mean to have it here at uc davis? >> i think it's a nice opportunity for the campus to show the growth that has occurred over the last ten years. and i think davis' proximity to the bay area and sacramento area make it kind of a good venue for something like this.
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>> reporter: that being said, what are your expectations for this debate? i know the law school's also been in session you said for about a month. your expectations and you heard students talking about what they're hoping to get out of this? >> i think debates tend to be as good as the questions are specific and the questioners are specific. if the candidates actually answer the questions, we could get a lot of information. whitman is really going to be introducing herself to the public in a way that's different from her ads. a lot of people haven't seen her talk in any kind of unscripted way. for jerry brown i think you know he has a lot of experience but a lot of people have criticized some of the things he's done. i think he wants to show he's a stable mature kind of adult leader for the state now. >> reporter: really when you talk about the state people are frustrated. a lot of problems facing california right now. what do you think as far as satisfaction getting out of this debate saying this is the person who's going to really be able to solve these proble. >> i actually don't know that
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either person can unilaterally solve our problems. one big thing might be to ask in a state where you have democrats and republicans in legislature in constant gridlock and you have the two- thirds super majority requirements that don't seem to be going anywhere, how much can a governor do? what tools does a governor have in his or her bag to really mitigate the harm that is done by stalemate. we have this stalemate year after year. so you know if either of them have creative ideas about how a governor can kind of circumvent that legislative gridlock, that will be interesting to hear. >> reporter: certainly will be watching tonight. the debate starts at 6:00 tonight here at uc davis. one in five california voters still undecided. so certainly there's a lot to listen to. live here at uc davis, claudine wong, channel 2 news. and ktvu channel 2 is the only bay area tv station where you can watch that debate live. it airs tonight at 6:00. it will be followed by a special edition of the ktvu
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channel 2 news. that should be very interesting. can't wait to see it. today is another spare the air day. smog levels will be unhealthy for the fourth straight day. >> what should we do? >> i think we should drive less. hard for us to take public transportation at the time we come in. but how does it look now? >> bart is back on time. told you about earlier delays. but they're back on time. if you want to take bart it should be okay. not getting any tweets about public transit. funny when people get upset with public transportation many people just go right to their phones. we'll let you tweet me in just a little while. put up the address in just a moment. go out and take a look at what we have. this is 80 westbound. the traffic in the commute direction looks pretty good east 80 there was a car that hit a pole. it's on the right shoulder. the pole came down on the car but no one was seriously injured. no lanes are blocked. this morning's commute things okay on westbound bay bridge.
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word of a stall on the upper deck. got out there and couldn't find it. that's good. traffic still looks nice into san francisco. so far if you're driving on the peninsula traffic is looking good across the bay or down the south bay traffic is moving well on 101. i do want to mention southbound 101 in the north bay after seen highway an accident on the right shoulder. they have the roadway closed to get to that embankment. 6:10. he's steve. sal, thank you. almost on that twitter thing there sp weather if you want to send me information on where you are. 670s and 80s by the coast today. more record highs possible today. fire danger remains very high even though it's just big high pressure and not really a north- northeast wind. we had a little hint of one yesterday. this was in town. the airport was 102. in town said 104. so that broke the record of 103. santa cruz 103 as well. that tied a record going back
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to 1970. oakland airport 96. mountain view 94. san francisco 93 also a record breaking the old mark of 9 2. today in record setting territory as well. high clouds stream intoog southern california. take the edge off the blistering heat from yesterday. for us we're already starting off some lows right now near 70. so it won't take long. napa in town yesterday 99. we'll go for 100 today. the city 93 yesterday i'll go for 92 today just because of a late sea breeze. the city is just one of the biggest weather challenges on the planet to get this forecast right when the fog's out there. walnut creek 100. go 101 today. oakland downtown 93. 94 today. and san jose from 96 to 100 degrees today and sunshine across the board. 68 in san francisco. 68 at san jose. these are current temperatures. 56, santa rosa, napa. 80s already down in southern california for some. this is as big of a high
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pressure system we've seen in a long time. it will start the move starting tomorrow. today it's in place. some patchy fog san mateo coast about all i can find. 70s, 80s, 90s by the beaches. 90s and 100s for everyone else. no warnings for fire danger but it is hot. nice by the coast. hot away. sunny warm to hot today 80s, 90s and 100s. fog working its way back on wednesday and then a cooling trend starts for thursday and carry that right into friday and saturday. >> all right. thank you, steve. we still don't have a new state budget even though lawmakers say they're close to a final deal. one of the biggest issues is how to reform california's massive state employee pension system. republicans also want more drastic cuts to state programs and no new taxes. but the senate majority leader says that tactic can only go so far. >> while cutting is necessary, cutting itself is not a virtue. and that beyond a certain line we believe it is harmful to people and harmful to the
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economy to disinvest in california. >> now the stakes in the impasse continue to mount. by this friday commercial lenders may cut off the state's credit card known as cal card. legislative leaders say they'll return to the governor's office at noon today for more negotiations. time now 6:12. water bills in san francisco may go up because of california's financial problems. "the examiner" reports $30 million in anticipated i can'ts have been delayed. grants that were supposed to pay for replacing and repairing parts of the city' sewage system. the city's utility commission may issue $30 million in bonds to pay for those improvements which rate payers would have to pay back over time. well, the controversial issue that could soon be back up for debate in san francisco and its connection to a deadly officer-involved shooting. and coming up i'll have the latest on when rahm emanuel might be leaving as chief of
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staff at the white house.
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new developments overnight about two uc berkeley students jailed in iran. iran's foreign ministry wouldn't confirm a newspaper report that delegation from oman plans to visit as early as sunday. but when asked about the report
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he said "delegations from various countries travel to iran." oman helped to win freedom for sara earlier this month. president obama's chief of staff may be leaving to pursue his own political dreams. ktvu's allison burns joins us now from our washington d.c. newsroom with word of a possible replacement. allison. >> reporter: well, good morning to you. just yesterday president obama joked on tv that if rahm emanuel wants to run for mayor of chicago he better decide quickly. now we're getting word that the white house chief of staff seems to be taking his boss' advice and could announce his departure from the white house as early as friday. he has reportedly been putting a team together and making calls to gauge his elect bility in chicago. his departure comes at a tense time in the obama administration with the president's popularity dropping and democrats on the verge of
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possibly losing congress. meanwhile another obama senior advisor is reportedly on the short list to replace emanuel. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. a soldier from stockton is involved in a horrifying incident in iraq. the stockton record reports a u.s. service member is now in custody accused of shooting specialist and another soldier from new england. however family members of the stockton soldier say the pentagon hasn't given them any details. and at this point the defense department is only calling the two deaths a noncombat incident. over night israel's navy intercepted a boat carrying nine jewish activists bound for gaza. officials say the activists did not resist and the sailboat was escorted to shore. they imposed a blockade three years ago to prevent hamas from smuggling in weapons. and you may recall four months
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ago an israeli raid on a float till will turned violent. a recent cyber attack hit its power plant has been denied. the worm did infect staff computers but not its major operating systems. western cyber experts say 60% of the computers around the world effected by the worm are in iran. and that the attack was so sophisticated it could only have been conducted by a government. a fatal officer-involved shooting in san francisco has renewed talks of arming police officers with tasers. the examiner reports that the mayor says the issue should be revisited following sunday's deadly confrontation as a residential hotel in the tenderloin. earlier this year the police commission voted down a proposal to equip officers with tasers. all right. time now 6:19. sal is the commute wide awake
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yet? >> it is. we don't have too much going on when it comes to stalled vehicles or accidents. but it is getting more crowded. let's start off on highway 4. highway 4 traffic is more crowded in antioch coming up to the willow pass grade not a big commute. 680 southbound traffic is going to be busy. westbound bay bridge small delay looks like they have switched on the metering lights and traffic on the upper deck looks okay. again, we're looking at a crash in hayward southbound 880 at 92 east word of a new crash, chp on the way. they may just be arriving. we don't know much about the accident. we'll let you know more next time. good morning. it's 70-degrees in san francisco right now. 70. wow. yet santa rosa and napa are 53. so if you commute in it's a reversal today. it's going to be cool if you leave the house and then warm to mild once you get to the city. amazing. high pressure's definitely in charge no doubt about it after yesterday's unbelievable heat
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in southern california. they do have a few high clouds down there which might cut some of the heat there. but for us 80s, 90s and 100s records are likely today for many. the record 92 in 1984 the only thing to save that would be a late sea breeze. that's the only thing. also looking for a possible record high 98. the record is 98 set in 1958. 70 in san francisco. 53 santa rosa napa. san jose at 68. really mild there. that is a strong and as big of a ridge of high pressure as you've seen in a long time. nice by the coast or even warm for many. hot away. record heat possible today. and we have more records today. looks like the fog wants to get its act together on wednesday for the coast and then for everyone thursday carry that into friday and saturday. pam and dave. all right. thank you, steve. this morning target is denying charges that it illegally dumped products containing hazardous waste in california landfills. an alameda county judge issued
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a preliminary injunction against target in order to stop the disposal of illegal products. state law requires companies and people to dispose in specific ways to avoid harming the environment. toys r us announced this morning it will hire 45,000 temporary holiday workers. that's the biggest number of holiday hires in the last three years. toys r us will also offer current workers the chance to pick up overtime at their current locations or other nearby stores during the holiday season. you think there are strange things flying up in the sky? >> definitely. >> we got a story about strange sightings. they may not just be science fiction. we'll tell you what a respected group now says about ufos.
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good morning. right now traffic is doing okay at the bay bridge tollplaza. a little more slowing here coming into san francisco because they just turned the metering lights on. we'll tell you more coming up. time now 6:25, it's hot here. a big heat wave in southern california as well. temperatures there hit an all time high yesterday. downtown l.a. hit a record 113 degrees around noontime. set up cooling centers, some
6:26 am
for seniors were open until 9:00 last night. don't expect tax forms in the mail next year. the irs says so many people are now filing electronically it doesn't make sense to spend the time and money mailing out forms and booklets. the change is expected to save $10 million in printing costs. tax forms can still be down loaded from the irs website. and you can still pick up paper forms at irs offices, libraries and at the post office. well, the u.s. census pure roy is reporting the gap between the richest and poorest americans is now at its widest on record. new figures show the top earning 20% of americans are those who make more than $100,000 every year receive 49.4% of all income generated in the country. that's compared to the 3.4% earned by those who are below the poverty line. those numbers show those struggling the most include young adults and children.
6:27 am
is there a government cover up involving ufos? that's what a group of former military officer asks now publicly claiming. six former u.s. servicemen delivered sworn affidavits yesterday to the national press club about their encounters. they say they spotted ufos at nuclear weapons facilities. they also say those ufos caused multiple missile failures. >> they seem to have pulsating lights going around it. and it had a white light from the center looking down into the silo. >> 120 now retired servicemen reported similar sightings between the 18960s up until 2007. but the officers say the military urged them to keep quiet. a uc berkeley physicist who was a top advisor on nuclear matters says the officers simply saw things they didn't understand. time now 6:27. the clock is ticking towards thursday night in california's first execution in years.
6:28 am
however, a court ruling late last night could change everything. >> reporter: an overnight shooting in oakland wounds a 6- year-old girl. who the family says the suspects were trying to hit. back when the morning news continues.
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welcome back to the morning news. there's the opening bell live in new york this morning. spectrum out offer vine ringing the bell on the nasdaq. they are on the new york stock exchange. they're celebrating an initial public offering. it is china's country style cooking restaurant. >> really? >> yeah. >> i didn't know that. >> sounds yummy. they are celebrating going public this morning. right now looks like slightly higher opening. we have some housing numbers coming in. we have consumer confidence numbers coming in.
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so we'll see how that effects things and check in on numbers in just a moment. all right. we'll go ahead and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news tuesday september 28th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. the family of a 6-year-old girl who was shot while sleeping says they know why the home was targeted. ktvu's live on the scene with an update on the horrifying story. >> reporter: good morning, pam. i've got an e-mail into oakland police this morning about whether or not they have any suspects in this case. they say it appears that the shooters were targeting somebody inside the house but not the person who was shot. >> what was it like seeing your sister like that? >> painful. sad. >> reporter: neighbors heard the shots about 2:15 this morning after checking to see if her own 2-year-old son was okay she ran to check on the rest of the family. >> i heard my mom screaming and then i went to her room and i
6:32 am
seen my little sister. 6 years old. >> reporter: leslie was taken to children's hospital in oakland. she was shot in the arm but the bullet traveled through to her chest. her family says she will survive. police say two shooters at least at east 16th and seminary avenue. they left behind about two dozen shell casings on the ground and about as many bullets in the side of the house. the family believes the older brother of the victim was targeted. i spoke with that 18-year-old man off camera and he says he doesn't know why someone wants him dead. police say they have a theory. >> it appears it was gang- related. i know a lot of what our the president department is focusing on is gang-related activity. >> reporter: this isn't the first time the home was targeted. there have been two other incidences and the police confirmed one of them. the man wasn't even home at the time of the shooting at 2:00 this morning. no one was hurt in the other
6:33 am
shooting. because this 6-year-old was shot the family may have to reconsider where they live or where their 18-year-old lives in the future. live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. well, in other news right now there's a stunning new development in this week's scheduled execution at san quentin. late last night a federal appeals court told a trial judge to reconsider his ruling to pave the way for california's first execution in almost five years. the appeals court says the judge made a mistake when he offered death row inmate albert greenwood brown the choice of being put to death with a one drug lethal injection or a three drug combination. the legal complications don't stop therthough. california's supply of one of the drugs has an expiration date of friday. now we'll keep an eye on all of these major new developments in the execution story throughout the morning for you. you can get updates at any time by going to our channel 2 website two clerks at the fremont
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hall of justice are facing charges for allegedly dismissing traffic tickets in exchange for hundreds of dollars in cash. 31-year-old juan hernandez and 34-year-old felix chaff ez have been charged with grand theft and embezzlement by a public officer. in one case a woman paid $600 to get her tickets dismissed. about a third of what she owed in citations. a court audit found 38 similar dismissals. alameda police are investigating a report of a horrifying attack on a teenage girl on her way school. the teenager said so she was walking to school yesterday morning when a man wearing a mask abducted her, took her to a nearby park and raped her. school administrators say the student waited an hour or two before reporting the incident. the school then contacted police. time now 6:34. police say people should be on the alert after fourin decent exposures in one week. police arrested 47-year-old san devil but still out looking for
6:35 am
a second suspect. the first incident was reported tuesday on stanford avenue. on thursday a similar exposure happened at birch street and oxford. sand oval was rescued on saturday on laguna avenue where the third incident was reported. and the most recent reported yesterday on the foot path. police describe a second suspect. you're looking at this police sketch. a dark haired clean shaven latino man about 20 to 30 years old about 5'8" and weighing around 180 to 200 pounds. in richmond a woman who was apparently distracted by her cell phone rear ended the driver in front of her. it happened to be the police chief. the chief says he was sitting at a light when the woman creeped up behind him and hit his unmarked police car. the unidentified woman who was not cited says she was looking down to find her hands free device when she dentally bumped
6:36 am
into him. both cars were slightly damaged. nobody was injured. okay. time now 6:35. sal, i know things are getting busy around the toll plaza. >> they are. that's because the metering lights have been turned on. right now traffic is quickly backing up. by the way, if you see anything on public transportation yesterday twitter followers turned me onto that big muni delay we had by sending me a tweet. you can do that or go to and find me there. let's go out and take a look at the commute westbound coming up to the toll plaza as we mentioned. it is backed up for 15 to 20 minute delay. no problems on the bridge but you will be waiting there. it's kind of early to be this slow. a couple minor things on the bridge but pretty slow now at the toll plaza. also this morning 880 north and southbound more traffic. but not more stop and go traffic. there are more people on the road but it should be okay for you still. and if you're driving to the
6:37 am
son ol grade looks pretty good. the express lane where people not used to it that has settled down. pretty normal conditions for 680 as people are beginning to adjust to the new express lane. 6:36. here's steve. sal, good morning. i'm also getting tweets saying oh my gosh it's warm in the house. it is. especially along the coast or san francisco. look at that. we're almost 70 for many already. it won't take long to warm up. there's not a cloud in the sky here. there are some in southern california by the way. they might actually cool down a little bit today. 70s, 80s by the coast. inland 90s and 100s. fire danger continues to remain high even though we don't have a howling north-northeast wind. santa rosa 104. that was in town. usually don't see that. that was a record high 104. santa cruz tied 103 record going back to 1970. mown main view record.
6:38 am
if you thought it was a record in san francisco it was. the old mark was 92. today another record could be set. watch in southern california right about 6:37. couple clouds coming in down there. they probably won't make it here. sunny side up warm to hot. records likely. 80s, 90s and 100s today. some of these temperatures again the toughest challenge is san francisco. yesterday was 93. i'm going 92 today. but if the sea breeze doesn't kick in i wouldn't be surprised to see 96. walnut creek 101. and san jose from 96 to 100 degrees. that means san jose state sitting at 78 the airport san jose state near 70 and the city at 70. 53 santa rosa napa. that's a big spread. 30s up in the mountains including truck ee. sacramento 64. 70s already down at l.a. and san diego. even with the cloud cover san
6:39 am
diego 76. nice by the coast. hot inland. you can see that's a monster ridge of high pressure just a little whisp or two of patchy fog on the san mateo coast. that's about all i can find. it's not going to last long as the high will obliterate it. record heat likely again today. hot records now the fog will be regrouping starting to cool down the coast tomorrow. still hot inland. then see a cooling trend thursday. looks like that will just flex itself and take over friday and saturday for cooler weather. okay, steve. there's a new theory out on what caused this month's pipeline disaster in san bruno. it involves something that happened on the other side of the bay. in just hours gubernatorial candidates meg whitman and jerry brown face off for the first time. coming up we'll tell you who will be asking the questions in the first ever debate and we'll tell you what one associate dean here at the school what he expects for tonight.
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good morning to you. welcome back. quick look at some of the top stories we're following. late last night a federal appeals judge ordered a trial judge to reconsider his ruling to pave the way for california's first stay of execution in almost four years. that's now jeopardizing thursday's night excuse of albert greenwood brown. a 6-year-old girl
6:43 am
recovering after family members say she was hit in the arm by a stray bullet that then went into her chest. police say the girl and her family were asleep when someone fired shots into their home on east 16th and seminary early today. legislative leaders say they'll go back to the governor's office at noontime today for more negotiations on the budget. meg whitman and jerry brown will face off this evening in their first debate in the california governor race. ktvu's claudine wong is at uc davis where the debate will be held. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. yes, up until now voters have seen a lot of ads from whitman and brown but they've never seen these two candidates face off. that changes today in just hours with the first ever gubernatorial debate between whitman and brown. not one in five california voters are still undecided. certainly candidates are hoping to change the minds that brings
6:44 am
people to their side today. the first debate traditionally pays a lot of attention because it's the one that they pay attention to. the debatelasts an hour. two very different candidates with very different styles. we just spoke with the dean of academic affairs and law professor. he says this debate is about getting to know more. >> people don't know her because they've only seen her in scripted ads. in brown's case i think jerry brown is a different person than he was when he was governor earlier. and even when he was mayor of oakland i think he does have a maturity he might not have had early in his career. so he wants to convey that so people can see he's trustworthy. >> reporter: there are some things we expect according to analysts expect to see whitman
6:45 am
try to label brown as a career politician as she has done in her ads. brown in return is likely to try to paint whitman as a rich newcomer who has spent more than a million dollars out of her own pocket to fund her campaign. but he says what he hopes to see is some real answers to some very real questions. that will depend a lot on the person asking the questions. we know this will be monitored by ccla. kevin rigs a political reporter for kcra. and political editor for the sacramento bee and another from capital public radio. live here at uc davis, claudine wong, channel 2 news. thank you, claudine. ktvu channel 2 is the only bay area television station where you can watch the debate live. it airs again tonight at 6:00 and it's followed by a special edition of ktvu channel 2 news. our time now 6:45.
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reports today of a situation that's making california's budget crisis even worse. the l.a. times says california is owed almost $1.4 billion in taxes. it's money from car dealers, restaurants and other businesses that collected sales taxes from customers but didn't pass along the money to the state. state records show the tab is up about 25% from a year ago and has doubled since 2007. a power problem could be connected to this month's pipeline disaster in san bruno. federal investigators say pg&e lost electricity to a crucial part of its natural gas pipeline system at its control center. that outage occurred just hours before the pipeline explosion in san bruno that killed seven people and destroyed 37 homes. well, pg&e is now responding to a disturbing report involving the overall safety of its pipelines. the los angeles times uncovered
6:47 am
documents showing the utility has six times the number of leaks as other major pipeline operators in the united states. but pg&e says it's not a fair comparison. >> at pg&e we report everything from a pinhole leak to a third party dig in to our regulators. so we're trying to work with our regulators on how strict self-imposed reporting standards compare with other pipeline utilities in the country. we want to make sure it's an apples to apples comparison. >> the documents detail leaks since 2004. they show pg&e has reported 38 leaks near population centers or environmentally sensitive areas in that time period. time now 6:47. let's check in with sal. what's happening in the south bay now? >> it's getting slow now. if you're trying to get to your job in the south bay, let's go outside and take a look at 237 as it's bunching up near 880 as it normally does. this is about the time we look at the chp list and we don't have too many problems reported in the south bay right now.
6:48 am
traffic is going to be slow on 101, 237, 85, 280. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge. that's also backed up for about a 15 minute wait at the toll plaza. metering lights are on slow this morning so you have your work cut out trying to get into san francisco. this morning's drive in san francisco looking okay along northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. he's steve. all right. look at this. starting off near 70 for some. san jose, san francisco, no wind, it's very calm and very warm. very, very warm. high pressure is built in and it's large and in charge as we say. and temperatures today will be in record setting territory. little bit of fog but it's shallow. i don't think it has much of a chance. 80s, 90s and 100s records likely again today. temperatures the only one i dropped was one and this is a real confidence level not high in the city. they're already at 70. that sea breeze doesn't kick in they'll blow past 92.
6:49 am
there were 93 yesterday. that was a record. 100 napa. oakland downtown 94. san jose 100 after yesterday's 96. san jose state, san jose 68 the city at 70. santa rosa napa at 53. huge difference there. 30s up in the mountains. sacramento 64. 70s and 80s already in southern california. if you didn't hear it downtown l.a. yesterday 113 all time record high. long beach was 111. ucla was 108. >> man. >> hot. there goes the high building all the way up into seattle and vancouver. just a little patchy fog. still hot inland. fire danger remains high. there's no warnings. no winds. thankfully. some higher elevations there might be some but not at the surface. record heat likely again today. records today now tomorrow the fog will start to come back as the high moves off to the east. see a little cooler weather by the coast. that really real starts to
6:50 am
move in friday and saturday. oracle suing micron technology over price fixings claims. one of several companies artificially to inflate semiconductor prices. oracle reports the conspiracy resulted in sun microsystems paying more than it would have. oracle bought sun last february. ibm announced it plans to buy blade network technologies of santa clara. the deal will put ibm in a better position to compete with hewlett pack hard. routes data to and from servers in data centers and used by more than half of the fortune 500 companies. let's check in on numbers as we go live to the big board on the new york stock exchange. the dow jones down about 40 points to 10, 773. this is after the -- this is ahead of the consumer confidence report after some home sales numbers came out. july home prices were up for
6:51 am
the fourth month in a row. but analysts are warning of price drops going forward because of jobs concerns and foreclosures. right now most of the major markets are trading lower. breaking news right now. a deadly hillside collapse in mexico. they think hundref people may have been killed. more on that coming up in just a moment.
6:52 am
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well, we have breaking news now. this is coming from southwestern mexico. a landslide just buried about 300 homes early this morning. the authorities there say it hit while people were sound asleep. they think hundreds may have been killed. all of this happened in the mountains. it's been hit by a lot of rainfall. that bad weather is also in a rural area also delaying the rescue teams from getting in there. now we're trying to get you more information but we'll bring it to you as soon as the becomes available. right now it's time to check in with tori to find out what else is coming up on mornings on 2. >> good morning. coming up in minutes a stockton family in mourning due to the death of a soldier in iraq and turns out his death was not connected to the war but was at the hands of someone allegedly who should have helped protect him. 90 days late and counting. the one big issue still holding
6:55 am
up the state budget and a huge deadline looming in a few days. no more tax forms in the mail. the new way the irs will distribute the forms and how much money it will save by doing this. the california's method of rating teachers is being called illegal. why this is considered a victory for certain families in cities like richmond and hayward. those stories and more coming up on mornings on 2. now back to you. all right. thank you, tori. see you then. a new survey on ridge i religion shows some of the most informed people on religion are atheists. asked about christianity and world religion. on average people answered half of them correctly but those who scored the highest are atheists and agnostics as well as jews and mormons. let's go to sal. see how everyone's behaving in the commute. >> all right. traffic is doing okay right now. if you are driving you can also look at the golden gate bridges
6:56 am
barometer of what's going on. clear weather, good traffic heading down to the toll plaza. people outside on their bikes and walking around in the mild weather. no major problems and certainly no fog here at the golden gate bridge or visibility problems. moving along westbound bay bridge that traffic is backed up for a 20 minute delay if you're waiti from the very end of the line before you make it on to the bridge. and this morning westbound 92 the san mateo bridge traffic looks good. you're wondering about the don barton bridge no major traffic issues. traffic moving smoothly. there's no fog to deal with. maybe a little on the san mateo coast. what's there isn't going far and another day where we start off warm. 70 in san francisco right now. 70s, 80s, 90s more record heat. also 100s today. it will be hot out there. all right. thank you, steve. well, students are trying to save an oakland teacher from being deported. they staged a sitin yesterday
6:57 am
in support of her. she teaches ap statistics and geometry at oakland technical high school. the district officials say they may not be able to renew her visa because they must first hire u.s. residents and recent layoffs means there are a lot more candidates. >> now the pool of teachers with specialized skills is bigger. so we have to see if there is a just cause to renew the visa and keep this person on or whether there are domestic citizen who is can do this job. >> district officials say her visa will be renewed but only through december. they also say it's possible in that time they may find a way to keep her in the classroom. well, the sonoma county s.w.a.t. team has just been named the best in the west. the two day competition measured the skills of 26 law enforcement teams a couple weeks ago. this is in san jose. the sonoma county team has the highest score for six team events and an individual shooting contest. among the other teams competing
6:58 am
were the california highway patrol, department of energy and police departments all over the state. we are following major developments that have put this week's planned execution at san quentin in jeopardy. here's a live look outside the prison gates. up next what an appeals court judge says unfairly influenced a federal judge's decision about the case. stay with us.
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