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tv   Americas Election Headquarters  FOX  November 2, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> this is a fox news election alert. live in new york. shepard smith. divided government in the united states. fox news projects the republican party takes control of the house of representatives and in the senate. fox news proyects the democrats do indeed clicked control. state of hawaii democrats held the seat. the republican turn over and
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former fox contractor john kesack wins and state of carolina. nicky haley defeats vincent shaheen . state of wisconsin. fox news project russ feingold lost the race to ron johnson and feingold campaigned on his support for health care overhaul . he lost his seat. state of democrat. barbara boxer holds on her seat and defeated carlie fiorina. she spent more than 140 million of her own dollars to try to win the seat and goes down in defeat. nevada, one of the most important races it looks like we will not have a result at this moment. a motorist in southeast las vegas ran into a transformer
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and knocked out power x. nevadans will not release until everyone has a chance to vote. the numbers on your screen reflect 19 percent of the vote for the senate seat of the senate majoritiy leader harry reidi am shepard smith. the news starts now. >> it is a political drama on a national stage as we watch the race results come in. and many contests are already decided . we are still waiting for answers. about the impact of the tea party movement and weather the president helped democrats. and what about the early voters who forced candidates to shake up their strategies. we are watching the results and tracking the returns here
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in america's election headquarters. this is a fox news election alert. >> i am shepard smith live in new york and fox news projects the republicans take control of the house of representatives with projected net gain of 60 seats. we believe that democrats have control of the senate for another term. we are waiting to see what happens in pennsylvania. polls closed four hours ago and fox news decision desk cannot project the winner. the numbers are not in. we project the west virginia joe manchin will fill the seat robert byrd had for half a century . democrats holding biden's former seat in delaware. chris coons defeated tea party candidate christine o'donnell. connecticut for the democrats. blumenthal takes over for
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retiring septemberor chris dodd. north dakota republican governor won the contest to replace byron dorgan. state of the indiana, former congressman coats will replace evan by. blanche lincoln lost to the republican congressman john boozman. we have results coming in and analysis from karl rove and bob beckle . throughout the news hour check the bottom of the screen, updates on all of the house and senate and governor races as they come in. you will see a check for every projected winner by the fox news team and when the seat is a gain for the party in question. still too close to call in the pennsylvania senate race. four hours still nothing. >> we have to give the benefit of the doubt.
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pennsylvania is a complicated state and let's take a look at what the problem is and how difficult it is to pick here. in order for joe sestak to win this seat, he has to get better than 35 percent of the vote or rather hold the republican pat toomey to under 35 percent of the vote in philadelphia. that is unclear and now what we are looking at is the likelihood that the rest of the state between the urban areas of pittsburgh and philadelphia coming in for toomey and it is virtually a died even tie as we get closer. you mentioned we are waiting on the closure of nevada. this is an example of how important it is to get the urban area. there is only one in all of nevada clark county. in clark county, harry reid needs to get better than 8 percent than sharron angle in
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the entire area of las vegas. if he cannot get an 8 percent advantage or better in las vegas, harry reid's ability to remain majority leader is jeopardized. one last thing before we go, shep. battle for the governor's offices and you talked a moment ago about ohio. ohio, john kasik victory. they, lected george bush in 2006. notorous bell weather who predicts who will be the state. that bodes ill for barack obama. fox news predicted that the republicans have taken control of the house of representatives. that means nancy pelosi will
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tep down. john boehner will likely get that job and spoke to supporters. >> across the country, we are witnessing a repudiation of washington. a repudiation of big government and repudiation of politicians who refuse to lin to the american people. >> john boehner rad added republican victories are a message to the president that it is time to course. james rosen has more in dc where republican leaders are gathering, james . >> a happy crowd here tonight when the next speaker of the house, john boehner took the stage a half an hour ago. he said it is not a time for celebration, we can celebrate when small businesses hire again. he mentioned it was a repudiation of big government. our majority the will do
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things differently. he expressed a willingness to work across the aisle and the voters sent a message that change course . then john boehner did something unexpected toward the end of his remarks. boehner to many eyes embodies the kind of politician with his dry wit and hardened exterior, he choked up. >> i started out mopping floors and waiting tables and attending bar in my dad's tavern. i put myself through school working every rotten job there was . every night shift i could find. and i poured my heart and soul in the running a small business. >> and that started when the next likely speaker john boehner talked about how he chased the american dream.
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the crowd chanted usa. usa. >> james rosen live in washington tonight much the latest on the key contest in the state of nevada where we are monitoring the showdown between harry reid and the tea party favorite sharron angle. we'll go live to las vegas and speak to karl rove about the results and what they all mean and joe trippy from the democrat side all-star panel and continuous coverage from california to washington state and this is fox news election coverage from the journalism fox news election night 2010. : o really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? do woodchucks chuck wood? (high-pitched laughter)
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>> brand new call to make from the fox decision team. in the state of pennsylvania the republican pat toomey the governor defeated joe sestak in the race for the senate. numbers are close on the screen with 98 or 99 precincts reporting fox news is comfortable in projecting that pat toomey will be the new senator for the staste pennsylvania. it is five when they needed 10 to control the senate . fox news confirms that the democrats will regain control
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of the congress. this is live coverage on a historic night. republicans took over the house in a big number. now waiting to see if they can oust harry reed. the polls have closed and pres are reporting. the incumbent harry reid with 51 percent of all votes and tea party candidate with 34 percent and our decision desk still too close to call. anita, what do we know about the results and how they are received there. >> shepard, so many eyes on the race and speculation around it and which way things would go. we have waited for the results and now we have a indication of the early vote. it looks pretty good for harry reid and giving him a 6-7 percent lead. keep an eye on the early vote. this is a vote within the last
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two weeks before the election. it is the first vote to be tabulated and counted and makes up 60 percent of the vote overall. they would give us a good ippedication of the night would go. we are watching that. it is only 90 percent of the precincts reporting . a lot of votes to count yet. this looks like an indication of how the night might go. >> a lot at stake in the state of nevada tonight. >> there certainly is. for harry reid, a fifth term in office and ability to retain the leadership position. a jewel in the crown of the tea party movement . people of nevada, changing of the guard and change of leadership and a loss of a cloud in washington . remember harry has been there a lot of time and a lot of
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clout as junior senator and we have a long way to go here and a lot of votes left to count. >> anita vogual. thanks andine with the races still up in the air. fox news project that they keep control of the senate. >> anchor and host of fox news sunday . fortune magazine washington bureau chief . steven hayes. senior writer for the weekly standard. a blow out in the house of representatives and a hold for the democrats on the senate side. >> we have to put what went on in the house in perspective. fox projected a 60 seat pick up. that is a bigger pick up than the democrats had after water gate . a bigger pick up in 1982 when there was 10 percent un. reagan took a beating and
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bigger than clinton . biggest pick up by either party since hare truman and 1948. it is the biggest pick up . big deal . one other thing. talking about the senate. talk about the governors and pick up on something that karl cameron was talking about. assuming that all of this goes through. this means in 2012. when barack obama is campaigning against a governor. there will be a republican governor in new jersey, virginia, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. iowa, in texas and ohio . you know, you figure texas is safe for the republicans, but all of those other states are swing states and key states in a presidential election and in all of those key states there will be a republican governor and administration and organization running the state. that is a huge advantage to
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the candidate of that party. for the democrats, there will be a democratic governor in new york. >> breaking news now on fox news . we can call and projects in the state of illinois, winner tonight is mark kirk. that is a gain tonight. we have two gains up there. alexi gainnoulias is a gain and mark kirk is a gain. mark kirk won the seat. confusog the board. numbers are so close even the computer was unsure who won the thing. clear in the control room. yes. mark kirk is the winner in the state of illinois. >> that is barack obama's senate seat. it is now gone to the republicans. democrats were not able to retain that seat.
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i am confident if you told anybody in the white house that if barack obama senate seat illinois went to the republicans they would have called you crazy. >> a lot of surprises and the surprises are coming to just add and put a subtex to the giddiness of the republicans. there are the correct numbers. go ahead nina. >> republicans did not do well in coast races. duval patrick linked with barack obama. he survived a close attempt to deceit him as governor of massachusetts. in california. two major well financed candidates. carlie fiorina and meg whitman. meg whitman probably spent 190
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million when it is all said and done and get out the vote effort that was supposed to help carlie. we have called the race for barbara boxer. she is somebody you put in the category of nancy pelosi and wrapped herself in the mantel of barack obama and the unemployment rate is 12 percent. yet obama favorables are high . it looks like jerry brown will win the governor seat. >> what does it all mean. >> it is a clear repudiation of president obama's agenda. you heard in the lead up to the election. just to put a punctionation mark. the coast, republican it is --
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didn't do well on the coast. but strikingly well in the midparty of the country. just two years ago he won iowa and wisconsin and michigan and ohio by 4. republicans did well in many of the places. ohio in particular. a senate seat . wisconsin a senate seat . michigan a governor seat . by surprisingly big margins. we are seeing democrats hold their advantage on the coast but internally the heart land, republicans did well. >> we'll be back in a moment. behadid tonight's big wins and losses mean in the morning. worry that tea party will caucus separately from the republicans. so said rand paul who won a big election tonight. karl rove will join us live to break down what is ahead for
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evening everyone i'm frank somerville with ktvu2010
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election night. here's a look at the race for california governor jerry brown is in the lead. an associated press is predicting that governor brown will win. in the senate, barbara boxer is in the lead and again ap is projecting the boxer is the winner of a fourth term. now to proposition 19, that is the measure that would legalize the recreational use of in nev. fox election coverage of the 2010 midterm. another key race this evening. battle for the senate seat in the state of washington. analyst said the incumbent patti murray was nearly untouchable. she is neck in neck with a republican challenger. despite the president's high approval rating in the state of washington, it is an expensive race. supporters shelled out 12
9:26 pm
million in advertising. they are live in senator murray's headquarters. >> this race flew under the radar because it is in the pacific northwest. because it did not appear the 18 year incumbent. patti murray appeared vulnerable . in the last week. challenger dina rossy has closed the gap. >> there is breaking news now on fox news channel. results from the state of nevada. senate majority leader harry reid retained his seat. he will be the senator from the state of nevada again. sharron angles, the tea party candidate who made a lot of noise and made a lot of mistakes along the way was not able to pick up the necessary numbers. only 30 percent is reporting.
9:27 pm
but fox news projects harry reid, leader in the senate and now the senate majority leader once again harry reid is back for another term. what a road it has been. there was analyst who said there was almost no way harry reid could win the senate seat again. the only way he could win was for him to have a flawed candidate who could not bring together the support to defeat him. now the unlikely has happened and harry reid is back as democrat leader and the senate majority leader for one more term. karl rove is with us. surprised? >> yes. he did a good job in generating the vote. he ended his campaign in which
9:28 pm
he called her a path logical. sort of unusual way to end a campaign on a down note. but it is indictive of what happened. he couldn't win on his own. he had to eradiate his opponent. >> we look at the facts in the case. there was a lot of claims made by his opponent that is not ross true. >> i thought it was harsh language. he couldn't run on the basis of successful leader for the state or country. all of his advertising was designed to make her unacceptable and unacceptable to people in nevada. republicans have done what was never done before. a 60 seat pick up by fox news projections. >> i think it will be bigger . 1946 when it was last done.
9:29 pm
two committee chairmans have been defeated. john sprat. of carolina . senior democrats 13 member and nine term member from pennsylvania . what is interesting to me is the geographical disbution. from howe and pennsylvania and it appears from new york. republicans will pick up five seats in the midwestern and northeast states. >> i spoke to sarah palin about nevada. listen. >> i would argue the premise that it would be safer than with any other gop primary other than sharron angle that the seat would have gone to republican. specifically with that argument we can apply that to chris tin o'donnell. in delaware. deep, deep blue seat and state. that even if mike castle would have defeated christine o'donnell exit points he would
9:30 pm
have lost to chris coons. there is a argument. geez, a tea party conservative candidate kind of blew it for a republican chances in either of those states. i argue against that. >> tea party blew it in state of nevada. >> no, i don't agree. she got it absolutely right. we had candidates in the primary. early favorites and republican state chairman and senator and lost the primary by making missteps. the primary generates the best candidate to win. not always but the best particularly in the race like nevada. >> chris tin o'donnell was a different situation . she won in a tune ising upset in the primary. but things that matter to the voters of delaware did not in the early part of the campaign. series of questions asked about her. inadquate answers. they didn't matter to the
9:31 pm
republican primary voters but not to the voters. the fact of the matter was christine o'donnell from the get go had big burden to bear from my perspective impossible for her to given that burden. >> i told you so moment. >> it gives me no pleasure. i am a republican and analyst from fox and i had to call it as i see it. geez, don't we have a great opportunity. i had done the homework on it. for a variety of odd reasons stumbled over the race and followed her record. she in her bregularly tapeded white house strategy meetings that did happen in the bush years . so i wish we had had a better candidate in delaware. we might have had a better shot but we got what we got.
9:32 pm
>> in nevada sharron angle gave it her all. she was brutially attacked by harry reid, she stood her ground and has nothing to hang her head about tonight. >> we should not miss the forest for the trees. it is enormous for the republicans. >> in the senate we had more gains for the republicans than the average since world war ii and we have done so in a year in which more republicans were on the ballots . not a single republican seat is lost here tonight. >> great to see you. i hope you clear up the cold. >> particularly bypass the time ole miss place this week. >> thank you, sir. economy was the issue number one especially in hard hit areas like california and nevada. >> jerry willis. talks about nevada. california and we know that the democrat came back to win
9:33 pm
the governor's seat and the senate seat. this is fox news west coast coverage night 2010. ♪ [ pop ] [ man ] ♪ well, we get along ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hang around till the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪ [ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening place. take the scary out of life with travelers insurance... and see the world in a different light.
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the polls are now closed in california and the election results are starting to pour into the newsroom. >> voters have decided who is california's next governor. and other crucial states in the state and country. this was the most expensive nonpresidential race with meg whitman spending $135 million most of all her money. and all for not. jerry brown will beat meg whitman and become the new governor of california. >> right now we go ahead to southern california. maureen naylor standing by in los angeles at university city
9:36 pm
where meg whitman sporters are gathered. maureen-- >> julie, i want to give you a look around here, about 500 people have gathered here at the hilton in universal city. the music is playing, the drinks are out. they actually have rallied fixes, even despite those early numbers and that projection by the associated press that jerry brown is going to win. they are still hopeful. what's interesting is this isn't just about meg whitman here, they are watching fox news and they are really watching the national races and cheering when there are republican wins there. people are gathered up on the stage. the theme here is orange, red, green meg whit man. this has been a big race, again she's spent 140 million into this campaign. people are hopeful and there is an excitement here and a lot of
9:37 pm
cheering watching national races. a lot of die-hard so called die- hard republicans here. including some from the bay area. they've been playing the national anthem, playing songs like don't stop believing. at this hour they are still believing that meg whitman has a chance even despite those numbers, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. we're going to continue to update those numbers, right now jerry brown is in the lead 50 to 45%. but the associated press along with fox news are both projecting that meg whitman will go down to defeat. mike mibach is live in oakland. must be happy times there. >> happy times indeed. it is the house that jerry brown helped to rebuild once when he was mayor of this town. and tonight it's his house. and he should be speaking to the crowd within the half hour
9:38 pm
is what we're being told. a couple of the exit polls showing that a jerry brown doing very brown with the latino and female vote. also brown winning big among all voters with incomes less than $100,000. i want to bring in state senator derstiner. your official thoughts. >> i'm very excited. i think california sent a message. they don't want the tea party, they want somebody with some experience and someone intellectual to tackle the problems. i couldn't be more excited about getting started. >> during the campaign he said he was going to be resilient working both sides of the aisle. you think he'll get to work
9:39 pm
right away? >> i think that's what the people want. we have difficult problems as you know. if prop 25 passes tonight, the majority vote on the budget is going to be very different landscape. we have to reach out to the republicans, we have to bring them into governing. but no more leveraging the budget. i think jerry brown is the steady hand that can help us do that. >> and across the state of california, voters had a simple choice. you have the political veteran and you have the woman from the silicon valley. a former ceo of ebay. apparently the choice of this crowd continues to cheer here. watching the returns come in. jerry brown the victor. much more to come, including jerry brown himself. we'll bring it to you live when he takes the stage. reporting live here in oakland, mike mibach. >> all right, mike thank you. let's turn to the u.s.
9:40 pm
senate race here in california. the numbers are very close at this hour. democratic senator barbara boxer and carly fiorina are neck and neck. the latest polls showing 47% to 47%. the associated press has called the race for boxer. but again it's very early. if she is the winner it would be her fourth term. rita williams is live now in hollywood where barbara boxer supporters have gathered. >> reporter: julie despite those numbers for the folks here this is all over. as you said associated press and the los angeles times shortly after the polls closed gave this race to barbara boxer. now we know that she has had a rough race in this one against carly fiorina. this was one of the targeted races. she's making a bid for her
9:41 pm
fourth term. now most of us in the bay area remember that she stard with a marine county board of supervisors then she went to congress and now seeking her fourth term. but this has been a bitterly fought campaign. folks here have been confident. as far as they are concerned, this was over with before the polls closed tonight. now they say here that they think the republicans sweep of congress and the senate ended on the west coast. we'll be here throughout the evening, they started the build up with some speakers just finished here. and we expect her out here sometime after 10:00 tonight. then she's already asking to come around and talk to us individually. she's that confident that she is going to win tonight. we'll be here throughout the evening, reporting live in hollywood. rita williams, ktvu challenge two news. all right, very good, thank
9:42 pm
you. rita now -- can we go back to rita for just a second here. okay so rita, about how many people would you estimate are there right now? >> frank, you see this is a fairly small ballroom. in fact, i was told by some of her campaign managers that she tried to get a ballroom in los angeles where the obama party was two years ago. but it was already taken by some other festivities tonight. so this was the best she could get and that the this ballroom is small so it looks more packed than it probably really is. i would say perhaps 500, 600 people were here. but as usual on election night, when people smell victory, more and more folks start coming out. so we expect this crowd to continue to swell throughout the evening. and we heard from her a little bit earlier. she's upstairs here in a suite with her husband, her son, her grandchildren and daughter
9:43 pm
watching the returns. but she's been more interested watching nationally what's going on in congress than she has been in her race tonight. next we want to move on to the race for lieutenant governor. we want to show you early election returns. gavin newsom taking the lead, 47% over able maldonado. this is with 9% of the precincts reporting. >> reporter: i'm standing at the tequila bar, you can see some of the 300 or so people here that are coming out to cheer on gavin newsom in his bid for lieutenant governor. this party is open to the
9:44 pm
public. some people have been streaming in. he proceeded to make a bid for the governor's position which he then abandoned to run for lieutenant governor. they are closely watching the returns coming in tonight. they say they are encouraged by what they're seeing with the numbers. so so farther keeping an eye. the gavin newsom is not expected to make an appearance until after the 10:00 hour. for right now it's a very happy crowd. they're enjoying shots of tequila. it's be a complicated process in which the board of supervisors will have a large say in who will be able to take the mayor's office. in the meantime people are
9:45 pm
standing by, they are ready to address that question a little bit later on. for now, they are enjoying themselves and waiting for gavin newsom to make his appearance. we'll bring you his appearance when he comes here. david stevenson, we'll head back to you in the studio. >> we'll be checking back with you throughout the evening. we want to show you more results now we're going to put it up on the screen race. the race between bowen and dunn. right now debra bowen the incumbent is leading 51% to 41% with 9% of the precincts reporting. it is still very early. the polls just closed about an hour and 25 minutes ago. now we move to controller chung. the incumbent leading with 39% with 9% of the precincts
9:46 pm
reporting. only 9% proposition 19, that is the move to legalize recreational marijuana. right now it's losing 44% to 56%. our allie rasmuss is standing by with proposition 19. >> we haven't hear a lot of cheering or celebration going on over here. we're at 17 street and broadway. this is where supporters of proposition 19 are gathered to watch election returns. it would have allowed local government to tax cannabis but it appears at this point the latest numbers show that 56% of voters have said no to proposition 19, 44 say yes. it appears right now they are losing. bill jones is with the yes on 19 campaign.
9:47 pm
give us your reaction on these numbers coming in. >> we have 15% reporting, these are similar to the numbers that we were expecting. frankly we're excited about the debate prop 19 has pushed forward and we're already working with not only local but state elected officials to take the next step for california. california has resoundingly agreed that current policy has failed. >> you're holding on hope later in the night. is this something that california voters could see in the ballot in two years? >> indeed, 2012 is our next step. we already not only have a stroápbg coalition of people who have come behind prop 19 -- we have strong coalition of people. >> thank you, gail for talking with us. gail jones with the yes or prop 19 campaign. we spoke to someone from the no on 19 campaign. their organization is based in
9:48 pm
sacramento. that's where they're watching election concerns. he told us he thinks the reason why voters may appear to be rejecting this initiative is because of a law that goes into effect in january that basically reduces the penalty for marijuana possession from misdemeanor to infraction. he said that was one of a couple of reasons why voters may be rejecting this. listen to what he has to say. all right, any way it appears we don't have that sound for you. that new law that goes into effect. also the threat of federal government possibly suing california if they did pass proposition 19. that no on 19 spokesperson told us she thinks that may have factors in to how voters will ultimately decide on this decision. there were some supporters out here. seems like a lot of the supporters that were out here have kind of left the area. there were some people who were passing around a joint among a
9:49 pm
circumstantial circle of 40 people that were passing a joint. but they weren't celebrating. because at this point in the evening, the prop 19 appears to be losing 44 to 56. we'll continue to check in with you a little later in the evening. allie rasmuss. we have a lot more election results to come including the race for mayor of oakland, one of the most closely watched local elections biggest win in modern times. a 60 plus pick up in the house of representatives and 6 pick up or senate. >> you can't blame this on george bush . frankly i think there outto be a little bit of the contrition and i don't know if the president can bring himself to do that. he had a good start. he talked about it in the last days of the campaign. but who will get to the mark first to be the first one as willing to compromise. i think if obama gets there
9:50 pm
first he will put the republicans on the defensive. >> what does he do and what umbrella does he compromise in on a portion of the health care reform? >> yeah, i think there is two things. lame duck session . make perment under $250. >> what you are saying, the tax cuts for everybody that makes less than $250,000 remain in place . all of the money above $250,000. >> that's correct . the question about the health care bill. they are going there first. >> here is the deal. they can't do away with it >> they can rip it up. >> how are they going to rip it up? if obama want to compromise. bring them in and open it up and give you tort reform . i will, on beag insurance. put those people on medicaid.
9:51 pm
if you don't force them to buy insurance it falls apart. >> what the lesson for the democrat party. >> it is a lesson for the democrats, you can't run one party government. every successful presidency, bill clinton is a good example. >> bill clinton moved to the center after it happened to him? >> when was he more successful in when the republicans took over. >> if you look at it and the history of it. divided government produces more legislation . that for thewas bill clinton mo successful when the republicans moved in. divided government actually passes more legislation.
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
we're at the union hall, this is where oakland mayoral candidate quan is holding her election night party. as you can see there's about 150 supporters including her family and campaign here listening to her speak right now. she's been thanking her
9:54 pm
supporters for her hard work, helping her door to door campaign here. you can see the work they've done for her. she says she's hopeful for her voting that she could stand to win. she says with her two terms at oakland city council member and two terms as school board member she has done a great job and she hopes to carry that into the mayor's office. that is the latest from here. when she becomes available we will be talking to her live. reporting live at oakland's longshoreman union hall, amber lee, ktvu news. okay, so again looks like it's going to be a long night in oakland. the results we have so far is that don perrata is in the lead with jean quan. and john sasaki is at p era
9:55 pm
ta's camp. >> reporter: we're at z's cafe where john perrata's campaign party is at. he's been having a tough time the last week because he's been having laryngitis. his doctor as we told him that if he really kept talking the way he wanted to be talking could cause permanent damage to himself to his vocal cords. so he's had to really hold back on that. but he did get up, he spoke for a little while. among things he said that oakland is big enough to matter, small enough to manage and he's opening right now having that 38% right now of the votes count to a 25% for jean quan. he needs 50% plus one vote. that's what he is hoping to get tonight. but right now it's looking not very likely. joining me now is one of his biggest supporters here in the
9:56 pm
city of oakland. the oakland police officers association. president of the police officers association. go ahead and tell me, what really has this campaign meant for you and the police department and really the city of oakland? >> well right now we're looking at somebody who's going to take over and lead the city. the city is in desperate need for a good leadership. don perrata has exhibited good leadership throughout his career. i'm happy where the numbers are. if he makes mayor, i'm going to be pleased to have a person of this level in charge of this city. >> he said all along that he nevada would have gotten rid of the 80 police officers. two of the candidates were involved in the council that worked in eliminating those 80 police officers. >> laying off 80 police officers in a time right now is just a bad move. i know don sees that and it's just not the time to be doing
9:57 pm
that in today's world. we're closer to some leadership in town. it's a great city and we should get rid of the stigma that we have to it. >> you also said you're a big supporter of measure bb. >> absolutely. it's going to keep police officers back on the beat and community policing where they are needed. doing some grass roots type policing and that's important too so we can deal with some other crimes. >> dominique reed from the police officers association. i did talk to james bruno the president of the city council. he says if bb does not pass tonight there are going to be 100 or so lay offs of police officers coming in january. don perrata is standing right next to me. do you mind if i put you on the tv. how do you feel leading right now? >> i feel fine. it's kind of like a black box.
9:58 pm
i'm not sure what it means in the long run. but everything we've been told is a good sign. >> we'll talk to you a little bit more later. all right that is the very latest here from don perrata's party here tonight. >> well a lot of headlines tonight, among them that republicans have taken control of the u.s. house of representatives but probably not the u.s. senate. among the other headlines here, it appears jerry brown is going to be the new governor of california and that barbara boxer has won a fourth term as u.s. senator for california defeating fiorina. >> we have reporters spanned out throughout the bay area and the state and we'll bring you complete live election results coming up on an expanded edition of the evening news. that's all coming up after this.
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