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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 5, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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through it. what the driver and passenger did after that crash. that's all ahead. good morning to you. welcome to friday november the 5th i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson. >> it's cloudy. the fog has returned. it's hot and muggy night. in november? yes we've had that the last couple of days. the fog is regrouping. it's being reported on the coast. you could see it driving in. it will still be on the warm side. cooler by the coast but 70s now and 60s. here is sal. traffic is okay on 80. it's a little foggy there. the fog may be an issue in parts of the bay area. this is a look at westbound bay bridge. that traffic is moving well. 5:00 let's go back to the desk.
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thank you. topping our news the sentencing of johannes mehserle begins at 8:30 this morning. we do have -- ktvu des tara is in downtown. we begin first with claudine wong who is outside the courthouse in los angeles. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. court does begin at 8:30 this morning. there will be four members speaking to the judge. the former bart officer could get anywhere from probation to 14 years in jail. really anything between. in the past week ktvu talked to both johannes mehserle and the grant family. here's what the grant family said they will say to the judge. >> i will tell them how i have
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to watch my sister cry. how i have to watch her health deteriorate. how when i have to explain to somebody about my nephew being shot, you know, the lies that people say about it. i have tex plain to them -- i have to explain to them how it happened. seeing the small changes is of some comfort but it's just lost in words. >> there's no satisfaction to be found in that courtroom. but what i don't want the courtroom to just say oh go home. i want the courts to do what they do are supposed to do and do the law. abide by the laws they have been put in place. you know, there will never be
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any satisfaction. he could get 100 years and i will still not have oscar here with me. last week ktvu also spoke exclusively with johannes mehserle. >> do you think you should go to prison at all? >> no. it was an accident. i didn't intend to shoot mr. grant. >> reporter: but you were found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and use of a gun. >> uh-huh. i understand. sometimes, you know, i'm not sure why those decisions were made. like i said, i know i'm going to keep fighting it. i'm not going to give up. i know what is right and i know it's for the right reasons.
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>> reporter: the judge has a few issues to consider this morning. emotions by the trial. a motion to throw out the gun enhancement and of course sentencing. so what is likely to happen we'll have the perspective from one legal analyst coming up in a half hour. live here in los angeles claudine wong. >> the police as well as oakland business owners are bracing for the mehserle sentencing. >> reporter: we are here near 17th and broadway. overnight an artist painted this more real. you could hear the sound of hammers and drills yesterday as business owners took no chances. the memories still raw from the
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july 8th mehserle issue. some places like the union bank branch off of franklin decided to close early today at 1:00. other companies are letting their employees stay home. >> i'm a telecommunication. >> reporter: why? >> it's because of the safety issue and the riots and lewding. don't want to be in the area. >> reporter: oakland police have received additional training and will be watching the anticipated crowd. >> if they start breaking the law to a point where it becomes probablimatic to the business then we will come in and address them. >> reporter: the city did send out a letter to alert businesses with two -- an art gallery walk and soldout concert. the attribute is scheduled for 2:00 and rally afterwards at 4:00. we're here live in oakland.
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>> as we mention the sentencing hearing begins at 8:30 this morning. no cams are allowed but our ktvu will provide live coverage for you of the judges decision the moment we get the word. you can also follow developments by going to our channel 2 website we are also following a developing story this morning. ktvu channel 2 reporter jade hernandez joins us with details on the story. good morning. >> this is a dratmatic scene. you can see the damage this morning. there is a hole in this house. this is very, very dramatic video. the house plowed into this home. it's being investigated by oakland police by a hit and run. the woman who lives here did not want to go on camera but she was not hurt. she was inside the house with her mother. this morning she is still in shock. this house is located between
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almansa drive. we don't know what caused the driver to plow into this home. oakland police tell the driver and the passenger ran away after the accident. we do have video of a man detained in the backseat of a squad car this morning. she was taken into custody near the area. we have not been able to confirm if he was involved. police are telling me they are look in the involvement of two suspects. it's still under investigation and it's still being considered a hit and run. pg&e turned off the power to this house. this car was towed away ten minutes ago. we do have video of that. we'll show that to you coming up. san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting in the bay district. the body of a 21-year-old man was found on kirkwood avenue.
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investigators sealed off the area as they searched for evidence and questioned witnesses. we don't know the victims name. that police investigation continues. the california highway patrol has identified the bicyclist hit and killed by a big rig. 47-year-old lauren ward was riding on al pine road and interstate 280. the chp says the driver stopped right away. they do believe the driver just didn't see ward as she was riding alongside her rig. >> somehow she ended up hit in the side of the big rig. we don't know how that happened. >> chp is still looking for witnesses to come forward. it's early on a friday morning. let's go to sal an see how the commute is going. sal. >> dave, and pam it's friday. it's not that poorly. we're starting off well. let's start off with the east shore freeway.
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traffic is moving okay heading out to the bay bridge toll plaza. we do have our regular toll plaza back. a lot of people have e-mailed me about this. it is light and there are no major problems come into the city. san jose is off if a nice start getting up to highway 17. here is steve. >> thank you, sal. good morning everybody we have a little change. heard from one of our observers. she goes cool. it has been a warm muggy pattern. all court see of high pressure and a lot of the higher clouds coming in. the higher clouds over us. it's there. a low approaching. the low will head right there. it's heading south of us. still it's going to open the door for further cooling. it's the one behind that we're look for on sunday.
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coastal fog. 60s. not these upper 70s or 80s near the coast. upper 60s and 70s. still with these clouds a very mild pattern. san francisco is running the warm zest now 56. they were 64 yesterday. there you go. big difference there. 54 in napa. 60 san jose. palo alto mid 50s. same for sacramento. 60s down to southern california. plenty going on. clouds over us today. we have partly cloudy. muggy, warm inland. there is your rain sunday. right there. right there. that is it. cool and breezy on monday. we're going to go from warm and muggy to very cool and breezy next week. in the meantime high clouds. kind of hazy skies. 60s and 70s now. the rain kicks in sunday.
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saturday cooler. we set the clocks back one hour. rain sunday. cool, breezy on monday. cool day on tuesday. >> thank you. after surviving a chilean coal mine disaster. one man brought his love for elvis to the city. the invitation he's received that will bring him back to the u.s. in january. also firefighters try to save a families home. but there was a personal loss that is hard to live with. coming up in washington, d.c.. president obama makes an admission about how he's dealing with the economy. and on the sunol grade traffic is still doing well. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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once again thank you bay area for your participation in the cox hero award. bay area is working to complete the 500 bay trail in richmond. our other finalists were also winners receiving checks for $250 for all their nonprofits. welcome back to the morning news. it's now 5:14. in an overnight fire in brentwood destroyed a families home. the house was completely destroyed. no one was injured but the family's dog did die in the fire. the cause of the fire is being investigated. in pittsburgh -- that fire was at 1 leslie drive near railroad
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avenue. it started at 2:00 a.m.. the warehouse has been empty for some time. no one seems to be looking for strong growth when the monthly unemployment report is released in the next ten minutes. as long as the news isn't as worse as expected there should be little reaction on wall street. alison burns is live with a preview of all of this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. the unemployment report is not expected to look much better or much worse than the month before. in fact, economists say they anticipate the unemployment rate will stay steady at about 9.6% for the third straight month. president obama is saying that his top priority is to work with the newly elected republican congress on ways to boost ring. >> we can't afford two years of just squabbling opinion what we need to do is make sure everybody is pulling together.
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democrats and republicans and independents. >> reporter: now new this morning we are hearing of parts after an interview that president obama is giving to 60 minutes. in that interview he says he realizes he has not done a good selling his message about the economic recovery and that he needs to do a better job promoting confidence. the president is going to be making a statement about the jobs report later this morning. we'll stay on top of all of it for you and bring you the latest numbers when they come out in ten minutes. reporting live in washington, d.c.. >> as she said after the president talks about the latest unemployment numbers, president obama will start a ten day trip to india, indonesia, south korea, and japan. some government officials in pakistan are not happy that he will spend three days in india but bypass pakistan. india and pakistan have a
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bitter relationship. and they say by going to india and not pakistan he may upset the delicate power between the two countries. the chilean miner that was a life-long elvis prezly fan sang a attribute to his idol. ♪ return to sender address unknown ♪ >> that is edison pena. he was known for running 3-6 miles a day. he will be making a return trip to the united states in january. he's been invited to elvis' annual birthday celebration add graceland. 75 san francisco ballots that disappeared on election day were found floating in the pond at the palace of fine arts. the poll worker accused of taking the ballots is due in
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court today. carlos nicholas faces three felony charges. there is still no motive. it's not clear whether the ballots would be counted. this afternoon we will get an update on the status of the oakland race. will release the preliminary votes. in the first round of voting don took the lead with 35% of the votes. followed by jean and rebecca. a winner cannot be declared unless someone gets 50%. they are distributing the second choice votes of the last place candidates under that ranked choice system . let's get you to where you need to be. sal how is it? >> i just found out the raiders would be on tv.
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the traffic is light. fellas and ladies. traffic is doing well around the bay area. this is a look at northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. that traffic does move well there. no major problems in san francisco. i almost hate to say this. you know what, baseball season is over. we're going to miss it. there is no more declays expected. westbound traffic on the bay bridge does look good. no major problems there. this mornings commute in oakland. we're speaking about oakland. looks very nice on 880 south. and down to marina boulevard. 519 let's go to steve. >> sal the greatness of the raiders. the fog has rushed. this has been a crazy week. we have had blistering heat down in southern california. all sorts of record down there. muy conditions yesterday. you can see the source of the higher clouds. there is breaks in there. not a lot. the fog has returned underneath
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this low is heading more ward central california. that will continue the cooling trend. there is pockets that were not as thick. everything is starting to change. 50th -- 50s and 60s. there is a big difference there. fog is starting to make its impact. 30s in the mountains. 50s in the valleys. fresno to 60. and 68 l.a. really warm. they will cool down as well. there is the system for saturday. it's going south. it will continue the cooling trend. this system will make it
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stronger. today 60s by the coast. 70s low to mid around the bay and upper 70s inland. but that all comes crashing down over the next couple of days. the rain system slides through sunday. a breezy cool day on monday and partly sunny and partly cloudy and still cool on sunday. european stocks are starting the day with losses. overnight most asian benchmarks close the week with gains. japan almost jumped 3%. hong kong jumped up nearly 1.5%. and commodities in reactions to wednesday u.s. federal reserve announcement. here in the u.s. today again we will get that monthly employment report in less than ten minutes. and it looks like the lower opening before that report comes out. analysts not really looking for any strong growth there. hopefully not a big
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disappointment as well. dow jones up 219. it starts the day at 11, 444. investigators pushed up the price of tesla stock. that followedman sonic announcement it is investigating $30 million. tesla closed at nearly $25 a share. the head of 711 stores is offering to send a slurpy machine to the white house after this exchange between a white house reporter and the president in post election news conference. >> i want to ask if you will have john boehner over for a slurpy. >> i might serve that. they are delicious. >> repeatedly used the met fore about democrats pushing a car out of the ditch while the gop stood by sipping a slurpy. he says that he might hold a
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slurpy summit. >> i'm sure 711 is loving that. it atacted an estimated -- it attracted an estimated one million people. the giants victory parade also created an unexpected problem for san francisco police. a massive backlog is creating problems for solving cases. traffic on the san mateo bridge looking pretty good. we'll tell you about the morning commute straight ahead.
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it has been a warm kind of muggy last couple of days. change of today especially by the coast. 60s. and 70s. much cooler as we go into the week. >> thank you. here is a strange story. some of the people that went to the giants world series victory parade never came home. san francisco police report a flurry of missing person reports tied to wednday's parade which attracted about a million people. many of those reported missing are troubled teenagers that may have been fighting with their parents or guardians. a lot of evidence collected at crime scenes in oakland is not being examined. that's because of a large backlog. there is a backlog of m 3,000 cases which could mean 6- 12 month delays.
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crime scene technicians say they need more than $2 million in additional funding to double their staff and keep up with the cases. one that remains uninvolve solved is the -- unsolved is the fatal shooting of a teenage boy. >> it shouldn't take this long. they shoot a 13-year-old child and it has taken months. >> oakland police say they are getting help. $371,000 grant is on its way to help the department catch up on sexual assault cases. 5:27. the sentencing hearing for johannes mehserle starts in a couple of minutes. we take you back live to claudine wong. she is outside the courthouse. also a developing story out of oakland. what police say the driver of this car did after plowing through a house. and a very unusual crime spree in vallejo who may be
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targeting elderly and disabled women. if you're driving to the bay bridge so far so good. as you approach westbound traffic, it looks pretty. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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good morning to you. welcome back. you made it to friday. it's november 5th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. time now 5:30. who is the weather like steven?
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pamela, dave, happy friday. the fog has returned to the coast. the warm november nights are giving way to cooler pattern temperature ghost going to drop a good 15-20 degrees. 60s in the coast. 70s with a lot of high clouds. here is sal. >> right now northbound 101 traffic moves along nicely. no major problems. also this morning we're looking at the bay bridge. westbound traffic is off to is a nice start. it's still light. things could change quickly. we'll have another update in a few minutes. the sentencing hearing of former bart police officer johannes mehserle will start in three hours. a judge will decide his sentencing. ktvu claudine wong joining us live. she's outside the courthouse in los angeles right now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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there are several issues facing the judge here in los angeles. the defense has filed a motion asking for the gun enhancement to be dropped. that does add more years to any sentence. once those issues are resolved then johannes will learn his fate. they say it's highly unlikely the judge will grant a new trial. analysts say it will move quickly to sentencing. johannes has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the killing of officer grant. that carries a sentence of 2-4 years. autobahn bus used in this crime. which means the judge could add three or four or ten more years to any sentence. the defense wants that gun enhancement. and because the defense thought
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mehserle had his taser not his gun in his hand. legal analysts say the judge has a lot of discretion with this and mehserle could be look at anything from base to 14 year -- from probation to 14 years in jail. >> separately gun enhancement has 3-10 years. let's say he picks four years to each. he could say i want him to serve four years for manslaughter and four years for gun enhancement or say he wants them to run at the same time. start from day one. they both run for four years or less than that. >> reporter: mehserle will get the chance to speak to the judge. he will likely do that. the family of officer grant will -- the family of grant will also have the chance to speak to the judge. four members will be making the
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victim impact statements. ktvu got the defendants thoughts. we'll have more from both sides coming up. live here in los angeles. claudine wong. police officers and business owners in downtown oakland are bracing for today's sentencing of yow mans in meze -- johannes mehserle. store windows are being boarded up. some store owners say that will be closed today. some are advising employees to work from home. >> last time was ugly. very ugly. our neighbor next door got the windows busted and everything. so hopefully it's not going to happen. but we are still worried. >> oakland police say officers have had additional training since july and will monitor
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crowds at a distance. a peaceful attribute for oscar grant is scheduled at 2:00 p.m. in front of city hall followed by a speakout at the park nearby. the sentencing hearing begins at 8:30 this morning. the judge is not allowing cameras in the courtroom. our ktvu news crew in los angeles will provide live coverage of the judges decision the moment we get that word. you can also follow the developments by going to our channel 2 website vallejo police are searching for three young female spects involved in several violent robberies. one horrifying crime is captured on surveillance tape. kraig debro is joining us live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. even though the vallejo police department is deby budget cuts. as you mentioned dave one of
5:36 am
those captured on video taped. watch this tape to the left of your scene is a woman wake walking out of a condo. on the right hand side of the screen three girls described by one victim as teenagers approached the victim. they surround the woman, grabbing at her purse as the three girls take the purse the woman falls to the ground. four robbery like this have taken place in downtown vallejo. >> it's got to stop. if they are successful at it, they will promote it and you will have other problems with other kids that will do it if they can get away with it. >> reporter: we just got to the vallejo police department this morning. we put a call in. we want to check to see if there is a possibility that any of the crimes happened overnight or possiblely one or more of these female suspects could have been arrested
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overnight. we will be looking into that for my next report. we're also following a developing story out of oakland. police are searching for the driver of a car that smashed into a home. ktvu channel 2 reporter jade hernandez joins us with more of the details. jade. >> good morning. this car left behind a path of destruction. you can see the headlight still left behind here. you go further and here a shredded fence. here you see the massive hole the car left behind. oakland police are investigating this as a hit and run. the driver and passenger ran away from the home after the accident. the woman that lives here says she was with her mother at the time and a sound of a huge crash woke her up. she did not want to talk about this with us on camera. as for arrests we have video of a man in a backseat of a squad car this morning.
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she was detained nearby. oakland police have not confirmed for us if he is being specifically questioned in this hit and run. we are told no formal arrests have been made just yet. we watched this car being towed away 45 minutes ago. obviously there is structural damage to this home. again no one was hurt. i want to bring you back out live here. pg&e turned off the power to the home here but no other residents were effected and no one was hurt. pretty amazing considering the pictures and all of the damage this car left behind this morning. this happened just after 2:00. reporting live in oakland. >> thank you. 5:38 let's go to sal. he's happy now. he's got one of his cameras back. >> we had the replacement camera it did a fine job. but it's not the regular camera. so our bay bridge toll plaza camera let's go to it right
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now. oh my goodness. so beautiful. westbound traffic come into the toll plaza. my goodness. i know steve is making fun of me right now. traffic is looking good. san francisco northbound 101 that traffic looks good as you approach the 80 split and it's somewhat light on this friday. all kidding aside if anything begins to effect the commute because of tenedos sentencing we will let you know. oakland we're looking at it with a map system. everything looks good. we will be watching it closely all morning. for that matter we will be watching it all day. let's go to steve. >> thank you. we have a lot of high clouds over us. yesterday as pam was saying a warm muggy night. look at the highs yesterday. gilroy 85. san jose 85 degrees. mountain view 82. richmond 81. and the oakland airport checked in at 81. that is our records. san diego by the way 100
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degrees. 96 l.a.. hit the beach. it was 96 at laguna beach. it was unbelievable heat down there. it will start to break. it already is for us. the fog is coming down underneath this vail of high clouds. there is a low that will continue the cooler pattern as we head toward not only later today but into saturday and sunday. sunday looks like a rainy day to me. 70s. still warm. muggy away from the coast. there is san francisco's temperature 55 which is nine degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. the signs are there now. 50s and 60s. still 60s to oakland-berkeley. sacramento in the mid 60s as well. 60s still upper 60s southern california. everything will start to change statewide. higher clouds coming in will take the edge off these temps.
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that will continue the cooling trend for us. 60s and 70s. upper 70s for some. the five-day has high clouds. fog. still warm and muggy away from the coast. don't forget to set your clocks back one hour. san francisco police will hold a news conference this morning to talk about the death of a woman in russian hill. 46-year-old kate horan was found inside her chestnut street apartment early saturday morning. officers said they received a call to check on horan's well being. police have not yet said how she was killed. >> so at this point we believe that a stranger knocked on the victims door and that the victim answered the door. >> police say violence in the neighborhood is rare and visitors to the apartment building do need to be buzzed in. time gnaw 5:41.
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we have developing news. this is about a plane that crashed in cuba. the latest information if anyone survived this. plus what could be next for a richmond woman who abandoned her 18-month-old son.
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good morning. fog has returned to the coast. cooler there. and temperatures will come back into the 60s. a lot of high clouds. still kind of hazy and muggy. >> welcome back. good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you. the sentencing hearing of former bart police officer johannes mehserle starts at 8:30 this morning. a judge will decide mehserle's
5:45 am
punishment. he could sentence mehserle up to 14 years in prison or he could release mehserle time served. a fire destroyed a home. a woman that was home at the time got out safely but her dog did not and died in the fire. just a couple of minutes ago the labor department reported twice as many jobs were created in the month of october as the analysts had expected. however, the labor department still says the jobless rate remains at 9.6%. mountain view police are still looking for a man that ran over one of their officers. they are questioning this monoon sunday evening when he jumped into his car and drove off nearly hitting the officer. minutes later police found the car crashed into a home but he left the scene.
5:46 am
a man is -- police were called to the parking lot of a shopping center on north mcdough boulevard when they arrived they say they found 47- year-old william boom aiming a shotgun at two people sitting inside a car. he surrounderred. police say boone knew the victims. a richmond woman accused of abandoning her 18-month-old son is facing child endangerment. they arrested 40-year-old sandra sam well yesterday morning. investigators say samwell told them she was not fit to care for her son. dominic was found abandoned in a yard wednesday morning. child protect services is taking care of him for now. we are hearing there is no survivors in the plane crash in
5:47 am
cuba. the crash killed all 68 people on board. there were no americans among the passengers. the plane was traveling to the city eastern of cuba when the pilot declared an emergency and the plane crashed and burst into flames. people in haiti earthquake camps are ignoring warning is hitting the southwest tip of the country. the national hurricane center is predicting dangerous storm surgeries and possible flash floods and mud slides. many of the 1.3 million haitians have no other place to go. the death toll has topped 120 after the eruption of mount merapi. soldiers pulled bodies from homes and streets. a man is being detained in vancouver after taking very
5:48 am
extreme measures to get into canada. investigators say this young asian man on the left boarded an air canada flight disguised as an elderly white man. there is the photo on the right. he apparently swapped his boarding passes with a u.s. citizen. sometime during that october 29th flight. investigators say he went to the restroom on the plane and took off that disguise. after the plane landed he made a claim for refugee protection. 35-year-old julian hugs body was found on wednesday on a remote area on highway 74. investigators are not giving us any details on the cause of his death but say they are ruling out foul play. family members say hug was heading to their palm desert
5:49 am
restaurant. nasa has stopped fueling the space shuttle discovery. i want to take you out live to florida this morning. the shuttle was scheduled to take off four minutes after noon our time today. just about 15 minutes ago nasa reported a fuel leak. you can hear some of the discussions being held right now. but rain canceled yesterday's launch. technical problems put off three earlier attempts in the last week. if that problem cannot be fixed by monday, that launch will be put off until next month. >> this is the final flight of this particular space shuttle. >> exactly. 5:49 let's get back to what is on the ground. sal is watching your commute. sal. >> yes, i am. things are actually doing pretty well as i look at the chp list there is not a lot going on. i want to check out 280. it's nice and light. we are hoping for a pretty good day on friday. let's move along to highway
5:50 am
101. northbound and southbound looking pretty good. this is a look at westbound bay bridge. that is light as well. >> we have a lot of high clouds over us. fog will return to the coast. so depending on your location today it could be warm own muggy. for others it will cool down. first the record temperatures. mountain view is 82. and richmond 81. it was warm here. san diego 100 degrees. that broke the old mark in '97. 1976 for those that lived here then in california was a very dry year. extremely one of the strongest drought years we ever had. ucla97 that tied a record high.
5:51 am
santa maria that is hot for them. 73. that is a record high. a lot of high clouds. still a little humidity. by the coast it will drop ten degrees for many. 55 san francisco. at this time yesterday they were 64. there is a big difference over by the coast. also i think parts of the bay. 30s in the mountains. 50s in the bay. still warm and muggy. the source of the higher clouds are getting pushed inland by a weak system. there is a low out there. it will dive south. that will continue the cooling trend. that system is your rain on sunday. today 60s by the coast. 70s mid upper by the bay. tomorrow we continue that cooling trend. rain arrives. and you set yourself back. windy looks like a cool breezy day on monday. this morning toyota reports its second quarter profits are four times higher than they
5:52 am
were a year ago. the auto maker reported profits of $1.2 billion. some economists say there is a new sign from auto dealerships that the economy may be picking up. the number of trucks, minivans, and suv is higher than the total of cars. it's an indication businesses are investigating and people are willing to pay more for their vehicles. 5:52. yet another new lawsuit from that deadly gas pipeline explosion in san bruno. why more than 50 people attached their names to this lawsuit. why they put no limits on the compensation they lost. plus he started for the giant z a a world sere. could be hosting a natural tv show. >> i just want to thank you guys
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welcome back. good morning to you. time gnaw 5:55. the number of lawsuits against pg&e is growing now for that deadly gas pipeline explosion. 182-3578lys. representing 52 individuals is included in a new lawsuit. this lawsuit claims disaster was completely presentable.
5:56 am
at least 30 families are suing pg&e. some were filed just days after the september 9th blast. a blast that killed eight people and destroyed 37 homes. now those costs are included in a new report from pg&e showing the tab for the blast could top a billion dollars. pg&e estimated this liability for deaths, injuries, and property damage and it could hit $400 million. that is on top of $450 million for replacing valves and 150 million more for pipeline and inspections. they don't include the san bruno pipeline. and other upgrades. san francisco giants is now getting the betty white treatment. the growing number of fans from the corky closer has announced
5:57 am
him host hosting saturday night live. wilson had 48 saves this past season and became a fan favorite for fear the beard and entertaining interviews. just a reminder i can't tell you enough to turn back your clocks an hour this sunday. daylight saving time ends at 2:00 sunday morning. safety experts recommend it's a good time to check the smoke alarms. >> absolutely. >> i had one beep in the middle of the night. >> always waking you up. time for sal now. traffic is doing pretty well. traditionally a quiet hour for this commute. i will show you northbound 280 traffic looks pretty nice. no major problems. also the morning drive is going to be okay on 680 as you head south driving down to the silicon valley. if you're driving to the toll plaza it's still pretty light. we'll see. 5:57 let's go back to the desk. thank you. we are now just hours away from
5:58 am
the sentencing of a bart police officer in the oscar grant shooting. we are live in los angeles this morning as johannes mehserle awaits his fate. will there be any violent reaction in the bay area. a rude awakening in oakland. we'll sew you the damage. good morning fog has returned to the coast. cooler there. what about inland? will we see more 80s? forecast in two minutes.
5:59 am