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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 8, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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good afternoon. i'm jade hernandez. we're hours from knowing an unfish out come in oak land's mayoral race. why the driver who caused this really had no control over his actions. new concerns about possible salmonella triggers another recall about eggs. the story ahead.
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good afternoon of the it's been almost a week since election day but there a few hours we may finally know who will be the next mayor of oakland. the reason for the delay is due in par to a new voting system that avoids the need for a separate run-off election. jade hernandez has an update on the situation. >> reporter: good afternoon. we're four hours from knowing an unofficial out come in the oakland mayoral race. at this point the key players -- it seems odd but that's right. voters in oakland got their first chance in this election to vote for mayor by voting according to ranked choice voting. it's a process used in san
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francisco, berkeley and san leandro. it's one which has changed this race dramatically. you can see election workers sorting here. they came in this morning and have been sorting mail-in ballots which were dropped off at polling places on election day. the effort is time consuming. >> really an unprecedented number, close to over 90,000 vote by mail ballots dropped off. after election day, we have to go through verify signatures, make sure that those voters were eligible to vote, and then we have to process awful those. >> reporter: so the question is, who will be the next mart of oakland? gene kwan leads don perota59- 41%. it's taken ten rounds of number crunching to eliminate from ten mayoral candidates. after oakland city council member rebecca kaplan's 26,000
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votes were distributed kwan stepped ahead by a point. >> if one candidate gets 50%, the majority of votes, then that candidate is the winner. we don't look at second and third choices. if no candidate gets the majority of first choice vote, the candidate who is last is eliminated and we count that candidate second choice votes. we do that round after round after round. >> fir time there will be people who got confused. they did a pretty good job of educating. in our campaign we made sure are we educated people about how it worked and i guess the only way you really know is when is it gets all counted. >> that is kwan's spokeswoman. kwan will hold a press conference 30 minutes after the update from the register of voters update at 4:00 p.m. we tried contacting perata's camp but with no luck. the update should give the
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clearest indication of a winner in the race. that tally will neither be certified or officially final. back to you. >> thank you. another closely watched undecided race is in the eleventh congress am district. democrat injuriy mcnirney appears to be holding on to a slim lead over david harmer. only 421 votes separate them. we're and hearing is underway right now on a lawsuit by harmer and other republicans that challenges the siling tour verification process in contra costa county. in question are signatures on vote by mail envelopes. there is no declared winner in the race for state attorney general. the latest numbers show los angeles county district attorney steve coolly pulling ahead of san francisco district
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attorney camila harris. coolly has 46.1% to harris' 45.6%. state elections firms say this race may remain too close to call for several more weeks. we'll post the latest election results as soon as we get them on the san francisco district attorney is holding a news conference right now to reveal new information in the killing of a woman ten days ago in her russian hill apartment. friday police announced they had arrested a 45-year-old parolee, gary scott holland, of san francisco who they say resembles this sketch based on witnessed descriptions of a man in the building at the time of the killing. investigators say holland posed as a utility worker checking a gas leak in order to get into her apartment and kill her.
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fremont police are investigating the second fatal pedestrian accident since friday. investigators say a 53-year-old man was hit around 8:30 rase night while walking across the street. police say he was jaywalking in a dark area with dark clothes. the driver was unhurt. on friday police say an 83-year- old man was killed by a hit and run driver at fremont boulevard and norris road. they're looking for a vehicle described as a light colored 1995 toyota avalon like this one. the victim was in a crosswalk. oakland police are investigating a strange set of circumstances overnight. it started with a driver being shot and ended when his car crashed into a house and forced an evacuation over a gas leak. kraig debro has more. >> reporter: good afternoon. the people who live in this
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house are able to return here around 8:00 a.m. today. they've gone just temporarily to see if they can find a temporary place to stay. police are trying to determine who shot this man and why. the family that live here's is trying to find a new place to stay. >> when he hit the house, we could have blew up. >> this family doesn't feel safe here. the roof above the porch is about to fall. this morning the family was jolted out of a sound sleep by the sound of a car ramming their house. >> it was a couch in front directly in front of the fireplace. it's no longer a fireplace. it pushed the couch from that wall to the other wall. >> the drive was like let parked in this driveway before managing to drive a few feet. >> male adult victim was inside, he was apparently shot, the vehicle traveled about four house lengths down the street and crashed into the side of the house. >> three gas lines were
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ruptured, one on each structure on the property. the threat of explosion led to the evacuation of ten homes. >> he hit the meter and the gas went -- you could hear it hissing real loud. >> pg&e crews came back to capt leak but cannot turn the gas back on right now. the victim has not been identified and is on life support in a local hospital. this family could use life support. the roof on their car is the only thing with a solid foundation. what do you think about all this? >> tragedy. >> shocked. >> scared. >> i wanted to show you this up close. this is part of a fence that turned into a project i'll, sliced through the siding of this house. you can see what did would have done to a person. you can see where the pg&e has cut off the gas pipes to the
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three structures to this property. there's no telling when the gas will be turned back on and when these people can move back in. police have no word on any suspects. back to you. >> thank you. oakland police are still looking for a meet nigh the shooting deaths of two teenagers in west oakland. the victims were attacked while sitting in a car on 8th street saturday afternoon. police are not releasing their names but say the one victim was a 17-year-old from hayward, the other victim was 18 years old from east oakland. police say they were shot by someone from outside the car and died at the scene. >> it's not right. it's not right at all. all these people around here, nobody seen nothing, that's not right. >> police say the car was not registered to either shooting victim. no arrests have been made. johannes mehserle remains in the los angeles county jail. the former bart police officer
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will likely stay there until his bail hearing in two weeks. last friday a judge in los angeles sentenced johannes mehserle to two years in prison for the fatal shooting of oscar grant 22 months ago. the judge said he believed johannes mehserle's testimony that he confused his pistol for his taser. >> this judge felt this fellow deserves jail time. i don't think it's worth the max but i'm also not going to give him probation. so he split the baby. >> it's still a very harsh punishment. it doesn't stack up in a lot of people's minds for shooting someone in the back. >> he will be ebb believe for release in about seven months. the street violence that followed the johannes mehserle sentencing has ignite another debate. a day of peaceful protests ended in an angry confrontation between protesters and police in downtown oakland friday night. some protesters claimed police militarized the area and were
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looking for a fight. many business owners in downtown oakland reopened their stores for the first time since that street violence friday night. they spent most of the weekend cleaning up. vandals broke several store front windows and caused other damage. the destruction was far less than what happened during protests after the bart shooting verdict was announced in july. we have continuing coverage of the johannes mehserle case on later what michael jackson's mother is saying today about her late son and an addiction. this was the scene from -- steve paulson will tell us if any more rain is headed toward your neighborhood. i look forward to a
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reformed united nations security council that includes india as a permanent member. >> president barack obama makes an announcement that draws applause from the parliament of india.
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all lanes of westbound 580 are back open following a
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multivehicle accident that caused a huge backup this morning. the accident happened around 6:00 a.m. p there pleasanton near doherty road involving a big rig and several other vehicles. three of the right lanes were blocked. the back imriewp grew for than a mile. a louisiana lawyer suing bp over the gulf oil spill calls a preliminary report about the cause of the spill absolutely absurd. during a hearing today the national oil spill commission created by president barack obama said it found no proof that any company associated with the disaster had cut corners to reduce costs. the spill killed eleven workers and released more than 200 million gallons of crude oil into the gulf of mexico. several congressional democrats accused bp are putting profits ahead of safety. the commission's final report is due in january. president barack obama today endorsed giving india a permanent seat on the united
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nations security council. he made that announcement in a speech to the indian parliament. india has sought a permanent seat on the security council for years. observes are say it would be tied to reforms of security council structure and that could take years. >> the just and sustainable international order that america seeks includes a united nations that is efficient, effective, credible, and legitimate. that is why i can say today in the years ahead, i look forward to a reformed united nations security council that includes india as a permanent member. >> the president and first lady also laid a wreetd at a memorial to gandhi. the u.s. supreme court turned down the first challenge to president barack obama's health care plan. the california based pacific justice institute appealed to the high court without going through the appeals process so the rejection is no surprise.
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all nine justices participated. another egg recall has been announced too. the country's biggest egg seller is recalling 288,000 eggs it had purchased from an ohio farm after a test showed salmonella at the farm. no illnesses have been reported. the eggs were distributed in california and seven other states. you can find details at san francisco does not have enough health ininspectors to examine all 5600 restaurant and food prep are ration facilities in the city. the health department has 19 trained inspectors right now. already supposed to be 23. all facilities must be inspected at least twice a
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year. the staffing shortage means many restaurants are only inspected once a year. it takes months to hire and train new inspectors. san francisco supervisors will discuss proposals today concerning food truck vendors. vendors say the current permit process is too complicate ad fees are too high. some restaurant owners complain their businesses are hurt by food vendors who do not have to deal with rent and other expenses. vendors would be required to notify businesses before they set up shop so restaurants can air any concerns that they have at a public hearing. today bart collected on a world series bet. & my love waits above san francisco above the blue and windy sea &. >> that's gary thomas singing "i left my heart in san francisco" at the embarcadero station. he is the head of the dallas area rapid transit or dart. this is part of the deal since the giants beat the rangers in
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the world series. thomas had to wear a lot of giants gear. >> does it pain you to wear the giants gear? >> i don't look at it. i'm pretending it's a different hat, different shirt. >> thomas is handing out fortune cookies and st. mary's bugle corps was on hand to help serenade commuters. let's check in with steve paulson. very different weather picture today. >> that's the truth. last week we had really warm temperatures. after sunday's rain when he mostly sunny skies today but much cooler and breezy. some upper 30s this morning. breezy for some, not too bad for others. strongest wind is in the higher elevations and long the coast. mostly clear. north bay clear, most of the east bay clears are also peninsula. south bay has a few clouds. sunny, breezy and cool. clouds increase tuesday.
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probably a cold tuesday morning. rain is likely, not a lot. this is a weak system. after wednesday sunshine and warm weather. everything is coming down out of the northwest. the leading edge of that next system is just moving into the picture. our system left some pretty good rain totals. we're on the dry ther side right now. this is more for the north bay right there. not a lot expected out of this system tomorrow night. hidden valley in lake county got 2.25 inches of rain. those were the most i could find. st. helena this morning 34. los gatos 41. danville 43.
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mill valley 47. a breeze kept some of these temperatures up this morning. highs today will even cool, upper 50s and low 60s. that cooler air mass is selling in. 50s right now. oakland, berkeley 61. 30s in the mountains. southern california much cooler this week. sunshine today, mostly sunny. here comes our next system. it's very weak. clouds starting tomorrow. today cool and breezy. a northwest breeze, that's a cool wind, highs near 60. some light rain for the north bay late tuesday into early wednesday. 50s, 60s on the highs.
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clouds increase tomorrow, some late rain, chilly and clearing wednesday, sunny and warmer. thursday morning could be darn cold. >> thank you. the gym at claremont middle school in oakland is off limits today following an overnight fire. firefighters rushed to the school around 2:00 a.m. the fire was contained to the roof of the school's gym, but generated a lot of smoke. no injuries were reported. there is a lot of water damage. an electrical problem may be to blame. muni is addressing a recurring problem with its trains. they've been experiencing about twelve mechanical malfunctions a month contributing to a number of delays. muni says the three main causes have been software, digital sensors and disruptions in the communications system. they say train service should be much better in the coming
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months. a closer look at what's happening on wall street. what michael jackson's mother is saying today about her late son and an addiction.
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stocks are mixed to lower today after hitting a two-year high last week. they're being weigh down by financial shares. the dow is down 35 right now.
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technology is doing ok, it's up about a half point, the nasdaq is. s&p down about two. michael jackson's mother says her son was addicted to surgery. she talked about the kick of pop on today's episode of the oprah show. she said her son thought he was ugly when eaves teenageer and decided one day to get a nose job. she said his nose kept getting smaller and smaller after repeated operations. at one point she asked the surgeon to pretend he operated if jackson asked for another surgery. jackson died in june of last year. the city of san jose can't quite cover the costs of the you in the terminal at the airport. the total price tag is $1.3 billion. right now the city is about $110 million short. city leaders say it's more a matter of getting higher credit limits from banks that already hold some of the financing. they're confident they can get credit extensions from some of
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the loan holders. they'll discuss the topic at tomorrow's city council meeting. someone has collared five birds in the bait area with beer cans. the cans interrupt preening and make it harder for the birds to eat. this is outraged some that volunteers are asking for help to find whoever is mistreating these birds. that's coming up at 5:00. thank you for watching. have a great day.
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