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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 13, 2010 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. the bay area's busiest urban beach gets covered with thousands and thousands of jelly fish. so what's going on? good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm heather holmes. the jaw-dropping jellyfish invasion at california's oceanbeach is a very wild sight. biologists are showing up on monday to look at the abundance of jellyfish onshore. mike mibach joins us now live with the incredible pictures. mike? >> reporter: heather, right now 20 yards, 30 yards away from the ocean. this is what we're talking about. want to give you a closeup look at one of the thousands of
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jellyfish that watched up onshore here overnight. as can you tell it's pretty big judging by the size it is similar to a frisbee. a saturday night sunset at san francisco's ocean beach. >> i don't know whether to be concerned or not. >> reporter: with a twist. >> something weird is going on. >> reporter: thousands of jellyfish came out here stretching all wide. >> i came out here this morning to surf and they were all over the place. i haven't seen it before. >> what do you think about this? >> it's crazy i've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: the jellyfish spread throughout the day. many locals came out for a peak to manoeuvre through this section of beach. of course, many with cameras in hand. >> a food chain service maybe because if these things may not have all wound up dead on the beach like this. >> is there something in the
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water, is it the warm weather? >> there are tens of thousands of jellyfish own the beach right now. >> reporter: the golden gate recreation area has its own theory. a strong overnight swell carried the ocean creatures to shore. >> these are moon jellyfish and they don't stink. i wouldn't pick one up and play with it. >> reporter: the answer to this mystery will have to wait until the scientists arrive. until then as day turned to night one long cobblestone pathway of jellyfish remain along the sands of ocean beach. >> we don't know for sure what their mortality rate will be. we will just let them sit here. that's what you can do. >> that's all we can do. it's a natural event. and we let nature take its course in the national parks. >> reporter: and the golden gate national recreation area says it reported the jellyfish to its biologists. they are expected to come out on monday for a look. until then, ocean beach is indeed open to the public. reporting live tonight here in san francisco, mike mibach,
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ktvu, channel 2. meantime, commercial crab fishermen in the bay area are ready to drop their traps. dungeness crab season starts at 12:01 monday morning. and the fishermen with putting the final touches. a small craft advisory is expected tomorrow so the fleet may have a bumpy ride as they head out to the crab line. the sports fishers is above average. crab fishermen are optimistic they will return next week with loads of the tasty treats. >> ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is in the channel 2 winter center. >> wind speeds are much are aing up especially for the higher terrain. the recent gusts over the past couple of hours. over 3800 feet a gust of 55 miles per hour. mount hamilton right around 53. the oakland hills not as extreme right around 20 miles per hour. we still have this wind advisory currently in place
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until 10:00 monday. so all day tomorrow, right on through monday morning for elevations up before 1,000 feet. we could have winds gusting at least approaching 50 miles per hour. it just depends on what elevation you are at. in fact, right around 3,000 feet tomorrow afternoon. actually throughout the day tomorrow winds where you could expect up to 50 miles per hour around 1,000 feet. 35 miles per hour. the surface is right around 20 to 25 miles per hour. just depends on the elevation for tomorrow. you will experience as far as temperatures a significant warmup compared to at least the past few days. a lot more on that warm weather forecast coming up in a little bit. >> fairfield police tonight say the prime suspect in a double homicide may be headed to the border. the man is wanted for hiding out and then killing his ex- girlfriend as well as the new boyfriend. >> reporter: the neighbors at this crawly lane neighborhood looked over the scene but there was nothing to see. patricia heard several shots.
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>> i was laying on the couch in the living-room and i heard the bang and the screams. a lady screaming. and i woke james up. james, there is gunfire. he said get away from the window and we heard two more. >> reporter: the woman's body was lying two feet from her apartment door. her boy friend's body was nearby. police say her ex-boyfriend killed both victims just after 1:00 this morning. witnesses say he was hiding behind this pick-up waiting for the victims to come home. bosworth said she saw the suspect seconds after the killings. >> he just stood there. he was just standing there. and then he went this way. >> reporter: and ran away? >> ran all the way around with the gun in his hand. >> reporter: police are now searching for him who may be driving a 1999 white dodge van with a blue stripe on the side. california license plate number 8h03092. >> we actually have a local address for the suspect as well as a possible destination he may be en route to.
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>> reporter: police say he may be headed to mexico or new mexico. in a case where police indicate they have evidence leading to a suspect, well, they may have even more evidence at this apartment complex on the roof are what appear to be fairly new looking security cameras. but the neighbors may provide the best information. apartment manager says when she heard the shots, she knew. >> and the only thing i told my husband, he came back and he just killed them because he promised to come back and kill them and he did. >> reporter: the police say he had confronted his ex- girlfriend and her new boyfriend at 6:00 yesterday evening. that encounter ended with him running away before the police arrived. he had these parting words. >> and told them that he was not going to stop until he killed every single one of them. >> in fairfield, ktvu, channel 2 news. ktvu has learned tonight from fairfield police that the female victim obtained a
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restraining order against the suspect but it had not yet been served. >> the family of a man killed this week by oakland police joined forces with local activists calling for an end to police brutality. the family of derek jones met with the family of oscar grab. the young man killed by a former bart police officer in 2009. activists from by any means necessary and the nation of islam have meeting weekly since grant's death. >> the community that you see here, the community that has suffered, it comes from every walk of life, black, brown, red, yellow and white, all who together are demanding justice for the many unjust police shootings. oakland police were responding to a domestic dispute monday when they shot and killed derek jones. police say jones refused to stop and was reaching for something shiny near his waist. that officer turned out to be an electronic scale, commonly used to weigh drugs. an elderly east bay woman died today after a fire at her
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home that started shortly after 11:00 in richmond in a home of the 400 block. fire officials say neighbors found 83-year-old jane farr on her front porch and moved her to safety. investigators say she was burned over a large portion of her body and she was pronounced dead at the scene. there is no word yet on the cause of that fire. a delicate rescue operation was needed earlier today in san francisco to public two men who became stranded on a cliff near lands end. the national park service got the call at 2:20 and rescue crews were sent to the spot near eagles point. officials say the men got stuck after wandering into a closed area of the park, possibly to follow their dog. crews carefully brought up each man in a harness. they also rescued the dog from the beach below. no one was hurt. state corrections officials are considering ending residency restrictions for sex offenders. in 2006 voters passed jessica's law which bans registered sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a school or park.
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well, some argue that law has forced sex offenders into homelessness, making them harder to track. according to a statewide task force, the number of sex offender parolees registered as transients increased 750% since that law took effect. there are currently more than 5,000 sex offenders registered as transients. prosecutors have dropped felony charges against the three remaining defendants in the beating of a high school basketball player. 17-year-old brian lee was seriously injured in the attack last year that was caught on security cameras at jesse bethel high school. the da's office has decided not to pursue felony torture charges against twin brothers alexander and ibrahim tilly and the other. but the trio still faces serious assault and gang charges. the move follows the acquittal last month of three other defendants in this case. a big rig dumped some of its load of gravel on the bay bridge today snarling traffic
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for hours. it happened on the westbound lanes, the upper deck just before 6:00 this morning. the highway patrol shut down three of the westbound lanes while the crews cleaned up the mess. all of the lanes were reopened at 8:30 this morning. five people were killed. five more injured today in a crash involving seven motorcycles. the highway patrol said the fatal collision happened on route 98 in imperial county. investigators say a car tried to pass about a dozen motorcyclists on the two lane highway. that's when an oncoming car swerved out of the way, lost control and ran into the bikes. two men and two women on motorcycles and a car passenger were killed. the highway patrol says the car that tried to pass did not stop. and the authorities are now trying to find that driver. it appears house speaker nancy pilosi will remain head of the house democrats next year as her party takes the minority position. pilosi also brokered a deal which will head off an ugly internal spat from the number two spot.
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maryland representative hoyer currently majority leader would remain second in command. while south carolina congressman jim claburn is set to serve in a newly created third ranking leadership position. well, this deal allows house democrats to avoid an internal fight between claburn, the highest ranking african american in congress and hoyer. former president george w. bush is making some public appearances promoting his new book. he spoke for about 20 minutes at a retirement about his book "decision points." the one chapter deals with the september 11th terror attacks. the former president today recalled that september day. >> i still marvel at the bravery of the firefighters and the compassion of strangers and the matchless courage of the passengers who forced down that plane. september the 11th redefined sacrifice. it redefined duty. and it redefined my job. about 1,000 people lined up for a copy of the book and a
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face-to-face meeting with the former president. thanksgiving is still almost two weeks away. but hundreds of families on the peninsula are giving thanks today. >> a first in california's history, the minority that can now claim it is the majority in the classroom. and from the front lines to the big screen, see how america's veterans are sharing their stories from the battle fields. the 10:00 news will continue in 90 seconds.
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. it's the time of year when charities are doing what they can could help those less fortunate during the holidays. even though the economy has been slowly improving there are a still a lot of people who need h ktvu's john sasaki reports. >> reporter: a sunny day helped brighten the spirits in san mateo today. but perhaps that was just the icing on the pro verbal cake wins hundreds of people received some much needed holiday food donations. >> i am on disability currently. i tell you with out samaritans house myself and a lot of other people would be in tough spots. >> reporter: they hosted a shop for free day for people in need. >> i am a single parent. on top of that i have custody for my grandparents. we don't know how we will make it through christmas. even last year was really hard. they get pasta, tortillas
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and fresh vegetables and onions and carrots. pulled out some apples. >> reporter: plus canned goods and juices and a voucher for a turkey or chicken. >> all of this food is donated through local super markets and the communicate. we couldn't do that without the help of the community. most of these people here are volunteers here. so it is community helping community. >> reporter: the economic downturn has leveled off. the bad news is it is still twice as high as it was just a couple of years ago. frances invited us to her home where we watched her organize the groceries she picked up for her family of seven. >> i am very grateful for everybody that donated. samaritans house really needs a lot more help out there. >> reporter: samaritans house officials always need more donations and volunteers. these volunteers were clearly moved by the reaction they got from the people they helped. >> appreciation and just total gratitude. everyone, you know, here has
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said thank you and wished us a nice local day. which, you know, is really special. >> reporter: sam mayor ton house is doing another shop for free day next weekend and two more leading into christmas. in san mateo, i'm john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. we have more on how you can help charities during the holiday season on our website. go to and click down to the right now section. just released numbers from the california department of education show latinos now make up the majority of california's public school students. a first in the state's history. of the 6.2 million students in public schools this year, almost 50.4% said they are latino. in comparison, 27% of students said they are white. 9% asian, 7% black. and students who identified themselves as filipino, pacific island error native american made up almost 7%. analysts say this illustrates a major shift of population trends for the golden state.
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san packlo police are looking for a person who shot and killed a man sitting in his car. it happened shortly after 7:00 on shasta avenue. a fight broke out among a group of women. at some point shots were fired. the man was killed. he was not involved in the fight but witnesses tell the police cannon was shot several times by one person. investigators have not yet identified a suspect in this case. police in richmond tonight are searching for clues in the shooting death of a richmond man. it happened at 1:30 this morning in the 900 block of 23rd street. officers found the 30-year-old man shot to death in a doorway. investigators say there had been a private party at the nearby veterans hall but it is unclear if he was an invited guest. there is no word on a possible motive or suspects. anyone with any information about this case is asked to contact the richmond police. >> hundreds of pounds of outdated prescription drugs were handed over to officials today in an effort to keep those drugs off the streets and
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out of the hands of teenagers. the castro valley community action network organized a medicine drop-off today. volunteers collected pills for safe disposal while law enforcement handled the controlled substances that were turned in. >> vicoden, oxycontin and perk set and these are the drugs that people like to use. >> organizers say 1-5 teenagers have abused prescription drugs. 300 pounds of medication were collected at a similar event back in may. a stanislav county boy will now be allowed to continue ride to go school with an american flag attached to his bike. the 13-year-old boy started carrying the flag the beginning of a school year to honor veterans. but on mondays the officials told him to remove the flag because some students complained about it. and apparently made threats. the school district reversed its decision yesterday. documentary film makers once had only one way to show their work on the silver
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screen. now the internet has given a group of military veterans a chance to make sure their stories can be seen around the world. casey stegall reports. >> reporter: after serving on the frontlines of war, veterans face a number of issues when returning home to civilian life. >> i found there was a lot of obstacles in my way. not just, you know, the gi bill or studying or finals like that. but just, you know, there is ppsd. there is physical disabilites. >> reporter: so chris wanted to tell his story. >> i thought it was something that the american public needs to see. it is something that is kind of glossed over. >> reporter: chris is just one of a handful of veterans who have been selected by the brave new foundation to write, shoot, produce and direct his own 15- minute documentary. >> i realized that these veterans could tell a story about returning to the -- returning home from a perspective that nobody else can capture. >> reporter: working with a $4 million grant that chosen vets
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go through operation in their boots, teaching them the basics of film and how to translate their story on to the silver screen. >> i am going to be documenting soldiers struggling from the battlefield to the college campus. >> reporter: other products delve into everything from veterans dealing with substance abuse to troops coping with survivor's guilt after one of their comrades has been killed in the line of duty. >> i hope the public will get to see in these documentaries this un filtered experience that will get them closer to the veteran experience. >> more than 20 films have already been made since the program's inception three years ago. you can check them out online or watch them on certain public television stations in your area. for complete listings or to watch them on the worldwide web head to in tucson, arizona, casey stegall, fox news. >> the trip is over. president obama concludes his
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visit to asia. did he accomplish what he set out to help the community. >> no friends for you. which country blocked facebook and the reason behind its decision. >> the bay area warmup continues. coming up the areas that will near the 80-degree mark.
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in japan tonight president obama assured russia's president that he is commited to getting the senate to ratify the start nuclear weapons treaty. that treaty reduces the limit on strategic warheads for each country to 1,550 from the current 2200. republican versus led the resistance to the treaty. the two world leaders were in japan for the asia pacific economic cooperation summit. more on those trade talks. >> reporter: well, president obama has been pushing the trade agenda making the case to these world leaders that everyone can benefit from expanded trade, mr. obama pointing out that the seven of the top trading partners with
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the u.s. are part of apec. also pointing out that 60% of u.s. exports come to this region, the case mr. obama has been making on this asia tour is that the global markets as they open up, there is more opportunity for u.s. jobs creating jobs back at home. but some here are worried that the united states is coming with its hands outlooking for jobs back at home. they wonder what are they getting in return? mr. obama addressed that issue speaking to business leaders today. >> i make no apologies for doing whatever i can to bring those jobs and industries to america. but what i've also said throughout this trip is that in the 21st century there is no need to view trade, commerce, or economic growth as zero sum gains where one country always has to prosper at the expense of another. if we work together, and act together, strengthening our economic ties can be a win-win for all of our nations. >> reporter: the headlines have
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not been favorable for the obama administration. words like disappoint, setback because the u.s. was not able to make any real progress on the china currency issue. we are not able to lock up a trading deal with south korea. one top administration official pointing out that these deals take time. that they are incremental steps before you finally get a victory. and this official pointing out that this negative talk about the u.s. not being able to accomplish what it came here to do is nothing but exaggerations. dan latham, japan. in other world of the news tonight, after seven years of house arrest nobel prize laureate chi was freed today. greeted by chanting and singing supporters chi said she was happy to be met by those gathered and promised to speak publicly. she had been detained for 15 of the last 21 years. the release of sue chi is not expected to have any immediate
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effects on myanmar or its jailing of 2,000 political prisoners. >> a bomb exploded outside a crowded bizarre in kundu's province. six were members of the afghan security forms. taliban attacked the nato field. the attack was foiled and the insurgents were killed by nato helicopter gun ships. this was the third unsuccessful attack on the airfield in the past year. and in iraq, after an ate month impasse, iraqi lawmakers agreed to a plan that brings all of the countries feuding political factions together in a new government led by shiite prime minister malaki, a main sunni political faction it agreed to the plan after shiites plan to forge a new deep application commission which had banned three sunni members of parliament from
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taking their seats. >> saudi arabia was blocked facebook before it was restored. the social networking site was temporarily blocked to the nation's 27 million people. the action was taken because facebook had "crossed a line" and offended the kingdom's conservative moral values. so far no word on what upset the saudi officials. pakistan, as well as bang will -- took similar actions against facebook after a user proposed creating everybody draw mohamed day event. >> record setter and controversy maker. how a new video game has created a stir with a nearby country. >> and a new mayor? what about a new stadium where oakland officials would like the oakland as to play ball. [ music ] . >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought toy by mancini sleep world and save
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a. >> black ops, the 7th video game in the call of duty series has broken all rerds. it sold more than five million copies in the first 24 hours. while the game is extremely popular year in the united states, it has caused a stir in cuba. shasta darlington has the story from havana. a new american video game literally takes aim at cuba's fidel castro. one of the first inside call of duty blackops is to rub out the young leader of the revolution. unlike in real life, players appear to do just that. in disturbingly gory detail. no official reaction from the government here in havana. but this state-run website denounced the game for glorifying a fascination and inciting america's youth to behave like violent sews i don't see paths.
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the cuban government site also ridicules the cia. what the united states couldn't accomplish in more than 50 years they are now trying to do virtually, it says. in real life castro survived scores of assassination attempts and outlasted ten u.s. administrations. illness forced him to step down in 2006. but after four years of seclusion, fidel castro is back in action. he is not in power but he has got his trademark fatigues on and tours havana delivering speeches about the dangers of nuclear war. cuba has taken a different path when it comes to keeping the cold war alive for its youth. the attempts on castro have been reenact emptied a big budget t.v. series. in one episode, the cia has scientists develop a poisonous cigar for castro's visit to the u.n. in new york. the plot is foiled when new york's police chief refuses to
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deliver them. >> reporter: even in call of duty, castro proves immortal at the end. >> this is my gift to you in honor of our new relationship. >> reporter: shasta darlington, havana. >> a federal judge in sacramento threw out key parts of a case against 12 men accused of plotting the violent over three of the communist regime in laos. the retired army lieutenant colonel in woodland who served two towers in the vietnam war are accused of buying weapons. they charged out the laws that they violated the federal neutrality act by plotting a violent could you please against a foreign nation which with the u.s. was in peace. the judge also said he was troubled that the prosecutor's version of events had changed radically from the time of the men's arrest in 2007. well, there were suits, jewels and enough shoes to make
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imelda marcos jealous. they auctioned off bernie and ruth madoff's items. many of the items actually went for more than expected. a 10. 5-carat engagement ring went for $550,000. $200,000 more than anticipated. the money raised goes to help compensate his victims. it is believed he swindled $50 billion out of his victims in his long running poncy scheme. >> the beleaguered and battered u.s. postal service is telling congress it looks like it will run out of money next year if things don't change. the postal service saw a six about piece drop in first class mail in the last year. they are paying almost $5.5 million to fund future retiring and $2.5 billion to pay for compensation insurance.
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zhazha gabor is back at home after being hospitalized for a leg infection. she returned to her mansion today along with two nurses. the 93-year-old actress was admitted to the ucla hospital with painful swelling in her legs. her husband said if the infection doesn't clear up she may have to undergo surgery. she has been hospitalized several times this year. >> the oakland as may be considering a move to san jose. but oakland officials are planning for a new ballpark near jack london square. the oakland planning commission next month will consider a proposal for a new 39,000 seat stadium. now, it would be bound by oak street, the lake mayor channel. it also includes shops, offices and residential housing. a little leaguers they got a big league honored to from a san francisco giants clubhouse. the giants community fund handed out the junior giants will sikh mack award to 73 players and coaches from leagues that participate in the
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program. the winners also got to meet the award's namesake willy mccovey. they are chosen for leadership, teamwork, confidence and integrity. >> that's an award that really makes sure that the kids have followed through in showing up early, helping the coach clean up after practice. >> nine players and ten coaches from the bay area received the junior giants willy mack award. to find out about other events going on this weekend in the bay area, be sure to go to our website and click on the weekend extra tab. >> always a lot going on. and a surprise appearance from a bay area music legend. [ music ] >> that is huey lewis on the stage. we will tell you why he had a surprise concert tonight. >> some major changes in the bay area weather. meteorologist mark tamayo will tell us when and where they
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will happen. [ music ] ktvu, channel 2 news investigates what type of ticket you would be getting soon will not be an option. monday on ktvu, channel 2 news at 5, complete bay area coverage.
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[ music ] windy and warm across the entire bay area for today. we will hold on to that pattern for tomorrow. but some changes in the five- day forecast. right now on the maps i can show you some higher clouds up to the north and west. the bay area for the most part we do have mostly clear skies. mostly clear to partly cloudy conditions. bring in here and come in tighter to oakland airport. this is where i stopped in earlier today, in fact, to watch something that i think is kind of neat. check it out right now. there is me. you can see the release of a weather balloon. this happens actually twice a day, morning and afternoon. this is the most important part of the whole process.
10:39 pm
the temperature sensor and the wind sensor and the humidity sensor all gets attached to the ball and. that gets released and it goes up rapidly, 1,000 feet a minute. this happens at 8,000 sites. four in the state and only four here in the bay area. it happens in the morning and the afternoon. it goes up and measures all of the different variables and comes back instantly pretty much back to the computer. all of that information we use for the forecast and especially for the computer models. the next launch is first thing tomorrow morning right around 3:00. back here on earth a very warm day. the temperatures are 3-6 degrees warmer than yesterday's high. san francisco topped out at 70. 81 in santa rosa. livermore at 72 degrees. you can see the high clouds moving into the region throughout the day. mostly clear skies for tonight. warming up for sunday. the extended forecast a significant cooling trend especially by wednesday and into thursday. this is the source of the warmup and also the wind.
10:40 pm
this area of high pressure. tomorrow a little bit warmer. most areas in the 70s is. warmest locations on either side of 80 degrees. still a bit of a breeze out there with the wind advisory posted for the north bay hills and the east bay hills. but still some of those stronger could mix with the winds around 20-25 miles per hour. still fairly warm for monday. we begin our cooling trend for tuesday and into wednesday. first thing tomorrow morning mostly clear skies. 48-58 degrees. by 12:00 warming up 55-70s the eventual temperature range for most areas upper 60s to the upper 70s. fairfield is mid-70s. richmond at 74. some more neighborhoods, oakland at 74 degrees. livermore is 76. antioch is 77. and san jose is 77. these temperatures will check in right around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. and san francisco is just beautiful 72 degrees. here is a look ahead at the five day forecast. you will notice into monday
10:41 pm
pretty much-identical forecast gradually scale back on the winds, especially across the higher terrain. temperatures really cooling off by tuesday. and then by wednesday partly cloudy skies. thicken up those clouds by thursday with a chaps of a sprinkle chance of a sprinkle. temperatures heather and ken only in the 50s with rain chances returning to the bay area. >> enjoy this while it is around. >> enjoy tomorrow. it will be beautiful around here. >> thanks, mark. >> sure. >> legendary bay area musician huey lewis made a surprise guest appearance at a benefit concert on treasure island. [ music ] >> that of course is the man himself along with, well, the news performing their hit heart of rock and roll. 3,000 people were at the safeway foundation gala that event raises money for national causes such as cancer research and hunger relief. that foundation by the way is the philanthropic arm of pleasant based safeway. coming up next stanford travels to the desert and takes on the arizona sun devils.
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>> cal try to pull off one of the biggest upsets in school history as they face the hop ranked oregon introduction. joe fonzi has all of the highlights up next.
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[ music ] >> good evening, everyone. welcome to this saturday night edition of sports wrap. a day in college football in which some of the highly ranked teams fell behind and had to struggle to pull out wins. put 7th ranked stanford in that category. the sun devils haven't lost to stanford at home since 1999. stanford took the early lead. owen from a yard out in the first quarter. that was one of just nine yards