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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 16, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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oakland police why the chp is on the bay bridge chasing a vehicle up to 100 miles an hour. traffic so far is doing well. we are seeing slow downs now. we'll tell you where they are. record setting temperatures from sunday and monday. they are over. but today will be sunny but how long? plus a suspect on the run lead police into one neighborhood. the commotion rowl is a dog. good morning opinion thank you for joining us on this tuesday november 16th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. here is steve.
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thanks. skies are clear. it will be sunny today. a little cooler. temperatures dropping 10-15 degrees compared to yesterday. there is still wind in the higher elevations but at the surface it's still calm. we will end up with 60s and 70s big changes as we head to the weekend. coming up soon we will take a look at that. interstate 880 traffic looks good. getting up to the mccarthur maze no major problems. we are looking at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. we are 50 minutes away from switching on the metering lights and then the backup will begin. we are beginning with overnight news. police are investigating a possible link between a high speed chase, a crash, and a series of street rob rips. kraig debro joining us live he's in oakland. good morning, craig. >> reporter: good morning. hard to believe three people
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will be responsible for all of that. they have three people in custody. they say these three people may be responsible for a series of terrifying armed street robberies three hours earlier. it ended up on east 25th and highland. chp corned two men and a woman here. police say a white buick sedan crashed into another car here. the suspects fled on foot. initially couldn't find the suspects. officers pulled out heavy weapons and called in at least one canine unit and looked underneath porches and homes before cuffing three people. this began at 1:30 in the morning when oakland police attempted to stop the driver of the vehicle. the driver took off and took oakland and chp officers on a chase that reached speeds up to 100 miles an hour and on to the
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bay bridge. he got off and headed back to oakland. there could be another reason why drivers do not want to talk to police. they could be responsible for seven armed street robberies that began around 7:00 last night. they also might be connected to a home invasion robbery that happened within the time frame another other robberies. we saw lot at the scene. what we didn't see was weapons used. we need to call the police to ask why they believe the same people are responsible for the street robberies. reporting live in oakland kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. concord police shot a pit bull bull. police say they found the stolen car abandoned on nearby dina street. they began searching backyards for the suspect. now police say while asking for
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permission to search one yard a homeowner two-year-old pit bull charged an officer and police dog. >> the dog presented a threat to our officers and the dog and unfortunately our attempts to control the dog resulted in us having to shoot the dog. although it doesn't appear it will be mortally injured. >> the pit bulls owner said he would to talk to police. his dog suffered a soldier injury and now back at home. he also tells us police caught the suspect in a tree in his backyard. more human remains have been found in goalen gate park. all of this follows the discovery on sunday of a severed arm near the polo field. investigators now say all of the human remains belong to one man. medical examiner will determine when that man died and if he died of natural causes. we did talk to a man who actually lives in goalen gate park. he says he's not surprised that human remains were found.
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>> i'm aware of what the danger is. it's quite dangerous out here. several times i had problems. >> at this point they have no reason to suspect foul play and there is no indication the park is not safe. but visitors are urged to be careful about their surroundings. i want to go back over to sal to check in on the commute. how does it look? >> it looks pretty good. this is usually the time if you want to leave the house early you can jump ahead to the crowd. now we will start to the middle of the bay. the san mateo bridge. as you drive over the bridge there is no major issues. so both of those bridges heading over to the peninsula that's the commute direction. just move along interstate 880 here. traffic is moving well here in both directions as well. now if you are driving on westbound 580 it looks good all
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the way out to castro valley and southbound traffic looks good. also we're look agent the commute. it looks like there is a little bit of color showing up already. watch for slow traffic there. yellow means slow and red on the map means stop and go. let's go to steve. thank you very much. for the next even days we are going from 70s to 80s to 40s and 50s. the leading edge is beginning to move through. the first system that comes through will be dry. there be a change in the air mass. a little bit today it will be sunny but not 80 degrees. we have wind in the higher elevations. 70s and -- 60s and 70s. fremont starting off at 60. 68 at noon and 72 for our forecast today. san francisco was nutty yesterday because thigh tied a record of high of 80 degrees
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and that temperature sat there for three hours. today we are starting off at 59. 12-degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. i want 68 for a high today but by four it will drop pretty past. 41 this morning. much noticeably cooler lows. i just looked at the napa airport it came in at 44. lost altos 50. still 25 up in tahoe and truckie. sacramento went out. fresno 44. big changes next week. i realize a big travel week and if you're heading to the pacific northwest, it will be unbelievable cold up there for us we will be cold too. but temperatures in the 80s
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will end up in the upper 40s and radios. today sunshine nice. a little cooler. windy in the hills. still not so much at the airport. there is a little component there. 60s and 70s on the temps. much cooler thursday. her comes the first blast of air. >> i'm cold already. the british royal family is making news all over the this morning. the breaking news that thrill some fans of prince william but leave others with a broken heart. and a new book by president obama hits stores today but it's not about politics.
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well good morning. a couple of hours ago we heard the news that has broken the hearts of young ladies all over the world. the british royal palace announced that prince williams and his girlfriend kate middleton announced their engagement. they are both 28 years old. they met more than eight years ago. the u.s. congress could decide today whether to do away with earmarks the met projects worth millions of dollars that get tacked on to other bill.
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scott mcfarland is in our washington newsroom to tell us why and what is at steak. >> reporter: this is the tea parties fingerprints all over it. after months of -- congress to poise the ban of earmarking. it's a long held tradition in thousands of local pet projects are stuffed into congressional spending bills. millions of dollars for road work, for college equipment, for police departments. but under pressure from this huge class of incoming congressional republicans the party is about to do away with earmarks. >> banning earmarks is another small but important step we can take to show we are serious. another step on the way to serioused and sustained cuts in spending. >> reporter: a lot of local money at stake. i reviewed the bay area earmarks. big, big programs. $350,000 for the oakland
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unified school district. $700,000 for the san francisco public health. a million for the police. and a decision on whether to continue with earmarks is expected today. long-time new york democratic congressman walked out of his own ethics trial. >> with all due respect since i don't have council to advise me, i will have to excuse myself. >> he asked the house ethics committee to delay the trial physical he could get a new legal team together. the committee refused and now is reviewing the files against rangel. back from his post election vacation jerry brown is facing a state budget deficit that is worse than first thought. jerry brown is meeting privately with advisors on how to tackle the budget deficit
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that has grown to $25 billion. after years of state budget cuts to schools and families, it's nothing easy left to cut. >> the cuts have been so severe and sustained over the last three or four years and the economy is in such bad shape right now, that many more cuts and you're talking about permanent damage. >> jerry brown says he's open to any and all cost cutting ideas. he set up an area on his website where anyone can offer suggestions on how to get california working again. outgoing oakland mayor ron dellums will deliver his final speech as mayor on line instead of in person. he was scheduled to give his final address tomorrow at city hall but he says now it will be posted on the city website. ron dellums will be replaced as
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mayor in january. a new children's book by president obama goes on sale today. it's called of thee i sing a letter to my daughters. it shows first daughters sasha and malia walking across the green lawn with their pet bo. he was inspired by his daughters to write the book which is a attribute to 13 ground breaking americans. the manuscript was written before president obama took office in 2009. proceeds from the book will be donated to a scholarship fund for the children of fallen and disabled soldiers. 15 minutes ago bay area crab fishermen started laying out their crab pods at sea. this is the beginning of a long- awaited commercial crab season. tara moriarty has been watching the boats leave all morning. tara is back now joining us live from san francisco with all the delicious details.
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good morning. >> reporter: i want you to take a good look add pier 45 it's lined with hundreds of crab pods. these are the traps we're talking about and the fishermen at the end of the dock are putting the -- is putting the bait inside the inside. they are coming back right now. they are going to be reloading and heading back out to drop more. there was a one day delay to the season opener that is because fishermen were worried they were not meaty enough. now they have determined the crab is looking good. the crabs in half-moon bay and san francisco are hoping to rake in big numbers today. >> it has a big gap to grow so this is the first take is when the most crab is at and most money can be had. >> reporter: so you're ready?
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>> definitely. definitely ready to get out there. make some money. >> reporter: now the agreed wholesale price is $1.75 a pound. market price will determine on how big the it is. 6:16 is the time. we're getting hungry over here. thinking about little crab dinner. >> you know, i've seen signs for fresh crab arriving today. yesterday i think i saw it. today is the day you might seeing it or tomorrow in the market. sounds good. right now there is not a lot going on in traffic. westbound highway 4 looks good as you drive up to the willow pass grade. no major problems thinking -- no major problems this morning. they will be turning the metering lights on any time now. after that happens you see a bigger slow down in the lanes.
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again you will see some slow traffic. as we move up here you can see the red on the map, that red means it's slowing on 880 northbound for no apparent reason we will see if there is a crash that has come in that we don't know about yet. 6:17 let's go to steve. thank you, sir. we have clear skies right now. fog is coming down the coast to the north. and a lot down toward -- not here though. it will be sunny today. we are running cooler by a good 10-15 degrees after a record setting day yesterday. kentfield, san rafael, mountain view all set records yesterday. you see the fog getting pushed in by a weak cold front. it is a leading edge of a big change. today santa rosa 84. san francisco 80 also a record. that tied a record. today though 74. san francisco 68.
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74 walnut creek. san jose was 82 yesterday we will go 74 today. 40s and 50s right now. temperatures are definitely a good 10-15 degrees cooler. still wind in the hills but at the surface not too bad. very cold air will be dropping down from the gulf of alaska in the next five to seven days. today we get sunshine. it's still nice. the breeze wants to kick up its heels. the wind will start to turn southerly by tomorrow and that will usher in a cooling trend. 60s and 70s it's still nice. could be a little fog coming down the coast. by friday that cold air begins to seep in here. this is a cold event and a rain event. pam and dave. thank you. this morning honda announced it will stop selling its civic sedans in japan. they sold 9,000 of the cars. it was once the company flag
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ship it now sells more of its smaller models. honda still plans to sell the civic in north america and europe. a new survey shows companying are starting to loosen their grip. this year 12% of companies surveyed say that will hand out thank giving goodies including turkeys and retail gift certificates. companies also say they are reinstating office soft drinks, snacks, and commuter subsidies and perhaps the most popular perk of all bonuses are expected to be 5% higher. 6:20 california lawmakers gave the okay to sell 24 state buildings which could bring in $1.3 billion. but not everybody likes this idea. the state treasure says it's poor fiscal policy and bad for taxpayers. they said the sale will end up costing the state more than
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$1.4 billion over the next 35 years. that's all because the state plans to lease back the office space in those very same buildings. a case of animal cruelty in san francisco. the sad reason there is now only one swan left at the palace of fine arts. also the tough message one bay area county is using to keep drunk drivers off the road. 237 traffic still looks good but it's about to turn. we will tell you when the commute changes and why it does coming up.
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good morning. right now traffic is looking pretty good but just as we suspected once they turned the metering lights on there is a bigger backup at the toll plaza. not too bad. maybe five minutes or less. golden gate -- golden gate traffic moving pretty well. former part police officer johannes mehserle will go back to a los angeles court office on december 3rd. that's when they will seek his release on bail. 11 days ago a judge sentenced mehserle to two years in prison. the judge gave mehserle credit
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for time served. that means he could be eligible for release in about seven months. today jurors in washington, d.c. will hear closing arguments in the chandra levy murder trial. it wrapped up yesterday. he's accused of sexually assaulting and killing levy in 2001. she was a washington, d.c. intern. her disappearance made washington headlines when she was connected with congressman gary condit. they later determined that condit had nothing to do with her disappearance or death. ahead the holiday season police are getting tough on repeat dui defenders. they have been going door to door tracking dui offenders. they also stake out people at home and work and bars looking
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for them to drive on a suspended license. >> they are very slippery. very hard to find. they know how the game work. interlock devices, probation it doesn't slow them down. >> the county also offers a yearlong dui court problem. they report to a judge once a week to give progress on their detox and counseling. in two years more than 100 people have completed the program. san francisco animal control is asking the public for any information about the killing of a swan over the weekend add the palace of the fine arts. the swan that was killed was named monday. six months ago her mother was stolen. you're look agent video from the two swan from you tube. through now there is only one swan left. volunteer caretakers found the swans body saturday morning her neck had been broken. there were several empty beer
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bottles nearby. one of the seagals has been spotted with a beer can around its neck is now free. workers from the group wild rescue found the bird in san francisco yesterday. they cut off that can and then set the bird free. a number of other seagals have been spotted as you see here in recent months with beer cons or other cans around their necks. they have been seen in san francisco and in sted son beach. overnight chase reached speeds of 100 miles an hour. now police say that chase could be tied to a string of crimes in the bay area. i'm jade hernandez in pursuit of a car chase the police had shoot a neighbors dog. was that justified? taking stocks down around
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welcome back to the morning news. getting ready to ring that opening bell. qualcom selling 25 years in business there. there is the opening bell ringing live. those are three finalists in a movers and changers contest. in addition to global entrepreneur ship week. there you can see on the back. they are smile and happy to be there. numbers already headed lower. disappointing news overnight in asia. taking things down and earnings reports this morning. home depot and walmart we will
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talk about that. dow jones down 32 points. we will say good morning to you. thank you for joining us tuesday november 16th i'm dave clark d.c.. >> i'm pam cook. three people are in custody right now in connection of an overnight high speed chase on the bay bridge. it ended on east 25th street in oakland with two men and a being detained. it started near 580 where officers spotted a car that was believed to be stolen. the suspect lead officers across the bay bridge before turning around and heading back to the east bay. investigators are trying to figure out if the suspects are connected to several recent robberies. ktvu kraig debro is there. he will have a live update coming up. a police search for a car thief ended in a police shooting of a family pet. it happened on esperanza drive as miss were searching the neighborhood for a suspect.
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jade hernandez is in concord with more on the story. >> reporter: we are live in front of the house where this happened. the owner of the pit bull told us his 2.5-year-old dog is resting at home. the dog was shot in the shoulder and the pit bull will survive but the owner says he still has a lot of questions about what happened last night. the situation began when concord police chased a car thief to dina drive which is a block away from where the family lives in concord. that's when he abandoned the stolen car. police began asking neighbors for help and where he said his nightmare began. one of their officers alone with a canine officer went door to door asking permission to do yard searches. when the officer knocked at his home. his pet bulldog managed to head straight out the door.
6:33 am
the concord police said the pit bull charged the officer so the officer shot the dog. he says that's no what happened. >> they should know when they want to go to a house, they have to expect maybe they do have a dog or something like that. you know. which they didn't. you know, i need to talk to them. >> the dog presented a threat to our officers and the dog. and unfortunately our attempts to control the dog resulted in us having to shoot the dog although it doesn't appear it will be mortally injured. >> reporter: we can't imagine what this is life for his family. he rushed the dog to the vet after the shooting. the trail of blood left behind was difficult for them to clean up. he appreciates the departments efforts last night because they did capture the car suspect behind his home in a tree. he does want to speak to the department about what happened to his dog. reporting live in concord jade
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hernandez ktvu channel 2 new. . 6:33. a terrible story cal osha investigating an accident. antonio was trimming trees than there when he got tangled in a rope used to lower tree branches to the ground. he was thrown he hit his head and he was killed but he was not pulled into the woodchipper machine. authorities in san mateo county have arrested two teenagers on suspicious at shooting at motorcyclists with a pellet gun. they hit two people on highway 35. one woman was shot in the hand the pellet went through her ring finger. another motorcyclist was hit in the knee. deputies found those teenagers
6:35 am
not far from that scene. they allegedly admitted to the crime. the mercury news reports the principal has been criticized after an ambulance was kept from reaching an injured student. a 14-year-old student suffered a head injury and a ambulance responded. but the principal reportedly refused to allow the ambulance to drive on to the field because the field was new. instead, paramedics were forced to carry the injured player 75 yards on a gurney to the waiting ambulance. san francisco police say a cable car operator that was stabbed on the job is expected to survive. the 55-year-old cable operator -- cable car operator was attacked late sunday afternoon while on board an out of service cable car. several people witnessed the stabbing and lead officers to a nearby home where police arrested 32-year-old george
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wong. 6:35 more emotional testimony is expected today during day two of the preliminary hearing in the richmond gang rape case. there was extraordinary security in martinez when deputies escorted the seven defendants into that courtroom. they are accused of gang raping the girl last year. the preliminary hearing will determine if there is enough evidence to put them on trial. >> we want to see justice here. we want to make sure they are punished. we want to make sure that everybody is clear about the next step. we are hopeful at least we know they will move forward with the trial and not dismiss these charges. >> yesterday the court heard from the first police officer on the scene. todd kaiser broke down on the witness stand he thought the young girl was dead when he first spotted her. the officer also testified when he father was trying to find her a young man answered the
6:37 am
daughters cell phone and the man onth phone cruelly described the attack in very graphic detail. right now 6:36 and sal has a report of crash in san jose? >> that's right. we're starting off with a car that ran off the road and crashed into the embankment on southbound 101. the car is off the shoulder. there are no injuries now. so there is damage to the vehicle. could be causing slow traffic though again on southbound 101. tow truck is on the way. chp is on the scene. let's move along and take a look at the 880 coliseum. you can see traffic move along pretty well. and of course now they have the metering lights on we have a bigger backup at the toll plaza. if you are trying to get in factor another 10-12 minutes into your plan. let's go to steve. skies are clear. a little cooler this morning.
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it will be cooler later on today even though it's sunny. there is winds up in the higher elevation. things are calming down. when we don't have that northeast wind we lose a lot of heat. now most of the records from yesterday broke old marks back to 2008. the most impressive is kentfield. that broke the old mark of 77 in 1938. napa 83. san rafael was 82. and if you didn't hear san francisco tied a record high of 80 degrees but their low 62 was the highest minimum ever. that did set a record. so a double day for the city with record low max. and also a record high. sunny and nice. a little cooler today. fog starting to work its way down the coast. it's getting pushed along by a system that will change our weather in a big way. it's what is behind that that
6:39 am
is cooling. fremont our target forecast starting at 50. we will go 68. a high today of 72. san francisco which was 80 starting off at 59. temperatures start to slide down. kenwood 41. we are seeing lows 10-15 degrees cooler. north napa 45. napa airport is 44. lafayette 46. los altos dipped to 49. 32 reno. 43 ukiah. 40s all the way down and 250s in southern california. much cooler for everybody after you start to lose that breeze. the system out of the gulf of alaska won't arrive until friday or saturday. until then it will be okay but we toppeout on sunday and monday with those 80s. still windy in the higher elevations. 60s and 70s on your temps. a lot of sunshines.
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a beautiful day today. much cooler thursday and here comes the first blast of cold air on friday. system coming through friday, saturday, and sunday is. thank you. police have arrested a driver that they say crashed her car in a power pole while intoxicated. the accident happened on stony point road late last night. the impact knocked down power lines causing an outage across the western part of roanoke park. the driver and two passengers were not injured. an unexplained crime. it involves an elderly woman pushed from a train platform. i'm tara moriarty live in san francisco where the water is bulling with the start of crab season. good morning if you are driving to south bay out of
6:41 am
pleasantton so far so good. we do have slowdowns developing in the east bay. we'll tell you where they are. er feoel cort eeit t totr ree
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good morning to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now. two men and a woman are in custody in connection with an overnight high speed chase that
6:44 am
reached the bay bridge at one point. police are investigating whether the suspects are involved in several recent street robberies and a home invasion robbery. the british royal family announced prince william is engaged to kate middleton. they will be married in london either next spring or summer. human remains have been found in golden gate park. investigators say all of the human remains belong to one man. a medical examiner will determine when this man died and if he died of natural causes. in the last hour a local fisherman launched their boats kicking off the crab fishing season. tara moriarty has been talking to fishermen in san francisco about their hopes and concerns. tara. >> reporter: rows and rows of crab pods lined the pier here. we have seen the boats come back in after dropping the first trappist the 6:00 this morning and now they are reloading and going back out.
6:45 am
there is a certain amount of excite here because fishermen finally get the chance to do what they have been waiting months for. as you may know yesterday was a bit of a nail biter. crabbers and processors wanted to have the crabs tested and weighed to see if they were meaty enough. they determined the crabs were pump enough. a one delay start to the crab season. >> we are chopping bait. we are ready to go out. we already got one set out. we want to get 400 more out. >> reporter: the agreed wholesale price is $1.75 a pound. market police is yet to be determine market price is yet to be determined. crabbers tell us they are ready to make money and have fun. live in san francisco tara
6:46 am
moriarty. protestors are expected to be in san francisco today as uc regents meet to discuss tuition hikes. mark rudolph has proposed a tuition hike. rudolph's proposal also includes raising the retirement age from 60 to 65. a san diego man that refused to under go a body scan and pat down search he's an internet star. he recorded that incident on his cell phone. >> if you touch my junk,ly have you -- i will have you arrested. >> all this happened saturday at the san diego airport. john tyner was not allowed on the plane. he could face a fine for
6:47 am
leaving before security officers could search them. the body scanner controversy has sparked a rebolt among passengers that could cause delays. on facebook people are being urged to refuse the whole body scan and asked to do the pat down. those pat downs take longer. could cause huge backups. >> going to go through any way. >> i just wish there was middle ground for people. for people that can't handle it. >> the passengers are not the only ones that are fed up. pilot unions are criticizing the body scanners. many pass through those scanners several times a day. they are concerned about the impact of radiation. we posted more information on
6:48 am
holiday travel for you on our channel 2 website and what you can expect at the airport. just go to look for the ktvu right now section. well they are now seeking murder charges against a woman accused of pushing an elderly woman off a train platform in los angeles. police say the suspect pushed the 84-year-old woman on to empty tracks. she sustained head injuries and died in the hospital 12 hours later. the 44-year-old suspect has been arrested but investigators say the attack was completely unprovoked and still trying to figure out a motive. pg&e is working with the city of san francisco for its aging electrical system. a hearing was held yesterday to prevent future under ground explosions. officials are considering replacing all of the older model transforms, and the circuits in neighborhoods. and replacing the manhole
6:49 am
covers with swivel lock caps. 6:48 let's check in with sal. i'm only guessing but i guess the toll plaza is backing up now. >> it is. the metering lights have been switched on. it's just backed up because metering traffic on to the bridge to keep it from getting too crowded. it's a 10-15 minute delay. occasionally i get e-mails or tweeting saying what are they building there? they are building a new toll plaza administration building. that's what is going on there. moving along and taking a look at westbound 24 that traffic looks good. livermore is already slowing. when you see yellow it's slow. red is stop and go. 6:49 here is steve. sal, thank you. good morning skies are clear. i hope you enjoyed sunday and monday if you like temperatures up near 80 degrows. it will still be in the 60s and
6:50 am
70s today. big changes on the way. sunny and cooler today. looking 15-25-30 miles an hour. most locations are calm or less than five miles an hour. low clouds and fog return tomorrow and it will be cooler for everybody and much colder by the weekend. the bigger story for friday through monday even tuesday will be the colder air coming in. when you get a cold system they don't hold as much rain. this one is coming down out of the north. the cold will be a bigger story. the first system to come by will not do as much. now santa rosa yesterday 84. san francisco 80 was also a record high. walnut creek 81. san jose 82. today 60s and 70s. 68 for san francisco and also oakland. 49 livermore and concord.
6:51 am
these lows are ten degrees warmer. palo alto add 48 and 58 at san francisco. 20s in the mountains. look at sacramento. it's cold there. fresno and down to santa maria and barbara big 40s. you can seat leading edge is up here. sunny just not as warm. it's still above average by ten degrees. by sunday and monday we will be going average. sunny nice and a little cooler. 60s and 70s for many instead of the 80s we had yesterday. you can say good buy to those for awhile. low fog coming down the coast cooler tomorrow. here comes the first system on thursday and then the cold air works its way in. we'll have some rain and much colder saturday night into monday. walmart announced its first
6:52 am
quarter earnings jumped 9.3%. the result is a benefit of robust international business and cost control. but a key revenue measure fell for the sixth quarter in a row. walmart also announced it will let holiday shoppers get a very early start on black friday. it will open the doors at midnight for the first time ever. check in on walmart stock it's up two and a quarter percent. home depot another dow jones. that stock up 3%. but as you can see the broader market is down. that is mostly in response to what happened overnight in asia where a key interest rate was hiked in south korea and indications it could be hiked again. they are worried about how that will effect the global markets this morning. you are seeing a live look at the dow jones it's down 90 points. very interesting. time now 6:52 he's one of
6:53 am
america's most popular authors and has been dead for 100 years now his autobiography can finally be released. think you are being green? think again. the health threat we found when we put shopping bags to test.
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55 55 -- 6:55. we will be live at oakland police headquarters for an early morning chase. why the suspects may have tried so hard to avoid being caught and how they were finally taken into custody. governor elect jerry brown is doing today to tackle the new budget short fall that has grown from bad to worse. he was on post election vacation. and a new study how climate change can cause problems for lake tahoe. those stories and more coming up. thank you. the new owners of the golden state warriors are not warranting out a new league in the bay. >> the lease expires in seven years. we're going to like any good business people we will
6:57 am
evaluate our opportunities. >> last week the nba approved the warriors sale for a record of $450 million. we're going to hear more from the new owners while they join us at mornings on 2. many have ditched plastic bags for favor of more usable ones. there is evidence that the so- called eco bags could contain lead. ktvu news conducted a lead test on a dozen of shopping bags. most of the test results were negative. but one brown and green bag from ride aid raised -- from rite aid raised a red flag. >> we are getting 600 parts per million which would be more than twice than the standard limits. >> we were not able to reach a rite aid spokesperson for comment yet.
6:58 am
the first volume of mark twain long awaited biography goes on sale. his real name was samuel clemons. he said he wanted the people he mentions in his book to be also dead along with their children before his biography was released. they say it's not a typical biography because it doesn't follow a time line. instead it jumps from topic to topic at random. coming up next at mornings on 2 world stock markets are responding to inflation. also we are minutes away from the latest big announcement from apple. stay right here with us.
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