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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 18, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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general motors makes a dramatic return to wall street 73 months after it filed for bankruptcy and its stock became worthless. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. once again became a publicly traded company. it's been almost a year and a
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half since gm shares became public -- gm was trading at $34.19. a gain of 3.6%. the emergents of a healthier slimmed down again motor social security considered a healthy smile stone. but will people buy gms cars? amber lee is live tonight with our report. >> reporter: we're at daily deal, there's hope that the new gm will rev up sales. this 100gm old dealership managed to stay open while more
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than 30 other dealerships sháut down. one sales manager told us the auto maker is now doing business differently. >> they are much more focused on what the consumers want they they were before. they're listening to dealer imput like they haven't before. >> reporter: workers say gm's first e electric car the volt is already generating a lot of buzz. the sales tax in san leandro says there's already workers
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lined up. >> the ceo of says gm's rebirth bodes well for all the investors. one loyal gm customer told us she hopes the auto makers turn around is another step in the economic recovery of our entire nation. >> they struggled, but it will whole country has. and they've come back just like we will. >> the sales staff says they are confident that gm vehicles are better than ever before and hope that that will boost buyers confident. trading in general motors provided a catalyst for strong rally today. the dow rose one 173 points, the nasdaq up 93. news today of a registration
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pew plan helped boost the markets. the uc regents as expected, accepted a plan for improvement: >> the motion carries. >> reporter: this comes about a year after regents approved a student fee increase. this one will add $822 to the cost of public education. >> that's a great thing. >> this threatens to decrease the cultural diversity of the
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nurses admits and trains. students said the schools are gouging those who can at least afford it. >> students are already worth already. they come in, they tepid to come out of high school or a community college. they don't have the money to pay for these fees. >> part of what you see is a pension plan going way out. reskwrepts who -- regents who are voting against the plan say this will only generate a very small amount. >> creates $115 million which is 1% of budget solutions. >> reporter: in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. that 8% increase amounts to
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$822. it makes the cost of undergraduate constitution $11,124 a year. if nurse who treated the teenage girl in the richmond rape case took the witness stand today. anna marie ray testified that the victim was badly injuried. she testified that the girl said someone offered her brandy. that she drank it, passed out and doesn't remember much more until she woke up at the hospital. the prosecutor said it is clear, that there are enough witnesses to testify. >> i think the evidence is going to make it very clear it was not consensual sex. >> reporter: the daily ritual of marching the defendants to
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and from jail made them look far more scarier than they are. detectives found large amounts of child pornography at the home of perez jewell. jewell is currently being held at $1 million bail. the rape case against michael grusest is on hold. now a new case is on hold. a police officer at san francisco state university suffered minor injuries tonight while investigating the discovery of an unknown powder. a school official said that five hours were using a field
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substance kit when all of a sudden there was some kind of chemical reaction described as a pop or oe tkor. - - d escribed as a pop or odor. data quick says bay area home sales dropped by 23% compared to last october. the median home price in the bay area also took a hit. it was $233 in october. the holiday season is here, and after two tough years, retailers are hoping this year will be different.
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they are pulling out all the stops. >> we're still a week away from thanksgiving. take a look around have lights wrapped around palm trees. you can see holiday lights sparkling in store front windows. those retailers are said to cash inen on $1,200. the crowd is bundled up and ready to go. >> if chill is getting cooler, enthe holidays are around the worn -- the hol holidays are around the corner. >> everyone is just happier, everyone is around more. tonight city officials turned up the holiday music along market street and lit up the snow flakes to kick off the
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city's shop ss. it is a program drenched with incentives. >> i may have contributed a little bit early this morning. >> after a disasterrous 2008 and slight up tick in 2009, holiday retail sales this year will be up. how high, it's projected a 2.3% job with businesses focused into new channels. >> you obviously shop for yourself. are you going to shop for others this year? >> absolutely. yeah. >> reporter: many folks with items in their hands put down the phones and did something familiar, went to school. >> i was in a good mood all the
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time. when you have all the family come out. the tree here will be very bright and holiday shopping season will eventually be under way. right now i'm tracking this weather system, it's a cold one, it's going to bring rain and snow to parts of the bay area. i'll let you know when it'll get here. a man says a moving company took his things and now they've disappeared -fpld we'll . we'll tell you what we found when we went to their office. how two bay area doctors narrowly escape violence in haiti.
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an east bay man is telling ktvu news that the moving company he hired to store his furniture and belongings has just disappeared and all of his items are gone as well. now ktvu's jana katsuyama has investigated the company. >> as they start moving stuff, they start adding charges. they're going to say you have to buy boxes to pay for this stuff. >> reporter: weaver says he paid for the start of moving.
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now there's no way for weaver to know where his furniture and other possessions are. >> family photos from when i was kid, family photos from when my kids were kids, that stuff is gone. >> reporter: we went to the company's address in san jose. it was empty. neighbors say the moving company and the manager ron recently moved out, suddenly. >> lately i didn't see him. he comes every once in a while. i noticed that people come look for him. i don't know what's going on. >> reporter: we checked the better business bureau and found the company under different names. with the same lay out, same photos and same phone number which goes to a recorded mailbox. ta company had a grade f with 115 complaints in the past 30
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pháeups. we also found a document in the commission showing that the company's president had multiple citations for failing to pay fines. and the company's permit was revoked. weaver says he's devastated. >> >> i plan having my kids over for the holidays at my new house. since i'm not going to have any furniture, i might have to put it off for next year. theman accused of stealing a cable car. the driver remains in fair condition at san francisco general hospital. the cable car was stopped for track maintenance at the time of the attack.
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>> jurors in san joaquin start the trial of a young man that was being held against his will. authorities have identified the teenager shot and killed yesterday morning. the coroner's entified him as 18-year-old aaron wilson of richmond. police say wilson died just before 10:30 a.m. when at least one gunman opened fire. at this point no arrests have been made. we learned today that army staff sergeant david sneffs of tracy has died in afghanistan. sneffs was 27 years old. he was a gunner which his
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father says was his dream job. sneft is survived by his wife who is also in the military and a son. no doubt you have heard countless stories about american doctors helping haitians recover from the earthquake and from a cholera epidemic. now in parts of haiti, those doctors and un workers are coming under attack. the reason some haitians blame them for the cholera update. tonight political editor editor randy shandobil has the story. haitians have been rioting all week, attacking united nations groups and doctors because many haitians believe that u.n. troops there to help earthquake
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recovery inadvertently brought the cholera with them. two patients back in the safety of loving arms but feeling brake light about it. >> it was a mixture of i'm so relieved to get out, but how can i thief these people here. >> the priest and ambulance and siren on. >> reporter: doctors there to treat cholera in order to escape pretended to have cholera. >> we pretended like one of us was a patient and we were able
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to get through in the ambulance. we just told people, we have a patient with cholera, you may not want to get near us. seems to have been political motivated. because these riots have gone in three different cities all at the same time. >> reporter: did the u.n. trigger the epidemic? no one knows but it doesn't matter. people are dying and doctors are free. randy shandobil. those chilean miners who were trapped under ground for 69 days are getting the hollywood treat. los angeles police escorted their buses to their hotel. they are all in l.a. to attend a tapings of cnn's
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heros, an all out special. the afternoon commute will be kind of wet, kind of cool. this is late in the day. most of your day will be dry. clouds are increasing all day tomorrow with all this cold air we're looking if for a chance of thundershowers. a winder storm goes into effect tomorrow. this will not be a real wet system but it will bring showers all weekend. for tomorrow the cooling starts, the crowds increase. showers for your afternoon computer. when i and by this time tomorrow night, snow should be falling
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in the sierra nevada. squall valley says it's expecting severallishes. several ski resorts said they plan to be open before the thanksgiving holiday. authorities fan out with sex o offenders on their radar. the huge span search for sex offenders. and iconic list may be safe from the record's mall.
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for many people, hanger one at moffet field is more than just a giant aircraft hanger. it's a silican valley staple.
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>> reporter: i'm at nasa aims research center at mountain view, behind me in the darkness is one of the most iconic landmarks in the bay area. hanger one is big. 8acres or 10 football fields and 195 feet high. it was built in 1933 to house a uss macken. >> it's one of the worm's largest free standing structures. unfortunately it was built with an asbestos which is very toxic. >> reporter: the navy is
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removing the toxic mass. >> we see it as a test bed for the things that are on the cutting edge as far as it relates to lighter air ships. >> reporter: still unclear is if congress will allocate another 10 h many -l -- congress will allocate another hanger. >> just the fact that it's a big huge building, attracted a lot of attention early on. and out of that there was a physical low of sense of events that created the value to what's there today. >> reporter: others want hanger one to become a part of a myth,
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a company. the company tells us it is creating a job cut. democrats used a fast track method to bring up the regulation. the benefits should be paid for without adding to the deficit. democrats say they'll try again after thanksgiving. >> my space announced today it is deepens it's tings with facebook. users will be able to transfer their likes and differences
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expanded service called match up. today's announcement doesn't involve any financial transactions between the two companies. all right,. >> facebook has 500 million users. ktvu has an exclusive looked inside a state waoeut operation. how many says i - - exclusively looked inside a statewide operation. and harry potter will meet to discuss what the changes are.
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since monday, at least 300 sex offenders in the bay area have been arrested for parol violations. by the time this weekend over, that number could be as high as 500. it's all part of a sweep largely in response to recent
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high profile cases involving convicted sex offenders. in tonight's special report, claudine wong gives us an exclusive look at this massive operation. >> we might change targets. law enforcement teams gathered before dawn this week across the bay area. >> open the door. >> reporter: their target, sex offenders who violate parol. in this case curfew. >> i had a seizure friday night. i told him, i thought everything would be all right because i was going to call my parol office and let him know. >> reporter: this task force has a goal. to call every parol offenders. operation safe playgrounds follows chris schism that began
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with jaycee dugard's conviction. the department of corrections promised changes, especially targeting parolee's at large. >> it's going to start blinking, red. >> we saw that our parolee at large rate was higher than our national average. we were hoovering around 19, 18% as a state. and the national average was quite a bit lower. >> so us three are going together in the front. >> there's going to be a living room to the right. >> reporter: since january, parol apprehension team have been at large. >> it got bumped up significantly. >> to the left side he's wearing a striped shirt.
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>> officials say they found many p.a. l.s. parolees at large. >> currently right now you're in violation for parol for a dirty test. >> what do you think about this positive drug test? >> i don't know. >> reporter: the 140 police agencies statewide were focused on sex offenders. they say this man is a former gang member on the run since august. >> how are you doing? you are wanted aren't you. >> we are just missing each other. >> you didn't know you were looking for you. >> that's it, i don't want to answer any questions. >> reporter: it's about checking everything. shoes, home, even a shoe box with hid a computer.
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>> there was pornography on the computer. >> reporter: when police find anything containing child pornography, even a phone leads to an arrest. a plan that's largely dependent epbt on the one thing you can't guarantee, funding. el cerrito police are investigating a hit and run i said incident that sent a woman to the hospital. a vehicle hit her just before 6:00 a.m. the woman was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. police haven't released a description of the vehicle. the medical examiner today identified a woman who was
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struck and killed by a ucsf shuttle in san francisco. at about 12:20 yesterday afternoon. surveillance video captured the crash adds it happened. the crash is still under investigation. oakland police are investigating whether four people arrested today in connection with a series of robberies are linked to other crimes. police say the four pulled off three robberies between 6:30 and nine 9:00 in the morning. police say he is expected to be okay. the house ethics committee came down hard on charles
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rangel today. it recommended the harshest -- people here in the bay area started hearing unmanageable news. a mass suicide and murder among murders of the people's temple. survivors and relatives of some of the 900 people who died gathered to remember. also today, plans for a new memorial were announced. the jones town memorial services foundation plans to build a granite monument inscribed with all of the names of the people who died in jones town. >> we came here to say never again the jim jones experiment. this should never have happened. these lives were sensibly lost and it should never happen again. >> reporter: plans call for the monument to be placed over a mass grave. the hope is to have it ready in
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time for the anniversary next year. it's a chance to shine to go against the very best. why some cheer leaders are worries that they won't be able to participate. i have the new computer model ready to go. when we come back, i'll tell you when it should rain and how long it will last. how authorities were able to get a 9-foot boa constrictor to losen it's grip on the car's engine.
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new information just in tonight about an oakland police shooting. officers tell us they shot and wounded a pit bull. it's from the scene of the
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shooting on 72nd avenue at spencer street in east oakland. police tell us the officers were searching for two gunmen when the officers shot the pit bull. dozens of young football players and cheer leaders from oakland have the opportunity of a lifetime but money is standing in the way. two oakland dynamite teams plus their cheer leaders won the northern california cheer leading team. now they are invited to a youth championship in orlando, florida. in order to go they have to raise $50,000 and so far they've only raised $1,000. >> it's a one time opportunity for these kids. some of these kids will likely never leave the state of california if we go to florida and get this done. >> reporter: the national championships in florida are set for december 6th.
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if you would like to help, go to and click on web links. it could cost a lot more to ride the salsalito ferries. a one way ticket on a salsalito ferry would increase to $4. 85. b.a.r.t. announced the fare structure, it will cost $5.15 to go to berkeley. and it'll cost $10.40 to get to san francisco airport. a scam revealed batteries
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crossed. it could be a test of security measures. germany has increased it's security measures. a court approved the motion to take the founder of wikileaks into custody. julian asange is wanted for assault. government workers conducted tests for bird flu after a woman contracted the virus. this was the first human case of bird flu in seven years. the city government is trying to determine if the market was the cause of 8-7 virus. a south california couple
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discovered a slithery surprise under their car after going to the market. the couple found a boa constrictor. animal control thinks it's a pet that somehow broke free from it's owners care. the midnight showing of the latest harry potter movie now just over an hour away. these are latest pictures. why the latest installments may be breaking records at the theater.
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it's expected to be the biggest movie of the year and in a little less than an hour it opens up in theaters all
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over the area. people started lining up at 2:00 in the afternoon. a premier party is under way. >> we're at the tech museum where this party is under way. people are getting their pictures taken with the character cut outs. they are about to have a costume contest. hard to believe this franchise is 10 years old. this is the seventh movie and it's not just kids but plenty of adults still feeling the magic. if you don't already have a ticket tonight it might take some wizardry to get one. these two women won primed scene to make their potter experience perfect. >> the great thing about the potter movies, you can watch them over and over again and you learn something new.
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>> tonight as they wait for the film to begin, fans are enjoying potter themed refreshments and games. while outside the san jose state's team hold special contests these students will miss school tomorrow. >> it's just so awesome. >> reporter: as potter's characters and audience have matured, so have the movies. and fandango says this film sold most pretickets than any other harry potter film, in fact, any film at all expect two others that included
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vampires. all of this is bittersweet because deathly hollows is the beginning of the end. tonight's part one will be follows by part two in july then it's over. the party continues here in full swing. good night harry. reporting live in san jose, debra villalon. >> has an extensive harry potter section, just look for the harry potter tab then click special section. after sitting empty for eight year, san jose sebrado building finally has a tenant. it's near the convention center in downtown san jose. pwc's director of real estate told us the 360-degree views won them over. >> it's an iconic building in
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the city. we consider ourselves wor worthy of an iconic address. the city of san jose is planning to take the ban on throw away grocery bags farther than any other. retailers can offer paper bags with 40% recycled content for 10-cents a piece. a meeting was held tonight to take public comment before the city council considers it. music lovers, we have a feature premier of a concert encolluding renowned guitarrest
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santana. santana along with the symphony practiced for tomorrow night's performance. let's take a look at the system i'm tracking right now. i've been talking about it all week. it's all on schedule. here it is the low center. you see the swirls, the rotation is like this. it's bringing very cold air down from the polar regions. there is some moisture ahead of the deal. but that's it. this is a cold showery storm. we would be looking at a lot of rain. three, four, 5-inches of rain. instead we have a lot of cold air with not a lot of moisture to work with. that's going to bring snow to bay area peaks. light scattered showers right through the bay area weekend. last week it was like summer or fall. you know october type weather. and here we get into this deal, tomorrow you're going to notice the cool down especially on
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saturday. we take a look at it, but clouds are just towering cumulous clouds. the air is so cold that the warmth of ocean, it's not that cold but the air is rising and you get cumulous clouds. that real cold air will drop the snow levels. the cooler weather pattern stays with us through the weekend. there's going to be times when the snow is very heavy. the winter storm warning will get started tomorrow and last for the entire weekend. here's friday afternoon, the afternoon commute getting away kind of wet. these are showers, light and moderate showers. we go into your saturday morning it's wet and showery. this isn't a big deal down here. a little wetter down here.
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some of the souther areas will be wetter. all you want to know is saturday about 1:00 it's raining up in san francisco. saturday evening that's the heaviest hit. sunday is not going to be a nice day but there's going to be less showers in san jose. sunday is going to be the best day to stick around. probably five, 6,000 feet so it's a heck of start to thanksgiving and the holiday week. that's a pretty good take on what's going to happen. saturday is your wettest day. >> thanks, bill. new information just in tonight about an oakland police shooting we just told you about a few minutes ago. officers tell us they shot a pit bull while searching for a gunman. this is video a ktvu camera man
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shot within the last hour. police had set up a perimeter in east oakland. police say they arrested a man but didn't find a gun: the dog survivorred and was taken to a vet. a thriller in dallas goes into overtime. sports is up next.
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let's support the small business owners getting our economy booming with the first ever small business saturday. on november 27th, shop small. it's going to be huge. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence
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sports director mark ibanez joins us now. he's going to start with the sharks. >> the shark with absolutely no killer instinct for the second time in a row resulting in another mind numbing loss. they had reason to be on edge, three fights break out in this one. san jose's mike moore drilling steve ott of dallas there. feisty but down early 2-0. the sharks come on to tie it and take the lead here thanks to some nice work from loga n couture off the deflection. and eighth goal of the year, they lead 4-2. you're thinking all right. dallas ends up scoring one and then, they wind up with two minutes left in regulation tied
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it up. mike robe ero is the man who does it for dallas. we have 4-4 they are pumped and the momentum continues into overtime as again robero gets it and they wind up winning it 5-4. meantime quite an ordeal for david lee of lee may return to the court as soon as next week. stanford does have reason to toot their own horns tonight. big win, final picks of the first half. aaron bright from downtown. beat the buzzer and just like that, the cardinals up three at the half. in the second half, much easier as they dominate virginia. the freshman powell strong to the bucket as you have another look. jeremy green showing the way
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for sanford. knock it down three. he had 21 to lead the way. sanford in the breeze. 81-60. st. mary's pummels point loma. santa clara gets their first and only lead of the game. they beat rice by the slimmest of leads. mike nolan up in the booth. the only tv of the game not exactly a bone chilling event. bears shut down the dolphins 16- 0 -- shutdown the dolphins 16- 0. more bad news for them. brandon marshall leaving the game with an injury. men time the cy young award no longer about how many wins the pitcher racks u. it now goes deep into the stats. hernandez clearly the american league best. he led the league with era's
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but won only 16 games. that is a sporting life for a thursday night. >> mark, thank you. make sure to join the ktvu morning news. we will have the latest on the breaking news that the officers shot a dog. >> good night. >> good night.
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