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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  November 22, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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first, it was a mystery for years. now, there is some closure for the family of slain intern chandra levy. we're live in berkeley where authorities have launched a staid wide man hunt for a rapist. and in just a few hour, the city of oakland is getting ready to do something to bring in $7 million a year.
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good afternoon. we begin with a guilty verdict in the murder of washington, d.c. intern chandra levy. after four days of deliberation, prosecutors relied on testimony from a former inmate who says he confessed to the killing. chandra's mother and jurors spoke outside the courtroom. >> we had many, many, many exhibits of every conceivable kind, and we went through all of them. that takes a long time. >> a sentence here, the result of the verdict, may be guilty but i have a lifetime sentence
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of a lost limb missing from our family tree. it's painful. i live with it every day. >> police initially focused their investigation on former representative gary condit of california. you can read and hear more about the background of chandra levy's homicide case by going to our website. that the hour, the search is on for a man who believed to attack a teenage girl in her bedroom. tara joins us live. >> reporter: good afternoon. we've been trying to get some information about this rape suspect. according to court documents,
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omar sofa has had some run-ins with the law before. we put a call into immigration but have not yet heard back. right now, we're going to show you a photo we have. it appears to be a mug shot of sosa. berkeley police have notified border patrol in mexico. they believe he's headed in that direction. detectives say the 27-year-old climbed through an unlock bedroom window and sexually assaulted a young girl. it happened early on saturday morning. the victim did a heroic job of identifying the suspect given the circumstances. >> after being brutally raped by this predator, by this suspect, by this person who took advantage of her, she came through and was able to provide really important information, which led us to this point in the investigation. >> reporter: authorities believed issue sosa may have
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been driving a 1997 ford ranger. the victim and suspect did not know each other, but sosa apparently lives in the same neighborhood. police say it's extremely rare to have a rapist attack a complete stranger. this hasn't happened since last year. >> certainly a story we'll continue to follow. thank you. umbrellas went up all around the bay area this morning. today, showers came after a weekend that saw periods of heavy rain and thunderstorms. there's a forecast of more on the way. mark joins us now from the weather center with a look at what's headed our way. >> reporter: hi, there. yeah, there's that one storm that just kind of clouded the area. this was the scene looking out toward the estuary. some clouds and some heavier downpours as well. this happens to be the loop over the past two hours.
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you get an idea with a little be the of activity in the north bay. there's one cell moving across oakland out toward hayward. in fact, the latest imagery on that, we'll come in a bit tighter. you can see the darker shades of green indicated a steadier rain. we had some yellows which resulted in some heavier downpours, especially for oakland. up in the north bay, you can see some action here. nothing too extreme. a few scattered light showers, even out towards parts of the east bay. we have a few lingering rain showers in this region. we're going to hold on to the possibility of a few showers in the forecast for the short term. another round of showers will be approaching the bay area, especially for one part of your tuesday. i'll highlight the timing and have your thanksgiving forecast coming up. well, it's raining here and snowing in the mountains.
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some ski resorts are already open. >> reporter: in seoul lake tahoe, connie lopez didn't spend time watching workers plow the roads. she had to get to work. >> it's slippery. i have four-wheel drive. you learn to drive in the snow. >> got to make room for them to get in to have some hot food and cold beer. >> reporter: across town, mark white owns a tavern and grill. he can't keep from grinning while he shovels today. >> we're ready for, you know, the winter to start and because of the economy, everything, businesses being down. we are a ski resort. we need this snow and we need people to come up here. >> reporter: his tavern is next door to a shop that needs the snow to end up on top this season. >> night and day. really, we didn't have any snow last year at this time. we have a whole month head start on the season. it's really -- works to our
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advantage. makes everyone just so much happier. it's just a nice place to be this time of year. >> reporter: customers were in today visiting from out of the country. >> came in looking for some snow. we just lucked out. >> this is great for me. i've never, ever seen this before. i don't know how to appreciate it. >> reporter: the local resorts may have received more than five feet of snow over the weekend, but they aren't the only locals who are excited about the windfall. >> this community revolves around the snow. without the snow, the economy doesn't work. >> reporter: connie lopez may not notice the routine snow clearing anymore, but she said she doesn't take it for granted. >> i'm sure they're struggling to find enough employing right now. they probably weren't prepared. they're pretty quick about it. we have some incredible video to show you right now. the bay bridge, as it was hit
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by lightning. this is what happened at 5:42 on saturday evening. two towers were simultaneously hit by bolts of lightning. it's not unusual, but they'd never heard of two strikes at the same time. the lightning did not cause any serious problems, but it probably caused some blackening of the top of the towers. a check with pg & e in the last hour confirmed some customers are still without power in the area of felton. that was because of stormy weather and power lining dropping. it could be later this afternoon until everyone's service is restore. and investigation is underway in the death of a toddler who died after falling 50 feet. it happened after the lakers- warrior game in los angeles. the boy fell from a luxury sweet at the staples center just minutes after the lakers beat the warriors last night. the boy was two or three years
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old. there are reports he may have been trying to take pictures when he fell. today, a critical decision will be made in the east bay. last summer, oakland became the first city in the nation to license large-scale pot cultivation. only four permits are going to be issued. hundreds of groups have expressed interest. craig joins us live with more on who's likely to get them today. >> reporter: good morning. good afternoon. just a few hours from now, the city of oakland is going to do something no other city in the country has dared do. they're going to license four people or entities to grow medical marijuana. the competition will be tight. just four of those loins will go out in oakland. the medical marijuana industry, however, brings in billions a year across the country where it is legal. earlier this summer, the city council approved four large- scale marijuana growing operations. oakland is the first city in the nation to try to move the
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largely underground industry to new, corporate levels. >> there's some corporate interests we're located in. there are some smart, high-tech people who are interested. and there are people who have been in the industry for a long time. >> reporter: quan wouldn't say who, but out of the 200 entities who inquired, about 75% rsvped. by legitimizing and taxing pot growers, the city can cover about third of its projected $20 million budget deficit. >> it would have happened sooner or later. obviously, the ability to tax and regulate. >> reporter: in addition to money, oakland is hoping to prevent violent crime associated with small growers. those people often grow in their own homes and in the past have been victimized by armed
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robbers looking for money and merchandise. the underground grow operations have always caused their own problems. oakland has had a number of residential fires caused by home growers overloading their fuse boxes with the electricity used for lights in growing. later today, the first meeting will take place here at city hall. applicants will get orientation pacts and so will ktvu. we're going to obtain one and give you a first-hand look. >> all right. , thank you, craig. still ahead, oakland made a national list that people will not be celebrating. the airports are already filling up with holiday travelers. we'll tell you if the weather will be an issue.
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a shooting late last night in oakland left three dead and one injured. by the time police got to the scene, the victims had already been taken to the hospital by
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car. one was pronounced dead. another is in critical condition. police say they don't have a motive and haven't made any arrests. a study places oakland and richmond among the most dangerous cities in the united states. the rankings found st. louis is the most dangerous city. that's based on more than 2,000 violent crimes in 2009 per 100,000 residents. these rankings are by cq press and based on fbi crime numbers. well, we just checked in with some of the airports. they're all reporting no delays at this hour. this is what it looked like at sfo within the last hour. you can see that security line is getting pretty crowded. sfo antidepressants an increase in holiday travel this year over last. we did catch up with one traveler who made sure to get
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to the airport early today. >> you got plan ahead. i'm traveling with a little kid too. we were here like two and a half hours early. it's the smart thing to do. >> several passengers we talked to say they aren't worried about airport security and don't mind the extra patdowns. some of those who opposed new screenings are calling for a national opt-out day, this wednesday, the day before thanksgiving which is obviously a huge holiday travel day. those calling for the protests are urging travelers to refuse the full body scans which would force screeners to do the more time-consuming patdown. >> it's a horrible invasion of privacy. i don't want people to be inconvenienced, but i don't want them to be sexually assaulted by tsa agents. >> experts say even if only a small percentage of passengers take part o'the opt-out day, it could mean longer lines and bigger delays for everyone. well, it is a chilly
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morning outside today. we know it's raining here. it's snowing in the mountains. some people, obviously the skiers, are celebrating this weather. mark is here with what we can expect. >> reporter: significant snowfall in the sierra. we'll be adding to the totals over the next 24 hours. still some lingering showers out toward blue canyon and south lake tahoe. as we come back home to the bay area, you can see a little bit of activity in terms of showers up in the north bay. one cell has probably caught the most attention, at least earlier this morning. this is probably about two hours ago and had some yellows with it. right now, you can see the action just to the east of fremont and the south of pleasanton. a look outside right now.
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we can show you this. looking out over san francisco, some clouds and some breaks in the clouds. 5 degrees. it's still chilly out there. we're not going to warm up too much for this afternoon. san jose at last check reporting 56 degrees. satellite and radar have this unsettled weather in place. for today and tomorrow, we're going to keep the clouds in place. at least a mixture of sun and clouds. we'll call is unsettled with a few showers out there. the heavier rainfall is scheduled for tomorrow, tuesday morning. after tuesday, in fact, beginning tuesday afternoon, we're going to gradually clear out the clouds. this will set the stage for a dry pattern for wednesday and thursday president the northerly wind ma n place will transport that cooler air in. we'll have some cool mornings. we could have some freeze warnings kicking in.
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here's our forecast model at 4:00. the possibility of a few pop-up showers virtually anywhere across the bay area. then we'll take this at 10:00. not a lot but still a chance. into tuesday morning, the coverage increases. the intensity increases as well. throughout the day on tuesday, especially by 2 or 3:00, we scale back on the shower potential throughout the day. for this afternoon, clouds and sun. a few showers. temperatures from 55 to 59 degrees. this evening, mostly cloudy with a chance of showers in the mid- to upper 50s. here's a time lapse, once again, looking out toward the estuary. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast and into tuesday some rain. a fairly good bet. that will be targeting the morning commute. just give yourself some extra time. wednesday and thursday mornings, pretty chilly out there. the coldest location in the
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upper 20s to low you are 30s. by the way, lake tahoe could pick up another 10-20 inches over the next 24 hours. >> pretty incredible how fast that came in. i know skiers are all chomping at bit. >> yeah, usually thanks giving is the challenge to get the skiing in. this year should be pretty good. well, today a bay area museum is celebrating the 75th anniversary of a historic flight. a sea plane named china clipper made four stops iowa and arrived at its destination a week later and returned on december 6 with another load of mail. it began carrying passengers the next year. art facts are on display at international airport aviation museum. firefighters are now reminding home owners to take precautions this winter after a
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fire in pacifica just hours ago. residents woke up to the smell of smoke. the homeowner said he left some logs smoldering in his fireplace. that triggered a fire. fortunately, nobody was hurt. firefighters are reminding everyone today to make sure fireplace fires are completely out before you go to bed. california highway patrol is teaming up with some high school students to help feed the needy. this morning, officer helped students help fill food baskets. that's going to be donated to the food banks for deliveries to families who need it this thanks giving. many of the students helped collect the donated food. well, coming up, some news you will not want to hear if you get your movies from a locally-based mail order
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company. and thanks giving is not here yet, but a touch of christmas has arrived in downtown oakland.
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well, netflix subscribers can expect an increase. they're shifting their focus to
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accommodate people who stream their movies over the internet. for current subscribers, prices are going up to $9.99 a month for the basic plan. new members will see that price increase right away. we're watching gasoline prices this week as many of you prepare to travel for the holiday. across the country, the average price is $2.88. here in the bay area, it's higher with san francisco posting the highest price at $3.27. in san jose, it's six cents cheaper. a new trial date has been set for the three uc berkeley students cused of spying. they were archly scheduled to go on trial two weeks ago. yesterday, iranian authorities set a new trial date of february 6. they say the trial
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reschedule was caused by one had not been summoned yet to attend. even though all harry potter fans know how the story ends, they lined up to see the onscreen version of their favorite wizard. it took in more than $125 million in its opening weekend. that's more than previous best premier totals of $103 million. and it's more than twice what all the rest of the top ten earned this weekend. "megamind" fell to a distant second. well, the oakland waterfront is looking a little more festive today with the delivery of a very fall christmas tree. the 55-foot tree arrived on a flat bed truck and was hoisted into an upright position this morning with the help of a crane and some cables. the two and a half ton tree is a white fur that only grows above 5,000 feet. the tree lighting ceremony is scheduled for december 3. that
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will happen between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. bart is open hoping to make holiday traveling easier. starting friday, they will run longer trains along the pittsburgh bay. more long-term space will also be available. service to the airport will also get a boost with extra air bart shuttles. that's going to do it for us for news at noon. our next newscast is news at 5:00. have a great monday, everyone.
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