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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning, thank you for joining us on this friday january 14th i'm pam cook. >> it's friday i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you very much. on this friday cloudy skies it's some fog. there is no fog advisory here. you might encounter fog toward sacramento or the mother load. for us patchy fog and once it burns off sunny and warm and low to mid 60s. here is sal. traffic is moving pretty well on 80 westbound as you drew out toward the mccarthur maze. there is police lights flashing. westbound 92 san mateo bridge that traffic moves well. let's go back to the desk. thank you. police in livermore are investigating two suspicious deaths this morning. ktvu kraig debro is live. good morning, craig. >> reporter: good morning,
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dave. the coroner was just here five to ten minutes ago and hauled away a second body. very narcan cannon road. i just talked to an investigatorred and he said the door was ajar when they found the bodies inside the home. friends came to check on the folks in the house. when they got here the door was already open. they are not sure of the circumstances of the deaths. >> livermore police department were called out here around 7:15 for a suspicious death. when the officers arrived here they found two of the residents at this home deceased. it looks like a gunshot wound to both. >> reporter: both the people were shot. i asked the sergeant if there was a note left behind. he said he hadn't found one left. he said he wasn't ready to identify the people inside the
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home. i checked records and sergeant confirms the people are elderly people that lived inside the home. not much is known about them after this report. i will check in with police and neighbors to see if anybody knows anything or heard anything yesterday at 7:30 about when the shots may have been fired. reporting live in livermore kraig debro. this morning we will hear from the doctors treating congresswoman gabrielle give fords. give fords has been showing encouraging signs since she was shot in the head during last weeks rampage. she began physical therapy yesterday and is now moving both of her learns. she becomes more aware of her surroundings. now a bag thought to belong to tucson shooting suspect jared loughner is being analyzed for the fbi for dna
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and fingerprints. a teenager found the bag yesterday morning. it's said to contain the same ammunition used in saturday's rampage and receipts were left in the bag. we will hear from the youngest tucson bay shooting victim. time now 5:02. san francisco police are looking for answers this morning after a deadly shooting that happened in broad daylight. a man was gunned down inside of a coffee shot. tara moriarty is live in san francisco now. >> reporter: good morning. san francisco police are asking for your help. they want witnesses to come forward after a deadly shooting at a coffee shop just blocks from where we are standing now. it happened in broad daylight yesterday. investigators say someone
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walked into the cafe opening fire shooting and killing a 25- year-old man. the man was shot several times and he was pronounced dead at the scene. they say the victim and suspect knew each other. the suspect ran away after firing his weapon. we will be talking to customers and hopefully get an interview with the owner and person that runs it the manager. also in san francisco police are still looking for one person after a chase early this morning. it happened just 1:00 a.m. near bowan. they were called to the scene for a suspicious van. witnesses tell police someone was kidnapped. police took over and found three people running from the
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van. two suspects were caught the other has not been found. police say the van was stolen but no kidnapping victim was found. time now 5:04 a protest to close schools will take place this morning in concord. mount diablo school district is the focus. they are trying to save silver wood elementary school. now next wednesday an advisory committee will present its recommendations on possible school closings. more layoffs are ahead for uc berkeley. 150 employees will be laid off before june. 130 other jobs will be lost through retirement or voluntary departures. they will save $20 million. these layoffs are on top of the 600 jobs that uc berkeley has already eliminated since last year. the national park service will release its plan to
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restrict dogs in the golden gate national recreational area. in some places a leash would be mandatory and others would not be allowed at all. they would also will be banned at mere beach in miami. >> we felt we did enough tomorrow create balance. >> this has been a dog land for the last 50 years and everybody wants a change. this is regulation. everything has to been regulated. for what? >> public meetings on the plan will be held in san francisco, san mateo, and marin counties. san jose international airport is back to normal after a two-hour lockdown caused by a security breach. a 22-year-old woman who was on a layover in san jose left the secure area then tried to come back in without going through
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the screening check point. that set off an airport security alert and terminal b was evacuated. hundreds of passengers you say them here had to be rescreened. that woman was eventually found and by 11:00 everyone was allowed back inside. 5:06 is the time right now. we are hearing reports of fog. let's check in with sal because it could effect the commute. >> that's right. we did have an earlier fog advisory for many areas. now it's just down to the bay bridge. driving across the bridge will be tough. it's hard to see there. on the east shore freeway it's pretty good. and it looks like there is police activity on the off ramp there. it's not effecting traffic. the traffic is moving by okay in both directions. also the morning commit on westbound bay bridge that traffic looks good. getting out to the mccarthur maze and toll plaza. this mornings commute will be okay on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 continuing up
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into the valley. here is steve. thank you. cloudy skies. some fog. the national weather service canceled dense fog advisories. the low system moving to the north of us has lifted the fog. it will drag across us. mostly sunny to the south. once the fog burns off yesterday's rain most to the north. petaluma quarter of an inch. napa .15. hayward and san jose .06. more in the santa cruz mountains. 40s and 50s. the fog out toward fairfield makes it tougher. 48 in napa. san rafael says 43. 40s in the valley. some of the fog could be thick. vacaville and out to san jose.
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next couple avenue couple of systems they are going up and over. the only tail end they will move across the northern part of the state. there is a lot of high pressure over us. fog sun and warmer. a little foggy for some. upper 50s to 60s. once this cloud deck burns off it will be all systems go for warmer weather. we'll have this going into not only the weekend but next week. >> thank you. time now 5:08. be aware of imposters. a local scam. who they are targeting and what to look for. death threats against a bay area politicians. why there could be a connection between the shootings in arizona and sarah palin. president obama looks for the president of pakistan this morning. i will see how tensions are increasing. good morning, north and southbound 880 traffic is
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moving well. well tell you more about the morning -- we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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welcome back to the morning news. president obama meets with the head of pakistan this mornings at the white house as frustrations increase between the two countries. want to go to ktvu alison burns in our washington, d.c. newsroom this morning for the very latest. good morning, alison. >> good morning, to you pam.
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he's going to be attending the funeral today for richard holbrooke the special onvoy for pack stan. here he is meeting with -- the obama administration is intensifying the pressure on pakistan to help root out al qaeda and taliban from its border. they have grown increasingly frustrate with pakistan's cooperation. now president obama is also preparing for a major visit next week from the president of china. president obama met for more than an hour yesterday. the first meeting of its kind with human rights act vis for china. reports live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:13. the detectives in arizona
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already investigating the shooting of gabrielle giffords has contacted leeland yee. they wanted details of the threats against yee. how much sarah palin was getting paid to start at a university fundraiser. congresswoman gifford had also criticized sarah palin as she posted a map on the website for the districts of democratic lawmakers. they have just held the first legislative hearing on the budget. but a deadline of march 1st to vote for the budget. that would allow time for a june election where he will ask voters to extend income, sales, and vehicle taxes.
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a bay area lawmaker loses a chairmanship in the legislature after criticizing the proposed budget. tom berry hill of oakdale was stripped of his -- he said finding -- is the democrats problem. darrell sine berg that took away his chairmanship said that all senators have a duty to come up with solutions for their problems. who was arrested last month on suspicion of drunk drive willing not be charged because of a a lack of conclusive evidence. they symptommed him because officers say he was driving i ratically. prose cue tars say results from blood tests taken later make it difficult to prove he was above the legal limit when he was driving. in the wake of the deadly natural gas pipeline explosion
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in san bruno there is increasing concern about the commission watching over pg&e. they met in san francisco yet. the panel heard from lawmakers and public interest groups. one assemblymen said it took outside investigators to shed lights on problems that should have been the focus of the puc. >> i do not have the confidence that commission will do its job. they have failed the people of california and people in my district. >> in the next few weeks, governor brown will opponent as many as three new puc commissioners. watchdog groups say depending on who they change. the contra costa water districts are cig watch out for imposters pretending to be water district employees to get inside your home. it's very rare for an employee to go inside of a home without
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first making an appointment. residents are advised to call the water district office to verify the identity of any employee that just shows up at your door. 5:16 is the time right now. let's go back inside. >> traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving around the bay area. the fog advisory has been lifted. it's still pretty foggy though. it doesn't mean it will be tough driving. take it easy out there. no problems on the bridge itself. san mateo bridge looks good and the fog is not low as steve has told me. because steve is a meteorologist. he told me that the fog tends to move around when the sun comes up. it's something like dew points. we will let steve explain. it's not foggy in san jose. we'll see what happens when the sun comes up. here is steve. i give you a b plus on that. >> thank you, sir. >> low fogs.
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look at the temperatures now. fairfield is 43. san jose 54. morgan hill 54. i saw 55 at gilroy. 52 mountain view. 52 san rafael. there is a lot, we started the week off with 20s and 30s remember? most people forget. the system came by pretty quick and left some rain around 11:00. santa rosa a third of an inch. there were heavier amounts. half inch covered it. quarter of an inch petaluma. san jose .06. sfo, san francisco about a tenth of an inch as well. they made it. it left behind a lot of low clouds. once we get the sun, we are already this warm. 22 in tahoe. 30 in reno. 40s in the valley.
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56 already in l.a.. the jet stream the storm track is heading north. way north. the only thing that could happen to us is clipping us with high clouds or coming over the ridge. there is a lot going up in the pacific northwest. the end result would be fog and warmer. there are pockets it could be thick. upper 50s to mid 60s. the five-day forecast we have taken care of the rain. partly sunny and cloudy saturday. and then night and morning fog. if that burns off soon enough it will be sunny and warmer. >> european markets open the day with losses after a mixed close in the far east. japan's nikkei dropped after the prime minister reshuffled its cabinets. south korea rose into record levels for the third time this
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week. international investigators are encouraged for intell. the stock is seen as a bell weather. intel reported net income of $12 billion. this is up 167% from the year before. that is the best report in company history. he predicts this year will be even better. checking in on wall street. that should been pretty good for the tech -- that should billion pretty good new -- that should be pretty good for the tech sector. intel is a part of the dow jones and nasdaq exchange. and intel looking like it will open up a quarter of a point. time now 5:20. the postal service is raising some of its rates beginning in april. to send a first class letter will remain 44 cents for each
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ounce. but each additional ounce will be 20 cents more. making ski slopes safer for kids. why the helmet law stands a better chance the second time around. what the experts say is causing it. good morning. right now traffic is moving well on the golden gate bridge heading south. we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning, we have fog out. once that burns off it will be mostly sunny. highs upper 50s low to mid 60s. state senator leeland yee is making a second try at getting a ski slope helmet law for skiers under the age of 18. a law was signed by governor schwarzenegger last year but did not take effect. this time around the helmet law is a stand alone measure. it could reduce the number of injuries and deaths on the slopes. seven san francisco middle school students are expected to be okay but that is after ingesting rat poison. investigators say the sixth grade children found the poison on top of a tall filing cabinet. they apparently mistook it for candy. >> two kids bit it.
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one was a dime size piece and one was a nickel size piece. the next two chewed it and spit it out. the last two just slicked it. >> the last two who chewed it knew something was wrong and called their father who called 911. time now 5:24. pam, there has been explosion in the rat population in the bay area. the unusual weather we have seen the past few months is to blame. several exterminators started seeing an increase in business after our late fall warm spell was followed by winter rains. the problem is not isolated to one neighborhood or one city. this increase is being seen all over the bay area. >> when we come into a house we are looking for warmth and harbor. just to get out of the weather like us. >> starting in june new federal rules will limit the sell of
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rat poison to the public. for now experts say homeowners should use extreme caution when using toxic poisons for rats. it's called a beautiful but difficult service. families and friends gather to remember the little girl who's life was cut short. and more cost cutting measures here in uc berkeley. find out this time around there may not be as much resistance. and why thousands of surfing fans will need to find a new place to catch the big waves at maverick this year. if you are driving in san jose, the traffic looks pretty good. another update straight ahead. . introducing instant action alerts, only from chase. left arm up... manage your account and help avoid overdrafts with a click of a button. just reply to the alert with how much you want to transfer. inhale, all the way up... so you always stay in balance. crescent pose.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning new. it's friday, january 14th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now is almost 5:30. what is the friday forecast? let's check with steve. >> we have cloudy skies. some areas of fog. but some has lifted. once it burns off, mostly sunny and warmer. we'll have upper 50s low to mid 60s. here is sal. good morning. right now traffic is looking pretty good on interstate 880 as you drive past the coliseum. we have numerous reports of fog as steve mentioned. just be careful you could be driving in clear weather and
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see fog. the fog seems to have lifted on the bay bridge and that advisory has been lifted as well. let's go back to dave and pam. a suspicious death investigation is under way in livermore after two people were found dead in their home. ktvukraigkraig debro is live in livermore. >> reporter: behind me if you look at the front door you can see the door seals the orange sign saying don't enter. closer than that you can see a black residue of the door. that's where police have dusted for prints. two people were shot to death. the coroner just collected the second body from this home moments ago. police say friends had come here to check on the people living inside the home when they got here they found the door was open a crack. still police say they do not suspect foul play.
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>> livermore police department was called out here around 7:15 for a suspicious death. when the officers arrived here we found two of the residents at this home deceased. it looks like a gunshot wound to both. >> reporter: we checked the listing for this home. the people living here are in their late 90s. i specifically asked the sergeant if this was a murder- suicide and the sergeant said he didn't know but they have not found a note on the scene. they are in the process of identifying the victims. it's early out here but i'm not process of checking with neighbors to see if they know who lives in this home. reporting live i'm kraig debro. oakland police arrested three people accused of more than two dozen home invasion robberies. prosecutors filed charged a
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rameer symmons, and kyra bali six. stealing cash, jewelry, and electronics. the break in the case came in november when one victim called the police while the robbery was happening. one suspect was captured a the the time. >> i don't think there is anymore terrorizing than being at your home with your children and family and having someone kick in the door and shove guns in their faces. >> suspects targeted neighborhoods where l.a. knee know -- latino immigrants live. most recently investigators say someone fired several rounds into the garage door of a home on california avenue. it happened on tuesday afternoon. no one was hurt. just last month three men were killed # and three others wounded in another drive-by
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shooting. police continue to search for suspects and $25,000 reward is being offered. a wheelchair bound man shot by san francisco police are facing assault charges. alabama dale dunn kin stabbed an -- duncan stabbed an officer who was trying to shoot him. they first tried to pepper spray and beam bag gun. he is out of the hospital and in jail. the officers are on administrative leave while the matter is being investigated. duncan will be in court next week. hard economic times are hurting uc berkeley. hundreds of employees are facing layoffs this morning. a lot of them could be out of a job by june. jade hernandez is live on the cal campus now with more on this story. >> reporter: we are live in
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berkeley this morning. this announcement did not come as a surprise. a quarter of the jobs pay more than $100,000 with benefits and the layoffs would cut the managers by a third. jerry brown proposed cutting $5 million from the uc system. the jobs on the cutting block are in addition to the 600 positions cal laid off last year. a consultant hired by the university advised where cuts should be made. the consultant fee was $7.5 million. the consultant expects to cut operations by $75 million over the next three years. before june of this year, the campus expects to eliminate 280 full-time positions. they will do part by not filling positions and
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retirement. we are live in berkeley this morning. jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. mourners said a final farewell to the youngest victim in the tucson shooting. nine-year-old christina taylor green was laid to rest yesterday. the girl's aunt kim green an oakland firefighter. the battalion chief also attended the funeral. >> one of the things he said she came into the world as a day of tragedy and went out on a day of tragedy. >> christina was born on september 11th, 2001. the day of the terrorist attacks. there will be a candle light vigil to remember the victims of the tucson shootings. that event begins at 5:30.
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the mount diablo peace and justice center are representing the event tonight. a fallen captain from the fire department will be honored this morning. 42-year-old scott died last monday from cancer. doctors say it was caused by his on the job exposure to smokes and fumes. a memorial service begins after the procession. he is survived by his wife and eight-year-old son. surfing fans will not be able to watch the maverick competition this year. access to the beach and nearby bluffs will also be banned. the new rules are to prevent what happened last year when 13 spectators were injured. >> unless you want to swim in
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there is a limit number of access points. we will have those secured. >> there are usually about 40,000 people that show up to watch the contest. this year there will be a designated viewing area a mile from the beach where they will be able to watch the contest on a big screen. let's go to sal. it's friday. we expect friday light. how are we starting off this morning? >> i'm glad you asked that question. we are starting off well. i think everyone is happy about friday or a lot of people are any way. you shouldn't ever use -- westbound bay bridge incline that traffic looks good coming into san francisco. the fog was a problem, but now it has lifted and steve will be here in a moment to give us an update on that. san mateo bridge looks good. no major problems. also this morning we're looking at san jose. that traffic is good preponderate weather seems --
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that traffic is good. weather seems good. no fog advisory. if you republic out to the valley or heading out to the valley san francisco has issued one. we have mild conditions for many. fairfield is 43. that is the coolest. antioch is in the 40s. look at the 50s with 54 san jose, morgan hill. i saw 55 at gilroy. mountain view all low 50s. same for hayward. oakland 54. napa 52. there is a little easterly breeze back toward coming back in for the delta. some of that fog when you get that easterly breeze the overnight lows is not as cold. you can still be cool with that east breeze especially toward napa and around vallejo and concord. a little bit of a east
5:39 am
northeast breeze. every system now for awhile will start heading north. a coup -- petaluma had a quarter of an inch. coat about a tenth. san jose and sfo all about a tenth of an inch as well. lake tahoe 22. reno 43 and 49. fresno 48. mid 50s palm springs. los angeles 56. so this cold air we started the week is now being replaced with a very mild pattern. the high is building in. as it does it sends the jet stream way to the north. there is a lot of cloud cover here. some could spill over and give us partly cloudy skies at times. if you're to the north a possibility of rain. for us it's looking dry for awhile. the forecast has the fog. low clouds in the morning. mild lows for many. there are a couple areas we get the east, northeast breeze in
5:40 am
the hills. mostly sunny. mild by noon. mostly sunny and then mild to warm. it should say mid 60s there. fog and sun mild. partly sunny. the system will give us a lot of high mid level clouds. and then it looks like fog, sun, and warm especially near the coast. >> all right sounds good. the tax deadline is still more than three months away. one software company is offering a new way to get your taxes done quickly using a camera. >> also a picture on fisherman war ever is temporarily closed. if you are driving on interstate 680 the traffic looks good heading south. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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low clouds and fog but if you are thinking about planning anything for the weekend it will be dry. mostly sunny. partly cloudy at times. highs in the 60s for many. >> welcome back. good morning, to you. san francisco police are looking for a man that fatally shot another man inside this coffee shot in broad daylight. police say the 25-year-old victim was shot several times. it appears the suspect and victim knew each other. we're expecting an update later this morning on gabrielle giffords condition. she continues to improve and she was able to move both of her legs. president obama meets with the president of pakistan at the white house. pakistan's president is in washington, d.c. attending the funeral for richard holbrooke a
5:44 am
special on vow for pakistan that passed away last month. >> angela said she suffered an asthma attack and two other family members were sickened since the cleanup began. >> this was a complete business decision based on physical health. and december 29th i ended up in the back of an ambulance being evaluated for fumes. >> the cleanup project is the result of a lawsuit filed by the city against x on mobile. time now 5:44. union pacific railroad has
5:45 am
purchased property. they bought 160 acres to the tesla motor industry. fremont city officials say they are trying to set up a meeting with union pacific to try to work together to maximize the potential for that land. san jose hit a financial milestone. more than 13,000 people and businesses in san jose filed for bankruptcy protection last year. that is up 16% from the year before and an all-time record. experts predict this year could be worse. court officials say san jose is doing better than the state overall where bankruptcy filings are up 25%. today there is a new way to file your taxes if you use the 1040 ez form. they are releasing a application for your smart phone. you take a photo of your w-2.
5:46 am
they can down load snap tax for free. you will have to pay $15 to file the returns. mountain view city council has improved a plan to install a cell phone tower on top of the church. the tower will go on top of the church. some neighbors concerned with possible health effects are against the tower and claim it violates the city zoning code. the council disagreed and gave the go ahead on tuesday. time now 5:46. it's now going to be easier for small groups to held protests from sidewalks that have fewer than 50 people. the judge ruled that needing a permit to need a sign during protests is unconstitutional. it lifts a rule that allows permit applications to be used four days in advance. permits for larger groups
5:47 am
remain in place. 5:46 is the time. back to sal to check on problem spots. how is it going? >> it's going pretty well. so far the first hour seems to be going pretty well. as we look at highway 4 traffic looks good coming up to the willow pass grade. we are looking okay east 80. they are clearing up an accident. you may see activity on the side of the road west 80 at the toll plaza looks good. there is still fog out there. as we look at the livermore valley it looks good. hayward city also a light commute if you are heading to the south bay. northbound 101 looks good. there was an earlier accident there that is also gone now. let's go to steve. we have mostly cloudy skies. fog. low clouds. a combination of two left over from one system.
5:48 am
once it burns off all systems go. it looks about the same on the weekend. the fog is not going anywhere. there is too much moisture. the overnight lows is running significantly lower. mostly sunny. could be partly cloudy on sunday. higher clouds spill over. the high pressure system any rain will stay to the north. and next week is looking mild to warm there. possibility of 70s especially along the coast. we are still getting an east to northeast wind. north bay and east bay may have to deal with more fog. 43 in fairfield. there is a system that is clipping us to the north there. the next series of systems will move to the north. the rainfall wasn't that much. it made it. considering that january
5:49 am
doesn't look like it has too many rain days. quarter -- 22 up in tahoe. 30 in reno. southern california looks very warm if you are heading down to so-cal. that will do it for us. the last system looks good for a little bit. we start to see high pressure stick around here. the forecast does have morning fog. some of the fog could be reducing visibility. mostly sunny. mild high near 60. fog, sun mild. more the same saturday. a little system with higher clouds on sunday. mostly sunny mild to warm expect if you are stuck in that fog. the san francisco business times reports construction work in hunters point could be stopped by the governors budget proposal. right now 10,000 homes commercial space and an artist colonny is planned for the
5:50 am
shipyard. the plan to eliminate redevelopment agencies could lead the projects in limbo. no current work would -- since major projects are funded in phases it could leave some work half finished. . >> the video game is leaving the -- it's just about the same as the year before. call of duty black opts sold 20 billion. if you have been waiting for the digital newspaper designed for the ipad you have to wait longer. according to the wall street journal apple and news corp decided they needed more time. time now 5:50. did you wake up this morning
5:51 am
with your planets out of line. why your zodiac sign may be out of whack. showcasing the world champion san francisco giants. what a hollywood producer may have in mind for the team.
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5:53 am
an amazing rescue in brazil
5:54 am
as a man pulled his neighbor to safety from a house falling apart in raging waters. the country has been hit hard by mud slides after more than ten inches of rain in less than 24 hours. at least 476 people have died. 14,000 are homeless. b sill's government has pledged -- brazil's government has pledged $14 million in assistance. it forced a nearby airport to shot down overnight. no one was hurt. mount etna is the most active volcano. the late pope john paul the second is one step closer to being a saint. pope benedict cleared the way for the ceremony by approving a
5:55 am
miracle attributed to john paul that died in 2005. a second miracle is needed for john paul to be declared a saint. the almost 100-year-old building has been reenforced now to with stand earthquakes. there is also new landscaping there. the city and state contributed $10 million to the restoration. an additional $11 million came from private fundraising. the san francisco giants could have their own show on a cable station. it's expected to be similar to the hard knox series. producer mike tolland is expected to produce.
5:56 am
he worked on the espn series bonds on bonds. get ready. that tenth season of american idol debuts right here next week with a whole new look. you know aerosmith steven tyler will be joining them. a record executive will be mentoring the contestants to help them refine their performances. they are said to be debating to give you the viewer behind the scene look at the finalist by filming at the american idol host. astronomers say alignment of the stars has moved by one month. so if you thought you were a taurus chances are you're an
5:57 am
aries. aficus 'cuz left out to make the zodiac more receive met call. >> what is your sign? >> i'm a pi cease. >> thanks for asking. good morning, everybody. let's go out and take a look at the commute. i'm having too much fun far friday already. my goodness. northbound 280 traffic looks pretty good. the sunol grade looks good out of pleasanton. that fog has lifted northbound bay bridge. the traffic will be okay as we come up toward the toll plaza. now let's go back to the desk. a san francisco chase ended hours ago. this case is far from over. why a police search continues and what they are looking for. plus the medical update on wounded congresswoman gabrielle gifford's sounds better and
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i'm tara moriarty live in san francisco. we are learning what may have lead up to a deadly shooting inside of a coffee shop. fog is


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