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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 19, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the boys mother. that is coming up. morning commute is getting busier in some key spots. we'll tell you where. the past couple mornings have been fog, fog, fog. that is not the case this morning. maybe the wind will be. we'll talk about that. a police pursuit ends violently. the reason officers reach for tasers and then guns last night. as the morning news continues. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day. it's wednesday january 19th i'm dave clark. and i'm pam cook. let's start with weather and traffic. steve. >> we have mostly clear skies. there could be a little bit of patchy fog. breezy and mostly sunny. temperatures are starting off 30s, 40s, and 50s. we will end up with 60s. here is sal. steve, westbound highway 4 traffic looks good.
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also the morning commute looks good on 680 nearby. and if you are driving this morning on highway 101 that commute looks good 37 now let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. topping our news this morning authorities have issued a state- wide amber alert that was taken out of his grandmothers arms. the four-year-old boy was abducted in the central valley but may now be in san jose with the abductor who claims to be the boys father. jade hernandez is live. >> reporter: good morning, you will see messages until this boy is found found-- until this boy is found. authorities say this man 27- year-old jose esteban rodriguez ripped july january cardenas
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from his grandmothers grip. possible in route to san jose where we are live this morning. now rodriguez has an extensive criminal record including a conviction for manslaughter and is considered dangerous. he's 5'9", 180 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. he was last seen wear ration black shirt and checker shorts. he abducted juliani yesterday from patterson. rodriguez is the exboyfriend of the boys biological mother tab that. tabitha says the exis not the boys father. rodriguez started acting funny on monday but it wasn't until yesterday it turned violent. >> i want to say bring him back. he needs to be with his mom. he needs me. he misses me.
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he loves me more than he loves jose. he needs to come home. he needs to go to school. >> reporter: rodriguez is known to frequent fast food spots such as mcdonalds, taco bell, and liquor stores. he was last seen driving a toyota corolla with license plate 6hbw445. here's the item. the left rear wheel is a spare tire. the family is telling us rodriguez may have never left patterson but that may have not been confirmed by authorities. they are still on the lookout for rodriguez and the boy. reporting live in san jose jade hernandez. time now 6:03. san pablo police have identified the man killed in an officer involved shooting. however police have not yet released his name. the shooting happened around 8:00 last night at the
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intersection of san pablo dam road. police officers pull over a car at this gas station. according to officer one person jumped out of the car and ran off. the officer chased down the suspect and tazed him. the officer spotted a handgun in the suspects waistband. >> the suspect reached for his handgun and then the officer fired his weapon. and struck the suspect. >> the suspect died right there at the scene. police are trying to contact the suspects family. he's described as a 33-year-old man from southern california. coming up in just 30 minutes from now, ktvu kraig debro who is out there will bring us the latinist a live report. a an oakland man is face -- an oakland man is facing animal cruelty charges. officers came to the home after receiving complaints about
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noise and foul odors. take a look inside they found dog crates stacked on top of each other with 33 dogs living in their own waste. >> the smell was very intense. it was almost impossible to breathe. some of us did cry. it was tough to see. >> we are told that many of the dogs unfortunately were too sick to be saved. others too aggressive. the ones that did make it through the ordeal though are now living in new homes. as for the suspect arthur more charges could be filed against him if it's determined any of the dogs were used for fighting. later this morning workers at napa state hospital will stage a rally outside of the gates of the hospital. they will be demanding new safety rules and more protection after violent attacks by inmates. one hospital staffer was killed. another was a victim of a serious assault. the mental hospital has sense increased the security but
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employees still argue much more needs to be done. a bay area pizza chain could find out today whether a controversial paint job on the newest location can stay. tara moriarty joins us now at the restaurant with the details. tara. >> reporter: well, dave, pam, you can tell this building behind me is yellow. it's so yellow a lot of people republic complaining about it. if you take a look down the street you can see why. a lot of the buildings are historic and brick and they say this new paint job does not fit in. the owner of this brand new pizza parlor said he wanted the paint to match the color of his brazilian soccer jersey. san rafael has no specific requirements for downtown structures preponderate design review board is supposed to approve any big changes to store fronts or outside what we normally know as acceptable. it looks like it will be put to
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a vote. no word if it will effect the pizza parlors opening which is supposed to happen some time next week. the name of the restaurant is drawing attention too. pizza or georgia ma coo. dave, pam, back to you. >> thank you. sal, not too far from that restaurant is a very popular soul food restaurant. it's called soul food. it's a very bright green. >> i see. >> it seems to be the trend in san rafael. >> and this is all making me hungry. let's move along. good morning, everybody. i'm always hungry. that's a different story. let's go out to the westbound bay bridge.
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traffic backed up from that parking lot and the metering lights have been switched on. you will see a little bit of a backup here. nothing big. it will get more and more busy. no major problems. this is a look at interstate 880 traffic in both directions here looking pretty good. and this mornings commute on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 that traffic is moving along very nicely. at 6:07 here is steve. >> thank you, sir. just in. a little bit of patchy fog beginning to form toward san jose. they have a calm condition. almost everyone else enough of a breeze where the fog is not a factor. we are not done with it yet. it does look if we will go forward the fog will become less of an issue. it will be sunny. 7-10 day outlook. more sunshine. little or no rain. some of the projections we have seen out toward january no pressure. patchy fog. sunny and breezy. the web camera from san jose
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state showing just a tiny bit of fog starting to form. most locations are clear to breezy. 39 napa airport. 50 concord. 51 san mateo. a little cooler over toward sunol and niles. 56 at noon and 52 for a high. wind might be a factor later on today. all caused by a system dring down toward the east of us. it impacts only in the way of wind. and when there is enough wind, that just helps stir up the fog. north, northeast. fairfield. santa rosa north at 12. there is the calm condition in san jose which allows the fog to tomorrow. sfo west 22 we have not seen that in a long, long time. it has been east or northeast what seems like forever. high pressure still large and in charge. as these systems drive down, it has changed our pattern ever so slightly in we do get the wind
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and decrease in the fog. there is patchy fog out there. 36-52. we will go breezy later on today. some areas in the breezy category. wind 52-60. morning sun later on today. 60s for everybody today. maybe a little cooler. you just usher in a slightly cooler air flow today. 60 to 62 should cover it for many. santa cruz was at 71 yesterday. san jose will go 61. sunny and breezy after patchy fog. it looks like a lot of sun and more wind. >> thank you. time now 6:10. a man trying to do the right thing now fears for his safety. >> i'm concerned for my safety. and you know, i don't know what this guy is capable of. a witness gets a letter the man identified. the personal details the suspect has been able to find
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out. we want to show you a live look in washington, d.c.. china's president is welcomed there.
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welcome back. we are live at the white house. ceremony for the arrival of the
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president of china. you see him on the far right and of course on the left president obama and the pop and circumstances. the salute. as we listen in for just a moment. the arrival of president tow at the white house. he will be there all day for various meetings and a big state dinner tonight. some of the analysts looking at this say this is the most important state visit at the white house in decades. ktvu alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom right now with the very latest on this. good morning, alison. >> reporter: president obama, vice president biden, members of president obama's cabinets are greeting president tow as he arrived for a full day of talks and a lot of ceremony
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including a state dinner this evening. two big highlights to look for this afternoon. a rare news conference for the president where he will face the reporters questions. it's also important to tell you here that the mayors of oakland and san francisco the most prominent chinese american mayors in the country will be attending tonights state dinner. we are going to be talking to mayor gene quan about it later today and have that for you here on ktvu. we will also be covering all of this mornings ceremonies for you and that for you on the morning news. for now we are live in washington, d.c.. house republicans are expected to keep a campaign promise today by voting to repeal the health care reform law. but the vote will be largely
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symbolic because in the senate where democrats still hold the girt the repeal is expected to be defeated. president obama promises he will veto it. republicans say if it's rejected they will block any funding. your time now 6:15. there is a new state audit out cost the state of california more than half million dollars. some of the examples sited a psychiatrist for $600,000 for administrative work while he was being investigated for inappropriately describing medications. and also a state employee that stuffed 700 pieces of unopen mail in his desk to avoid working on them. congresswoman gabrielle giffords husband is describing the horrifying ordeal after his wife was shot in tucson.
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mark kelly says for 20 minutes he thought his wife was dead. he says he broke down in tears after watch tv news reports saying his wife had been fatally shot. in the meantime cnn is reporting the giffords will be flown to a rehabilitation clinic in texas on friday so she can receive more aggressive treatment. a san francisco man that identified a crime suspect for police fears for his safety now. jerome says he witnessed the suspect john paul olsen trying to set fire at an apartment building back in november. now he says he received a letter from cuffy from jail up the letter included his name, address, and cell phone number. >> i now understand why people don't want to come forward in
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instances like this. >> it's not clear how olsen who remains in jail got his private information. it is illegal in california to provide such personal information to a defendant. we contacted olsen's attorney but he would not discuss the case. some bus passes in emeryville got a ride they will not forget. they were riding a shuttle bus when two teenagers got on board. they appeared to be carrying guns. the driver immediately contacted police and seven squad cars arifed on the scene. officers pointed their guns at the passengers that were ordered to leave the bus with their hands up. police conducted a pat down of everyone until they found the teenagers that were carrying a bell let gun. researcherring are trying to bring -- researchers are
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trying to bring back a woolly mammoth. the plan is to take a nuke louse from a mammoth cell. if everything goes as the scientists plan an elephant could give birth to a woolly mammoth sometime in the next 4- 6 years. >> that is incredible. we understand there is a crash in concord. let's check with sal. >> that is right on interstate 680 southbound. it's right near concord avenue. there is a little bit of a slow down already. of course this is the area from last night that was closed for that police activity. we've had a couple of rough hours for the 680 commute in the last six minutes. unless you are driving on highway 4. that traffic is moving along pretty nicely
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heading west. this morning on interstate 880 traffic at the oakland coliseum looks good. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge. that mean there is is a little bit of a backup building. let's go to steve. change in our pattern today. sfo has gusts up to 30 miles an hour from the west. i haven't seen that in how long. it has been a long time. everything has been east or northeast. weak system dropping straight down is the reason why. santa rosa north at 12. there is that wests at 22. san jose calm and patchy fog forming. fairfield northeast at 8. there lies the forecast. mostly sunny and breezy. big spread here. san francisco, sfo are both 51. the napa airport is calm and 37. if you live out that way you think it's cold. so we have big spreads here in some of the lows.
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42 palo alto. concord is 31 and livermore i found 39. there goes our system. it's right down the old elevator shaft. there are areas where the fog has been wiped out. sunny, mostly sunny and breezy. there are a few high clouds out there. 60s. we are getting a slightly cooler air mass. it will be cooler today due to the west wind. a lot of low 60s to a few mid 60s. sunny for all. the wind looks like it will be front and center over the next few days. we will have lots of sunshine. thank you, steve. the last half hour the commerce reports on new construction is not encouraging. builders broke ground on 587,000 homes last year. that's the second worst year in history. only slightly more than the year before. which was the worst in 52 years. in a healthy economy builders start twice as many.
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one million homes and apartment in a year. americans have better control over their debt in december. all six of the biggest credit card issuers report their lowest rates. citi bank which has had the highest charge up rates saw the biggest decline. side air bags do indeed save drivers lives in crashes where the left front door is hit. the insurance substitute for highway safety a driver with a car rated good in side impact crashes is 70% likely to survive one of those crashes. a driver with an acceptable rating is 64% less like lie to drive. even cars with marginal ratings provide a 49% increase in the chances you will survive that kind of a crash. time now is 6:22. there was tragedy at a southern california high school. the item left inside a students
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backpack that ended up seriously hurting two innocent classmates. the fbi is looking into reports of federal crimes connected to foreclosure auctions.
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good morning. right now traffic is moving well across bay area bridges. it's getting a little bit of slow traffic here. the golden gate bridge traffic is moving along well. there is the richmond bridge for the first time in days. we can see it because it's not foggy. let's go back to the desk. . >> in los angeles a 17-year-old boy could face charges because a loaded gun went off inside his backpack while at school. a female classmate was shot in the head. a second student a 15-year-old boy was shot in the neck and listed in fair condition. the l.a. times reports that district officials are now considering updating their screening policies for weapons. the owner of a residential hotel in oakland is due in court tomorrow. richard earl singer is accused of hiring an arsonist to burn down the hotel so he can collect the insurance money. he was willing to pay $65,000
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to anyone who will burn down his hotel. a story you will see only here on ktvu channel 2. federal investigators are look into a dark side of the mortgage crisis. they are investigating whether investors are conspiring to keep prices low when homes are sold at bay area auions. the agency will only say it is "looking into anticompetitive practices at trustee sales of foreclosed homes ". >> can you condition firm the fbi was here? >> i can't confirm. >> no one in this video are accused of anything. auctions like this one can be
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agreed so people will not bid against each other so they can buy houses at the lowest possible. amber alert signs are flashing across the state of california this morning. a state-wide search is centered on a bay area city. and why three law enforcement agencies are conducting investigation into what one san pablo investigators did last night.
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welcome book there is it is on time. the opening well on wall street where the banks seem to be calling the shot this morning. there is good number from wells fargo. there is disappointing numbers from goldman sacks. earnings were down and they
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project a dismal forecast. we will see how that effects wall street in a moment as we take a live look on the traders. we'll get you those numbers in a moment. >> all right. we will go ahead and say good morning, to you. it's wednesday, january 19th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. amber alert signs are flashing this morning aall over the bay area -- all over area a ktvu jade hernandez just received new information. she is back with the latest. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. electric tropic message boards across the state are alerting people about this abduction. the boy may have been driven here. this mans mother lives in san jose. he has a lot of family in this area. 27-year-old jose esteban rodriguez is accused of
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kidnapping juliani cardenas. he is about 5'9", 180 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. four-year-old juliani has not been seen since yesterday. he ripped the boy from his grandmothers grip. juliani is 3'6" with black hair and brown eyes weighing 40 pounds. rodriguez is the exboyfriend of the boys biological mother. we have been in constant contact with tabitha. she is currently eight months pregnant with rodriguezs child. >> he has never been like this in the past. he's been really good with juliani. you know. this is really out of the ordinary for him.
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>> reporter: now rodriguez was last seen driving a silver toyota corolla with california license plate number 6hbw445 with oversized all black tires. he's the di ting wishing item the -- here's distinguishing item the black tires. we will bring you more throughout the morning. reporting live from san jose jade hernandez. a deadly officer involved shooting in san pablo is under investigation this morning. it happened at about 8:00 last night at the intersection of san pablo dam road and ventura. kraig debro joins us now with more on what police is doing to cob rate this officers story. >> reporter: i checked with this gas station to see if there was any video tape available. i did that and the clerk told
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me the police have taken it. when the car was pulled over, it was pulled over right there. there was a traffic violation. the officer pulled over a car it stopped in front of a store here. there were three people in the car. one of the guys gets out of the car. he takes a backpack with him. he runs around the store with a backpack. the officer starts chasing him. the -- once he jumped over the hedges the officer and suspect fall on the ground and get in a fight. >> at that point the officer observed the suspect had a firearm handgun in his waistband. the officer ordered the suspect to comply with his orders. >> reporter: the suspect did not apparently. what the officers told me what lieutenant creekmore told me the officer swatted the gun
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away and pulled his own firearm and then shot the suspect several times. he died on the scene. police said he was a 33-year- old man from southern california. they will have more on him later today. right now they are not releasing his name buzz his next of kin has not been notified. investigators are analyzing more evidence recovered from that east bay storage unit where five pipe bomb were found. the explosives were discofferred yesterday afternoon along interstate 680. investigators say they were originally there for a drug raid at a unit. rented by an unsatisfied -- unidentified woman. >> when we began the search of the storage unit we opened it up and found the pipe bombs. at that point everything was stopped for the safety sake. >> now a bomb squad was called in and four pipe bombs were detonated at the scene.
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chp closed traffic periodically during the evening commute to protect drivers from many dangers from the blast. the woman who rented the unit was taken into custody. time now 6:35. investigators in philadelphia want to know what caused the deadly gas line explosion. >> look at that. now that horrifying scene brought back obviously bad memories of last september pipeline disaster in san bruno. utility crews were investigating a gas leak when that explosion rocked an entire neighborhood. the blast killed one person, injured five more and forced the evacuations of dozens of people. it sent a 50-foot fire ball in the air. they felt it miles away. there is a new development in the pipeline explosion in san bruno. pg&e is facing a march 15th deadline to hand over important documents detailing the strength of the gas lines.
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it will have an impact far beyond the ongoing investigation. peg e may have to test or replace some of the pipelines. that could effect power supplies for thousands of pg&e customers. we want to go bactocill. how does does the commute look? >> we have crystal clear pictures. we can see every camera from our network this morning. westbound bay bridge there is a backup there. the fog is not am big issue today. in fact, i don't see any fog really. let's move along and take a look at san mateo bridge westbound 92 that traffic is looking good heading out to the high-rise. no major problems there. if you are driving on highway 4 that traffic is moving well. and 680 concord avenue still in the clearing stages.
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highway 4 antioch getting slow. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. interesting pattern here. we have wind gusting to 30 miles an hour here. that is not something we have seen in a long time. system digging down even though it's a dry system. it has cranked up some of the wind. we only have patchy fog. it looks like around san jose. not much elsewhere. it's either in the 30s, 40s or 50s. any breeze and you're without a breeze it's lower 40s and upper 30s. napa airport has dipped to 39. free hospital our target forecast today starting at -- fremont our target forecast starting at 44. 56 at noon and 62 for an afternoon high today. it looks like 60s for all. a few high clouds. again there is not much here expect the wind which does take care of the fog. the scary driving conditions
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have dispated for nearly everyone. there is still patchy fog. west at 22 with gusts at 30. fairfield northeast at 8. there lies a much sunnier forecast. 37 napa airport there. 43 fairfield. 51 concord. livermore 40. 44 san jose. 51 up in santa rosa. right there. there will be a series of this system plunging southward. they will not do much. maybe give us high clouds. they will ramp up the wind especially north and east bay hills. patchy fog. 30s, 40s and 50s. it will be breezy for some. if you are in a wind protected area it should be nice, and sunny. not as warm as yesterday. 60 to 68 sunny and breezy. the reason why there is a west wind today. you lose the fog. temperatures inlindworm up --
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temperatures inland warmup. so 61 in santa cruz. san jose 62. low 60s on the peninsula. sunshine goodbye to the fog hello to the wind as we go into the next couple of dies. >> oh boy. it is a perk that most of us take for granted. parking at work is in the center of a controversy in san francisco. i'm tara moriarty live in san rafael where some people are calling this paint job an eyesore or is it a colorful edition? we'll let you know what will become of this brand new pizza parlor. good morning, 280 traffic looking pretty good. another update of the morning commute is straight ahead.
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well good morning, to you. welcome back. time now 6:42. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we following for you right now. as we speak president obama is hosting the president of china at the white house. president hu jintao arrived at the white house yesterday. they will meet with american businessmen and tonight president obama will host a white house state dinner. today the republican house representatives will decide whether or not to repeal the health care legislation. if expected the repeal in the house is successful, democrats that is still the majority say
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they will block it. later today workers at napa state hospital will stage a rally outside of the gates of the psychiatric hospital. they will gauge two safety rules. a san rafael pizza parlor could find out today if they estimate big changes to the restaurant before it opens. tara moriarty joins us now from san rafael with the big controversy and what it is. >> reporter: you can see what the controversy is if you take a look behind me. this is the pizza parlor that is in controversy because of the paint. it's a bright yellow. some say it's an eyesore. that looks like a day glow worm. it doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the downtown area that has a historic feel. the honor of this pizza parlor
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wanted the paint to match the color of his brazilian soccer jersey. he got what he wished for. it turns out the review board is is supposed to -- it looks like it will be put to a vote. no word if that will effect the pizza parlor opening. the the name of the new restaurant is attracting attention. pizza orgasmica. there is racy menu items. some we cannot mention on television. we are interested to talk to people that work and shop here to get their take. once the sun comes up you will be able to gauge if it's colorful or overkill. time now 6:45. the fbi is searching for whoever left a bomb along the route of a martin luther king junior parade in spokane,
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washington. a backpack with a bomb inside was found monday morning. the discovery of that bomb forced the organizers of the parade route to change the route of that parade. the fbi says the bomb was fully functional. it would have been capable of killing a lot of people. fame psychist lance armstrong is not commenting on new doping allegations made by sports illustrated. he was repeatedly asked about this report which came out yesterday. he only responded by saying he has nothing to worry about. lance armstrong right now is in australia. he's competing in the tour down under race. yesterday he faced several allegations. in alaska a 29-year-old man with a contagious disease was charged with attempted murder because he spat on a hospital worker. state troopers say the man who is described of being very
6:47 am
unstable intentionally "transferred a dangerous bodily fluid on to that man". if a former american idol contestant appears to have fallen on tough times. alex lambert sent out a tweet saying he was homeless. a spokesman says he has money. almost bert was having a -- loom lambert was having a bad day when he sent out the tweet. season ten of american idol is here tonight. hopefuls will go before a new panel oaf judges made up of jennifer lopez and steven tyler who we spoke to yesterday and randy jackson. in san francisco muni employees will still be able to park for free at least for now. the chronicle reports the
6:48 am
municipal transportation agency is considering a plan to fine workers that fail to pay for a monthly parking permit. the agency says the issue could come up for discussion in the next couple of weeks. time now 6:47. the commute is starting to pick up. >> it is. we have a brand new accident reported in hayward at 880 southbound at industrial. we are trying to figure out which lane it is blocking. right now let's take a look at the southeast bay. we already have slow traffic there on 237 just past 880. stop and develop traffic here. also getting word of a new accident here north of 85. this one is reported as a hit and run. moving along taking a look at northbound 24 that traffic is busy as you drive up to the tunnel. no major problems. this mornings commute will be backed up to the middle of that
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parking lot at the bay bridge. as you notice, the fog and visibility there is no fog. visibility is good. let's go to steve. thanks. we do have fog forming out toward eastern city ran know. there is fog out toward the delta as well. it's late but it's showing up. it also looks like a little bit in napa county. patchy fog. sunny. breezy to windy. sfo has gusts up to 30 out of the west. it appears the fog is losing out. it's rounding third and heading for home. who is there will burn off. the wind will play into our weather for the next couple days. the seven-ten day outlook is very warm. 44 fremont. we will go 56 for a high at noon. and then we will go for a high of 62 degrees. there will be lots of sunshine. a few high clouds coming over
6:50 am
us. there. series of systems are weak. we don't get much. we do see the wind pick up. that helps dispurse the bog avenue -- dispurse the fog. it does look like patchy fog forming there. fairfield northeast. we are reporting cloudy skies and fog nearby. north at 12 at santa rosa. and gusts at 30 at sfo. 40s and 30s. santa rosa is 51. sfo49. san rafael says 54. a lot of low 50s. high pressure that is there. big guy. own it's not going anywhere. we do get patchy fog then sunny and breezy. that fog will lose out. they do pick up the front kind of dispurses it and so --
6:51 am
disburses it and it goes to the south. 30s, 40s, and 50s. breezy conditions. 50s-60s. it could be windy in the hills. 60-68. 60s for many today. santa roe rosa 66 today. livermore at 63 degrees. sunshine but wind over the next few days. >> thank you, steve. southwest airlines has increased fairs again. the discount carrier raised ticket prices between $2 and $5. the airline said it needed to take that step because of increasing fuel costs. delta and united raised rates earlier this week. it's the fourth industry-wide
6:52 am
fare hike. let's check in on the numbers. we talked about goldman sacks profits slid 53%. they still made $2 billion in the quarter. but wells fargo based here in san francisco and u.s. bank corp products are up. dow jones upped up from 6 points to 11,444. customers purchase credit on the app and can have their phones scanned to pay. it works with blackberries and iphones today. some new earthquake concerns for a south bay reservoir what the engineers found. all this stuff goes a long way against my wishes against my way of living. >> raider owner al davis takes some parting shots at the coach he just fired.
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welcome back -- welcome back now. the owner of the raiders stole the air yesterday. >> the head coach of the raiders we're not losers
6:56 am
anymore. >> now al davis was referring to one of tom cables last public remarks as the raiders head coach. he detailed tom cables alleged workplace assault and charges of domestic violence. however, the new coach hugh jackson says he loves working with al davis. hugh jackson was raiders coordinator before getting the top coaching job. we posted more of this on our channel 2 website santa clara water district will not be able to store as much water. new test showed gravel and sound under the reservoir in south san jose. engineers say that could cause the dam to fail. the district says it will keep it at capacity at 57% which will help decrease pressure. any major rain fall that is captured won't be able to be
6:57 am
stored. let's quickly go back to sal. how is the sunol grade? >> it's doing well. you can see a little bit of traffic here in fremont. also the morning commute is okay here on 880. when you get to the toll plaza of the bay bridge you will see a ten minute delay. let's go to steve. sal, only patchy fog this morning. it won't last long. gusts up to 30 add sfo. it's out of the west. it's very rare. some locations a clear. 30s and 40s will get way to 60. thank you, steve. we want to let you know you can soon watch ktvu morning news even earlier. we are expanding our coverage this monday january 24th. the ktvu morning news will start a half hour earlier at 4:30. you will be able to catch us over the weekend on january 22nd. that's when we will launch mornings on 2 weekend edition. that will be every saturday and
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sunday from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m.. we have more to tell you about. the amber alert signing is flashing right now in a desperate search of a little boy. this is a statewide search. also a disturbing discovery at an oakland home it has lead to an animal abuse investigation. stay with us.
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