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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 1, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday february 1st. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm ken wayne. dave clark is off this morning. let's get our first look at weather and traffic this hour with steve paulson. ken is in the house. thank you, ken. we have some very thick fog out there. sal touches on this all the time i. might be socked in by 5:30 or 6:00. after the fog burns off if it does upper 50s low to mid-6 0z. here he is. steve, right now traffic is moving along okay here on interstate 880 in oakland. there are no major problems if you're driving north or southbound at this hour. also this morning's commute is okay on the east shore freeway as you drive out to the macarthur maze. the thick fog has not reached the east shore. it's actually clear. this morning the chp is trying to determine the cause of a deadly overnight crash in a remote area of sonoma county. it happened shortly after midnight on petri fied forest road north of santa rosa.
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investigators say one person was killed and another injured when two cars collided on the winding road. still not clear what caused the deadly crash but chp says this morning's weather was not a factor. now let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. topping our news it may be one of the thickest books you own. and today san francisco's introducing a plan to stop it from landing on your doorstep. ktvu channel 2 reporter looking at a proposal to ban the yellow pages. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning from the city which banned plastic bags comes the newest green initiative. san francisco at least one san francisco supervisor is proposing to get rid of the unsolicited annual yellow pages drop off. that's happening right here in san francisco today. technology has put the yellow pages on an easily down load able app for free. if you don't have a smart phone you can look up the yellow pages online. san francisco supervisor believe this is is a perfect reason why the city should ban
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the unsolicited distribution of the yellow pages. his office estimated more than 1.5 million yellow pages phone books are distributed in san francisco every year. he told the san francisco chronicle he wants to be serious about being environmentally conscious. and phone books are a 20th century tool that doesn't mean the environmental or business needs of the 21st century. he's proposing legislation today to rid the city of the books. he's not the first to make a proposal similar to this. last year senator yee proposed limiting distribution of white pages to people who specifically ask for it. generates $14 billion a year. coming up we've heard the proposal and we're going to hear from a spokesperson from the yellow pages. she's in town for a meeting with the san francisco supervisors today. we'll hear from her in 30 minutes. reporting live in san francisco this morning, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. in egypt a march of millions is underway at this hour. an estimated 200,000 people have gathered at cairo's square
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in an effort to drive out the president. the crowd has joined together in singing nationalist songs and chanting for him to leave. the military's vowed not to fire on demonstrators but internet and some mobile phone service has been shut down by the government. in 15 minutes we'll have a live report on the rally and why concern is growing for google executive who vanished after posting an ominous twitter message. parents at a palo alto elementary school have been given antibiotics as a precaution after a teacher died suddenly possibly from meningitis. the 43-year-old taught his fifth grade class at hoover elementary school as usual on friday. but he was hospitalized with a severe infection over the weekend. tests are being done to determine if meningitis caused his death. the contagious disease can kill in a matter of hours, but county health officials say the risk of infection on campus is minimal. >> even if he died of meningococcal meningitis which
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is that kind of bacteria, it does not hang around in the environment. can't live on the floor, can't live on doorknobs, can't live in a sweater. >> a letter from the county health department went home to parents last night to address concerns. he taught at hoover for 17 years. meningitis is a dangerous disease and needs treatment quickly. the most common symptoms include fever and vomiting. a severe headache and a stiff neck. and sensitivity to bright lights as well as sleepiness or trouble waking up. it should be noted that symptoms may differ among children and adults. in any case the patient should get medical attention as soon as possible. a mother in the north bay says she suffered her son's death all over again when she went to put flowers on his grave and instead found cemetery workers relocating his coffin. this is a photograph from the press democrat at the shy low cemetery in windsor yesterday. that's where her 21-year-old son was buried back on december
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22nd. she says the cemetery told her they had mistakenly buried her son in the wrong plot. but she thought they would let her know when they were going to move him. the cemetery says it has the legal right to move the coffin. well, ktvu news has learned more about that prank call that created a frightening incident at one oakland elementary school. that call came from inside the school. now take a look. news chopper 2 was over the scene as the drama unfolded at the elementary school yesterday. you can see the kids running there. police received a phone call that a man with a rifle walked onto campus. more than 200 students were immediately evacuated to another building at the school. 75 law enforcement officers then moved in along with an armored vehicle and a robot. >> called to let me know that there was a guy that came into the school with a gun and that they were evacuating the kids. get their coats on and shoes on and let's go. >> oakland police searched the
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school grounds for several hours before determining that the call was a hoax. they're still looking for the person who placed that call from inside the school grounds. that cool will reopen this morning. at 10:00 this morning the san jose city council meets behind closed doors to either confirm or reject acting police chief chris moore as san jose's new police chief. san jose's city managers selected moore over oakland police chief bats. that upset some community groups who wanted an outsider to lead a police force that's been accused of racial profiling and excessive use of force. within the past 40 minutes construction work wrapped up on the dumbarton bridge. ktvu's live now with more on what the project crews were working on overnight. >> reporter: we're standing on the peninsula side of the dumbarton bridge. if you look behind us you have a good view of it from here. there are no traffic problems, no road closures to report. about 45 minutes ago chp reopened the right lanes of
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traffic on the eastern span of the bridge. the closure was part of a new earthquake retrofit project for the dumbarton. ktvu's news chopper 2 got pictures of the bridge a few hours before the project started yesterday. as part of the project you can expect some regular overnight lane closures on the dumbarton bridge between the hours of 8:00 or 9:00 at night to 4:00 a.m. on weekdays and the lane closures could be in effect as late as 11:00 a.m. on weekends. now the project expected to be complete in august 2012. now something else that could be coming to this bridge and the san mateo bridge is congestion toll pricing. it's already gone into effect on the bay bridge. this summer drivers on the bay bridge started paying $6 to drive across during peak rush hour times. $4 during nonpeak hours. and the different prices are supposed to encourage people to cross the bridge when there are fewer vehicles on the road and therefore relieving some of the rush hour congestion. now city and county transportation officials here in san mateo county are considering the possibility of
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introducing congestion toll pricing on these two bridges the dumbarton and san mateo bridge. however it wouldn't be any earlier than this fall when they start considering that option. live in san mateo county, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:07. we've been talking about fog this morning. sal, how does it look right now? >> it's pretty thick out there, ken and pam, in some areas. but in other areas it's absolutely clear. so it's kind of one of those things where you'll start off driving maybe in clear weather and run into fog. just make sure it's on your radar and steve will be here in just a moment. now steve has told me and i've listened to the weather people long enough you know the weather has to change when the sun comes up. things move around. so be aware it could change for your drive to work. the east shore freeway looks good and so does the toll plaza. it's light. one of the key things is to leave the house early so you don't have to be driving too fast. that will really help you out for the morning commute.
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northbound 280 traffic looks pretty good. 5:08. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. we have morning fog. some in the form of low clouds and some right on the deck. after it burns off sunny and mild for some it may take a while to burn off. tomorrow breezy and cooler but a lot of sunshine as the system digs into the rockies we'll pick up more of an easterly breeze. should be enough to stir the fog up. 7 to 10 day outlook more sun and warmer especially as we head towards friday and into the weekend. little or no rain until maybe after the 15th of february unless something changes. that's what they're showing right now. very stable pattern through about the first two weeks of february. high pressure's built in. it's going to flex muscle. 30s 40s to right at 50. 37 santa rosa. any fog, low clouds or any breeze at all and your temperatures up. san jose starting off a 48 lots of fog towards san jose. 58 at noon and 63 for a high today. and it will be sunny later on today. temperatures though, again, any of that fog can make it very tough. system comes in and aligns
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itself north to south. that means it doesn't have much going for it. next system heading to the north as a high really builds in. fog is not going anywhere today. in fact if anything it's going to expand a little bit. patchy thick fog and then sunny, breezy late more likely tomorrow and then looks like we'll clear the fog out as the system digs into the east. sunny and breezy but by the end of the week warmer weather will arrive and maybe even sunshine with no fog. we'll deal with their in the week. chilly fog and then sunshine later today. temperatures 50s and 60s. tough call here. that fog can make it just too hard to get past the upper 50s for many. cooler, breezy on wednesday and sunny and warmer especially friday and saturday. thank you, steve. right now hundreds of thousands of people are filling cairo's main square. we'll take you there to see yourself the largest demonstration so far. also oakland's police chief says he has one important meeting before revealing his plans for the future.
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good morning. fog is going to be an issue on some commutes. steve and i will be back with another report to let you know where it is.
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welcome back to the morning news. it's now 5:13. and tens of thousands of demonstrators are flooding downtown cairo, egypt, right now demanding an end to the regime of their president. but as allison burns reports from our washington d.c.
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bureau, the opposition movement does not have a clear choice to replace him. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning to you, pam. first let's get to the latest video that we are bringing in by satellite this morning. all roads and public transportation are closed leading to cairo. but look at the masses of people converging downtown. it's being called the march of the millions. at this point it really is unclear how many protesters are gathering. so far there are no reports of violence. the army has vowed not to fire on the demonstrators who want to end the regime. while there is no clear leader of this pro-democracy movement, among those who is coming to the forefront and he says president obama must catch up with the will of the egyptian people. >> i have much admiration for him but i tell him you need to review the policy. you need to let go of him. you need to start building confidence with the people. >> reporter: president obama is
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sending a special envoy to egypt dealing with this very delicate diplomatic situation. the white house is calling for free and fair elections. and now encouraging the president not to run again. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. so far roughly 1200 americans have made it out of egypt. among them robert vowel, assistant dean at uc berkeley's bolt law school and his wife. the couple arrived at sfo last night. they were leading a berkeley alumni trip to cairo but had to cut the trip short because of demonstrations. they tell us here at ktvu they witnessed crying, yelling and fistfights during a 14 hour ordeal at the airport. >> after we left we understand huge muleys broke out in the airport itself. so you felt like you were getting on that last helicopter out of town. very glad to be home. >> the state department expects to fly out another 1400
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americans over the next few days, but airport checkin counters are poorly staffed right now since many employees aren't able to get to work because of curfews and a limited highway access. there is growing concern at google this morning about one of their executives who is missing in the wake of the protests in egypt. he was in cairo. his wife says she hasn't heard from him since friday. he sent a twitter message about the egyptian government planning a war against the people and said "we are all ready to die." his friends had urged him to stay away from the protest. the obama administration is vowing to appeal a ruling by a federal judge in florida that the health care reform law is unconstitutional. the judge ruled that congress exceeded authority by requiring nearly all americans to carry health insurance. so far four federal courts have ruled on the law. two for it and two against it. the case is expected to work its way to the u.s. supreme
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court. oakland's police chief is applauding a move to hire back more officers, but he's still considering his future with the oakland police department. mayor quan announced the city's bringing back ten of 80 police officers who were laid off over the summer. she says the city is also working to upgrade police cars and computer equipment. the chief says it's a step in the right direction but when asked if it was enough for him to stay on the job here's what he had to say. >> just to be perfectly honest that the mayor and i are sitting down and that's a conversation we'll have. >> notice he didn't answer your question. >> you're on a roll. >> the chief has been with the department for just 15 months. he says he'll also meet with city council members this week before announcing his plans. with the rehiring of ten officers, the total number of oakland police officers will go up to 666. last june before the layoffs there were roughly 770 officers. the alameda county grand jury recommends 1200 police officers
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for the oakland police department. a new study released today finds that red light cameras are saving lives. the insurance institute for highway safety says the cameras have reduced fatal crashes by 24% in 14 large cities. that equals 159 lives saved over a five year period. all right. it wasn't the red lights but the fog slowing some people down. i drove through it this morning. sal is in the traffic center. sal. you must have come through the north bay, ken, because if you came across the golden gate bridge or parts of the richmond bridge, the fog is there. in fact it's really foggy on the golden gate bridge right now southbound as you head down to the toll plaza. although it is light traffic. so it's not a huge deal right now for the traffic. but you should slow down and drive more slowly especially if you are on the bridges but just anywhere really. this is a look at the bay bridge. it's clear the fog hasn't reached there yet. it might. we'll see what happens. san mateo bridge traffic looks good. and it's clear. in some of the areas it will be
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absolutely clear and others obviously it will be foggy. 5:18. let's go to steve. we have areas of fog and no surprise there we've been dealing with that for about six weeks now. sunny and mild. little pap # pattern change. not much. enough of a breeze to stir things up a bit as we go into wednesday and thursday. 7 to 10 day outlook and even the 14 day outlook looks like lots of sun and warmer weather and little or no rain until maybe the middle of the month. we'll see. things can change fast but that's what the forecast models are showing. a strong system will build in by thursday and friday and park it right off the coast here. today, well, the fog is there. 30s 40s to almost 50. 48 oakland airport, hayward and also mountain view. there's your trifecta. 45 livermore, 49 san jose, very foggy in san jose starting off 48 at 7:00 a.m., 58 then a high of 63 with lots of sunshine today. again, the morning fog can be really tough driving. keep that in mind as you head
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out. high pressure's not going anywhere. if anything it's going to deflect everything to the north. it's a wall. strong system coming in. there's a lot of energy in the pacific. but right now right about 500 miles off of us it decides to go up and over and everything diving into the middle of the country where there's going to be a whopper of a system moving into the great lakes over the next couple days. patchy fog, sunny, breezy later. by that i mean tonight into tomorrow. and by thursday looks like sunny and warmer. should be enough wind to take care of the fog. maybe patchy at best but it's going to be a better situation as we head towards the end of the week than it is today. chilly, foggy then sunshine. temperatures if you can get the fog to get out soon enough you'll be in the mid-60s. if not upper 50s to low 60s. santa rosa 65. antioch will be 59. 63 san jose. 60 santa cruz. we also have coastal low clouds. combination of the two probably mean 50s or very low 60s only for the coast. cooler and breezy on wednesday and then sunny and warmer
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thursday, friday, saturday. well, this morning crude oil is selling for more than $92 a barrel. that's more than a $2 jump in the last day as worries over protests in egypt taunt investors. oil prices have increased nearly 8% in the last two trading sessions. now investors are concerned that that unrest in egypt will stop the flow of crude oil through the canal although so far there's been no disruption in the flow of traffic there. checking in on wall street where we start the day right now futures point to a much higher opening this morning. right now european markets are trading. they are all higher. you can see the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 posted decent gains yesterday. the dow jones starts today at 11,891. this afternoon video game maker electronic arts reports third quarter earnings. analysts expect the redwood city company to announce strong sales overseas offset weaker sales in the u.s. for total revenue of $1.4 billion. ea is one of the biggest game makers in the world and
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recently broadened its focus to games played on cell phones and social network. video shows the moment a volcano in japan erupted. the damage it caused even miles away. all your wishes will come true. >> all your wishes? >> a sneak peek at super bowl commercials. major advertisers back in the game after skipping last year. good morning. traffic on 80 westbound moving along pretty well. looks like the fog may be moving in. we'll tell you about the fog and your commute.
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good morning. lots of fog, coastal fog and inland fog. combination of the two after that burns off usually by around 11:00 or noon sunny for some and upper 50s low to mid- 60s. thank you, steve. that volcano in southern japan has erupted again breaking windows five miles away and sending boulders flying. look at pictures. this is the second eruption in two weeks after sitting quiet for about 52 years. that danger zone around the volcano has now been widened since it first erupted last wednesday. but still no serious injuries are reported. if you are one of those people who watches the super bowl for the commercials, we have a sneak peek at some of the ads you'll see this sunday. >> i wonder if he'll lose his hair? i wonder if he wants kids? i wonder if he's the one.
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>> pepsi is back after a one year high autist. this is one of four ads from the company for pepsi max. >> okay. now blow them out and all your wishes will come true. >> all your wishes. >> and this is one of five dorito ads that will air on sunday. advertisers are paying about $3 million for 30 seconds of air time. you can watch it right here on ktvu channel 2. physical education teachers will honor the memory of fit guru jack lalanne by stretching and doing calisthenics today. the moment of movement is at 11:15 this morning. that's ahead of his service. arnold schwarzenegger, fit necessary guru all plan to attend. he died last week at the age of 96. he was a bay area native who opened a gym in oakland in 1936. his ground breaking fitness show aired right here on ktvu during the 50s and 60s.
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actress halle berry preparing for a custody fight over her 2-year-old daughter. the couple broke up in april. her spokeswoman says the looming custody dispute has forced the actress to back out of a film that was scheduled to begin shooting in new york this week. well, he's known to love high-rises in television cameras. this morning spider dan learns his punishment for his labor day stunt in san francisco. morgan hill police are reporting a spike in the number of burglaries. right now is the time of day they start getting calls about overnight crimes. coming up we'll tell you what they're advising residents to do about it. and the clock is ticking for a bay area woman who was arrested and held in iran. a crucial decision she must make before this weekend. good morning. right now bay bridge so far so good and the fog not an issue here. but it is a problem elsewhere.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is tuesday february 1st. good morning. i'm ken wayne. dave clark is off today. good morning. i'm pam cook. nice to have you here, ken. steve paulson is also here. how's the weather, steven? pamela, it's fine. ken, good morning. we have a lot of fog, low clouds and fog, coastal fog and inland fog double whammy. 50s and 60s. sometimes that fog just doesn't want to burn off until about noon. if that's the case upper 50s.
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but be careful. some of the visibility's really bad. here's sal. steve, right now westbound highway 4 looks pretty good getting up to the willow pass grade. it's very clear here which is unusual because last week we had such thick fog here we could never show you -- not never but we didn't last week. look at 280 san jose that traffic moving along very nicely. now let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. in southern santa clara county police in morgan hill are warning everyone to be especially careful after a rash of burglaries. ktvu's live to tell us homes, businesses and cars are all being targeted. christian. >> reporter: well, ken, take a look. you can see that the morgan hill police department lobby doesn't even open for another two and a half hours, but they say this is the time burglary victims start calling the police to report the crimes. one of the prime burglary targets, cars left out overnight. residents get up in the morning to get ready to go to work and they discover the breakin. the rash of burglaries started
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up here about six months ago. in that time there have been more than 175 reported burglaries. more than 100 of those were car burglaries. at the same time 41 cars have been reported stolen. most of those car burglaries happened overnight between the hours of about 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. that also coincides with most of the commercial burglaries. during the day morgan hill police say they've seen a spike in residential burglaries. police have made several arrests associated with the rash of burglaries. they say make sure you lock your home, doors and bad idea of leave anything of value in your car especially if it is visible to passers by. we are set to speak with morgan hill police at 7:00. we will get more detail from them about whether they think this is one group of people or think there's a sudden rash of these burglaries occurring spontaneously throughout the community. we continue to update. for now live in morgan hill,
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ktvu channel 2 news. all right. we have some breaking news regarding the weather this morning. the dallas-fort worth international airport is now closed due to an ice storm. we've been talking about severe weather hitting all the way from texas into the midwest and the east coast. right now we understand in the dallas area that schools have been shut down, ground traffic is a mess. it's left much of north texas in that winter freeze. we've heard from the dallas- fort worth airport spokesperson that the runways are glazed with ice. the crews are working to clear that area. they expect to reopen within a couple of hours, but, again, the dallas-fort worth airport closed right now because of an ice storm. and we've been talking about the severe winter storm that is heading in again from texas all the way through the midwest into the east coast. we'll have a live report on that just a little bit. back here in the bay area today the oakland city council will take a second look at its
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controversial pot farm policy. that's after it attracted some unwanted attention from the u.s. justice department. last year the council approved licensing large scale marijuana farms to bring in tax dollars. the justice department contends that oakland's plan violates federal drug laws. now oakland city leaders will go back to the drawing board to consider scaling back that plan. nearly every home has a copy or two of the yellow pages. but ktvu channel 2 reporter jade hernandez is in san francisco this morning to explain what one supervisor is doing to make them fade away. jade. >> reporter: well, that's right. one san francisco supervisor says you don't need the yellow pages to let your fingers do the walking anymore. his plan is to get rid of this very thick, very heavy yellow pages. that is if you don't request it's drop off. san francisco supervisor told the san francisco chronicle he wants to be serious about being environmentally conscious. he says phone books are a 20th
5:35 am
century tool doesn't immediate the needs of the 21st century. they're on an easily down load able app on smart phones for free. if you haven't made the leap to smart phones it's online. more than 1.5 million yellow pages phone books are distributed in san francisco every year. today he's proposing legislation to rid the city of the books. we mentioned earlier in our report we were going to hear from a spokesperson from the yellow pages. joining us this morning thank you for joining us. tell me you don't necessarily agree with the supervisor. >> certainly work with the supervisor and the mayor's office. we met with them yesterday to understand what their position is. we obviously have a different position in that the yellow pages even in the print set up are used by millions of folks particularly in california. we understand that if folks don't want to receive them it's a cost to us and we'll certainly want to make sure they don't receive them. and that's why we're announcing
5:36 am
today an opt out site that will allow consumers to make an easy choice about what they want to receive and what they don't want to receive. >> reporter: absolutely. you met with the supervisor's office yesterday. >> yes, we did. we're waiting to see the legislation. we haven't seen it. so it's a little difficult for us to comment on that but we'll certainly work with the supervisor as he proposes his legislation. >> reporter: wonderful. pete joining us this morning spokesperson for the yellow pages and of course he was talking about an opt out measure that he's proposing to the supervisor and the supervisors office. we'll have more on that coming up. live from san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. six people in san francisco have been banned from high school sports games after a brawl broke out in the stands at a basketball game last month. the fight happened at thundershower are good marshal academic high school and involved as many as 30 people. it's not clear what started the fight. two of the people who were suspended are varsity basketball players. the others were spectators.
5:37 am
they're banned from high school sporting events for the next two and a half years. it is sentencing day for the man known as spider dan. this morning the 55-year-old dan good win is expected to learn his punishment for climbing up the side of san francisco's millennium tower on labor day. he says he scaled the 60 floor mission street skyscraper as part of his campaign for better high-rise fire safety. but yesterday the judge made it clear fire safety won't be an issue when he sentences good win this morning. spider dan faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. san francisco police now say a rivalry between two small souvenir shops may have led to sunday night's double homicide in fisherman's wharf. investigators say the suspected killer owns a business off jefferson street. they believe he killed a man and woman who worked at the shop next door because both stores were selling the same items. those items are counterfeit purses meant to look like some name brand products. the suspect is in custody
5:38 am
facing two counts of murder. san mateo county will release a plan this week supporting congestion pricing on both the dumbarton and san mateo bridges. 15.8million drivers cross the san mateo bridge each year and 10.1 billion use the dumbarton. that compares to the 43.6 million on the bay bridge which implemented congestion pricing last july. any toll change would have to go through the bay area toll authority. all right. right now it's 5:38. go back over to sal to check in on traffic this morning. any problems, sal? you know the fog, pam and ken, is going to be a problem in some areas. it's going to be poor visibility. but not at the toll plaza. the toll plaza of the bay bridge it looks clear and the traffic is not getting busy yet. this is about the last little section where we don't see a lot of slow traffic here. starts getting busy at about 6:15 or so. so you have a little bit of time. don't wait too long. this is a look at 880 north and southbound right here in oakland.
5:39 am
the traffic and the weather look pretty good. no major problems. on the peninsula we just spoke about the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. no problems there heading over to 101. a little bit of slowing already on northbound 101 through san mateo. at 5:38 let's go to steve. sal, you just tweeted dallas-fort worth closed due to ice. >> yes. >> so is george bush international houston due to thunderstorms. very severe weather moving through there out ahead of it and then the ice storm behind that. couple hours they should be all right. but right now that's what's going on in texas as a system develops right down there and lifts towards the great lakes. for us fog is a big story. low clouds and fog. 37 fairfield. 37 santa rosa. 40s for some. upper 40s for others. although redwood city seems to be -- i don't know. go 42 but everyone else is around 48 or 47. foggy then sunny and mild. san jose 48 to start. 58 then we'll go 63 sunshine. once we can get through the fog there's some areas of very thick fog looking at the web camera from san jose state's
5:40 am
meteorology department. high pressure built in. you can see it right there. one systems, two systems. plenty out there. it will go up and over and carve themselves out. the same system that gave us rain on sunday is the one in texas right now. that's gaining a lot of strength. for us, the wind is a possible factor here as we head into tonight and tomorrow. but this morning it's the fog. so fog then sunny. but by wednesday night and thursday we should have enough of a breeze to take care of most of that fog. it will cool down a little bit and then start another warm up as we head towards thursday and friday. so foggy, low clouds, coastal variety and inland. combination of the two make for a great morning for many. 50s and 60s santa rosa go 65. oakly 59. oakland 62. pacifica 58. 50s and 60s on the coast. low clouds and a lot more on the san mateo santa cruz coastline. temperatures after that fog low to mid-60ss for some. cool down a little on
5:41 am
wednesday. watch out for wind in the higher elevations. thursday level out and sunday warmer friday and saturday. freed hiker has been summoned to return to iran to stand trial but she's not decided whether or not she will return. the summons was issued yesterday. she, her fiance and their friend were detained in july 2009 and accused of spying. the two men remain behind bars. she was released in september on a half million bail. the trial for all three of them is set to start on sunday. well, it could be the biggest snowstorm the region has seen in years. we're going to have live coverage of that monster storm that's shutting down airports as it makes its way across the midwest. and here in california governor brown unveils a budget plan he admits just about no one is going to like. good morning. if you're driving in the south bay so far clear weather and light traffic. another update on the morning commute for a tuesday straight ahead.
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good morning. lots of low clouds and fog. some very thick. coastal fog, inland fog for areas that burn off it will be in the mid-60s. if not upper 50s. sorry about that steve. i don't know what's going on. i'm still not awake. here's a look at top stories we're following right now. we want to show you a live picture in cairo, egypt, where at least 250,000 people have flooded cairo's main square defying a government crack down. this is the largest demonstration this week calling for the president to step down. here at home this morning the san jose city council decides whether to accept or reject the city manager's recommendation to promote acting police chief chris moore
5:45 am
to the chief's position. the city manager chose moore over oakland police chief anthony bats. the obama administration says it will appeal a federal judges ruling in florida that the new health reform law is unconstitutional. the judge disagreed with the provision that requires most americans to have health insurance. well, just about 20 minutes ago dallas-fort worth international airport we understand the main airport in houston as well both closed due to an ice storm. jim spellman joins us from oklahoma city where this monster storm is making its way across the midwest this morning. jim, what can you tell us? >> reporter: hey, the airport here don't try to fly in or out of oklahoma city today either. almost all flights are canceled here. it's really started overnight. and i'll tell you it is cold and windy and snowy. it's a little deceptive because they're only looking for about six to eight inches of snow here but combined with the
5:46 am
winds creating periodic whiteout situations it's really tough. these situations all the way clear up to michigan. by the time this thing makes its way across the east coast 100 million people could be impacted. the national weather service is calling it a life threatening storm. being out in it this morning i think they're right. it's not that nice kind of snow that you can kind of sit back and relax and have a hot chocolate or something. this is brutal, brutal dangerous storm. >> and, jim, can you tell us did you see a lot of people making precautions last night? i mean going to the grocery stores to hunker down then today or maybe the next couple days? >> reporter: absolutely. and that's what all the authorities here have been telling everybody. get some food, get some water, stay home. schools are closed. government's closed. we're right here in the middle of downtown oklahoma city what should be rush hour here in the morning and it's a ghost town. there's nobody out here. people so far seem to be heeding those warnings and staying in. that's really what everybody here i think all the way up the
5:47 am
line to fema is telling people stay at home, don't go out in it. that's the way to stay safe. >> one of the big concerns in an ice storm is that you'll get that heavy ice wrapped on power lines which can drop down and then kill electricity. and that's the last thing you want to have when you have sub zero temperatures like that. so what's the situation on power there? >> reporter: yeah, we haven't gotten any word on serious power outages yet. this storm started with a little bit of ice quickly converted to snow. authorities here are glad about that. the ice was certainly something they were worried about and something they've dealt with a lot here in oklahoma. especially like you said if there's power outages and there's folks maybe older folks, things like that and they're stuck without power, that can be a really dangerous situation that can magnify the impact of everything. as this storm makes its way across the country you already mentioned ice in texas, they're going to see ice through the midwest and plains. that could be even more dangerous really than the snow
5:48 am
is. >> all right. jim in oklahoma city. thank you so much for the update. we'll check back with you in a bit. we have checked in with the bay area airports because certainly this storm is effecting travel across the country. here's a live look at the san jose airport where there have been just two canceled flights. san francisco and oakland are reporting several departure delays and cancellations this morning. mostly to new york and new jersey. there are also arrival delays. wherever you're flying from, check with your airline before you head to the airport just as a reminder we told you about 20 minutes ago the dallas-fort worth airport and the main airport in houston closed because of that ice storm. in his first state of the state of his new administration governor jerry brown urged lawmakers to let voters decide how to deal with california's $25 billion budget deficit. governor brown is proposing a special election this june that would ask voters to extend temporary increases in the state's sales, income and vehicle taxes for five years.
5:49 am
but republicans have said they will not allow the ballot measure to go before voters. >> do i like the choices we face? no. i don't like them. but after serious study of the options left by a $25 billion deficit, the budget i propose ised best that i can devise. >> the budget shortfall has overwhelmed all other issues since governor brown took office at the beginning of january. the governor's proposal includes $12 billion in spending cuts in addition to the tax extensions that are part of a plan to raise an additional $12 billion. well, republicans say they didn't really hear anything in governor brown's speech to convince them that extending those tax cuts is the way to balance the budget. >> somebody's going to have to tell me if i'm going to look you in the eye and i'm going to tell you that if you vote for this this is going to fix your problem, okay, but if i can't honestly tell you that, then, no, i'm not going to put it on the ballot. >> the legislature has until march to call the special
5:50 am
election. while democrats are the major party in the assembly and senate, some republican support is needed to reach the two- thirds vote necessary to place the question on a ballot. now we have more of governor brown's address on our website at just look for the state of the state tab right on our front page. it's been a while since i've been up this early in the morning, but i'm guessing that right now is about the time, sal, that the traffic starts to pick up. well, ken, you were first a reporter on this show. >> yes, he was. >> a long time ago. >> a long time ago. traffic is beginning to get busier. you're absolutely right. ken and pam, we're going to see fog out there as well. this morning highway 4 though is not where the fog is. last week contra costa got a lot of the fog. this morning it's in different areas and steve will be in in just a moment. if you encounter fog don't use the high beams. earlier police activity at the civic center being cleared up right now. bart trains should be back on
5:51 am
time soon which is a look at the westbound bay bridge looks okay. this morning's commute is doing to be all right on 237 crossing 880 and continuing to 101. at 5:50 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. a lot of clouds and fog. some around 1,000 feet some right on the deck. once that burns off sunny, cool to mild. tomorrow breezy cooler. could be some patchy fog but it looks like the wind will pick up as the system digs in towards the east of us more towards the rockies. should scour things out a bit. seven to ten day outlook looks like more sun and warmer weather heading towards the weekend. little or no rain in sight. thing which is change fast this time of year but everything i've seen is a very stable pattern out to the about the 15th of february. february shaping up so far at least the early part to look a lot like january which was a lot of fog and not much rain. high pressure's here. it's not going anywhere. so 30s, 40s to near 50 degrees. but 48 oakland, hayward, mountain view. 40s for even the city. 37 santa rosa. san jose starting off at 48.
5:52 am
we'll go 58 at noon. that fog will be burning off and sunny. 63 for a high today as temperatures slowly come up a little bit. everything's right in the middle of the country, in texas, and next system will go up and over and the high will flex its muscle in towards thursday and friday and be very, very stable. today patchy thick fog out there and low clouds on the coast. but by wednesday into thursday another system digs in. that should help kind of stir up the atmosphere enough to give us less fog but sunny and breezy conditions. today morning areas of fog by noon fog and sun and by the afternoon sunny and mild. again, some of that fog makes for upper 50s on the high side. mid-60s though. santa rosa 65. and then 63 for san jose. 59 half-moon bay. 60 livermore. 63 redwood city and also mountain view. looks like a decrease in the fog wednesday and then sunny side up and warmer especially towards the end of the week. all right. thank you, steve. today automakers report january sales and early indications are
5:53 am
that they may not be as strong as first thought. individual car makers report individual earnings throughout the day, but jd power which gathers sales information from nearly 9,000 dealers across the country issued an unusual update to its monthly report. it warns that consumers began pulling back from purchases by mid-month. you might be trying to decide right now whether to go to the gym or sleep in. tough call. health experts have a new study that could help you make up your mind. also, we have a look at some of the strange bets being wagered on this countdown to super sunday.
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welcome back to the morning news. we have breaking news right now out of ireland involving allegations of spying. ireland claims that russia actually stole the identities of six irish citizens then created fake passports for russian spies. ireland says it has now expelled russian diplomats. we're going to bring you more about that information. those are the details we have right now. another reason to hit the gym. a new study suggests arabic exercise can increase the size of your brain and keep your mentally sharp as you age. a year of aerobic exercise can increase the part of the brain key to memory. back up previous research that
5:57 am
has shown a link between fitness level and brain function. as super bowl sunday approaches more and more people are making so-called prop bets. they're based on statistics such as things like which player will score the first touchdown. prop bets make up about 40% of the money wagered on the game. >> number of tickets is ridiculous props compared to the game itself. you only have about six options on the game and we have over 150 different betting propositions on everything else. >> some of the more stranger ones include how long it will take to sing the national anthem and whether basketball star lebron james will score more points than the green bay packers on sunday. you can catch the super bowl, super bowl xlv right here on ktvu channel 2. coverage starts sunday right after mornings on 2 with the pregame show at 9:00 a.m. and game itself between the steelers and packers kicks off at 3:30 in the afternoon. all right. a clash at a cemetery in the north bay after a mother
5:58 am
visited her son's grave side only to discover a crew digging up his coffin. strange story. a recurring crime in the south bay is prompting police to warn the community. good morning. lots of low clouds and fog. will this persist through the week or burn off in the next couple days?
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