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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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three separate fires all started within the last couple hours. are they connected? we'll tell you what we've learned coming un. a retreat took a surprising turn as students started falling ill. what supervisors did to stop the illness from spreading. the morning news continues. good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this thursday february 3rd. i'm pam cook. good morning everyone. i'm mike mibach. dave clark has the day off. let's get a look at weather and
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traffic. start with steve. skies are mostly clear. patchy coastal fog. what? little bit there but that's it. few high clouds will come by but overall mostly sunny skies. lows are in the 30s. highs today will be in the low to mid-60s. here's sal. right now traffic on highway 4 westbound is doing welcoming up to the willow pass grade. fog is not an issue for your drive to work today. also this morning we're looking at the san mateo also the dumbarton bridge looking good over to highway 101. breaking news out of san francisco. crews are on the scene of three separate fires in the same castro district neighborhood. they are blocks apart from each other. ktvu channel 2 reporter claudine wong has been on the scene for the last hour. claudine. >> reporter: mike, it's been a very busy morning out here for san francisco firefighters. this is just one of three fires they are fighting right now. let me take you through what happened here. firefighters say this fire was called in about 5:00 this morning. they got here, everyone had self-evacuated out of the two
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buildings you're looking at and then they went through and were breaking down the walls making sure the fire wasn't in the walls. this is just one of three fires though they're fighting. about an hour before this one was called in there was a trash can fire about a block away near a motel. and while we were here on the scene just within the last half hour they responded to another fire a block away. i asked the battalion chief about what is happening with all these fires. first was a trash can fire. this one looks like it started outside the building. >> i'm not saying that. it's under investigation. >> reporter: it could have. >> could have come out the first floor and burned up the side. i'm not going to make a determination. >> reporter: the other one is a working fire. >> the other was a working fire they called for a second alarm. >> reporter: back live 16th and market the trash can fire happened about a block from here and the other fire which is a working fire right now is another block in the opposite direction at 17th and hart ford. i was able to walk down to that fire just to see what the
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situation was down there. that fire is apparently at a building that was under construction. i talked to someone who use today live there. they said they're building condominiums. we don't know information at this point about how that fire started. we're going to head over to that scene and check it out and try to see if and how all these fires could be connected. certainly keeping very busy firefighters here in san francisco. this is still developing now. firefighters at least out here for most of the morning. keep you updated here on the morning news. live in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. we're following overnight news involving dozens of bay area school kids. last night they were sent home after getting sick at an outdoor education camp in a remote area of marin county. ktvu's kraig debro joins us now with the details. a lot of kids from the bay area have been and are going to this camp, kraig. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, pam. kids from all over the bay area. in fact there were three schools out there. kids from three schools. one in oakland, one danville and one here in novato.
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this is san ramon. we just got back from trying to reach that school f. you saw that map up a second ago the map doesn't do how remote this school is service because it was way out there. in fact we never got all the way out there. we had to come back. no telling how many fifth grade fresh this school were at the camp. according to officials there are mostly almost already home right now. now the principal at walker creek ranch told me this morning that the kids began getting sick yesterday afternoon. the ranch school has been operating since 1963 is an outdoor residential science camp. the principal says it's not unusual of course for a bunch of fifth and sixth graders sleeping and eating together to pass a virus among themselves. but then the number of sick kids, chaperons and staff members started to grow. that and the symptoms forced school officials to call paramedics. >> we had what we believe was probably some kind of viral flu bug where students were getting sick to their stomachs and mainly vomiting, maybe a little
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diarrhea. >> reporter: so with san ramon elementary school in novato, redwood day school in oakland and the school in danville are where the kids came from. no one was transported to the hospital. 56 people are now sick. most students and parents are in the process of picking up kids. on the way out there can't be totally sure but we belief we saw some cars coming back with kids inside. the principal says they haven't pinpointed the cause. seven of the first eleven of those who did get sick were all staying in the same cabin. now san ramon elementary school we expect school classes to start pretty soon. when people start showing up we're going to talk to some of the teachers and get more information about the camp and more information about the illness because they still don't know what caused it or what kind of illness it is right now. live in novato, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. well, right now in egypt the military is intervening for the first time to try and anti-
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government and pro-government demonstrators apart. just about an hour and a haling a egypt's prime minister appeared on state tv and apologized for the ongoing attacks by supporters of the president on anti-government protesters. the prime minister vowed to investigate who was behind the attacks. [ sounds of gunfire ] overnight gunfire rang out over cairo's square where the anti-government demonstrators are hunkered down. at least three people were killed in the violence yesterday. hundreds of others are injured. and we're hearing this morning that the egyptian military has started rounding up journalists possibly for their own protection after they too came under attack from supporters of the president. [ indiscernible ] >> several tv crews reported being attacked. cnn's anderson cooper says he
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and his crew were punched numerous times and demonstrators tried to pull the clothes off a female producer. everyone in his group did make it to safety. coming up in just about 15 minutes we will have a live report from washington d.c. with what the white house is saying about the violence in cairo. a lot of questions remain this morning about the possible motive behind the deadly shooting of an elementary school principal. 50-year-old was shot and killed yesterday morning in his office at louisiana snell elementary school in placerville which is just about 50 miles outside sacramento along highway 50. the suspected gunman is a janitor who worked at the school. classes were in session at the time of the attack and investigators say one student may have even witnessed that shooting. the school was quickly put on lockdown and students were moved to the county fairgrounds where they were then released to their parents. >> it's hard to to explain why it happened to my child when i don't know why it happened.
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>> the family released this photo in a statement saying he loved his job and that the children meant the world to him. all placerville district schools are closed this morning. grief counselors will be on campus once school resumes tomorrow. now we are learning more about the suspected gunman. 44-year-old john his mother tells us he worked at the school for nearly ten years and that he was friends with the principal. he fled to his home after the shooting and he was arrested about an hour later by deputies who surrounded the property. investigators are now looking into whether he may have been recently laid off from his job at the school. new surveillance video released this morning of a drugstore robbery in vallejo. it happened on monday at a walgreens on redwood street. police say a man confronted a store clerk with a gun before demanding money. the video shows a store clerk emptying a cash register and putting the money into a shopping plastic bag. if you know anything about this robbery, you are asked to call
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the vallejo police department. all right. right now we want to go back over to sal. if you're just waking up this morning check on the commute and fires in the castro district effecting things. >> that's right. we do have live picture on the scene. we actually have several crews on the scene. this is one of them. 15th street at market closed. market street is closed see the police officers are directing vehicles off of market street between 15th and castro. that includes the f line streetcar. that is the first building with two alarm response there. just around the corner down the block there's another building that was on fire. and ktvu's claudine wong is there. so we have complete coverage. but, again, this is a good area to avoid. this is san francisco's market street a few blocks away from castro. it is market street effectively closed between 15th and castro. let's go out and take a look at some traffic pictures. westbound bay bridge there's a small delay there. no major problems getting into the city. also this morning we're looking
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at san jose traffic. that looks good now. fellas in the control room are wondering if you can bring up a map because we're finding out about an injury crash in walnut creek. southbound 680. let me move this -- got to move this over. okay. part with my klutz citiness there. 680 southbound in walnut creek. this crash is reported to be blocking at least two lanes. we'll watch this for you from concord to walnut creek. could be a big problem. now let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. patchy fog. clear skies. cold this morning. slight breeze has begun to pick up. patchy fog. but mild. mostly sunny. warmer tomorrow. seven to ten day outlook patchy fog, sun, mild to warm rain the 15th maybe. one forecast model finally brought some rain in the other one. by that i mean our ten day outlooks. other said not so fast. but that's the first time we've seen even one suggest any rain in a long time. high clouds coming right down
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by the oregon border. you can see those right there. we'll get some few high clouds. that's why i'm going mostly fair today. because we've lost most of the wind temperatures have fallen off the table. a lot of 30s here. fairfield 33. concord 37. redwood city 39. and i know palo alto's around 38. not much of a wind. mostly calm. but now fairfield northeast at 7. napa airport north at 3. nothing compared to yesterday. saw slight breeze west at sfo at 3 miles per hour. good looking systems. but they say i'm going up and over an every of high pressure. in result a few high clouds. still a tiny component of an east wind but really the wind has decreased rapidly even in the higher elevations. lots of sun and some patchy fog showing up on the marin sonoma coast. but storm track stays to the north for a while. colder morning. temperatures upper 50s to low and mid-60s.
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and temperatures fairfield 60 but clear lake st. helena 66. same for concord, antioch, oakly, alameda 62. san leandro 62. mid-60s morgan hill. santa cruz 62. 50s on the coast and low to mid- 60s on the peninsula with palo alto 64 and same for men lo park. except for high clouds. sunny and warmer weather take us into friday and saturday. today is the official start of the chinese new year and the bay area is definitely getting ready to celebrate. preparations are now underway as workers are busy getting the floats ready for the debut. in addition to the floats, the parade will feature marching bands, lion dancers and of course miss chinatown. it will take place on february 19th starting at 6:00 p.m. if you can't be there in person, we'll be there for you. you can watch the parade live right here on ktvu channel 2. we continue to monitor the unfolding crisis in cairo this morning the obama administration is facing criticism as its policies for egypt are not making many
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people happy. but is it on purpose? no doubt the giants' world series run brought an economic boost to san francisco. but what it did to the police department has some people calling for changes and you saw these live pictures on ktvu first. we have two crews on the scene of three separate building fires. we'll have another live report from the scene straight ahead.
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san francisco right now at 15th and market between 15th and castro the market street is closed because of these building fires. three separate fires reported within the last hour. several firefighters on the scene and also market street again is closed. ktvu just got some amazing video of the flames that was taken by one of the witnesses on the scene. standby this picture we'll let you know when it airs. it's worth seeing. president barack obama is attending the national prayer breakfast in washington d.c. let's listen in live now to the president's comments. >> get the care that they need. and that's why i continue to believe that in a caring and in
6:17 am
a just society, government must have a role to play. and our values, our love and our charity must find expression not just in our families, not just in our places of work and our places of worship, but also in our government and in our politics. >> mark kelly, husband of gabrielle giffords continues to heal. condemning pro-government reaction. allison burns reports live from washington d.c., european leaders are getting involved as well. allison. >> reporter: we do have a brand new statement this morning. a joint statement from the leaders of five european countries condemning the violence in egypt and echoing
6:18 am
president obama's message that a peaceful transition of power must begin now. as we just saw president obama is participating in a prayer breakfast here in d.c. this morning and spoke briefly about the crisis in egypt. >> we pray that the violence in egypt will end and that the rights and aspirations of the egyptian people will be realized. >> reporter: president obama is facing criticism that he's not being forceful enough in shaping events in egypt. and he is not taking questions about it from reporters. while the situation is deteriorating there, the white house is emphasizing that president obama was very firm when he talked on the phone to egyptian president urging him to begin the political transition now. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. we'll be watching a live video out of cairo throughout the morning for any developments. for updates any time of the day you can always go to our website at we also have a slide show of some of those incredible pictures coming out of egypt.
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san francisco's interim police chief wants officers to carry tasers. it's in response to three recent officer-involved shootings. >> it's my obligation to equip my officers with the best technology and the best equipment that we can use. and in some instances i think the tasers can be used in replace of the firearm. >> interim chief plans to make a formal presentation on february 23rd and ask the police commission to approve a study on the use of tasers. now last year the police commission narrowly rejected a similar proposal but since then some commission members have changed their minds. who should pay for security at at&t park? that's the question some are asking this morning as the police union says staffing and finances have both become pressing issues. for example, the giants 81 home games it cost $324,000 for security. the union president told us it is time for teams to start pitching in financially. he says outdoor security at
6:20 am
49er and giant games are a drain on the police department. >> in some districts we've got maybe three radio cars on a shift and we're taking one of those radio cars out of service and sending them down to the giants. >> the giants say they do pay for police security inside the stadium. they also say this is the first time they've heard there's a problem saying "it's inconsistent with the agreement we have with the city that is tied to our privately financed ballpark." 6:20 is the time right now. a lot of people probably starting to head out on the roads. how do they look, sal? right now pam and mike things are actually looking okay. we don't have too many crashes to report. we have some problems though. this is highway 24. driving from lafayette to oakland looks pretty good. there are no major problems here as you drive on 680 -- well, actually, there is one thing on 680. i'll show you that in just a moment. let's go to the san mateo bridge. been checking all bridges to make sure things aren't going badly here. san mateo looks pretty good
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over to highway 101 and dumbarton bridge traffic looks good. southbound 680 traffic is slow because of an accident here. they moved the crash to the right side so it's not all that bad but it will get your attention as you drive from concord. at 6:20 let's go to steve. all right, sal. mostly clear skies. temperatures today starting off much colder than yesterday because the wind has really tailed off. there's still a component of an east-northeast breeze. few high clouds right there. no big deal. they'll just drift on by. mostly sunny today. some of these temperatures though 30s. yesterday we had a lot of 40s and 50s. even san francisco now is 46. oakland's 39. redwood city 37. livermore 35. napa 35. and santa rosa 33. it's cold out there. like to tell you some rain's on the way maybe the 14th or 15th there are a few signs pointing towards that direction but not for the next few days. occasionally high clouds and
6:22 am
patchy fog. mostly sunny weather and forecasted highs now because we're starting off so much colder this morning. we'll be close to yesterday's highs slightly cooler. but we will see warmer weather starting to kick in tomorrow especially on the afternoon highs. the lows will still be cold but upper 60s, low 70s take us right into the weekend. mike and pam. thank you, steve. verizon will find out today just how many people have been waiting for the iphone. this is the first day people can order an iphone 4 that works on the verizon network. so far they're not releasing any numbers but the my verizon website has been accepting orders since midnight our time. verizon will only offer a limited number, prices start at $200. a dog fight in one bay area neighborhood. the pit bulls that are raising safety concerns. also a suspected child kidnapper is getting ready for a busy day in court.
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good morning. we have three simultaneous fires, two serious ones in the castro district. this is the scene of the first one on 16th street near market. first responders came with a second alarm and minutes later
6:26 am
another building went up just around the corner in the area. so this is on the san francisco's castro district. ktvu's claudine wong and another crew are there on the scene. just to remind you market is shut down between 15th and castro. the f line is effected. some other muni lines will be effected here in san francisco. you can see that things are shut down here and it's very busy district. we'll let you know more coming up. all right. thank you, sal. later today accused child kidnapper phillip garrido scheduled to return to a courtroom. the judge will consider several legal issues tied to this very complex case. now they include his mental competency to stand trial and whether or not he can resume making jailhouse phone calls to his wife. phillip garrido and his wife, nancy, are accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive for 18 years. they are likely to be tried separately. some people living in oakland easement claire neighborhood said they do not
6:27 am
feel safe. that is because two pit bull that is killed a small dog outside their homes last week will soon be returned to their owners. neighbors are going door to door passing out fliers. and they are planning a demonstration tomorrow. they also say they're not ready to accept the apology by the pit bulls' owners. >> we're very concerned as neighbors and citizens that we have dangerous dogs living amongst us. >> they're apologetic, sorry, incredibly unfortunate incident but they are taking steps to make sure it won't happen again and we're satisfied it won't. >> oakland police say since the pit bulls attacked a dog and not a person and that there are no other incidence of violent attacks on file so under city law the owners do have the right to keep the dogs. oakland animal control officers say the dog owners have agreed to post a warning sign on their house indicating the dogs are potentially dangerous, keep them muzzled and on short leashes outside and crate them inside the house when no one is
6:28 am
home. well, how eventful is your ride to work? the surprising actions on one bus caught on video. plus, firefighters are on the scene of three fires that broke out hours ago in san francisco all within blocks of each other. what firefighters are telling us this morning.
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welcome back to the morning news. i believe they are celebrating the beginning of the lunar new year there on the nasdaq. yep. that's china's flag. february 3rd the parade here in san francisco will of course be february 19th. and we'll have that here on ktvu channel 2 as always. busy day on wall street this morning. there's the opening bell live. jobless numbers -- weekly jobless numbers came out just about an hour ago. there's some other reports to talk about. we'll have business news coming up in just a moment. good morning everyone.
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and thanks for joining us on ktvu morning news. it is thursday february 3rd. i'm mike mibach. dave clark has the day off. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. the first fire was reported just about an hour ago, now crews are investigating three separate fires in the same san francisco neighborhood. ktvu channel 2 reporter claudine wong is out there this morning with this update from the castro district. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. yes, we moved to 17th and hart ford. you can see fire keys on the scene here. we have just gotten here and haven't talked to crews. you can see the ladder up above. we haven't seen crews moving in and around that building in front of you. we do have new pictures for you of what this scene looked like when the fire fight was underway. there was lots of smoke coming from this multi-unit building. flames also coming out. more crews had to be called in to help. a resident out here told me that the building was under renovation so we don't believe people were inside. again, this is the third fire
6:32 am
of the morning. just blocks from the other two. the first 15th and market, the second was a larger fire damaging buildings on 16th and market. two buildings. this is new video that we just got from one of the fire victims who pulled out his phone and got the flames as he evacuated. he's okay. fortunately everyone out okay there. firefighters say the fire is still under investigation. we'll take a live look at what that scene looks like right now because we have a crew over there as well. in the last half hour firefighters told me that it appears a lot of damage is to the front of the building. we talked to a resident out there who found out all of the fires right about the time we did. >> all right. some audio issues in the castro district. we're looking for claudine to give us another update in just about 20 or 30 minutes. we're also following overnight news involving dozens of sick bay area students. they fell ill at an outdoor
6:33 am
education camp. the fifth and sixth graders were attending a week long outdoor science class at walker creek ranch in a remote area of marin county. most of the sick children are from oakland, danville and novato. two teachers also became ill. principal says it appears a bad flu bug quickly spread around the camp. >> we had what we believe was probably some kind of viral flu bug where students were getting sick to their stomach and mainly vomiting, maybe a little bit of diarrhea. >> the principal immediately contacted parents who took their children home last night. it does not appear any of the children are seriously ill. we will have more from marin county coming up at 7:00 a.m. we now know what killed 4- year-old juliani. the stanislaus county investigators say the little boy died from drowning. he was discovered in the delta canal on tuesday. authorities say his mother's ex- boyfriend, jose rodriguez kidnapped him two weeks ago. it's believed the suspect also
6:34 am
died in the canal but his body has not yet been recovered. a stanislaus county bike club is holding a memorial motorcycle ride in honor of little juliani this weekend. it starts at 1:00 p.m. on saturday. bikers will start out in patterson and ride along the canal where juliani's body was found and then end in modesto. money raised during the event will go toward the little boy's funeral. san jose police say an arrest could lead them to more child molestation victims. 25-year-old keith wood house is a counselor at an after school child care program. he's accused of molesting five girls under his care. they're all under the age of ten. he molested them in a classroom at trace elementary school. that's the same san jose school torched by an arsonist last july. investigators say he worked for the kids for years and there could be many more victims. well, you think most people
6:35 am
would be uncomfortable riding a muni train with someone smoking crack. but it doesn't appear to be bothering the san francisco riders in this youtube video. take a look. it was shot just two days ago. the video shows the passenger sprawled on the floor of a crowded train lighting up what appears to be a crack pipe. there are dozens of muni passengers around him doing nothing. >> i think it's just san francisco. nobody comments. i thk if it was in new york you get a bit of a different reaction. >> i don't know if i would really get that involved myself to be honest because, yeah, it's kind of difficult to say what the ramifications might be. >> muni says it does everything possible to keep its riders in line and its as passengers safe. at the same time they rely on passengers to let them know when there's illegal activity. busy morning for sal as well as traffic on 680, sal. that's right, mike. just want to let you know that the muni f car the streetcar that runs on top of market
6:36 am
street will be detoured because market is closed between 15th and castro for the fires we have been telling you about. go outside and show you some pictures. we have san mateo bridge that traffic is moving along okay heading out to the high-rise and continuing over to highway 101. in fact, 101 traffic looks pretty good. getting out to the golden gate bridge no fog there. southern marin is beautiful this morning. crisp, clear and the traffic is moving well. and if you're driving in livermore westbound 580 some slow traffic coming in over the allot month pass. a lot of trucks and that kind of thing. better by the time you reach dublin. fremont looking good as you can see road sensors have not turned red or yellow yet. and in the south bay same thing goes with little slowing already on 280 northbound but that's about all. 6:36. let's go to steve. sal, you're getting too good at weather. >> sorry about that. >> no. it's a compliment. you do a great job. we have mostly clear skies as sal touched on. the fog's not a big story.
6:37 am
although some has decided to develop right off the marin coast mainly point rays and sonoma coast. patchy at best. cold this morning. lots of 30s. why is that? because the wind drops off. very dry air mass. and it just takes a tumble. few high clouds. but it will be mostly sunny and mild and warmer tomorrow. fog, sun, mild, seven to ten day outlook. now, one of our forecast models put some rain on us around the 14th or 15th. that's the first time we've seen that on a ten day outlook in a while. so maybe. the other said not so fast. something might be brewing towards the end of the month. only thing brewing today a few high clouds up by the oregon border. the wind still a slight component of an east-northeast. that doesn't stop sonoma and gill roy from dropping to 34. stanford 36. pleasanton 37. and there's a lot of 30s to go arnold including livermore, concord, fairfield 33 yesterday at this time i think they were 52 because of the wind.
6:38 am
napa 35. that's at the airport. you know it's colder closer to town. santa rosa 33. 39 oakland. that's at the airport. and 37 redwood city. even san jose's at 41. napa airport north at 3. fairfield northeast at 7. that's about it. everything else has really tailed off. a whopper of a system stretching from just north of vancouver all the way to the hawaiian islanding but it's not heading in our direction. maybe a few high clouds. now we've really tailed off the wind. so it will be a colder morning. bundle up. but by this afternoon mostly sunny, few high clouds and we'll see a low 60s to mid-60s. storm track stays to the north for now. it's cold though this morning. 32 to 46 cold mostly clear. and then by noon mostly sunny, 48 to 58. we'll go mostly fair. 58 to 65 we're starting off so much colder this morning which is why i it won't be warmer than yesterday. start to rebound tomorrow. 66 clear lake. 64, 65 napa, santa rosa. low 60s antioch, livermore, oakland 62. 64 san jose.
6:39 am
saratoga 65. santa cruz 62. and 50s for pacifica, half-moon bay. 65 redwood city and woodside 64. five-day forecast sunny and warmer weather except for a few high patchy fog. teachers at helms middle school in san pablo will have to reapply for their jobs and nearly half will be replaced. at a board meeting last night some teachers spoke out against the plan. that plan is called the turn around model and adopted by the west contra costa school district after helms was identified by the state as a low achieving school. >> we can't continue to see a school that has 22% proficiency math and english continue to be at those levels. we don't think that's fair. >> after you put in so much time, effort, energy and love into you know the school, it hurts a bit.
6:40 am
>> under the turn around model, helms is required to transfer up to 50% of its teachers to other schools. an arrest tied to the san francisco giants. it involves drunk driving and ties to a pitcher for baseball's world champion. and financial problems looming for cal train riders. what's happening today that could mean service cuts. good morning. richmond bridge traffic looking good if you're driving out of marin or into marin on 580. should be a nice drive. tell you more about the morning commute.
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good morning everyone. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following right now. we are looking live at the streets of cairo where there are new clashes in that egyptian city today between supporters of the president and anti-government demonstrators for the first time the military is intervening trying to keep those two sides apart. we are also following overnight news involving dozens of sick bay area students. they were in a remote area of west marin county at a camp. it's believed a bad flu bug spread around the camp. live pictures here from the castro district where three fires have broke out. all within blocks of each
6:44 am
other. no word of any injuries at this time. we have crews on the scene talking with evacuees and firefighters. and we'll bring you the latest details as they come in. today cal train takes a step toward declaring a financial crisis. ktvu's jade hernandez is looking into the potential impact for commuters. what have you been able to find out, jade? >> reporter: well, we've learned here at this palo alto station many of the riders who get off actually work at stanford. they received subsidized rides. but the riders are well aware service reduction and station closures could effect them. well, it looks like today that cal train is ready to take steps to declare a fiscal emergency as pam mentioned. a fiscal crisis is forcing cal train to prepare to schedule a hearing in march where board members would declare an official emergency. this could burden riders in the future with additional fare increases, service reductions and even station closures. now cal train is facing a $30
6:45 am
million deficit. i want you to listen what riders had to say this morning. >> currently i commute up and some of the areas that we're interested in would be closer to the blossom hill transit station. so some of those cuts were made, that would be very difficult for me in terms of getting here to work every day. >> i think you would have tons of people driving to stanford university all of a sudden the entire campus would be flooded with all of these cars that they have no place to put. so i think it would be a huge disaster at least at the university which is where i work. >> reporter: in january cal train reduced its midday train service and raised fares by 25 cents per zone boosting the price of a trip from san francisco to san jose from $7.75 to $8.50. a spokeswoman for cal train says the agency's biggest fiscal problem is the lack of dedicated fubbing from three
6:46 am
partners. cal train receives 43% of its budget from those agencies. since the agencies face their own deficits this year, they aren't contributing as much as they normally do to cal train. cal train provides service between gill roy and san francisco and carries an average of 4,000 passengers each weekday. bring you back out here live this morning ktvu received this e-mail right here. we printed it out. this is from a woman who describes herself as a friend of cal train. and she's encouraging anyone who uses cal train to come to today's meeting and speak out against any changes. that meeting -- [ audio problems ] >> all right. jade hernandez live in palo alto for us. memorial service will take place this weekend for a palo alto schoolteacher who died unexpectedly. he passed away earlier this week from a severe infection. 43-year-old taught fifth graders at hoover elementary. students, teachers and other colleagues are set to gather this saturday at the school for what is being called a celebration of life. the event starts at 9:30 and
6:47 am
goes until 11:00 a.m. zsa zsa and her husband are both in the hospital this morning. they were both admitted on the same day for different reasons. zsa zsa's husband was at the hospital visiting his wife when he collapsed in the elevator. he's expected to be okay and will be released soon. gabor is being treated for an infection after undergoing a leg amputation last month. zsa zsa gabor will turn 94 on sunday. the younger brother of san francisco giant outfielder is in jail. he was convicted of drunk driving in connection to a series of hit-and-run crashes in danville last august. police say he hit and injured a bicyclist and a pedestrian and ran into two cars and a light pole. he was driving with an expired license. he was sentenced to a year in jail and five years probation. well, uc berkeley's rug by program has an unlikely financial supporter. one of its biggest rivals.
6:48 am
some former stanford alumni are raising money in honor of an old friend. so far they've raised $35,000. uc berkeley is expected to make a decision on whether to reinstate the rug by, baseball, gymnastic and lacrosse teams by tomorrow. 6:47 on this thursday morning. check on traffic with sal. hey, mike and pam, right now traffic is doing okay. we have a street closure. we have detours on market street because of a couple of structure fires in this area as you've been hearing all morning long on ktvu three separate fires. market street still shut down here and the f line is effected. good area for you to stay away from. you see the live picture from our crew there. they're not letting a lot of cars in this area. so you need to perhaps walk down and catch a streetcar if you take the f line a little farther down we only see emergency vehicles running through this area. let's move along and take a look at the toll plaza westbound. that is backed up for a small delay. maybe about a five minute wait before you get into the
6:49 am
metering light area. and if you are driving on san jose freeways, 280 is showing a little bit of slow traffic there. 101 is okay. 6:48. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. very good morning. skies are mostly clear and colder out there. the wind drops off. but starting to pick up a wee bit up in the higher elevations. nothing compared to yesterday. those higher clouds associated with just some high clouds coming down from the ridge right down out of the north. but, still, it's a mostly sunny, mild pattern. i don't want to say warm. still in the upper 50s and low 60s. but the colder lows are out there no doubt about it. fairfield 33. santa rosa 33. oakland 39. how about that. livermore 35. redwood city in at 37. lots of low 40s. upper 40s. san francisco the warmest at 46. there's plenty going on in the pacific, just none of it taking aim at us. maybe around the 14th or 15th something might eventually breakthrough but today mostly sunny after a cold start. it will be a mild afternoon.
6:50 am
65 santa rosa napa 64. san francisco 60. a lot of low to mid-60s. 50s on the coast. temperatures coast, bay and inland not going that far. i hit the temperatures twice. i hit the two page and four page. clear lake 66. 60 antioch. 62 oakland. san jose and morgan hill 64. sunny vale 63. 59 daily city and san bruno with woodside and palo alto at 64. five-day forecast dry but occasionally higher clouds, little wind but overall temperatures going up. upper 60s and low 70s by the weekend. all right. thank you, steve. new unemployment numbers came out at 5:30 this morning and the number of people applying for unemployment benefits dropped sharply last week. first time claims fell by 43,000. analysts say it's a sign of modest job growth. but they add the number will have to fall at least another 50,000 before we see a decline in the unemployment rate. checking in on wall street to
6:51 am
see how the numbers are effected -- i'm also looking at retail numbers that came in. they were surprisingly good for january particularly with some of the big chain stores, limited brands, macy's all reporting good gains in retail sales. just to give you an update on the dow, right now it is down just about ten points. so we'll keep watching those numbers for you. american companies that make food and beverages are counting on asia's lunar new year celebrations to lift them out of the doldrums. california based sunkist says sales of its oranges doubled to 12,000 tons during the 15 day holiday period. the washington state company that makes almond row coo ships more than 15% of its global annual sales to china for the lunar new year. the u.s. distilled spirits says china is among its top ten distributions but liquor sales have grown more than 500% in the last ten years. countdown continues to
6:52 am
super sunday in texas. fans with the hottest tickets in town can expect some bone chilling cold weather though. and two television superstars from the 90s could be doing something that will make old fans very happy. right now market street is shut down at 15th. and that means some muni closures or reroutes pardon me and some other street closures in that area. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
6:53 am
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good morning. three simultaneous fires in san francisco fire crews are still on the scene. they have declared the fires under control. but still some closures remain. market street is shut down between 15th and the castro. now the area is a good area to stay away from because the f line is also being rerouted. we have a reporter on the scene. we'll let you know more coming up. thank you, sal. chicago's lake shore drive is back open this morning but this after the winter storm forced thousands of people to abandon their cars. in new hampshire several cars actually ended up stuck nose first in the snow. take a look at that. in massachusetts a building collapsed under the weight of the snow there. but as some things come down, others went up including a 35- foot snow man in new york with
6:56 am
racing tires for buttons. well, san francisco airport is warning that weather-related delays could last for days. chicago's o'hare airport is working to return to normal, but at this point still only a limited number of flights will take off and depart this morning. more flights hoping -- they're hoping to expand to more flights later today. thousands of people have been stranded after 13,000 flights across the country have been canceled. if you're heading to the airport, please call ahead. super bowl xlv will kick off this sunday outside dallas. while the weather there is cold, tickets are quite hot. the game between the packers and steelers is officially sold out. but official resale outlets say tickets can be had if you're willing to spend anywhere from $4,000 to $25,000. and if you want to take that game in style, be prepared to spend up to $163,000 for a luxury suite. an animated duo from the 1990 is returning to basic
6:57 am
cable. mtv announced yesterday beavis and butt head will be back on the air this summer with new episodes. the original show debuted back in is the 93 before going off the air in '97. 200 episodes were made along with a movie, comic series and some video games. show also inspired a spin-off series. all right. almost 7:00. let's go back to sal for a quick look at traffic. >> all right. and we do have a look at the regular commute here on interstate 880 traffic is moving along pretty well. we haven't had any weather issues either. it's been a nice drive; nice and clear. no high winds either. as we go to the next picture this is the golden gate bridge and traffic is moving nicely heading to the toll plaza. see how nice that picture is. and on interstate 280 northbound that traffic is moving along very nicely. now at 6:57 let's go to steve. sal, sunshine today. a few high clouds. but overall it will be a nice day. highs in the upper 50s and low
6:58 am
60s. santa rosa 65. morgan hill 64. pacifica 68. fairfield and antioch 60. coming up on mornings on 2, more on this morning's breaking news out of san francisco. three separate fires in one castro district neighborhood. we're also following a story dozens of bay area school kids got sick after attending an outdoor science class. stay with us. more news.
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