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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 3, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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fulsome street, it may look the same in terms of the back up but actually things out here have improved quite a bit since those two lanes reopened just shy of an hour ago. the traffic is still backed up all the way to market street but it is moving much faster now. about an hour ago, this was essentially all the way back to if fulsome street. we talked to one driver. >> it was what, five feet, six feet, something like that. >> really? >> yeah. >> how long have you been here? >> probably about an hour. >> how far have you gone in an hour. >> probably about three blocks. >> reporter: things have changed, traffic is moving much quicker. i saw a semi truck it took him an hour to move three blocks. and right now the pace is moving about rush hour in san
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francisco. >> ken, thanks very much. has live traffic maps and cameras to help you get home every night. just click on the traffic tab. and another company is taking their ads to the streets of san francisco. literally to the streets. why dockers is now backtracking on its gorilla marketing. >> reporter: if you're walking down the sidewalk, you might have seen these. these are signs that have been popping up all over san francisco here in the hayes valley, in the mission trick. they are gorilla marketing. now levy 's says they will remove them. these ads have been popping up. this is usually done by much smaller groups trying to get their message out for cheap. >> i think it's a cheap shot and i think sometimes like dockers or levy's you know any
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of these other big corporates should try to game in on that. >> reporter: carlos carujo own as bike shop near one of the signs. he says he is not a fan. >> i guess i could skip over that stuff on facebook if i want, but this is when i walk on the sidewalk. >> reporter: gorilla ads are not new. the company paid $45,000 to remove about 4,000 mafia war decalls. dockers didn't respond to our request for an interview but did postthis on their facebook page saying, our vendor was looking for surprising ways to help promote our new contest. but we shouldn't have been using the city sidewalks to do so. city attorney dennis herr era says san francisco will not tolerate this type of advertising. >> it's against the law. often times thousands of taxpayer dollars go into having
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to clean up what is done by gorilla marketers. >> reporter: the city attorney told me that he is commending levy's for their quick response. he said that the vendors have agreed to remove these signs very soon. they're going to come out and actually make sure that they are all gone and that's going to happen starting immediately. live in san francisco, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. the man accused of kidnapping, raping and holding jaycee dugard captive for 18 years will stand trial. garrido and his wife face 18 counts each including kidnapping, rape and false imprisonment. nancy garrido has pled not guilty. garrido's attorney placed
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doubts on his mental capacity. >> several doctors have looked at him and they have deemed him fit. but they had different meanings to it. jurors today dead locked on the case of a man accused of accidentally killing a richmond teenagers. 27-year-old quan shidan orchestrated the shooting that killed a 15-year-old girl. the shooting was due to gang rivalry and that the girl was not the intended target. protesters spoke out against a teenagers shooting by a school official. police say brown stabbed one of the officers with a screwdriver. protesters deny that claim. they also are demanding the two officers be removed from the force and charged with brown's shooting. a string of suspicious
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fires has residents in san francisco's castro district on edge tonight. ktvu's david stevenson is in the neighborhood where homeowners say an arsonist may be on the lose. >> reporter: take a look behind me of what remains of this victorian. an early morning fire ripped through this apartment building. this and two other possibly related arson fires put a strain on emergency resources. >> actually a disgruntal person in the neighborhood. >> reporter: smith said he had problems with his neighborhood. >> just a lot of people camping out and people trying to break into my building, people trying to squat. >> reporter: it's one of three fires set in the san francisco district within a 90 minute period early this morning. >> the first fire that occurred
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this morning was what we initially believed to be a trash fire. >> reporter: arson investigators have not linked all three fires but are looking at surveillance video footage from near one of the fires. >> this is a really a good example of why the san francisco fire department and the firefighters are so passionate about keeping the neighborhood fire stations open. >> reporter: firefighters say responding to the arsons strained their resources. >> we even had to truck two from china town. they were coming in as a cover company. they were covering station six on sanchez street that got deployed right away to this incident. >> reporter: tonight the fire department is warning castro residents to keep their eyes open and report any suspicious activity in hopes of preventing any more fires. david stevenson, ktvu news. oakland firefighters are
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raising money to help a 7-year- old girl who survived an apartment fire that killed her mother, 3-year-old sister and a neighbor. firefighters say they hope the fund will financially support allyson for years to come. an extension cord sparked that deadly fire last month. >> as long as we tried, there's nothing we could do to change the outcome on the night of the fire. but today we hope to begin healing as we step back into allyson's life to make sure she has a chance with all of us by her side. >> reporter: the little girl is from el salvador and is currently in foster care. a dispensary will meet with state officials to dispute a $6 million tax bill. a representative for berkeley patients group told us today that cannabis collective sells medicine which is not taxable. but the board of equalization contends that the dispensary
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owes taxes from july of 2004 to june of 2007. the dispensary says the tax laws at the time were unclear. dawn is about to break in egypt at this hour on the day protesters have set as a deadline for egyptian president hosni mubarak to step down. massive protests are set after the morning prayers which take place at sun down. president mubarak has said that he wants to leave office now but is afraid his country will fall in for danger. >> reporter: in the bay area we have been showing you how the unrest in egypt is impacting many here. student organizers at uc berkeley today staged what they call a die in in honor of the protesters in egypt who have lost their lives. they want the white house to withdraw the roughly $1.5
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billion to egypt. more protests are in the works including one in front of u.n. plaza on saturday and on another campus next week. >> a lot of students and researchers in stanford are also closely following the situation in cairo and the fate of an academic in that region. maureen naylor has that story. >> reporter: this young woman, a college student who's from the east bay is still in cairo tonight. she attended stanford up until last year and her mentor here says she is now considering evacuating the country. >> i'm rachel anderson and i'm majoring in history with the focus on the middle east. >> reporter: rachel ankerson is a california native in cairo. joe minen has been e-mailing with her. >> she's a little bit scared. the violence yesterday was quite horrifying. but this point she and others
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are trying to find a safe place to stay while they decide whether they are going to remain or evacuate to jordan. >> reporter: also at stanford today, fellow patrick mier gave a presentation to a company ushahidi. he likes it to wikipedia. >> where people can paint a picture, dynamic moving picture of a particular situation unfolding. >> reporter: the red dots show live mapping data from a number of countries including egypt. this website launched this morning has 32 reports around cairo's square. the map is also covering other countries including video posted from student posted today in sudan. although not all reports are verified. >> putting information out that has not been verified is clearly marked as not verified
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i think still serves a very important -- >> our coverage on the turmoil in egypt continues online. ktvu has the latest headlines coming out of cairo and include new visit owe video and a slide show. ktvu goes inside the devil's slide tunnel for a firsthand look. we when done it'll facility commerce and transportation along one of the most scenic routs. and no rain in the forecast but with no rain comes so heat. look at that shot. temperatures the next couple of
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days into the mid-70s. i'll have the specific forecast in a few minutes.
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oakland mayor jean quan promised to continue fighting for new funds. quan went to sacramento last week to fight governor brown's plan to reclaim redevelopdevelopment cities who haven't put the funds to work by june. >> they say it's 1.6 million, billion, and they just see it as that. >> mayor quan says redevelopment money is the largest resource the city has to create jobs and energize
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it's economy. for the fist time since caltrans crew -- for the first time since caltrans crews bore all the way across the devil's slide tunnel, ktvu is walking through. >> reporter: cars still have to crawl across that lofty level we call devil's slide. but now there's light at the end of that tunnel. many tunnels are complicated, sophisticated and dangerous undertaking. but caltrans says the crews have not only done their work well they've saved millions of the dollars in injury claims. >> this is the best project that caltrans has in the state of california at the present time. >> very safe. >> very safe. >> reporter: today the crews are lining the bore with a thick layer of plastic to keep
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any water from leaking into it. then they create a cage of r ebar. then they pump concrete forming the interior wall. finally cosmetic wall lining, lights and it'll be done. when it's done the tunnel will look something like this. the road level will be until here. but you'll be able to check it out in about 16 months. but until then, there's dangerous work ahead. >> regular testing of air for different contaminants, flammable vapors, there's extensive training for employees, meetings, job hazard analysis. the list goes on and on. best guesstimate june or july of next year.
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those road slides may as well be history. rob roth. the states ambitious plan to reduce emissions to 1990 levels are hitting a snag. a san francisco judge noted that the state failed to adequately consider alternatives to cap and trade. if the decision was made final, the plan would have to be stalled. there was another push today to make the bay area a model for environment responsibility. the bay area air quality management district handed out 5 million khrars dollars to the port of oakland. the move is designed for vessels to plug up to an
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electric grid. on to the weather now as we go over to our chief meteorologist bill martin. i think that picture of the sunset pretty much said it all. >> i didn't see that one coming. they threw it up from the control room and it was stunning when you saw it. the weather has been stunning. embrace it, enjoy it because it's nice and it will change but not this week. the jet stream well to if north. that ridge of high pressure keeps us warm. keeps us dry. it allows a little bit of fog to try to reform tonight. let's see what it's been like for february for dry. here we are we start february 1, the yellow line represents days without rain. okay and then here we get some rain. that's the next shot we get, 12, 13. we mentioned this in the early broadcast, this is 13, 14, 15, 16 looks pretty moist, pretty wet. this dry period, even though we're going, we need rain might have been a good thing for us.
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we dry the creeks and ponds. when we do get potentially good rain we're not going to be staring at those flooding concerns. sometimes mother nature knows what she's doing. she gives us a break then when we get it we're in good shape. the weekend is going to be stunning. plan something outside, because the weather, redwood city, peninsula, livermore valley is going to be stunning. high pressure, everything north, here's the temperature trend. everything starting to pop up on the weekend. highs intensifies, winds kick offshore. look what goes on today, friday, saturday, sunday. and it's just going to be nice. today i saw redding some temperatures up near northern valleys those temperatures were in the 70s today in some places. 57 in napa. these are your forecast highs for a friday. the week is already over and
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it's going to be a stunning week end. but plan something early to enjoy it. super bowl sunday we watch it rain then watch the game. but it's going to be hard to sit in the house for nine hours while it's stunning outside. >> that's what it's up to nine hours. >> right with all the pre and poststuff. charles manson has been caught with a cell phone in his cell for the second time. state corrections officials say they are looking at ways to deal with the growing problem of cell phones in prisons including penalties for inmates and technology which will make some phones useful. >> that is a data base that every phone that is used capture that is signal. and only those phones allowed to be utilized those signals will be cast out.
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>> reporter: nearly 10,000 cell phones were found in california prisons last year. yahoo has teamed up with zillo to create the largest company on the internet. and morning information on zillo now also appear on yahoo. the year of the rabbit is here. the celebration that was held today to ring in the lunar new year and the new year's festivities, still ahead. and now wall street stocks posted small gains today. the dow gained more than 20 points, the nasdaq picked up more four.
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chinese people all over the world are ringing in the year of the rabbit in a big way. in china thousands came out to enjoy a parade and offer prayers for the year ahead. ktvu will bring you the chinese new year's parade live from union square in san francisco. julie will be hosting like
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always. >> we will be there. looking forward to it. all right. mark joins us now. the warriors received not so good news. >> yeah, it's been since 1997. can you believe it that they've had an all star and they don't again this year. >> since 1997. >> latrell spear. monte ellis will not be part of the festivities. left out the rosters, slim chance he could be added because nba commissioner david stern has to name a replacement for the injured yao ming. >> we are closing in on baseball season and a very familiar face for many years. mostly in spin stripe will apparently not be around.
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the great left-hander andy pettite is announcing an announcement. he is also scheduled to be a witness in barry bonds trial. and the weather causing a problem not only in dallas but scottsdale, arizona. that we will tell you about later. zu was second over all in the draft of the pick of 2010. a touchtown in his rookie seasonment and sam bradford, i tell you what, he was looking good. and there's the golf that we were talking about. those are the temperatures today as i guess we're not going to get to it after all. that's the sporting life as of right now. we turn it over to you.
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>> that zu is gigantic. >> he's ferocious. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, big bets are being placed in the super bowl but not about who will win. the seven digit wagers that will be talked about come monday. what's at stake for one bay area company. that's coming up on the news at 7:00 on tv 36. that's our report for tonight. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. good night everybody. >> good night.
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