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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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president mubarak? good morning, thank you for joining us it's friday february 4th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you pamela. welcome backhy fog. it will billion mostly sunny and warm today. temperatures coming up a little bit. we'll carry that into the weekend. we'll look for upper 50s in the coast. a few upper 50s. san jose and santa rosa. i'll have an update on your traffic. traffic has been good. also this morning we are looking at the traffic as you drive on san mateo bridge heading out to the high-rise. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. topping the news protestors are filling the streets of cairo today. they are calling today the day of departure. huge numbers of antigovernment protestors are gathered in
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cairos square. they want to increase pressure on president mubarak to step down today. so far there is no sign of the progovernment demonstrators. coming up in 15 minutes the obama administration is increasing pressure on president mubarak to step down. why the egyptian president says he can't. just hours ago a fire at a homeless shelter forced hundreds of people to evacuate. this is just before 2:00 a.m. on little orchard drive. kraig debro is there. what's happening? >> reporter: hundreds of homeless people jolted out of bed by a fire alarm. it started right behind me. you see that door right there it's propped open a little bit so people can get air in there. people are cleaning up what is remaining of the laundry room. now we video tape these pictures of the laundry room. it doesn't look like a total
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loss. the fire department says the sprinkler system kept down the flames until the crews arrived here six minutes before the 2:00 a.m. call. more than 215 people sleeping here tonight said the alarm was a jolt but there was an orderly evacuation. that evacuation took minutes according to the homeless person. hundreds of people had to wait outside in the cold any way. >> i was sleeping everything and then fire started up. and it woke everybody up. and had everybody come out. >> fire started in the laundry room. sprinkler head held the fire at bay. but our crews had to go in with lines to extinguish the remainder of the fire. >> reporter: this is a scene about 90 minutes ago on little orchard as i mentioned. all the people had to be evacuated. you are looking at 200 homeless people men and women bundled up in the cold. we arrived just as they were being lead back into the
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building during a role call. arson investigators have been here. they have not determined the cause of the fire. one thing they will be looking at is how the fire got started in a laundry room. reporting live in san jose kraig debro. we are also following developing news from san franciscos castro district. arson investigators on the scene of a suspicious fire. not far from three arson fires we showed you yesterday. it started 30 minutes ago at 18th street and collinwood. the fire burned a victorian home. there is no major danger. this fire is a few blocks away when three fires broke out yesterday morning. those fires started within a two block area of the castro district in a span of just 90 minutes. it's too early to tell if this mornings fire is connected to yesterdays fires. we will continue to follow this story this morning and bring you any updates.
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time now 5:03. several east bay law enforcements went to a bar. they broke up a big fight at kitties bar. a fight that began inside the bar escalated. emeryville police called in backup officers after seeing things get out of control. the oakland police they all got there within minutes. at least two people were detained. there is no word yet of any injuries. a man hunt continues now for a driver that drove off after leaving a pass never inside his driving car. this happened a couple hours ago near the willow avenue off ramp. the driver crashed after being chased by police. he jumped out of the car when it burst into flames leaving his passenger trapped inside. police pulled that passenger out of the burning car and rushed him to the hospital. he was unconscious at the time.
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at this point we don't know his condition. in hayward a man suspected in a deadly stabbing is in jail this morning after turning himself in. police were called taphole to folsom avenue stabbed inside. the suspect a 27-year-old oakland man surrendered. a search is under way for a bank robbery suspect despite police. this is images of him in the railroad avenue bank yesterday. in this picture he's pointing the gun at the teller. in another picture he's waving that weapon around the bank. police say a gps device was attached to the cash he stole. they tracked him to an apartment building in north oakland. police searched that building
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but he could not be found. the south bay will allow the homeless to ride public transportation for free. >> reporter: we are live at the east ridge shopping center in east san jose. line 22 runs through here. it operates 22 hour aceta. seven days a week. you can see a bus pulling up. in a month riders at this bus stop can see some changes. the valley transportation authority wants to help the homeless in santa clara county. they are offering homeless people that qualify for a pilot program free bus rides. the rides are for those homeless that arrive to find them permit innocent house. it requires those eligible to provide a photo id and stickers indicating the bearer is entitled to free ride. those that will participate
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will be screened. over 1800 stickers will be issued every three months. 3500 people per year are expected to take advantage of the trip. santa clara county will pick up the more than $100,000 tab. the goal is to get the homeless on their way to job or medical appointments which would help them help themselves. what do other bus riders think? full reaction here in san jose. we'll bring that to you later on. reporting live from san jose jade hernandez. gas prices were rolled back to 1961 at a station in santa rosa last night. gas at the 76 station at dunn ton avenue was going for 39- cents a gallon due to a computer glitch. word spread quickly and the cars were backed up for blocks. santa rosa police and sonoma county sheriffs deputies had to respond saying traffic became a block aid. not clear how long it continued or how much gas was sold at
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that low price. incredibly low. 39 cents. >> why didn't you tell me? >> i know i would have driven up there. how is our commute? gas or no gas? >> 39 cents is that 1964 price? >> '61 we said. >> okay. things are quiet as we move along. no major problems as you head out to the bay bridge toll plaza. in the south bay we are off to a nice start. northbound 280 traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. 5:08 here is steve. >> i do remember 19 cents in the gas war. and they gave you steak knives too. seriously. let's get to it. we have a quiet pattern. it will be warmer this weekend. mostly sunny. patchy fog. there is some on the coast.
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there sal little bit inland. this weekend it looks warm, sunny, and nice. i know the e-mails would start coming in. when is it going to rain? i think around the 15th. it's a dry pattern this week. most of next week there will be a low digging into nevada around wednesday. that will give us a cooler pattern and wind. i don't expect any rain out of it. i think the 14th and 15th i would target those days if you work outside or if you're a weather geek if you want to jot that down. i think around the sat something will develop. our forecast models are in sink for bringing in cooler weather. higher clouds just spilling over the ridge of high pressure. it doesn't matter. temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. they will end up in the 60s to near 70s. santa rosa starting off with fog. especially toward the sonoma county airport. 32 it's cold. there could be a few high clouds you could see right
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there. that's a very dry stable pattern when it comes in and topples over like that. we have a few high clouds out of that. the rain stays to the north. warming trend today starts. i think you will notice it more tomorrow. saturday and sunday. watch out for patchy fog and chilly morning lows. forecasted highs 58 to 68 today and temperatures will continue their upward trend over the weekend. so 50s and 60s closer to the coast. we do have a slight component of a westerly breeze. inland mid 60s for many. 66 mountain view. san jose 68. pleasanton 66. santa cruz we will go 67. looks good sunny side up to mostly sunny and warmer. cooler tuesday into wednesday. >> thank you, steve. president obama is throwing a super bowl party on sunday. and the guest list has quite an interesting mix. also has he made up his
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mind? congresswoman gabrielle giffords husband has decided if he is going into space or if he will stay by her side. good morning, westbound 24 traffic there looks good driving up to the tunnel. we'll tell you more straight ahead. the foot... introducing instant action alerts, only from chase. left arm up... manage your account and help avoid overdrafts with a click of a button. just reply to the alert with how much you want to transfer. inhale, all the way up... so you always stay in balance. crescent pose. chase what matters. just four more times. ♪
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welcome back to the morning news. the oh baa administration is said -- the obama administration is said to be
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discussioning a plan for hosni mubarak to step down. in a television interview president mubarak said he was fed up with being president, he cannot step down because the country would sink into chaos. yesterday gangs of progovernment supporters launched more attacks on foreign journalists. one american television crew was carjacked and threatened with beheading. million reporters were chased and had -- many reporters were chased and had their equipment stolen and trashed. the egyptians vice president says he blames the international media for intensifying the youth and sending in an enemy. students will go back to the uc berkeley campus in a couple hours. students camped out trying to pressure the u.s. government to with hold aid for president
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mubarak. we checked in with one of the protestors he told us just after midnight police told him to leave that camp site. they will go back at 10:00 this morning. in fremont this morning students at mission san jose will hold a demonstration supporting them in egypt between 7:00 and 7:30. students will stand on mission boulevard. they will hold up signs encouraging drivers to honk for peace in egypt. our coverage of the uprising in egypt will continue on our channel 2 website there you will find more video and also see a special section right on the front page. there is word that congresswoman gabrielle giffords husband that he will be the commander of the final mission. mark killly has decided to -- kelly has decided to take part in the shuttle flight in april. the official word from kelly is expected in a press conference later today. his wife congresswoman giffords
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is still recovering from injury. time now 5:15 snow is falling in texas this morning. it's not damping the anticipation for sunday's super bowl. more than 150,000 fans are expected to pour into the dallas, fort worth area for super bowl xlv and the partying has already started. hollywood stars and celebrities are hosting pregame events. the black eyed peas will perform at halftime and the group says their performance will be a spectacle. >> it's a challenge. you want to give a little sex appeal but you don't want to get into any trouble. we are very particular on the wardrobe. there will be no more malfunctions. >> we can tell you that singer keith urban and maroon five are in the lineup for pregame. there is one thing you won't see at the super bowl neither team has cheerleaders.
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president obama will be attending the super bowl party at the white house. attorney general erik holder, transportation secretary ray la hood. jennifer lopez and marc anthony will be there. i don't know who president obama is rooting for. you can watch the super bowl here on ktvu channel 2. it starts right here. >> when sal gets to the party he can ask the president. >> yeah will you? >> i don't think i have to ask him. he's from chicago he probably does not like the green bay packers. just saying. >> especially this year. >> yeah. that would be like a giants fan rooting for the dodgers. good morning, everyone let's go out and take a look at the commute now traffic is moving well on 24 getting up to
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the caldecott tunnel. no major problems on 680 either in this area. westbound bay bridge that traffic is moving along nicely coming into san francisco. and north and southbound 880 traffic is moving along very well. you know, i'm twitter and so is steve at sp weather. let's go to steve right now. >> sal, thank you that is correct. we get wonderful information. if you have anything you can write sal, traffic, or weather. we get patchy fog on the coast. we are seeing a similar pattern. higher clouds continue to spill down from the top of the ridge. you can see those right there. that is the only fly in the ointment. everything else is showing signs of bag beautiful weekend. 30s and 40s on your temps. 37 napa. 34 fairfield. yesterday livermore was down to 33. sonoma county airport was down to 32. we do have fog.
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fairfield was down to 31. santa rosa will warm up. temperatures starting to recover. 32 to start though. 60 and 68 degrees today. everything points toward 70s by tomorrow. when you see a system coming in it topples over like that, that's a bad sign. if it comes in it backs off and then comes in that is much better. this is a lot of show and not much go. low pressure says i don't think so. i will hang out for a week. there you go. sunshine and warmer weather. there will be patchy fog. everything else points toward warmer weather as we go into the weekend. patchy coastal fog. it did not feel as cold to me. 50s for some. closer to the coast. mid 60s for everybody. we are starting to warm up here. we have lost a lot of that inland fog coming in from the valley. even though there is patchy fog it's not like it was a couple weeks ago. upper 60s for santa rosa and
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for san jose. warmer saturday and sunday patchy fog. it does look like a windy and cooler pattern. some people hoping to place an order for an iphone on verizon's website are complaining they got error messages instead of a confirmation message. verizon says it's an error with the customer accounts. verizon says it does not announce sales figures. verizon also says it plans to slow down access fee to its heaviest data users. they don't think they will have to take that step soon. they want subscribers to be aware of the possibility. the average smart phone users doubled last year to 153 153 mega bites. after quite a bit of
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economic news yesterday the markets were pretty quiet. the dow jones up 20. still above 12,000. we'll get a better indication how the markets look today as we get close to the opening bell. your time now 5:20. executives at jp morgan chase denied that bernie madoff had financial dealings. back in june of weave what appears to be a -- 2007 what appears to to be a high level of executives. ma madoff had a cloud over -- madoff had a cloud over his head. the bank said the documents are taken out of context. they deny any wrong doing. a young man makes a passionate plea. why the son of lesbian parents is drawing national attention. >> it makes you start seeing stuff that is not there. it's weird but scary.
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>> talking about a new legal street drug. the long-term effects users suffer. good morning, westbound highway 4 traffic looking pretty good. steve and i will be back with traffic and weather in a few minutes.
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good morning, we have a little bit of fog. after that it will be sunny to
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mostly sunny. it's not going to stop temperatures from getting into the 60s. the reward offer is increasing for the monterey county man accused of mutilating thousands of puppies. he's accused of cropping the ears of puppies. now they are nacritessing their reward for -- now they are increasing their reward for his capture. crime in east bay city of pittsburgh is on the way down. there were 40 fewer serious crimes. using fbi statistics dating back in 1960 the city says crime last year was at its lowest level in 50 years. reported homicides, robberies, vehicle thefts were down slightly in 2010 but rapes, aggravated assaults and burglaries went up slightly. they accumulate it to several
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reasons. time now 5:25 california's poison control director has asked for an emergency state ban on bath salt drugs. several have overdosed on this powerful new synthetic drug. >> first it seemed harmless. >> california poison control says the drugs chemical structure is just like methamphetamine and ecstasy but the effects are a lot worse. some bath salt users have committed suicide or mutilated themselves. others have suffered permanent psychotic breaks. >> you really want to lose your mental health forever and that is apparently one of the real risks of these bath salts. this may well be the most dangerous drug experience of a life-time. >> these drugs are being sold under a variety of product names. in any states they are openingly marketed in smoke shops and head shops. we found some in the bay area
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and all over northern and central california. iowa teenagers impassioned speech describing his relationship with two lesbian partners. >> the since of family comes to the commitment we make with each other. to work through the hard times. it comes from the love that binds us. that's what makes a family. >> on tuesday 19-year-old zach wall spoke in front of lawmakers that would end civil unions in iowa. his speech has 883 hits on you tube. back in 2009 same sex couples lined up to get married. but on tuesday they banned gay marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnership. they signed up for military service on the same day as a attribute to their dying mother. this morning, identical twins
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from vallejo will take the ceremonial oath of enlistment. they will be sworn in at the hayward recruiting building. they were born in peru and hope their military service will help them become u.s. citizens. one bay area county is getting ready to offer free rides. what group is eligible for this public transportation free bee. good morning, i want to take a look down this alley. come down here you can see a problem focused on by the department of public works. this is illegal dumping. and police say tough competition between pizza parlors is the reason for vandalism and arrest. right now southbound 101 marin county southbound 101 looks good getting out to 580. we'll tell you more as the morning news continues.
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good morning. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. friday, february 4th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, and welcome back. i'm pam cook. it's 5:31. let's check in with steve paulson for the weather. >> thank you very much. we do have patchy fog and a few high clouds. 30s and 40s will give way topmostly sunny skies today. slightly cooler -- will give way to mostly sunny skies
5:32 am
today. slightly cooler. your weekend forecast in five minutes. here is sal. right now traffic looks good if you are driving up on the bay bridge it looks very nice coming into san francisco. this morning we are looking at the commute on 880 in oakland and that traffic is moving along very nicely. santa clara county is getting ready to spend $100,000 for free rides on public transportation. ktvu channel 2 reporter jade hernandez is in san jose to hill us who will get the free rides. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. free bus rides for the homeless some might wonder why. a man we just spoke to told us these rides might be the thing to help out the homeless. that's exactly what the valley transportation authority wants to do help the homeless. we are live at the east ridge shopping center. in a month riders at this bus stop could see some changes. the vta is offering homeless
5:33 am
people that qualify for a pilot program free bus ride. the keyword is qualified. the free rides are for the homeless enrolled in the program to find them permanent housing. it requires them for photo id. those who want to participate will be screened by social service agencies up to 1800 or so transit stickers will be issued every three months. an estimated 3500 people a year are expected to take advantage. a goal to get the homeless on their way to jobs and medical appointments. >> all you have to do is get contact from these people to help them out. there are sources out there to get off the street. the streets are not made for nobody. >> reporter: as pam mentioned santa clara county will pick up the tab of more than $100,000.
5:34 am
the rides begin in april. we hope to have am spokesperson out here to discuss -- we hope to have a spokesperson out here to discuss this program. a pizza parlor is cleaning up vandalism. when police arrived they say they saw tim tuck earn and sean climber getting -- tim tucker and sean climber getting rid of gloves and paint. tim used to be the manager of extreme pizza. we did talk to his former boss. >> he has never been late. he has never been hung over. he has never shown any kinds of devious behavior. >> nothing will stop us to being successful. >> the second suspect used to work for extreme pizza as well.
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damage is estimated at 7,000. students will go back to school for the first time today since their principal was shot on campus. the suspect in the case john louers -- luebbers confessed to shooting him. luebbers told police he was fired from his job as janitor which he held for ten years. oakland is once again inspecting the cities police radio system after word of more problems this week. police say officers lost communication twice this week. once yesterday while responding to a robbery call. and on wednesday night when dispatchers could not talk to officers out in the field for about 20 minutes. we told you last week about a similar failure during a high speed chase. the city says that problem was
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caused by a timing malfunction. it has been fixed. time now 5:35 crews with the department of works is busy in china town as they focus their cleanup efforts for the chinese new year. the problem of the illegal dumping is an ongoing one it gets a lot worse right about this time this year. claudine wong is taking a look at the situation. she is back now live in china town with what is happening. >> reporter: we are one in the alleys of china town. cleanup under way from department of public works crew. this is an ongoing effort. what you see in the back of that truck what has been dumped illegal by by residents or businesses here in the area. i'm joined now by mohammed nuro who is the deputy director of public works. this is an ongoing problem all yearlong but it is specifically a bigger problem this time of year. correct? >> that is right.
5:37 am
every year around chinese new year we see an increase in the amount of dumping. especially in china town and in many of our alleys. so the department puts in extra effort to make sure these places are clean. >> reporter: they make quick work of this. i want to walk down the street so we can show some of the other problems. one of the traditions is to clear out your house. clean up your house. get everything clean for the start of the new year. is the problem because they don't have treasure service or they just think it's easier to dump it in these alleys? >> it's a combination. a lot of the items we do find in the alley is for mostly people that do not have sufficient garbage service. people that do have garbage service normally get rid of items from the buildings in the proper way. mostly what we find is items
5:38 am
they have illegally put out. >> reporter: thank you for joining us this morning. you can see this is an ongoing effort. we will follow them for the morning. they do have a big event we will tell you about coming up. that is coming up where they make it easier for the people to get rid of their stuff. >> the big event of the chinese new year celebration is of course the parade. ktvu will bring that to you live from union square in san francisco saturday february 19th. ktvu's own julie hai network er be the mc. we are all riding in it. >> i'm practicing waving. it's fun to see our viewers come out and they are yelling at us. it's a beautiful celebration. >> yes some are yelling more robustly than others. >> yeah usually it's sal.
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>> some of these people have been sitting there for a long time. just sitting there. having their beverages. any way we look forward to seeing you. westbound as you head up to the toll plaza traffic is moving along very nicely. let's move along and take a look at the 880 freeway. traffic is moving well here. speaking of san jose there is san jose northbound 280 traffic is moving well. on this friday we hope we will have a nice light commute. so far nothing has been around to ruin it just yet. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. a very happy friday. we do have 30s out there. patchy fog. all signs point toward a warm and sunny weekend. until i think about the 15th. more on that in a second. mostly sunny. patchy fog not only on the coast but inland. nothing compared to what we had the last couple of weeks. warmer highs in the low 70s
5:40 am
over the weekend. it will get windy and cooler tuesday night and wednesday. dry weather will take us through at least the end of next week. i don't think we will see any rain on the 12th or 13th. if i had to pin a day, i would take the 15th for rain. so you can jot that down. maybe if you work outside or want to see how i do. i think the 13th looks good. after that who knows. before that it will be sunshine and warmer weather. 30s to begin. 37 livermore. napa is 34. 30s even for redwood city. mountain view was 34. same for san jose and hayward. it will start off cold and foggy for parts of santa rosa especially toward the airport. 32 and 60. we will go 68 for a high. the higher clouds spill over from the north. there is plenty over here.
5:41 am
look at where it goes right over the ridge of high pressure. it looks like there will be one really cold, cold system dig into the east of the rockies. we will have to track that for next week. for us it's high pressure and fair weather. it's a warming pattern as well. we cool off a little bit. but all signs point toward warmer weather. we will see upper 60s and low 70s. patchy fog and coastal fog. it will be mostly sun new york and mild. temperatures mostly sunny. redwood city 67. los gatos 67. it looks good for the weekend and early next week. and cooler wednesday late tuesday into wednesday. thank you, steve. 5:41 is the time right now. some people who live near
5:42 am
kelliorless park are not please about a new mexican food trailer set to open soon. they made a deal to put the mexican food trailer on a paved area of the park. they are trying to get it moved from the park. time now 5:41. cal train will hold four community meetings this month before making a decision on proposed cuts. the board voted yesterday to hold a meeting march 3rd. that's when they will declare a fiscal emergency. the proposals include cutting the number of weekday trains from 86 to 48. closing down six stations south of san jose. a 25-cent fare hike is also possible. bad news for beef lovers.
5:43 am
what is behind the recent jump in prices at restaurants and behind the meat counter. a world war ii landmark could help create thousands of bay area jobs. if you are driving in marin county traffic looks good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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5:45 am
if you wanted to know what is happening in egypt right now. look at these pictures. this is videos we shot four minutes ago. protestors in cairo joining and singing patriotic songs. there is the thousands of people there and they are calling for president mubarak
5:46 am
to step down. they are calling this the day of departure. the president said he would like to leave immediately but he cannot because he says egypt would sink in the chaos. that's the situation right now. here's a quick look at some of the other top stories. in san francisco arson investigators are probing a suspicious fire in san francisco's castro district. that fire started a short time ago with 18th street and collinwood. it's only a block away from three suspicious fires we told you about a month ago. a driver left his passenger inside a burning car. that passenger was rushed to the hospital. the price of beef has jumped 16% in the last year. according to today's article in the san francisco business
5:47 am
times it's mostly because of an increase in the price of corn to feed the cattle and fuel to get the beef to market. that is bad news for restaurants. many tell us they don't want to pass the increase along to customers since it's tough to get people to eat out in the current economy. a san francisco based company says the cost of raising cattle is up even more. bill reid of beef says 25% price increase just to produce beef are forcing some ranchers out of business. >> there is a lot less cattle in the world today than there was 20 years. a lot more income for people willing to pay for beef. >> now reid says herd size is down to 1950s levels while there are millions more people that want to eat beef. recent flooding in australia where ranchers are forced to kill some of their herd because of disease means herd size will not increase in the nexteer or
5:48 am
two. a former california sheriffs deputy is in big trouble. jason hammock admitted to stealing thousands of dollars from drivers he pulled over. authorities identified five undocumented workers that had $2400 stolen by hammock back in november and december. hammock would stop the drivers take their wallets under the guides of getting their id and get back the wallet with the money missing. the 20-year-old son of jeff skilling was found dead in his southern california apartment. you are looking at video of jeff skilling himself. he was charged with fraud following the collapse of enron. he's already serving 24 years in prison. he reportedly is distraught over the death of his son. police say his son john skilling was a sophomore at chatham university. he was found laying near bottles of university. he had been distraught over a
5:49 am
recent breakup. very sad story coming from iraq. the recent son of a terrorism chief was killed in a shootout. police say the father and two of his children were hurt. the gunmen escaped. we are getting word of an e- mail outage at the white house. unclassified e-mail accounts were out of commission starting at 8:00 a.m. yesterday and well into the afternoon. reporters say they got phone calls from white house officials during the outage. something that is rare these cays. time now 5:49. sal, what is happening on our roads and bridges right now? >> traffic is moving along relatively well. this is a look at the san mateo bridge. that traffic looks good highwaying out to the high-rise with no major issues. we are off to a nice start. we are hoping it will be nice and light. we do not have a lot of things
5:50 am
going on. northbound 101 looks good approaching the 80 split. if you are looking at san francisco traffic is moving well. now let's go to steve. all right, sal, thank you. we have mostly clear skies. there is patchy fog out there. it will still be mostly sunny and warmer today. the weekend plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures. now next week i'm looking ahead here. it does look like a dry week. it will be windy and cooler an wednesday. any rain in sight? not until the 14th or 15th. you don't have to worry about it this weekend. january was rather dry when we had four rain days. four or five at the most for many of us. there are signs of a pattern change around the 14th or 15th. if you work outside you might want to put that on your calendar. the higher clouds spill over. more clouds to the east. occasionally they do pick up the wind. overall proposals starting off in 30s today. pleasant hill 35. gilroy is 36.
5:51 am
los gatos 37. a lot of 30s here including concord. that is at buchanon not far away at 35. if you are toward clayton it's colder than that. 34 fairfield. 34 santa rosa. 39 san rafael. stanford i saw 37. santa rosa looking for patchy fog in the morning. 60 at noon. a high of 68. it will be warmer than that over the weekend. when you see that system topple over like that, that loses a lot of energy but occasionally some of the clouds drift by. we will go sunny, mostly sunny. the trend is to bring these temperatures up a little bit. starting today. it wasn't so much yesterday. yesterday was a transition day from the cooler and windy weather. saturday and sunday after 30s and 40s we will end up with a lot of low 70s. sunny and mostly sunny. slightly cooler over there by the coast. but nothing compared to what we had coming in from the valley. that is really let up
5:52 am
considerably. 50s, 60s to near 70 degrees. napa 67 degrees. pleasanton 66. mountain view 66. half-moon bay 59. same for daily city. it will be warmer over the weekend. we'll carry that into tuesday. just a few minutes ago the monthly jobs report rouse released. 36,000 jobs were added last month but most economists expected an increase of 103,000. despite that the national unemployment rate fell to 9%. that is the lowest rate since april of 2009. that does come in part because of a large number of discouraged job seekers that have stopped looking for work. more americans are using a wi-fi connection to get on the net. that is up to 18% who worried
5:53 am
wi-fi in 2008. sharing an open wi-fi might not seem like a problem but a noisy neighbor can use e-mail to hack into your information. there is a good chance moppet field will hold -- if selected it would feature exhibits from all over the world. the world expo attracts millions of visitors over six months. it's expected to generate thousands of jobs. now in the coming days economic impact report is expected to be released. it happened more than 30 years ago. today there may be answers to a bay area murder mystery. what is now encouraging san mateo detectives still investigating a triple murder
5:54 am
at a payless drugstore. impossible dreams coming true on american idol. you will find out if this duet earned two siblings a trip to hollywood.
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the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. welcome back to the morning
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news. american idol is syping another group to -- is sending another group to hollywood. a pair of brothers from southern are among them. >> lean on me when you're not strong and i'll be your friend. >> aaron has auditioned three times so far but this duet has earned them the golden ticket. back here at home san mateo police may have a new lead in a horrific triple murder case. this was an execution style killing it happened 32 years ago today. the gunmen walked into a payless drugstore after closing time shot three young employees back in the head. he escaped with $25,000. police still call this an active cold case. ktvu news has been told they now have new information but they are not ready to release
5:58 am
it. >> to tip your hands and see the evidence we have may cause us problems. >> i wish someone could be caught and prosecuted but it doesn't bring tracy or billy or michael back. >> 16-year-old tracy anderson 17-year-old billy bumgarner and 20-year-old michael olsen were all killed. coming up on 6:00. we want to go back to sal for a quick look at traffic. how does it look? >> it looks pretty well. traffic is moving well around the bay area. as a matter of fact as we are looking at the commute here it's a nice drive coming up to highway 17. sunol grade traffic looks good. and this morning at the toll plaza it's light. now let's go back to the desk. thank you. the violent and political upheaval in egypt in the
5:59 am
streets what the antigovernment protestors are doing now and why they call today the day of leaving. plus why homeless in one bay area community are getting a very special but controversial ticket to ride. good morning, we have patchy fog. it looks like a sunny and warmer day. how much warmer? we'll have the forecasted highs in two minutes.


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