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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 5, 2011 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. a major shakeup in the egyptian government tonight. but protestors say they still don't have what they want. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and hello everyone i'm heather holmes. protestors stay in the square for the 14th day of protest. there are more signs of change in egypt as the leadership of that country's moving party resigned, a move many egyptians say would have been unimaginable just two weeks ago. matt cherry has today's
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development. >> reporter: anti-government's protestors in the cairo square form a human chain to block egyptian military from entering one of their enclaves. tense moments. but overall protests calling for the end of the mubarek regime were more peaceful. they reported key members had resigned. however members of the group, the ndp say he remains their leader. one prominent member mohamed says the ruling regime is fighting against forces it cannot overcome. meanwhile, activists also came out for marchs in washington and other american cities. >> the people want change. >> reporter: egyptian immigrant says in general he casts a skeptical eye against anything the egyptian regime does. >> it is the exact re game. you can't change the regime by changing the figures so i don't believe what they are saying. >> reporter: president obama has not called for the
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resignation of the president. he does insist that the president honor the pledges he made including not seeking reelection. why -- the challenge is to help our partners take systemic steps to usher in a better future where people's voices are heard, their rights respected and their aspirations met. >> reporter: i'm matt cherry reporting from atlanta. there are conflicting explanations tonight on just what caused a pipeline 0 explode near the egyptian border with gaza. egypt's natural gas company said that the fire was caused by a gas leak. but a local security official said the blast was set off by an explosive device. the pipeline carries natural gas to jordan and israel and is the third most strait strategically important. >> the shop owners were able to open for the first time in
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days. but this is costing egypt more than $10,000 a day in lost revenue. more than 10% of egyptian jobs are generated thru the tourism industry. tourism has dropped off drastically since the protests began. >> i gave my money on a daily basis. i don't have a salary. i have a bank loan for the taxes that i have to pay off at the end of every moment -- month. now i go back home and don't have money to feed my family. what do i say to them? >> the outbound flights were being packed and the in flights were empty. >> they protested in solidarity with protestors here throughout the middle east. ktvu's john sasaki reports. >> reporter: thousands of people packed into san francisco's united nations plaza to call for freedom in egypt. >> this regime tortured you for 30 years. this regime made you suffer for
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30 years. lied to you for 30 years. >> the rally led to a march passed city hall, down market street ironed the federal building. mr. demonstrators here have deep roots in egypt. >> this is history. history is happening. i love this moment. i love this moment. but i pray to god to complete. >> reporter: she came here from egypt about the time he took iron fisted control of her native land. >> you can't eat or drink and live in the desert but free. free and not oppressed. not oppressed. >> reporter: these activists say all of this would not be happening without the adds vent of the internet. >> if it wasn't for twitter we wouldn't know half the stuff that's going on there, you know. i get constant twitter updates from people in the square. i am hearing things almost first hand. >> reporter: in fact they argue the explosive movement towards democracy in egypt would not have happened in the first place without social media. >> people found a safe haven on
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facebook to mobilize and talk about grievances and ideas without security agents looking over their shoulders. >> reporter: people waving this flag here say they won't be satisfied until there are full democratic elections in egypt. in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. you will find continuing coverage of the uprising in egypt on our website ktvu, click on the egypt tab near the top and find a link to a special section. >> three uc berkeley graduates are set to go on trial tomorrow morning in tehran. while one of them sarah was released her two friends remain in jail there. we look at the online effort to support the trio as it faces charges of spying. >> reporter: heather, there has been a huge out pouring for the remaining hikers shane and josh. here you can see on this facebook page constantly being updated. you can see that people are
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sending well wishes to them. it's been 555 days since 23- year-old josh fatal and shane bower have been detained in iran. some are blogging and tweeting others make notes. please light a candle and say a prayer. another rites truths triumphs towards outrage. >> they are outraged and we have a sense of americans being protected. >> reporter: she teaches middle eastern history at sanford university. in 2009 the three were taken into custody for allegedly straying across an unmarked border into iran while hiking. >> it has a lot of bluster and bravado but also savvy. this seems like a really clear statement that he is sending out to the international community that he doesn't want to be pushed or pressured to kind of give in to nil external opinions. >> reporter: ferguson says the
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fact that the two have passed the 444th day mark of being imprisons is symbolic because that's how long the hostages were held in the hostage crisis during the revolution in 1979. she says they have turned into pawns for the government. >> we have these hostages. you have our hostages in iraq and elsewhere. we are going to push this to the point of who knows what the point is, right? i mean, most people think that they will in the end be released. >> reporter: sarah has been summoned to appear in court but published reports suggest she is not expected to show up tomorrow in tehran. an attorney representing the trio says he has been denied access to the two men at least until tomorrow morning. reporting live from the newsroom this is ktvu, channel 2 news. the bay area spent much of the day basicking in warm temperatures. many places actually set new record high temperatures.
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ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is here with a look at those numbers. >> reporter: hey, there heather, those old records shattered today. a scene looking out towards the oak estuary. a few high clouds out there. looking at temperatures in the 50s this time of year. 60s and 70s would be strange. but what about 80s? here are a look at the old records. napa the old record is 72 set back in 1906. widespread for this section of the area. look at the temperatures topping out in the lower 80s for napa. san francisco is 73. some more records to report. san jose the old one of 71 set back in 1966. today san jose topped out at 75. sfo is 73 degrees. coming up i will let you know if record heat returns for tomorrow. also highlight the three areas that are currently under a wind advisory. hundreds took to the road today to remember a little boy whose body was discovered this week in a stanislav county canal. the memorial ride for the 4-
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year-old boy started in his hometown of patterson and ended in modesto. one of those in attendance was angela chavez the aunt of sandra cantu. the 8-year-old was killed two years ago by her neighbor. they quickly formed a friendship. >> she knows what i'm going through. and she knows, she has been there. >> when we were going our ordeal we met a lot of people who have been in this situation, too, unfortunately. and it means the world. >> organizers say 700 riders showed up to today's event. the ride raised money for the memorial fun. oakland city leaders gathered with residents to try to come up with ways to stem the growing violence in the city. as ktvu's mike mibach tells us, the homicide rate tonight is far ahead of where it was this time last year. >> reporter: oakland last night three separate shootings all
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within a fewer -- four hour span. the fatal shooting was oakland's 15th homicide of the year. last year at this time there were five. >> the guy who got shot he usually knows who shot him. but they don't want to cooperate with us. >> reporter: jeff israel attended jan brewer's community meeting where beside the homicide they discussed strong arm robberies. >> three suspects leaving in a white suv from the scene. that's what people have reported. we think the trend is that they are following people from various grocery stores. >> reporter: from north oakland and east oakland where the violence is also fresh. this new multimillion dollars public library was hit with gunfire. >> you will hear gunshots every night here. >> reporter: the bullet is lodged in the side of the library where today inside dozens of children were reading. >> there are great cameras on the library so we will figure out who did it. i think it is probably teenagers. >> reporter: today mayor kwan held her first of meetings with
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looking after youth and cutting down crime. >> it's about the budget. >> you have to work together. you can't expect the police to do everything. >> reporter: albert says reducing the number of shootings and robberies is about the community and neighbors coming together and fighting together. >> it is about communities. you have to give. you can't receive only. >> reporter: north oakland residents looking to give and looking to spread the message to the entire city. in oakland, mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. the man suspected of fatally stabbing another man in hayward turned himself in. 24-year-old eric mayorga is accused of stabbing an unidentified 18-year-old man thursday night outside a home on fullsome avenue. they say he left the scene but later went to police headquarters and surrendered. the stabbing stemmed from a dispute over a female friend. he is being held in jail without bail. he is set to be arraigned on monday. there were many tears shed today in palo alto as a heartbroken school community gathered to remember a beloved
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teacher. 43-year-old george flat died suddenly last sunday from what may have been bacterial meningitis. today teachers, students and parents remembered the popular 5th grade teacher for his creative teaching style. >> how one person can make a lasting difference in so many lives and bring -- sorry. and bring smiles. everybody give me one back really fast. >> some students were givenantibiotics to ward off meningitis. so far no reports of illnesses among his students. a new investigation find pg&e decided not to use equipment that was safer for controlling high pressurized lines. they agreed that remotely operated shut-off valves did a better job protecting the
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public than manual ones. but the utility has opted not to use them widely saying they are not necessary or required. the sanbruno line that exploded in september killing eight people was not equipped with an automatic shut-off valve. federal investigators have scheduled a hearing on the disaster for next month. a mystery tonight for alameda county sheriff's investigators after a body was found inside a burning suv. the car was spotted late last night on grant line road. when highway patrol officers and firefighters arrived they found a badly burned body inside the passenger compartment. investigators say it was impossible to tell if the person was male or female. they have not yet identified the victim or determined whether this was indeed a homicide. a man is in the icu at stanford hospital tonight after his vehicles plunged off a cliff in san mateo county. it happened about 3:00 this afternoon on southbound highway 1. witnesses reported seeing that vehicle plunge about 100
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yards over the edge. the unidentified victim was thrown from his car and landed on the beach. the highway was closed for several hours in both directions while a helicopter landed and rescued that man. >> we will take you inside. how the bay area is preparing for superbowl 45. making the grade. why some college students will be in class for superbowl sunday. and it is not the game they will be paying attention to. and what investigators say caused this fatal crash in livermore. the news continues in 90 seconds. >> ktvu, channel 2 news at noon, 5, 6, bay area news at 7:00. the 10:00 news. for more than 50 years, ktvu, channel 2 news has brought you the bay area's major news. and now we give you even more complete bay area news coverage. mornings on 2 weekend edition
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saturday and sunday at 7 a.m. on ktvu, channel 2 news.
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. >> superbowl is about 17 hours away and workers at cowboys stadium are gearing up for the about i game. the stadium in texas finally got some sunshine after days of snow. sheets of ice came crashing down from cowboys stadium yesterday injuring several people. crews spent today removing ice and snow from the stadium's roof. sunday's forecast for the dallas area is cloudy with a chance of rain and snow. raiders and 49ers fans can hope for next year. but tonight it's transplants from wisconsin and pittsburgh who are specially pumped up for tomorrow's contest. ktvu's christian kafton is in sin city to tell us how people are going through their own pre superbowl workout. >> actually in one of the
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superbowl central. this is owned by a former wisconsinite. so has a home away from home for fans who are getting ready for tomorrow's big game. football fans are gearing up for superbowl 25 and showing their colors. >> rogers. >> defensemen lineman from boston college. >> and plays for green bay. >> and fans say when it comes to packers football, they will be packing into the seats. >> this is definitely where we are going to watch the game. >> this is packed every sunday for packers games. >> across town in san francisco's sunset district pittsburgh's pub is also predicting pig crowds decked out in steeler black and gold. >> it will be a mad house in there for sure. you know, there will be people out in the streets dancing and yelling and all over the bar, man, for sure. >> today was the last day for football fans to pick up their big t.v.
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for the game. he spent his saturday night installing this 60-inch television in a bar in san francisco. >> well, yeah, the reason why they are going big is because they don't have just one person watching but 300 people watching it. the bigger the screen is the more you see. >> best buy managers confirm tonight they have seen an increase in customers looking for a new television. managers say the big t.v.s sell well around the holidays and immediately before event television like the superbowl. >> we are going to watch the superbowl tomorrow. we are buying a 3d t.v. today. last year's superbowl was the most watched television event in history with 106.5 million fans tuning in. we will see tomorrow how many tune in for superbowl 35. live in san francisco christian kafton, ktvu, channel 2 news. well, here is the million dollars question. is $3 million worth itcompanies are spending on one 30-second commercial in year's superbowl.
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a look now at a college class where the assignment is those superbowl spots. [ music ] >> what's up with the present? >> sweetheart. >> superbowl ads are the most watched and most expensive commercials on television. they are also a popular topic of study at the university of south carolina. >> i have always heard in freshman year about a class that looks at superbowl ads. it fills up really quickly. >> reporter: it's not just fun and games. this class explores advertising strategy and how these ads have reflected american society over time. students are also required to attend class on superbowl sunday to evaluate each commercial. >> most polls just look at likea. you may like a spot. it may make you laugh or cry but may not make you buy. we also look at brand identity
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and persuasiveness. >> i am excited to see the ads. i don't really for -- care for the teams. i am excited to be with the class and see how everybody else feels about the ads. >> no, i'm good. >> each year usc presents an award to the national ad agency that wins the student poll and invites them to speak on campus about how their commercial went from an idea to a pop culture icon. in atlanta, fox news. president obama's beloved chicago bears may not be playing in the superbowl but the president and first lady are following in tradition and throwing a superbowl party at the white house. mr. obama has reached out to both democrats and republicans to sit down and watch the steelers and the packers. but it is not just politicians who were invited. singers mark anthony and his wife jennifer lopez also got an invitation. >> you can watch superbowl right here on ktvu, channel 2 news. the pre-game show starts immediately following mornings on 2 at 9 a.m.
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kickoff is set for 3:30. >> low income taxpayers are being offered help with their federal and state tax forms to make sure they get all of the credits available to them. united way of the bay area is sponsoring the earn it, save it, keep it program. the program was created to help lower income workers. >> we help households that earn less than $49,000 a year. we do their taxes for free. we save them that money. we make sure that they get the credits that they are eligible for like the earned income tax credit. >> the program has helped almost 50,000 people in the bay area alone. find out where the program is available near you by dialing 211. a five car pileup on highway 101 in brisbane ended with one man dead. the weekend morning news first brought you these pictures of the multi-car accident that happened around 3:45 this morning in the southbound lanes of 101 near sierra point parkway. five other victims suffered
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minor injuries. that accident is still under investigation. the chp says the suspected drunk driver driving the wrong way was killed in a head-on crash on highway 84. news chopper 2 was flying above livermore when the smashed up blue honda was hauled away from the scene. at 3:45 the driver of that car was heading in the wrong direction and slammed into a pick-up truck. the ceo of chrysler automotive apologized today for remarks he made this weekend at an industry conference in san francisco. he called the interest rates chrysler is paying the u.s. and canadian governments "shyster" rates. it is a term usually applied to lawyers or politicians. today he said he is sorry he used the word saying it was inappropriate. the interest rates are between 11 and 12% on u.s. and canadian money used to keep chrysler from going bankrupt. a spectacular night sky where these pictures originated from and what caused this
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amazing phenomenon to happen. >> also faith and immigration. reform come together in the south bay. the changes the local catholic communicate is hoping to see in the uc immigration system. [ music ]
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. just spectacular video tonight from norway. these beautiful images of the northern lights are courtesy of a norwegian photographer and time lapse photographer. they are also known as araura borealis are charged particles from the earth's electric field. they show craters so big from mars they can fit a whole
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world. they hope the new images help them learn more on how meteors along with erosion shaped the martial landscape. earlier this week u.s. astronomers showed picture of the shifting sand dunes around the north pole of mars. it had been previously thought that these sands were largely static changing little over thousands of years. in news of the world tonight in a northern city in tunisia17 dead and others wounded after police fired into a crowd of angry protestors. it was triggered by claims that the local police chief had slapped a woman during a local demonstration. the chief is now under arrest and hospitalized for undisclosed causes. in germany today the arms reduction treaty took effect as hillary clinton and the president exchanged copies of the document. it limits them to 1650 war
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heads a reduction from 30% from an arms deal made in 2002. it re-establishes a monitoring system that he happened in 2009. clinton said the deal was another step away from the threat of fluke nuclear war. in australia the effects of a cyclone that ripped through the nation's northeast are still being felt as what is left of the storm heads south weakening as it goes but still packing powerful rains. more than seven inches of rain fell overnight in melbourne and the winds of 80 miles per hour knocked down trees. the storm has caused billions of dollars in damage. >> the north bay pushed for movement on immigration reform while bringing compassion to that issue. [ music ] >> science bay area jesuit asked for reform at the most holy trinity catholic church.
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they gave testimonials about their experiences and challenges of coming to america. they are calling on lawmakers to reform the u.s. immigration system including providing a path to legalization for the undocumented and a path to legal work for future immigrants. >> former vice-president dick cheneyy spoke to a sell-out crowd commemorating former president ronald regan's 100th birthday. cheney told about the first time he met him while working for ford. he reflected on what the president meant to the company. the young americans foundation sponsored the event at the ranch which the group purchased. he died after a 10 year battle with alzheimer's disease. the magic was certainly inside at&t park this morning as the giants held their annual fan fest. the lengths some fans went to to make sure they didn't miss
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out. >> who knew the pizza business was such a dirty business. a new development in the so- called north bay pizza awards. what happened to one of the men accused of vandalizing a rival's building. >> closed cannings for the -- captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by mancini's sleepworld.
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. the superbowl is center stage in the sports world right now. but baseball fans had a reason to celebrate. giants fans swarmed at&t park for this year's fan fest. >> reporter: burglariy eyed and caffeine deprived about 50 of the most dedicated giants fans camped out here. >> we camped out here since 2:00 this morning. >> reporter: to be at the fan fest. >> orange runs in my veins. >> reporter: there was a crowd of hundreds. and when the gates finally
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opened, some fans couldn't contain their excitement. >> the baseball field is in so fans can walk on the field. >> reporter: once inside fans stood in line again for one of the most popular i tracks. >> getting autographs of the players is one of the big highlights of fan fest. >> reporter: along with autographs from the players one of the main attractions here at fan fest is the giants 2010 world series trophy. a lot of people lined up this morning to take a picture with it. >> 1, 2, 3. >> it is nice to be back at the scene of the crime, you know, where we won it all. well, we won it all in texas. but great to meet other giants fans. you know, it's a great day. >> reporter: some fans didn't mind all of the waiting around. richard robinson says it gave him a chance to meet some other giants fans. >> i am doing this from my heart. i want to be here because last
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year they were a big part of why we win. >> when you have that fan support you will do this for the fans. every moment of every game you want to play hard for the fans. >> reporter: and hopefully give the tens of thousands of people here something to cheer about later on this year. [ applause ] >> reporter: ktvu, channel 2 news. the manager of a san raphael pizzaria is now out of the job after being accused of vandalizing a rival pizza parlor. timothy tucker was fired friday from extreme pizza. he had worked there for seven years. tuck er and a former pizza were charged with felony vandalism. they spray-painted nearby pizza orgasmica. >> the oakland city attorney will no longer advise the city for its plan to license pot farms. john russo announced the decision in a letter to the mayor and each council member.
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the decision is the latest blow to the city's plans to license and tax medical marijuana plans. the letter did not say what prompted it but conduct rules. they are considering changes to the proposed possibility ordinance to better comply with federal and state laws. in the south bay a unique celebration honored the vietnamese new year and troops serving overseas. 50 members and their families attended the ceremony. they were honored at a free dinner and had a chance to receive a mercedes in a ralph. >> the national parks service has released its digest on public comments about allowing the drakes bay oyster farm to
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continue in business. the parks service said more than 4,000 people made comments. only 36 bats of those comments made from californians. the park service analysis showed about 75% of those responding were against letting the oyster farm remain in its location in the point reyes national seashore. >> the company that runs the nasdaq stock market confirmed today it has been targeted by hackers. nasdaq, omx said specific files were found late last year on a web application. now it allows company boards to communicate by storing and confirming documents. they confirmed the attack following a report in the wall street journal that said hackers had repeatedly breached the computer system in the last year. nasdaq said there is no information that any information was accessed by the hackers. bank of america has agreed to pay $410 million to will settle a lawsuit of overdraft fees. they accuse the bank of
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manipulating transactions to maximize overdraft fees. bank of america is one of several named in the lawsuit. they are pleased to reach a fair resolution to the case. customers pay overdraft fees when they spend more money than they have in their accounts. the fees can reach $30 apiece. on the eve of the superbowl, the nfl announces the hall of fame inductees and two former 49ers are among those honored. >> record high temperatures today. so where will the warm spots be tomorrow? meteorologist mark tamayo is working on the complete bay area forecast. >> re-live the giants world championship season and learn what's on deck for next season. giants don't stop believing. superbowl sunday right after glee on ktvu, channel 2 news.
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[ music ] well, it's the first weekend of february.
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i am forecasting 80s. definitely a strange weather pattern. but it is here to stay for one more day. some changes have already shown up in the five cay -- day. right now in the mountains a few high clouds. clear to partly cloudy skies. look at some of the current temperatures for this 10:00 right now in livermore. it is 70 degrees. the temperatures are being held up because we also have some strong winds. in fact here is a look at the latest wind observation out of the north 25 miles per hour gusting to 30 miles per hour. as far as temperatures for today most of the region topped out in the 70s. a few low 80s to report like we showed you earlier. forecast for tonight is this gusting winds. tomorrow more sunshine. temperatures on the warm side. next week another cooling trend and possibly some rain chances beyond that point as we head into next weekend. with the offshore winds in place it keeps the temperatures bumped up with the lack of the fog out there. in fact, we have mostly clear
10:40 pm
skies. but it is february. but pretty the same story for tomorrow. record breaking heat for tomorrow. we have a wind advisory posted right now for the north bay hills, the east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains. this is in place until 10:00 tomorrow morning. we could have winds gusting to right around 45 to 50 miles per hour. especially up above 1500 feet those winds will continue to be a factor. but by mid-day tomorrow afternoon we should gradually scale back on the wind speeds. here is the forecast for tomorrow at 7:00. 53 to 58 degrees. it will be mild out there when you step outside the door first thing tomorrow morning. once again breezy out there. by 12:00 more sunshine. we are already warming up for superbowl sunday. 65 to right around 70. and then by 4:00 look at the afternoon highs again. a nice range if you like the warm temperatures. 70s. even a few low 80s open somehow in napa. san francisco is 73.
10:41 pm
oakland mid-70s. quite a few to report for the southern half down towards san jose and morgan hill 76. these temperatures will check in right around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. here is a look ahead. monday still fairly nice out there. you notice the overall trend. gradually cool things off by tuesday and wednesday. just thinking some upper 50s and lower 60s. heather and ken by next weekend a complete flip flop out there with more clouds, much cooler temperatures and maybe some rain showers. so tomorrow it does feel strange but it will be beautiful out there. >> enjoy it while it is here. >> there you go. >> thank you, mark. >> sure. >> coming up next cal battles the arizona wildcats in a triple overtime thriller you are going to want to see. >> s will the warriors try to slow down the bulls. joe fonzi is coming up next with sports wrap.
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. good evening, everyone. welcome to this saturday night edition of sports wrap. the warriors ran into one of the best teams in the league tonight and put together one of their best efforts of the year. the chicago bulls have the third best record in the east. he refuses to give up on the ball here. wright kicks it to ellice for the jam just before half time put the warriors in front by one. the bulls came out hot in the third quarter. up by nine here. but the warriors run the floor. ellice sets up david lee who gets behind two chicago defenders and gets an impressive two of his 13 points. they battle back to take the lead when wright passes to ellice. if you are getting the idea it was a big night for ellice, you are right. he will pull up for two here. warriors took control of the game with a 15-0 run. two mo


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