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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  February 7, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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an early-morning fire in san francisco damages two homes. why police were already surveilling the neighborhood. new developments involving a google executive being held in egypt. he was supposed to have been released one hour ago. the tents and sleeping bags are gone and now about 100 parents are -- awakened lined up the vacaville school office. we'll tell you why. and now he's the super bowl most favorable. right now, aaron rodgers is taking part in a day-after celebration. "mornings on 2" begins right now.
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good morning. i'm clave dark. >> i'm tori campbell. right now, san francisco arson investigators are at the scene of an early-morning fire. the fire started just after 3:00 a.m. on clayton street. kraig debro has more. >> reporter: good morning. want to get right to the structure right behind me. i just saw some firefighters walk out of that building. that's where the firefighter started up on the ladder. you see at least one firefighter going up the ladder to the top of that structure. the house is located on corbitt. this is called the upper neighborhood. the damage is in the back of that building and then the building next door suffered some exposure damage. that's on clayton. now, i talked to some people here, some of the people left displaced by the fire, some
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people who are evacuated. he says he got out with his pregnant wife, only because of the direction of the wind he was saved. >> we are lucky. the wind -- the wind was blowing in the opposite direction from our house. that's the only thing that saved us. this fire was called in by 3:00 a.m -- at 3 about 3:00 a.m. by a resident and also two police officers were conducting surveillance at the time and they were doing that because of four arson fires in the castro, which is not far from here. there is sa theory the fire started on the deck at the home in -- in corbitt. and some believe the materials may have been the cause of the fire. and police and arson investigators are asking the homeowners what kind of materials were used. >> it could have that been
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that, you know. i know there's been fires in the castro. i don't know what it started in -- but boy, was it quick. >> it's in close proximity to the castro fires where we've determined those were intentionally set. we're being very advisory tant. >> reporter: this is -- we're very very vigilant. >> reporter: now, the fires started in the castro at 5:00 a.m. this fire was called in at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. right now, they simply do not know if this connected to the other fires. they are looking at them. there is a lot of anxious people around here. because in addition to this home right here, which was set on fire. there's some homes in the neighborhood that are just being built. so people are wondering why if somebody could -- if somebody
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could set something on fire, some homes that weren't occupied, who is to say they couldn't start fires where people are in there. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> kraig, thank you. we have an update for you right now out of egypt. it's now one hour past the time that a google executive, who disappeared more than a week ago in egypt, was supposed to have been released by egyptian authorities. he heads up google's marketing efforts in the northeast. he's one of the administrators that observed the protests from facebook. at first they wouldn't even acknowledge that they arrested him. but ad, a spokesperson said he what would be release at 4:00 a.m. today in cairo. that's 6:00 a.m. our time. so far we haven't received any
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word that he's been released. jade hernandez is at the google headquarters in mountain view. jade will have a live report for us coming up at 7 c 30 -- coming up at 7:30. meanwhile, the protesters are still filling up the square. they said they will not leave until hosni mubarak steps down. the demonstrators say the only concession they will accept is president mubarak's resignation. you can continue to find continuing coverage on our channel 2 website, click on the egypt tab. it's right near the top of the page. once you are there you will find a link to a special section. 7:05. yes soon a vacaville charter school will be -- yes soon, a
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vacaville charter school will be handing out some very highly- sought after enrollment packets. here's allie rasmus. >> reporter: earlier this morning, there were tents and sleeping bags and lawn chairs. now you can see most of the stuff is gone. because in about an hour or so, the 120 people are getting ready to start that enrollment process. this line is larger than it looks from this vantage point because if we show you the inside of the building and zoom na that hallway here, you can see the -- zoom into that hallway here, you can see the line snakes around. now, the principal here says there are about 100 open spots for new freshmen next year and the people in this line hope to secure some of those spots. because this is a charter school we're talking about. enrollment is not determined by
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where you live but instead on a first come, first served basis. >> the violence, they don't i lou it -- they don't allow that here. if a kid hits a kid, they are gone. there's no coming back. it's a lot more stringent. >> all of my sisters have gone there and they have said really good things about it. >> reporter: those are just a couple of the reasons some of the people said they were willing to spend the night. now, some of the people who had been in line were parents. some of the people in line had been here around 48 hours ago -- since around 48 hours ago. the funding comes from state of california. charter schools are technically public schools. the principal is not surprised by the high turnout. it's because his school maintains those strict standards. >> we are a public school. sometimes they get the idea
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that we skim the best students. that's not the case. anybody can come here. we have students coming from fairfield from dixon, winter, as far away as vallejo, if people want to come here, they can come. >> now, this is one of about 688 charter schools operating in the state of california, even though they are public, charter schools are exempt from many of the laws that traditional schools have to abide by. the students who have lower than a "c" average can be expelled. you heard the principal talking about the enrollment process, saying they don't skim the best students. that stems from criticism from some charters schools -- charter schools. we've been trying to get ahold of people about this. the parents in the line say
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they are not concerned about the de -- debates of charter schools they just want what's best for their students. the green bay packers have won the super bowl! >> that, they did. packers' fans all over the nation sell celebrated the victory -- celebrated the victory. the quarterback and former caller san francisco native held the mvp. what's next for him? >> i'm always looking for challenges. i think the challenge goes to repeating, scrutinizing this season, finding ways to get better. >> oh, boy, you saw it right here on ktvu channel 2. aaron is a native of chino. he beat a really good
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quarterback, steelers' quarterback, ben roethlisberger, who has already won two super bowls. >> you have to give them a lot of credit. they are a great defense. i turned the ball over. you can't do that. >> it was still a great, great game. coming up in our next half hour, our coverage of super bowl xlv will continue. we'll tell you why hundreds of fans who spent a lot of money for tickets, never got to their seats and how they are now being compensated. for me the last exciting part was the last two minutes. they were done by six. let's check in with sal for the commute. >> the commute is going well as you are driving in. it's going to be slow in the typical areas, as it always is. let's take a look at some pictures, highway 4 not all that bad coming up to the grade. it does look okay if you are driving on the bay point area.
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but it's gonna be slow in antioch. bay bridge has not become all of that crowded, although it looks like there could be a stalled car. do you see someone at the top right? that may begin to slow people down. hopefully, that person will get some help. the bridge may be on the way to help that person. let's move along and take a look at the commute on 880 north and northbound. that traffic is moving along well. a little bit of slowing southbound across the bay. 101 looks okay. burlingame, san mateo and redwood city. let's go to steve? >> all right, sal. patchy fog off to the east. very shallow but it's there. after yesterday's warm, and really warm, we had about 25 record highs yesterday. now today will still be mostly sunny, slightly cooler. it will -- nice to warm, average highs this time of -- average high's this same of
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year. you know and i know it can't last. the cooling begins. we'll carry that into the weekend. it looks cooler. mostly cloudy, partly cloudy. rain getting close. i still think it's early next week. but-- there are signs we're going to change the pattern after saturday's unbelievebly warm weather. some of these records go all the way back to 1912 or 1917. that would be santa rosa and san francisco. napa was 80. oakland is 81. the warmest high temperature ever in february. kentfield in san rafael. 70s and 80s all the way down to the santa clara valley. again 1963, 1987, most of the previous records, so we blew pass a lot of these. airport and downtown. the dry trend continue, everything has been in the east. it's gone on for six weeks. i think the pattern is gonna
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reload and be more favorable but the cooler weather will cool this week. 30s, 40s and 50s. 38 38-- 38 napa airport. we topped out yesterday, i would think so, and then we'll start a little bit cooler weather today and then definitely on tuesday an wednesday. today, 36 to 50 on the lows. fair skies. by that i mean, there's patchy fog out to the valley and to the east. a few high clouds. this afternoon, 64 to 74. but still, mostly sunny. clearlake, 68. napa, 70. 64 stinson beach. fairfield, 70. but coming down about 5 to 10 compared to yesterday. castro valley, 70. a lot of low 70s here or upper
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60s. sunnyvale, 70. same for redwood city. i think you will notice that cooler weather tomorrow and we'll carry that in through the end of the week. a new report on job layoffs had some mixed news. why some fear it will exacerbate the of the haves and have-nots. and a little boy with a very serious health problem, he's a big star thanks to a very memorable super bowl commercial.
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there is a new report that shows america's work force is becoming split between the haves and have-nots when you talk about jobs and the lines
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are further -- lines are moving further and further apart. pam cook's in the newsroom with a report for those who have a job. >> the report shows people who have jobs right now can breathe a sigh of relief. companies are less likely to lay off workers now than any time in the last 14 years. the report shows businesses planned just about 39,000 job cut last month. that's done 41% from january of last year. it's the smallest year for any january since the company started to keep track in 1993 and for all of 2010 planned layoffs for the low. the bad news, those who are unemployed are staying out of work longer. >> we need more rapid growth. we need job creation. otherwise, our danger is those who are working are okay but we
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create a permanent class of workers just out of a job. >> of the nearly 14 million americans looking for work, almost 2 million of them have been off the payroll for 99 weeks, which is two years. even those deep cuts have ended. few companies are willing to expand their work forces yet. most saying they are waiting for consumer spending to increase. eventually that will happen since people with secure jobs are likely to spend more money again so the fading fears of layoffs is likely helping the economy. now, retailers in particular have stopped shedding jocks. stores cut fewer than -- jobs. stores cut fewer jobs last year in four years. early this morning, aol announced it's buying the "the
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huffington post." aol will play $315 million for it once the deal is closed. ariana huffington will be in charge of the tech sites, gadgets as well as mapquest and local news site. analysts say if this deal is as successful as the management is hoping, it could mutt her in a more powerful position than the current officers. right now, julie an assange is in -- julieen assange is in a courtroom fighting sexual assault charges. attorneys for him say he should not be executed -- extradited because he's not been charged
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with a crime -- with a crime. this could be a very eventful week over the battle over the death penalty in california. protesters plan to march to the gates of san quentin. they will demand jerry brown shut down the death chambers once and for all. jerry brown says he remains against the standards but will uphold the law. judge jeremy fogel will get a look at california's new death chamber. this facility is designed solely for lethal injections. this is the same judge who put executions on hold after ruling the old chamber was outdated. this could be a big step towards resolving whether california can resume executions. san francisco may become the first city in the whole country to serve as a drop-in
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center where h.i.v. patients can get clean needles. this is an effort to reduce help tie ties c infections. dash hepatitis infection -- reduce hepatitis-c infections. a little boy is now a big star thanks to his member memorable big super bowl ad. 6-year-old max page is darth vader in a volkswagen commercial. the ad has more than $15 million views on down-- $15 views on -- 15 million views on youtube. >> i would be thrilled to star
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-- star in a commercial in a movie i have never seen. he soy i just -- so i just tried my best. >> couldn't be any cuter if he tried. he's battling a congenital heart defect. we'll have more on the super bowl ads. one that's being called racist. >> yeah. >> there's a definitely a good mix. >> a good mix, yeah. a bay area chan collapsed just as he crossed the finish line -- man collapsed just as he crossed the finish line. good morning. right now, southbound 101 traffic looks pretty good heading down to interstate i-8 o we'll tell you more about the
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-- i-80. i will tell you more about the morning commute and the weather.
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the san francisco medical examiner is in the process of determining the cause of death of a man who collapsed while running a half-marathon. 46-year-old peter haas of orinda collapsed just before crossing the finish line yesterday morning. a witness said the volunteers gave the man cpr. despite numerous calls to 911. it still took 20 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. the governor of ohio will visit youngstown state university today one day after a deadly shooting there. one person was killed. 11 others were hurt after police say two men opened fire inside of a frat house fire party early yesterday morning. investigators say it all started after some kind of dispute there. neighbors say parties go on all of the time but they call the
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students basically good people. >> no fights or anything. the music is a little loud but they are courteous. they care about the people in the neighborhood. >> the two men accused of opening fire, they are in custody. six of 11 people under word -- wounded are enrolled in the state. there will be grief counselors onhand for anyone who needs it. we want to check in with sal castanedo. >> a stalled car -- i actually watched the guy who was driving a car pushed it to -- push it to the side. traffic is gonna be okay if you are on the bridge. let's move along and take a look at the next one. that would be 101 san francisco. it look like a little crowding southbound near the ups building and this morning's drive on 280 so far looks good getting up to the valley.
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sal, mostly sunny, a little bit of patchy fog out towards eastern solano county. not as warm as sunday. can't have that again. upper 70s, low 80s. system digging in towards northern nevada. that's gonna turn the wind more northerly. that will start to pick things up. we'll lose the north-northeast wind. there's still plenty out there. nothing is heading here for at least seven days. it will be sunny to mostly sunny, slightly cooler but still, nice too warm. we'll still be in the 60s and 70s. just not the upper 70s and 80s. we will get more of a westerly breeze closer to the coast and some of that will help cool things down. enjoy the sunshine, it's going to change tomorrow starting with the wind and cooler air mass. partly sunny, partly cloudy and continued cooling by the end of the week. a woman abducted in the east bay is said to be safe this morning.
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police say she turned up. >> how the nfl tried to make up for hundreds of fans who never got the seats they paid for.
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s time is 7:30. in iran, it's day two of the trial of three uc berkeley graduates charged with spying.
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the close-door court session got underway in tehran yesterday. we have some video from press tv. shane bauer and josh fattal entered not guilty pleas in response to espionage antres fas passing charges. a -- and trespassing charges. a laurentered -- a laurentered the -- a lawyer entered noth plea for say raw shourd. she de -- rare shaw showed shourd. she decided not to attend the trial. this fire broke out on corbitt street just after 3:00. it began in one building. quickly spread to another one. sanfrancisco police actually called the firefighters to this. but police were patrolling this neighborhood after four arson
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fires nearby in the last week. now arson investigators are trying to figure out if those fires are connected to the one that broke out this morning. oakland police are working to identify two men suspected of kidnapping a woman from an apartment complex. police say that woman turned up at a hospital overnight just hours ago. she's said to be doing okay. witnesses tell police two men chased the woman into an apartment complex on aileen street about 8:20 saturday night. the men reportedly assaulted her, then forced her into a car. the getaway car is described as a 1999 black four-door chrysler. here is a look at license plate number, 6 jfg 056. this year's super bowl matchup of two historic franchises, proved worthy, the packers won it. but frustration boiled over for hundreds of fans. craig boss well is live at koi
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-- craig boswell is live at cowboy stadium. >> reporter: good morning. on game day yesterday, 1250 of the seats here could not be used. big surprise for the fans who show up -- showed up who payed to -- who paid for the seats. some were sidelined before the game even started. these are just two of 1200 ticket holding fans. >> we've been getting the runaround for about four hours now. we don't think err -- we don't think we're getting in. >> we're not. the seats don't work. >> the seats constructed were not completed in time for the game. the nfl scrambled repeated 850.
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>> the nfl put those fans behind the steelers and they had 20 watch the game on the monitor. >> it was a disaster. >> they let us out here afterwards and that's making it up. >> we payed to watch the -- we paid to watch the game on but we're here now! >> we really can't complain. the nfl did a great job of refunding our seats. >> reporter: the nfl is refunding those fans three times the face value of the ticket. pore than 103,000 people showed up at coy boy stadium. but-- cowboy stadium. they did not break the record. they missed it by about 656. back to you. >> did everybody else go with -- everything else go pretty
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smoothly? >> reporter: for the most part. because of the ice on the roof they still had to keep four entrances closed. a little bit of frustration for people trying to get into the game. >> yeah, but it was a great game. >> it is 7:34. the annual san francisco giants fanfest may become a two-day event. that's following the huge crowd who filed into at&t park on saturday. an stinted 40,000 people enjoyed -- estimated 40,000 people enjoyed the day. things were getting out of control and they had to to close the gates to get in for a time. you know, sal castanedo was there enjoying it. >> yes. well, a well-known name is missing from the first group of people honored in a sidewalk
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tribute in san francisco. a committee selected 20 names for the proposed rainbow honor walk honoring heroes of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. they include, sylvester james, fred door rico garcia -- frederico garcia. the list did not include harvey milk. we are following breaking news out of egypt. in the last ten minutes there have been multiple tweets saying google's executive has been released from police custody. jade hernandez is outside of google's headquarters. that what you are hearing? >> reporter: yes. "reuters" is reporting that he's been released. i just government -- got off
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the phone with his cousin. she says the family says the -- the news agencies are reporting that he's been released. he's taken to the streets of cairo to continue to protest. take a look at this. we've been monitoring the tweets all morning. the wees -- tweets are on the level of the government. while it was reported that he would be released 6:00 our time and it was reported on his last tweet on january 25th when he had been in egypt for only a few days. we know on that day, he tweeted, "pray for egypt. very worried. it seems like the government is planning a war crime tomorrow against people." we're all ready to die and then his family didn't hear from him from that day on. now, realtime results show the tweets rolling in. "reuters"-- "reuters" is reporting that he was released. he's one of the administrators
7:38 am
of the facebook page who organized the anti-government protest in egypt. it's thought he was arrested for taking part in a protest in cairo on january 28th. >> he was declared missing after he failed to meet with his brother as planned. he was in cairo since january 23rd. we want to show you this video posted on youtube which show as group of four men following a crowd of young men on the street and then grabbing a man resembling him and dragging him down the street. a google spokesperson us he couldn't confirm that the internet video was authentic. as i mentioned minutes ago, we spoke to his cousin who lives in freemont -- fremont. >> she has to say thank you. hopefully, he's all right -- [inaudible]
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>> reporter: the eck eck heads the -- eck eck heads the market -- the exec heads up the marketing department. we contacted google but we've not heard back from a spokesperson yet. but his family says he's released and he's taken to the streets to protest war in cairo. we'll continue to follow the story and have more from mountain view coming up. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> good news. we'll continue to follow this. 7:39. let's check in with sal. see how our commute is going. it's going pretty well in many areas. traffic is going to be a little bit slow as you get to the heart of the commuted a the bay bridge. it's backed up for -- commute at the bay bridge. it's back up for a ten-minute delay. we're doing pretty well. we're okay here on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split avoided the area of 17th and mission.
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there is police activity going on there. it's a good area to avoid. also 12th and mission, a good area to avoid because of smoke in the building. the fire department is on that scene. let's move along and take a look at northbound 280, getting up to highway 17. traffic is moving along okay into the valley. let's go to steve. we do have mostly sunny skies. a few high clouds up there. overall, it will be another sunny to mild day. this can't list. enjoy it while you can. sunny, nice to warm, mild. cooler than sunday. we won't be that warm. then storm we start a cooling trend. windy and cooler. system digs down some cooler air from the north will start to spill in here. as weigh head toward the weekend -- as we head toward the weekend more clouds. the system that's going to start the -- going to start the
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leading edge is right there. 30s now, yes, 30s, fairfield is 38. napa is 39. 40s to right at 50. big, strong ridge of high pressure which was right over us yesterday, along with the offshore wind is being flattened or kicked out by one system. the other system is not doing anything. it just runs into that wall of high pressure. we topped out -- we stopped -- topped it out. temperatures,ty will still be in the 50s to start off with. and then we'll end with 60s to near 70. we'll lose the 80-degree temperatures. stenson beach, 64. low 70s or mid-70s. a little bit of patchy fog out towards oakley. that had take the edge off some of the high. 68 berkeley. 68 oakland, 72 milpitas. cupertino at 71.
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portola valley. more 60s in the city and along the coast. still, mostly sunny, to nice to warm but then cooler tuesday. much cooler wednesday. partly sunny, partly cloudy. we'll continue to theme through the week. it's 19 minutes before 8:00. today walnut creek will consider banning a popular form of children's entertainment from city parks. some city workers say the houses are a liability hazard and destroy the grass. they require insurance and vendors to have insurance but city workers say that's frequently ignored and processing permits wastes time and money. a silicon valley giant is making a timely he donation to a school. president obama. what president obama is doing today to try to mend fences with business leaders. is it hot in here or is it
7:43 am
just me? >> and which super bowl ads are getting rave reviews.
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7:45 am
the numbers are higher this morning on wall street. the national automobile dealers association wraps up
7:46 am
its convention in san francisco with former secretary of state condoleezza rice speaking this afternoon. she was at the super bowl yesterday. several newsworthy announce -- announcements have come out of the meeting. there could be shifts added. and chrysler is also willing to spend more money to spotlight the made-over products. it had an ad. they will boost business by 68%. they did not name a dollar amount. chrysler is aiming to business by 25% around the world. a lot of people consider them the very best part of the super bowl. they tune in to see the nfl's biggest game, right? but they want to watch the
7:47 am
commercials. this year the going rate was about $3 million for a 30- second commercial. critics say this one may promote racial stereotypes. >> maximum taste. ♪ >> honey! honey! ♪ >> now, some tv commercials, ode couples lot a -- got a lot of attention. this one for it featured racing star danica patrick and joan rivers and one featured justin bieber and the osbournes. we'll bring you more of the super bowl commerce at during the 8:00 hour -- commercials at the 8:00 hour. and we have a poll at for you to vote on your
7:48 am
favorite commercial. president obama will seek to mend business in a speech. the president has tried to reach out to big business. he says boosting the economy requires government and businesses to work together. authorities in sacramento county say they have broken up a major cop-fighting -- cock- fighting operation. the raid took place on river road. they witnessed a horrible scene. they found dozens of dead and injured birds used in the brutal fight. >> it never sees -- ceases to amaze me and shock me. >> the humane society seas the operators had the birds literally fighting to their death. authorities seized dozens of surviving birds. they arrested a dozen people
7:49 am
living at the home. the san francisco "chronicle" says some outgoing police brass say they left office. according to the chronicle, fong who retired received over 500,000 in her final year. that included her base plus $330,000 for unused vacation, sick and comp time and 37,000 in other pay. now that she's gone she is being paid an annual pension of $229,000 for life. there is a new requirement for school children to prevent another whooping cough epidemic. state health officials are now requiring pertussis vaccinations for all students entering 7th grade. they say the world will be
7:50 am
strictly enforced with no grace period. the mandate follows the whooping cough deaths of ten california infants last year. this morning students at an oakland charter school -- this morning students at an oakland school will be a donation. a security scare at the vatican. an innocent act of a child. look at this. this is a wakeup call for those who guard the pope. christina aguilera. 0 say can you see -- >> i wanted to let you hear her sing. there was a big mistake in the
7:51 am
song. how the grammy-winning singer is responding. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol.
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welcome back. poor australia. look at these pictures. a firefighter is still in the hospital in australia after two large fires that are still burning. the fires broke out over the weekend outside. more than 4,000 acres have already burned in these two fires. so far 41 homes have been destroyed, several others have been badly damaged. we, this morning, the vat cab -- well, this morning, the vatican is investigating a security breach thanks to the -- these are still photos -- the child ran right up to the pope. fell on his knees. the pope responded with a big
7:54 am
smile. even chatted with the boy. the vatican security guards are not smiling. this uncovered a big hole in vatican security. gambles feeling lucky -- gamblers feeling lucky on the super bowl are feeling lucky. there were large payouts. experts say with all of the payoffs, this will be the worst for las vegas casinoess since 1993 -- casinos since 1993. a lot of people are talking about christina aguilera's national anthem mistake. ♪ ore
7:55 am
♪ >> she skipped the -- she zipped a line. aggie-- she went on to sing the rest of the anthem correctly after missing a line. she says "i can only hope everything can feel my love for this country and the true spirit of the anthem came through." she said she so caught up she lost -- >> yeah. >> and this will now be a part of her legacy. >> yes. there a is -- there's a transformer fire and streets have been shut down. pleasant hill, walnut creek. if you are from the area, you know it well. large respoons from walnut creek, pleasant hill authorities there. because of a transformer fire and maybe some power may be out in the area as a result. let's go out and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's becoming much larger as you come into san francisco. also getting into the 880
7:56 am
freeway. that traffic looks okay, no major problems. peninsula traffic is getting much busier. sanmateo, redwood city, palo alto, i would use 280, even though it's a little bit crowded. across the bray, weekend 580 -- bray -- across the bey, westbound 580 -- bay, across the bay looking foggy. here's steve. we should be in the upper 50s and low 60s. we won't have the upper -- upper 70s and 80s like we had yesterday. 30s, 40s and 50s. temperatures are all over the map right now. we do have some upper 30s. that system moving through to the north right there aligning itself right now -- aligning itself right there. so fair, a few high clouds. a lot of sun. slightly cooler. patchy fog -- it will still be nice to warm with 60s and 70s. low 70s for many.
7:57 am
tomorrow that wind cranks you. it will be a cooler breeze. that will take us into wednesday and thursday and friday. it is 7:56. within just the last half hour, a google executive would had been arrested in -- who had been arrested in egypt was released to police -- from police custody. where he may be read -- where he may be headed right now. and these folks have been lined up since saturday to find out if their campout has paid off for the charter school. aaron rodgers is now a super bowl champion and mvp. how he says a former 49er great helped him prepare for the biggest game of his career.
7:58 am
7:59 am
an early-morning fire in san francisco why police and fire investigators are looking into whether or not it's educated -- it's connected to four arsons from last week. a transformer fire is burning as we speak near a very busy east bay flee.
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it is monday, february 7th. we're following breaking news for you right now. it's coming from the east bay, a fire is burning in walnut creek. now a ktvu viewer sent in photos for us. we wanted to show them to you. you can actually see the large plume of smoke going into the sky and we thanked the viewer for sending that into us. this is some kind of a utility transformer burning. the fire is burning on geary and put new hampshire. we had on the phone for us live
8:01 am
right now, paul bacon. paul, you live in the area and you saw this. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> very good. describe what it is you saw and what it is -- what it is you may have heard. >> we live nearby a water pumping station. it's at the corner of buena vista and geary, and it -- it's -- we could hear it from the house. it sounded like a big winding and rattling, almost like fireworks for probably two or three minutes straight, and then a big plume of smoke coming up. >> have you had any other problems in that area? has this water pumping station had any issues in the past? >> no, no. never. >> have you seen any sort of disruption in service in your community in your neighborhood as a result of this fire and whatever else is going on? >> it doesn't seem like. the water seems fine and whatever. nothing else. as i was driving my kids to
8:02 am
school, i drove past the police -- and the police have some of geary blocked off and there's all kinds of service vehicles out checking and stuff. but it looks like it's all put out and whatever. my guess is a pump probably died on them and they -- that's what i got. hey, pauling we looked at the pictures you sent into us and thank you for doing that. what did that look like. just describe what it looked like when you took that picture. actually, i didn't send you pictures. >> oh, you did not. >> then i gave you some early credit. but you are out in the neighborhood and you had a pretty -- you were able to see this smoke going up into the sky? >> yeah. actually, i passed -- i have some video i was gonna send to you guys. but i haven't done it yet. >> i appreciate you contacting us. this is paul bacon in walnut creek giving us details on the fire this morning. thank you, paul. 8:0 2. this morning, san
8:03 am
francisco firefighters are still at the scene that happened almost five hours ago. now, the flames broke out just after 3:00 this morning on corbitt and clayton. kraig debro has been out there all morning long. he's back there live about why the police responded to this so quickly. they got there before the firefighters, right? >> they were here. they were keeping the neighborhood under surveillance because of the four arsons last week. the house that burned is on corbitt. there is a bottom unit there, a lot of water damage there. i just talked to the guys that live there, they said no fire damage but a lot of water damage. one of the women upstairs where the fire started, now, pieces of the home are strewn up the street as try -- as crews try to put out the last hot spots and they are trying to get all of the wood out of the street. there could be a clue in all of that stuff as to what cause the
8:04 am
-- caused the fire. actually firefighters were culled back up here a minute ago. i just -- called back up here a minute ago. i talked to a gentleman about why they were back out here. he said the fire alarm had gone off because there was still a lot of smoke in one of the units. now, several units an and undercover police surveillance team reported the fire around 3:00. nay ebb -- neighbors say the fire started at a home on c orbitt. firefighters pounded on doors to wake up residents. people in several homes were evacuated including a woman who was eight months pregnant. people in homes next to the one that caught fire say they saw the flames close up. the flames were coming up over the fence next door. they just completed construction of the deck next year -- next door.
8:05 am
>> completely engulfed. >> my husband woke up and we realized it was a fire and we realized there were flames everywhere. >> because of last week's four arsons in the castro, which is not far from here, there is suspicion that that could be an arson. i just spoke to the fire department spokesperson. she said there's no evidence that it's suspicious but that he are working to see what cause -- but they are working to see what caused the fire. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. we're continuing to update the news out of egypt at google eck eck -- about the google executive that was released within the last half hour. waelghonim was very active in the online movement leading up to the anti-glom protest. he went to -- anti-government protest. he went to egypt to take part in the protests. he disappeared on j anuary 28th. at first the egyptian government would not acknowledge they had arrested
8:06 am
hill. but yesterday, a spokesperson said he would be released fort lauderdale. according to multiple reports that has happened. the reports say he's headed back to join protesters at cairo's main square. in the meantime, those anti- government protests say they will not leave until president hosni mubarak steps down. over the weekend, the new president met and offered concessions about granting more press freedom and rolling back protesters. the protesters sate the only could session they will -- said the only concession they will accept is mubarak's leaving. we have a special tab for this at back here at home, any moment now, a vacaville charter school will start handing out
8:07 am
highly-sought after registration packets. as allie rasmus explains, spots are very limited at the school and some parents camped out since saturday to get them. good morning, ali -- allie. >> reporter: good morning. pretty soon these parents will find out if their students will be able to go to school. enrollment for new 9th graders will begin any minute now. i don't know if we can show you how long this line is. the line continues all the way back into the building. it snakes around to the right and ends up at the vacaville unified school district offices. the principal here says there are about 100 open spots for new students and the people in line hope to stew some of those spots -- hope to have spots --
8:08 am
hoping they are securing spots. the school has about 475 students. some of the parents in line that we talked to say they believe their kids will get a better education at this school. >> i think my daughter would do better in a smaller school environment. it's worth the effort to give her that opportunity. >> this is a small school, about 440 students. and there's about 130 freshmen spots. it's just a great school. they have all kinds of awards and is sounds like the teachers are great of the principal has been out here opening the restroom for us all weekend. >> reporter: there are actually 100 spots. the this is one of 688 darter schools operating -- charter schools operating in california. and the funding comes from the state of california. however, even though they are public, charter schools are exempt from some of the laws that the traditional schools
8:09 am
have to abide by. this school can expel kids for having -- for having a c average. they can do that. >> we are a public school. sometimes people get the idea we skim the students. that's not the case. anybody can come here. ty can come from vacaville. but we have students coming from fairfield, dixon, winters, as far away as vallejo. if people want to come here, they can come. >> now, this particular charter school was organized by the vacaville unified school district. other charters schools can be formed by parent groups -- parent groups. we tried to reach someone from the california teachers association to talk more about this issue. we've left a few messages on cell phones. for now the -- we haven't heard back. we haven't seen any movement here yet but the people here say they are not concerned
8:10 am
about the debate on charter schools, they just want to make sure their kids can go to this school. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> what's your estimate of the number of people there now? >> reporter: i would say about 120 people. when i talked to the principal, he had walked through the inside of the line that goes inside the building. he said there's at least 80 to 100 people in line inside this building. you can't see them from where we're standing. i would say there's another 50 or so outside. in the line outside the building. >> a story we'll stay on top of. >> time now, 8:10. we've got breaking news. what's happening, sal? >> you just spoke about it earlier dave and tori. that transformer fire, we now have newschopper2 on the scene of this developing situation with the transformer, obviously very much ruined here by the fire. fire crews are on the scene. these are live pictures. earlier, this was flaming up really well and that you can --
8:11 am
you can see thick, black smoke rising from it. firefighters are on there. it looks like they are at least from here, it looks like they do have a handle on the fire. but it's probably a situation where people in the area were try -- we're trying to confirm this are without power because of this transformer fire that happened now about 45 minutes ago in walnut creek. a lot of people in the area saw the smoke and some traffic from 680 was even slowing down trying to figure out what it was. this in newschopper2 video a live video of this developing situation in walnut creek. we will have more and let you know if some of the nearby areas are without power right now because of this fire at a pg&e substation. this is near north main and geary road in walnut creek. right now -- right near the border of pleasant hill. it's west of interstate of -- interstate of 8 -- 680. nice look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it has light bed up here with
8:12 am
no major issues. sanfrancisco northbound 101 looks good approaching the 80 split. that traffic is light. let's go to steve. >> mostly sunny. now, yesterday, august know, temperatures -- 20 degrees above average. we have a ton of record highs. 70s and 80s. coast, bay, inland. santarosa was 83. i will show i some of the records. today it will be sunny. mostly sunny, there are a few high clouds coming -- coming by. the key though will be tomorrow when the wind picks up -- picks up and the cooling begins. by the weekend, much cooler and rain getting closer. i want to say it's clearer. there are signs that maybe this time -- there are signs of that maybe this time next week. a lot of records went back to 1912. santarosa, 1917 for san francisco. oakland, also. it was a huge day. that 81 warmest february high ever. santarosa came in at 83. 77 san francisco.
8:13 am
bookends, 79. napa, 80 degrees. not only downtown oakland but also the airport, the old mark was 1963. but mountain view, san jose and gilroy, all setting records. if you thought it was warm, it was. it was record-setting warm. the drying trend continues. i think we only had four days of rain. february has been very, very quiet. very warm. everything as been in the east as you know. there will be changes starting wednesday. by the weekend we'll keep an eye in the sky. i think early we'll start to usher in rape. today we do have some -- in some rain. today we have some partly cloudy skies. 30s, 40s and 50s. a wide range of temperatures. napa airport was 39. they are now 44. that system starting to move in right there is going to begin a northerly pattern on the wind. that's going to start a cooling trend. it's-- it will really be noticeable on tuesday and wednesday abs the cooler air moves in -- as the cooler air moves in.
8:14 am
nice to arm -- nice to warm. 60s, 70s, low to mid-70s but a lot of upper 60s and 70s. alameda, 66. low 70s. peninsula. south bay, 60s though on the coast now as we see more of a westerly breeze. mostly sunny but windy and cooler tuesday into wednesday. tori and dave? >> ty, steve. it's 8:14 -- thank you, steve. it's 8:14. a transformer fire near an -- near a busy freeway. we'll find out dave dash major changes at pebble beach this year where golf fans will be able to do for the first time ever.
8:15 am
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8:17 am
right now, walnut creek fire crews are on the scene of a transformer fire which briefly closed some of the nearby streets in the area at a pg&e substation closest to north main and geary road. the fire seems to be under control although we've not gotten confirmation of that. it certainly looks like -- it certainly looks that way. this smoke was coming up and seen all over the place. right now it's evenly a little bit of white smoke. geary road has reopened and so has north main. some areas there. some local closures but for the most part it's no lodger -- no
8:18 am
longer a traffic issue. we're trying to confirm whether or not this has taken some people offline powerwise. again, this breaking news, the fire seems to be relatively under control and some of the roads nearby in walnut creek have opened. nearly near north main. we'll bring you an update as soon as we have more. back to football and the super bowl, the green bay packers are returning to wisconsin today as super bowl champions. >> the green bay packers have won the super bowl! >> it was a great game, too. packer fans all over the country celebrated their team's 31-25 win over the steelers in super bowl xlv. former cal star, aaron rodgers was voted mvp. he is a native of chico. he says he reached out to some of the super bowl winning quarterbacks and asked for
8:19 am
their advice including quarterback great steve young. young told him try to keep distractions to a minimum. >> don't alter from your routine too much which is easy to do. the family comes in. we go to dinner. there is a lot of distractions, i think we managed them pretty well. >> he was great. it was a great game. rogers said he actually slept good the night before the game he was confident of the team's planning and the preparation. this is just the third full season as the starting quarterback for the packers. this morning people are still talking about the super bowl but people are also talking about the commercials that aired. sandra endo talked about the ads. >> reporter: certainly the highlights a lot of people are talking about on social media are those super bowl ads and keep in mind, fox, made
8:20 am
advertisers pay an average of $3 million for 30 seconds. a lot of these videos you can see on facebook. a lot of people are commenting, liking the ones that are favorites and also commenting about ones that are not so hot. one a lot of people fell in love with. take a look. little darth vader. there he goes. this is a volkswagen ad. it's so funny to hear the actual person, the little boy saying that he never even saw the movie "star wars" but he was playing darth vader. another crowd favorite is pepsi. pepsi, as now he -- as you know, cling to the audience. a lot of these tv ads are geared towards men. so pepsi is really trying to target the audience there. another ad people are talking about is my favorite one.
8:21 am
it is doritos. you know what happens when you eat all of those crumbs and chips. what happens to your fingers. well, this one guy says that's the best part and ther you -- there you go. so yeah, kind of a gross commercial but pretty funny. some of them hit the mark, as you mentioned. some of them didn't. if you take a look at this groupon ad, a lot of controversy over this one. this is an ad saying that you would get discounts to a tibetan restaurant. well, a lot of people weren't making too many good comments about this because of the situation in tibet and also china. clearly some social commentary there. dave and tori, back to you? >> all right. sandra endo in washington, d.c. we want to mention on our website, you could go to the "right now" section and you can vote for what you think were any hits. that's again on our website,
8:22 am >> very good. 8:21. an overnight report came out a couple of hours ago about jobs is giving some workers a sense of security this morning. we're watching to see how wall street reacts. right now, traffic is moving okay in the walnut creek area, after some roads were reopened. we're looking at this transformer fire that firefighters are dousing with foam in the yul date -- in the walnut creek area.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
people who have a job now are less likely to be laid off now than in any -- than at any time in the last 14 years. that's according to a new report that came out just a couple of hours ago. last month, companies announced plans to trim fewer than 39,000 employees. that's a 46% drop from january of last year. this report by the outplacement firm challenger, gray and christmas says that's creating a split labor force of the haves and the have-nots. this is -- businesses are still kind of reluctant to hire employees until they see a stronger recovery. the pg&e pebble beach pro- am starts today before the golfers tee off later in the week. for the first time, at&t is allowing cell phones on the force but there are still
8:26 am
limitationses. there will be designated cell phone areas located mostly near concession areas and away from tees and greens where obviously cell phone use could distract the golfers. this year it will be a challenge between two san francisco teams with four members of the giants facing off with four members of the 49ers. that will be fun to watch. wow. let's get you to where you need to go. sal, are you still keeping and eye on walnut creek. fortunately dave and -- dave and tori, walnut creek is no longer a traffic issue and seems to be under control there. i wanted to show you the bay area bridges where we do have slower traffic in areas. if you wanted to notice -- if you want to notice the bay bridge, no problems on the golden gate bridge. a little bit of fog is creeping in there. we'll talk to steve about that in a moment. richmond bridge traffic is doing well. here's steve. very shallow fog. not much but we've had some reports off towards the east.
8:27 am
some of that is starting to come back. week system is coming in. kind of enhancing that slightly. it will still be mostly sunny. the effects of that system are some higher clouds up above. but after an absolutely record- setting sunday, talk about balmy weather. saturday night into sunday. we were a good 20 degrees above average for this time of year. you know things can't last. the system that's slicing through to the north will give us a change in our weather. we have 30s, 0s and 50s. i think that fairfield is a little warmer. 53 san francisco, 40s for many. you can see right there, that system is starting to move through. that's not the one to the left. that's not going anywhere. it's just a slight system to the north. mostly sunny, but slightly cooler. still above average on temperatures. we should be 68 to 62. we won't be as warm as yesterday where we had 70s and 80s. some of -- i think it was san rafael, kentfield and downtown
8:28 am
oakland, warmest so soon ever. >> wow. >> 79 -- oakland's 18 was the warmest february ever. and then partly cloudy and cooler by the end of the week. 8:27. again, we've got breaking news. we're keying an eye on what's happening in this transformer fire. chopper 2 is flying over it. you are looking at a it. and ticket troubles at the super bowl. how the nfl tried to make up for hundreds of fans not having seats they paid for. and an east bay community is taking steps to that -- that could lead to banning a popular attraction from some children's popular parties.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
i see a little white puff -- chopper 2 is zeroing in. this is a transformer fire in walnut creek, geary and put new hampshire. it's pretty much under control. we haven't heard of any injuries. but the flames for a while did affect traffic. walnut police shut down geary road between buena vista and hall lane.
8:32 am
we've been told the area has been reopened. the police are monitoring everything. they have a lot to take care of. we're flying over it. wanted to show you the very latest. we'll keep you posted as more details come in. 8:31. we're couldn'ting to follow developing news out of eequipment this morning -- continuing to follow the developing news out of eequipment this morning. the executive, wael ghonim, has been leased. jade hernandez is live in fremont where she just spoke with one of his family members. jade? >> reporter: that's right, wael ghonim's family members live here in fremont. >> the woman we spoke to told us about an hour and 15 minutes ago they heard that their cousin had been freed. he had been released. now, news agencies oversees that he -- overseas that he was released. we contacted google but have not heard back.
8:33 am
but ghonim's cousin said she did not personally speak with him. but she said she did call family members in egypt. they said her cousin is safe and headed to tahrir square. the state department, we're also hearing rate now, is confirming through "the wall street journal," the same. the tweets began at 7:15 this morning after an hour of worried comments about whether they were gonna let him go. we've been moring it -- monitoring realtime results. ghonim is a google executive and one who observed the protest in egypt. he handles google's marketing efforts in the middle east and northern africa. initially, they would not confirm he was arrested for taking part in a protest on january 28th. he was declared missing after he failed to meet with his brother as planned. he had been in cairo since
8:34 am
january 23rd. ghonim's cousin, son and niece lives in freemont and spoke to him by phone an hour ago. >> she did not sleep for like 14 days. she has to say thank you that he -- hopefully he's already. -- all right. >> reporter: in addition to not hearing for ghonim for -- from ghonim for more than a week, another there's another reason why families and friends were so worst --wied -- were so worried. this video hosts a group of four men following a men on the street and a man who resembles ghonim was grabbed and taken off the street. we understand that ghonim is headed for that heir square and we'll -- tahrir square and he will continue to protest.
8:35 am
>> thank you, jade. it is 8:4. this is shaping up to be an eventful week in the battlele over the death penalty in california. this evening, bay area death penalty opponents plan to march to the gates of san quentin. they will demand the governor shut down the death chamber once and for all. >> and tomorrow, a federal judge from san jose heads to san quentin. the judge, jeremy fogel, will get a firsthand look at california's new death chamber. the $900,000 facility is designed solely for lethal injections. his tour could be a major step toward resolving whether california can resume executions. san francisco may become the first city in the nation to offer a drop-in center where i.v. drug user can get and use clean
8:36 am
needles. "the chronicle" reports a city task force is making that recommendation in an effort to reduce hepatitis-c infections i would can come from using dirty needles. the panel may be mace an -- may be facing an uphill battle. some say there are better ways to deal with the problem. i'm sure you were watching channel 2 yesterday, watching the super bowl, yesterday's super bowl was a spectacular game. tended with the green bay -- it ended with the green bay packers winning 31-25. but frustration boiled over for hundreds of football fans. our reporter craigwell is live at koi -- cowboy stadium right now. i know a lot of fans bought legitimate tickets. spent a lot of money and didn't get to sit in the streets be --
8:37 am
in the seats. >> reporter: that's right. the stadium was adding thousands of seats. well, yesterday, game day, 1250 of those tell pore rarely seats -- temporary seats could not be used. the fire marshal had not inspected them yet. big surprise for those people who bought those seats. as super bowl was wounding down, fans were lining up. some were sidelined before the game started. this couple is one of many ticket holders who found out they they-- they didn't have seats. >> we've been wait fog forehours. we don't think we're getting into the game. >> we're not getting in. our seats don't work. >> the nfl find 450 seats put
8:38 am
them behind the steelers, they to watch it on the monitor. >> we never saw a -- a play. >> we waited eight hours to watch a game on tv but we're here now. >> reporter: the nfl moved them on the field after the game to get an up close and personal view of the packers. >> we really can't complain. the nfl did a great job of refunding our seats. >> reporter: nfl is refunding at triple the face value to those fans who did not get to see the game. more than 10,000 fans did attend super bowl xlv. that's not -- that did not break the record. they missed breaking the record by 766. back to you. craig boswell live from dallas. thank you. 8:38. well, today, walnut creek will consider banning a popular form
8:39 am
of entertainment -- of children's entertainment from parks. some say those bounce houses are aliability and -- are a liability and they destroys the grass. walnut creek require vendors to have permits and they say that's often ig fored -- ignored. all right. it is 8:38. we want to check back in with sal castanedo. we've-- he's been pretty busy for a monday morning. yeah, this monday morning has been busy. we have bright spots. the traffic has recovered in many areas. let's go out and take a look at what we have on highway 24. it's busy on the way to the tunnelle. no major tub coming up to the la fayette and orinda area. also slow traffic here and there on the bay bridge. that's a little bit at the metering lights. if you are driving your car into the city, it won't be all that bad. this is 880.
8:40 am
see some slow traffic there getting up into downtown oakland. 8:39. let's go to steve. we had incredible temperatures yesterday. upper 70s, 80s. 25 or so record highs. slight change. some patchy fog has formed. a few high clouds in valentine's dayians of a system that will cool us -- in sad vance of a system that will cool us down. we should be around 58 to 62. yesterday was 72 to 83. we're way above. windy at times tomorrow into wednesday. the system digs down and that's going to usher in a cooler air misa. by the weekend, much cooler. lane getting closer. i-- rain getting closer. we've only had four rain days in january. we haven't had any in february so far. it looks like things will start to change as we head towards the weekend. if i had to pick a day, i would say the 15th. our 15-day outlooks are getting bullish. as you get further out, rain.
8:41 am
it's a deep system in the east all the way down to texas. things have to change. that's been locked in for six weeks. we've had our fair share of dry weather, warm weather on the weekend. 30s, 40s and 50s. fairfield, 38 reporting some fog. there are you a fewer air -- there are a few areas of dense morning fog. but 53 in san francisco after yesterday's 77. big system there but really that's the -- that's not the key. it's what's dropping down there. that's gonna bring in cooler air. 36 to 50 in the morning lows. fair sky, mostly sunny, a few high clouds. by noon, 54 to 64. just mention the higher clouds. it will still be mostly sunny. we had high clouds on saturday it didn't matter. mostly sunny. some upper 60s, low 70s. some 60s lowser -- closer to the close or anybody closer to that patchy fog and then 676789 we are coming down and tomorrow we'll really bring some temperatures down as the system digs in. there could be isolated shower activity up towards the sierra
8:42 am
nevada. partly sunny, cooler as we head into thursday and friday. tori and dave? >> all right, steve. there is a new survey out that shows that winter weather can have a big effect on your mood an your outlook on life. four out of ten people surveyed said they are more likely to feel down when it's cold outside. some said it had a negative effect on the romance. while half -- ther -- the other half said the cold weather made them feel more frisky. all right. it is 8:4. a surprising announcement just moments ago from a long time california congresswoman. also, president obama's doing something at this very moment. this is a wide picture you are looking at -- a live picture you are looking at that would have been unthinkable a exul of months ago the. and good news for baby boomsers. boomers
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
let's bring you up to date on some of the top stories we're following for you right now. sanfrancisco firefighters are now back at the scene of an early-morning fire. it happened just hours ago near
8:46 am
the castro district. now, this fire started just after 3:00 a.m. on corbitt street in one building but quickly spread to another. in just the past hour, firefighters had to go back there because one of those buildings was still smoldering. within the past 45 minutes, a popular vacaville starter -- charter school started passing out coveted registration packages. with only about 100 openings at the school, space is very limited. some of the parents, as you see in this picture, they camped out since saturday to try to be first in line. we're just now hearing that long-time california congresswoman jane har men, the democratic congresswoman from leaks, is resigning. she's 65 years ole. she represents the district in suburban los angeles. harman was first eselected to the house in 1992. she just announced she will resign. 8:46. right now, president obama is
8:47 am
giving his first major speech to america's most powerful business lobbying group that would be the u.s. chamber of commerce. and he's prodding the private sector, telling businesses they should ask what they can do for america. sounding a little like j.f.k. as alison burns areports, it's an address that might have been unthinkable a few months ago. alison this. >> reporter: you might remember the big fight in the paul between president obama and the u.s. chamber of commerce. the white house and democrats were accusing the secret service using foreign money to help gop candidates. now they are trying to put it behind them. this is a look at president obama's arrival at the u.s. chamber right across the street from the white house just about 15 minutes ago. he started his speech say egg came to the chamber could -- to be neighborly. maybe if we -- we had -- if we had brought over a fruitcake when i first moved in, i would have gotten -- we would have
8:48 am
gotten a better start. >> reporter: he's trying to wow business leaders and he's been adding more business-friendly advisers to the circle. when he releases his budget next week, already business interests say they just don't go far enough. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. it is 8:48. the job market has been tough for many people, especially baby boomers. numbers show when a baby boomer loses a job, it's hard to find a new one. some job recruiters say that he -- some job recruiters say that could be changing. that means ultimately less cost for the flare. so it's gonna -- good to have some adult supervision around
8:49 am
the office and pl ears are finally begying to realize that. the new outlook comes at the same time the equal employment opportunity commission says it's seen a jump in age-related complaints since the start of the recession. 8:48. right now, wikileaks founder julieen assange is in a courtroom in london trying to fight extradition to sweden to fight sexual assault allegation. defense lawyers say assange should not be extradited because he's not been charged with a crime. the lawyers also argue that assange should not be extradited because swedish authorities could send him to the united states and that he could end up on death row. also, new this morning, iran just amounce -- iran just announced the development of four new satellites for peaceful uses and the mass production of anti?
8:50 am
ship missiles. in a accept straight announcement, it was said that new targets -- else can target ocean missiles. today, the astronaut husband the gabriel giffords -- gabrielle giffords will return to the space shuttle "endeavour." the astronaut has been off for the last month following the january 8th shooting rampage outside a tucson safety store. the images show the sun's complete surface, images were captured by two probes who took two photographs of the signs
8:51 am
from opposite sides. scientists say the images will help them learn more about solar flares and other violent eruptions that can disrupt communications and power systems on earth. it's fascinating. >> yeah, beautiful shot. 8:50. well, a very innocent act poses a very big problem in vatican security. look at this, a little boy and the leader of the roman lith catholic church. we'll tell you all about -- roman catholic church. we'll tell you all about it. ♪ oh, say can you see >> she has a beautiful voice but she made a whopper a mistake. christinaaguilera's national anthem mistake, how the grammy winner is responding this morning.
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we have an update to a story we've been telling you about from the east bay. a utility transformer that broke out into flames, it happened on geary and put new hampshire in walnut creek near the pleasant hill border. you see these pictures there. here's how it looked from newschopper2, just a short time ago. it gave us a really good look of the firefighters battling to put those flames out. they did a pretty good job. they have no details of anybody being hurt by this. we just got this video in into our newsroom, this is the -- this is from the ground.
8:55 am
you get a good look at those transformers and how they've been torched. traffic was affected for a short time. geary road had to be closed while the firefighters got in there and fought this. but it has since been reopened. the san francisco medical examiner is in the process of figuring out the cause of death a of -- of a man who collapsed while running a half marathon? 36-year-old peter haas from orie dane collapsed just before crossing -- dash orinda collapsed just before crossing the finish-line. despite several calls to 911, it took about 20 minute force an ambulance to arrive. the vatican is investigating a serious security breach tied to a little boy. the child here managed to slip past security guards during the pope's weekly across. the child ran forward and fell to his knees in front of the
8:56 am
hope. the pope -- of the pope. pope responded with a smile and even chatted with the boy. but the vatican security guards are not sniling -- smiling. a couple of hours ago aol announced it's buying "the huffington post" which is considered one of the top ten global news. once the deal closes, ariana huffington will be in charge of the tech sites, tech crunch, mapquest and local news sites under the patchdom umbrella. besides the outcome of the super bowl, a lot of people are still talking about christina aguilera's mistake. so proudly we watched as the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> it should have been "so
8:57 am
proudly we hailed" and she skipped that line and started with "the ramparts." she was said to be devastated when walking back stage. she says i can only hope that everyone can feel my love for the country and the true spirit of the anthem still came through -- still came through. >> you know you are gonna review the -- sing the song, it might be a good idea to review it. >> see what's happening in our commute. sal? >> i'm not perfect. everybody makes mistakes. let's take a look at the commute. traffic is going to be let than perfect here. there was a little bit of a snafu on southbound 101 near cesar chavez. watch for slow traffic. also this morning, we're looking at 80 northbound, you can see slow traffic here getting you to downtown oakland. this is 280 northbound. we have slow traffic in the late morning. let's go to steve. sal, mostly sunny still above average on the
8:58 am
temperatures, not like yesterday where we had upper 70s and 80s. it will still be in the 60s and 70s. slightly cooler and windy and cooler and we'll see the temperatures coming back down. for those of you interested. the ten, 15-day outlooks are very bullish on being wet. >> all right. that will do it for us. thanks for oning -- watching. >> bye now.
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