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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  February 7, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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>> reporter: a google executive detained by the egyptian government has been freed. the reaction from his family within the past couple of hours, live from fremont. and in berkeley, students protesting the 30-year term of a president tell us how they think their protest will help those in egypt. ask yourself what you can do to hire more american
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workers. >> the president's talk -- the president's talk to business readers. but did they agree with -- leaders. but did they agree with him. good afternoon. good news for man who disappeared ten days ago after joining protests in egypt has been released. jade hernandez spoke to a family of wael ghonim for retheir reaction -- for -- for their reaction. >> reporter: good afternoon. ghonim tweeted "freedom is a blessing that deserves fighting for." it's the only tweet so far but the state department confirmed as did google where -- ghonim was freed. he's been in custody since the first day of the protest in cairo. news of the egyptian government
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has not spread. we followed via "reuters" that confirmed he was freed an hour and a half later. >> he was released. he didn't directly go to the family company. he went to the hunter -- the hunter's square after that to protest. he's really involved with egypt. >> reporter: wael ghonim's second cousin attends santa clara university. we spoke to her this morning. she said she's -- she's trying to follow in her cousin's footsteps. >> someone who was born there, i would give anything to be there. my father is there. we were protesting in san francisco to show our solid airty to the people of egypt. >> reporter: ghonim was one of the first people who called for this protest in cairo.
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this video was posted on youtube which worried family members because it followed a crowd of young men on the street and we them dragging him off. a google's spokesperson couldn't confirm if the video was authentic. we asked if he's -- if he was freed. they confirmed he was. and we understand he's protesting in egypt this afternoon. jade her hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. life is returning to somewhat normal in egypt. more bank the and stores are reopening and -- more banks and stores are reopening. the stock market will reopen on sunday once the banking system is operating smoothly. the curfew has also been shortened. anti-government protesters are still occupying die rowe's -- cairo's tahrir's square demanding that president mubarak step down immediately.
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but dead's -- today's demonstration is peaceful. he says he will leave office after the next election. in the meantime, egypt's new vice president has met with opposition leaders and today's the country's new cabinet is having their first meeting. bay area rallies continued. there was a large one in texas over the weekend -- large one in san francisco over the weekend. kraig debro has more. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. people are rally for those in egypt and their fight to rid the country of hosni mew -- mubarak. according to one of the organizers it's not just a call for freedom, it's to entice the student body to wum more involved in the movement. the muslim students exchange observed the event but several
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student groups have taken part. the students are vowing to continue their protests until hosni mubarak steps down. it's the same promise and threat. >> this is student life resolution. we want to show those students that uc berkeley is backing you up that, we're -- that we're here for you. they can see that now that the internet is on. don't give up. we're here. >> reporter: as you listen to the egyptian national anthem in the background, it looks like this rally is very similar to other rallies. there's no way reason it should not. berkeley, the same groups an some of the same people were encouraging a new order of freedom in iran. the movement ended with the crackdown on protesters an.
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what do these -- protesters, so what do these students believe this will accomplish for the egyptian people? >> i'm here for you guys. i'm here to show we support the egyptian cause and what they are doing. [singing] >> reporter: that's just a little bit of the egyptian national anthem. now, this protest started around 11:00. got started perhaps a little bait late. and again, the -- a little bit late and again, the chants for freedom for the egyptian people and the vow and threat, if you will, is to stay out here until mubarak steps down. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, kraig. you are find continuing coverage of the uprising in egypt at click on the egypt tab near the top. once there you will find a link to a special section. this morning a transformer fire in walnut creek scared residents and briefly shut down
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a busy road. these are pictures from newschopper2, the fire broke out shortly before 8:00 on geary road. it happened inside a switching yard for east bay m.u.d. and did not cause a power outage torrezs but the smoke -- for residents but the smoke and and fire was seen. >> then the fireball came up. the fireball was higher than the trees. i had had to hang up from 911 because i wanted to get my daughter. >> he thought it was going to be a much larger fire. drivers were kept out of the area for about five minutes while firefighters got the fire under control. san francisco fire officials say a fire in the upper market district does not appear to be related to four arson fires last week down the hill in the castro district. this morning, two-alarm fire started just after 3:00 a.m.
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on corbitt near clayton street. investigators say it appears to have ignited spontaneously. smoke and flames damaged the upper unit and water damaged the lower one. the flames were coming up over the fence next door. they just completed construction of the deck next door. completely engulfed. >> my husband woke up right after me, and he realized there was a fire and i realized there was -- there were flames. >> no one was injured. gilroy police are looking for three men involved in a violent home invasion robbery. police say the men broke into a home on rucker avenue about 9:00 last night beat the homeowner and tied him up. they say the men took several guns from the safe and fled in the homeowner's truck. the home owner got free about 6:00 this morning and was taken to the hospital for wounds that
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are not life-threatening. police found his truck near state routes 9 and 35 but it had been torched. the numbers just came in on how many people watched the super bowl. a lot of smiles at a bay area school this morning after representatives of a large company came bearing gifts. after a great weekend with record warm temperatures, we'll find out if that trend will continue. parents have been waiting in this line all morning to find out if their kids will get a coveted spot at a vacaville school. we'll tell you what the parents went through this weekend to make sure they can be here.
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today a south bay tech giant is doing special for kids who don't have access to the internet at home. representatives from cisco systems held a news conference at the charter high school on east 12th to announce the donation of 200 wireless routers. mayor jean quan was there to expression appreciation for the gift and how it fits into a plan she's hoping to expand across the city. >> this plan is so critical because if it goes well, if we can get the routers and laptops and computers from the oakland
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tech changes ex-changes, we can make sure that every student in oakland has a computer. >> mayor quan says she was especially convinced about the need to get kids online when she saw two teens trying to get online access. they bundled up in sleeping bags and spent the night in lawn chairs and tents. some people lined up saturday morning to waiting to enroll their kids at the charter school. >> i think my daughter would do better in a small school environment. >> they have an outstanding film program here and that's what he wants to get in to. >> by daybreak, the camping gear was camped up.
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>> reporter: the district says they have 100 spots and there's already 120 to 150 in line. >> we have guidelines that work real well for us. the parents buy in to it and that's why we have a lot of people outside. >> reporter: while tuition is free, charter schools don't have to abide by the same guidelines public schools do. the principal at buckingham charter says his school will suspend any student who doesn't maintain a c-average. >> i think you're comparing apples oranges. >> reporter: this woman steves at nearby -- teaches at nearby -- at a nearby high school. the research shows they do no better than other schools and it riley depends on the school. but these -- really depends on the school. but these people believe this is the best school. >> there are 900 charter
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schools in california. they added 115 schools in just the last year. >> long-time southern california congresswoman jane harman is expected to announce tomorrow she's resign. the los angeles democrat sent an e-mail to her constituents. she's been a leading voice and a special election will determine her replacement in the house of representatives. president obama sought to mend fences to american business leaders. he spoke to a number of a groom of ads that -- he spoke to a number of execs and he says growing america's economy requires working together. >> as we work with you to make america a better place to do
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business, i'm hoping that all of you are thinking what you can do for america. ask yourselves what you can do to hire more american workers. what you can do to support the american economy and invest in thiscation. >> mr. obama included the business leaders to begin spending the $2 trillion in cash they've been keeping in reserve while waiting for the economy to recover. america's work force is becoming split between the haves and have-nots. a new report shows the lines are moving farther apart. companies are less likely to lay off workers now. the report by outplacement firm challenger gray and christmas shows businesses planned just 39,000 job cuts last month. that's down 40% from january of last year. but people would unemployed are staying out of work longer. >> we need more rapid growth.
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we need job creation. otherwise our danger is, those who are working are okay but we create a permanent class of markers who are just out of a job. >> the deep job cuts has ended. most hope to expand but are waiting for consumer spending to increase. good afternoon to you. it's going to be a gorgeous day. take a look there. we've got san francisco easegy to see. a willle -- just a little haze there. most of the -- we're going to be above average but we are saying goodbye to those record temperatures. we're going to be a lot cooler than where we sat sunday afternoon and we're already a lot cooler this morning and through the afternoon hours. sun and clouds expected. we are expecting to see the winds pick up just a bit. lasting on and off through
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wednesday. in time for the weekend, we're gonna be cloudier and cooler. a look at the satellite view, a ridge of high pressure is still in place. what you are seeing here in the way of the clouds sweeping through is a dry cold front. it's going to cool us down. this morninger we are -- this morning we're 10 and 15 degrees cooler. it's noontime this afternoon. we also have a system that will drop along the california/nevada word he. that's going to bring back those -- border. that will bring back the winds. santarosa, 70 degrees. low 60s. 61 in oakland. 67 in concord. upper 50s at the moment and warming. mid-60s in mountain view. 61degrees in areas right around fairfield. for the afternoon, we are looking at upper 60s, low 70s across the region. by 6:00 settling into your evening, mid-50s to 60. by tonight turning breezy. the early half of the evening was between 10 and 15 miles an hour. it will be the hills that get
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the strongest winds by tonight and into tomorrow by tonight. upper 0s to mid-50s. your forecast highs, here you go. 72 expected right around napa. 7 in santa rosa. another warm day in the valley there. but not as warm as yesterday where we were hitting near 80. 68 in berkeley expected for the afternoon as well as oakland. sanmateo expected to check in with that as well as mountain view. low 70s, 72 morgan hill. rere-- we do remain above average although we're not expecting to break any records. we'll say good boy to the heat and the cooler air will continue to filter in through the workweek. notice our temperatures dropping in the mid-60s by tomorrow and even the low 60s by the end of the workweek. the models are still indicating by the end of the week and perhaps next week, wet, cooler weather on the way. >> thank you. the packers are back in wisconsin. they goff off the plane about an hour ago with the cover
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verbed lombardi -- cover verged lombardi -- coveted lombardi trophy. that looks like one. executives and some of the coaches coming off with the lombardi trophy in hand. the green bay area is so in love with this team. the school dismissed and people took off work so they could see the team as it traveled from the airport to lamb field -- lambeau field. it looks like some of the buses are making their way along the streets. you can see a lot of snow. you can see some people there on the left side of the screen moving toward the street to clear on the super bowl champion. there is a better shot of -- of some of the crowds. according to early figures released by fox. super bowl xlv may have been the most watched tv program of all time. more than 109 million u.s.
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households toned -- tuned into the game and that surpassed last year's ratings. 106million saw that game. >> the groan bay packers have won -- green bay packers have won the super bowl. >> in case you missed it, the packers won the super bowl xlv by a score of 31-25 over the pittsburgh steelers. quarterback and former cal stair aaron rodgers is the mvp. during a news conference we showed you this morning, the native of chico said he reefed out to -- he reached out to previous super bowl winners including steve young who told him try to keep the distractions to a min ma'am. >> don't alter from your routine. family gets in thursday, we go to dinner, obviously you're gonna pay. but there's a lot of distractions you about i i -- but i think we imagined them pretty well.
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>> this is his third season for the packers. this year, the going rate was about $3 million for a 30- second ad spot. one pepsi commercial got a lot of attention and caused some controversy. >> the maximum taste. >> honey! honey! >> some odds featuring odd couples got a lot of attention. one and justin bieber. which super bowl hits were hits and which ones were buds -- duds? we have a poll at still ahead, how a little
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boy triggered a security breach investigation at the vatican.
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early this morning, aol announced it's buying the huffington post which is frequently ranked as one of the
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top ten global news and information sites. aol will pay $315 million and once the deal is done, that will put ariana huffington in large of aol's growing array of content, which includes tech crunch and end gadget aol lost 28 million last year. today the vatican is investigating a serious security breach tied to a little bit -- to a little boy. the child managed to slip past security guards and ran forward and fell to his knees in front of the pope. these are some still pictures of the -- of what happened. the pope responded with a smile and even briefly chatted with the boy. the vatican security guards were not smiling. coming up ton the news at -- on the news at 5:00, tomorrow san quentin's prison execution chamber will open for
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inspection. the judge that holds lethal injections there will tour the facility. tonight, death penalty holding a vigil. see how they plan to protest coast to coast. that's our news for you. the next news is the fuzz at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great -- have a great day.
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