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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  February 8, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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san jose police are asking for the public's help in their information in a hit and run that seriously injured an 18- year-old girl. wind advisories in the bay area. where the gusts are especially high right now. facebook founder mark zuckerberg stocked on his own website. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us it's tuesday, february 8th i'm pam cook.
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some counties are under wind advisories. let's go to steve paulson. >> remember that sunday when it was sunny and warm upper 70s and 80s? it's not that anymore. it's window and cold out there. there is pretty good gusts out there over 30 miles an hour. that is just sustained. even santa rosa north. fairfield northwest to san jose northwest. expect a sunny but windy and cooler day. >> steve right now traffic on the san mateo bridge is okay. the wind advisory is up. it will be a tough drive because of the wind. westbound this traffic is okay so far. let's go back to pac. topping our news this morning a san jose family is demanding justice in a horrifying hit and run case. the teenage girl was dragged hundreds of feet.
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allie rasmus is in san jose this morning. good morning, allie. >> reporter: this woman is at regional medical center in san jose. we are told doctors performed surgery on her to repair am broken pelvis and crushed hip. we're in san jose. this is where this hit and run accident happened. you can see the skid marks on the street where the young woman was hit and dragged by the vehicle. according to witnesses 18-year- old erika luna was crossing the street with her boyfriend around 2:30:00 a.m. when she was struck by someone driving a gray sport utility vehicle. that is the vehicle police are giving this morning. no one was able to give a clear look at the driver. her family and friends canvassed the area for drivers. the family is offering a $2,000 reward. >> they know they hit somebody. from there is no way you can
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hit somebody. drag a person so far possiblely hear her screaming. >> reporter: and back out here live we can show you one of the fliers family and friends were putting in the neighborhood. this three-way intersection where this accident happened is surrounded by apartment buildings on either side. san jose police tell ktvu they are looking for surveillance video to get a clearer picture of the person driving that vehicle. reporting live in san jose allie rasmus. last night the southbound lanes of highway 101 were shut down after an early morning crash. it happened just after 12:30 on the 19th avenue off ramp. the highway patrol said the solo vehicle crash blocked all southbound lanes for at least an hour. traffic had to be diverted for a short time but the lanes are back open now. police are searching for
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three men that broke into a gilroy home, tied up the owner and stole his gun. the owner said he was tied up for nine hours. investigators say the suspects were wearing ski masks and gloves when they forced their way in sunday night. they took guns from inside a safe and from the victims truck which was found burned in santa cruz county. one neighbor said the victim may have been targeted. >> see where the house is it's at the end of a quarter mile driveway. someone has to know he had a gun collection. >> the victim was treated for guts and bruises. investigators are now trying to determine if he knows the suspects. egyptian protestors are calling for one million people to fill the central square in cairo today as they try to maintain the momentum in the 15th day of protest. the obama administration says it's not endorsing the demand from protestors for president mubarak to leave office
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immediately. the resignation of president mubarak would trigger an election in 60 days well before the scheduled september elections and the white house says that is not enough time to prepare. some egyptian protestors are calling on a google executive released yesterday. why he cried during his first television interview after being released. he said he was blindfolded during the 12 days he was detained but not mistreated. he says he is not a hero just someone using a keyboard. he says he is an administrator of a facebook page used to start the protest. it's an update to a story we first showed you yesterday morning. fire investigators say rags and
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deck staining chemicals ignited the fire. california could take a major step toward resuming executions at san quentin. the federal judge that halted the executions will reopen it. they spent $900,000 to update the room. >> only 2% of murder suspects even rise to the level of a death penalty case and those individuals who are sentenced to death are truly among the worst people in our society. >> however, not everyone wants to see executions resume at san quentin. a small group of protestors gathered outside of the prison gates last night.
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they are among those that argue it's inhumane and expensive. the city of san francisco has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of a man that collapsed. 36-year-old peter hass died sunday morning. he was the president of pet sport usa. a pet sport company. the director of san francisco emergency services says it appears the racist promoter didn't have enough medical staffing. the promoter is disputing that. tonight the mount diablo psychological board will vote on new measures. the district has held a series of meetings to discuss plans to close three schools to save
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$1.5 million. tonights meeting starts at 7:30 and will be held in the gym at mount diablo high school. facebook is holding a news conference it will announce it's moving. the company which is headquartered in palo alto said it was looking for a larger campus. it bought a 22-acre site about five minutes away from menlo park. when it started it has 100 employees now it has 2,000. and facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has a restraining -- saying please help me i'm ready to die for you. the website reports the man also went to several facebook offices attempting to contact zuckerberg to ask for money for his office. facebook security also stopped the man at zuckerberg's home last month as he was about to
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walk up the front steps. we are following a developing story out of texas. we want to take you live there. take a look at that. this is grand prairie texas. we understand it's at a warehouse there. you can see a very large fire. it started last night. still burning clearly nearly 12 hours later. the thick smoke can be seen for miles. this is grand prairie, texas. 4:39 is the time right now. let's check in with sal for the early morning commute. how does it look so far? >> pam, i have windy commute for you this morning. it is very windy out there. if you republican just hitting -- if you are just hitting the roads, i think you should be aware on the bridges you will notice the wind this morning. just be careful out there. let's take a look at east shore freeway westbound 80 that traffic is moving okay as you drive out toward the bay bridge
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toll plaza. our bay bridge toll plaza camera has been effected by the wind. we cannot show it to you. this is a look at 880 that camera on top of a tall building is shaking and rattling here because of the heavy wind. and this mornings commute is going to be okay on northbound 280 in san jose. 4:39 let's go to steve. it's also a colder wind, sal. >> yes. >> we had the record highs sunday and now the air mass is cooling down from a system that went off toward the east. it doesn't look like much. the end result is wind and cooler temperatures. very sustained gusts. i'm seeing anything from 25-45 miles an hour. when it comes down out of the north it's a cold one. north, northwest 28sfo. north, northwest 21 fairfield. so you will notice it 40s and 50s.
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being held up by that system that came by. things are changing. we topped out on sunday. no doubt about it. the rest of the week will be cooler. we'll settle back into the upper 50s and low 60s. sunshine much cooler highs. forecasted highs 58-68. i have 68 very isolated. a lot of upper 50s and low to mid 60s. temperatures dropping a good 15 degrees from 36 hours ago. windy and cooler. tomorrow morning will be cold. we will carry that into thursday pap lot of clouds want to inch closer toward us. >> thank you, steve. the city of walnut creek has banned bathhouses in its park -- has banned bounce houses in its parks. they also say they are dangerous and damage the crash. this takes effect immediately. the oakland city council will consider its debate on pot
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farms. however one key player will not be part of that discussion. joinery sew -- ruso is fed up with their decision. it violates federal and drug laws. today marks one month since the deadly shootings in tucson. what arizona lawmakers are doing today in an effort to prevent similar violence. a warning for tourists. what is washing up on several beaches injuring hundreds of people.
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good morning, pretty good gusts out there. tiburon at 30 miles an hour. richmond about 25. 20 in the city. be careful. windy and cooler today with highs 50s and 60s. >> thank you, steve. we are learning new information about that huge warehouse fire near dallas, texas. take a look we have live pictures overhead there. again, this is is a big warehouse fire in grand prairie, texas. it started last night. it's still burning. firefighters from several departments are there trying to put this out. as you can see it's just a huge fire. luckily no injuries have been reported so far.
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that warehouse we now have new information is home to a company that makes canned soft drinks. we will follow this information this morning. we have no information about how it may have started. this is grand prairie, texas not far from dallas. the man accused in the fatal shooting at fisherman's wharf is due in court within hours. they are expected to charge -- the judge has ordered him to under go psychiatric tests. the deadly shooting stemmed from an argument over counterfeit purses. in arizona today state lawmakers are considering legislation that would ban the type of large capacity gun magazines that was used in the mass shooting in tucson. the legislation would ban magazines with more than ten rounds. the shooter in tucson opened fire with a magazine that had
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more than 30 rounds in it. gun rights activist say they will fight this legislation. . >> a high school in el paso texas will hold a prayer service this week after two of its students were shot to death over the weekend in mexico. it happened saturday just across the border from el paso. mexican police say the two boys and their friend were killed after looking at cars in a dealership. the motives are not clear. but sue dad warezes has been one of the most dangerous communities. the u.s. state department is now involved in the shooting investigation. today the government releases findings of a ten
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month investigation into run away teeth -- toyotas. in august the transportation department said an early review of vehicle black boxes did not reveal any electric problems. safety issues have ordered them to recall 11 million vehicles worldwide since 2009. there is a serious warning along the florida beaches. hundreds of portuguese hundreds of people have been stung over the weekend. >> i was afraid. what is that? i don't want to go back to the sea after that. >> it just burned. it's like a small sunburn on a very specific spot on your foot. it lasted six or eight hours. >> the sting can be serious especially if you are allergic.
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doctors say if you are allergic to bees chances are you allergic to the man voir. the hearing will determine if assange will be sent to sweden to face sexual assault charges. it all comes as the website comes up with a new way top raise money by selling branded merchandise. wikileaks launched an online store yesterday. it includes tee shirts, hoodies, mugs, and tote bags. all profits are set to go to wikileaks. roe mania is looking to toughen its laws about witches. legislation is being debated in parliament. the law would also require witches to give their customers receipts and could imprison one who's predictions turn out false. last year the country changed its labor laws to recognize
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witches as a part. the countries government says traders in covered markets will need to use cash registers in may. traders say they make enough to make the rule necessary. a dozen back the governments decision. well am small bay area city with big road problems. what is being done to make it safer for drivers. a polite hold up the reason a seattle man says he tried to rob a gas station.
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welcome back to the morning
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news. a seattle man is in jail after being accused of a weekend gas robbery. he wasn't demanding. he started with a polite question. >> will you do me a favor? >> yes. >> put your -- i'm robbing you. >> this happened on saturday. the gas stations owner said the robber went on to apologize for his crime saying he had bills to pay and children to feed. police say the 65-year-old has previous convictions for armed robbery. the city of se bath poll is getting help to with traffic accidents. about 38,000 cars pass through the downtown area every day. >> i would the majority of the
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time nonofficer is working traffic accidents. they are going to a call, from a call, doing investigations. >> the highway patrol has offered to help. last week six chp offices issued 26 citations during a two hour crack down. we will go back over to sal. we are talking about the wind. advisories on the bridges, sal? >> yes, especially on the high bridges such as the richmond bridge. i will update that for you throughout the morning. we will look for the advisories for you. i want to let you know right now the wind advisory is for the al month pass and the san mateo hayward bridge. none for the bay bridge right now. this is highway 4. you can see traffic is moving along okay. the morning commute is okay on westbound 24 driving up to the tunnel. and this mornings drive will be okay at the bay bridge toll
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plaza. it is so windy that our toll plaza camera has been swung or knocked down. we don't see it. we do have the road sensors telling us it's light there so far. 4:54 let's go to steve. >> is that right? our cameral got knocked -- our camera got knocked down? >> yeah. winds at 40 miles an hour. i saw 36 there. right at the tiburon pier it's 30. there are pretty good gusts. usually we say the higher elevations. sfo has gusts at 37. 20-40. some of the higher elevations are along the coast. it's noticeably colder. this dry pattern still holding on even though we are getting changes. i think we are okay through the weekend. but i have been penciling in the 15th now for a week? i'm hanging my hat on the 15th for rain. not just a little guy. it will be good rain.
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we will see. there is a possibility by sunday and monday a weak system to come through. i think next tuesday and wednesday for those that work outside. i 42 next tuesday and wednesday are rain days. until then it's cooler and windy. the system dropping down out of the north. concord northwest 20. it's not as bad up toward santa rosa or san jose. they are still breezy. 40s and 50s. santa rosa 43. if it wasn't for the wind we would be colder. see how the system dives down from the north. that's why it's colder. today into wednesday sunny and cooler. gusts 40 even tomorrow. tomorrow will be breezy and cool. today it's windy and cool. a lot of sunshine that's not a problem. the highs are coming down fast here. 58-68. 60s low to mid and that should be it with upper 60s on the coast. windy and cooler.
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visibility will be good. mostly sunny thursday. partly sunny, partly cloudy as we go through the end of the week. >> thank you, steve. one year after nearly dying from a baseball injury, a marin teenager is back. marin county lick high school held its first practice yesterday and 17-year-old gunner sanberg was there with the rest of his team. he was pitching last march when he was hit by a line drive. he suffered a fractured skull and placed in a medically induced coma. concerns were raised after the incident placing blame on the metal bat that was used. this season all marin county leagues will use wooden bats. it is blowing out there. steve has been mentioning strong wind gusts may cause problems for your commute this morning. we'll have a live report. cal train is facing a serious financial crisis. you may be surprised how big of
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a paycheck the man heading it takes home.
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